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Debolina Ray - Burrp User

Debolina Ray

March 01,2015

Open air, candle light, as pretty as it gets

So it's always a quest when you're looking for the right quiche or dessert or even a chicken made right. Cafe Noir in UB City was a find years ago. The best part about this outlet, as compared to the one in Phoenix is the great ambiance that goes with it. With seating both open air and inside, this place is so much more than a cafe, serving some of the best and unique mains from Europe. Well cooked lamb, stews are their specialty, as are their fantastic desserts. I keep hearing about their breakfast, maybe one of these days!

Their dim led candles on the table, nice wooden chairs has a very nice feel to it, and the service is good too. The only downside is their kitchen closes too early, so if you're looking for a late night meal, this isn't the place that would serve you! Their set menus during Christmas eve and Valentines day are quite splendid as well, highly recommend it for dates!
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Venkatraghvan CA - Burrp User

Venkatraghvan CA

September 06,2014

The Fight of Hunger and The Taste Buds

Limp salad, poorly stocked on wine on a Friday night, dense caramel custard, sugary coffee tiramisu. Its sad if one has to call the Bruschetta as the most delicious thing on the plate, which I suspect was because I was starving when I arrived.

Not to miss, they were so focused on getting us to order main course and then shutting down the restaurant that no one offered coffee to close.

Unfortunately, every place around made the grass on the other side greener.

Thank God for the company I had.
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mimi blue - Burrp User

mimi blue

October 27,2013

Disgusting People

The owner gives a bad name to French people. Ridiculous man. I went with a small child and she spilled her drink. I helped clean it up and as I rose to go get her cleaned up, the owner called me back and demanded I take the dirty napkins with me. I said fine, and apologized, and he spat back that I clearly wasn't sorry and gave me a lecture. Then the waitress refused to let me use their trash bin to throw away the tissues! WTF??? What exactly is wrong with those people? Disgusting place and people. What's funny is I could have bought out the whole place, and they looked down at me? There is no excuse for lack of basic decency.
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Suchi_101 - Burrp User


October 11,2013

Bistro in The Truest Sense!

"Cozy and romantic and quick service"
If you want just let your hair down and relax in a place without being bothered about anything around, this is the place to be!

Friendly staff, good crowd with a blend of family folks and youngsters. The crowd at UB City is well, let's just say relaxed and chilled-out, people just basically let you be..

Coming to the food, we went there for dinner. We ordered a chicken broth soup and Lorraine quiche for starters, pretty authentic flavors I must admit! The cheese and bacon stuffing inside the quiche was delicious and literally melted in my mouth. Main course was stuffed chicken breast and a grilled mixed platter with well done steak. Simply loved the fresh veggies tossed in olive oil. We didn't order wine because I ain't really a wine-person. We were too full after the main course, hence we didn't order dessert(I know, I know...!!). However, we are visiting again because you just can't go to Cafe Noir and not try their delicate/exquisite desserts!!

Would I recommend this place?
Ans: Yes, just for the lovely ambience at UB City post sunset and to enjoy the breeze one can experience just by sitting at Cafe Noir with one candle lit, so simple yet so beautiful! :)
Simple, tasty, feel-good food which is served quickly too...
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Blorebites - Burrp User


May 01,2013

Quick Bite

We were at UB City and had just enough time to grab a sandwich. What better place than Cafe Noir! This has always been a first choice for me. I love the Salmon Sandwich and my request to add more capers,has never been turned down.

It was a busy afternoon, and it's insensitive to rate service at such hours. I have had acceptable service and that's enough for me. Love the desserts and coffee. Overall it's truly a Parisian experience
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hari_nj - Burrp User


March 20,2013

Love it

Reminds me of one of the quaint cafes in Paris. The food is fine, service efficient, and the place is convenient. Always great for a meal.
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akisood12 - Burrp User


March 17,2013

Great for a quick bite and coffee

Really good sandwiches and coffee. Quick service, fresh food.
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cravillioal - Burrp User


February 05,2013

Brilliant range of sandwiches

The two things I will always remember Cafe Noir is for their absolutely incredible sandwiches and the drinks. Great choice of drinks - both warm and cold. They give a choice of different types of breads for their sandwiches, they have great choice for vegetarians, and they have expanded their menu over the past few years to include awesome dishes. Its restaurants like these that are bringing awesome international cuisine to the city.
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Sunil Raju - Burrp User

Sunil Raju

February 03,2013

daughter got food poisoning

My daughter got food poisoning after eating a croque monsier be careful
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jagjeevan - Burrp User


November 16,2012

The service - 2 very contrasting experiences

#1 - I was shabbily dressed. My companions were dressed in some bohemian type threads :)
We didn't order too much. Mostly some coffee and some desserts. And wow! The service was BAD. They ignored us. They threatened to charge for hot water. Just a very meh experience.

