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Vineet Agrawal - Burrp User

Vineet Agrawal

January 30,2016

Really Disappointing experience

It was nightmare to go for Delhi food festival on occasion of my son's birthday. We went there with high expectation and the good experience I had with buff buffet buff but they really proved us wrong.
Garbanzos (chole) were stale, Cucumber canopy were bitter - wish they could have tested before serving.
They kept one counter inside hall which was causing so much of oily fume that we started feeling suffocated and could not eat much. my son and wife could only eat chat due to oily smoke - Paying 3500 for 4 people was definitely not worth - when we complained - we were told that they would pass it on to management as they are just staff - really disappointing :-( Birthday was turned out to be nightmare -
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Naresh Datta - Burrp User

Naresh Datta

August 06,2015

A must visit for a food buffy

After reviewing a lot shortlisted for this on birthday eve, it was well worth every moment spent there from ambiance to food to service. As we were just two we could not explore more options on the variety of food spread there.
Ambiance : It was top-notch!!

Food : It was a a-la-crate, we ordered Aloo-mutter-cheez-kurkure followed by main dish, Desi veg kadai and 2 rotis. Quality of food whatever we ordered was yum-yum-yummy to the perfection. Can't ask more than this.

Service : All staff were very well trained who makes everyone actually feel Sultans and Begums ;), truly amazing staff. Especially JaiShankar who looked after our table, he was very humble and answered every question. Also, his availability at the table is something commendable. A team with good values and culture, making every customer feel King and Queen. Great job to entire team there!!!!

I certainly want to revisit with more family and friends there.
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vaishbhambri - Burrp User


November 20,2014

A good family place

Perfect place for family/date for a delightful meal, courteous staff and serene ambiance. Located very close to the busy junction of Jyoti Niwas college in Kormangala, this place serves mostly north Indian, Punjabi and even Afghani food. I have been here twice and both the times I had a satisfied tummy.
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Rukia Kuchiki - Burrp User

Rukia Kuchiki

May 08,2014

Best Buffet in Town for Veggies

I just love their kashmiri pulav, they get it right every time :)
Kid friendly
Staff is courteous, most buffet places don't have courteous staff.. (unless you order something from the menu)

Hop in for a peaceful meal and soothing ambiance
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Dheeraj Sharma - Burrp User

Dheeraj Sharma

December 13,2013

Baap re Baap!

My college mates and I are regulars (once in two months :p) here.. We’re basically Delhites, and definitely miss our food.. And must say, the food at this joint, comes very close to dilli khanna :)

The service has always been great; their manager Manoj is very courteous and carries out all the requests effectively and most importantly on an immediate basis.

The ambiance does recreate the dilli societal flavour, but could be done better.

If you’re a Delhite, you’ll definitely connect and like the music
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Cheryl0Nakka - Burrp User


October 05,2013

Funtabulously Delighted

Went there last night!!! A charming place I would say!

Had the mutton soup. It was heavenly! Liked the aloo mukki too. Their chaats were typical Delhi types, my heart goes out to their pakoda. Moti pulao was filling with the right dash of right ingredients, had it with mushroom pyaaz – truly mouth watering stuff yet again. Sultans’ apple jalebi was delightful. Good price.
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August 15,2013

Yet Another Beautiful Experience

This was my fourth visit to Sultans of Spice and yet again I had a lovely experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the spread specially crafted for the Dilli food festival, especially the mouth watering chats, lassi and chilla. Made sure not to miss the jalebi-rabdi which is one of my favorite items here. Kudos to the management for maintaining a very amicable staff who are more than eager to serve the customers. Ambiance is as always amazing. Just a small note for improvement, please try to avoid chicken with skin (the fried chicken today was chicken with skin) as its not well received by quite a lot of people and the fish preparation can be a lot better.
To sum it up, if you haven't been here yet, you sure have missed out a great experience.
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Joe Stephan - Burrp User

Joe Stephan

August 15,2013

Dilli Food Fest Well Commended

Went there with family today for an Independence lunch!

Started off with sharabhi murgh and well done tomato soup. It was a delightful start.

The kebab biryani was my first timer and it was tastefully done, had mirch ghost with it, which came out to be pretty darn delicious! The dum aloo was an item to be tried, hope I could have it every single day!

Closed off with the Rasmalai. The jamuns were so puffy and extra soft.

Well worth the price. 6*s ;)
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aparna_naharjun - Burrp User


May 10,2013

Bad Place

Yesterday three of us went to this restaurant and order a non-veg platter. They did not have it in their menu card but agreed to get it for us. The platter had pieces of Prawns,4 pieces of fish, 4 pieces of chicken and 3 pieces of lamb and in the end, they charged us Rs 2000. Just for the non-veg platter. We were shocked and when we went and asked the manager the rationale behind charging us so much, he said that non-veg platter is 5 individual starters put together and he added the cost also accordingly. We have never been charged so much for non-veg platters. Als,o they made us wait for 1 hour before they could bring us our food. Overall experience was very bad and would not go there again and would not recommend it to anyone
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technotaz2004 - Burrp User


February 15,2013

Decent Buffet place

I had a lunch buffet and found it good. The Live pasta was delicious. The pan shot, hot jalebi, nice concepts. Starters were Ok. Found a large number of papads, salads etc. in the name of variety. Hope it was something I could appreciate ( I am not a salad person, not a veg salad person ). The seating , specially the corner seats are not buffet friendly.
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ak2810pj - Burrp User


