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Nitin Korade - Burrp User

Nitin Korade

April 16,2015

A Rocking experience

Had been to Hard rock with a friend of mine. And it was legendary. loved the ambience. its awesome.. a best place get away from corporate stress. The food was also great ... enjoyed it. Definitely a must visit place in our Bengaluru
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Reply from restaurant management


Thanks for your super cool review and rating. You're bang on! Being at HRC does ease one out and help unwind. We are happy to know you loved our food. We look forward to having you back soon.

Team Hard Rock Cafe

vaishbhambri - Burrp User


September 18,2014

A True Hard Rock Experience!

I have been to HRC in Delhi quite a few times, but this was my first time in Bangalore. We had gone to celebrate a friend's birthday. We didn't expect much crowd on a Tuesday afternoon, but to our surprise it was quite crowded. The icing on the cake was a live performance by rock band One Night Stand. What a lovely start to the evening. Just loved it. We ordered the Jumbo Combo and Hard Rock nachos. Both were really good as always and quite filling too. The staff was extremely prompt and well spoken. All in all a wonderful experience!!
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Reply from restaurant management


Thanks for your review. We are glad you had a great experience at your recent visit. We look forward to see you soon.

HRC Team

Prince Patni - Burrp User

Prince Patni

April 10,2014

It Definitely Rocks !

You'll feel that you are at a different place altogether unlike the other one's in Bangalore. Great place to let lose yourself. Music is the first thing people come for and they just deliver that.

Started off with a Corona, Mojito and a Cosmo alongside Chilli Cheese Toast, Corn fritters and spring rolls. It could not get any better. We had a wonderful time and ended with a big ass veggie burger. It was more than I could have, but I couldn't stop myself.

Staff is courteous and service is good. It has been the same since so years of my visits. And oh Like any other HRC fan, loved the crowd that rocks the Hard Rock Cafe !
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Vishrutta Singhal - Burrp User

Vishrutta Singhal

December 29,2013

Best nachos, fish n chips served here!!

I love the music, ambience and food this restaurant serves. Have visited this cafe multiple times and never get bored of this place. The nachos and fish n chips served here are simply outstanding. Never had similar flavour at any other place that I have visited so far
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techiefoodie - Burrp User


November 23,2013

Very Arrogant Staff, Awful Service

We recently went there for a company team dinner event and made our reservations upfront to avoid the rush on Friday evenings. First of all, despite having a reservation in the dining area, we were asked to take up a dingy spot in the bar area, and the waitress showed a very arrogant/unfriendly attitude when we insisted on retaining our preference for the table.

Secondly, for the happy hours, I ordered a mock-tail and asked for a different mock-tail with the same price (as free). From the restaurant policy perspective, this should really not matter at all, because with the happy hours you get the buy-1-get-1-free offer. I know my asking was not unreasonable, but the arrogant service manager not only said he can't honor it, but also said, you "better pay" for the other drink if its different from the one you ordered!

I would say, this is a hip, arrogant place with a lot of hype. The only positives I can ever think of are the location and the ambience!!!! A bit let down by the arrogant staff!!!!
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Suman Prasad - Burrp User

Suman Prasad

June 12,2013

Mojito Mania

I recently visited Hard Rock cafe along with my other 6 friends for some drinks on a rainy evening. We were lucky and in for a surprise as 'Mojito Mania' was being launched that very day. ‘Mojito Mania’ by Hard Rock Café offers 8 enthralling varieties namely: Grape Mojito (combination of sweet and sour taste made of rum, seedless red grapes and mint leaves) Orange Mojito (sweet orangey taste made of rum, mint leaves and slices of orange), Bell Pepper Mojito, Green Apple Mojito, Mango Mojito, Watermelon Mojito, Red & Sweet Guava Mojito and Cucumber Mojito (bitter taste, made of rum, mint leaves and slices of Cucumber).
All the mojito's that we tried were simply enthralling.
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

June 08,2013

Lives up to the hype

Having been to Bangalore many a time, somehow I kept missing this place. However on our last visit there happened to be here for dinner. The interiors are pretty impressive and the place is huge. It was difficult to find a table and since we were a big group, we had to wait for another hour. It was well worth the wait. The music was excellent and there was also a surprise performance from the staff as well. The drinks are expensive but we decided to stick to beer. The most surprising thing about this place is the food. There is huge variety in the menu and most of the items on it are awesome. Well worth the visit. Cannot wait for it to open in Chennai !!
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Arjun Varadraj - Burrp User

Arjun Varadraj

May 22,2013

Best Live Perfomances In Bangalore

Rock memorabilia walls, top-notch music , the moment a YMCA song is played the entire staff takes the stage and dances to it. Feels nice to dance with the crowd :)

The legendary burger, onion rings, martinis, we had the flamers too. It's one of the nicest place to be in Bangalore over the weekends. Live performaces keep happening here.They have the coolest staff, we had failed to make a reservation and we were having our drinks at the counter. The staff helped us out with some chairs seeing us standing for long.

You end up meeting a lot of cool people out here, who end up being good friends. It's been my one of my favourites hangouts from a long time, just keep rocking. You guys are the best , but reduce the service charges it empties my pocket :P
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Aravind Balakrishnan - Burrp User

Aravind Balakrishnan

April 02,2013

HRC- American Bandwagon!!!

