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zabin7 - Burrp User


January 03,2013

Lovely Steaks

I am a steak lover and I bet I don't settle for any rubbish steak. Lovely steaks. Price is worth it.
Caution: You can put on weight due that heavy and juicy steak you had :P
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lvsanthu - Burrp User


August 06,2012

Not a great Mexican Cuisine - Really BJN ???

Last night visited this place with family and Friends. I would like to draft about all the possible categories

1. Ambiance & Seating - Loved the environment inside, We were given a corner Sofa which absolutely was very congested. Definitely not the way to sit and enjoy the dinner. 2/10

2. Cocktails - Tried couple of Long Island IceTea, Corona, An other cocktail (dont remember) - Corona was only the one which at least had some amount of alcohol, others just had cola. Would suggest people not to have cocktails. A complete waste of money. - 3/10

3. Food - I have visited lot of Mexican restaurants across the city and this one is definitely not he best. 5/10

4. Value for Money - Doesn't fit into the luxury dining category nor value for Money. Not worth visiting for 2nd time.

"Worst of BJN group of restaurants we visited"
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P 13K - Burrp User

P 13K

June 21,2012

East Meets West

When you see the word "Indijoe" you will realize that it's a restaurant that serves Indian as well as other cuisines such as American, Mexican, Italian, Thai, and Lebanese food. This place has been on my list of 'places to visit' from a very long time, and I was happy to finally go to their outlet on Church Street on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon a few months back.

Having turned a vegetarian this year, I feel its better to view the menus online, before actually visiting the place, so you won't be disappointed later. So I had already decided on what I was going to order even before entering the restaurant!

Indijoe has two outlets in Bangalore. One of them is located on Old Madras Road in RMZ Infinity Mall, and the other one is located on Church Street. Indijoe is famous for it's Sizzlers, but being a fan of Mexican food since my childhood, I was thrilled when I saw the variety of Mexican dishes being served at Indijoe. My hubby decided to try out their signature Sizzlers which he said were really delicious.

No meal is complete without a great drink and appetizer. As far as drinks are concerned, we ordered for an Iced Tea and a Coke. Now to begin with the appetizers, first we ordered a dish called Crispy Onion Rings. These are golden fried onion rings rubbed with Cajun spices, and served with a tangy tomato dip filled with spices. You get about 8 in a basket and I feel its enough for two people. If we had not ordered for another appetizer, then I am sure we would have ordered for another basket of these wonderful Crispy Onion Rings.

The second appetizer we ordered was called Paprika Potato Wedges. These are crisp potato wedges spiked with paprika, served with two dipping sauces - cheddar and tomato. The tomato dip was a bit sour as all we could taste was the tomato and not the spices. But the cheddar one was out of this world and we ordered another bowl of it. The potato wedges were cooked just right and the cheddar dip complemented it well. This is one appetizer you HAVE to order when you visit Indijoe!

Time for the main course! I ordered the Vegetarian Chimichanga which is a flour tortilla stuffed with Jack and Colby cheese and shredded vegetables, rolled and deep-fried accompanied with Spanish Rice and Latino Set. The Chimichanga tasted delicious. It was cooked just right and not over or under fried. The tomato sauce and cheese added more flavor to the Chimichanga. The Spanish Rice was a bit spicy and tasted yummy too. The Latino set is a small bowl with about a tablespoon of sour cream, guacamole, and a salad of onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, and sprinked with coriander leaves on top. This can be eaten along with the Spanish Rice, or just by itself. All in all I was very happy with my dish and am sure would have ordered another plate if I had the space!

As my hubby is a huge fan of Mutton, he decided to order a mutton sizzler called Mutton Shashlik. This is cubes of boneless lamb served with rice, sweet-sour and garlic sauce. If you order a sizzler, you get either French fries, or mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables on the side. He told me that the sizzler was really amazing and the mutton was cooked just right. One thing to note about sizzlers is that they are really filling. We took home the leftovers as the quantity was a lot and he wasn't able to finish it there.

Though I am a dessert freak, I had absolutely no room to try out the wide variety of desserts offered at Indijoe. Guess it's something I am going to save for my next visit.