#2: Went with a family. It was very clear that we were going to be a high billing table.
net result - great service. great food. big bill.

So .. it really seems like a class conscious restaurant :)
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Amandeep Mittal - Burrp User

Amandeep Mittal

November 08,2012

Great place for a quick snack or a nice meal

Cafe Noir serves the best food in town. The ingredients are fresh and the presentation is impeccable. I go to this place almost every week and I have never been disappointed. Greek Salad and St Germain sandwiches are a must try.
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nidhajalal - Burrp User


October 17,2012

Yummo Food!

after reading the negative reviews on burrp i thought of checking the place out anyhow.
the food was brilliantly presented. impeccable plating.
i ordered a chicken steak that was really delicious. the quantity was just right.
the service was really good.
also the drinks are really refreshing.
all in all a place definitely worth going to over and over again.
the ambience was beautiful and since the weather was pleasant, the entire experience was enjoyable.
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ad_an80 - Burrp User


September 27,2012

très très bon - truly!

I've always been skeptical about these kinds of places which has so much negative reviews about how there is a clear discrimination to its guests. This is a classic example how you should not be overly biased with the reviews here. I decided to check out this place as part of the on going restaurant week celebration across the city. There were three of us and we were in for special treat and thoroughly enjoyed the food and experience for dinner.
We had reservation at 7:30, but ended up reaching by 7pm and were immediately offered to choose our tables. The waiter and the person who runs the place were extremely friendly and accommodated our requests for a stroller to be allowed inside and went on to explain the menu for the evening and I went on to probe them about wine pairing and he gave a lot of detail and suggestions. He kept checking on us periodically, and as a matter of fact, made us feel very important and special.
Now to talk about the food. This is my first experience here in Bangalore having gourmet quality food and truly enjoying the experience. We had 3 different pre-starters with a glass of homemade sangria, and then tehre was a crab meat salad (guacaole sutffed ginger tuile) was out of this world. This was followed by my main course - baked red snapper, creamy polenta and prawn nems ( with a glass of red wine chinan. The portions were more than enough and I was already full by this point. But dessert, true to its name was Sublime - raspberry chocolate mousse, with crispy hazlenut paste and fresh raspberry coulis - I was in heaven! The vegetarian fair was not bad either - a goat cheese/beetroot prestarter and a blue cheese salad, with 4 differet types of Raviolis as the main. We ended the evening with some classic espresso and the bill for the entire thing was about 3k ( special restaurant week price). we loved the entire experience and cannot wait to be back for more. This just goes to shows, even to me, how you cannot be overly biased and have to truly check out a place, we all have our bad days and good days. I'm just glad it was our good day y'day!
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Gauraw Patil - Burrp User

Gauraw Patil

August 28,2012

Place to have evening coffee

Live performance, windy-chilly weather, a warm cup of coffee and some waffles with maple syrup. This would be the place to have this combo. Although the service is little inattentive, if you have time to kill, or just willing to enjoy the weather and good food, do visit this place.
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lemon_wedge  - Burrp User


May 21,2012

yummy desserts!

have tried quite a few of their sweetmeats and loved all of them! some of their grilled fare is good too - though they seem to treat their veggies better than their meat.
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AdiDash - Burrp User


April 14,2012

Awful food...

Find yourself a seat on the outside, if you sit under the roof it is going to be hot...even on a windy evening in Bangalore. Waffles with chocolate sauce were horrid. What they should get credit for is their ability to screw a simple drink as Mint mojito..Frankly if you do not know when to stop adding syrup to a drink as simple as mojito, you might as well shut down. I founnd the staff rather weird rushing around the place all the time as if there was a fire..literally...Second visit...ummmmmm..I will let you guess!!!
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Shinivik - Burrp User


April 02,2012

Service sucks !

I have been to Cafe Noir twice and will NEVER go again. Reasons? Ha! more than one.
The waiters act like you are a beggar who is asking for free food IF you are not wearing Gucci, Armani, Zara and the like.
Being a vegetarian, I ordered their Paris-Nice Panini. Having done my fair bit of travelling and living abroad I know a panini when I see one. What was on my plate was NOT.
Instead of flashing my angrez accent and being dressed in a Fab India ensemble, I politely asked the waiters if this was indeed panini. He started explaining to me that it was. However when I questioned it again with "I know a panini !" , he retorted "then you know this is a panini" with his arms going in the air and face going into a smirk. Another waitress told me outright that thats what it is and I dont know any better :-/
My husband is a canadian and the waitresses had the audacity to tell me - Ask him - since he is a "Gora" !!!
The whole cafe theme is appealing, no doubt. The food wasnt bad either. But, honestly you can get more bang for your buck in the neighborhood au bon pain or Barista even . Ha ha haa!
Overall, the experience leaves you with a bad taste in the mouth.
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E Khan - Burrp User

E Khan

January 25,2012

Slow down time at Cafe Noir

If you want to teleport to Paris, you can't. Well at least not yet. But what you can do is go to Cafe Noir and pretend you are in Paris. This place does a fantastic job of creating a Parisian cafe with lovely sandwiches and the most decadent desserts.

