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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: cakes & marshmallow
  • Nearly everybody mentioned Friends

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Disappointing treatment.
Staff could be trained better.
Good hospitality
ragpicker1 - Burrp User


April 19,2015

Just Fantastic - Ideal for brunch

I have been wanting to visit this place in a long time. So, finally a friend and I made it over here.

The ambience, both external and internal is just amazing. I had arrived early and as I had a 20 minute wait before my friend showed up, I sat down in the lounge area just outside the restaurant. I must say that this is one of the biggest and most comfortable as well as beautiful lounge areas that I have sat in. I was extremely impressed by the size of the lounge, the neat way it was arranged and the cleanliness. The ambience inside is as amazing and there is both a ground and a first floor where one can sit.

My friend and I opted to sit upstairs and being a Sunday, considered ourselves lucky to have a table.

The buffet was amazing. I have never seen such a big spread before. There was every conceivable item available, both Indian and Chinese. I tried the majority of the non-veg items and a few veg items as well as the non-veg soup, some salads, chaat and some of the desserts. Absolutely delicious. I even went back for third helpings.

The restaurant was packed as it was the weekend and the crowd ranged from couples, to families of all sizes. Quite a nice crowd and a very mixed one, from Indians to expats.

The price was very reasonable, given the amount of food on offer.

The service was good. Not very fast but that is only to be expected when you have one or two waiters for an entire floor. Disgraceful on the part of the management who should put on extra staff for the weekend.

This is definitely a place to visit. You will love the food, the ambience and the price wont hit your pocket. Only be prepared to wait a while for your bill. Ideal place for a long, leisurely brunch.
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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

March 17,2015

Best for a Sunday brunch!

Chutney Chang - innovatively named, this place has possibly the best buffet menu which caters to the Indian palate. The chutney collection is just mind blowing and shall have you savoring all the starters! The food variety is good. I moved from starters to desserts directly because I was so full! The chocolate fountain had me raptured and enthralled, like a little kid with candies. The starters can be changed more frequently to ensure they are piping hot.
Must try!
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vaishbhambri - Burrp User


November 20,2014

Great variety of food!

One of the few places in Bangalore where the buffet is equally spread between Veg and Non-Veg. The place has a good ambiance to it, may slightly vary based on where you choose to sit as there are a couple of different sections in the restaurant. Decent spread with a nice Chinese ring and flavor to the dishes, both veg and non-veg had around 10-12 options each including salad, starters, sabji and rice.The place is slightly pricey for a weekend buffet without any special dishes compared to a weekday menu. Do try the variety of chutney available on the table with all the starters.
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Shamin Misquith - Burrp User

Shamin Misquith

November 19,2014

The best restaurant currently

Amazing food with so many choices, been there already 6 to 8 times
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Shamin Misquith - Burrp User

Shamin Misquith

November 19,2014

the best buffet in town!

The variety of food is just amazing!! Totally worth the price. Food is delicious. Desserts are also really good!
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vaishbhambri - Burrp User


November 03,2014

Quite An Experience

Nice decent buffet with loads of varieties. Good tasty food. A lot of place to house quite some people. The live counters - chaat and dimsums , make it stand out among all the other buffet places in town. It sure lives up to its standards and the customer's expectations!

Their corn cream filled wanton is one of the most amazing starters I have ever had!

However, the only let down is that they do not regularly fill up /replace the food. The fried starters are usually left as they are - making them cold and soaked up with oil!
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ThePlateMemoirs - Burrp User


April 25,2014

So, I am Crashing Down the Hype.

Is it just me or does the Bangalore crowd subconsciously hype up things unnecessarily?
Been here quite a handful of times, not that Iv'e ever been disappointed, but Iv'e never been ecstatic either. Needless to say, the buffet spread is vast. Except for a handful of dishes, I really couldn't get myself to eat everything on the buffet spread.
The salads and starters are manageable, being a partial vegetarian (only chicken)I was spoiled for choice, but was kinda feeling bad for a vegan friend of mine,Who on the other hand had nothing but an extremely limited menu. Yet, pleasantly her agony was compensated with a station dedicated to desserts. Her absolute favourite..
Chocolate fountains, cheesecakes, marshmallows, gulab jamuns, etc etc .The desserts actually were the saving graces of the day.
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Madhumathi Seshadri Roy - Burrp User

Madhumathi Seshadri Roy

February 07,2014

Bangalore to Beijing---Chinese Connection

My husband took me to Chutney Chang on the museum road for our wedding anniversary last year....We had to book our tables so we heard because it is always the most sought out place to eat in Bangalore....We walked in there was no rush as we arrived early and we were taken to our table by a very friendly staff....The food was a wide spread of buffet of Indian and Chinese food and I was awed with the amount of food and the variety....I had vegetarian and my husband took the non veg one....The starters were an interesting combo of paneer,pineapple, mushrooms,egg and loads of salad....They even had a chaat counter, a chocolate fountain,cakes,soups,breads....So much food for such reasonable prices and you can have unlimited. What more? We were a happy two.....Wonderful service and awesome food....Ambience was a little boring other than that it was an experience to remember.
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brutus_rao - Burrp User


October 13,2013

Average Buffet

A large Buffet spread.

The Plates are not cleaned properly, ensure that you carry paper napkins to clean them.

The Veg starters are better than the Non Veg which I found to be very surprising.

Chaat counter is not worth the effort. The Desserts are good but the fresh fruits are either Raw or stale. The Roti basket is good, Mutton Biryani is average, the salads are also average but the place is definitely not worth the Hype around the largest spread.

