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kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


September 20,2015

Serene ambience

Light music and classic interiors will make for a pleasant evening . Food is good always at Ohris
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anks1604 - Burrp User


June 14,2015

Good ambiance. . Horrible service

Quite frankly, among Indian restaurants tansen has the best ambiance in hyderabad. .. in line with any 5 star... but that's about it...
so let's start
A. You come to the reception, the lady tells you there is a waiting of 50 mins... you walk in and see there are 5 empty tables and 4 people waiting. . You ask the lady again she'll tell you that it will take time to clean the tables. .. imagine 50 min to clear the tables... you persist and the other guy let's you in after 15 mins...
15 mins wasted

B. So you're at the table. .. thankfully the head waiter is courteous and takes the order. .. but then the nightmare begins. ..
a. Your food comes to the waiter and no one brings it to the table for 10 mins so that the roti turns hard n cold...
b. Waiter forgets to bring bowl for dal... wastes another 5 mins
c. He now forgets the onions... another 5 mins gone
d. Then you remind him that the pickles aren't there in the cutlery (3 times)... pickles come after your main course is over. ..
e. You somehow finish the dinner and ask for finger bowls and he gets too busy for that. .. 15 full mins gone. . Your hands are dry and dirty, you've given 5 reminders but they just don't care. .. FYI I washed my hands in the drinking glass... so next time you have water there, so remember. ..
f. Finally bill comes. .. you place the credit card and ask for payment to be made. ... 15 more mins go and they've still not taken the card. ... ( I am writing the review while waiting for the bill to be cleared... it's now 20 mins )
g. I've paid the bill and asked for the manager to tell him how bad the service is... and imagine what happened. .. he made me wait for another 15 mins and HE DIDN'T have the courtesy to meet me. .. 15 full mins and I left without getting attendance)
Summary - time between order and eating (including cooking time) 25 mins
Other time- 75 mins and counting. .. quite simply they don't want you here. .. it's your mistake you've made by coming here. .. and you've got to pay for it. ..

Dear owner: it's a pity you've got such s good looking restaurant with decent food but you just don't care if people actuality enjoy your food. .. it's my third (and final trip) to this place. .. the whole waiting thing makes the experience just not worth it. The rudeness and uncaring attitude of your staff is appalling. For your benefit - please take care of this. ..

Ankur saboo
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pjaiswal - Burrp User


February 21,2015

horrible customer service .....RUDE FRONT DESK STAFF

Had a very horrible and bitter experience when it comes to customer service must say would rate 0. Reached a little earlier around 6:50 pm and was asked by staff to wait, as the restaurant would open at 7:30. When I questioned about the timing one of the staff (girl) literally snapped saying we open at 7:30 which was needless. Very rude front desk staff with weird attitude not at all courteous. I was really taken aback with their unnecessary rude and care a damn attitude. They asked us to sit on chairs outside and there were 3 people near front desk who got back to their chitter chatter without even giving a damn to customers waiting. The least one can expect is at least offering a glass of water as I was with elderly parents. Their behavior was so rude that we could not tolerate this attitude for more than 10 minutes and left the place. I would have mentioned the names of staff if would have seen their badges. REALLY A VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE ADOPTED BY TANSEN STAFF WHO ARE AT FRONT DESK.
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Mayank Agarwal - Burrp User

Mayank Agarwal

October 27,2014

Experience of a Lifetime

The moment you enter this place you are taken into a different world. I can't even recall how many times I have been to this place. And it surprises me every time. The live music played is very soothing. Perfect place for a candle light dinner. Food is awesome. Try Paneer Parcha, Rasgulle ki curry and Dahi ke Kawab. They will lit up your taste buds.
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

September 09,2013

Royal Dining

My mother and sisters joint birthday and a busy friday saw us dining at Tansen , after a change in venue from Khansaab.

I have been to 70mm numerous times but the time after that was either spent in packing or travelling.

Having relocated from Pune, one of the main objectives of mine will always be to visit all places serving good food. 6 sept was the start.

Having endured a tiring drive from Hitech city to Necklace road on a Friday evening ( I am not used to such traffic from here I come ), i was super hungry by the time i reached Tansen. Lucky enough i had parking right in front of the hotel and food was already ordered

Murg Chandi Kebab
Tandoori Fish
Hariyali Tikka
Paneer Tikka
Stir Fried Baby Corn

Main Course
Murgh Mangalram
Dal Makhani / Tansen
Lasooni Palak
Baingan Bharta
Mix Veg in Garlic Sauce
Roti Basket ( laccha paratha, garlic naan, naan )

1 - dessert platter

All restaurants by Ohris have a laid back feel, Tansen is a notch ahead. The Interior is beautifully done. Had it not been for 2 naughty kids, i would have enjoyed the ambiance as well.