Also, being in UB city, it's at the heart of the new Bangalore.

Au revoir!
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Rahul Dey - Burrp User

Rahul Dey

January 20,2012


Here are the experience accrued across say 5-7 visits.For the record the food has always been decent with nothing much to complain about.Love the alfresco seating and makes for a good breakfast place on a leisurely Sunday morning.

The service has been sketchy ranging from really good to almost being unwanted.The service or the attention which a customer receives in a restaurant reflects the attitude of the owner as more often than not ,he is the person who sets the tone for the same.
Even in this case the rude behavior stems from the owner.He almost seems to wear a condescending look.
It is true that there have been times we have hesitated to venture into this place just because we were very casually dressed and we knew we would not be served properly.
In a nutshell ,my advice to burrp would be to blacklist or put a strong indicator against this listing to give people a quick summary of the problems associated with this place.
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bangaloremama - Burrp User


January 19,2012

Should we burrpers take a stand?

I have had some lovely meals at Cafe Noir and for the record I have never faced bad service. However I have read many reviews of rude wait staff and racist behaviour by the owner towards their Indian diners. I think its time we started using Burrp to do more than read such reviews. I think its time we started making a list of such restaurants and perhaps boycotting them for a period of time. We want to eat good food but cannot keep turing a blind eye to repeated behaviour like this.
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noname noname - Burrp User


January 19,2012

Incredibly Rude Owner

Some people have been raving about the desserts at this place, so I guess it wasn't surprising that I found myself here. What was surprising though was that we left without eating anything.

It was a Sunday evening and the place was packed. They gave us a table on the side which was fine but they refused to give us a third chair. When the third member of our party arrived, they gave us a high bar stool which made it akward for conversation and, more importantly, made it nearly impossible for the person sitting on the bar stool to eat. I could understand of all this. They didn't have any chairs or other tables which was fine.

When a regular table opened up, I asked the waiter if it would be OK for us to shift there and he agreed. The owner then swooped on me telling me off for having the gall to demand a decent table. He was rude, condescending and refused to give us the empty table.

There are a lot of things that I am willing to do for good dessert, but I draw the line at that sort of behaviour. Other Burrp! reviews seem to suggest that Cafe Noir also serves a healthy dose of racial discrimination. I don't know if the owner's behaviour was racially motivated, but it was definitely unacceptable. I, for one, will not be going back there. And neither should you.

Pictures and more reviews at my blog!
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neeti gupta - Burrp User

neeti gupta

December 28,2011

for muncies at all times

they do mean coffee, meaner sandwitches but like the best of french traditions, one should head there for the breads and the preserves. Service is as random and temperamental as it could be, yet its a place that stole my heart with its true blue macaroons and more.
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Chaitania - Burrp User


December 21,2011

It Rocks

Came here Sunday evening. Ordered St Lazare (roasted chicken sandwich) and Fraisier (strawberry cake). The sandwich was light and mildly flavored which was accompanied by leafy salad and crisp fries. Cake was amazing with real strawberry pieces and layered with strawberry jam. On the whole, it was quite filling.

Ambiance was good. Service was okay. It was a nice evening spent well and also because of the Christmas spirit which cost me Rs.421 (for 2 items). A little expensive but worth it. Will definitely visit again.
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arjun.hemrajani - Burrp User


December 14,2011

Great place.not For The poor.

i was new to the city so me and my brother went to ub city to shop. Went to diesel to get one jeans n wanted to grab a snack went onto the open air area n fell in love. we had a nice brunch with wine . the beef and chicken burgers were great. Wine bottles every cheap 2k only. Nice place to sit around with family n friends sipping wine or champagne. friendly ppl with the richness . :) Girls having their smokes. Very good place if you are used to rich classy places. with not much hoopla.
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pakhibagai - Burrp User


December 05,2011

So So

Had a chicken quiche and it was too dry. Vanilla cold coffee had no taste of vanilla in it!
However, the ambience if you are lucky enough to be able to go on a weekday rather than a weekend when the waiters are a little more attentive and relaxed is awesome. You can chill there for a long long time!
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Pankaj Mannur - Burrp User

