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Pradeep  Rajkumar - Burrp User

Pradeep Rajkumar

May 13,2015

Tried their food last month.. -Spoilt my stomach finally

Biryani was not good..OIL and ghee was an overdose in the recipe. It tasted burnt and the chicken biryani had fried chicken on top which we do not order ..

THe tub of the biryani pack was filled with oil .The spice level and oil was exaggerating and no feel of biryani.Below average gravy for the biryani.. Hospitality.. Super worse and Chicken deep fried has the same spices and too much colour with more Red colour feel on it
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ajithrajan - Burrp User


November 02,2014

Pathetic Delivery and Out of Order Website Service

We ordered food in the online website of MANI's Biriyani and shame to say ,It was not delivered even after 1.5 hours. When we called the customer service they gave the reason that the website is down while the first time we called they said your delivery will happen in 10 minutes.There was no message in the website to indicate that its online service is down. Ignorant staff, pathetic delivery. Kindly don't order from this place as you will end up being hungry and delivery of food may or may not happen!!!I Would rate 0 when it comes to delivery !!!
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Arasu Bangalore - Burrp User

Arasu Bangalore

October 17,2013

Guys Would You Like To Taste Feather Biryani

Yesterday myself and my friend went to Mani's dum biryani to get a parcel. So, we ordered one large Biryani and the cost was almost Rs 300+. And when we started eating the Biryani at home, we found chicken feathers in the Biryani. My friend immediately picked up his phone and made a call. And the response we received was that we need to carry the biryani to the restaurant then they will make an enquiry and we will be given a replacement. But he never stopped here, he send a mail to the manager with the images and they called us for a meeting. And they gave a compliment of 5- 10 members can come and have lunch in the restaurant. Guys, if you would like to taste feather biryani please go to Mani's Dum Biryani
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Mubeen Asim - Burrp User

Mubeen Asim

January 19,2013

Really worthless junk food here

the food is crap here.. really if you have a flair for Biryani, i would not recommend you going here and getting disappointed.. i tried for the first time here Chicken Hyderabadi dum biryani .. a large family pack.. took it home... was neatly packed with phone numbers to order again.. 1. Food Quantity is too low. 2. Oily orange rice used in biryani thats said to be Hyderabadi. It should have been long brown golden rice. 3. Rice grains are har.. its not authentic dum biryani. 4.And the Chicken, i got 2 EGGS?, 2 leg pieces, and 4 bones. literally read:BONES. All i did was eat eggs, leg pieces about 200 gms each, just 3 bites and the piece is done. 5. And the bones, i took from biryani and put it in the container he gave., 6. And the thing that matters, my weekend was ruined with this crap food.. Still dont believe me.. well then force yourself to get disappointed. and thank me later.)
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Gokul Bhushan - Burrp User

Gokul Bhushan

November 17,2012

Biriyani's at its Best!!

Have been to koramangala 1st block branch and also picked up their biriyani from their pick up point in HSR.

Dishes Explored : Chicken Biriyani, Veg Biriyani, Pepper Chicken

Biriyani's are just so perfect super flavor,very light, moderately spiced. We tried the boneless one, the pieces are limited but very well marinated and spiced up.
Veg Biriyani is the one of the best ones we ever had, though i am non-veg lover, i would prefer Veg.B over Chicken.B at this place :).Rarely find a place who can make wonders with Veg, though they are into non-veg stream!!
Pepper Chicken is just very normal spiced chicken deep fried. Could have been much better..
If your fond of Biriyani's a must try!!
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Reply from restaurant management

One of our promoters is a Vegetarian and that is probably a big reason for our strong focus on getting our Veg Biryani to taste really good. Thanks for your support.

Sumanth2810 - Burrp User


August 24,2012

Best biriyani i have had till date

We are vegetarians.Almost all hotels we have been to,do not serve a good veg biriyani. While these hotels serve better non-veg biriyani (based on the reviews and word of mouth) It was quite disappointing experience until we tried Mani's biriyani. They are simply the best in the business when it comes to biriyanis. Their veg biriyani is the best we have had till date (No words to mention on Non-Veg biriyani because whoever i know of say it is the best they had) Thank you sir. We wish to see more happy customers like us (I know atleast 10 friends who love your food) One important aspect is please maintain this quality and am sure there will be no-one to compete with you. Whenever we want to have biriyani, we only think of Mani's dum biriyani.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sumanth,
Thanks for your kind review. One of our partners being a strict vegetarian is very particular about our Veg Biryani and truly believes that there is a good market for Veg Biryani lovers. Like you have poinsted out, maintaining the current quality and making improvements continuosly is critical for us and we will try and do our best. Thanks for your support.

Meera Rao - Burrp User

Meera Rao

June 09,2012

v good veg biryani

decided to order mani's biryani today. i'm always apprehensive of veg biryanis. maybe i'll find a piece of meta, maybe there's no taste, etc because most restaurants give a step-motherly treatment to veg biryani. mani's was excellent. very good vfm too. large portions, lots of veg and very tasty.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for your kind words. We take extra care to prepare our Veg Biryani using 100% veg ingredients. Thanks to this we have developed a reasonable fan following for our Veg Biryani from customers like you. Thanks for your support

nash_blr - Burrp User


May 03,2012

Mouthwatering and best Biryani in Bangalore

When we were in koramangala (now in US) we were regular at Mani's Dum Biryani, infact every weekend, Biryani is so YUM!! we have tasted Biryani at so many places in Bangalore, the only next to Mani's is Hydrabad Biryani on Victoria Road (Old Airport Rd). Please try Fish Kabab along with Birayai and end with excellent gulab jamoon.......everything is soo good next visit to India (Bangalore) will be in 2014 and I am confident Mani's Dum Biryani wd have many more branches open by then.....I wish them the best
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for your review and encouragement Sir. We hope to continue serving great tasting & fresh Biryanis in large portions at VFM prices.


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