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kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


October 13,2015

dont miss

Liked this place... They have kids menu also. Music is good as we all know . YMCA group dance is the highlight. Various bands perform there. Follow closely for schedule . They have very good range of mock tails and cocktails also. Had a chance to personally meet Issac Tigrit the founder of the Hard Rock Cafe. Can you beat it ????
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Kaushik,

Thanks for your super cool review and rating. Our YMCA gig is truly a treat to watch, gets those feet tapping, right? Thanks again for your nice and kind words. You can join us for Rocktoberfest from 28th September to 8th November. Check out our delectably mouth-watering and refreshing menu for the festival right here: http://bit.ly/1LioPlb. Looking forward to hosting you again.

Team Hard Rock Cafe

naveenofbeat - Burrp User


May 28,2015

Exceptional Service by Pankaj( Well Appreciated)

Am pleased to write this today for the opportunity that was given to me on the OLA Match night day at Hard rock café. I was an unforgettable moments and will be cherishing this for a good long time. I Thank OLA and Hard Rock Café for encouraging such events. Can’t stop myself from mentioning about the service that was offered at Hard Rock Café . As this was the first time I had visited the place it was to my surprise that it turned out to be one of the best places to party in Hyderabad. The Ambience and Crowd dropped my Jaw.

I should say it couldn’t have been better and I am happy to mention about the excellent and delightful service given to us by PANKAJ. He is one of the best bartender’s I have seen in my life. He is just not just a bartender but a perfect friend to chit chat with as long as you are in the Hard rock. His service was the best so far I encountered amongst the places I travelled in my partying career. I am happy to say that the service offered will definitely bring me back to Hard rock again and again. And I wish we get Pankaj if fortunate enough to be served. Also a big Thumbs Up to “KARTHIK” for his patience and services. Can keep talking about this guys for hours for their KICK ASS service. You “PANKAJ” – Deserve an appreciation.

I would also like to mention and appreciate the manager “Dilip” for taking a special care and proactive intervention to make sure we are been treated at the best.

All I wanna say people like “Pankaj” “Karthik” and “ Dilip” are the ASSETS.

End up with a good note – HARD ROCK ROCK’s.
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Reply from restaurant management


Thank you for writing in your detailed review on Zomato. We are glad you had a great time at your recent visit. Pankaj and Dilip will be thrilled to hear this. Do come back soon.

HRC Team


Legendary Burger Festival

July is the month of the “Legendary Burger Festival” for Hard Rock Café in Hyderabad, and this year is no exception. This year too the festival is on till 13th July. On an invitation from the outlet, a group of foodies converged there on a Wednesday evening.

Nine burgers which are part of this festival were brought to the table. Chef Prabir of Hard Rock Café patiently explained each of the burgers - the concept and the recipe. This was followed by the burgers being shared by the foodies present.

My favorite among all was the Kansas City Legendary Burger. It has a big beef patty topped with BarBQ sauce with bacon and cheese on top. The patty was thick, juicy and sumptuous and combined well with the bacon and cheese. French fries, pickled vegetables and lettuce were served as sides.

The next one I liked was Chicken Parmigiana Burger. The chicken patty here has been mounted on lettuce topped bun and had a layer of Arrabiata sauce and cheese on top. This was soft and after the bite there was a distinct aftertaste of spicy Arrabiata.

The Thai Chicken Burger had a distinct flavor of lemon grass and ginger. Served with a Peanut dip and pickled vegetables, this had a very distinct taste.

I was looking forward to the Greek Shrimp Burger. However I thought the seafood fillings were too soft almost to the point of tasting like mashed seafood. The seafood flavor was strong, but the softness of the patty gave it away.

The Mediterranean Chicken Burger had different herbs like parsley and rosemary in the patty topped with olive and cheese. This was again a decent preparation distinct from others.

The Sri Lankan Chicken Burger had flavors of curry powder and Madras curry. This tasted much like a South Indian local burger. I did not dig the taste of this but some Hyderabadis might find it to their liking.

The Indian burger or Chicken Makhani Burger had soft chicken meat with a layer of butter chicken gravy based sauce. I somehow do not like the Indianized versions of Western fast food, so would prefer the others to this.

In vegetarian there was the veg version of Sri Lankan burger with paneer, beans and curry powder and a Caribbean Veg Burger, which had a filling of sweet potatoes in chermoula yoghurt. It was topped by shredded spinach and served with French fries. I tried neither of the veg burgers.

Interesting festival - especially for the burger freaks due to the variety of burgers available together. The burgers cost Rs 350-Rs 600 each.
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  • Hard Rock Cafe, GVK One Mallimage
  • Hard Rock Cafe, GVK One Mallimage
  • Hard Rock Cafe, GVK One Mallimage
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Reply from restaurant management


Thank you for your detailed review and super cool rating. We are glad you had a great experience at your recent visit. We look forward to see you soon.

HRC Team

Soumabha  RayChaudhuri - Burrp User

Soumabha RayChaudhuri

November 28,2013

Hard Rocking Cafe

Disappointed after not getting a single ticket for Iron Man 3 in IMAX, we reached Hard Rock cafe to cool off our frustration. As this was my first time, I was totally amazed with the decor, much like the Legends of Rock decor in Kormangla, Bangalore. There is a personal TV for every table which plays loud rock music enjoyed by everyone. The staff is very courteous as well, we were gonna take the chaired table but they promptly asked us to take a couch table free as it will be very comfortable. Coming to the orders, we ordered a Classic Mojito, Long Island Ice Tea and Berry Cooler. To go with that we ordered a Jumbo Combo as a starter. The Jumbo Combo was really good, it had 4 varieties of dips - The Barbeque sauce, Mayo, Honey Mustard and Blue Cheese. The show stoppers were definitely the chicken strips and potato skins with bacon bits. I especially liked the Potato Skins more as it was a complete Potato cheese and bacon experience which was something new to me. The chicken strips were KFC like but the coating was not very spicy. The chicken wings had a tad too much paprika sauce for my liking but it being chicken we chomped away nonetheless. The onion rings really brought out the flavors in the different dips. It is in fact through this that we got to understand the difference between blue cheese and mayo. The most disappointing dish was the Santa Fe Spring Rolls. It was filled with rajma, corn and God knows what. But don't worry, the quantity is enough to not have an inch left for the spring rolls. The cock-tails were great too, the berry cooler had a distinct berry taste (obviously) and was a sweet drink to have, something my sister fancied a lot. The Virgin Mojito and Long Island Ice Tea were nothing extraordinary but a good thing to sip on with the starters. Cost for 3 came to be a modest Rs. 1800/-
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