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Needs to improve...

A big group of friends went to this restaurant to try out their Sunday lunch. As we entered we were warmly received by the hotel staff. The buffet was laid out nicely on one side of the restaurant and the bar was on the other side.

We started the buffet with soup. The non-veg soup was Chicken Tomato Egg drop. I found the soup dilute and cold. The starters had Mongolian chicken, stir fried vegetables and cauliflower kempu. Found the Mongolian Chicken hard and tasteless. The stir fried vegetables were nice and crispy the cauliflower kempu was basically gobi pakoras.

The main courses had two types of cuisine. The Indian cuisine had chicken biryani and Indian breads with Nadan mutton and dum ka chicken. Again the dum ka chicken was quite tasteless. The biryani was decent though nothing extraordinary. The Nadan mutton, a dark curry with soft mutton was quite delicious and went well with the naans.

The Chinese section had Vegetable Fried Rice and Egg Noodles along with vegetables in hot garlic sauce and fish in bean sauce. I liked the taste of the fish. Other items were fairly ordinary.

There was a live dosa counter too, but I did not try it.

The desserts had Mango mousse cake, baked chocolate cake, an assortment of fruits and pineapple gulab jamun. I liked the gulab jamun as well as the cakes.

Coming to the service it was quite pathetic. The restaurant is not geared up to serve a large group. Glasses to drink water was even at a short supply and water was made available in glasses after repeated reminders.

Overall, I was not happy with the quality of the buffet as well as the service.
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Anthony Francis - Burrp User

Anthony Francis

September 07,2012

Ambience e la

Yet another place which gives you a great combination of ambience with very mediocre food. This place can surely do much better! Good luck =)
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srisak - Burrp User


October 15,2011

Courtyard Hyderabad

Been to Courtyard on 14.10.2011 (bought a snap deal voucher). Ambience was good. Good Chinese Veg starters, Soup and Veg dishes. But surprised to see that there was no non-veg starters. for nv buffet starters are minimum items (atlest one) is expected. Fish item (chinese) was good. But quality of mutton (not at all tender) used for making curry was bad. Good spread of desserts (ice cream spread was good). Think they should provide better spread for NV.
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Blossom Powerpuff - Burrp User

Blossom Powerpuff

June 03,2011

Tasty food and awesome variety of desserts

Went to this place during team outing and i did quite enjoy the ambience and the food. The starters - crispy veg only :( was a little too less a variety for the veggies. But the paaneer curry was AWESOME! I've never tasted anything like it. It was cooked in a white gravy and mildly spiced - YUMMY! I dont quite recollect the name. And the dessert variety was awesome too. Ambience adds an extra feel good thing to this place. Its slightly on the higher side but worth a try.
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Gurunath Sharma - Burrp User

Gurunath Sharma

May 31,2011

Good food, poor service, bad cleaning

the spread for 700 bucks is decent. momos are amazing, with a live thukpa counter. they had a live risotto counter but unfortunately it was over by 10 pm itself. live poori bhaji counter.
indian curries were not so great, cause they were more like home made curries. the point is just not home made curries, but nothing special or extra ordinary in them. the biryani was ok, no raita with that, the salan was kept in a small bowl.

coming to the service. they said they would serve the starters on the table. on a table of 6 ppl, they gave 3-4 pieces of starters. how do they expect people to share. when its a buffet, atleast give enough pieces so that all the people get one each. on asking for second serving, they did not get it for an hour. with just 3 others tables going on, the staff could not meet the service.

to make things worst, this five star meets standard comparable with a road side cafe. all the tables around us finished eating, paid the bill and left, but no one was bothered to clear the tables with the left over food for the next two hours. every time we would look around and all we could see was uncleared tables and disgusting looks and after a while bad smell.

this is definitely not expected from marriott. shame on your standards.
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Mukesh Anand - Burrp User

Mukesh Anand

March 27,2011

MoMo Lunch Buffet

Pretty regular affair. However at Rs.450.00, you have better choices in other restaurants of Hyderabad city.
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Deepti Rupani - Burrp User

Deepti Rupani

July 25,2010

Exemplary service and good food!

Went with family and a guest to the MoMo cafe at the Courtyard by Marriot. Our waiter, Gautam, was a fine example of going the extra mile. He displayed professionalism and hospitality. My mom had a harmonium delivered to the hotel by one of her friends (she was borrowing it). She just informed him that someone would come and drop it off at the hotel. He came and picked it up personally and ensured that it got to our car when we left. He didn't need to do that.. but he did. The food was good, but it was made even better with his service. I wish you good luck Gautam, and I hope to visit the MoMo cafe again just because of your exemplary service and ready smile.
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