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Arvind Kumar - Burrp User

Arvind Kumar

September 26,2015


So the reason I am choosing more than 0 for this rating is because there is no option to choose 0 and that's exactly what this RIDICULOUS RESTAURANT WHICH DOESN'T KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD "CUSTOMER SERVICE" DESERVES.

Let me start by saying I don't generally write negative reviews but this restaurant really begged and screamed for it. This restaurant SUCKS and they have no regard for customers. All they focus on is how quickly they can get rid of you from the table so they make more business!

I want to share the strangest thing happened in this restaurant which I have never seen nor experienced in my entire life's dining out experience - ASKING CUSTOMERS TO LEAVE THE TABLE. Mind you this is no fast food restaurant and they charge u two white elephants for each meal!

We were here on Sunday, the 6th for lunch. While we entered, the restaurant was pretty much empty and we placed our first orders. Pretty soon people started coming in and the staff started rushing us for orders! We were in no intention to whine away time and neither is this place meant for lazing out. All we needed was a good lunch to head out to other activities for the day.

Every few minutes we were approached for orders and the bill arrived even without us asking for it.

The waiter came with the bill, put it on the table, banged twice on the table and said "SIR, I NEED THIS TABLE"... That was a huge shocker to hear from any service attendant; he said this and moved away.

We were taken aback and immediately decided to report the behavior of the attendant and called on the so called "Restaurant Manager" - PRABHAKAR. He comes to the table, we start explaining the tone of the waiter and he just walks away showing his back. He doesn't even hear us for 10 seconds. Pissed as we were, we called him up again and his excuse "He has people waiting". He doesn't bother to hear us out, forget taking any disciplinary action on the waiter.

This is making a joke out of customer service and for the money they charge, it’s a daylight robbery restaurant run by goons who share no sense of respect to customers. I wasted an hour of my life in this restaurant and 15 minutes now again writing about this goon factory. I strongly suggest everyone to avoid this restaurant unless u want to experience the same kind of treatment! I am pretty sure the restaurant will not even bother to contact me despite this review, can’t expect anything more from this piece of a crap restaurant!
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karankapur14 - Burrp User


August 15,2013

Not Good Anymore

Seven of us had dinner here. We ordered a Raan E Sartaj (Rs.930), two portions of Seekh Kebab (Rs.480 each), two portions of malai chicken tikka (Rs. 390 each), dal makhani (Rs.270), Palak paneer (Rs. 345), Murg Makhani full (Rs. 640), Pudhina parantha (Rs.63), missi roti (Rs.64), butter naan (Rs.84),lacchedar parantha (Rs.63), and a kulfi falooda (Rs. 190). We usually order the Amritsari Macchi and the fish tikka as well, but they didn't have any fish item on this day. The best dish of the evening was the Raan E Sartaj. Very well cooked lamb, succulent to eat with the meat falling off the bone and perfectly spiced. Served just like the way the dish is served at Bukhara-ITC Maurya Sheraton in Delhi.
Every other dish was ordinary.
Our total bill came to Rs.6552 with Rs.1500 as taxes. I've been coming here regularly with my family, but this is the first time I am reviewing Tandoor because everytime I eat here I feel their prices are not commensurate with the quality of food, but I always feel like giving them one more chance. However,there is no doubt that the service and the ambiance is top notch. Honestly, my family keeps going back here only because the place was one of the few that started serving Mughlai cuisine in the city and it reminds them of the good times and memories they shared long before I was born. So,hopefully next time I will have my way into convincing them that their money can be much better spent, as you can get much better food at half the price elsewhere.
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navyadsouza - Burrp User


July 05,2013

Quite Bad

This is supposed to be a legendary place but it turned out to be nothing but a colossal waste of money.