Indjoe offers more than just Mexican Food and Sizzlers. They have a huge list of salads, pizzas, pastas, burgers, and sandwiches.
The ambiance is appealing to the eye. There are lots of memorabilia on the walls and reminds me a bit of Hard Rock Cafe. The music is not too loud and each section of the place as tv's so if at all you visit this place during IPL season, you don't have to worry about missing the match! Another thing about Indijoe is that it is completely a non-smoking zone, so if you want to have a puff, either have it before or after your meal!

The service is quite good with friendly waiters who are always ready to help you out with your order, clear the plates, and even ask you how the meal was. I feel it's worth the money, though some people may feel the prices are a bit too high.

Food - 5/5
Ambience - 5/5
Service - 5/5
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dx_ravi  - Burrp User


June 19,2012

Great sizzlers

How you rate this place will really end up depending on what you eat here.
They have a few good dishes such as the minestrone soup which is thick, flavourful and tasty. The sizzlers are the main attraction here, and most of them have good taste. The pastas and garlic bread should be a strict no no.
Ambience and service are average, but stick only to the recommended fare for best results.
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IN_mshirali - Burrp User


May 28,2012

Fairly decent sizzlers...

I had been to Indijoe's on a lazy Sunday afternoon - and I'd have to say it is a great place for sizzlers. The ambiance is very American and the food is great too. I did love the pitcher of Iced tea - just what you need on a hot day.
We opted for 3 sizzlers (The spicy chicken, the chicken sausage and the satellite chicken). All 3 were great - and I'd definitely go here again.

The only issue I have with this place is valet parking is borrowed from Museum Inn (which is owned by the same group). So you need to drive further and drop your car there. It would be great to have a man stationed outside who can do this for you...
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musicboy909 - Burrp User


February 23,2012

Much more variety than Kobe's

Kobe's still tastes better, but that doesn't mean this is not good. Has more variety including Mexican food n steaks...
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

January 30,2012

Enjoyed, Sizzler needs improvement!

P.S.- I thought Indijoes served Pizza and since I wanted to have Pizza, decided to go here! Unfortunately this outlet doesn't! The one at RMZ Infinity does!

Anyways, since I had already arrived, might as well order and enjoy as being a Saturday had I gone anywhere else, there would be waiting as it is.

What we ordered -

Soup of the day - Cream of Tomato : loved it, had a nice flavor with a tinge of cheese. It was served with one garlic toast(bread).

Garlic Toast : Its actually Garlic Bread and by far one of the best I had in Bangalore. I wish I had ordered with Cheese! Damn good!

Chilly Paneer : A bit too spicy for my stomach, but if you dont mind spicy food you would like it. Paneer was soft and served in big finger pieces, the way it should be!

Veg Sizzler with Spaghetti and Cheese : I love sizzlers but somehow didnt enjoy much with this one. May be we were already fully or since we wanted to have pizza initially but had to settle with Sizzler or it was actually not very good. Cant say! But definitely I am not ordering this one again.

Fresh Lime Soda Sweet n Salt : Perfect!

Total Tab - 1340 INR : Found it a little on the higher side, considering the number of dishes ordered.

Ambience : reminds me of TGIF and so does the MENU. Its very lively though. Would love to go again.

Service - great! The manager taking my order was extremely pleasant, helpful and with a smiling face! Just the way every manager at any place should be! Even the waiter serving were good at what they did!

Wish they also served Pizza...would have been a perfect dinner outing! :-)

Would have given 4 stars, but the sizzler let me down!
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Alcor - Burrp User


December 02,2011

All cool and sizzle

Overall: 3
Food: 3
Ambience: 4
Service: 3

When you regain your vision after stepping into Indijoe (coz it's so dark), you'll notice the decor- musical instruments and billiard balls on the wall compete with posters of Beatles and Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean gives you his cool-dude look from the placemats. We ended up there on a sunny afternoon, and ordered a veg combo for starters, a vegetarian chimichanga, along with a spicy chicken sizzler and a stacked vegetarian sizzler. The veg combo platter was a cheese bonanza- two types of mozzarella balls and kadai paneer, with fried onion rings and baby corn. The veggies had more cheese to come, both in their sizzler and in their chimichanga. Us non-veggies got lucky, as our spicy chicken sizzler had chicken generously slathered with Sichuan sauce. Portions are huge, the food is good, but won't exactly blow you away.