The ambiance is good but the reception from the North east girls is the worst. They do not even know how to greet and do not smile and all they do is scowl and growl at you when you try to take the mouth fresheners kept at the reception.
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Shrihara Palanetra - Burrp User

Shrihara Palanetra

October 02,2013

One Of The Best Buffets in Bangalore

Oh man, they have such a long buffet spread, forget about trying a dish twice, you can't even try all of them once. Some of the Chinese and Indian starters were unique and tasted awesome. We definitely felt that Chutney Chang was equal to Indijoe or Cafe Masala.

We were specially interested in the chutney that we heard about, but they were pathetic and nothing special. Do not try their soup and special mocktails, they are very bad.

Non-veggies say meat was tender, melting in mouth and well cooked.

It was satisfactory for veggies, veg starters could have been better. Main course was good.

Deserts were mouth watering with angoori rasmalai, jelabi, jamoon, 4 ice-creams, chocolate fountain and dips, cakes etc.

Mocktails - 0/5
Soup - 0/5
Non-Veg Starters - 5/5
Veg Starters - 3/5
Non-veg Main Course 5/5
Veg Main Course - 4/5
Desserts - 5/5
Overall for food - 3.5/5 (3 for Veg, 4 for Non-veg)

Presentation of Food - 5/5
We liked the idea of veg starting from one end and non-veg starting from the other end rather than mixing them up.

Ambience - 5/5
All tables are at reasonable distance from the buffet spread. Deserts, live counters for momos and chats were separately located. The long buffet spread helped the place from getting congested.

Service - 3/5
Needs to be more quicker in replacing plates.
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deepak9022 - Burrp User


September 14,2013

Worst Restaurant I Have Seen in Bangalore

Restaurant seems to be good for nothing. Went for Dinner and did not find a suitable place to visit again. Starters are cold or if I can use the work chilled its not too bad. Live Chat counter seems to be good but when we ordered Bhalla Papri, it spoils the whole party. Smell was coming out of Bhalla, Taste was bitter and when complained about it, Person denied saying there is no problem. Worst Place to visit for lunch and Dinner. Advise for others is not to go and specially when you compare the price vs quality. BBQ nation is a much better place and option compared to this price.
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Subrat Jain - Burrp User

Subrat Jain

September 05,2013

The Real Chutney !!!

Wow!! I had heard and read that this is the most extensive buffet in B'lore but one has to see it with his own eyes to really get hold of what they are doing. As soon as I entered the buffet area I was transformed into a Mughal king (as seen in old movies). Wherever I looked I could see only food. They surely live up to the hype they have created.

1. Food : 5/5 The food is amazing in terms of variety and taste. Even though I am a vegetarian I didn't have to suffer as there were a lot of veggies in the spread. The rotis and vegetables were pretty good. Couple of things that deserve a mention are the chat counter and the dessert spread.
The live chat counter was efficient and tasty at the same time. You can customize your chat. The desserts were the best part of the spread. The best combination of Indian and western desserts I have ever seen. Not to mention they have a stand alone chocolate fountain and cookies and other stuff to go with it.

Service: 3/5: the service as for the buffet is awesome as nothing is ever empty. But they need to improve on the time of service. I was a bit late in the afternoon and I noticed some items which were originally present were not being refilled anymore.

Price: 4/5: once you have eaten here you won't even remember paying the price as all you can of after that is your stomach, which would be satisfied (I must say over satisfied)
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Puneetkumar Pattar - Burrp User

Puneetkumar Pattar

August 26,2013

Perhaps The Largest Buffet Spread In Bangalore

We had been here for a team lunch. The name appeared quite rosy and we assumed that the food too will be great. As we walked in and took seat, we were served with some fantastic paneer starters. They were delicious and we all were delighted.

But then, that was it. Whatever came next was all average food. There was nothing to slurp, as we had expected. The variety too was not that great.
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Nazia Nazir - Burrp User

Nazia Nazir

July 19,2013

Not a Great Experience!!!!

Before going to any restaurant,my husband usually logs into many food review site or asks friends about the place where we are about to crash. Having heard a lot about Chutney Chang, I have been waiting to try this out since a very long time .We went on a friday,expecting it to be crowded. We had done an advanced reservation.We got seats for two. Next the main topic-The food. The way people have jotted it down in reviews and the way friends expressed it to us, sorry to say we both really did not find the food interesting.Yes it was more Indo-Chinese fusion, but it was as a whole disappointing.
We started with Salads and Appetizers,it had all -Egg dish,Chicken,Pasta and Veggies. I tried the So called Egg dish there ,even though I did not remember the name,but it tasted good but like the Omelette we make at Home. I had next one tangy chicken salad-Sorry to say ,I felt the dish started to taste bad because of the tomato puree for a long time in it.Pasta Salad-The dressing was too Sweet ,I had to mix it with a spicy Mexican salad I took for the taste to be even.
Well being disappointed with Salads,we moved over to fritters, stir fry's and kebab.
I will tell you among the Veggies I had, the Rajasthani Bhindi was excellent-Crisp,nicely cooked and taste up to the mark. Baby Potatoes roast was little disappointing. Paneer did not look so appealing,so did not bother to try.
Fish Dishes all were absolutely good. Be it gravy ,fry or Chinese Manchurian. We loved it.
Chicken Dishes-Tawa Fry was good enough.
Rice Dishes like Pulao and 8 treasure fried rice were too good.
Mutton Biryani was not up to the mark.
After finishing the main course we thought of try out the desserts. All the Desserts looked appealing ,but except for the fruits kept there ,none of those tasted good.
Finally we thought after a GREAT meal we would go freshen up ,but there was no water in the Washroom! We informed the management about this and finally had to adjust using tissues!
Ambiance and Presentation are really good.
We request the management to take care of the maintenance of the rest rooms and the chefs to have a check on the dishes occasionally if the taste differs a bit ,people might end up having a wrong impression.
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Pradeep R - Burrp User

Pradeep R

June 28,2013

Can't Say The Hype Is Worth It. Expensive

After months of planning to visit Chutney Chang, I finally made it to this place with my wife. Occasion being Salary day !!! And realized 2 things:

1) I am not young anymore. Couldn't eat everything available in the buffet spread.
2) This place has a popularity that it doesn't deserve.