November 27,2012

Yellow! :D

Had a close friend's wedding treat here yesterday for Dinner. We reach here and the lighting speaks - Yellow. It was amazingly clean and there was a grand touch to it. The wall hangings, the interior, etc all are amazingly done and are very pleasing to the eye. The staff is also very supportive..considering the confusion and noise we all were making. They were constantly asking us how the service and food was which was commendable. The place gave us a lot of opportunity to click wonderful pictures which will be remembered forever. The drinks both Alcoholic and Non were nicely served without any delay or issues.
Lastly, I touch the food. I would say if you are looking for a place which speaks for its money, it is this place. We had Ala carte and it was AWESOME. The non veg platter was filling enough and cooked well. Although, I would advice you guys to cook Lamb a lil more spicier. For main course we could order only few dishes, but everything that we ordered was just finger licking yum! :D Truly, I had one good evening here and I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for a peaceful ambience, good drinks and some great food! Thanks SOS :)
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arvindsoni0610 - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Mostly visited resto for Buffet lunch !!

Have been there almost 8-10 times for lunch buffet with team members, friends, romies ...!!! they have good options for vaggies in starter.
Main course is average...ambience is cool, decent ...
overall it's good resto and worth wise also it's fine.
for me it's 4/5 :)
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Arundhati  - Burrp User


November 16,2012

A Classy buffet

Gone for dinner with family. Given a good corner seat - it was nicely decorated, clean and A/C was working fine.

Ordered multiple non-veg starters: Chicken, fish and Shrimp. All were well done and nicely spiced - not overdone.

Had light main dish after heavy starters - roti and curry - very decent. Didn't try dessert.

Must visit again for lunch buffet some time
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Parul Srivastava - Burrp User

Parul Srivastava

November 09,2012

Okkk Buffet!!!

Me and my team of 6 were there some days back for there lunch buffet. The buffet spread was very decent with a good mix of veg and non-veg dishes. Veg starters were average but on the other hand Non- veg starters were good. Main course was very average.
Service good and prompt. Ambiance was good. overall average experience.
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Rahul Vig - Burrp User

Rahul Vig

November 04,2012

There's at least one thing you'll love! Nice

Amazing place. Close to my office and I have been here for lunch quite a few times now. Nice spread of starters, salads and other dishes. There is at least one thing in the menu (for each veg and non-veg) that will taste good for sure.
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Avinash Patel - Burrp User

Avinash Patel

October 27,2012

Simply Awesome, pleasure for tongue...

I had been 4 times to Sultan of spice. 3 times dinner and this time it was lunch buffet. And my friends, they shot circuited my brain with different tastes. So much variety, u take starters , u take main course, u take sweet dish, u take drinks and your brain will only respond "PURE PLEASURE". Ambien's is great. Great place to take ur parents for dinner. Service is good. My favorite is Aam Pana, everytime i take it, everytime i take a sip, exact same soothing taste for your tongue. Thumbs up to Sultan of Spice. keep it up.
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Supratim Modak - Burrp User

Supratim Modak

July 30,2012

Sultan went missing

I had been to Sultan of Spices many times when it opened as at that time my office was located near Silk Board junction and this was one restaurants which offered a good dining experience at that time in very reasonable rates. This place was our favorite joint for lunch outings.
But alas things change and so did Sultan of Spices. Arranged a party for my friends on my Birthday. Was greatly disappointed with the food.
Though I have to agree that the starters were good but the main course specially for the vegetarians its was very disappointing.
Management please wake up I remember when you guys opened up you were giving out the Lunch buffet for Rs. 199 + Tax which used to come around to Rs. 237 but the food that you served was a joy to the tongue and belly and now you are charging Rs. 369 + taxes yet the taste of food had deteriorated.
Amazing how people degenerate when they gain fame....... looks like the same happened with you Guys......
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vixie2000  - Burrp User


July 20,2012

Decent food and service

I was looking for a fine dining place in Koramangala and considering that I would be paying for it from my hard earned money (as opposed to a luncheon treat from my company :-)), I did a fair amount of digging around before zero-ing down on this place

Called up the restaurant 1 day before to book a table for two and promptly landed-up half-an-hour earlier on D-Day (blame it on the rave reviews that I read in this site and other places). The staff still managed to get us a decent table almost immediately and helped me get an approving nod from my better half.

Ambience - Fairly contemporary with a couple of paintings that adorn the walls here and there. The restaurant was neat, AC level was pleasant despite the crowd and the crockery/cutlery was spic and span.

Food - Since my palette is limited to the vegetarian spread, the review too is limited to the same. The veggie spread comprised 3 starters, some 5 main course dishes and the usual spread of salads, dahi bhalla, curd rice and other odds and ends. There was a live-counter dishing out hot jalebis too. I would not say that the food was an "out-of-the-world" experience. However, it was definitely a notch or two better than most of the other joints that I have been to in Bangalore. The Adraki Aloo Gobi for instance did definitely warrant a second helping (no wonder then that this was also the dish that got emptied the fastest and I had to wait my turn patiently till it was refilled). The kaju-mutter tikka starter was definitely something different though the other 2 were the typical run-of-the-mill paneer tikka and some aloo preparation. Though the restaurant sports the cuisine as "Afghani-Dilli-Punjabi", I did not see any veggie preparation from Dilli (papdi-chat not withstanding) and that was a bit of a surprise. The butter roti was true to its name and there was no portion on the roti's surface that was not oozing butter (made for a bit of messy eating though). The desserts were a letdown though in that the spread was very mediocre (I had heard tell of some exotic desserts like Gulab Jamun in mango caramel or stuff like that but all I found was pumpkin halwa and some peda).