Read a complete review at http://pathsofafoodie.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/lunching-out-indijoe/
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Arvind Kamath - Burrp User

Arvind Kamath

November 27,2011

Juicy sizzlers - best in town

I was looking for Yoko Sizzlers on Church Street for a sizzler and beer lunch on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Realizing that they shut shop long ago, I accidentally bumped into Indijoe which had a signpost with Sizzlers on the menu. I normally visit Kobe but I found the sizzlers at Indijoe much better in taste and quantity, both. Although a tad expensive but the quick service was really worth it. My son and I had Pomfret and Chicken in garlic sauce Sizzlers, which did not disappoint us. The portions were generous with lots of vegetables and meat. The waiters checked if we needed more sauce and if the quantity was right. I will visit this place again.
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pier39lab - Burrp User


September 10,2011

Best steaks & sizzlers in town but...

I've liked the sizzlers here better than anywhere else, they are very good with their quantities only for the mains. Ask them for extra steak sauces with no extra cost (Mushroom, Pepper & Garlic) But I wasn't happy with the onion rings portions, (Does it really cost so much to fry sliced onions and serve exactly 6?) I like the interiors and the music (1980s! retro). Their Nachos & Salsa with cheese are pretty good I think.
The downside is that they're all ridiculously priced not so much on the menu but from their service taxes (13.5% + 10%!) Mmmm, I don't know, I've been there several times in the past and the prices seemed OK but until recently, I might think twice or even thrice before I decide (Not a "Satisfaction Guarantee" at all)
I'm not sure why but BJN isn't the same anymore..There's something wrong.
I'd say 2 and a half stars.
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sharchandran - Burrp User


August 01,2011

Once upon a time.

Indijoe is a member of the BJN group ?? Really ?? Then why is the service sloppy. ?? Why does the AC not work ?? Why is there water dripping from the ceiling onto my steak ?? And with all this, why are the rates still the same ? Considering standards have deteriorated beyond recognition, the rates should have too.

i've been a regular to indijoe's . love the starters and the lindt chocolate shake and have always enjoyed my experience at indijoe(ummm.. until recently ). Its saddening to see the place go down like this .. i've noticed that none of the bjn group chains actually respond to reviews so this is for all your burrpers out there..

The food does taste good.. but for the price paid.. i believe u expect great service and most definitely an AC and there are lots of other options that offer all this.
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Soumilisha Sinha - Burrp User

Soumilisha Sinha

May 21,2011

Tantalize your Tastebuds!

Well,an evening stroll on brigade road and we accidentally stumble upon a place called INDIJOE'S.That was a couple of years ago.Indijoe's Sizzlers! Ah! being a great fan of sizzlers,i couldnt help myself but decided to try it out.Nice ambience,music loaded.Being a fan of music I totally loved the decor.The service was very good.Extremely friendly waiters.Now comes the menu card.Hell yeah,loads to choose from.Ordered a veg sizzler with garlic sauce.Smelled good as it arrived,the typical aroma of a sizzler.Mashed potato,brocolli,mushrooms,cabbage.Wow,looked delicious.In goes my spoon and i take a bite.Yummy! Over are the days of other sizzler joints for me.This is my new favorite.Just devour the taste of this amazing sizzler.That was in 2009.This is 2011 and the magic is still there.Certainly not a place to be missed.A bit heavy on the pockets but the experience is awesome.Not just the vegetarian sizzlers,chicken steaks are also absolutely amazing.They need to improve a bit on their starters part of the menu.And also desserts.Not a lot to choose from.But then again after a hearty sizzler who would care for desserts.Keep up the good work Indijoe's!
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Soumilisha Sinha - Burrp User

Soumilisha Sinha

April 15,2011

awesome sizzlers!

