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3ndlessAppitite - Burrp User


April 18,2014

The Mystery of the Missing Money

Endless Appetite
Guzzling Bangalore at an unsteady pace.
By Poonam Vaidya and Meghna Hegde

Three girls met at Jimmy’s one evening. Appetite, Salsa and Tannin. Tanine appeared last, while appetite and Salsa fiddled around with the menu. Appetite had a quirky smile on her face.

“We are in a pub, she said, dramatically. She hadn't been in one for quite a long time, and fantasized on what to order. Tanine arrived, and much to everyone’s surprise ordered a tea. The other two girls ordered a small glass of alcohol, Salsa a margarita of some kind and Appetite ordered a white goose or grey goose or whatever coloured goose they were serving up in the menu along with a side of Sprite.

The girls then chatted about mundane stuff that seems interesting only to those involved and contributing to the conversation. Tanine then left, and Appetite and Salsa looked for the restroom.

Now, this is where the mystery begins. Tanine had left early because she had a doctor’s appointment. Since the bill had not arrived yet, she put down two hundred rupee notes under her cup and was off. Appetite visited the restroom and during this time, Salsa went back to the table to receive a phone call. The restroom was barely twelve paces from their table. Salsa was waiting outside the restroom and the two went back to the table. The money was gone. Shocked, the girls looked around-under the table, under their glasses, around the floor. Nothing.

The whole time, there had been only two other girls on the table next to them. Unsure of what to do, they reported the issue to the manager, who claimed they had CC-tv footage of the whole thing.

Twenty minutes later, everybody was none the wiser. According to the manager, nobody had approached the table while they had gone to the restroom. He added,”Both of you were talking animatedly. Perhaps you slipped in the money unknowingly?” The manager offered to show the video to the girls, but they refused, because they had to be getting back home and it was already quite late. As they left, the manager bid them farwell with the claim,”This was not that kind of place.”, though the girls had never made any allusions as to what kind of place it was.

We cannot be sure of what happened to that money. Salsa felt sure the money had been taken by the waiter. Appetite said she had no idea, she had only been concentrating on her drink. The only other occupants of the room—the two other girls seemed not to have moved since they had sat down about two to three tables away. Salsa checked her wallet and said she didn't think there was any more money there than there had been before. However, the manager was sure that she had taken it back unknowingly. The manager will try to blame the girls and the girls will try to blame the Jimmy’s staff. No genius detective appeared magically on the screen to put everything right.

Excluding this mystery which left doubt and suspicion in its wake, the girls were stunned by the bill. The tea had been closed to Rs. 60. The small shot of Grey Goose had been priced at a whooping Rs. 350, along with the Sprite, which was Rs. 80. The margarita had come up to Rs. 360. It was a lot of money. Rs. 1060 is what the girls had to pay at the end. There had been nothing special about any of the drinks and Appetite vowed never to go back again. Two months later, she would write it all down under the review section of Burrp.
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Prince Patni - Burrp User

Prince Patni

April 17,2014

A Gem of a Cafe

This place is tucked in a corner right in front of Koramangala bus depot. It has been a long time that I've been visiting this place. The food here is quite good and music is decent. I mostly go there for beer, so can't comment on the cocktails.
I love this place. Small, unassuming and a little gem in the middle of no where.
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Anshuman Chaurasia - Burrp User

Anshuman Chaurasia

November 19,2012

Rocking Cafe

Music is loud. Foods are tasty. Platter is must. Beers are cheap. You can also smoke ciggs inside. Overall its a chill out place.
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rajeevkasat - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Rock, Music, Video and violet lights

Best place to hang out with close friends where you donot have to do much talking. Music is pure rock, too loud with big video displays with violet lights to give you the punch of music. Very reasonably priced...

For non drinkers, there is quicky's coffee attached.
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01foodie - Burrp User


October 02,2012

Good food..horrible service!

I visited the koramangala branch for the first time last night expecting it to be as awesome as the Jimis at indiranagar and residency road but was really disappointed. Everything about the place was nice but the waiters made us feel as though we were invisible for more than half an hour as we kept trying to get their attention to place our order. When it was almost time for them to close they kept roaming around asking people for their last order. We barely had time to finish our drinks & food let alone enjoy the music or ambience.
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Ashwin Chandrasekhar - Burrp User

Ashwin Chandrasekhar

July 18,2011

Bad Experience

I was at Jimmis yesterday with a lady guest (not from bangalore) for a few beers in the afternoon. the overall service in terms of food and the beer were very nice. When I asked for the bill. I was presented one. I opted to pay thru my debit card. Which was initially taken by the waiter there and then returned back saying that their machine has a problem and they will not accept cash, the bill was rs. 1256 and I was carrying only about 400 rupees in cash. I was told that there is an ATM about 10 min away from this place and I was supposed to and draw money and pay by cash which I completely refused to do and asked them to figure out an alternate method without me get inconvenienced for something that was not my look out. I was left embarrassed when after the manager of this restaurant and other waiters just didn't seem to bother and were still expecting me to pay cash. My guest had to pay cash and it left me with a very sour taste about the entire experience. Sorry guys you might think I am a small customer and a bill of 1256 is not a big amount and you can afford to lose me as a customer. But you are sure not to get a repeat business from me and I will make it a point to share this bad experience wit all my friends. Poor, extremely poor experience.
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hpganesh - Burrp User