Is the food BAD? NO
Is the food GREAT? NO

Its average. The buffet spread is worth the words. Its huge. There are so many items, if you have the appetite of some BHEEM then you should visit this place.

You have Chat, Dimsum, Roti's, rice, salads, Curry, dry items and desserts.

A mention of the Chinese dishes - they are NOT good. Reason being - the moment you taste one of the dishes, everything else is going to taste the same. Coated chicken, fish or veggies. In curry, not in curry all tasted the same. The management may say that's how Mandarin food is - then I will say, I have tasted better.

The Indian dishes were better I would say. I loved the biryani and the lajawabi Murg. The roti's were awesome. Perfectly soft and hot.

A special mention of the desserts - its great. There are so many things set in the table that if you are a dessert lover this is your paradise.

DIMSUM - I am a fan of momos/dimsums and I was in for a sad shock. The inside filling was good BUT the outer coating was Sticky. In my defense about my knowledge on momo's, I have tasted them for Rs. 30 on the road side stalls to Rs. 120 in some decent Chinese restaurant, and they were NOT sticky. The manager did tell me that its the steam that had made it so. I wouldn't agree with that.

Finally, Rs. 580/- is a lot of money on a weekday dinner (thank goodness its all Inclusive).

It would be rude if we do not acknowledge the service and the ambiance. The service staff was very caring and courteous. The whole surrounding is also great.

But I am not visiting again; unless someone is treating :-)
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Parvathy_86 - Burrp User


June 05,2013

Bad Experience !!!

We had done reservation for 5 people on the previous day of our visit and the next day when we reached there the guy at the reception told us our name is not there in the reservation register and he argued with us that we didn't call the restaurant. When we showed him the number and the extension number we called he again argued with us and told, there is no extension in this hotel.
Finally we called that number again and the lady next to him picked the call. And finally our name was there in another reservation register.
It was really unexpected behavior from the restaurant staff. He made the mistake of not checking the reservation register and above that he was lying that the number was not correct.
And later when we gave the feedback form, it didn't go to the top manager, instead the guy who took the feedback form from us directly gave it to the same reception guy.Totally dissatisfied by their treatment.
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rohan sachdev - Burrp User

rohan sachdev

May 17,2013

Nothing Special

it was a large spread!the food was usual, nothing extraordinary. on the day we went there was a momo live bar, which didn't really impress me, as did the chaats! it was just way to ordinary, and wasn't worth the price tag. We went on my birthday, but it was disappointing! the only icing on the cake was good desserts! although most were indian, the chocolate fountain had been put up there, which brought the child in me! :p
but overall, its not as good as projected! In China, the restaurant there in the same location before this was better!
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Arjun Varadraj - Burrp User

Arjun Varadraj

May 17,2013

Keeps up to the add

Went there after listening to the Radio ad :- the largest spread in bangalore , but in deed it is .. a wide variety of indian and chinese spread , great ambience , book in advance bcoz u ll end up waiting for long . Kids have lots of options in deserts , and the bill is just on , felt really worth the money i spent , and the quality of non veg starters were just bang on :) wow had a great experience
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acidrain88 - Burrp User


May 10,2013

A must visit !

I had gone to Chutney Chang with a group of around 10 in number. The ambience is simple yet classy. As a starter we were first served soup at our table. It was nice .This place has the longest buffet in town.

North Indian and Chinese options are available. The prawn wantons were delicious. The rest of the food was also well prepared.The desserts counter has a terrific chocolate fountain where you can dip marshmallows,chocolate sticks etc.It also has various types of cakes and a variety of Indian sweets.

Its around Rs 550/- per head which is really great for the amount and variety they offer. Its mostly full on most days of the week so, one should book in advance.Its definitely ideal for a birthday party or a business lunch.
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priti8188 - Burrp User


April 22,2013

Delightful Buffet!

Buffet is incredible with a variety of starters,gravies and desserts. Delicious food with a twist in Indian cusine, loved the prawn and fish starter and the wantons there.
Heaven for foodies I must say, with 'n' number of options both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A place worth visiting.
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CookNaaKaho - Burrp User


April 03,2013

Best Buffet Menu

I tell you its the best buffet available in the city @ the most affordable price. I prefer it over Barbeque nations. Either go for lunch or dinner you will enjoy a lot. Little crowded but happening place to spent time. Make sure to book your place in advance otherwise you have to wait for 15 to 30 mins. The best part is you have equally good range of food for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people unlike Barbeque nations.
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Mohammed Zackria - Burrp User

Mohammed Zackria

March 04,2013

Chutney is sad so is the chang

A once two level restaurant serving alacarte and buffets. "Ada Hind Ki" being the Indian avatar on the first floor and "In China" being its Chinese counterpart was a nice restaurant located centrally on museum road. They used to serve the best murgh angaare i had ever eaten and i mean ever.