Service - Despite the crowd, the service did not falter much though food ran out at frequent intervals and the service manager had to keep promising that the same would be delivered on the table (it was delivered on the table as promised). One word of caution though - do not get caught with no plate on your table (if you are planning to relax between 2 courses or catch up on some chit-chat) since the finger-bowl will be presented almost immediately as happened in my case :-(

Price: Rs. 456/- per head (inclusive of tax) from Fri-Sun.

In all, the place was above average. I would not brave the Bangalore traffic to go and eat here. However, if I am in Koramangala and fairly hungry, I would definitely consider this place ahead of a couple of others.
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srivatsahg - Burrp User


July 01,2012

Left a huge dent / scratch on my car's bumper.

This was my second visit to this place and in all probable cases will be the Last one.

The buffet they served was pretty good enough for the price.
Although this review is not entirely related to the food the SoS serve. But i have been left "extremely disappointed" and "a deep hole in my pocket" because of the way they have handled my brand new car for the only reason i entrusted their Valet parking on Friday the June 29 2012.

The valet parking assistant has screwed up my new car's left-front side of the bumper.
I noticed the huge dent and scratch only after a day (Saturday) as it was on the other side when i was about to give it a clean wash. The thing that i tipped him even after he did all this churns my stomach even more. :(

I just want to reiterate this to all of those who wanna visit this restaurant. Don't even dare to give your valuable toy to these inexperienced staff. Just park your car by yourself or best use public transport.
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S Paul Choudhury - Burrp User

S Paul Choudhury

April 03,2012

My wedding treat to colleagues...Good service

Initially I was concerned reading the reviews of the other customers in this portal and thinking whether would it be a good choice for a small office party. But I am really happy to be proven wrong by the promise and service offered by Mr. Joseph ! The ambiance and the food are really amazing. I along with my guests thoroughly enjoyed the moments here. Starting with welcome drink, followed by soups and salads, mouthwatering kababs, sumptuous main course and delicious deserts - everything were pleasure to the taste buds. Thanks for making my guests happy with your service. I am looking forward to visit again - Mr. Paul
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Sundar Babu - Burrp User

Sundar Babu

February 09,2012

Great food... service could be better!

We had a business dinner at Sultans of Spice and there were people who didn't know much about Indian cuisine. The food was extremely good. Very gourmet, very well prepared and tasty. Being in a largish group, we ordered all kinds of things and all the dishes were very tasty.
The service could be much better. The waiters were not around several times when we were looking for them and once I had to get up and go and find a waiter. Our waiter knocked a drink over on one of our guests and was not too apologetic about it. He was also at a loss as to what to do next and we had to suggest an alternative.
However, overall we had a really good experience because the food was so amazing!
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foodlover82 - Burrp User


February 05,2012

Great place.. specially for veggies!!

I have been to this place thrice now (in the last 3 months) and not once have I been disappointed. The Ambience is Great... to say the least. Service is a bit slow on weekends due to the crowd and can be improved but on weekdays this is not at all an issue (less crowded ;). Now coming to the main part... FOOD... they serve medium spicy food which tastes really good (I am not a fan of very spicy food) specially the vegetarian dishes (I am vegetarian but my friends told me non-veg was also good). I have tried normal panner dishes, daal to a different one with Corn nd peas and all taste pretty good. The best part is the Rotis which seem to be made out of Wheat flour and not Maida (as in most restaurants) they are served hot and and so light and crisp (due to wheat) that you might eat one extra without any heaviness in the tummy. And to top it all.. it comes to a price of about 380 per head (lunch buffet) which definitely makes it worth a visit...
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

January 17,2012

Great...except mediocre service!

After hearing a lot here and crossing this place a million times already, I was looking forward to finally dining here.

Made an advanced reservation as it was a Sunday and I didn't wanted to take a chance. On reaching there I figured walk-in would have been just fine. Just a few tables were occupied at around 8:30 pm.

Ambience is great.
Menu is interesting.

Service really really really needs to improve.

There were only 2-3 waiters catering to close to 10 tables.

What we ordered -

Tamatar Dhaniya Shorba
Dal Sultaani
Masala Khade Ke Paneer
Paneer Kulcha
Tandoori Roti
Pudina Shikanjee(freshlime water with mint leaves)

Total tab - Rs. 947

Service is really bad. For everything I had to wait a long time because there was just no one to address my need to. Even things like water incurred wait. Not acceptable.

Food was great, specially the Dal Sultaani and Kulcha. Paneer was slightly mores spicy for my taste. Shorba was well made too!

Pudina Shikanjee was a complete DISASTER. It was very thick and warm. On asking the waiter why its so thick and warm, he said its crushed ice!!! Since when did ice became warm??? I just could have it and left about 80% of the glass. Also I had mentioned clearly to bring it with the food..it was served after food when it was time for desserts!