Pankaj Mannur

August 28,2011


Was packed on a Wednesday afternoon, which I thought is a great sign. Took a while to be seated at a pre reserved table, the tables are frayed, the crockery chipped, but that's okay by most standards I guess.
When the waiter finally arrived after a 25 minute wait, he had no clue about the menu, none whatsoever. Just poured jug water into glasses and said he'll return with menus. It goes on and on, and left a bitter taste in my mouth.
The food was strictly okay and there wasn't much to cool us on a warm afternoon. I liked one of the eclair like desserts, my only high point in a very disappointing experience.
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gasrocks - Burrp User


June 20,2011

great beef burgers

Need i say more than the fact that the beef burgers here are yummy.
The coke and soft drinks sucks there though. not chill enuf and little gas.
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Ranjani  - Burrp User


May 23,2011

Nothing great

We had read a lot of great reviews about this place. Being a desert lover, we decided that we must visit this place.
Firstly, the waiters have such grim faces and they just throw the menu book on your face and leave. You have to wait and grab another waiter's attention to place your order.
The menu card did not contain pastries. So we asked the waitress for the menu. She said, you need to go to the pastries section and decide
Just as i entered the pastries section, a waiter came and closed the shelf which contained a display of the pastries. I was totally turned off by their attitude.
Finally i had to ask them to open again and i had to take a pick.
It still surprises me, why cant they include pastries in their menu booklet !!!!! Ridiculous.
Then i picked up a vanilla flavoured desert, which looked good.
The grumpy waitress came and served it on our table.... It tasted awful.. It was like an oily cream puff that you get in bakeries. We did not even finish it fully. Finally we ended up paying 175 bucks just for that awful piece we ate. Had we been to a place like corner house, i would have been more happier eating a DBC !
There are so many better places in UB city and im sure you wouldn't want to eat here !
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penchant - Burrp User


March 05,2011

A French cafe in Bangalore

Visited this place in UB city for an afternoon munch. A great setting, overlooking the promonade. Uncomplicated and simple menu, with good options.
It seemed like a no-nonsence place where we enjoyed our coffee and some munchies. The setting is the best advantage, but nothing particularly exceptional to this place. If I am around, it is a good option, but would not travel to come here.
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piyush  jain - Burrp User

piyush jain

March 03,2011

Delicious but Preferential....

Me and my Friend were in need for a Place to Sit and Relax and Enjoy some desserts...we thought of cafe noir...though I had read already the treatment is preferential...and I though how bad could it be...well selected our desserts from the very tempting array of delicacies...and sat there and asked for the menu...and believe me it took them so long to get the menu for us which they after a few minutes wanted back even though we weren't ready to order...also I had to remind them for two glasses of water at least three times...and we saw firangs getting better treatment than us in our own country...every time I called any of the staff they'd see me calling and just nod and then carry on with serving or welcoming or seating the Firangs....not that the food was not good but I hated the service...and that’s where they lose(half) like some 2.5 points out of 5 for me if I really want to have a dessert from cafe Noir I’ll rather have it as a take away...Because for most of us its not just about the food
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Prem0106 - Burrp User


February 18,2011

Racial Discrimitation

I have been going to Cafe Noir quite often after relocating to Bangalore from Mumbai. I like the food, very delicious.
Racial discrimination is one thing which pissed me off. The owner and staff seems to only care about the expats visiting the restaurant, they care a little about Indian crown who are from visibly effluent class.
I have been observing this for last couple of visits to this place when i go with my expat collegues the treatment and attention is different to when i go alone or with my Indian freinds.
I am disturbed.
I hate the place, the owner and the staff... food may be good... but who cares there are may options available.
I would not recommend this to any Indian.
If this was done in USA or Canada implications would have been different.
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Krupa Karia - Burrp User

Krupa Karia

January 16,2011


just yummies!!! try this guys at the cafe, have never tasted a desert like this before... if u are a desert lover then u got to have this.
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dhruv_p - Burrp User


December 28,2010

Nothing spectacular . .

Visited the French cafe the other day with my cafe - decent decor; unfortunately thats about it. Tried the quiche, found it very eggy, the coffee-the French normally don't go wrong with that; found it too watery.

And the service was pretty bad, took us quite a while just to place a simple order.
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dkjain - Burrp User


November 25,2010

Excessive charge

The restaurant also sells chocolates. I thought of trying them out and picked out the Dark thin choc. The pack says MRP 125 inclusive of all taxes but when i got the bill it read 144... when i looked into the bill they have charged me the tax on the MRP plus service charge!!!!
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brickbar - Burrp User


November 03,2010

Bad Impression

First of all i've been to this place one time before, on Saturday 4th September.
I came with my other 3 friends to have some pastry and some drink after finished the dinner at Shiro(Total bill was around 3000rs). I thought it was good. I like the Crème brûlée, my friend also love it. But the coffee was very waterish but its ok. I thought at that time that i will come back in the near future. The total bill was around 350 ( 2 pastry and 1 Cappuccino) with tax(10 or 13.5%) and service charge of 5%.