The recent revamp how ever has seen them re branding the place to combine their two specialties and taken on the name of Chutney Chang signifying the melange of Indian and Chinese cuisines. Chutney Chang has now exclusively become a buffet service restaurant and completely knocked off their alacarte menu. From recent experience the best i can say is the dining experience is just OK with mediocre food. The preparations are average and the spread though seemingly lavish doesn't really satisfy. I miss the days when they served some sumptuous cuisine both Chinese and Indian and it was Alacarte. They have now slumped down to a mere factory churning out food for office going masses in need of a quick lunch and the kind of people who are looking for a change from the office canteen.

Pros: - Quick service due to buffet system
- Large variety of items on buffet spread

Cons: - Food quality is mediocre to say the least
- No alacarte menu
- Quality varies highly
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gsr747 - Burrp User


March 04,2013

Disappointing !

After listening to much hype, on paper and by word of mouth , went to chutney chang one night.
Spread looked interesting but unfortunately , that was the end of the good part.
A vast spread of chinese and indian food, with live momo counter, chat counter and around 15 desserts or probably more , just failed to impress on any ground what so ever.
Quality of food was the major letdown and the desserts were all disciples of the gelatin dessert school...and were found wanting !
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twiferme - Burrp User


February 26,2013


This one's real deal..
lip smacking food, assorted menu, value for money.
everything about this place is good.. really.. t
he dishes were great. i mean Chinese, Punjabi, south Indian etc etc.. the dessert counter is like stairway to heaven for sweet toothed..
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rajsraman - Burrp User


February 08,2013

Tummy Full Buffet

If at all you are hosting a party for huge gang and want unlimited food with 100's of veg and non-veg , this is the place to visit. Absolutely tummylicious food and tastes good too. though its bit costly , worth every penny you spend on the food there.
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rastachef - Burrp User


February 04,2013

Pocket Friendly Quirky name

I was half expecting a twisted and quirky combination of South Indian and Chinese food here. Not of the "Gobi Manjoori" variety, but something different and interesting. That wasn't the case, but had a great time. The buffet spread here is excellent and pocket friendly. Taste-wise there's a lot of room for improvement. Most of the chicken dishes are a bit too dry and will have to wanting to sip some cola to wash it down. But Chutney Chang scores. By the sheer magnitude of its spread and the prices.
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sharekhan - Burrp User


January 13,2013

Large spread but lacks class

The first impression you get when you enter Chutney Chang is not of one of the better restaurants in Bangalore. The dessert counter is the first in view and frankly, with colours like that on display, it is a bit off putting. But when you go further in, the vast array of dishes does amaze you. Our table was in the inner section near a water body. The table itself was a bit wobbly though. The service is good and the staff are friendly.
One grouse we had was that the chaat counter did not open till around 30 minutes after we entered, and we were not even the first in for lunch that day. When it did open, the chaat was lousy ,you can get better stuff in most ordinary veg fast food joints in the city (there is no really good place for chaat in Bangalore at all).
The starters were good except the dim sum which was ordinary. The rest of the dishes were pretty good and we had a good feed. But I cant say we had any wow moments with any particular dish.
When it came to dessert, we expected as good a spread, but the choice of items disappointed - some strange looking cheesecake, some other odd-coloured item and some standard Indian desserts like jalebis and gajar halwa which were fairly pedestrian.
I would visit once for the experience, but not again. Do make a reservation if you are going, as it gets very crowded
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Deeksha Shetty - Burrp User

Deeksha Shetty

December 29,2012

awesome spread

went there because of the praises i heard from my collegues regarding the superb spread of desserts. The spread of buffet is the best in town. the quality is maintained inpite of the quantity of food. The food is great.

Only negative point is the number of cockroaches roaming around. Found few small ones in the restroom and one in the dessert section
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P 13K - Burrp User

P 13K

December 16,2012

Indian & Chinese Cuisine At It's Best

As soon as you see the words Chutney and Chang, I am sure you will be confused as to whether this is an Indian or Chinese Restaurant. Well, your question can be answered by two simple words….It’s both! Yes, that’s right. Chutney Chang is the most popular restaurant serving buffet in Bangalore. Other than the buffet at Kahwa, The Zuri, I have never seen such a huge spread for lunch and for dinner.

I finally had the privilege of visiting this hip and happening place last Thursday as we had an office dinner held there. As soon as you enter the hotel, you can find a nice lobby wherein the décor is cute and unique. I believe the lunch buffet is served on the ground floor while the dinner one is served on the first floor.

Reservations are a must, especially if you are coming in a big group like we were. As there were 30 of us, they had arranged part of the first floor just for us. We sat inside even though there was seating available outside. The ambience is really nice and lighting is sober too. The music is pleasant, but since all of us were talking away, we could hardly make out what song was playing!

After a quick round of photos with everyone present, I dashed towards the buffet with my camera so that I could take a photo of each and every item available that night. Luckily, we had reached at 7:30 and it was not too crowded, or else I would have had to run in between people to take the photos!

Here is the list of the lavish spread that was served for dinner that night, as well as my comments on the dishes:

Veg Sour & Pepper Soup – I am not much of a soup person, so decided to skip this item. But I heard that the soup was really good especially on a chilly evening.
Chicken Clear Soup – Heard the soup was good and had just the right amount of chicken to make it a yummy clear soup.

Salad Counter:
Pickled Cucumber - This was the salad that everyone really enjoyed, whether they were a vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
Kimchi Salad – This salad is made of cabbage and tasted great by itself or even with noodles or fried rice.
Garden Salad – Too cute to eat!
Chatpata Egg Salad - Thanks to the chaat masala which added the extra flavor, everyone devoured this yummy egg salad.
Spicy Chicken Salad – The spicy chicken salad looked spicy as it was totally red in color. Am sure it tasted wonderful too.
Macaroni Melon Salad – I love macaroni, so I definitely took two helpings of this. It was creamy and tasted delicious.
Green Salad - The usual onion, tomato, and carrots on a tray. Very nicely decorated.