You'll see a lot of expats and tourists eating here, maybe, that;s why they price their dishes so highly. But the quality of food is way below average even though the portions are quite generous. We ordered a few kebabs before moving on to the mains. The kebabs were all right but the curries that came with the mains were nothing but dishes filled with pureed tomatoes. Strictly avoid!
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abcdhi123 - Burrp User


January 01,2013

Worst quality food

Recently i visited there.The quality of food is very bad.The biriyani seems like boiled rice and the Kashmiri pulao is like boiled rice with water.5 yrs back the taste of food was good. But nowadays it has become very bad.They only take the money from the customer, not value for money....beaware of them..
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Imi In - Burrp User

Imi In

November 02,2012

avg taste...

nothing great about the food or service..ambiance is pretty ok..wih all the painting all over the wall.. we ordered mutton biriyani.. was pretty ok..butter nan sucked it was like rubber..and the mutton curry was even worse..not worth the money..
waiters are so ignorant ..would never go back..
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subhakantakar - Burrp User


September 01,2012

I enjoyed my dinner

I was there today and I enjoyed my food there. Started with shorba. Yakhani shorba was awesome. Chicken shorba was average+. I also ordered Tandoori pomfret which I would rate as average+ .Chicken Tikka Lababdar was something like a blend of Chicken Tikka and Chicken DoPyaza which was good. Price wise I would rate it in higher side. Ambience was good. Overall had a quality time.
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Rohit  - Burrp User


August 04,2012

Expensive for an average meal.

Pretty expensive place. Ambience is decent. Quality of food is definitely not proportionate to the price tag. Need to rev up the taste and quality or at the very least redo the pricing to match the current quality.
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Raghu Mahendrakar - Burrp User

Raghu Mahendrakar

November 05,2011

Very good tandoori food

Tandoor is an icon of Bangalore-the decor, the place still reminds of old Bangalore. The tandoori dishes are delicious- very authentic, very rich. The place is at an amazing location, the service is strictly okay but the food is just awesome.
Highly recommended.
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Amandine - Burrp User


August 11,2011

Excellent !

I was there last week and it was just perfect. If you love Indian food (like me), try it. They do the best Dal Makhani I have ever eaten (even in Delhi I have never found the same)...
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piyush  jain - Burrp User

piyush jain

July 18,2011

Awesome Ambience...Great Food

if you really wanna try the tastes of punjab this is the place to be...the food though expensive, is worth the money...the food is very flavor-full...the service is very good too...the ambience is just to die for...also this place is usually crowded even on weekdays so make a reservation...and sit back and pamper you senses...:D :D :D :D :D
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Prasad Sahani - Burrp User

Prasad Sahani

May 16,2011

Their speciality - Cheating

I went there on saturday 15th May, with family and a small group of friends. The restaurants staff are nowhere to be seen after they make you seat.

The staff were somehow immune to our desperate call to take orders , suggest or even server.The ambiance was pathetic. It played some boring songs, to which my bro said Indian restaurants at Texas play better songs than this, with their limited resource.

We asked for some started which included chicken , prawn and some veg clay oven stuff, only Prawn was better compared to rest. The chicken shorba, Mutton Yamiki (or something like that) can only be compared to rice broth and given a choice i will prefer the rice broth between the 2. Anyway until now none except the expensive mojito and dry martini has striked the chord to us. We asked for the main-course, I dont remember what others asked because after seeing there face (which was somewhat similar to mine after eating what I ordered) after they tasted there food was not very pleasant. I asked for Mutton Biryani and sheekh kebab. First they brought the mutton biryani. I saw the raita missing so I called up a staff and asked if he can get me the raita, the staff looked at me and confirmed RAITA? as if I have just mugged him 100 bucks. after 5 mins something like curd with chilly powder came, but what I was waiting for is there special seekh kebab which my friends recommended, which arrived a couple of minutes later , by this time even the lone veggie with us was totally dispointed with the food and the staffs attitude. However we thought the kebabs can bring some smile, 6 took one kebab each (except the vegie) and this affirmed our decision to pack.

I asked one of the staff to get the check and "To Go" the left food mainly the Kebabs. As the Kebab were raw and the chilly and masala were still dry ( I thought I can give them some heat at my own lay.

