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sakhiravoordiaries  - Burrp User


September 11,2016

Nice place nice food boring wait

Very nice place for burgers pastas and desserts and waited almost half an hour to get place on my Sunday brunch..!! Can wait for food
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sumitk86 - Burrp User


April 05,2016

Wanna crash with your buddies..!!

Good place for have variety of fast food at very decent amount. So its good coll student to service people.
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Saket Kashyap - Burrp User

Saket Kashyap

March 30,2015

eat something better

not worth it. not worth the que, not worth the money. The burgers are plain and bland.
veg crispy burger=pakoda burger
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Pradeep R - Burrp User

Pradeep R

August 21,2014

Anything Here is Awesome ... The BestBbeing The Peri Peri Burger

I have gone along this road so many times. The font of the hotel is so attractive that I always had it in mind to visit this place once for sure. Happened to do so on a Friday.

We reached at 7.30 pm and just managed to get a seat without having to wait. The people who came after us were not so lucky they had to wait for 20 to 30 minutes before they could be seated inside.
We ordered Peri Peri chicken burger, mixed grill steak, FCUK, cream n cheese pasta and Ferraro Roche chocolate brownie.

Loved everything with the peri Peri chicken topping the whole list followed by the mixed grill steak. Did not like the pasta so much. Wanted to order one more of those burgers but wifey said control , control :).

Loved the whole setup and the ambiance. Can't deny that the whole crowd was very young making my in laws feeling a bit out of place.

The staff was very attentive and suggested some good stuff from the menu when asked for.

Price wise I was satisfied too because of the quantity and quality of the product. For a group of 4 it cost us just Rs1000 bucks with tip.

Will be back dear Peri Peri Burger :)
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Prince Patni - Burrp User

Prince Patni

May 30,2014

If you are a Foodie, This Place is a Must to Visit

Great food. Great service. Prices listed in the menu are inclusive of VAT and service tax so no surprises in the end. Tried Pasta Arabiata and on an another day London Mix Grill. Both excellent dishes. Awesome place, always crowded. Jumbo chicken burgers are just wonderful. You eat one of them or American cheese burger n u will want more. Steak with barbecue sauce was good too along with smashed potato dish... Must try some times...
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Kelvin Castelino - Burrp User

Kelvin Castelino

May 21,2014

Yum Food, Slow Service

Had been to this place for Lunch on a Sunday! A real good hangout place, on a quiet lane, with a great ambiance, with clean, neat and simple interiors! The place had a a fair amount of crowd, that means we got a table just as we entered. A quick glance of the menu didn't help us choose what we wanted to relish on, so we started going item by item to figure out what does the name of the item actually mean! Friends and me were desiring some steaks that day, and we did hear that their steaks are good, so why not check them out! We ordered a mixture of all meats steak, one with Chicken, another Lamb, another Fish and also a Prawn one. The food was well cooked, but somehow I figured out the sauce/curry on the top for all steaks were nearly the same. Not sure, if they are supposed to be. So we enjoyed our steaks with some veggies at the side and some french fries. The mashed potato was not good though, somehow it was not boiled well. We also did try out some of their coolers, not sure of the names because of my low memory one was in blue and the other in the bright "pink" color, and I don't need to mention but the pink one was too sweet and not that good! But wait, don't make your conclusions, because we also tried the 'Gooey Mud Cake' which was a real treat to our taste buds, and to end our meal. All in all, a little expensive than normal hangout places, but what to say times have changed, so I could say considering the food, the place, the service, it was a reasonable one. Service was a little slow, and a little confused server you will find, so make sure your server, has got the order right. Go out there, to bite into their steaks! Also heard they have some good burgers, will try that next time though :)
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Hemanth Kumar - Burrp User

Hemanth Kumar

May 15,2014

Catch-Up Place

The first time I went to truffles it was difficult to find a parking place and I really liked the ambiance and the lively crowd as well as the servers, its more like a Fun place to meet up people and kinda chat and have some great food. Whatever you buy there it comes with mayo. The Menu has many choices from pastas to cheese burgers,I personally Love The american cheese burger, The original one I've come across. The prices are bit high for college goers, they have a small bake section which I haven't tried yet.
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Ann Vaidian - Burrp User

Ann Vaidian

March 24,2014

Food - Check! Ambience - Check!

I just moved to Bangalore and where I'm coming from, one can lay their hand's on some really amazing food at a reasonable price.! 1. PASTAS: Truffles Ice & Spice, is by far the most reasonable place that I've come along. I can swear by their PASTAS! Their pasta sauces are simple and never disappoints unlike other places. 2. BURGERS: One of the nicest places for burgers!! I took a chomp off my friend's Chicken Steak Burger and the meat was so good! 3. Ambiance: They have a really warm and informal set-up, perfect for catching up with friends and family! This further promoted one to randomly chat up with other customers which is not much of a normal norm from what I've seen in Bangalore. 4. Staff: My God, the staff is really sweet! I once went with my family including my niece who is 2 years old. They let her run around and were cautious when she was close to any tables from bumping her head. She went wild there! 5. Somehow, I can't recall what I placed exactly. But I wasn't too impressed by their dessert palate. They have some common names but I didn't like their chocolate based desserts (I think their tarts and a dutch truffle). So, I tend to stick to their main course. 6. Prices: Really really reasonable for someone who is just out of college and this does not inversely reflect on the food!! I noticed that they have waffles and pancakes, and I look forward to trying them some day! But overall, really nice ambiance and food, though since they have a long waiting list, one is very (very!) politely reminded of the same. So one has to scoot really fast after their (good) meal!
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terryjoev04 - Burrp User


December 13,2013

Best Burgers in Town

Burgers in Bangalore always meant Thulp or Only Place to me. But for the value and taste, Truffles comes in the list. Usual orders are Crispy Chicken Burger, lamb burger followed by Thai rice and coffee list is pretty decent as well...I never miss my favorites, Fererro Rocher. But the sad part is to get a table. But the service is quick.
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Namrata  Baliga - Burrp User

Namrata Baliga

July 18,2013

I Can Eat Here Even When I am Full!!

Had heard a lot about this place but never got a chance to be here! I had just finished my lunch and my friends wanted to come here and dragged me along. I was full, so I decided to just have dessert. But I have waited so long to be here. How can I step out without having the food! My friend suggested Crispy Chicken burger and I finished it without any complaints!! It was big, but yummm. I had a bite off the Cheese Veg burger that my friend ordered!! I should say the cheese filled my mouth-heaven!! The Penne pasta in red sauce- Fabulous and rich. Then what I initially stepped in for-dessert. Blueberry cheesecake every bite felt like blueberry. Smooth and delicious. I think the others ordered choco tart(I was too involved in my cheese cake, but managed to take a bite) The chocolate was rich and the tart biscuity. The service was good. I am definitely going back and trying the other dishes on the menu. May be for lunch, this time. Oh ya, before I forget they were kind enough to charge my friends phone.
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harinirao89 - Burrp User


November 21,2012


This is one of the best hang out spots in Bangalore. I was pleasantly surprised to see that their vegetarian food though limited was great. the ambiance is fresh and the crowd that hangs out there is young. It has a nice bistro feeling to it. You must sample their burgers and their smoothies!
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