mouthwatering sizzlers.the best in bangalore undoubtedly.must visit place for all the sizzlers lovers.great service.price is a bit high but the sizzlers make it worth it.awesome is the word!
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Devadittya Banerjee - Burrp User

Devadittya Banerjee

April 10,2011

Dog saliva is better than this

I walked in for the first time yesterday.. and was I disappointed?
We started off with a few beers and Nachos. The lady with us ordered a Chocotini, which according to her was very shoddily done.
For the main course, we ordered a Jack Daniel's Steak, a Hamburger Steak and a Chicken Sizzler. All the three dishes were soaked in this pungent black pepper sauce. There was sauce everywhere. They served a separate bowl of salad, and that was smeared in excess dressing as well.
The quality of the food is horrible. The meat was the worst I have ever had. The chicken was stiff and rubbery. The Rs. 20 roadside biryani has better quality meat. As another friend suggested - their generosity with sauce is to camouflage the quality of the meat/chicken. I couldn't even finish the dish, neither could my friends. The mashed potato was dry, flaky and plausibly stale.
The waiters are obnoxious and don't believe in the concept of privacy. They are all over the place, greeting you and asking questions every 3 minutes - and they absolutely do not understand when you're pissed. I was literally annoyed with the food when the waiter asked me "sir, would you want more sauce?". The last thing I wanted was more sauce! I wanted water to wash that vulgar sauce off my steak!
More on the sauce - it's coarse, vulgar, pungent and all over your dish. It's so repulsive, you can pass it off as some kind of an industrial strength floor cleanser.
The worst is still not over. The price!!! This place is super expensive and totally not worth it. We paid ~200 bucks for Nachos! We paid upwards of 2600 for 3 people, and could have had a much better experience for 200 bucks at a Shanti Sagar.
Will I go there ever again? If they offer a refund - yes. To dine - never!
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CasualFoodie - Burrp User


February 25,2011

"All American" price too!!

Good interiors and ambience.
Bengali waiters have trouble speaking english... so do not ask them to suggest dishes
Never eat starters if you are planning to dig into a sizzler.
Common brands of whisky, rum etc are not available.. the ones that are available are overpriced!!
AMAZINGLY OVERPRICED!! 450-500 bucks for a sizzler!!
To top the already high price, you will be charged 13.5%VAT plus 10% Service charge!! (usually it is 5%).
The total for just 4 people was Rs.4800!!
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sharchandran - Burrp User


October 30,2010

Awesome place

Been to indi joe's a lot of times...
Love the ambiance, the service and the food.

Starters are amazing.. quality and quantity vice..
Once you're done with starters if you still have it in you.. the sizzlers are amazing.. :) All in all, this is a good place to be with family or even on a date.
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Nischal Shetty - Burrp User

Nischal Shetty

October 28,2010

Nice ambiance

Loved the decor and it's a pleasant place to be at. The food wasn't anything great though the chocolate shakes were good. We had some chicken shaslik, it could have been better.
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no1foodie - Burrp User


September 04,2010

Not worth

Its really been a week of eating out and late lunches.

Once again yesterday I finished a meeting late and was very hungry. Parked my car at Brigade Road and was walking up Church Street heading straight to Koshy’s again. I then noticed Indijoe and decided to go for a sizzler.

Ordered a Sizzling Chicken with Pepper Sauce. The dish was killed by the excess use of Barbecue sauce. I asked for extra pepper sauce and it still didnt work.

1 Sizzling Chicken & Fesh lime – Rs. 565/-. Not worth it!
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Anvesh Gopalam - Burrp User

Anvesh Gopalam

August 14,2010

Must try!

Loved the Ambience and the music. The waiters were courteous and the food was piping hot! Loved the place!
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Krishanu  - Burrp User


October 25,2009

Not a great experience

I visited this joint on Church Street this weekend with my friends for lunch. The decor is something that is similar to TGIF and makes for a decent ambience. I liked the music that they were playing. However, the menu is pretty limited I must say. We ordered for Sizzlers - one veg and one non-veg. However, was not too happy with the quality of the food. It seemed over smoked and the taste was not authentic.
Though the staff was courteous and cared to ask how we liked the food, I felt the food was overpriced. Moreover, I did not like paying a hefty 22.5% over my bill towards VAT and "10% Service Charge".
Certainly not Value for Money.
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newsingh - Burrp User


September 05,2009

Steam all around

Love piping hot food? - This is the place to be.

