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deeksha Sarin - Burrp User

deeksha Sarin

June 24,2015

Hyped place..

This cafe has nothing more than ambience. As per me, ambience is something that is keeping it going. We orderd Paneer Tikka, Cranberry Cooler and Malai Chap which was bland to no extent. Also, it was giving a burnt like smell. Moreover, their prices are way too expensive. This surely isnt a go-to place for college going students who are dependent on pocket money.
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Mohit Gulyani - Burrp User

Mohit Gulyani

May 09,2014

Just another hangout place

Movida is located in the outer circle of CP. I went with my friends and we wanted to go to a place where we could talk and enjoy music..music was a tad loud for us to talk comfortably. It has got pricey food items with very little portions served to you but I won't say you'll hate the food. It tastes above average and there's also quite a bit to choose from. It is good value for money but nothing special about the place.
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Pranav Sood - Burrp User

Pranav Sood

April 13,2014

Above Average

1. Lively Ambience
2. Nice Music
3. Food is good
4. Alcohol is decently priced
5. Service is not up to par
6. A little bit over priced

All in all its a good place to hang out with your friends. 7/10
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Meghana Nair - Burrp User

Meghana Nair

March 22,2013


there are many points in favour of Movida-
1. Ideal location
2.good ambiance, comfortable lightning
3. Good service
4. value for money
5. tasty food

so all in all its recommended!
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mankyme - Burrp User


March 15,2013

So So

A small place which majorly have there first floor to dine in..Ground floor is just for parties probably...Food was ok, not ultimate and staff was attentive..Though as per the ambiance provided here not so good as the rates are..An expensive deal !!
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Rohit Mittal - Burrp User

Rohit Mittal

December 24,2012


On entering the interior and decor give you a very different look and its actually amazing the SOFAS(still in love with them) are grand and look really nice. The menu was extensive and had several fusion dishes - Kitsch meets Chic with items like Rasna Paan Mojito.
i ordered sheesha, Strawbana smoothie, Som tam, gazab ka tikka (becoz honestly the tiika was too tempting to be ignored) and Chocolate fudge for desserts. The food when came looked nice and hot. and tasted well too. The place is not to hard on your pocket too.
a good place that one can look forward to.
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GlobalExplorer - Burrp User


December 14,2012


Food is terrible! The music and their speakers are pathetic. Half the menu is not available! There is a dirty smell in the restaurant. Running a restaurant is more than just flashy furniture! The staff is courteous, it's only saving grace!
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Manish Kandpal - Burrp User

Manish Kandpal

November 05,2012

decent place

decent ambiance. good music. avg food. the staff is courteous. don't serve sheesha.
the feedbacks are taken seriously.
" might wanna repair the burnt seats in the furniture though"
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Nitin  Bhatia - Burrp User

Nitin Bhatia

October 30,2012

Not upto the mark

the place is decent..interiors are really good and comfy. tried pizza and pasta: both tasted extraordinary. service is poor, and prices cud be more reasonable !
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Madhu Deshmukh - Burrp User

Madhu Deshmukh

October 30,2012

A perfect blend of lounge n pub.

The experience says it all and u end up coming here again....Movida is a perfect blend of lounge n pub. Friendly staff who ensures everyone is comfortable. Food's really good especially the Farmhouse Pizza and Fusilli Al Fresco. Highly recommend to all readers.
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mmohitmm - Burrp User


October 22,2012


been to this place recently and found it interesting..Amazing decor, nice ambiance,good staff and service is nice too...The taste of starters and cocktails was awesome..chicken tikka was a wort try here...May give them a try guys..Cheers...
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Reyan Chand - Burrp User

Reyan Chand

October 16,2012

Not so good

Its ok place but not so good and bit costly as per the decor...Ok staff and service but not the best..
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likesuhana - Burrp User


September 22,2012

May try once

ok place but i will prefer to Cafe 1 bar instead of this i have to spend same amount of money here..although they have impressed me but they are expensive too ..You may try but you have choice near by too..Its ok cafe bar lounge service is up to date i din;t like their food ..went here yesterday after seeing it here and tried first time with my friend..