The strategically misplaced water pools are a complete no-no for families with toddlers. It adds to their work of keeping a check on their wards.

There was a sitar and flute recital going on that night and every now and then - Happy birthday was played by the artists. To entertain the kids, on and off rhymes were also played and it was a joy to watch the kids enjoy them.

Coming back to the food, the murgh chandi tikka is a chiken reshmi sort of a kebab wrapped in what is a thoroughly beaten egg white, which acts as a contraption for the kebab. This was the first time i had eaten anything like that, the combination of chicken and egg was delightful. This should be called the chicken and the egg problem. The beaten egg white was like spooning out a cloud.

The chicken hariyali was the normal boneless chicken pieces tandoored .

The tandoori/amritsari fish was a dissapointment. It was rather salty that night. On being pointed out, the steward apologized and offered to make up by asking us to choose a complimentary dessert. I asked for 2 but was served only 1.

Very soon the main course was served.....the Dal tansen was to die for. I will not describe it, it was simply divine.
The murg mangalram was pretty good. Some was left over and i took it home and ater it the following day and it was still good.

I did not try all the veg dishes, but the baingan bharta was liked by all and so was the lasooni palak. The mix veg curry in garlic sauce was ordinary.

The service was prompt and the huge brass glasses kept getting refilled on the dot. Each section of the hotel was being looked upon by someone and he kept directing the waiters to attend to tables and was doing a good job.

The last was the dessert platter. It was a platter of 12 types of desserts. I dont remember all of them but here goes the list
Blueberry cheese cake - ordinary
Paneer and carrot halva - very nice
Khubani ka meeta - lacked the ice cream
small malpua
gulab jamun

and a few others. It was worth a picture but the hand that shoots was busy dunking in the desserts.

The place is costly. The entire meal cost close to 4000 INR for 8ppl but i guess it was worth it.

Out of all the good places in Hyderabad, 1 down and countless new ones to go....

Bon Apetit.
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Maniac20 - Burrp User


July 22,2013

Great Ambiance

I have been to this place twice .. its a nice place to dine out .Beautiful place everything was well prepared ,well cooked and the service they provide you with is out standing .
Food is simply delicious specially the Starters . I would strictly recommend if you need to spend quality time . Cheers !!!
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Vinay  Rajiv - Burrp User

Vinay Rajiv

March 17,2013

Lovely Ambiance !

Very good restaurant. I loved the ambiance. U shud visit in the evening
My likes - Raan, Non-Veg Platter

Ambiance - 10/10
Food - 9/10
Price - 6/10
Service - 8/10
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Gauraw Patil - Burrp User

Gauraw Patil

February 12,2013

Perfect ambiance & taste, slow service

The ambiance is perhaps the best among all restaurants in Hyd. Perfect locality on the Necklace road makes it even more attractive. Food is to die for. But, make sure you order everything you want at the first go. The repeat order takes forever to arrive. Be ready to wait for kulchas for 20-30 minutes. So make sure you confirm the service time before you order.
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surjodeb - Burrp User


February 07,2013

Nice tasting oily or ghee based food.

1. Absolutely wonderful, serene, palatial ambience with corresponding live music.
2. Good tasting food, possibly not authentic.
3. Strong presence of Punjabi flavour with butter and ghee taste present in all dishes.
4. Primary attraction which I recommend is a combo of variety of exotic rotis with some Chicken gravy dish.

Ambience: 8.5/10
Food : 6.5/10
service: 6/10
Cost : 800/- for 2 (does not include any alcohol cost.)

I recently revisited this place as part of an Kashmiri food festival:

This is the biggest attraction of the place. There is a distinctly palatial or Mughal feel with pillars and flowy water canals inside the seating area. This is wonderfully complemented by the live Indian classical music performers and warm lighting.

Sofas are available too for some really elegant seating in this princely setting.

There is a distinct Punjabi flavour to all food served here with the butter and ghee ruling supreme in all dishes here. Primary unique attraction here are the many different types of North Indian Unleavened breads or rotis and naans alongwith corresponding gravies. Due to the distinct Punjabiness of the taste, I would strongly recommend sticking to the Chicken specialities here.

Primary combinations I would recommend here is one of the exotic types of roti or naan alongwith some Chicken gravy dish.

Regarding the Kashmiri food festival dishes, they tasted really good... (not sure if authentic.. but tasted good to me.)