These guys charged extra for packing and also they charged service tax and VAT.

The next morning when I opened the pack, there was no Kebab to be seen, in fact the food they packed was someone else's leftover. what cheaters unethical the TANDOOR is..
Its expensive, unethical, cheater staff and the food and the ambiance is pathetic.
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foodie9 - Burrp User


February 14,2011

Good service but tasteless food

The service, decor and ambience are great but the food is tasteless and overpriced stodge at that. I would not go there again.
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raghavkamath82 - Burrp User


December 21,2010

not worth the price

I have heard a lot about Tandoor for past one year, but today I got an opportunity to visit this place. I ordered a pint beer, a veg pulav, half tandoori chicken and a mocktail, ( bill came a whooping Rs. 852. Ambience is just Okay, like any other restaurant in Bangalore. Talking about the food, I had an impression that they serve the best tandoori dishes, hence I ordered one. Its worth 235Rs (410 for a full chicken) but they just gave 2 small bony pieces and the taste was also bit salty. I am typically from Mumbai and Delhi and Tandoor Bangalore was sheer disappointment. Instead i would have got the same at 130-150 with great taste.. After having their Tandoori chicken, I asked for the bill and left. I continued my dinner in a good restaurant close to my house. Tandoor is nothing but a much hyped multi- starer Bollywood movie, which runs for a week and flops the next week.
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jungmd - Burrp User


November 17,2010

Old School. Still One of the Best

As a child, when Bangalore was smaller and gentler, I would sit with my parents and sister, and we would watch the cooks throwing dough into the air. We would eat their pickled onions (long before any other restaurant had them), and wait for the food to arrive, and when it did, we would all eat it with an enjoyment that would be the hallmark of our trip to bangalore.

The place is crowded now, but this reflects a changing Bangalore
The food is still outstanding, the tandoori chicken, the daal makhani, the naans, everything.

Highly recommended, even if you don't get that extra rush of nostalgia that older Bangaloreans might enjoy while at Tandoor.
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pattismith - Burrp User


September 09,2010

best tandoori food in town

visited tandoor after a long gap of 13 years.same superlative food.My old friend umaid singh was still there and surprisingly he remembered my favourite dishes.way to go dude .Keep it up.
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GDSingh - Burrp User


March 01,2010

just average

we were 8 of us on a sunday evening, had done a reservation so promptly got a table....staff was polite and responsive. full marks for seating comfort.
ordered a mix of veg and non-veg starters, (paneer, mushrooms and tandoori chicken) didn't like any. The only thing that tasted good until the main-course arrived was the beer.. :p . The worst ones were the "tandoori" items......tandoori chicken is a big no no.
main-course saved it a bit, had ordered vegetables, paneer and chicken dishes. all decent, none was extraordinary. we have had same dishes at half the price and tasting better at some other good and ambient places. anyways, i won't say it was a bad experience.....may or may not visit again.
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Anju  - Burrp User


February 28,2010

Royal ambience-Sumptuous meal

What I liked about Tandoor is its exquisite ambience-the royal decor, attractive chandeliers and spacious table enough to see ur partner from quite a distance. U can lot of foreigners feasting their bit and friends having a hearty timely laughter. The place is not romantic but it sure is royal. The chicken meal is tastier as that in Gufha. The food is good, but the ambience is a hit and so was my special day !
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malpilu - Burrp User


February 23,2010

Good Food

I am not a fan of its ambience, but the food was tasty. Its a place to have good food and nothing else.
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epicure007 - Burrp User


December 14,2009

One of the best for Mughlai

Tandoor is well known to discerning eaters in Bangalore. What has Tandoor not seen during its very long existence at the business end of MG Road? It has seen the parkway used for interesting fairs and protests, the stadium celebrate many an Indian victory, the parade happening every year at the ground and the Metro come from nowhere to reduce an arterial road to rubble

So yes, there is some history to this place and they handle it with pride, efficiency and care.