June 14,2011

Now this is what I call a Beer Joint

When I first entered this place i thought I landed up at the wrong place(A coffee sitout at the entrance :) ). A very Small place which is a bit difficult to locate. But when you're into the actual sit out You'll just enjoy!! Good fresh beer served. And awesome starters to go with your BEER. I'd recommend the Chicken lollypop and French fries. You also have a separate lounge for Smokers but gets a little suffocating for non smoking Mates. All in all, I'd say if you are looking for some place to sip beer n Chillax in KORAMANGALA, THIS IS THE PLACE. Very decently priced too..
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melville - Burrp User


June 10,2011

no formalties - chill out place

been there last weekend with a bunch of colleagues. Reading the reviews, i thought maybe not the place. dont have expectations. once we arrived we were surprised to see art of chilling murals did nt know what to think, done up by foster's beer. the fight for the bean bags went on, we had fun. it is a place to chill out with beer. foster's draught is good
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Ronak Mehta - Burrp User

Ronak Mehta

June 10,2011

Chilling on Bean Bags

What better way to enjoy a evening out with friends after work than to sip on some Foster's and relax on a bean bag. The new theme at this bar is damn cool. Definitely recommend to check it out.
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Nikhil Pritmani - Burrp User

Nikhil Pritmani

May 25,2011

Chilled Out Place

Brilliant place to chill out with friends. Love the ambience and the new art of chilling theme they got going on. Absolutely love coming here and sipping on my favorite beer, Foster's!
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Karthikeyan S - Burrp User

Karthikeyan S

May 18,2011


One of the best place to catch up for a beer with friends! The Music is awesome and not played off a satellite TV channel as Mr.Rapidsnail mentioned...

And their Veg Club Wrap was my fav!!! Now they've done away with it now have the same menu card as the Indiranagar one :)
Must Try : Veg Club Sub! :) (yeah I'm a veggie!)

Yes it isn't always crowded but is on most occasions is! Lovely place!! Loads of memories over the past two years!! :)
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santosh Balram - Burrp User

santosh Balram

April 04,2011

i like it

coffee,beer and music..cool place :)
I use to be here years back named as qwiky but not aware jimi's opened..
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Ujwal  - Burrp User


February 11,2011

Simply awesome

If you are a music freak and can drink beer...this is the place for you.
Best part: Music...it simply rocks..more than beer music hits u...it simply drives you away
Worst part: you only get beer not even breezers.

aanchari chicken is really good here...had tasted veg starters once they sucked big time. never go to this place with a veggie alone.
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shreetama - Burrp User


November 07,2010

Liked it!

Went there on a saturday evening.. loved the ambience in the dimly lit seating area.. there was not enough light to even look at the menu! Don't get me wrong.. am not complaining. Coupled with good music, the low light sets the mood right. And you could even smoke inside.
Ordered a Jimi's special french fries (crisp fries with loads of cheese.. sinful :) ) and beer. The regular fries also tasted good. Damage for 2 : 600.
While Jimi's Kormangala was a good experience, the one at Indiranagar had a totally different menu, horrible cheese fries, zilch ambience.
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Aniruddha . - Burrp User

Aniruddha .

October 16,2010

Bad Beer Re-iterated

The only good thing about this place is the Spiced French Fries it serves. Plus the Chicken Kebabs were also good.

The Beer cocktails were a downer, and they only serve draught beer. Music is played off a satellite TV channel, and is pretty mediocre.

The ambiance is not much to talk about. And the fact that it was more than half-empty (not half-full) on a Friday night (in a place like Koramangala) speak much about itself.

Wouldn't go back again, even for those French fries.
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Abhishek Kona - Burrp User

Abhishek Kona

August 15,2010

Bad Beer

The drought Beer is a shame. It is highly over priced for its ambiance. Not a place I would go back to.
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GayathriB - Burrp User


July 09,2010


While burping for a café in koramangala I found Jimi’s , I was all geared up for the evening, I had a friend of mine joining me after a real long time and we needed a lot of catching up to do.
Our first dilemma as we entered there was were to sit as we need do to a lot of chatting .
This place is divided into two sections, one more like a café and the other like a regular dimly lit pub. We chose to sit in between, So the ambiance is about average(more on the good side), jus relaxed.
While the music was good and loud, we were trying to figure out on what to order.
They serve beer cocktails at this place, it sounded interesting but we dint take the risks. WE ordered some Mango granitas to drink, French fries and chicken hariyali to munch on.
Here we had to really get the attention of the waiters to place the order.
Now about our food( is this not we all burrp for ?? ?)
The mango granita – It was like a mango flavored rasna in crushed ice, it was way too sweet.
French fries – Really good, very crisp and fresh
Chicken hariyali – I will never try this dish again, it was pathetic, we couldn’t get through a single piece.
I don’t know about the food here, I have heard a lot of other friend say that the food pleased their taste buds.
I might visit this place again.
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dinenwine - Burrp User


December 05,2009

Great MUSIC :)

Lovely place with good music, with 3 sections.. One is quickie's which is a bright lighted cafe, another section is dark with low seating with good rock music and the top section is for people who enjoy hookha. Food is also good.. Tried the steak and fries.. They also serve beer cocktails which are pretty good.
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Tushar Johari - Burrp User

Tushar Johari

August 18,2011

Chalta Hai

good beer n chessy chicken
avg songz n ambience...
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