Yes. On Monday 6 September(just yesterday night), We have another friend coming also. Total 5 of us.
We went to Harima (near bishop boy school) for dinner(total bill was around 3500).

After we had done our dinner. I was the one who suggest the rest of my friend to go have some pastry at the Cafe Noir again.
I told my friend how much i love the Crème brûlée. They convinced, therefore we went there. We went into the Cafe, some of us was waiting at the table while the other went inside and chose some pastry. After they chose, they come back and now my turn to go and chose for myself.
At that time i was with one of my friend. 2 of us was choosing the pastry.
This is what the event start.
While we were choosing the pastry, i saw some old magazines like 20 of it stack inside the cupboard nearby. I thought that it is definitely for the customer to read while having some coffee. So i open the cupboard. Right after i touch it a foreigner guy, who seem to be the owner, saying in a loud voice "STOP" "CLOSE IT!" "I SAID CLOSE IT".
He was speaking in a very rude, disgusting manner. Yep i close it. But "why" i asked. "Why you have to speak in such that manner to your customer. Yes maybe i'm wrong that i opened it. But why cant u just explain nicely and tell me the reason. If anyone went there and see the heap of the magazine, I bet all of you will also think that those old magazines are for customer to read in the cafe.

He just ask me to leave if im not satisfy with either of what he said or his manner.
Thats right I definitely leave.
And Of course he wont mind if i will never come back again or not, which i will for a lifetime.
Yes you wont mind because i also know many customers still give you money.

But one thing to say. If you are going to do business like this you will never be success. No one success

You think you are higher than everyone. You think you are a god. It's up to you

Luckily that im a calm guy. otherwise i bet others wont let you go this easily

PS. If you think I'm bias, Think again. I wont come to this place for the second time if i hate it at the very first time, but i suggest my friend and came.
PS2. I included the dinner bill of both days to suggest that i have money to spend and i dont mind that its expensive, if i satisfy, if i like, i'll definitely pay.
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nesto - Burrp User


September 07,2010

French breakfast in Bangalore

Are you looking for baguette or viennoiseries? This is a place in Bangalore where you can find them. They also serve french breakfast, starting at 0930, with baguette and fresh orange juice.

Would not recommend the "pain au chocolat" nor the "homemade" hot chocolate, though.
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sashni - Burrp User


September 06,2010

Call of the Croissant

I have been looking rather hunting for a good place in Blore which serves good Croissants ... and i wasnt able to find one till date.
Happenned to out-of-the-blue check this place out and i must admit i loved their 'Plain' croissants ... pretty close to what i was looking for.
The chocolate one was not that great. I am still on the lookout for Almond croissants ... someone out there who knows where i can find them? Help me out
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whatmeworry - Burrp User


August 10,2010

Not up to snuff

Let me first say that I really love the piazza at UB city with it's breezes and views of Cubbon Park and Vidhana Soudha. So, I visited Cafe Noir a couple of times and enjoyed a nicely made cup of Cappucino. I decided to have lunch during a business break. I ordered a roast chicken sandwich which comes with a small side of salad and fries. When it was brought to my table, the lettuce leaves were wilted and brown; a sure sign that it had been left outside without refrigeration, possibly overnight (I hope they were not leftovers from someone else's plate). The bun was big; but had a minuscule portion of chicken in it. The fries were so-so. Not very appetizing. I expect unquestioned quality at such a high-end place and was very disappointed.

A thing about the UB city piazza. I've been there a couple of times and I just don't understand why smoking is allowed there. Within a few minutes of sitting down, you're met by smoke from all directions, so much so that it seeps into your clothes and makes what should be a wonderful experience disgusting.
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Suraj Prabhu - Burrp User

Suraj Prabhu

July 12,2010

Noir-thing Great...