I am looking forward to trying their other interesting stuff, just hoping that their service gets improved...really improved!
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jaded8787 - Burrp User


December 30,2011

Bad Food. Good Ambience. Decent Service

The "Chef's special" dal was bland. The paneer was disappointing. Our non-vegetarian friends found the mutton average.
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cindrellasmiles - Burrp User


December 26,2011

no hygiene

We have been there for Christmas special buffet for 699. We found hair in food and plate. If we have shouted in front of all other customers they would have lost business, Instead we informed to manager.he just felt sorry and nothing more than that. for paying this much and having had unhygenic food, it was disappointing n disgusting. ll never go back to this hotel. They shouldnt have billed for 4 of us. the bill was for 3319 for 4 members including taxes... We ll never go back. When there is Barbeque Nation, Ada hind ki, Indijoe, we shouldnt have gone there.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Cindrellasmiles,

We apologise for the experience you had at sultans of spice. Kindly share your contact details on info@blupetalhotel.com so that we can get in touch with you and get further details and can take necessary action to correct ourselves. Meanwhile we would like to thank you for your feedback and invite you over again for dining with us and promise you a better experience.


subhakantakar - Burrp User


December 15,2011

Its average

After reading the reviews in burrp, I was very much interested in trying out Sultan Of Spices. Me and some of my friends went there last sunday ( i.e 11-dec-2011 ) . We tried the buffet. The food was average.Except the chicken starter I didn't like any other non-veg dish. Even though the mutton was tender but the taste of mutton gravy was below average. In Veg there were fairly descent items in starter. Not sure about the main course. Sweet/desert Items were good. Overall it was an average experience. I would suggest them to have more options in non-veg specially on weekends.
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November 15,2011

One of the best buffets in its price range

As the title suggests, Sultan of Spice is certainly amongst the finest buffets you can get for its price range (Rs.365 inclusive of taxes). You step into the Restaurant and you fall in love with the ambiance. Managers are very professional and the waiters are equally polite.
Coming to the food, though the soup could certainly have been bit more "exciting", the starters were nevertheless great. They have a nice variety of salad (can try and have one non-veg salad) and starters (both veg n non-veg). I personally am not that great a fan of main-course in buffets but I did like the range of items in the main course. Loved the deserts... the juicy hot gulab jamuns just melt away in ur mouth and the ice cream is also good. Overall a lovely experience.
Now coming to what can take the satisfaction to the next level,
1. Have some non-veg salad.
2. Hariyali tikka was not completely upto the expectation, it can surely be better.
3. Rather than having two "Indian sweets", can have one Indian sweet and one Pastry or something.
4. Afterfood mint served on the table surely makes a good impression.
5. Billing process can be made faster.

All said, a good place for lunch, whether its with family, friends or teammates.
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Sowmya Kamath - Burrp User

Sowmya Kamath

November 09,2011

Good Food n Great Ambiance

Had been to SoS with a bunch of friends for lunch, great ambiance & awesome food. Good spread for both Veg n Non-Veg. Hospitable stuff & very friendly. A must visit for all....
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foodie85 - Burrp User


October 24,2011

Worth every penny spent !!

Had been to SoS on a saturday night with prior reservation..The decour is definitely of superior standards and so was the service. Relished good Afghani food after ages, one shd try out their Tandoori Kukkad and the Shorbas . For main course we stuck to Kabuli Naan which was extrmely light and didn hve the stuffy effect on the tummy that normal Butter Naans have !!! Sweet kabuli naans were a perfect accompaniment to Murgh Qorma Kabuli !! The chicken pieces were Tender and Succulent and cooked to perfection with spice levels customised while placing orders .
We were also offered a complimentary "paan shot" !! Unique as the name sounds , this was a combo of crushed betel leaves(paan) and apple juices served in caballito !! Never heard ,seen or tasted something like that !!
Pleasantly amazed with this new find at Koramangala , we look forward to the next visit whch shall happen very soon !! :) :)
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Pallav Agrawal - Burrp User

Pallav Agrawal

October 23,2011

Confusion about offers on cards

Good food, good ambiance, and a very hospitable staff.

The place has no offers on American Express cards, contrary to what is mentioned on this site. We were informed that we could avail 15% off on a Citibank card though. When presenting the bill, we were told that since the bill amount (exclusive of tax) was less that Rs1000 (ours was Rs.1055 including taxes) , we could not avail this offer either.
I'm sure the guests would be very appreciative if such terms and conditions are put forward upfront.
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nammafoodie - Burrp User


October 14,2011

worth it

i have always looked for a decent afghani/muglai place in koramangala - apart from the usual names.

Although I am wary of restaurants in a hotel, this was a great find. A clean, quiet place that also served good food. we had the sarson-ka-saag/roti and some kababs along with some chaats as starters.

Do inform then if you wish to eat food that is less greasy - they prepared mine just the way I wanted it

Good hospitality.

Will go again.
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Nimisha Vijay - Burrp User

Nimisha Vijay

September 21,2011

gud fud..but beware of the valet parking service!

