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meghamookim - Burrp User


November 13,2013

Be Seen Eating Cute Things!

See, be seen, and grab a bite to eat all at once, at Anokhi.

From their quesedillas to the quiche, from butter chicken to thai curry, they have it all. My favorite order is the hot chocolate sprinkled with powdered cinnamon.. divine!!

And don't forget to take your book/kindle/I-pad along!
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Aarti Krishnakumar - Burrp User

Aarti Krishnakumar

June 24,2013

Memorable Breakfast

Breakfast with a friend and her friend was what that saturday morning was dedicated to. This friend Ar, had a friend As visiting her from the Middle east and woven within the tour of Chennai was this Breakfast! I was the first one to reach Eco Cafe [ Anokhi] on Chamiers Road. The other girls landed within a few minutes and after a brief spell of introductions, we got down to business- ordering breakfast.

Ar and I ordered for a masala omelet with egg whites, As ordered one with both white and yellow and we also went ahead and ordered for some waffles. The waiter told us they had waffles with cheese and jalepenos only. And we also ordered coffee and iced teas.

I love Eco Cafe- it is one of those quiet places where you can sit and sip on a hot chocolate, read a book or do some work [free wi-fi]. There is no TV blaring or music screaming in your ears. Infact, that particular morning the music couldn't have been better- it was Jazz and all the legends were featured~! :-)

Soon, our drinks arrived following which came the food. The table was too small for the dishes and so we requested them to hold the waffles till we were done with the omelets. The omelets were served alongside toasted bread accompanied with butter and jam.

It was divine. We had the toast with butter and jam, with omelet and along with the conversations the food and time also swept by. The waffles then landed on the table and we were amazed at their size. They were huge. We knew then that henceforth we shall order one waffle and share it. We were able to eat only one, packed the other for later.

Before we knew it, it was nearly noon and Ar had to go pick her son up from school. Spent a few minutes browsing through the store upstairs and the one on the ground floor and scooted from there. There are very few places in Chennai where you get this kind of food and ambiance. Totally worth the money you shell out.

They have quite an elaborate menu to choose from, so indulge!

Breakfast worked out to Rs450 per pax.
Food- 9.75/10 [waffles had gotten cold by the time we got them]
Service- 10/10 [very attentive and prompt]
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wanderinfoodie3 - Burrp User


May 25,2013

The Downfall Of My Favourite Cafe In Chennai

For all the fans of Eco Cafe, sadly I have only bad news.
I have been a very regular visitor to this cafe for last 2 years and in fact this used to be my oasis in the city. I could work for hours from here or meet friends or just read a book on a lazy Sunday. But the cafe has changed in so many ways and mostly for the worse.
The wi-fi is no longer free. They charge Rs 100 per hour now for using wireless! They don't even serve water for free anymore-you have to buy bottled water. Service was never their strong point and it's only worse now. I asked for green tea only to be served black tea. And then when they did serve the green tea, it was the worst ever. Most of the times I get a bill where the amounts have been added incorrectly. Food quality has deteriorated substantially. I asked for continental breakfast only to be served 2 measly sausages and apple juice which tasted like soap water. The place is also super loud on weekends with kids running around and screaming all the time.
The only good thing still remaining is the A/C and the soothing music. Maybe someday they will start charging for that too-who knows! I only wish the owner paid a bit more attention to the service and food instead of charging for everything. Sigh.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 24,2013

A real nice cozy place

Anokhi is a branch of the Amethyst coffee store
However the prices are slightly cheaper than their main branch
Their ambience is equally beautiful and has a garden as well as a nice comfortable A/C seating
The food is really good and a must visit is during breakfast time
Their toast and sandwiches are really one of the best and unbeaten
place has got free wifi as well . Perfect place to go for a nice catching up visit
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maludeneha84 - Burrp User


March 05,2013

Lovely place, terrible food, mediocre service

This is one of those boutique cum cafes in Chennai that attract a lot of the "it" crowd; why I'll never understand. The interiors are lovely - walls covered with beautiful wall papers, warm yellow lights and decent decor - but the food is a colossal failure. The menu is very ambitious but the food just doesn't live up to it. Been here twice and went away disappointed both times. Not to forget that it'll cause a sizeable dent in your wallet. I see a lot of foreigners frequenting the cafe but honestly I don't see what the hoopla is all about. I'd suggest you go there for a cold coffee maybe, but don't bother wasting your money on anything else.
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mrudhula22 - Burrp User


November 12,2012

It is about the experience!

I know this is a food reviewing site that rates restaurants and yada yada. But I cannot talk about this place with respect to the food alone. The outdoor ambience nails it for this one. Rainy/sunny, Anokhi is probably my favourite place for some good hot chocolate (or coffee), cigarettes and conversations.
The items on sale at the boutique are unique and one might chance upon quite a few delightful collectibles. The food is good and decently priced and is only an added attraction.
It is definitely the overall experience that makes Anokhi special.
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zitajones - Burrp User


October 09,2012


had a salad there...eggs gone off, not even a apology?
the coffee is real good there I have to be honest about that....
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Tinkerbell7 - Burrp User


July 13,2011

Awful Staff

The staff are only hung up on the foreign patrons. The service is slow as hell. The food isn't great anyway and is expensive. I used to go here A LOT, not anymore. Sad, because this place actually has a nice quiet ambience.
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Tinkerbell7 - Burrp User


June 23,2011

Not what it used to be

Very slow service. Sometimes no service at all. The waiters serve you only if you're white skinned.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

May 10,2008

patrons paradise

i am regular here so i find this place comforting. Do not go here if you are in a hurry cos the service is the slowest in the world! Sometimes the waiters dont bother to attend at all unless you go and call them. Nice place to sit and have long conversations over a cup of coffee cos anything else is way too expensive for the quantity served.

My favorite here is the Hash Browns, its tough to find such typical Americany hash browns in India. Its so yumm and crisp too. Dont miss it. The sandwiches are ok, try the egg and mayo. This is probably one of the very few places you can find decent Mexican food in the city. What you can afford to miss is the drinks, they are terrible. If you are really thirsty, go for a watermelon juice to be on the safe side.

The ambiance is very pleasant if you need to relax all alone or chill out with friends but be ready for the bugs and smell you would encounter in any open-air cafe. But i think this place is much better than mocha in this regard, as well as the quality of food. Also its not as pop like mocha, so you cant find much 'wannabe' crowds here.
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Sneha  - Burrp User


January 22,2008

hang out place

Though the food tasted good, after finishing lunch there, we were still slightly hungry and went across to coffee day to grab a sandwich!

The plus is their location and the food. however, i would definitely appreciate a raise in their portion quantities. negatives - its too warm and there are mosquitoes in the evening.
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