Tried the Kanti Murgh (nothing special), Palak Kokkur (strong palak flavour dominates everything, melt in your mouth... really nice smooth texture of meat), Gushtaba (unique... not exactly like Dahi chicken... but really liked the flavour imparted by the yoghurt apart from the tangy taste contribution aspect.), Rishta ( strong spicy flavour... possibly red chilly powder... can be described as heavy from only oil or ghee aspect... but the oil or ghee was so overpowering that the spice factor was toned down when the food initially hit the tastebuds along with the oil)

Had the above with Bakarkhani....which was basically one of those typical special nutty sweet type of non-tandoori type of unleavened Indian bread.

Waiters are numerous, however catching their attention can be a challenge sometimes. Once you have called them though they are very genial and understanding. - A fallout is sometimes there will be some diners who will need to be noisy to call waiter.
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ratna2002 - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Amazing food

To share about the experience we had when we visited tansen of ohir’s is one of the best in the recent past.. there was almost all kinds of food available, starting from the time we enter the place we will feel really delighted the maintenance and the reception. It was very relaxing to have the tasty food and it is the children who enjoy this food and the place. The pricing is very reasonable for the kind of spread and the taste. I would suggest it as a must visit place in hydrabad
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nishant_s - Burrp User


September 13,2012

Average food, great fine dining experience

This review is from 2011 (or perhaps earlier) So perhaps things have changed since then. We loved this place. The ambiance was majestic, reminiscent of the era of the Nawabs. The staff was friendly and there were no unnecessary delays. The food was average. If I recall correctly, we ordered a chicken entree and kulche, apart from appetizers and dessert. The entree was not up to the mark. Everything else was simply brilliant. I'm coming here again and I hope I have a better experience than what I had earlier.
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Kaustubh Sanyal - Burrp User

Kaustubh Sanyal

May 19,2012

Jahapanah, Ye Tofah Kabul Kiyjiye !

Tansen is a Pure Nawabi treat which a Hyderabadi Nawab should not miss out on.
The location is a pure delight with the Calming Hussain Sagar surrounding it.

Restaurant is superb in terms of its interiors, the thing which stood out was its ambience and its cozy seating makes it more "nawabi".

As for the Food it is good, standard Indian fare with a variety of Kebabs, we were in a huge group so could try each of the Seekh Kebab, Prawns Kebab and a Chicken Kabab of which the former was my pick of the lot.

For the main course, the Murgh Makhni (butter chicken) was good with correct amount of masala! Tried the other Chicken Dish which was okay...

A tad disappointment was the butter naan which was too rubbery for my liking.

All in all this was a nice eating place from the much maligned Ohri's stable (yes I had not liked the Jubliee Hills Gufaa AT ALL !! )

food - 3/5
ambience - 5/5

A Place every Hyderabadi Foodie must try!

PS. Give a Peek to the Bollywood Themed restaurant as well ;)
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Nikhil Nayak - Burrp User

Nikhil Nayak

April 06,2012

Possibly the Best Restaurant in town!

Considering what the Ohris have done in the city - Tansen has been one of their best contributions to the city restaurant scene so far. Decor and ambience is first rate. Part of a three restaurant complex, Tansen is the place you want to go, or take your important guests, for a great North Indian meal.

Mocktails and Cocktails are good with some interesting combinations. Hints of green chillies and other ingredients cleverly transform some well known drinks. For those not interested the bar is well stocked with the usual choices. Drinks are important here in my opinion because of the great kebabs and apetizers one must have here. The menu is full of great choices - both veg and non veg. My favorite kebab was a variation of the thangdi kebab but had the chicken legs stuffed with mince meat and cream.

North Indian cuisine is rich. At Tansen, the spices are well brought out. Any of the dishes on the menu are regional classics. You have to be careful to stay with a theme or you could have some mismatches - not disastrous ones though. If you're going with a Southern touch you need to order the right breads or rice to complement the dishes. Speaking of which they have an outstanding choice of rotis and breads.

The dessert menu is usually hard to reach because the food gets too much. If you still need a sweet at the end try their platter which gives you a tasting of a variety of sweets. Very nice option when you have no place after a heavy meal.

Tansen is meant for a special occasions. It is expensive but not overly so. You get what you pay for. The ambience and decor is very well set. Service whenever I have been there has been good if not excellent on one occasion. Live ghazal music sets the mood for your meal. Take people here for the best Hyderabad has to offer.
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2SnehaAgarwal - Burrp User


March 19,2012

Great Food, Lovely Indian Music & Royal Experience

My mother and I wanted to treat one of our business clients to good Indian food. So we went to Tansen because our good friend suggested that. So we reserved our table since it was a Saturday evening. We first ordered for shorbas and 2 varieties of starters which were very good. The maincourses were good and balanced as well . We asked the waiter to keep it medium spicy. When the food was served, it was the riht kind of spicy. And we loved the taste.