Some things that strike as common from all my multiple visits here are - the spaciousness, the pleasant efficiency of the service ( almost Taj like) and the consistency of the food quality. Its also a quiet place for a restaurant of such large capacity. Which usually means that the patrons are the genteel kind who like to enjoy their food in peace

On my last visit, which was quite sometime back, we had the Mutton Rarah with butter naans. Food at Tandoor is rich in taste, and one does tend to feel heavy. But at least it is on account of copious amounts of butter and not some soda. One does land up stuffing oneself out here

The ambience has undergone several changes over the years, and the recent version is very grand and the tables are very ornate and a lot of the cutlery has the Tandoor insignia

be it soups ( Tomato Shorba is the best), the delectable kebabs ( the Mutton Sheekh is a recommendation) or the various gravies and the breads, they dont go wrong very easily. The drinks are good as well - both alcoholic and non - alcoholic

So, as is evident, there is really noting to fault out here.
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Hima Navarro - Burrp User

Hima Navarro

October 14,2009

Truly royal

I have been visiting this restaurant for over a decade now. I thing I can vouch for in this restaurant is it's consistency.

The parking is available in the compound. Valet parking is also available. The place tends to get crowded, so a reservation generally helps. The ambiance is very royal, and seating very comfortable and posh. The cutlery, decoration on tables is execusite.

Though menu is not very extensive, every dish is very well made and distinct. I recommend platter for starters. In main course, I would recommend rogan josh and dal.

I dessert, I would highly recommend kheer.

The place is expensive, but I will definitely recommend it for special occasions.

I thing I would particularly like to mention is their consistency. Over my multiple visit in years, I have had good to excellent tasting dishes only. The only time they faultered was once in Kheer(tasted kinda sour), which they immediately removed from table and from bill.
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


September 08,2009

Lovely evening..ate too much

The menu at Tandoor is very extensive and everything sounds delicious. In the end we ordered far too much. But everything was so good that I couldn't stop eating! Overall, my husband and I had a lovely evening together. The decor was very classy and the intricate Indian-style painting on the ceilings in particular was a very nice touch. I'm sure we will be back again! I would recommend making reservations as it seems to fill up.
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newsingh - Burrp User


September 05,2009

Good food

Food is good, ambience average and prices high.

They may reduce on the ghee/oil though.

Book in advance.

Staff, although courteous, carries an air around them as if Tandoor is the only good one around. WTF

Seating not very comfortable.

End of the day, the tasty food justifies it all.
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Sumit Agarwal - Burrp User

Sumit Agarwal

April 14,2009

Good food and mocktails...

I went to this place with my girl friend for lunch...As soon as we went inside we were been addressed by two ppl and were taken to our table....the ambience was royal but it needed a renovation once again is what i felt...we ordered for one mocktail named as itallian smooch and one shekh kabab...the mocktail was very tasty and the starter was also good...after that we ordered for our main course along with lassi...the food was really yummy and very very filling...the service was nice and the food was really good....i think that this place must be looking even royale in night time...really a nice place to go sometime...Finally when the bill came...it was Rs 1100/-(including tips) for two of us...

food:-4.5 out of 5
decor:-4 out of 5
service:-4.5 out of 5
value for money:-4 out of 5
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bevarsee - Burrp User


January 10,2009

Consistently Excellent

Guaranteed good food

This place is my favorite below are the reasons why

Pros :

Great consistent high quality food
Good attentive service
Homely/ business atmosphere
Excellent wide variety of choice of food for veg and meat lovers
Ambiance is lovely
nice decent lunch thali



My 20 paisa

if you are hungry and want to entertain guests or clients and do not want to risk bad food or service GO HERE its Guaranteed good food and service
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Amrutha Vinay - Burrp User

Amrutha Vinay

December 12,2008

Royal, Grand and Sumptuous Clay oven!