The only plus about Cafe Noir is the typical french cafe look it has and the fact that it's loacted on the rooftop of UB towers. Apart from that, the food is below average but the pricing makes it seem pathetic. The deserts are average and the waiters are snooty. Why pay so much to eat something so average? Visiting this place made me lose faith in humanity. So people please stay believers in the great faith and DO NOT visit this place.
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smita_nik - Burrp User


July 08,2010

Awesome food at very reasonable prices

For people like me who work in UB City, Cafe Noir has practically become an extension of the office cafeteria. The ambiance is great and food excellent. Till date , have not had a single disappointment though we visit the place every week. Service at times is a tad slow but otherwise nothing to crib about. The prices are very reasonable compared to the quality of food as well as the portion size. Their Salmon sandwich as well as Ham & cheese sandwich are highly recommended. Dont miss out on desserts. Really yummmm......
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boozappa - Burrp User


June 13,2010

Great desserts and coffee

Blue Mint Fizz Frozz was most refreshing, and so is the Ocean with pain bagne.
Dark chocolate tart is a must have, though a little rich. Coffee has great flavor.
4 stars because they could add more variety to their menu
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Nandini1 - Burrp User


May 28,2010

Great place but average sandwiches

A light soup-sandwich place like this is a welcome addition to Bangalore's restaurant scene, especially for office goers who dont want to fall asleep at their desks post-heavy meal. Although not particularly French, the atmosphere is the pleasant/generic UB city atmosphere that envelops the nearby Toscano and Rajdhani as well. The service was mostly non-existent, with only one over-worked waitress short on both english and her knowledge of the menu. The menu is extensive, probably more in terms of physical size than actual variety. We ordered the veggie, chicken and ham sandwiches, which were good - similar to those you'd get at an average European order-over-the-counter cafe. However, there was nothing special / Noir-ish about them. The plain boiled chicken for example could have been replaced with something more flavourful (eg. smoked). The veggies in the veg sandwich were just sauteed; a little more garnishing with oregano/pepper/tomato based sauce would have made all the difference. A couple of pieces of capsicum, onion and tomato between two slices of bread doesnt strike me as good value for 180 bucks. Perhaps this is just the indian in me wanting to spice a regular sandwich up so take this with a pinch of garam masala if necessary. Have to say that the range of desserts, and our choice of mango mousse, were great. The coffees deserve special mention - the choccocino with a surprise hint of peppermint and the strong cappucino were perfect. All in, a great place if you are not expecting gourmet sandwiches!
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Po  - Burrp User


May 24,2010

Yummy sandwiches

The brother of Toscano's owner Chef Jean Michel Jasserand opened a French cafe earlier this year. Cafe Noir is located at the U.B. City Piazza, the same venue as Toscano. The al fresco dining area didn't remind me of cafes along Champs-Élysées but the modern decor and ambiance of the place made me forget for a moment that I was in India. More info and pictures here http://khaana-khaana.blogspot.com/2010/04/cafe-noir.html
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mana dhanraj - Burrp User

mana dhanraj

May 04,2010


When you live in a city that has the weather for an outdoor cafe you must have something like cafe noir! Fresh Salads, real mozzarella(for a change!) and crispy baguette sandwiches for that perfect light lunch! For all those smoked salmon fanatics you now have an affordable sandwich!
For all its class however I do resent the fact that you get served ketchup in sachets! I'm sure there is another, more respectful way to do this don't you think?
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allhail - Burrp User


April 09,2010

Central Chic Bistro Hangout ?

I have been told about the new Cafe Noir till I got that frozen dessert, I'm-sick-to-death-of-hearing-about-it look on my face.With one thing or the other the visit has never really happened. Always meant to. Sometime.

However this afternoon, my friend Archana who had waxed eloquent about the place , shifted our lunch date to Cafe Noir as it was an easier traffic stretch for us than Caperberry.

Up the escalators I went and then wandered through to the Piazza looking for it. After much twirling I realized it was the first restaurant on your right once you got out of the escalators. Yes, I am the kind of person who needs a Google map to get from my office to downstairs.

Its pale gray and black decor, classy wrought iron chairs , tres chic French simplicity - adds up nicely. Love the board and logo , and the menu card. Someone has spent time on design.

A pleasant waiter came to take our order. He looked kind and patient. All my waiters must be both , and if they are long suffering as well , so much the better . Yep , I tend to ask a l-o-t of questions. The types that send a few scurrying off to the kitchen and possibly the the Chef saying " I want my Mummmeee".

Seeing the ' I want to know all' love light glint in my eye, in response to the large menu, , my friend quickly urged , 'Have the margarita. It was fabulous the last time I was here'.
' Okay , the Kiwi one it is,' I said ( Rs 85) while she tried the Green Apple Fizz Froz.( all their drinks are non alcoholic , naturellement). Both drinks came in looking aggressively green but were utterly palatable. Cool and sharp . Particularly well chosen because the April sun also chose to get aggressively bright at this time.

All around me I could see primarily foreigners which was surprising . Maybe the whole casual mid week bistro feel to it was attractive.