All the steam from the sizzlers served around , loves-up the foodie inside you. The TVs show sports. The setup is hip. All this totals up to a great food centric and fast-paced ambience.

Try hitting it on a rainy day - just goes well with all the hot food here.

Waiters courteous and willing.

Do not let the menu confuse you, ask the waiter to suggest something good when in doubt. Worst case go for the popular items(This never goes wrong anywhere)

Different and a must try!
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A U - Burrp User


August 29,2009

good for Buffet, à la carte is way too costly...

This restaurant is good if you are going with your office colleagues during lunch time... food is really good.... but if you are planning to spend your evening in this restaurant with your family ... there are better(and economical) places in town...

I visited this place couple of times in afternoon and really was really impressed with the food .. price was also under 400 with a great variety,,, but dinner here can cost you around 1000 for two .... without much satisfaction ....
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janu girl - Burrp User

janu girl

February 02,2009

Better avoid this BJN debacle

First problem is the parking.. The watchman directs you to museum inn saying they can park your car! The interiors are nice. An effort should have been taken for cleaner cutlery. The menu is rather limited for vegetarians. The waiters are few and not very good at their job either. The starters provided to us was definitely stale (especially the cheese) and on complaining to the manager he said he'd strike them of our bill (he dint even bother getting a fresher version) when we complained all we got was he would make sure the main course was fresh.. Anyway it dint make that much of a difference cause the sizzlers was so indianised it felt like we were eating in a cheap Andra joint. The bill was quite high (1400 for 3 people main course) and for such a pathethic experience a total waste.
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grubalicious - Burrp User


September 05,2008

Deja vu

Indijoe Sizzlers is located right opposite Empire on the rather crowded Church street.The first impression of this place as I walked on was 'Oh my god, its another TGIF'!The interiors are completely a carbon copy of what TGIF looks like,with great paraphernalia like old dart boards,CD skins and what not all over the walls...even the seats are just the same.So all in all, I felt good at this place, it has a comfortable and cosy feeling to it with some very good music, I was feeling very jolly about the whole thing.

The beverage menu is not that extensive on both the cocktails as well as the mocktails front.We ordered a Bora Bora Brew(ginger ale based mocktail) and a November Freeze(I might be wrong on the Freeze).The former was a pleasant moctail while the latter was just awfully sugary syrup in a glass!Ok now we went on to the main menu which I must say has a very large list of steaks and sizzlers so we had plenty to choose from.For starters we ordered the Southwestern potato twisters which I think was Mexican, the portion was way too large for 2 people and the taste didnt do anything great for me, in fact it reminded me of curly fries bhel puri.For the main course, I had Stuffed mushrooms with herb rice in smoked Barbeque sauce(I asked them to give this to me in garlic sauce instead as I was told the barbeque sauce was sweet) and my friend had the Garlic steak with mushrooms.I hated my steak unfortunately tho I did like the sauce, it reminded me too much of the Indian version(think Kobe) of a sizzler where theres too much vegetable and what not thrown into a heap and you get very tired digging through it!The mushrooms though stuffed with spinach and cheese was crumb fried and I do not like crumb fried anything.My friend did say his steak was rather good , so I guess it really mattered on an individual's taste here rather than the quality of the food itself.

Things definitely worth mentioning is that the service is very courteous(though I did start getting very annoyed when for the 3rd time I was asked if the food was good!).You can ask for extra sauce(pepper/garlic/barbeque whatever you like) and they provide it willingly enough.The ambience is very good and probably more suited towards a group of 5 or so meal rather than for 2 - 3 people.Overall this place seemed to me a combination of the TGIF ambience with the Kobe sizzlers' food quality(a very strong sense of deja vu hence!)...hmm, wonder if their staff is made of people from both these places :)!
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