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Dhanya Marath - Burrp User

Dhanya Marath

March 30,2014

A Heaven in the Middle of the City...

I have been to this place many times. The best part is you enjoy when you go as a gang, with your boyfriend or ALONE! Its serene! Food is something I had to compromise on.!! Its just average ... I go there only for peace ...
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Smile2014 - Burrp User


March 27,2014

Best Ever Coffee Hangout in Chennai

Yet to visit this place ?Then you are missing something very BIG.

One place you will always love to visit and be for a long time. You can read a BOOK/play with your IPAD/discuss about your new business/anything under the sun without any intervention from the store guys.

I would call it a concept building than a coffee shop.It is not just a coffee shop but an experience

PERFECT location
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Vaishnavi Balasubramanian - Burrp User

Vaishnavi Balasubramanian

January 30,2014

A Battle Between Ambiance and Food!

When you say Amethyst people go all ho ha about this place and say it’s brilliant and awesome. To be very honest you kind of get floored to see a restaurant which has such beautiful ambiance in the center of the city. However for the experience to be satisfying you definitely need to have some good food for the price you pay.
Why you should go here?
• Terrific ambiance and gardens
• Peaceful atmosphere
• Customer service (not to mention the service tax)
• To spend hours and hours together over a coffee
• If you don’t like too much crowd
• You could find an atmosphere where your creative juice flows and you end up with a good script or poem
Why should you not go here?
• If you are a foodie who likes to try out tasty food
• Over priced
• They have one of the worst Caesar’s Salad
• Over priced wifi
• Too many mosquitoes
The bottom line is if you are really hungry and want to have some delicious food this is definitely a wrong choice. On the other hand you have a heavy wallet and want to spend a nice evening over a coffee with your girlfriend and you’re so truly, deeply in love that you can neither feel the mosquito bite or the bad food that you are gulping down, please do go there. Also unlike other places you do not have serving staff coming every 5 min and asking if they can get the check, if fact they are so non-interfering that you almost forget you are at a restaurant.
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Veena Tandon - Burrp User

Veena Tandon

July 05,2013

Love The Ambiance

If you want to spend some quite time with your loved ones, definitely head here. The Ambiance is just relaxing ; The Price might pinch your pocket. But it's worth it.
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Sandy Bhasker - Burrp User

Sandy Bhasker

June 30,2013

Ambiance m/

The only thing that comes to my mind when I think about this place is the ambiance , Unbeatable . The prices are a bit high but the overall experience is too good . This place provides us with a lot of privacy and would be the right place to take your date . The service is also pretty good and there is nothing to complain about the food .
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markdult - Burrp User


June 17,2013

Ambiance m/

The archaic flooring gives you a tinge of nostalgia.
The ambiance is the highlight. The outdoor area is just for the couples. A seemingly romantic place for them to spend some time.

The food is very expensive.
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


April 01,2013

Awesome ambience

Located diagonally opposite the parking at sathyam cinemas, this is a must visit for the awesome ambience. From the outside, one would never guess this is how it would be on the inside!

This is where the hep crowd of chennai hang out. It is a little expensive. However, is worth every penny. Especially because you can order your food and chill here for a long time without any disturbances.

This would work out even better if you visit with a loved one!
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 24,2013

Best coffee place in Chennai

Amethyst has a fantastic ambience , probably one of the best garden based/themed coffee shops in the city , just directly opposite to Mount Road
The food and coffee however are a lil pricey , which is more to filter the crowd
Certainly attacts the best crowds esp during weekends
The coffee is priced at 125 while an average meal for 2 can easily come upto 500-60
The service is good and laid back . You wont find them too intrusive or behind ur back and attend only when called for
Its a perfect place for a relaxed calm evening with a cup of coffee.
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 19,2013


Famed for thebeautiful architecture , I recommend Amethyst for sure!
The villa serves as a great place to chill with a bunch of friends.
The staff and service is mostly terrible and you are best left alone.
One of the more classy places in Chennai.
ambiance is awesome
They have a split of a/c, non-a/c or open air sections.
I suggest lawn to enjoy the snacks like sandwiches.
Enjoy !
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 16,2013

Best place for couples

The ambience is amazing and the food is decent enough. If you ask me, if you want some private time with your partner and a good chat with him/her Amethyst is the place.