I happened to visit Hard Rock Cafe, located on MG Road, with an awe-inspiring rock memoirs, December last year. I learn that the Thursday's feature "Battle of the Bands", not that I got a raw deal on the day I visited!!! It was a "One Nite Stand" a band from India, popular for their unique high-energy “Dance-Rock” music. Known for their lively and energetic performances, this is a band that is now recognized as one of India’s most touted young bands.Black Dog has collaborated with the band on numerous occasions!!!
One Nite Stand is driven with youn, energetic, passionate folks, and the band comprises Behram (Vocals/Bass Guitar), Hemanth (Guitars), Neville (Piano) and Abhilash (Drums).
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theno1kulk - Burrp User


February 26,2013

Lives up to the places name :)

Lovely place to be, love the rock music decor, they have some interesting artifacts on their walls. If you're a rock music fan you won't be disappointed. The place is very spacious catering to all sorts of age groups, you could go even with your family if they are comfortable with a pubbish culture and have a good dinner at the family section.
A recommended watering hole great cocktails and mocktails. Chicken wings, salads, burgers are all excellent. Great food an excellent location and some good company will not leave you dissatisfied at the end of the day, however the place is quite pricey for the alcohol, wouldn't matter once in a while while you're enjoying the music and having fun. They sometimes run food festivals which are fabulous if you're a foodie.
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naveenhv1982 - Burrp User


February 19,2013

Hopeless restaurant

Had been to Hard Rock Cafe on the 10th of Feb. Well, to say the least, it was one of worst experiences of my life.
My wife booked a table on the morning of Feb 10 for 2:00 PM in the afternoon. We reached at 1:50 and told that we have a booking. But there was no table!
They quickly arranged a table for 2. I just glanced into the booking log and ours was the first name on it!
Anyway, we got a table. But it was right near the kitchen exit and every 2 mins some waiter would come out screaming with food in hand. A plate barely missed my wife's head! We felt we were sitting inside the kitchen.
Then the musical chair started. My wife was asked to move to my left ( we were sitting facing each other) to accommodate a chair for the group of 10-15 people sitting in front of us.
Then our table was moved left to accommodate another chair.
Then we were asked to 'adjust' so that a kid can sit!
Finally our food arrived and musical chair stopped.
The place was bustling on a Sunday afternoon. I ordered a chicken sizzler since there was a sizzler festival going on. My wife ordered a Veg Green salad.
For the Veg Salad, the waiter said one of the ingredients was not available. So we told him to get it anyway.
We got the salad with Chicken pieces in it! Its appalling how can they be so insensitive and stupid! We told the waiter that the Veg Salad had Chicken pieces in it. He apologized and took it inside and brought it out with all the chicken pieces removed!
Q: How did it i know it was the same salad?
A: There were 4 pieces of oranges in it. I had eaten 2 before the salad was taken away. When it was brought back, there were only 2 pieces of oranges. Wouldn't a new salad have 4 pieces?

The sizzler arrived and i was shocked by the quantity, or the lack of it. For 450 rupees, i was expecting a lot more. Also, the chicken was not cooked well. Felt hard and chewy . Overall, the taste was very bland. When i mentioned this to the waiter, he said their Beef is tastier. So i left it at that.

My wife ordered a Ved Fugita. For the uninitiated, its like a Burito but they just give you all the ingredients. You have to sit and prepare it. It tasteless. They gave very stale hard bread along with it ,which she could not even bite. One of them was totally inedible.

My drink was ok. My wife ordered a fruit juice. But were told that there were no fresh strawberries. So she ordered another. Drinks were ok.
By this time, we were extremely irritated and just wanted to leave the place.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones unhappy. There was at least 2 other sets of people shouting at the bad quality of food and service.
Some of my observation from that day:

1. Place is extremely crowded on Sunday. Its very disorganised.
2. Also, all the waiters were looking extremely busy but nothing was getting done. It was very chaotic.
3. Quantity is very less for the price. We paid about 2500 rupees for 2 people but were still not satisfied. We stopped by Coffee Day on the way back to satisfy our appetite. For about 350 rupees, we got as much food.
4. No feedback solicited before billing. Is it because they think they cannot improve or is it because they think they are the best?
Overall, this visit ruined our Sunday. I want to give zero rating but there is no option for that. The least is 1.
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anshul240 - Burrp User


November 19,2012

Want to experience SHEER AWESOMENESS?? Visit HRC,

It is THE place to be if you want to enjoy the timeless classic Rock music with some heady cocktails. It's one of the coolest hangout places in the city with the typical HRC decor
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Abhinay Rohatgi - Burrp User

Abhinay Rohatgi

November 17,2012

Good food and the best of music

Must I say anything about this place? Its the best place in town which serves the best of booze amazing American fast food and has got the best of music and live bands coming here and performing. The crowd coming here is also great. Just a lil expensive for the average software engineer.. ;)
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prathapuppi - Burrp User


November 16,2012

very good place but a bit expensive

i had been here when there was raghu dixit concert with my friends
a very nice place to hangout
a bit too expensive
but can visit when ur pocket is full
Platters at this place are good to eat and so are the Burgers, salads are okay to me.. I didnt find them that great but when it comes to drinking alcohol i need good food and tasty. I love the beer and cocktails here.
The Nacho's , Chicken Wings,The Hickory BBQ cheeseburger, HRC Bacon cheeseburger ,are the standard recommended dishes
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arvindsoni0610 - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Good place to hangout with friends !!

