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Arjun Varadraj - Burrp User

Arjun Varadraj

May 17,2013

weekend happy hours - defintely worth it

Just wanna catch up for a beer and some nice rock music - happy hours monday to thursday this is the place to be , not to burn your pockets
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taste_buddy - Burrp User


January 05,2013


Moderate rates. This place has NOTHING to boast except the varieties of beers and the prices. Average place, but quite a lot of space. Employs child labour and that was the biggest let down. Carry a torch if you want to find or use the rest room. Food was average again. Bad customer service. We had to remind 3-4 times for a glass or an opener.
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Anshuman Chaurasia - Burrp User

Anshuman Chaurasia

November 19,2012

Go gaga over this place

One of the best pub in Koramangala which caters to the need of students and common man. Service is pathetic but music is the reason which compensates everything. Food is average and the place is not at all expensive
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fooddoc - Burrp User


July 08,2012

great hangout

Food options are not great, so if food it on ur mind this aint the place, but if its rock n beer , u will enjoy it..... great place to unwind after work, i love it after a hectic work day on saturday....must visit!
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firetraveler - Burrp User


September 24,2011

Worst Experience!

I visited this place with my girl friend by reading burrp reviews, with a little suspicious on its entry fee of Rs 700 for a couple, I managed to enter. I left the place in the next half an hour (just drank to cover up my entry fee) .

Bad service, uncomfortable seats, dingy overall without effective air conditioner. Despite saying several times to the bar tenders to provide a good place, it was of no avail.

Not Recommended!
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HasHy - Burrp User


August 03,2011

Loosing its charm

Not so long ago this place used to be fun, great crowd, ambiance and food. but now its not the same, i have been there recently and i didn't enjoyed as we guys used to do a year ago. they have increased the pricing with no enhancement in the service. I wish next time i will have the same old purple haze experiences....
But I truly loved this place, will never stop visiting.
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Vijay Chauhan - Burrp User

Vijay Chauhan

June 05,2011

total fuddu place

Place is small and the wash room is tiniest. its over rated as per its quality and service. and charging 400 & 600 as cover charge at place like this simply makes no sense.Its ok but i wont recomment it to some one going for a rock pub/bar.
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Emo kid Takin ova!!! - Burrp User

Emo kid Takin ova!!!

February 21,2011

Have a pen & paper!!!!

Well i dont get da entire funda of being charged Rs400 for an entry ticket.Some of my friends had suggested Purplehaze,Koramangala for a night out.Reached there @ 8pm.When u pay 400 bucks for an entry fee u think it wud b sumthing like an out of da wrld xperience...but alass...food was ok but had little salt in it ,so v had 2 ask 4 xtra salt...they had kingfisher normal beer no hard beer..vich was upsetting...tequillas wer good,but mind u ...u need 2 hv a pen & a paper so that u can jot dwn each n every drink dat u hv odawise u kite end up coughing up Rs 2000xtra as v did...muxik is 3/5...crowd was gud but only the crowd dat was downstairs @ the non-smokin arena...the crowd in the smokin arena wer hooting n clappin watchin cricket match...so words of advice if u arent a cricket fanatic dunt ever go ther...n ya u need to learn Kanada if u want to communicate***....
bartenders r gud 5/5
ambience 2/5
food 3/5
value for money 3/5
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V K - Burrp User


February 17,2011

Kiss the Sky!

Purple Haze has always been around when I/we needed it the most. Arguably one of the best pubs in Bangalore, with electric ambiance. I've been here so many times that I know 3/4th of their playlist. Back then, I used to go ask the DJ about what he used to play and this also helped me in expanding the artist base I listen to.

Even now, the pub juggles between good old rock and the latest alternative music available out there. One of the best things about this place is their pricing, very very affordable at any point of time during the month. A place that makes us feel like home and also treats us like home.

Purple Haze FTW!
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Mondeep Dutta - Burrp User

Mondeep Dutta

January 29,2011


go to haze if heavy beats gets your freak on. i absolutely love this place. was a regular till a year back but haven't been able to go there since i shifted. do not remember eating any serious meals there. the finger food is decent. nothing extraordinary to comment on the booze. music : legendary. i transcend time and get back to college mayhem days. i get sever neck aches the next mornings coz of the windmills n headbangs. rock on good people of purple haze.
P.S. - do not go there for some casual conversation. for that head to CCD ;)
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Natasha  - Burrp User


December 27,2010

Excellent !

If you don't enjoy rock music that is very loud - don't visit Purple Haze. However, if you enjoy the same - then this is where you should be.
One of Bengaluru's favorite haunts for years now - Purple Haze has attracted the attention of people of all generations.
I enjoy their peanut masala, chilli mushroom, chicken lollypop and peanut masala. The mojitos they make don't have crushed ice and has more lemon than required.
So stick to your beer, whiskey, vodka or white rum !
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sameer.atre - Burrp User


December 15,2010

The best pub in town

It is the best place to hang out with friends on a saturday night.
Great music, good beer and a nice ambience.
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Vikas Bajaj - Burrp User

Vikas Bajaj

March 16,2010

Pub offering lip-smacking snack & quaffable drinks

Though this place is good, but still I would like to re-iterate that Drinking is injurious to health :-)

A pub at decent location, with decent young crowd, very good draught beer along with lip-smacking snacks, is a great package in itself.

The ambiance of this place is good, with proper seating arrangement for small get together.

Must try item from their menu is which they call as "Tower".
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ankithalder - Burrp User


November 17,2009

Haze with nothing purple in it !

Purple haze - Kormangla...well have been to this place quite a few times..This place has got happy hours from 1pm to 7pm..wherre u get flat 25% percent off on any drink...the DJ comes in by 7:30pm....till that time dont expect any music...the music was pathetic till the dj comes in...almost empty...the drinks priced here are as follows...whisky 30ml costs abt 110 for brands like blenders pride, signature...beer pitcher is for rs 290...the sitting is quite comfortable...veery gud if you are in groups of 5 to 6 ppl....the ambience is gud ..its dark inside...with a huge screen...music system was good enough..neither too loud nor too low on volume...
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Aaron Lazarus - Burrp User

Aaron Lazarus

August 29,2009

A Place for Every Rock fan to Be...

Great food, Brilliant Music and i can say the only let down is tht liek all places they close at 23:00... The french fries and fried cashew are delicious and their Non-Veg tandoori platter is something u have to see to believe...
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charu chandra - Burrp User

charu chandra

July 28,2009

The Rock Pub

the best rock pub of bangalore. apart from the liquor, the starters are great(they give good restaurants a run for their money in the quality). special mention of the french fries. after them, the mcdonalds ones seem pathetic.
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ravi_av_vb - Burrp User


November 14,2008

The best rock pub in Bangalore

You can imagine how good this place is if I tell you that I signed in to this website to just write a review for this place. An amazing place with an awesome ambience. I started going to Haze from those days when they were open only in Residency Road. Now they have spread their wings into Marathalli, Koramangala and Mysore... And I can assure you that the ambience is exactly the same everywhere.
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Gautam Pal - Burrp User

Gautam Pal

October 12,2008

THE watering hole for the "old rock" fans

Cant believe I am writing the first review for this place. A favorite among a lot metal heads most of them who seem to be regulars here. Boasts reasonable rates, a brilliant club sandwich and a Record shaped menu with all the things you would expect it to have. Three (or is it 4 now) floors of seating space filled with boys n girls mostly in black, head banging to everything from Ozzy, The Doors to Metallica. Dark ambiance which is perfect for its usual patrons, be it the headbanger or the couple making out in the corner.
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