But the prices are very much on the higher side but at the end of the day you will feel that it was worth it!
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Bamse - Burrp User


January 04,2013

Poor service and bad attitude

Very bad attitude among the staff. Although the place is beautifully done up, you do not feel welcome AT ALL.
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Arvind Jayaraj - Burrp User

Arvind Jayaraj

December 11,2012

Great place. Lousy service.

Apparently, it looks like you need to be a celeb to get served properly at this cafe. Disdainful waiters with a larger than life attitude seem to be the only visible problem with this otherwise beautiful place. I was asked what kind of water we wanted with our order and I replied "Bottled, Cold". I waited till we left, and the bottle never arrived. I've never ever had to remind a waiter about the water at any restaurant, but not a single glass of water appeared till we finished and left. This cafe is standing proof that one cant eat beautiful architecture and landscaping. :D
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Nikhil Venkatesa - Burrp User

Nikhil Venkatesa

November 14,2012

Good place to chill

Going through the gates of Amethyst is as refreshing as seeing an oasis in a desert. This place, however, is a reality. Reminds me of a villa during colonialism refurbished into a cafe. It's a great place to chill with a bunch of friends. It offers milkshakes and juices and snacks, but the problem with this place is that they're all expensive. I mean if you bring a fat wallet to this place (with cash), chances are it would have had a massive workout and shed a lot of weight.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Excellent food with great ambience

They may have shifted venues but certainly hasnt reduced one bit of quality
Must try include sandwhiches (any type is ok) and their coffee
Really warm ambience, frequented by celebrities and it can really provide a wonderul experience for the perfect date..
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Kirthika Vijayakumar - Burrp User

Kirthika Vijayakumar

November 10,2012


What a place!! Fantastic ambiance, mouthwatering food! Kudos.
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funny10 - Burrp User


October 16,2012

Experience worth it..!

Definitely one of the most classy places, in India, where I have been to..! Its huge, has different sections to sit, very much comfortable and spacious sitting areas. Once can choose to sit in the a/c, non-a/c or open air (in lawn) sections. Menu is good and yes, it 'is' expensive and will make a big hole in your pocket in case your gang goes for a meaty meal. Its desserts are too good to say the least. The place also has a flower shop and a small but impressive shopping place on the first floor. The gentry is the best, no doubt. Overall, a very good experience in Chennai!
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Sara Syal - Burrp User

Sara Syal

July 07,2012

Lovely ambience and good food!

The food is good! worth going there again. So romantic in the evenings espicially with the garden lights
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Revati Sukumar - Burrp User

Revati Sukumar

March 13,2012


Was here over this weekend with a few friends :) in the heart of chennai and yet so nice and breezy! just the right number of people around, great chairs, good ambience and good food :) perfect evening hangout
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mdevina - Burrp User


February 03,2012

Unbeatable ambience

Amethyst Cafe has undoubtedly the best ambience in Chennai for a supposed-cafe. The three types of seating available - garden, corridor, indoor - will suit the need of any mood. The heritage building is interesting, spacious and charming. The food is average - on my few visits, I felt the pasta's and grills work better than the desserts and drinks. On one hand, the cheese used in the pasta is obviously expensive, but on the other, the cakes are brought in from outside and have inconsistent quality. The menu is not vast; and not all choices are available everyday (I hate this about most restaurants in Chennai - why keep a menu if you can't cater those?). The coffee and tea are average. In my experience, it is the perfect place for a romantic dinner out, and for long conversations in the evening. I would definitely not call it a cafe though.

It is not overpriced as is mentioned in some other reviews - the prices are on par with other restaurants (not cafes) in Chennai.
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sagheero - Burrp User


November 30,2011

Relaxing affair...