Have been once with team mates...had good time there...service was average..starter was good :)
Liked veg starter ...so overall nice place for TP :)
Overall 4/5
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hungry_panda - Burrp User


July 03,2012

bliss! :)

Visited this place after almost 3 years, and nothing had changed ..just love the long islands, mouth watering starters and ever smiling staff :)
hope to visit again sometime soon!
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ravim84 - Burrp User


March 20,2012

For a rocking good time

I've been here several times, and the place seems packed almost always.
The genre of music is rock needless to say, and they do toss up some great cocktails and drinks. The starters are head and shoulders above most pubs in bangalore, and the place has a certain vibrance to it.
The ambience as with any HRC is done up to dazzle the rock music lover in you.
A definite must on your bangalore nightlife checklist...
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Anu  - Burrp User


February 01,2012

HRC rocks!

We went to HRC to bring in my hubbys birthday! We started off with a round of cocktails and the chicken Tupelo and nachos for starters. We loved both the starters! The waiters were very attentive, however, one of the waiters took away my hubbys drink befoe he could finish it.

HRC looks deceivingly small from the outside. Once, you enter it looks like a typical HRC. But I like the Pune and Mumbai HRC way better..

We ordered chicken honey mustard sandwich, arriabita pasta and the 6 oz chicken burger. The food was in huge portions ! and was pretty good.

Ambiance is good.... Service is good.... but slightly expensive!
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Ashton D'Sa - Burrp User

Ashton D'Sa

January 23,2012

I'm simply loving it!!!!

I love this place!!! Many of my friends didn't recommend a visit here on account of it being too expensive, but I simply had to see what goes on in here. I came here with another friend of mine on a regular Saturday afternoon, after a spectacular ride on the Metro rail. We ordered a beer for me, and a breezer for my friend and a Tupelo Chicken to go with it. This was simply the best stuff I've eaten in a long time, and believe you me, I've eaten a lot :) It consists of the most succulent pieces of large chicken fingers, rolled in the most perfectly prepared crumbs and fried. Simple, yet exquisite. Yes we ordered one more. We had a burger and a sandwich which were again very impressive. While waiting for orders and sipping on chilled beer, you can take in the wonderful music, and the rock n roll memorabilia that make up the ambiance of this place. A feast for all your senses. And all this comes with the most friendly service by the staff, that answered all of my ridiculous queries. I'll be sure to try HRC in other cities as well.
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J_Sparrow - Burrp User


January 02,2012

Anytime Anyday

One of the better places to hang out in Blore.
Though a bit smaller compared to the other HRCs - it has it own charm ..... good music and the good burgers.
Probably the best burgers in town.

One suggestion to any non smoker is that ask for a table inside, even if it means a 45 minute wait.
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Mohamed Tharik - Burrp User

Mohamed Tharik

October 20,2011

Amazing place

I think hard rock cafe is probably one of the best places to hang out with your rock loving friends. though the food and drinks are a little more expensive than the other places, it truly is worth the extra dime. I would recommend this place to any person in BLore.
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Saurabh Kumar - Burrp User

Saurabh Kumar

September 23,2011

awesome place

awesome place, friendly waiters... best among all HRCs in india. they have two sittin area for smoking you can sit outside... nice ambience... full of girls and no unwanted creature who will stare at your girl continously like what happes in other bars nearby
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rohit2687 - Burrp User


August 31,2011


Went to the place with high expectations but turned out to be average .Although
food was great !!!
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She 82 - Burrp User

She 82

August 28,2011

Exceeds expectations.

Seems quite insubstantial to pen down a review for a place that already has more than just a few..But will put in my two cents ....

Ambience is at par wih other HRCs across the country but probably a little smaller than Pune. Service was immaculate.

It was a friend's birthday and we ordered a couple of king-sized choc pastries which more than doubled up as the birthday cake.

To all my friends' dismay, it turned out to be a dry-day and hence all of us had to suffice with mocktails. We ordered chicken and veg platters as starters which were above-par and left us with pretty much no room for their huge burgers.

The pastries, mocktails and starters set him back by about 3.5k. Overall a very memorable evening. Kudos to the service again....Great job !!!! P.S. for the uninitiated, the YMCA performance at around 2200 hrs is something to watch :)
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flyguys84 - Burrp User


May 12,2011

Must Try Long Island !!

Awesome Cafe .... Service, food, music n drinks everything is fantastic .... Service is so good that people over there make u feel good n everything is so perfect which makes your day ever more fun n beautiful !!! You must try Long Island Ice Tea .... You need to book in advance if you planning to go there n weekends..... Truly a place to drink with friends .....
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Anuraag  - Burrp User


January 06,2011

It sure rocked hard !!!!