Live Chaat Counter: I don’t think anyone headed towards this counter as it’s normally something we eat everyday for snack. But the counter was filled with items and I could see the other guests making their way towards this lively counter.

Pani Puri
Shev Puri
Dahi Vada

Live Dimsum Counter: Dimsums or Momos as they are popularly known were cooked well and so soft that it would melt in your mouth. They tasted great with the sauces that were kept on the table, or even by itself. There were two kinds of Momos that day.

Veg Dimsum
Chicken Dimsum

Appetizers (Veg & Non-Veg) – There were a total of 8 veg/non-starters in the buffet. My favorite was the Thausi Potato as it had a unique flavor to it which made me go back for more. Even the Kacche Kele Kitikki was something different and tasted good. I heard that in the non-veg list of starters the Tawa King Fish and Murg Tikka Baluchi was the best.

Diced Chilly Style
Prawn Fried Wonton
Murg Tikka Baluchi
Tawa King Fish
Sesame Fried Crispy Veg
Thausi Potato
Paneer Kalimirch Tikka
Kacche Kele Kitikki

Non Veg Main Course: In the non-veg Main course list, there were two Chinese Style and two Indian Style gravies. Each of the gravies was colorful and filled with fish or chicken (as per the dish). Many people gorged on the Kacchi Gosht Ki Biriyani with Raitha or Murg Saagwala.

Kacchi Gosht Ki Biriyani
Tender Chicken Oyster Sauce
Fish Hot Garlic Sauce
Dahiwala Murg
Murg Saagwala

Veg Main Course: In the veg list, I loved the Veg Moon Fan Fried Rice. It had so much of flavor that you didn’t need to have it along with gravy. The Subz Pulao was also a popular item which tasted great with the Dal Tiranga. The overall favorite was the Aloo Karela Bhurjee as its something many of us have not tasted before. Happy to see a variety of dishes for vegetarians!

Veg Moon Fan Fried Rice
Veg Hong Kong Noodles
Curd Rice with Pickle
Subz Pulao
Panfried Chinese Greens
Mix Veg Sweet & Spicy
Tofu Beans Black Pepper
Aloo Karela Bhurjee
Paneer Lababdar
Dal Tiranga

Desserts: Some of us were too full to eat desserts, but people like me, who keep some space in the stomach for dessert, did full justice after seeing the long table to sweets! I really enjoyed the Mousse, Eggless Pineapple Cake and Marshmallows in chocolate sauce. Those who normally stick to Indian sweets told me that the Gajar Ka Halwa tasted heavenly and even the Black Currant Cake was worth a bite. Of course the vegetarians had a limited number of desserts to choose from as the Black Currant Cake and Walnut Brownie contained egg.

Gajar Ka Halwa
Honey Darshaan
Eggless Pineapple Cake
Jelly Custard
Black Currant Cake
Marshmallows in Chocolate Sauce
Walnut Brownies (with Egg)
Ice Cream

Fruits: The three fruits that were in the buffet that day were watermelon, pineapple and melon. I didn’t taste them as it was quite a chilly evening and I didn’t want to catch a cold. The fruits were fresh, bright, and looked so juicy and delicious.


Chinese Tea: There was a table at the beginning of the buffet wherein cups were kept to drink Chinese Tea. But I don’t think anyone ventured into tasting it. Something for next time of course!

Rotis, Naans, & Kulcha Basket – The waiters served the rotis, naans, and kulchas at the table. However, some people had already finished eating by the time the servers came. Point to be noted: Please serve the rotis as soon as the customer has been seated at his/her table.

Overall, I would recommend this place for either lunch or dinner, a group of two, or even 30 or more. It’s really worth the price and you can do full justice as there is such a wide variety of items served in the buffet. The ambience is really pleasant and even perfect for a romantic dinner for two. Families will really enjoy this restaurant as the kids can choose from a huge variety of pastries and ice creams.

The seating arrangement is also well organized and there is sufficient room for the buffet in the restaurant. In some places, the buffet looks quite crowded and cramped, but in Chutney Chang, I found it to be the opposite. Even though it was quite crowded that night, the line was moving quickly and people didn’t have to wait in line for a long time.

Also, I suggest you bring your camera along to take beautiful photos with your guests. The backdrop of is really nice and the most popular place where we were clicking photos was at the entrance right after you reach the first floor. It’s a cute little two seat sofa where in three people can sit and take photos.

But if you are a food freak like me, the camera will be useful to click photos of the items in the buffet, and when I say the word items, I mean ALL of the items!

Don’t delay…Do visit Chutney Chang today and make sure you make reservations, or you will end up waiting for a table and since this is a pretty crowded place, I am sure the wait will be a long one!
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Vishwanath Dalvi - Burrp User

Vishwanath Dalvi

December 04,2012

Good place to try indo-chinese food once

Went here because of brilliant reviews and no. 1 restaurant during November month for friend's birthday bash.

Good ambiance, average food, too many varieties in food.

If you're going here for dinner/lunch, don't forget to book a table before otherwise you've to wait.

Started with a soup really good, then too many varieties in starters for both veg and non-veg, they've live chaat counter and it's worth having dahi-vada, dahi-puri and shev-puri there.

In main course they've good quality, with biryani, chicken and chinese gravy.

I'm disappointed with their desserts part, didn't like, ice creams were avg. quality, jalebi, and choko cake.

