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jothegreat - Burrp User


May 15,2015

Great Service, OK food

We went there on a weekday evening and were the first people to enter for dinner. Although the menu looks like it has loads of vegetarian options, when you look closely, you realise that most of them are pretty much the same with only small tweaks in the ingredients. We ordered 2 sizzlers and 2 fresh lime sodas. Taste was OKay, portion size was good. Since the food is on the spicier side of the palette, my kid was not able to eat anything. The manager offered HOME MADE French fries just for her and dint even charge for it! That was really what made my day!
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7salman86 - Burrp User


March 06,2015

The place is pricey for the dining experience that it provides. There are better places to go to, if you crave a sizzler

Yana sizzlers originally started in Pune and later expanded to Bangalore. After hearing a lot about this place from my friends in Pune I decided to go here. It is a small place with a welcoming ambiance and nice music. They have some puzzles and crosswords as table mats, so as to pass the time till the order arrives (understandable as it took quite a while just to place the order and even more time to get it to our table).

From the menu it looks like a paradise for veggie lovers, as they have a huge variety of veg selection. Our order, however was the chicken satellite steak, the meat was tender accompanied with a spicy and tangy sauce topped with rice, fries, vegetables and cheese, overall a tasty steak. But I was disappointed as the portions of meat were less compared to the cabbage that seemed to be everywhere.
We also ordered the apple pie with vanilla ice cream, a great combination to make us forget the excess cabbage.

The service is disappointing as there were only 4 customers and around 7 or so waiters, still they took a lot of time to take the order and also to get it to our tables.

The place is pricey for the dining experience that it provides. There are better places to go to, if you crave a sizzler.
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Perfect2some - Burrp User


January 16,2014

Not the Best Sizzler in Town

We went to this place recently and ordered a chicken and a veg sizzler.. Being a place which specializes in sizzlers; their dishes certainly lack the finesse. The sauce lacked flavour..Have had better sizzlers at Tangerine and Woodstock..The sizzling apple pie though was a show stealer. Sizzling pie with smooth ice cream.. Absolutely yummm !!Not coming back here for sizzlers for sure but apple pie, a definite yes !
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

August 06,2011

Yana Fizzled out

For this place I really wanna start with 1 important thing, what is wrong with your head waiter. He takes your order like he himself is ordering you to place a particular order, then he starts giving you gyaan(knowledge) that you really don't wanna hear. We haven't reached the best part yet, when we ordered for steaks, he serves our food as a sizzler and then we complaint about it and he starts strutting his gyaan again "this is they right way it has to be served and all that BS". So Yana Sizzlers if you do read this, you need that guy out from there. As far as the food is concerned, it was pretty good and hefty proportions but not the right value for money. If that and the waiter could be taken care of, I wouldn't have any problems with the rest of the stars
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CherryBurry - Burrp User


July 25,2011

Good Sizzlers...

We visited this place on Sunday and had a good experience. Whatever sizzlers we ordered were good, 'Barbeque Fish Sizzler with Hot Spicy sauce' being the best. The mocktails were very good. Iced tea & garlic bread were also very good. Prices were on heavier side. 400 to 450 Rs for fish/prawn sizzler is a bit high + 5% service tax makes it even higher. Quantity was decent, but not justifiable for those prices. The desserts were too costly for those low quantities offered. Not value for money. Overall, the place was good with good food, but not worth going every week with those high prices. Could reduce prices by 25%.
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