Our experience at Tandoor which also means clay oven was indeed Royal, Grand and Sumptuous!
A U-Turn at the right place on MG road, two hungry like minds and that’s when we landed at Tandoor.
I have been to Tandoor close to 5 times, but after their renovation, this was my first visit.
It was a weekday and we luckily got a table without any wait. It is better to book in advance because usually this place is crowded.
Quite a number of foreigners graced the placed. You enter the place and there is a welcoming gesture from a friendly man.
The place is brilliantly lit with huge chandeliers ornamented with white and red crystals. It compliments finely with the intricate Rajasthani paintings on the ceilings, and golden pillars. One of them accompanied us to our tables, showed us our seats and wished us a happy meal. The table was meant for 4 and so it was pretty big for two. The seats are comfortable with soft, velvet cushions. The tables are closely placed making conversations across other tables more than faintly audible. There is just place for one person to walk in between tables.

The menu was finely designed with details about each available dish. This would really come in handy when one needs an explanation of what the complicated names are all about. It had light glazed off white sheets with maroon stylish fonts tucked inside maroon velvet foliates. We placed our order and waited for the food.
The starter was the semi gravy Murgh Mirchi Lazez, This was not too dry but came with the most delicious gravy. The quantity they give is quite a bit, they are absolutely generous with their quantity! For the main course it was the garlic naan, Stuffed onion and Gobhi Parathas and Kadai Murgh. Every bite of the food was so enjoyable. These breads are delicious and this is certainly something that I would recommend for all.
We thoroughly enjoyed our food here. The Kadai Murgh was a beauty with onions, capsicum, chicken and variety of spices was indeed too much and so we asked the waiter to pack the same for us. The Lassi and Boondi Raitha were just delectable and was just the combination for the breads.
The Shallots dipped in vinegar, mint chutney, onion chutney, pickle are neatly presented on each tables do need a mention. After you are given the finger bowl at the end of the meal, you are surprised with a nicely done paan.
The service is friendly and courteous. The staff looks presentable and happy to work.
It is definitely the place for special occasions. Well, you could also go there on just another day provided you could pay the royal prize ;-)

To sum it up, it is a fantabulous place!. A place which'll make you enjoy your food in every bite, every bit and leave you asking for more.
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janu girl - Burrp User

janu girl

December 05,2008

Good Food, Average Decor

This place has quite good food and good service although quite always full.. So consider making an advance reservation.
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

October 14,2008

Tandoori Heights

Many of my friends suggested me to try this place umpteen number of times giving me rave reviews on the food and the ambience.

An unplanned schedule with a friend took me there. Believe me, I realized, I had missed something for a long time!!
Being not sure of the availability of the table, we just barged in to check if we had some luck. And we really did have some :)

The janitor said with a pleasant smile, “Zaroor Madam, table khaali hai”. I signaled my friend and waited in the waiting area and in the mean while, the janitor spoke to me so much and gave me lots of info on their restaurant and its locations. We went into the dining hall and were directed towards the 1st floor. On our way, I noticed a huge bottle of black dog whisky. I had never seen such a huge bottle in my life before!

We comfortably placed ourselves on the chairs. The interior looks royal and they’ve taken extra care to make the painting on the walls and the roof very beautiful. The chandeliers were pretty and looked expensive. There were many firangis enjoying the Indian meal and licking their fingers!

There were no much choice of veg soup, so we ended up with the alu chaat (I’ll go there exclusively to eat this) and a kebab. The quantity and the size of kabab were so big; our tummies were almost filled with the same. Not completely satisfied, we thought, we should make more justice to our stomachs and ordered missi roti and butter naan with a cottage cheese kofta. Looking at the size of the naan, my friend had almost decided to get the same thing packed but, managed to eat half of the quantity. The kofta had dollops and more dollops of butter in it making me extra conscious for a while. After, tasting, I just continued to gobble it all up without any second thought.

The service was super quick and the ambience was one of the best till date. The total damage for the two of us was around Rs.700+
I definitely recommend this place. Its worth visiting for sure!
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pavandeniro - Burrp User


May 21,2008

Neat !

Tandoor , has a rustic feel to it , brilliantly decorated interiors , well kept tables and the Loo here is something which one would like to visit often ,during teh course of his /her stay there !...(dont ask me why ! )........