We,a group of 6 had been there for the Sunday buffet lunch.As soon as we arrived we gave the car for valet parking and was directed to the restaurant.The ambiance,service & food was great.Once we were done with the lunch we headed down to the security and they instantly got our cars to us.It was only after reaching home that we realised that there were few scratches and dent on the back side of the car.I am pretty sure it happened from the valet parking authority and they never even mentioned about it whille handing over the keys to us.So guys BEWARE!!though u might enjoy a heart filling meal you might get a shock seeing your car with scratches or dents because of their poor valet parking facilities!
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methefoodie - Burrp User


September 06,2011

Complete value for money, no complaints!

The 1st thing that stands out is that, this place is a complete value for money. The spread is quite varied. The salads were fresh and very appetizing. The service was good. Its a spacious place and we were not crammed up in any corner though were were 32 for the lunch buffet. Highly recommend the place for both family or official purpose!
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foodieblr1 - Burrp User


August 20,2011

Has Potential

Went there for Dinner with my Family.We ordered Dahi Papdi and Aalu Tikki for starters.Dahi Papdi sucked big time , Dahi used was very sour and they used the same curd for Lassi so..even it was Yukk. AAlu Tikki was good except for half cooked Peas in it .
For Main course we ordered a Paneer khada masala and Daal , both were really good.
I sincerely hope the restaurant folks don't use any stale items as for me 2 items made this restaurant good(I tend to give benefit of doubt :) ) instead of excellent.

Will go there again and hope have an exceptional experience next time.
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IJ  - Burrp User


July 25,2011

A Yummy experience!

Had been to this place a couple of times for A la carte dinner and the lunch buffet and I must say that my experience has been really good in terms of food and the service. They have quite a wide spread and ambiance is just prefect. One of the best restaurants in Koramangala to hop in for a fulfilling experience!
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shwetharanjth - Burrp User


June 12,2011

Good Food with a nice Ambience

i have no complaints about the food and ambiance the only problem its with the service , but i an sure that u can improve the service part.
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sush28 - Burrp User


June 02,2011

Food is good....but very bad service

had been here for buffet lunch with my team. At the beginning the staff had issues providing the seats for everyone at one place even though we booked one day in advance. Food was ok.
As and when food got over, the staff was least bothered to fill it up and this made the people waiting for the food. This is not acceptable.
We were calling the staff for getting the rotis and we need to wait for this for long time...not sure the restaurant had very less staff or they were lazy. Even at the end, when we asked for finger bowl, they gave that only for the person who asked and not for everyone. This made us to ask it individually.
Overall, I can say that the service is too bad which makes you feel irritating if you go for lunch.
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yathish - Burrp User


June 02,2011

Terriable Experience.

Went to this place for Lunch on June 1st 2011 with my team(15 members) but the restaurant guy says they can not make us sit together because they never confirmed that they will make us sit together. Food was good and almost everything became empty within 30 min and they never bothered to fill it up. We kept asking we want rotis, that never came and the starters,curd rice,steam rice,Ice cream, sweet and fruits not available. Finally after 45 min they filled ice cream and sweet. Almost everybody in the restaurant were standing in the queue and arguing with the restaurant guys. It is the worst experience I never had in any restaurant. It is an HORRIFYING experience and i will never recommend this restaurant to anybody.
I can't even give Single "STAR" but it is compulsory to select at least one star to post this review.
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jithin_girish - Burrp User


May 14,2011

Tasty Lunch Buffet

had been here with my team for a buffet lunch on a weekday. food, unlike most buffets was tasty.. they had a decent spread.. prompt service..
overall a must try.. :)
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khanashana - Burrp User


March 02,2011

great world cup offer with top notch indian food

Went to this place for dinner with some friends on sunday. They have an amazing 45% off on all hard and soft beverages for the wold cup season. We had a great time watching the match on a big screen oh and food was just awesome. They had a special world cup menu which was quite unique and included a set veg and non veg platter which was priced quite reasonably. Great place to go with family or friends and enjoy the world cup matches.
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

December 27,2010

Nice, Indeed

I’ve been to this place twice – once for the buffet and once for the a-la-carte dinner. And both have not been disappointing for us.
The buffet was a decent spread and had some really nice and different kinda starters that we all loved. They had made something in fried noodles which was completely delectable. Another must mention was of the Dal Makhni. I also need to mentioned about the Rabdi that was not a part of the spread that day. However, when we requested them for the same along with the Jalebi that existed, they just obliged to get us some. And this was just too yummy as well. Overall, buffet experience was good for us. This day, they did tell me they serve hookah as well. However, we were told, they don’t serve it when we went there for the a-la-carte dinner.

For a-la-carte, we had series of starters – both veg and non-veg. And there was nothing to complain about. For every 500 bucks of bill, they were serving us a free glass of wine which I totally guzzled upon. Since, we were heavy on the chaats and the starters, we had light main course which was just a small portion of rice. We all had a gud time both the times.

The interiors are nice. However, I would suggest, their service could get much better and faster. Or am not sure if they were understaffed that day. However, I have no complains on the food. Surely recommended for some gud food!!
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Neha Sahi - Burrp User

Neha Sahi

December 18,2010

Sultans of Spice

Sultans of Spice, was a place visited by us for a team lunch initially, but then became a place of preference in terms of good food, a lil expensive but unmatched quality.