Price : Veg and Non-veg buffet 550 per person. (Subject to change in future)
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gandhikarishm - Burrp User


November 30,2012

Great place

Awesome buffet spread. Great for Indian and chinese lovers. Definitely worth the buffest charges.
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Raj S - Burrp User

Raj S

November 20,2012

Best Buffet

One of the best place for buffet lunch. Too many varieties for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian folks. You just cannot say your stomach is not full after trying out a buffet lunch here. Tastes so good too.
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arvindsoni0610 - Burrp User


November 16,2012

One of the best buffet in Bangalore !!

Let me first start with rating ..undoubtedly 5/5 ...
Have been for my b'day celebration on last month..i had there one of the best lunch in bangalore ...i have not seen those many variety not only in starter but also in main cource, finishing for both vaggies & non vaggies ..:)
worth to go for buffet !!
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soumya_k - Burrp User


November 14,2012

Best Birthday party!!!!

I booked there banquet hall for birthday party of my nephew. it was a decent party hall for 50 people. the arrangements and the food was done really good. Service was excellent. Everyone really enjoyed as they played really good music too.
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sweettoothfairy - Burrp User


November 13,2012

over hyped

i dont get what all the buzz about this place is about
personally i didn't really enjoy their buffet
yes, there is a huge variety of food but the taste is mediocre
for the price that i paid, i don't think the food was worth it
the dessert was sad and didn't really catch my attention
i expected much better
they need to improve badly on their quality rather than quantity
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shaheenusman - Burrp User


November 12,2012


Lavish buffet spread they claim, true indeed
But d food dint taste all daat good
For the price there are better options in an around brigade road
Go only if ur tired of all other regular buffet places, but again this place has nothing new to offer
On the positive note
This place has got lots of seating capacity
So if ur looking to host a huge party or something
No second thoughts
Cheers !!
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kamakshi Ashture - Burrp User

kamakshi Ashture

November 10,2012

The best buffet place

Just love their large spread buffet and the options for veg and non-veg are excellent which is again combination of chines and Indian food, many options for starters and must say mouth watering desserts just cant stop eating the yummy cakes & marshmallow really gooooooood....
visited with my friends and had the best experience,
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Nitish Rajpal - Burrp User

Nitish Rajpal

November 01,2012

All that glitters is not gold

To be fair, the restaurant ambience is fine. I did not find any issue with cleanliness. The variety on the buffet looks really exciting.

The good part ends there. The quality of food is pretty poor. The starters are heavily reused and from the taste I knew something was wrong. Aptly, I returned home and had to rush to the toilet. Cant say more, I wont be surprised if they reuse the food - as most of their dishes repeat. I would never go back to this restaurant.
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Bhavana Raju - Burrp User

Bhavana Raju

October 30,2012

Would never recommend this place! Unhealthy!

Had the worst experience with this restaurant. I'm writing this review cause I don't want anyone to go through what we went through after we eating at this restaurant.

After we heard so much about this restaurant, and being the no 1 restaurant in bangalore in zomato, we decided to go to chutney chang instead of barbeque nation the last weekend.

After a reservation for 4 of us and after waiting for a table, we finally got seated and after fed up of waiting for the soup to be served we gave and went on to serving them ourselves.

All the while we the food there we dint have a good feeling about the food. We had a feeling already that there was something wrong about the food, after we were done eating, we ate much less than what we usually eat at a buffet and still had a very bad feeling in our stomachs.

After eating here all for us got back to our houses, just after like two o three hours after we left the restaurant one of my friend already started feeling sick, he had severe stomach issues, head ache, body ache, and just after like an hour of that other two of us started having diarrhea, vomiting. It just got severe. And by the end of the night I had terrible fever, so much weakness in me. And in the morning I figured out it was the same with others too.
I consulted a doctor, he told me i had 102 degree fever my bp was low and i was very weak and he confirmed it was food poisoning.We are bed ridden cause of the food poisoning,

The reason was very obvious cause we all four who ate there fell sick.

This was not what we expected at this restaurant, which claims to serve fresh and quality food. Definitely wouldn't visit the restaurant again.

Again as I mentioned earlier I'm writing this review cause I don't want anyone to go through what we went through after we eating at this restaurant.
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surana.k - Burrp User


October 20,2012

"Paisa Vasool Khanna"

I have heard lots about this buffet restaurant but now I have experienced it. Great food, varieties of food. It just does not finish. The prices are good for buffet. Its a Paisa Vasool Khanna. You cant say that I have not missed any of the items after leaving the restaurant. Its a good place for a larger group and for a good get together.
Next time I will come with empty Stomach to Chutney Chang.
They have to work on the staff a bit, try to make sure that they interact very much with the customers and there requirements on the table.
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eliasmoosa - Burrp User


October 18,2012

Seeing is believing? Not here.

I had heavy expectations, especially when we were made to wait for about an hour before we were allotted a table. I was very impressed when I saw the buffet spread around the whole with a whole lot of desserts and everything. Only once I started eating did I realize that, out of all those options there were less than 3 or 4 items that could be termed good. The fish fry was pretty good and the biriyani was okayish. Can't even recollect anything else that had a lasting impression on me. The noodles were worse than substandard quality. The desserts were better and the puddings were good too. But I had a feeling that there was too much experimentation when it came to desserts and few were literally untastable. Not such a bad place to go, but don't take so much effort. It's not THAT good.
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rhtroy859 - Burrp User


October 15,2012

what a spread but poor quality

i have given threestars only for the spread for that price. But quality is only one star. It was too crowed and had to wait too long to get the seat. I generaly dont wait to eat food. but crowd amased me and was curious to taste the food. But to my surpise qulaity of the food was below average. I like onlythe king fish fry and the mutton biriyani . some of the dessert was just ok . No one to clear the left over food and it took lot of time to refill
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pavancasino - Burrp User


September 30,2012

The best buffett i had. just too good :)

Finally found very good restaurant in bangalore. Lot of varieties, lot of starters lot of desserts. Reasonable price :)
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foodie85 - Burrp User


September 17,2012

Just a mammoth spread , little justice to taste !