Amethyst takes you miles away from the city while being in the heart of it. It is a place to have waffles, coffee....other misc finger food....and chill! Very nice garden area, decent furniture....only drawback is it takes a lot of time for the to serve you, but you dont mind since the ambience is wonderful!
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

November 08,2011

Good place

i like this place and have been here quite a few times with my friends. it is never overcrowded and has great ambience. i like the desserts they have here. and the cold coffee is good too. would want to go here sometime soon again
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Kaushik Viswanath - Burrp User

Kaushik Viswanath

October 13,2011

Awful place. Insist on free drinking water.

I went to the new Amethyst with some friends, and after eating the food I had ordered (food was not bad, but overpriced), I asked the waiter for a glass of water. He said he could only sell me a bottle of water. I insisted that I did not want to pay for a bottle and only wanted a glass, but he refused. I then asked to speak with the manager.

Now there *are* some places that initially refuse you free water (which I'm sure is ILLEGAL), but they all oblige the customer if he insists.
When the manager came to our table, he continued to refuse me water. I argued with him in a firm but polite manner, insisting that I get free drinking water. He said it was against restaurant policy to do so. There is nothing of the sort mentioned in the menu and I showed him this fact. He acted surprised and said that he had never received this complaint in the past. Only after I refused to pay the bill unless I was given drinking water did he finally give in and send the waiter to our table with one tiny glass of water (there were four of us at the table).
I did not argue further, but the waiter then reprimanded me for calling him an a**hole, which I never did. I was entirely polite and did not even raise my voice, but he was angry with me and insisted that I had called him that. When the people at my table vouched for me, he called us liars and walked away.

DO NOT go to Amethyst. If you must, please insist on free drinking water.
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wordogre1 - Burrp User


September 17,2011


The ambience is good.

But when the ambience is "supported" by dreadful food and bad service, it just becomes another pretentious "oh-look-at-me, i'm so cool" wannabe place that it's best to steer clear of.
The Thai platter I had was an insult to Thailand which has some of the most delicious cuisine - the curry was a brown, most unappetising looking sludge and the salad of indeterminate vintage - obviously been aged in the frig for a couple of days at the very least (wonder whether they think that it improves with age, like wine??) - unidentifiable vegetables - when i think of what a Thai salad actually is - colour, texture and balance of flavours - this one really made me mad as h...!

To top it all, they DO NOT SERVE DRINKING WATER - you have to buy bottled water! At a so called upmarket joint (hah!), to flout the law on mandatory serving of safe drinking water ( the actual wording of the law says "Water treated with UV + filtration") - they flout the law with impunity - or maybe that's why they do it - upmarket, therefore immune???

All in all, it's a ripoff!
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Samruddhi Joshi - Burrp User

Samruddhi Joshi

September 17,2011

Not worth it!

Except the atmosphere i. e the garden and the greenery nothin is worth a visit. Its ridiculously costly. If the food was worth the cost i would'nt mind but its not.
The brownie i had as desert was the worst ever...
Jus go if U have no intension for real food.
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MARKIV - Burrp User


March 20,2011

Wish it didnt move!

I really had a thing for the old place. Be it a pre-date place, be it just hanging out with a group of friends, be it meeting with a team and discussing. it somehow almost always felt like home. The new place is all fine and dandy but lacks that home like feeling the old place had. And what the hell is up with the cold sandwiches!!!

Would I go back? Yeah , guess I will go maybe a couple of more times and explore the place before writing it off. But is definitely a step down from my favorite old hangout.!!!
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kubadive - Burrp User


February 07,2011

After the move

A real shame that this place had to move but they have done a pretty good job bringing a relaxed ambience to the centre of the city. The new building itself is nowhere near as charming as the old one but the garden is lovely and the atmosphere is still great. Food is ok...but you don't really go to Amethyst for that anyway.
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Foodaholic83 - Burrp User


December 19,2010

Quaint old Parsi feel in Chennai

Its a beautiful place, apt for a special date or an evening out with friends. Housed in a big british style bunglow, it gives you enough privacy and still keeps you in the crowd. I only found this place recently and cant stop myself from going back every week.!