For the starters a person could try the Stuffed Mushroom, which the chef recommends, then there are certain other chicken starters, on the spicier end which taste just amazing....I personally know a steward called Rahman, who just understands best, the taste of the client and orders food as per ur taste buds....I can totally go by his choice...If not a regular place to visit but definitely a place worth a try in Koramangala...Dinner for 2 would roughly cost about 900-1100 (a-la-carte), buffet is pretty cheaply priced and the tastes are good.
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rahul9ue - Burrp User


December 01,2010

Not a Sultan at all !

Went for the lunch buffet today (01-12-2010) and was totally disappointed. Staff was friendly and fast in serving, but the food was a total disappointment.There was not a single dish which I can say that anybody liked in my group, both veg and non-veg. Non-veg main couse items were bland and did not have any character. Dessert were a total let down. Regular ice cream, fruits and couple of sweets which were pathetic. Overall, it was a bad experience.
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rahulvenky_1972 - Burrp User


November 27,2010

pleasant place to visit

Been there with the family really nice ambience good food and courteous staff. the tunday or sunday ka galout was awsome and the crispy jelabis was liked very much by my son and I feel the place really is value for money........
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abhowmick - Burrp User


November 24,2010

This place could have been one of the best in BLR

Went there with my sister, wife and mom. We had high expectation after reading the feedbacks here. We were impressed when we entered the restaurant, the ambience was good and people were nice. We immedeately got a table. Right after that started our harrowing experience. We got our menu cards approximately 10 minutes after we were seated. The menu cards looks good but, very difficult to read in the low light. Speacially my mom with spects could hardly read.
Ok now comes the wort part, we place order for drinks, appetizers and main course. Almost after 20-25 minutes we realised our drinks were not served. I had to walk upto them ask where is the drinks, atleast that should have been on the table. They said it was ready and will bring soon. Appetizer comes another 10 minutes later and guess what ?? It was cold. The kebab was tasty, since it was cold we could hardly appreciate it's taste. We waited for them to pick the dishes after we were done and again I had to walk upto them to ask them when the food is going to come. It was already close to 20 minutes that we had finished appetiser and were waiting for them to serve us the food. Food tasted good, specially the Biriyani was good (not awesome !), the chicken dish that we ordered was nt that spicy, but tasted ok. Our food was still warm so we were surprised, since by then we had lost hope on SoS.

Overall pathetic service, worst I have seen in recent times. The management was apologetic and tried to explain that their machine broke down, not sure what he meant by that.

One more thing, they were running a deal that day that for dinner worth Rs 600 and above they would give a complimentary glass of wine. We forgot, but wasn't it their job to remind us, or give it to us ?

Price is high compared to food standard. Food is good, but not excellent, pathetic service. I can wait for awesome food, but not for ok food.

If this restaurant does not mend their ways, they will soon have to change their name to SoS from sultan of Spices. Make the price moderate, improve the service, since with ok/good quality food, you cannot afford to provide bad service + high price.

Overall I would avoid this place.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear abhowmick,
We apologise for the experience you had at sultans of spice. We thank you for your feedback and will look into the matter very seriously. Kindly share your contact details on info@blupetalhotel.com. Meanwhile we would like to invite you over again for dining with us and promise you a better experience.

myreview_samy - Burrp User


November 10,2010

Must visit place...

Been there a lot of times.This place has never disappointed us.Awesome food with great ambience,service and yumm food... those who havent,should visit once...
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Raj Richard Xavier Raj - Burrp User

Raj Richard Xavier Raj

November 06,2010

Lunch buffets are awesome

Food and ambience of the restaurant was excellent.
Wish the service was more friendly rather than causal, uncaring.
Lunch buffet was excellent and worth the money. Keep it up..
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poulomi roy - Burrp User

poulomi roy

October 17,2010

Good Though not BEST, Expensive , tasty kebabs.

Hey..yesterday took a dinner there. Well ambience and decor is soothing, spacious, no live music though which would make it true valu for money. However the decor seems to reflect afghan on one side corners of the area and not all the areas. We ordered only kebabs...quite expensive. Service is good, pricing could be little lesser as overall the effect, taste and quantity served is nothing to be called Awesome !!
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priyaiitb - Burrp User


September 28,2010

Outstanding food, great ambience , great value for

This place is really worth a visit for all north Indian cuisine lovers. Food is awesome, so is the service and the ambience. I have been here thrice, and every time it was amazing.
The lunch buffet spread is really great.
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Unmesh Khadilkar - Burrp User

Unmesh Khadilkar

September 15,2010

really nothing spectacular

excellent decor but the food is very run of the mill. just the standard cream rich gravies but nothing memorable.
agree with some of the other reviews about service - they seemed to be trying too hard to please
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goodyfoody - Burrp User