It was kind of an obvious choice to spend new year's eve at when a few friends were dropping down to Bangalore. The experience left us poorer by around 18k (for 6 people) so we definitely were expecting one heck of a bash !!!!
Now we left early and were there by 1930 hrs since the official time for shutting down was 12 45 AM.....We were delighted to see the way the bar was stacked...could definitely last out 5-6 hrs....
Unlimited drinks (vodka, tequila, beer, whiskey...you name it !!!) and unlimited starters (5 non veg and 5 veg) made it a pretty good experience....the crowd was pretty good and the ambience super....The dance floor though wasn't as big as HRC Pune and we were a little worried as to what would happen if all 600 decided to shake a leg....Thankfully that didn't happen :)
On the flip side, the food got over by 11 45, the DJ was playing more of hindi stuff (forget rock, it wasn't even English but that's pardoned considering the fact that they had 600 to please !!!) and the bouncers started throwing (yes throwing !!!) out people at 12 20 !!!! I found one of my friends outside the main door, totally stoned and thrown out....He barely managed to escape police lathis....
That last experience soured an otherwise amazing evening.....There could'nt have been a better way to usher in the new year...HRC Bengalooru sure has IT !!!!!
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Maloy Patnaik - Burrp User

Maloy Patnaik

January 03,2011

The Franchisee should be scrapped..

Around the World HRC is synonymous with great Nachos, Long Island Ice Tea and Rock Memorabilia... and the HRC at Bangalore used to be no less.. It was my fave joint in Bangalore and it never failed me... so much so that it was my restaurant of choice for my pre-marriage party..
Unfortunately, I was in for a rude shock when I walked in last week. The food was horrible... burnt Nachos, soured Chicken Wings and very bad veg starters... the cocktails were even worse with the LIT tasting like lemonade and the Margarita like Rasna...
It was so bad that we left after the starters itself...
Sadly, its true... HRC Bangalore has lost all its quality in terms of service and offering...
The worst part was the extremely bad music that they were playing along with a lady screaming hoarsely on the PA... No wonder the place was half empty even at dinner time..
Please please please avoid.. very bad experience..
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sidinsight - Burrp User


December 27,2010

Thumps up

My experience with HRC was kind of good... i liked their buggers and the music was a pleasure.. if you wanna relax and unwind then HRC would be a good option.. customer service was good and the seatings were fare enough... best thing about the place was the interiors...

But the minus would be the buggers which were expensive.. otherwise everything else was nice about this place...
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Wellfed - Burrp User


December 06,2010

Poor Service and Even Poorer Attitude

I must say that my experience at Hard Rock last week was the worst experience I have had at a restaurant/pub in a long long time. Everyone from the valet, to the receptionist to the stewards and one of the managers were downright appaling in the way they handled us at the restaurant.

Hard Rock across the world is usually a place where one goes to have a good time but HRC Bangalore seems to have lost the plot completely - very unfriendly and rude staff & extremely poor service (it took us more than one hour to get our order).

It almost seems like the staff is doing you a favour by giving you a place to sit, take your order and serve you food. This sort of attitude is classic of a restaurant that has done well for a year and feels like it can turn away customers or treat them poorly.

I hate to say it but Hard Rock Bangalore seems to be following differential service standards for different customers with special service reserved for expatriates.

The music is nice and the ambience is uplifting as well which is much the same across all HRC's but the service is pathetic and disappointing.
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PrakashJ - Burrp User


November 25,2010

Great, Superb

Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Great fun. Excellent music. YMCA dance - rocks !
HRC in any part of the world is the best to be !
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Ashesh Nishant - Burrp User

Ashesh Nishant

November 18,2010

A very cozy place

Of all the HRCs I have been to I would consider it to be third best in the world, after Chicago and San Francisco. Amazing collection of Rock artifacts. And you must wander about and take a look at those. Drinks are superbly crafted with a lot of attention to details. Bartenders are ultra polite. The couches are very cushy. The best salad I have ever had - haystack chicken. A good smoking sit-out with another bar on the outside for those who would love to drink and smoke. Some very neat bands play live music on Thursdays, the day on whihc there is electrifying energy in the crowd! If i can't think up a place to go to, I by default end up here! Highly recommended!
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jelly - Burrp User


November 07,2010

Donate money to have a good meal!!!!!

Ever since i came to bangalore, i've been dying to check out HRC because of the hype my friends created about the place. The place is quite unique with all bits and pieces of rock star history decoratng its walls. The music is amazing if you're a fan of classic rock music which i happen to be. However the music is really blaring if you sit on the side with the bar and you can't manage to carry out a conv with people around you unless you scream into their ears which is annoying! The first time, i went on a sat, i ordered a pommergranate magarita which quite a few people liked. Nachos are really yum too! The next time i went was for ladies night on wed...all the cocktails tasted absolutely the same! The place is a big rip off for drinks and food. Ambience wise, its quite nice. The Y.M.C.A dance is definetly worth checking out! The waiters are quite courteous. However last time i went, one waiter kept harassing my friends and i to donate money for a cancer charity in the states which we were quite against since there was plenty to donate for here in india. It was really horrible the way they tried to get cash out of us for their donation thoughout our meal and even while trying to pay the bill through card. A nice place to go too when you have cash to spare but i've had my share of it after the waiter harassing us for a donation.
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

October 04,2010

Rocks you up!

You neeeeeeeeed to heavy on your wallet to have a good time in this place. One of the best places obviously for its great ambience, music, beer, signature cocktails and huge dishes.
Thumping old rock music will get you along with the bad ass cocktails on the menu. The Long island is highly recommended.
To fill you are the big big burgers and other stuff. The tender chicken strips are to die for. You enter and a good time is ensured. Do pick up a tshirt for yourself on the way out.
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Achinth Gurkhi - Burrp User

Achinth Gurkhi

October 03,2010

Great place for American food

First thing first - they have valet service which is very important on St.Marks Road. Next service is great !!