The place has some awesome coffee and desserts, their pudding with almonds and poached pineapple being my favourite. The place has a homely feel to it and houses plenty for you to do even if you landed up here alone. You could play board games, carrom, read a book, or even watch a video! Its like literally being in a ultra cozy home.! Love the service and politeness of the staff
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thin_guy - Burrp User


October 10,2010

Good ambiance, bad food

its a converted colonial mansion and the ambiance is pretty good, good place to hang out if you don't order anything. The menu looks pretty good, we got carried away and ordered stuff and damn that was bad food. and the service is no good either. They could definitely improve their food quality and not let all that amazing ambiance go to waste
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sapaaducritic - Burrp User


August 07,2010

star is for the atmosphere

nothin great about the food . the out door seating is just great
to chill out . the service and food is ver ok infact service is bad. but i still go for the atmosphere outside.

avoid sitting outdoor after sunset cos mosquitoes will eat u
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mani the foodie - Burrp User

mani the foodie

February 13,2010

jus average

been there couple of times with a friend. its an xcellent place to chit chat. gr8 feel of ambience but the food can be lot lot better. the excoticness is only in the men but not in the food or beverages that arrive. amethyst has to seriously look into this sooner and if they do take course correction then it would be a heavenly place in toto.
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PMgoeatingout - Burrp User


February 02,2010

Second all the reviews

Well,you guys who reviewed Amethyst already,you got everything covered.Yes,we all know the food sucks.So does the coffee.Nice place to just sit and sip water.Go with a full tummy. :D
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captain_foodie - Burrp User


January 26,2010


The ambiance is Dead !
Food is Terrible !
The Cold Coffee I ordered was watery and rather tasteless!
The only thing which was good was the service.

I guess an OK place to kill time at (last resort kind of thing).

What a tragic waste of location. *tear* *tear*

My suggestions.. Improve the quality of the food and beverages to justify your prices .
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Arun Krishnamurthy - Burrp User

Arun Krishnamurthy

January 24,2010

What food???

Let me start off circa 2004, where a bunch of die hard bike enthusiasts were THE MOST regular customers of this place!! In fact you could see every kind of superbike, sports bike and classic in this joint on a saturday / sunday evening!! Yes, that was my club and friends who loved meeting up at this quaint, non descript, coffee joint, that no one knew about!! Service was quick, food was mostly just edible and the coffee was ridiculously expensive but good. But hey, that was till 2007, where we were eventually banned from entering, simply because our bikes were too loud and attracted 'unwanted' attention!!!! Wow!! So much for a free country!! The Amethyst, even with its shortfalls, that seem to be increasing by the day, has a special place with me. But a recent visit seemed to shatter all cozy memories!! Unless you are a hot shot, no one even bothers or acknowledges your presence, service is downright pathetic, food is unmentionable, coffee undrinkable and the old worldly charm that used to be the USP of this place, has vanished!! Sad to see such a nice concept rotting before your own eyes!! Hope they read this pull their socks up before its too late!!
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December 28,2009

If you can avoid eating, then a nice a place!