August 17,2010

Great food + courteous staff + good ambience

We tried this place on Saturday evening for a candle light dinner and must say that we had a lovely time, thanks to excellent food and hospitability of the staff!
Ambience is good...The place is very neatly maintained and clean. For a candle light dinner...we were offered a corner seat so that the area offered solitude while the groups were provided center tables to enjoy their get togethers....the dimly lit ambience and ghazals in the background set our mood and appetite.
Food was excellent. They have a wide and delectable spread available for veg/non veg starters and the quantity is pretty generous. But since they specialise in afghani/dilli mughlai food...its more of poultry/meat eaters delight...vegetarians too have a wide choice but we didnt taste any of those to comment on them.
For the main course too, you have quite a choice to make.However, we were almost full with starters/mocktails and hence ordered only afghani chicken biryani. I felt it was a bit dry (not sure if afghani biryanis are meant to be so). However, i could smell the saffron in every bite and the fried onions were perfect(burnt up onions garnish biryanis in most other places)...so full marks for quality and appropriate spices. For desserts we had gulab jamuns...and to our suprise they were dunked not in regular sugar syrup but mango pulp...that was a fine twist and we surely enjoyed it. Finally, we were given a beetel leaf juice + apple juice concoction as a food digestive...a perfect culmination.
Staff was highly couteous and checked on us once in a while to see if we needed anything... at the same time offered enough privacy and time to relish our delicacies...without being hasty...They offered help to identify the spice levels/quantity to make judicious choices...They offered a finger bowl after every course which I feel was a very good gesture.
Average meal price for two should be approx Rs. 800 - 900 (non drinkers n depending on choice of food).Although they charge VAT 13.5% + service charges of 5%.
Overall, it resulted in a very pleasant and romantic evening for us...and rested all my anxieties as it was suprise for my hubby on the eve of our engagement anniversary :)
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sayantini - Burrp User


July 27,2010

Does not live upto the impression it creates

Had been to the place with a friend but somehow there was an air of confusion all around.Firstly there was enough place for our seating and yet we were made to wait for at least 15mins.Apart from that when we were there,nobody seemed to be bothered to attend to us.Even for the water,we had to ask for it.Since, we had no prior idea that it was only a place for buffet,we expected a menu card to be provided. There was nobody to assist us with all that information or provide sufficient aid.The only good thing that perhaps happened amidst all this was that the food was good...but from my previous experiences I can say that, for a restaurant to do well...only food does not suffice....the other elements of service are also vital and this place truly fails on these grounds.
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anudada - Burrp User


July 15,2010

Good food, confused waiters

Tried out the buffet lunch on a weekday with some office colleagues. Here's my take on the place:
The food tastes good. The starters and main course had a lot of variety in the vegetarian section. A couple of the starters were absolutely yummy and fresh from the stove.
The dessert section could have been better with more variety.
The mocktails were not good at all. All the mocktails tasted strongly of apple or ginger irrespective of what was ordered!

Service: The refilling of food was bad. We had to make quite a few trips to the buffet to get some of the starters.
The waiters here seem very confused. Right from making us wait for the table that was booked in advance to handing out the menu to knowing what was available to serving drinks that were never ordered, they dint seem to have a clue about what was happening. And it wasnt just one waiter who was confused, it was ALL of them.
And there seems to be a scarcity of dessert spoons!

Pricing: Buffet lunch is totally worth the money.

Ambience: Good

The good food, ambience and pricing deserve a high rating of atleast 4 out of 5, but the bad service drags it down to an average 3 out of 5.
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Wafa Rizvi - Burrp User

Wafa Rizvi

June 27,2010

Bad food and service!!

Went for team lunch on this Thursday and I must impress I was highly impressed when I entered the restaurant.. the place has great ambiance but, that's it!! everything about the restaurant ends there.. The starters were cold and tastless.. they had no spice.. rather nothing in restaurant had spice.. I think it should be re-named to Sultan of No Spice.. the main course was the same!! Dessert was even more disappointing.. firstly, all the dishes were empty after reminding the waiter again and again he didn't bother to re-fill it.. there were no plates or dessert spoons!! I had to take one out on my own from the cutlery drawer..

Had a pathetic experinece.. I hope they improve! The worst part was that they gave me feedback form to fill and the waiter came and asked me why I gave bad feedback infront of everyone! It was so weird.. I believe feedbacks should be discussed later on phone or email rather than infront of the entire party!
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Santosh  - Burrp User


May 30,2010

Really Really good food!!

Lazing around today (a Sunday) morning, I wanted to skip breakfast (usual routine) and instead go for a nice buffet. While walking through the Jyoti Niwas road, this restaurant board caught my sight. Without any thoughts or expectations me and my wife jumped in. Let me tell you, you would love this place once you are inside. The ambiance, reflecting the name of the place, is well furnished with nice paintings depicting the "sultanic/arabic" places. There were absolutely none when we walked in at 12:30pm. Buffet menu was pretty long - Soup, 3 Veg starters, 4 Subzis, Dal/Rice, Pulao, Salads, Desserts - Ice Cream, Gulab Jamun, Sweet Samosa, Fresh fruits and Fruit Salad!!

First of all, you get a Free breezer with the buffet - Try the Cranberry one! Out of the world!

Soup - Palak Shorba - Awesome shorba with the right tinge of garlic.

Starters - Moong dal tikki - OKish; Baby corn dry - Excellent. Paneer tikka - Wow. Nice fresh and soft paneer.

Salads - Peanut masala; Piemento rice salad - New dish for me and loved it; Dry noodle salad - again new dish and nice taste.

Main course - Paneer Makhani - Sweeter than ideal; Gobi-aloo - OKish; Bhindi fry - You would love it if you like Bhindi, superb dish; Corn barta - Sweet and only thing that did not taste good. Rotis - Nice tandoori rotis. Rice - Tried Pulao, Superbly cooked with saffron, spices etc, tasted great with raita.