We ordered margaritas which were pretty good. The nachos were awesome. We also had the jumbo combo - onion rings, spring rolls, potato skins and chicken tenders were pretty good but the chicken wings were not that good !!!

Quantities were American size and we just had a single item for the main course - the twisted mac and cheese !! It was just decent - have had better ones !!!

For dessert we had apple cobbler and creme brulee. Apple cobbler was not to our liking. Creme brulee was very tasty but could have done with a bit of less sweet.

Overall a good experience especially for people missing TGIF !!!
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Chris1 - Burrp User


August 20,2010

Let's not meat

I asked for a medium rare T-Bone and got one that was cooked till Judgement Day and squeezed dry of all moisture. Perhaps my server didn't hear my order. He took it away and got me another one in a very short span of time and as sure as night follows day, it was uncooked. When you're charged 495 Rs for a chunk of meat, you don't expect a gourmet steak but you want it to be halfway decent.

The strawberry cheesecake came in something that was only a little bigger than what I shoot Jose Cuervos in. I stared at this joke and the waiter smiled sheepishly. A serving of cheesecake that I could wrap around in my palm.

BLR has a power problem regardless of what Mr BS said but there's no need to have such dark lighting. Mood lighting isn't an absence of light.

Been to a few of these outside India and I was hoping the the quality would be the same but that's not to be.
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Aakash Basu - Burrp User

Aakash Basu

August 01,2010

Indian Ocean at HRC

Was over at HRC for the Indian Ocean performance... Awesome experience.. Didnt eat but the performance was awesome!!!
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Marcus Jackson - Burrp User

Marcus Jackson

June 04,2010

A good time

Went to hard rock care last week with some friends on a Monday night.

The place was pretty crowded. The food was quite good. The service was great, so friendly. refershing in this city. The drinks were pretty great.

My only issue was that I wish the music level was slighly lower in the dinning area. But i think i would be in the minority on that decision.

Overall, great. Worth it.
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Ahilam  - Burrp User


June 02,2010

This is the return of the Indian raj - Racist

I love India and Indian people. A lot of my friends mostly Indian and some Egyptians went there for the food and we were treated so badly. The tables near us were occupied by "white people" and they got good service, the waiters smiled at them and got their orders in. There was another Indian couple there, who complained about the same difference in service as us when we complained about our service. There wasn't much done about the complaint as well. The waiters were not apprehended.
After this incident we have constantly been told others have had the same experience there.
This place is only meant for white folks and "wanna be white people" Disgusting!
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venkatesh.yr - Burrp User


May 06,2010

Amazing Place!!!

I had been to this place on a Weekend night & it was absolute brilliant.. the ambience, music is just satisfying nothing more nothing less just perfect. Cocktails were the best i have had... i have tried elsewhere.. but this place had the best mix of all. Food also was brilliant.. especially the chicken wings :).. u need to try it here once...

Only cons is this place is little expensive, but worth it!

Had a beautiful time at this place!!!!!!!!!!
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

April 20,2010

Uber Cool Cafe with Great Music!!

A long pending meet and not seeing HRC being in Bangalore for so many years kinda sounded shameful to me and to my friend.
Postponing it to the weekend as we (actually only I) dint want to go straight from the office in the same attire, we caught up on a Saturday evening.

The typical florescent light of HRC at the entrance pulled us faster towards it. The sight of a big crowd at the reception trying to give their names to make sure they get their tables soon did not make us very happy. However, we gave our names too and informed them they could either give us the table in the bar area or in the dining area whichever gets free first.

It’s a beautiful huge place with stone clad walls. Dim lights, great music (one of the best till date for me) and the crowd one would hate to dislike. They have 2 big section – bar and the dining and smaller private sections in both.
Till we were called, we were at the bar counter sipping some drinks. I chose Mojito and my friend chose a soft drink. The cute bartender there made my drink really well and indulged with us in a small conversation. By the time we could finish our drinks, the table was ready in the dining area and we rushed there to hog some munchies and sip more drinks.
I ordered for a red wine and my friend chose a soft drink again. Along with this was the Jumbo Combo which consisted of Fried Onion Rings, Spring Rolls, Bruschetta and Potato Skins. All of them were totally delectable. I totally dug into the Bruschetta where as my friend swiped the onion rings and spring rolls.

The platter itself was so huge, it sufficed for our hunger. The damage for the 2 of us was around 1500k. A lovely place to hang out with family and friends. A big thumbs up to the place, food, music and everything else @ HRC. Definitely recommended especially for those who’ve been in Bangalore for so many years and haven’t made an attempt to visit this place!
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


April 16,2010

Classic Hard Rock experience and food

In general I try to avoid franchises but I heard that Hard Rock had the best burger in Bangalore so I had to test it out for myself. I've always been intrigued by the beautiful old building that houses the Hard Rock Cafe so it was cool to go inside and see all the classic rock memorabilia. Loved the high ceilings and was only disappointed that throughout our lunch the staff was building a stage for some future music event. It was pretty load and annoying to hear hammering and banging about 2 feet away from where we were sitting. Shouldn't the hostess have seated us in a different room or mgmt scheduled construction at a less obtrusive time?