We lingered on the ( physically Large) Menu with choices of sandwiches - baguettes, panini and club sandwiches . The menu had an excellent choice of salads and snacky food and a great choice of frappes and coolers. We skipped the soups, and decided to share the Parisian salad (Rs 145) . An attractively presented salad with crisp lettuce, cucumber , tomatoes , spiked with sliced black olives, boiled eqq quarters, a curled slice of ham ,and topped with grated Cheddar, it came with its own separate bowl of olive dressing and a portion of crusty bread. Excellent flavour, nicely melded together and dominated by a dark olive top note . Yummy start . The leaves could have been crisper - but I must grant that it was a hot summer day !

We both decided on a club sandwich one with Atlantic Salmon (the Orsay) and one with ham (Moulin Rouge). Both were Rs 180. It was served with a small portion of green salad and crisp, fresh french fries. Thoughtfully, the tomato ketchup sachets that accompanied the servings had their corners neatly cut so you could pour out the sauce without getting into an argument between your teeth and the plastic sachet. Small touch but nice.

I would rate the club sandwich as average. Fresh ingredients , but too dry .The bread was grilled and then became hard and hurt my palate when I bit into it. The corners were not buttered or mayonnaise-d enough, so the only fun eating bit was the middle. But altogether good , I would say . However, I would try the panini, quiche or baguette the next time for sure .

'Dessert?' queried the attentive waiter, after looking sympathetically at our stuffed faces .We sighed deeply , and knowing that we should not pass up the heaven sent opportunity to try out the famed dessert menu, heaved ourselves out of our chairs and ambled towards the dessert counter.

Big mistake. There are over twenty varieties , beautifully presented desserts - exotic, delicious and undoubtedly calorific- spread out like a calorie-counters private vision of hell. I even took a picture on my mobile to remind me in my bread and water days. The nice lady at the dessert counter also looked sympathetic. My feeling is that she has seen such furtive and anxious faces many a time before but like a liquor peddler dispensing killer hooch, she still has a job to do . .After whispering sweet nothings to several delectable choices (some of whom actually coo-ed back ) , we decided that we would split one , and proceeded to book one that seemed innocuous enough - Choco Exotique (Rs 125).

It looked like a blob of cocoa dusted brown mud on a white, circular, crusty cake base . And so it was , but the hidden sweet stewed mango and pineapple chunks inside this concoction, coupled with the smooth chocolate mousse and the soft crunch of the cake base was incredible. Very very nice.

The bill was about 950 for the two of us ( incl of VAT and SC of 14%). A good meal all in all, nice ambiance , with the beautiful UB City Piazza, decor, informed and courteous service. Nice global feel to the place . Great place for a casual, light lunch or a early evening coffee & brownie with a buddy .

I think I will definitely be back . But someone promise to keep me away from that hellish dessert display counter .
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Fourier - Burrp User


April 09,2010

Try the Ganache and Tiramisu!

I absolutely LOVE Cafe Noir. I don't care which cafe/restaurant existed before Cafe Noir started, but I don't wish to see anything else take the Cafe Noir space in future!

Yes, as mentioned by "anush123" the quiche can improve and the staff is a bit in their on world at times. But, in all honesty, these people are quite courteous, amicable, and friendly. So far, I have visited them ~5 times and I found the the food (sanwiches/baguettes) to be very fresh. I am not usually a dessert fan, but I LOVED their eclairs. The ganache and the tiramisu are to die for! Give these a try along with their breezy lime soda. I am sure you'll love it!
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anush123 - Burrp User


March 26,2010

Lovely Place..Can do better in the Food Department

Went across to Cafe Noir for lunch yesterday. This was my second visit after we stopped by for coffee the first time last weekend. The newest addition to the restaurants at UB City, the first thing that hits you as you walk towards it is the smell of the coffee. Truly fantastic, strong cappuccino..the best I've had in Bangalore in a long time. While the breads are fantastic, that said, the food really doesn't live up to expectations set by the sibling Toscano next door. I had a Tiramisu with the coffee which was just average.
This time round, we ordered a baguette sandwich and a quiche. While the sandwich was fairly good, the quiche could have done better. It wasn't as light, airy and flavourful as good quiche should be. The salad that accompanied was excellent though. For dessert we were contemplating between the strawberry and the lemon tart. Went with the strawberry tart which was really good and fresh.
Service could be a little better with the waitress faltering on the drinks order and then getting salad instead of fries as a side with the quiche. To their credit, they immediately brought along an additional side of fries to go with the salad...All issues that they will iron out quickly I'm sure.
All in all, Cafe Noir is a great place to sit around and nurse a cup of coffee with a tart or croissant on a nice afternoon but not one where I would go back for a meal.
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ragpicker1 - Burrp User