May try:)
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rahulvns - Burrp User


September 20,2012

Class Movida

Class cozy place in CP..Its quite impressive ..Weather its small but managed very well..Service is impressive here..Cocktails also good ..Ambiance dim light was impressive..We come to know bit late about the place but happy starting at the end..

Had great time @ Movida and surly will visit again..
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Somya Kapoor - Burrp User

Somya Kapoor

September 17,2012

Got the place

If I need to mark this place on the basis of 5 STARS:
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Hookah: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Music: 3/5

Will mark the drinks once I try them here.
All together, This is a real good deal if you're up for a nice time with your beloved or group of friends!
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Sandeep Yadav - Burrp User

Sandeep Yadav

September 03,2012

Try it..Its good..

It's a nice cool place and renovated too...Went to this place on friday after seeing its beautiful pics ..Lovely lounge they managed..Ultra cool and service staff is really courteous..

Food quality is good here and the portion served here was sufficient for two people..

We sat on the first floor which amazed me...A recommended place in CP in your pocket budget..My type of place..

Try it..
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Sunny Wadhwa - Burrp User

Sunny Wadhwa

August 31,2012

Decent Place for Dining

Lido Diners changes to Movida Cafe.... the change is working good with beautiful interiors.. nice service.. nice food .. with decent crowd.. it's a very nice place to visit..

Seating on the 1st floor is very comfortable..
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Anshu Yadav - Burrp User

Anshu Yadav

August 17,2012

Its nice energetic :)

Renovated and better then before infect much better..Dim light..Decent crowd..Good service, Charming stewards out-their which itself describes the beauty of the place....First place which is going by the law..No Hookas :P Good food here.My Rating 4/5..Which is awesome..

Go and must try this place situated in the heart of CP :):)
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manik_chpra - Burrp User


November 25,2011

experience the sufi hour

Nice place, cool set,up totally a wicked concept. I find it to be a pretty decent place. The prices are amazingly low, can go there every day. Loved the fun approach by the staff. The Sufi hour at 7:30 pm was vry diff experience...loved this place :)
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anki_agg - Burrp User


November 11,2011

Excellent place to be with friends or with Family

I went with 6 of my friends to Movida 1st time. The service was awesome. The friendly staff, delicious food, good crowd made the BEST DAY OF THE MONTH. For all of my friends the restaurant was easily located. The music thum was so good that we actually enjoyed more than what we expected.
I would strongly recommend the restaurant to all who want party hard.
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ankuragg - Burrp User


November 11,2011

biggest jewell in the crown

awesome palce, very pocket freindly, cortious staff,delicious pastas,pizzas and kebabs.more then 50 Flavourfull sheeshas and a wide range of cocktails.All in all a great palce to hang with ur gf or friends.
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Sonia Verma - Burrp User

Sonia Verma

September 17,2011

Lido Diners

Lido Diners is a restaurant cum bar in Connaught Place in Delhi. The restobar is on the outer circle and is divided into two floors. The ground floor works as a party hall. The floor upstairs has a bar and can seat about 50 people at a time. The lights have been kept dim here. Lido Diners in Delhi is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Chinese, North Indian, Continental and Thai food. They have an extensive bar menu also with wine, vodka, cocktails and other beverages.
I went there with wowDining card and got 50% Discount on bill. Visit http://www.wowdining.com
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vickysach - Burrp User


October 22,2009

great party place!

we guys from ICICI had an awesome time at lidos..it has some kind of nasha in its soil itself. Nothing was extraordinary, yet we absolutely had a fabulous time. Food was good and the dj rocked !!
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anjali77 - Burrp User


September 13,2009

cozy place!

a cozy place...and good food with reasonable prices ...i chose this place cuz its a multi cuisine joint so we had lots of option to choose from...uhh i particularly like there matka chicken.
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