As for the food, I went with 3 other girlfriends and the orders all came at varying times- which is pretty awkward. The cooks and wait staff should know better! Everybody was happy with their food but all meals should arrive at the same time and to me this was a big no-no since it was about 10-15 minutes from when the first person was served until the last.

The bacon cheeseburger I had was good but it was far from the best burger I've ever had. I suppose we can't be too picky living in India. The chicken fajitas, citrus salad, and chicken sandwich were all good as well according to friends.
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shilparajeshpoo - Burrp User


December 12,2009

Excellent place, Awesome Food & Great Staff !!

We love this place.
The food is awesome, the staff is very very cool and friendly and the music they play is terrific.
Best part is although its got all the likes of a lounge bar, we can take kids.
They also have some things to keep the kids busy.
Great place, keep it up.
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Sathwick T S - Burrp User

Sathwick T S

November 30,2009

just another Bangalore Pub

Like how the Police (not the band) have a say in the closing hours of all Pubs, does someone have a say in the music played in all pubs?
Seems sad that all pubs in Bangalore seem to play the same (THE SAME) songs...same Rammstien, same Metallica, same GNR, etc...and that to super loud!
I think there is more to rock than just these songs!
Food is the usual fusion menu...surely the food and service can improve...
Had been on a Halloween weekend...looks like some people are perfect in aping western culture with no idea of what it is!!!
Havent gone on evenings when they have live music playing!
The decor is good with some nice memorabilia...
Long way to go before they can be on par with other HRCs in the world...
(bad exp: had to find a table by ourselves, happened to lose my wallet as i was paying the bill...!)
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mana dhanraj - Burrp User

mana dhanraj

November 30,2009

what a shame!

I honestly don't know what to say. If you've just got off a diet and want that six month cholesterol kick you lost out on hard rock is the place! Large quantities of things in mayo or deep fried served with fried bread and greasy salad.
DO NOT go there if its your birthday unless you want to be sung to by a bunch of loud very off key men.
Love the ambience but a high end club that serves a Mojito with ice cubes? Shame on them!
The one extra is only because the gigs are almost always good except for a student I have to plan these trips a month in advance to keep up with their absurdly expensive entry and food!
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imissgoodfood1 - Burrp User


September 20,2009

Poor, poor service..

I have been there now twice, because I like the junk food there. But other than that...no go!
The staff is chasing themselves like in a kindergarten, instead of taking care of guests, they sing in a corner like want-to-be-rockstars and they are bringing always the wrong food to the tables, even if there are only 2 tables occupied, the whole team looks like a bunch of unprofessional persons who actually dont know how to behave in a restaurant.
I really get upset, because they are spoiling the name of a great chain! Where ever I have been to HRC in the world, the service was never as bad as here. Anyway, the ambience is ok and the food is nice. We love the burgers, the fries and the desserts. We definetely are going there again, but I will close my eyes not to see this bunch of MTV waiters..
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george francis - Burrp User

george francis

September 20,2009

- "somebody help"

I have been to HRC's in many different countries and have had a chance to be at the first HRC in London too. Am sorry, I have bad experience here, this one in our city is full of attitudes right from the reservation call...to the wallet parking...to the waiter waiting to give you the check and chase you out as quickly as possible!! alas! HRC goes and lives by the philosophy "Love all, Serve All", I saw that missing here, The BLR HRC should stick to the original intention of the service of the HRC staff are to be caring and responsive. The legendry memorabilias that HRC is known for - I need to get a telescope or my 300mm to detail them, for which HRC is known for. Mr. Tigrett and Mr. Morton would disown this place if they had to come to know about this. The price is simply expensive for no reason. am not sure why HRC should be this expensive here. Am sure this place can improve for the love of all the 'rock N roll' fans out here! till then adios!
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jlnblr - Burrp User


September 12,2009

Worth a Visit

The experience was very similar to what I have had in other countries. Exceptionally well trained service staff, really large food portions and great drinks. The prices are steep though - luckily I had a 1000 buck voucher I won through Radio City. The place is filled with expats - so it feels you are somewhere in the US rather than in Bangalore.
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Sid Iyer - Burrp User

Sid Iyer

September 10,2009

The Best Hard Rock in India

Compared to the Bombay Hard Rock, the one in Bombay is much better and more spacious and more importantly the people appreciate the music.The ambiance is what you will expect out of a typical Hard Rock Cafe, but the space here makes it much more desirable to over the others. The Hard Rock is expensive on the pocket for drinks as well as the food but once a while it is worth the experience.The service is awesome and you never have to wait fro more than 10 mins for your order to land up on your table.
Overall a good experience and worth the money if you order the right food and drinks and more over for the music.Cheers!
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Jonathan  - Burrp User


September 02,2009

Not Worth the Money

Last night I was forced to trudge over to HRC for dinner. I mean it, I was forced. The wife and kids were begging for it, so they could laugh at the 80's music videos.

So, against my better judgment, I went along. Now, we lived in Vegas for a few years, and various other places in the US for the rest of our lives until we moved here a couple of years back. I can honestly say I am embarrassed that many B-Town residents might view the HRC as a representation of my home (the US).

First of all, the service and servers are horrid. They don't have a clue about the menu. We were offered the lunch special menu, even though it was too late to order it. Every time we go, our food gets 'auctioned' off to the table. You know the drill: "Who ordered the nachos? Who ordered the burger?"