March 15,2010

Lovely Place - Bangalore Needs More Like This

I went here with a friend, last weekend. The place is really nice, situated at one end (the fountains end) of the UB City's Piazza and is an open air cafe. The menu is extensive and well thought out. Everything on it sounded delicious. As I wasnt very hungry, I chose a Hot Chocolate and my friend also settled for just a drink. Each drink came accompanied by a mini chocolate chip tea cake which tasted lovely. The service is wonderful and the seating is extremely comfortable. The ambience, well, its open air and you get a good view of the Piazza, the fountains and your fellow eaters and drinkers. Quite pleasant, was my thought. At night, it would probably be even better, once the fountains and the Piazza are lit up and the live band at the far end of the Piazza starts to play. Sadly we didn't try any of the eats but I fully intend to go back there again, maybe towards late evening some day and enjoy a nice dinner. Prices aren't very high, considering that you have a very good crowd, great service and a lot to look at (in the form of fountains and people). Definitely worth trying out.
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buddha123 - Burrp User


March 14,2010

Absolutely Rocks

Had lunch here today. The sandwiches were great. The three chocolate ganache was out of the world. The croissant's were as good as anywhere in the world. I will definitely be visiting this place again and again and recommending it to all my friends.
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


March 14,2010

Much anticipated cafe lives up to expectations!

One of the things I miss the most from life in the US, is the ability to go out to lunch and order a simple soup and sandwich. It's not such a tall order in most countries, but not in India. Cafe Noir is a much appreciated addition to the UB City al fresco dining scene. The cafe is in the perfect location- clean, quite, upscale, outdoors. The menu is simply perfect for lunch, with a nice variety that had me struggling with what to order since everything sounded good. Mocktails and frozen coffee extravaganzas were delicious (although could have been colder). My onion soup au gratin was pretty good- although still needed about 10x more gruyere broiled on top. The roast beef sandwich and vegetarian panini were both spot on- and no meal could be complete without some french fries! The breads at Cafe Noir were wonderful- I even bought an extra baguette to take home. I simply loved Cafe Noir and plan to meet up with girlfriends for lunch or just a coffee and dessert many more times int he future!
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

March 08,2010

….and the food from the streets of France!!

I had been noticing this place since the time Ecstasy – The dessert joint was closed. Café Noir / Parisian Café used to be the board I always noticed. And recently when I dropped in into another restaurant there, I noticed Café Noir being open to public and I was waiting to try out the food from the streets of France since then. One of my friends last week called me during the lunch time and said, “I’m near your office and we are going out for lunch”
This call was kinda blessing in disguise for me. One coz’, I wasn’t carrying lunch that day, two coz’, I was craving for something nice and three coz’, I have always wanted to try this place.

My friend wanted soup and salad as he wanted to keep it light. He chose Pistou Soup and Monte Carlo Veg Salad. Pistou Soup was good but, the Salad dint impress me. It was full of greens and unless one is totally on diet and is a health freak, could opt for this. I ordered Cookie Froz and Quiche Café Noir Veg. The Cookei Froz was drink with cookies crushed in it. This was served in a tall glass and could itself be like a meal due to the quantity. Drink was excellent with pieces of cookie over the drink to relish. The Quiche was even better. With some delicate mushroom in it, this one scored full marks. While the drink was perfect for a sunny afternoon, the quiche was a perfect small eat which was warm with subtle flavors.
The person, who runs this place, did come to us to check if everything’s alright and if we are enjoying the food. He also mentioned to us to walkin and check out their exotic desserts after the meal. Yes, we definitely did check on the number of desserts in their dessert section and I wanted to try so many! The way it was made and presented was itself an eye candy. After a few minutes of confusion on what to pick, I short listed it to either lemon tart or chocolate mousse. Could not try both as I knew I would feel guilty later of indulging so much. Just blindly zeroed in on Lemon Tart and believe me the tanginess just fills your mouth and one would end with a feeling of having more of the same!

My friend was telling me, this is how a typical eat out in France would be. Open Air, Fresh food, no music and ideal for quick and healthy eats. I guess this is exactly how the experience would be! I loved the place and the food and the service. The bill was approximately around 700 bucks for the two of us. Nice place to relax, enjoy, unwind and savor some French cuisine.
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Sonali Singh - Burrp User

Sonali Singh

February 19,2010

A decent replacement for Ecstasy

This is a new restaurant in place of Ecstasy, which, as everyone knows was superlative :). Cafe Noir could also get there.

We went within 3 or 4 days of its opening and they still didn't have the soups, as also some of the other items on the menu. But whatever we ordered was good. And their bread was to die for.

And of course, they don't have music, which is a BIG plus in this city, where it is rare to find a cafe that does not have indeterminate sounds blaring from speakers.
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