Desserts - Sweet samosa was grrreat. Fresh mango fruits were real treat - try it with vanilla ice cream. Fruit salad garnished with chat masala (whatever it was) was good too.

Sounds good long isnt it? No? For a price of INR300 (including taxes), I would rate this as one of my best dining experiences. Go here if you are looking for a nice place for buffet.
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weekendfoodie - Burrp User


May 24,2010

RATING: 7/10

Went without xpectin much (last week xperience was tad baad).

Rely nice ambience (b it fr family, or date), but not for ne Hulla- grp group (thnk god). U rely get a feel of sittin in a star resturent.
Location is jus perfct fr ne1 2 reach.

starters were a bit below xpectations (but tis is nt barbque nation). ample choice availbale fr VEGANS.
BUT main course(wich i prefer alwys 2 others) ws way 2 gud, limited non veg curry items but nicely cooked, n taste ws impressive, nt tht kinda wht u get in buffets normaly. quite lik ala carta dishes. VEG dishes seems 2 b their speciality n were quite delectable (esp the pulaow),
DEsserts kinda OK, nuthin gr8,

BUT overall very pleasant n return-ful exprnce.

finaly fr NON drinkers: BREEZER ws complementary
A bit highly priced fr weekenders (weekday pricing jus rgt)
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CherryBurry - Burrp User


April 29,2010

Okay Food but bad experience...

We went there few days back for dinner (Don't remember the exact date). When we went there, there was only one other couple.

The ambience was very nice. Cost was on higher side for that quality.

We had these items :

• Chicken Biryani (Neither good nor bad, but the raitha was too sweet and it spoiled the whole impression).

• Masala Papad (Good)

• Some Mocktail (Good)

• Fish Tikka (Average : Fish pieces were very very hard. I felt it's not fresh.)

I might have excused them for the 'average' food, because I was with a special person.

But what ruined the whole evening was a waiter who 'pestered' us every 2 minutes to ask how was each item. After serving each item, he stands in front of us to ask how we felt with each byte. He was not leaving us until we said 'very good'..:-)

He ruined our privacy by being over-enthusiastic. He made me to think thrice to go to this restaurant again.

I guess he needs to understand people don't come to restaurants to have a deep conversation with waiters :-)
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rahulbirla - Burrp User


April 28,2010

Its excellent all the way!

just came back from this place, had an awesome dinner.. the decor, service and food was so good and appealing that i had to write the review right away! i couldnt find anything bad about this place.. they had taken care of everything to perfection, right from the wall murals, decor to the music. the food was authentic, they serve afghani, delhi and amristari and have a whole lot of starters and curries which no other place has. the cocktail was ok, the service is splendid, they dont wait for you to call them, very attentive staff. but expensive.. but its worth every penny u spend there.. as when u lick your fingers after your meal your stomach n ur smile will make up for the bill :) will sure go again to the place.. highly recommended!
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rohitinnashua - Burrp User


March 29,2010

Treasure Find in Kormangala

Had gone to Sultans of Spice for a team outing. The ambience of the place is good. But the food was excellent. There was a nice variety of starters, main course and Deserts to select from. The taste was also very nice.
Overall for the price, it was an Treasure find in Kormangala. Would definitely recommend this one.
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Sanky.20 - Burrp User


March 16,2010

Amazing Food

Had a frds bday party recently
Ambiance is plane but good.
Lights dim so i liked it
Service is slow but good
But the best part is the food its gr8
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Raveesh Kulshrestha - Burrp User

Raveesh Kulshrestha

March 05,2010

Fresh ambience, food is just about average

Around 220 with tax, the buffet (veg and non-veg) here is just about average. This place has come up recently so the ambience looks fresh and yes the place is huge from inside but as far as the food is concerned its just about average considering the fact that there are many more eat outs serving buffets in the same price bracket like BBQ nation. If you are near 5th block Koramangala then definitely Taste of Rampur (next to Hyderabad House) is a better option. Also if you can change your choice of cuisine from mughlai/indian to chinese then a better bet is Xheng at the ground floor in the same building, same price but a much better experience.
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Rahul Narula - Burrp User

Rahul Narula

March 04,2010

Value for money

Had the opportunity to go for the buffet lunch at this place with my team and was delighted to find the options available on the buffet.
The starters were pretty tasty and were different than the usual starters available on usual buffets. Everything was available hot.
Also tried all the veg main course items are found them delicious.

The dessert especially the Shaahi toast was well prepared.

Overall was a good value for money!
Hope they maintain the same quality overtime since this is a new place.
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GulabJ - Burrp User


March 04,2010

Excellent Buffet

Had gone to Sultans of Spice for a team celebration. Found the lunch buffet to be excellent for the price. The buffet spread was plentiful, tasty and not very oily ---- 3 veg starters, 2 non-veg starters, 2 non-veg curries, 1 non-veg biryani, 2 soups (veg/non-veg), quite a few veg main dishes -- didn’t concentrate here at all :) , 3 desserts, fresh fruits, salads. The service was prompt. Ambiance was not over the top.
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preetip - Burrp User


February 15,2010

Great Food!

A place where you can definately hold in a big treat for yourselves and your family.
Watch in for the lovely decor and don't forget to eat the BIRYANI!
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burp_burp - Burrp User


February 09,2010

Really good..value for money

Nice food..nice ambience..value for money..compared to the expensive restaurants offering very average food...
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