For heaven's sake, if we paid that much money you should remember who ordered what!

The food is just barely average. There's not a single thing on the menu that they do better than anyone else in town.

My 'medium' steak was still mooing, and after re-firing, was just barely a medium-rare (I'm a die-hard beef-eater, I know of what I speak).

The side salad was lettuce and...gasp!...tomatoes! Wow! A true culinary masterpiece! And to think what we paid for it...

So, unless you've got a real craving for watching old Cindy Lauper videos, give this one a pass.

As always, for cooking tips and more reviews, check out: www.pasta-meshugana.com

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nautankey  - Burrp User


August 15,2009


P.S:The title means 'absolutely ok' in jazz lingo...Err I knew P.S comes at end but then...

Luckily I haven't been to any other HRC so my benchmarks were the other high end pubs visited in Bengaluru and Chennai. And HRC did fare really well.

It was a meeting with a bunch of old time blog buddies-interesting... we were planning up to go for the wedding of two more blog buddies who had met thru blogs,fell in love and were going for the nuptial-double interesting...And we met on a friendship day!! Thank heavens my mommy never warned about meeting strangers else I wud have missed out a great bunch of buddies :-)

After 53 mails with regards to place of meeting we finally decided on HRC,not based on its poor burrp ratings for sure but because it was close to koshy's.

Being first timers to this place we decided not to take chances, we blocked a table @12 noon and we were there by 11.50,only to be informed that the place opens by 12..speak abt being over-cautious after reading burrp reviews. From its predominanlty stone built exterior I envisaged a victorian kinda ambiance and interiors. Spot on @ 12 we marched in, [even before a few of their staff had reported to service I guess] and I realized this place had nothing to do with queen Victoria and was in a league of its own.

To start off the waiters were genuinely warm & friendly...not the business ke liye smile and warmth. We settled in a nice cozy corner which had some rock/jazz star's beautiful costume ..got to accept my total ignorance of jazz/rock here so none of the names nor their guitars stuck a chord with me.The other guys though had lot more knowledge and where taking a tour looking at the stuff used by rock/jazz legends while I immersed in a flashback...It was 1998 and I was tryin to strike a converstation with a pretty young thing,she asks "so you listen to iron maiden"..me -"what? who? only maiden i listen to is my mommy"..the rest was history...trying to forget my music illiteracy I join in the trip around the house and attempted to get some knowledge about the greats.

The drinks - Platinum bloody mary-As it was being bought by the waiter everyone's eyes lit up seeing the decoration..but me being the critical burrper asked him where was the salt around the rim, they redid the whole cocktail in a different glass and bought it back.Long Island - pretty good though not strong enough to make you tipsy,should be perfect for the ones who would be doing the driver work.Couple of rum based cocktails and corona beers.

The food.The potato based ones were pretty normal and nothing to write about.. but the non-veg jumbo combo was simply rocking.A perfect spoiler to any of your dieting plans. It had french fries,chicken wings and 3 more items.Costed around 400 I guess,but it can surely fill up the tummies of two average eaters.

Cost - The overall bill for five of us was at 3k,not too bad on a comparative scale.Still some of their cocktails were a bit overpriced and their mocktail pricing was seriously a mockery.

Service - Excellent.There were a few orders which came in late but they did not leave our tables empty.The waiters also did a small jig for YMCA which was amusing but entertaining no doubt.

The overall ambience was above average,their smoking area too was well maintained. The memorabilia shop did not have anything to write home about...am pretty sure folks who come to HRC would prefer bangalore over bengaluru.Hope their sales team thinks about it,they lost 4 prospective buyers from our side :-)

On the whole a well spent 2+ hours in HRC and yeah let me google the names of the musicians I read over there... :-)
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sanjeev n  - Burrp User

sanjeev n

August 12,2009

COOL ???

Place screams out COOOL maybe too COOL.
Crowded place but what got my goat was the bloody attitude.
From the valet to the waitress there was attitude.
The HRC's in the US don't show attitude but here we seem to have a major problem..
The grub was average.
Prices above average.
I won't be back maybe you could risk it and figure for urself
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koolkaran18 - Burrp User


June 23,2009

DONT go there on a weekend !!!

For the name it stands for it dosent deserve the hype. You can call this place an Urban Theka ( Bars in stand alone wine shops ).The atmosphere during the weekend is no less than visiting Brigade road walkway on a saturday night.The food is not too great either.The drinks are not properly mixed but are definitely better than other pubs.The staff here is friendly.During peak hours when the bar is full of people just stand and drink near the counters.I even saw a few standing near the entrance and sipping their drink.

If you accidentally choose to reserve a place and are up for audible pub music then ask for a reservation on the bar side and not the lounge side.

However my views are based on the visit to the place on weekends.Who knows what you would bump into on a weekday.Cheers !!!
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vinod_ppc - Burrp User


June 02,2009

Filth in Hard Rock Cafe

This place sucked on the weekend. The floor in the bar counter was flowing with drain water and the entire place was stinking like a sewerage. The best part was that when I asked one of the managers he simply put it aside saying that it was spilled booze on the floor. I should have asked him to try some.
Pity on the bar men, they were still serving with that fould smell and the drain water all around them.
Tell me about a place which is internationally renowned and this kind of service for what you pay for.
Yuck, will never return to this bar again. Never know what they serve at the bar or the kitchen.
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dseq ~ - Burrp User

dseq ~

May 30,2009

No Kingfisher @ HRC

I feel that this place does not need stars.. it needs a hope as big as the moon. I have been to HRC's in many different countries and have had a chance to be at the opening of the HRC in Mumbai.

