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kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


September 20,2015

Serene ambience

Light music and classic interiors will make for a pleasant evening . Food is good always at Ohris
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anks1604 - Burrp User


June 14,2015

Good ambiance. . Horrible service

Quite frankly, among Indian restaurants tansen has the best ambiance in hyderabad. .. in line with any 5 star... but that's about it...
so let's start
A. You come to the reception, the lady tells you there is a waiting of 50 mins... you walk in and see there are 5 empty tables and 4 people waiting. . You ask the lady again she'll tell you that it will take time to clean the tables. .. imagine 50 min to clear the tables... you persist and the other guy let's you in after 15 mins...
15 mins wasted

B. So you're at the table. .. thankfully the head waiter is courteous and takes the order. .. but then the nightmare begins. ..
a. Your food comes to the waiter and no one brings it to the table for 10 mins so that the roti turns hard n cold...
b. Waiter forgets to bring bowl for dal... wastes another 5 mins
c. He now forgets the onions... another 5 mins gone
d. Then you remind him that the pickles aren't there in the cutlery (3 times)... pickles come after your main course is over. ..
e. You somehow finish the dinner and ask for finger bowls and he gets too busy for that. .. 15 full mins gone. . Your hands are dry and dirty, you've given 5 reminders but they just don't care. .. FYI I washed my hands in the drinking glass... so next time you have water there, so remember. ..
f. Finally bill comes. .. you place the credit card and ask for payment to be made. ... 15 more mins go and they've still not taken the card. ... ( I am writing the review while waiting for the bill to be cleared... it's now 20 mins )
g. I've paid the bill and asked for the manager to tell him how bad the service is... and imagine what happened. .. he made me wait for another 15 mins and HE DIDN'T have the courtesy to meet me. .. 15 full mins and I left without getting attendance)
Summary - time between order and eating (including cooking time) 25 mins
Other time- 75 mins and counting. .. quite simply they don't want you here. .. it's your mistake you've made by coming here. .. and you've got to pay for it. ..

Dear owner: it's a pity you've got such s good looking restaurant with decent food but you just don't care if people actuality enjoy your food. .. it's my third (and final trip) to this place. .. the whole waiting thing makes the experience just not worth it. The rudeness and uncaring attitude of your staff is appalling. For your benefit - please take care of this. ..

Ankur saboo
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pjaiswal - Burrp User


February 21,2015

horrible customer service .....RUDE FRONT DESK STAFF

Had a very horrible and bitter experience when it comes to customer service must say would rate 0. Reached a little earlier around 6:50 pm and was asked by staff to wait, as the restaurant would open at 7:30. When I questioned about the timing one of the staff (girl) literally snapped saying we open at 7:30 which was needless. Very rude front desk staff with weird attitude not at all courteous. I was really taken aback with their unnecessary rude and care a damn attitude. They asked us to sit on chairs outside and there were 3 people near front desk who got back to their chitter chatter without even giving a damn to customers waiting. The least one can expect is at least offering a glass of water as I was with elderly parents. Their behavior was so rude that we could not tolerate this attitude for more than 10 minutes and left the place. I would have mentioned the names of staff if would have seen their badges. REALLY A VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE ADOPTED BY TANSEN STAFF WHO ARE AT FRONT DESK.
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Mayank Agarwal - Burrp User

Mayank Agarwal

October 27,2014

Experience of a Lifetime

The moment you enter this place you are taken into a different world. I can't even recall how many times I have been to this place. And it surprises me every time. The live music played is very soothing. Perfect place for a candle light dinner. Food is awesome. Try Paneer Parcha, Rasgulle ki curry and Dahi ke Kawab. They will lit up your taste buds.
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Kaustubh Sanyal - Burrp User

Kaustubh Sanyal

May 19,2012

Jahapanah, Ye Tofah Kabul Kiyjiye !

Tansen is a Pure Nawabi treat which a Hyderabadi Nawab should not miss out on.
The location is a pure delight with the Calming Hussain Sagar surrounding it.

Restaurant is superb in terms of its interiors, the thing which stood out was its ambience and its cozy seating makes it more "nawabi".

As for the Food it is good, standard Indian fare with a variety of Kebabs, we were in a huge group so could try each of the Seekh Kebab, Prawns Kebab and a Chicken Kabab of which the former was my pick of the lot.

For the main course, the Murgh Makhni (butter chicken) was good with correct amount of masala! Tried the other Chicken Dish which was okay...

A tad disappointment was the butter naan which was too rubbery for my liking.

All in all this was a nice eating place from the much maligned Ohri's stable (yes I had not liked the Jubliee Hills Gufaa AT ALL !! )

food - 3/5
ambience - 5/5

A Place every Hyderabadi Foodie must try!

PS. Give a Peek to the Bollywood Themed restaurant as well ;)
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