I wanted to try this new buffet spread in town but kinda disappointed ! No one beats Cafe Masala buffet is my verdict !
The paneer lacked softness and both veg n non veg starters lacked any moisture...was enough to leave u parched ... Main course was ok-ish with burnt garlic n cucumber fried rice plus an indian chicken dish being the only saving grace.. Dessert section was relatively better ! I would say ,go here if you want to go light on the wallet !
PS : The "chaat" counter was the only one with lip smacking food ! Dun miss it.... :)
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Thanuja Kariappa - Burrp User

Thanuja Kariappa

September 12,2012

Lots of Variety in lunch buffet

I had been there only once , the lounge was totaly filled with enormous variety of
food which was eye catching ! but the taste was not so great , i tried few nonveg starters - chicken was good , fish starter was not good, i liked biriyani in the main course, desserts were not good.

We had been there on Friday and it was crowded. Good hospitality.Reasonble cost.
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ashwee - Burrp User


August 30,2012

Just a huge menu......but lacks substance !

As per its USP it does have a wide spread of menu. But the taste was a complete put off ! The starters both in veg and nveg were too spicy and oily. Soups too were spiced up with a large heart. Main course curries were good(this was only what we enjoyed). And the desserts were just OK.

Thats with the food part. Now coming to its ambiance.The hotel management needs to understand that by spraying air freshener periodically does not make the environment healthy. The sofa seats were stained and unclean. Floor had foot marks carried form the pantry by the waiters. This made the floor sticky.

Service was slow, although the waiters and the manager were courteous.
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Chaitania - Burrp User


July 29,2012

Its Bang on

Had been here on Wednesday for a lunch buffet. Buffet is huge with contemporary and refined Indian and Oriental cuisine.

Started with non-veg clear soup which was refreshing. Although salads looked tempting, I attacked the starters and main course. There were 3 fish and 4 chicken items which were good but mutton biryani was the showstopper (simply superb). Fried rice, capsicum noodles, vegetables in butter garlic sauce were my other favorites. Vegetarian items included rajma, mixed vegetable curry, chinese vegetables in thai sauce, 2 paneer items, breads, curd rice etc.

Enjoyed the live counters which were dishing out steaming hot momos (9 sauces kept on table), chatpata chaats and american corn.

Desserts included 2 mousses, pineapple cake, kala jamun, jalebi, marshmallow, chocolate fountain, fig and banana pudding, rice kheer, fried ribbon noodles with chocolate sauce, cut fruits (pineapple, watermelon and grapes) and 4 ice creams which were all tantalising.

At the end of buffet, I had jasmine tea which was warm and aromatic (which is free and served on request).

The decor is modern and service is excellent. Price Rs.430 per head (including taxes). Overall, my experience was good and will definitely visit again........
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vivekv - Burrp User


July 18,2012

Just rocks!

10 of us had been there today for lunch and all of us were more than satisfied. The spread is very very elaborate and also tasty; this place beats Cafe Masala, which is known for elaborate buffet spread. Fully satisfied.
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Vinita001 - Burrp User


July 16,2012

Huge buffet! Awesome selection

The selection is huge. One cannot even try everything. The taste is good too. Only the service is slow.
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Satish Addanki - Burrp User

Satish Addanki

July 12,2012

Awesome Spread!!!

Was here last week and was mesmerized by the array!!! Loved the Anjeer Ka Halva - simply ecstatic!! The Desert Counter is simply awesome!! The Starters too are superb, especially the Momos and the Desi Chats! I'm a strict vegetarian, who indulges in fish occassionally and I loved the Fish and Prawns!

True value for my money and last but not the least, the manager was eager to replenish the dishes, but is not ably assisted by his staff, especially the guys from the north-east...., either they can't understand the language or they're simply lethargic. Otherwise we had a great experience. Will go there again and would recommend this to anyone looking for a sumptuous buffet!!!
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lemon_wedge  - Burrp User


July 06,2012

VFM but nothing great

good spread, adequately tasty, moderately priced but a little tacky. Plus, being the new place in town, it was overcrowded and noisy. Very safe menu options. no "wow" factor.
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Nithin Johny - Burrp User

Nithin Johny

June 27,2012

well worth the money you pay

Honestly one of the biggest buffet spread I have seen when I went there for dinner yesterday. Starters comes in around 5 non-veg and dont know how many numbers of veg coz i am a pure non-veggie :). Still I tasted the gopi taipai and potato something, both were really good. Prawns was the one I liked in them the most.Fish fry was good but it lacked bit of spiciness. Chicken starters were ordinary. In main course Mutton Biriyani was the stand out. Lots of salad options, all were good. Thing is that you wont be able to taste all the dishes on a single day ! The most impressive was the dessert spread. Fruits , pastries, icecreams, there were around 15-20 varities of desserts ! How am I supposed to eat all that :) The best part is all these things comes for Rs.500/- all inclusive for dinner on a weekday. So the verdict is , must visit and enjoy.
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ssinharoy - Burrp User


June 25,2012

Inefficient Front desk staff...bad service

This is a strong feedback against the front desk staff at Chutney Chang...Since i had dinner vouchers, i had called the restaurant on Saturday night and made reservations for Sunday night. However, when we called up on Sunday night just as we were about to reach the place, we were told there was no reservation in our name. We were repeatedly asked if we had reserved on some other name. On top of that, we were told that since we called at 8.05 pm and our supposed reservation was 8 pm, we would have to wait for 20 mins. Firstly, whats the point of reserving a table if its not going to be noted down. Secondly, how can anyone expect that we will reach on the dot, esp. when one is driving from afar in Bangalore evening traffic on a weekend. Thirdly, if folks with vouchers are not welcome, then such contests and marketing tricks should not be conducted at all!!
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

June 22,2012

Good food, lot of variety, smell needs control.