This HRC was nothing compared to the rest. Please read the following points and tell me if I am wrong :

- There is no kingfisher beer served at this place. Wow, I am near VM house and you can not get even a pint! Why

- The waiters were rude and dropped liquid into my finger chips.
The buger I asked for well done came out differently. More like charred.

- The memorabilia was so high up on the ceiling that you need a map and a telescope to view the items.

- I walked into the place and some how I felt that the people there just did not want more people to come in. It lacked the fun and the warm spirit Mumbai and Pune have, This HRC was like a large barn or old stuff that is kept in storage. You just happen to go there once in while.

My suggestion. Walk into Koshie's.. the people there at least know you exist and want to serve.
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tipsydaisy - Burrp User


May 04,2009

Good music

The music was always good whenever I was at HRC. The drinks were quite good too, as compared to a few other pubs that serve diluted stuff. Pricey food, I would much rather just drink here.
The down side at this place, was that the staff tend to be a little more attentive to the international crowd that hung out there. This happened on more than one occasion and was a huge put off!
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Samarth Shenoy - Burrp User

Samarth Shenoy

February 02,2009

Simply Amazing

Hi guys...

This is a must place visit for all the guys who love beer. U get one of the best beers here.. Do ask them for a glass of draft.(which is nothing but KF draught)... The draft over here just tastes amazingly gud... i know u get those draught cans of KF.. But if you wanna have the asli kisam ka kf draught this is the ideal place...
costs about 135 plus tax

Coming to cocktails... all are in the range of about 250-300... but lemme tel ya these guys just don mix shit n serve u the drinks like other pubs... All their drinks are original and they don mix over here or add water.. Do try the Pomogrenete Martini and B-52(which is a shot) or any of the margaritas...

Food is a bit expensive...but the burgers or the pastas or the salads are just awesome and its worth the money ...

Music...most of it is classic rock.. but goes a bit of hard in the end...

Ambience...just superb...lot of antiques of various rock bands..high ceilings.. dim light...just beautiful place...

Service...excellent..the guys over here are just too friendly ...always they have a smile on their face(which impresses hella lotta gals...trust me...me aint lying...lol)

Best place in the house : Near the Bar on saturdays but do call n reserve...
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foodi - Burrp User


December 03,2008

Best burgers in Bangalore

The blue cheese burger is the best in Bangalore. Down that with a bitter belgian beer - bliss
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gizehluck - Burrp User


December 02,2008

Serves Spiked Drinks

My sister was recently at this place and she had a glass of wine after which she got really unwell. She was rushed to Mallya hospital by her friends where the Doctor told us that her drink may have been spiked as there was an unknown substance in her blood. Don't know if the waiter served her the drink which was supposed to go to another. But, whatever it was, we all had a hell of a night. We didn't sleep that night. I am thinking of lodging a police complaint.
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Dushyanth Patel - Burrp User

Dushyanth Patel

May 27,2008

callin you always......after work!!

2 mins from my office n its the place to hit on. Kinda regular, expensive, grt food, grt drinks n grt crowd.

Service is kinda bore, slow n thy take thr heck time to even clear a table,, that sucks.
Food's grt.. try out platters, salads, pasta.. its really really good.
drinks.. man its wow.. its expensive but worth the pinch... try out some grt wines.. maybe Reisling or some indian too, cocktails - my fav has been the mojito and the SOB.. SOB stands out as the name, .. rest of drinks i havnt kinda tried out.. so donn wana comment much on them now...
CROWD.... its kinda ok, but dull n shitty in the evenings n noons.... worst is to sit in the HRC backyard.. never take up a table in thr unless u dont wana get on to music.

HRC has been kinda change for we bloreans, maybe a place it was longed to be in here.
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Gill1963 - Burrp User


April 14,2008

Cautionary tale

While I'm sure this was a one-off occurrence, my friend went there last week and having been brought the wrong meal twice, was finally brought a burger that had already had a bite taken out of it.

Your call...
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Old Monk - Burrp User

Old Monk

April 07,2008


I am not big into travel collectibles. But one thing I like doing is to get drunk at HRC in every city I visit (if it has one, i.e.) and pick up the T-shirt. And since I'm a vain mofo, I only buy ones which state the location loud and clear. Can't buy HRC T-shirts in my hometown Bangalore though, 'cos they don't have one in Bangalore. The one closest to where I stay is in Bengaluru... Ben ga lloo rru. Bletch!
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John  - Burrp User


February 09,2008

Rocks you hard.

My bad, cos we just walked in without any reservations. Crowded place, I guess the ample space was for a reason, to accommodate as many people as possible.

So we walked from one end to the other. The waiters weren't quite interested to serve us anything, perhaps it has to do with us not having a table.

We eventually squeezed our way through to the bar and managed to have a few pints. Standing and drinking isn't my kind of a friday night, especially on an empty stomach.

The good part though is that you are sure to strike a conversation with just about anyone. Perhaps it has to do with the place in general.

While HRC wasn't really my kind of a place, i'm willing to give it a second chance. And this time will make sure to have our table reserved.
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