The ambience is nice and the menu looked good so we ordered quite a bit of stuff and found that the quality of food doesn't match the price you have to pay. Heck! It can't even match the roadside quality. We ordered a pear and walnut salad that had pears looking like they were years old -- when you can buy fresh pears in India why would you get some god awful looking fruit. I wanted to replace the blue cheese with some real parmesan cheese -- they got the sawdust variety! C'mon if you are charging high prices use real ingredients. The salad looked so sorry that we just left it. The pizza that came out looked like some Chappatti had been smothered with their version of pizza sauce (bad) and baked with a little bit of tomatoes and cheese. I love gourmet pizzas and usually look down on Pizza hut & Domino's types but even those would have looked good in comparison. The bruschetta they brought out had no olive oil at all and tasted really bad. The only things that were edible were french fries and a cake (that they probably outsourced). When I demanded to talk to their chef or manager, they were coward enough to not come out and address our concerns. Finally they brought out a complaint book -- oh my! so many people have written bad things about their food that I wished we had asked for it earlier in order to avoid spending a princely sum and come back hungry. It is pretty clear that they do not act on the suggestions left by customers.
Well, I thought I could forget it like it was a bad dream but no, more was to follow. I had had maybe 2 leaves of lettuce to taste the salad before we gave up on it -- that came to haunt me with a stomach infection. They can't even wash their greens properly. I think I would trust a small sarvana bhawan like place more than this one. This is a place for only hanging out if you can somehow not eat.
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Praveen Kumar - Burrp User

Praveen Kumar

July 30,2009

Love the nice outdoor setting...

I am sucker for open air restaurants and cafes...
Amethyst is one such place that i ave found myself keep going to.

Even though it takes a while for the food/drinks to come in, it is still worth the wait.

Nice place in the middle of the city..
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

January 02,2009

Jus chill out

why havent i yet written bout this hide out of mine? one of my fav places to have a rendezvous with anyone... mostly my first preference to meet someone for the first time and chill out! This place is more of a leisure lounge and not a cafe per se. So though i do agree with the review below, i think it is how its meant to be. The place is thoroughly meant for whiling away time, with the comfort of nature and fine breeze in the evenings, but of course not without the best of company u wud love to be with. But sometimes its jus so ideal to jus sit alone and ponder... for hours! So i shall give 5 stars for ambiance and experience but...

Yes the service is almost not present, unless ur a regular and kno the waiters by name. The service is late since most peopel come here to spend longer periods of time. The place is for the sophisticated, priced absolutely extravagant but i guess that makes sure to filter the unwanted crowd they don wish to attract and maintain a class of their own. I kno many places that started chic but lost its class sooner than we cud imagine.

The food is good, not great, you can choose the eco-cafe (chamiers) over amethyst in this regard, but considerin the fact that amethyst is a trend setter in such open air cafes which was followed by places by mocha, ashvita and chamiers, we have to give it to them. I guess there is no more hookah sellin here, mocha has taken over that speciality now. Anyways my favourites here are the omelletes, fruit juices, frappe!, and the yogurts. But of course if you are out to treat urself on food, this is not the place to hit!

The 60 rs surcharge and the better service to diff color skins are news to me, its been a couplea months and its time i make a visit again to kno better!
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nautankey  - Burrp User


December 31,2008

Not my cuppa...

The ambience is great, the coffe and snacks are above average than a normal coffee shops.

But...but...the service?.One thing which I just cannot stand is that. You doubt if you ever exist and whether ur inside some invisibility cloak. The waiters don't care and you have to beg them to take orders.

I won't mind if this is their universal standard of service.But what irks me is that this service[or lack of it] is only for the not-so-posh looking indian customers. If you are a foreigner or in the company of a foreigner you will be feted and treated like god.

Have visited this place more than ten times and have realized the virtue of having posh company. The one reason why I still preferred it was its natural surroundings and the long chats we can have,unbothered abt the service [as such they too wont be bothered abt you]. But that reason too ceased,during my last visit they levied a cover charge bcoz in the 4 hours we spent there,the last 1 hour we did not place orders,so a cover charge of Rs.60 for that.

Though i love the place, the attitude of their waiters n service puts me off.And I wont step into this racist cafe until i have some posh company[if its a firaang still better].
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bhuvana23 - Burrp User


October 30,2008

hang out with near perfection

amethyst is a hang out coffe joint with a designated smoking zone.excellent lattes and croissant. they have almost everything from cappucinos, lattes, iced coffee, iced tea,pizzas.sanwiches,soups, fries. i love the ambiance though the service can be spruced up a bit .excellent place if u wanna hang out with a bunch of cool friends!
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