Heard a lot about this place, tried it out previous Sunday...came out happy...whether I will go again or not?? Keep reading!!!

Reached here at 12:50...was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of people waiting! Since we were 2, we got a table almost immediately. This I have seen virtually everywhere...for a table for 2, its much easier and faster to get a table even though people may be waiting!

First impression was that this place is massive...3-4 sections...easily 200 people can be seated...if not more!

Service was good and prompt, the waiter was attentive and friendly.

Lets start with the food(Veg) -

Soup that day was Broccoli and Corn, taste was real good!

Then onto starters...what we tried :

Panner Tikka - nice but a bit cold/warm...should have been hot ideally!
Alu-tikki more of a kebab - nice
Taipei Cauliflower - Real good..had close to 3-4 servings right through the main course too.

Now the maincourse -

Paneer Khurchan - real good
Kadhi Pakoda - good but a bit sweet
Chana Masala - Decent

Breads - Roti/Naan were almost perfect!

Biryani was superb, real nice flavor!

Desserts -

Strawberry Mousse - sad

Rest all(trying to recall the names) - mango puddding, ice-cream, besan ka halwa, fruit cake...were all real good!

Fresh Lime Soda was perfect!

They should keep papad and raita...I found them missing surprisingly!

And just on downer, the smell can be a bit overwhelming and specially if its non-veg, thankfully were were seated in the outside(AC though) section so the smell was not that bad!

Non-veg people would love this place just for the starters!

Even veg would enjoy..at 480 per plate at weekends...would I go back...hmmm...most likely yes!

Have a light Sunday breakfast and then hog till you drop at Chutney Chang! And oh..do book in advance!
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pringle1231 - Burrp User


May 30,2012

Feast to be enjoyed!!!

Well i have been hearing about this particular restaurent only on Radio and luckily i won passes.Me and my husband have been to this place , and to our surprise what a spread they have got for Veg and Non Veg Both and amazing combination of Desserts. Usually when we go to a buffet restaurent the Taste of the items are somewhat similar but this restaurent has truely defined Buffet. Every Item in the menu has got its own taste .Amazing , so here is the report card for Chutney Chang:

Ambience : 9/10
Taste : 9/10
Service :8/10 (Need to have lil bit of more customer interaction)
Value for Money :10/10 (This is what will excite everyone the most :):):))

The Only thing which i want to bring it to notice to the Management is the Pungent kinda smell as soon as u enter the Restaurent . But that is only at the entrance , as we were sitting at the Outdoor , we have not got much of the smell. But other than this everything was just perfect.


Without any second thought on my mind ,will recommend to check out this place , you will love it , as me and my hubby did :) BON APETITE !!!!
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maskedzephyr - Burrp User


May 29,2012

Value For Money

Well been hearing abt Chutney Chang on the radio for a while and (yup get jealous) won FREE Buffet from their FB page - https://www.facebook.com/ChutneyChang

Was pleasantly surprised with the spread and the rush. Good spread and for a change a good spread of desserts for a buffet. Gf was especially excited with the chocolate fountain. Will go again - I hope they keep changing their menu tho (I still got to try all dishes tho). Value for money
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rohitsinghrs - Burrp User


May 18,2012

After a long time very good restaurent, best value

They certainly live up with their claim that their is largest buffet spread in Bangalore. Before this my favorite restaurant used to be Barbeque Nation but it has become too costly. Chutney Chang offers nearly as good (except prawn) buffet but at half the cost of Rs. 375 per person. Deserts are superb.
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rajitkav - Burrp User


May 17,2012

Good food, not so good service

The food here is very good, they have a lot of choice and a good spread on desert with live counters for a lot of items. They were a little lacking on the seafood side though.

We had a booking for 2:15 and we arrived at the restaurant at 2:15 when the lady said it would take about 15 minutes for us to get a table (we were a party of 5). We waited till 2:45 and saw people came after us (party of 5) without any reservations getting table. So then I approached the manager who first said that I came late (which was not true) and then said that they are taking people by turn (which sadly again was not true) and then he said he would give us a table in 10 minutes. It was sad that the manager blamed us without even checking with the lady at the counter. Certainly no clue why would someone want to make a reservation if people walk-in after you and get a table ahead of you! It would have been a great experience if the staff had even average service as the food was pretty good. I hope they will respect their customers more and treat them well
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Never ending buffet spread!!

HUGE spread, great value for money, amazing array of starters (including smoked fish, chicken wings, tawa macchi, chicken hariali kebabs, tawa king fish just to name a few), some 5-6 varieties of fish and chicken dishes (Indian & Chinese), live dimsum and chaat counters, live jalebi counter, lots of option for vegetarians and an awesome dessert spread all for Rs 375 all inclusive. This place has all the makings of a complete sell out...Indians love a good big buffet and this buffet is not only big but quite tasty as well. Please make reservations for lunch else there'll be a wait. Very impressed with the buffet. Will be back!
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jaskanwar  - Burrp User


September 09,2012

awesome spread

one of the best spreads that i had in recent times
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