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Chef BB - Burrp User

Chef BB

August 20,2015

Best pavolva

A famous dessert place on the 12th main or Sony signal of Indiranagar. You will find this place after humming tree and just next to the slurp cooking studio. You will get enough parking place at front only if 2 wheeler if 4 the opposite side. Eatery is small and cute divided into 2 parts one is with AC other one with natural air. We stepped into in this after meeting rocky and Mayur.
Here all desserts are not good but some are fantastic. We ordered for Lychee pavolva, Hazelnut crème pot and pomegranate panacotta.
Pavolva is a meringue based dessert named after Russian. Which is good? Very well crust inside and topped up with lot of whipped cream.
Hazelnut crème pot I thought its above average I did not liked the crumble a lot. They topped it with hazelnut choco cream. I liked it but not loved it.
Panacotta is thick & tasty enough. I am not a panacotta lover so it may be not attracted me a lot.

Bon Appetite Chef BB

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Debolina Ray - Burrp User

Debolina Ray

February 22,2015

Could NOT be better

I am rarely impressed with dessert places. They aren’t really a restaurant or a coffee shop where one can hang for hours ordering one thing after another unless one is born with sweet teeth! Berry’d Alive proved me wrong. I was there purely to try out the dessert craze that I am caught in midst of where all my friends swear by this and other places. I went and ordered the hazel nut crème pot, one of their signature offerings the person at the counter informed me. While I waited at the counter of this really small dessert joint right inside 12th Main, beyond Habanero and Humming Tree, I was really impressed with their diverse menu. They have NOT kept things mundane at ice creams and cakes and pastries, albeit they DO have all of the above. Instead they’ve come out with this really nice, innovative, and around the world dessert creations and brought them home. Brilliant!

My dessert was great. It didn’t have a very strong flavor of hazelnut. The hint of hazelnut in the chocolate was mild, though rich, soft and creamy. Every spoon of it effortlessly pleased my palate while being savored in the mouth even after. There was no inconsistency in the cream at all. But the nutty crunchy brown base pot was a bit of a show stealer, being so fabulously done, and being the final perfect finish to every bite. The perfect contrast to the smooth cream!

Their desserts don’t have egg, which will be a welcome change for my vegetarian friends! Prices range from 115-150. Thumbs up!
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Food Knight - Burrp User

Food Knight

July 22,2014

Good Desserts

A lovely lunch at Phobidden Fruit was decided to be followed by some great desserts and having been to Corner House very often (still love it though !), we decided to try something different and so just walked down the road to Berry'd Alive.

BA is a small colourful place with minimal seating and plain decor. Though the LCD display of various mouth-watering desserts more than makes up for the lack of decor. The menu seems interesting with colourful descriptions (textual only) of their offerings. I couldn't help but wonder how great it would be if they would combine the visual treat from the LCD with the detailed Menu descriptions, thus offering us patrons a better idea about the dessert and a better (drooling :D) experience !!!

We went light on the order, thanks to the stuffing at Phobidden Fruit, and ordered for the Dark Chocolate Delice and Strawberry Mango Verrine. Both of them turned out to be good choices, though the Verrine could have been larger in size. Prices are moderately expensive considering portion sizes.

Would love to try out their offerings and maybe form a better opinion.
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coolsandeee - Burrp User


November 20,2013

Yummy Desserts

Wanted to try desserts from this place. The ambiance is good enough with good seating arrangement. I love my chocolate and so ordered a double Decker brownie. That was heavenly. I loved that chocolate mousse I had also tried the Hazel Nut Creme Pot. I think I liked the double Decker brownie more than this. I had visited the place on a rainy day, and the place smelled a little "egg"y. I think this needs to be taken care of. Or else, it is a decent place to spend some time over coffee/desserts.
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AlphaSu - Burrp User


February 17,2013


If you have a sweet tooth, you MUST try this. Perhaps the first place in Bangalore that has good cheesecakes - cheesy, baked and not over sweet. The Raspberry Coffee Yogurt was awesome! Yes, its slightly pricy, but totally worth it. It has helpful staff, laid-back ambiance and a menu so different from the run-of-the-mill desserts we see everywhere that it took us quite a while to decide! Will be back for sure.
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Tadesh Inagaki - Burrp User

Tadesh Inagaki

August 16,2012

My favorite place in Bangalore

After discovering Berry'd Alive a few weeks ago, a friend and I began a challenge for our remaining time in Bangalore to have everything on the menu. Now we've got two left! Needless to say, I think this place is incredible. I haven't had a single thing on the menu that I didn't like. Perhaps most memorable and unique is the spicy banana sundae; otherwise the 'brownie and a bomb', strawberry ricotta layers, and blueberry cheesecake are particularly delicious. I'd recommend this place to anyone -- it's served especially well as the last stop after a night out. The beautiful dessert presentation and super quick/friendly service are (huge) added bonuses. Go see for yourself!!
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jaleenbatra - Burrp User


August 13,2012


One of the best desert places in town for sure. I tried their chocolate caramel tart and I must say it was out of the world. The tart just melted in my mouth and the caramel went very well with it. Would surely visit it again. Thanks to burrp as it was instrumental in getting me there. amazing experience :)
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milindvk - Burrp User


August 08,2012


We tried the tangy mango and passion fruit cake. We actually got it as a birthday cake for a colleague's birthday celebrations. I must say the cake was one of the really great desserts I've had in a while. The taste is perfect - just the right tang with the mango and passion fruit. There are even some surprises in the crumb-filled base of the dessert that had people scooping up the remains even after the cake was gone.
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Rachita Bhonsle - Burrp User

Rachita Bhonsle

June 25,2012

Highly impressed

Some places make you want to go back repeatedly! Berry'd Alive is definitely one of them. A simple menu with not so simple desserts is what they have. Absolutely LOVED the spicy banana sundae. It has become, without a doubt, my new favorite dessert. Who would have ever guessed that combination of flavours would work so wonderfully.The frozen strawberry pudding too was quite delightful. I have to mention the 20 layered cake we had. I'm hoping its added to the menu soon. Although, one tiny suggestion, I think it would be a little better with ice cream. Becomes a tad bit dry after a point. Just a suggestion! Loved it nonetheless!
No complaints about this place. Simple, functional, comfortable and affordable. It has been a can't-stop-licking-the-spoon experience. Cannot wait to go back and try everything on their menu!
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