Coming to the food , i could'nt understand most of what was written on the menu !, was confused on wether it was Punjabi or Rajasthani !..never-mind , the well dressed waiters out here are all the more glad to help you out !...
I 'd suggest ya'll to try paranthas , there are a whole variety of em !, and any good side dish which the waiter suggests ,.....

Ambience : good , perfect for a family reunion , or to celeb ones anniversary

Price : not for regulars , best for once in a month eat out types , ...starts from Rs 200

Food ,: good quality for the price one pays , ..delicious
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Swetha Venkat - Burrp User

Swetha Venkat

April 04,2008

Food can't get better!

Royal!! Thats the word that comes to your mind once you enter Tandoor. Everything here is given a classy touch.
And surprisingly, unlike most other places, the royal feeling lasts till the end - even when you place your credit card in the bill book. Royal price :)

OK, Lets get to the more important stuff. Food.. Majorly a North Indian cuisine. But, Of course!

I should say every dish they served was delicious. The tomato shorba was juicy rasam-like. And thats how it is supposed to be. Vegetarians dont have much choice in the soup category. When we ordered soup, we expected a tiny copper peg half-filled with soup. They took us by surprise. As per the universal theory of posh restaurants, the quantity of the food item and its price are inversely proportional. But, Tandoor proves it wrong. The servings are clearly generous.

The kababs had crisp edges and soft fillings. Especially, the Paneer Sheekabab just melts in your mouth. You simply cant have enough of it. Ask me, if the restaurant chef does the paneer well, he can be depended on for all the other food items. Be it the soft rumali roti or the garam parattas, everything had its own taste and aroma. Even the worst critic would give it a 10.

We liked Vegetable Vilayati the best. The 'masal' was definitely not too spicy and it makes you crave for more. Not to worry, as the portions are served sumptuously. Those tiny onions soaked in white vinegar added color to the already well spread table. Well done guys!

I should definitely mention about the service. The waiters there are courteous. And by courteous I mean, they go by the book. A little too much to handle. You don’t want someone to be watching over you (discreetly, of course) the whole time until you are finished eating. I am definitely not complaining though. They are there before you turn around to ask for an extra fork. I guess it was partly because the place was not too crowded. Hats off to them if they can maintain it the same way on a season day too.

The Aloo Bhojpuri and Mutter Makai Nu Saag were tasty and were decorated with a good amount of cashews.

Though the desert section does not contain anything innovative, the jamoons were hot and sweet. They went well with the plain vanilla we had ordered.

The condiments placed in neat little compartments in a heavily ornated box (the classy touch again!!) were enough to make a complete paan.

I am a little fussy when it comes to lighting. I don’t find fluorescent yellow appealing however good the chandeliers are. Tandoor doesn’t score well in the lighting section. They could have set a dull lavender lighting or a candle- light ambience would have been just perfect. I have given them this suggestion in their comments book. :) Silly, I know.

Overall, excellent food, Good service and ambience. A little Pricey but, well worth the bucks.
Makes your evening a memorable one.
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Sundeep Singh - Burrp User

Sundeep Singh

February 22,2008

Overall good experience

The ambience is the first thing that hits you when you enter. One look at the menu and you know its pricey!

But believe me try the starters, they are worth it. I think the Tandoor is more famous for non-veg but we tried vegetarian also and it was equally good. For four of us it came to around 2400 (including drinks).

One good point is that the waiters never intrude. But when you need them someone is always around. Also the tables are adequately spaced, but still somehow this place is too loud, maybe too many people?! Or maybe a one of incident, there was a team outing the time we went...

If you are really planning to go then go all out, this place wont dissappoint you in terms of food atleast.

Note: You might have to wait for like a half hour to one hour if you go without reservations on a weekend.
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sanjeev n  - Burrp User

sanjeev n

December 15,2007

good but pricey

good punjabi grub, the dal makhani and murg makhani was good.
ambience: good
price: expensive
food: good
helpings: decent
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