The ambiance was so peaceful for a hot evening. White interiors were nice, the little water fountains everywhere were also good and made a unique setting. The service and waiters were also very good. They suggested options and understood what we were looking for.

What also worked for us was live music there. Our guests were from Delhi and loved Indian music. That day the musicians played very nice Indian tunes on Tabla and Sitar. That made our evening.
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burrpblogger9 - Burrp User


February 14,2012

highly overrated

Let me set the context first. We were a group of 6 people for Lunch at the place.

Bill : Rs. 3422
Order: 5 mock tails
2 non- veg and 1 veg appetizer
5 nans / kulchas / rotis
1 non-veg + 1 veg curry
1 chicken biryani
2 desserts

Service quickness: 2/5
Taste of food: 1/5

The taste of the food was pathetic. especially veg was very bad. The only thing I would consider palatable were the desserts.

A total pathetic experience for the ambiance they boast of and for and the price charged.
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ujain - Burrp User


August 10,2011


Tansen is a must visit if you are a foodie and don't mind paying a bit much for a fine-dining experience. The ambiance is simply ethereal. Staff very courteous, in fact I was so happy that for once i didn't mind giving the waiter a tip. ( I usually don't, what with so much service tax, and then I'm just a student and/or researcher so I tell myself- someday i'll give the standard 10% of the bill as a tip!. okay, here I've begun rambling!!) The food will enthrall your taste buds- we ordered a starter, dal makhni (very good, I finished it even though I didn't want any more naans!) and a paneer dish. The drinks are good too- I ordered a cocktail- 'mriganayani' (the name was enough to convince me give it a shot!) and it did turn to be very good!
The best part was yet to come- the dessert! The 'Akbari Malpua' is heavenly (my friend insisted even though I was full, one bite of it and I realized why was he pestering me to order this!). One of the best desserts I've ever had. You guys just have to order this!
Overall, heavy on the pocket- 1600 for two, but an amazing experience.
I most probably wont go again because its kinda far off from where I stay, and expensive. Also, I wouldn't want to risk ruining my memory of it by too many repetitions, that's how much I liked it! Kudos to the staff! :)
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Ganesh Raam Ramadurai - Burrp User

Ganesh Raam Ramadurai

July 11,2011

Lives up to the theme

The theme is fantastic and the ambiance is splendid. What fails me to impress me is the variety in the food and the lack of authentic taste to few chicken dishes. I wish this place offered more tasteful variety as well as few dishes were cheap.
For Starters, Masala Paapad is pathetic here and to live up their themed name, Ohris has to up the tempo of the food and the tastes should delight!
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A good choice

The restaurant is part of Ohri's Jalvihar - 3 restaurants in the same campus the other two being 70mm and 1857. Tansen has a unique decor and is extremely spacious. You will find live classical instrumental music going on which adds a different feel to the ambiance.

This is a laid back place - you need to sink in to the ambiance, and enjoy your time. Service is laid back too - we enjoyed it, as we had ample time. I am not sure how you may feel if you go there for a quick bite- it is definitely not that kind of a place.

Coming to food, we tried out the Galouti Kabab as starter along with Paya shorba. The Galouti was very good and melted in the mouth and is close to the versions you get in North India. The Paya shorba was passable, and frankly not as good as you find in Sahib Sindh Sultan.

For the main course we went for Chicken Istew and Gosht Jahangiri. The Istew was less spicy with more of a whitish gravy, but it was extremely good. The Jahangiri is what I will recommend, a mutton dish which is in the best traditions of Mughlai cuisine.

We went for an assortment of parathas - Bhurani, Chakori and the plain vanilla naan. All three were soft and good.

Bill for 3 worked out to Rs 1300.

Overall a pretty good joint for north Indian food - Mughlai and Awadhi. Go with a lot of time to spare and you will enjoy there.
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Blue Joy - Burrp User

Blue Joy

June 04,2011

great exerience

nice ambience, good service, great food - a perfect recipe for an enjoyable evening. dahi ke kabab is highly recommended, as is the thandai. and the menu is very generous for vegetarians, with quite a few options to choose from. the breads are one of their kinds. overall, i'll highly recommend this place - both for a family dinner and a romantic one :)
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Shireen B - Burrp User

Shireen B

February 21,2011

Tansen's melody!

As you enter the awww strucking ambeince pulls your eye balls out! and the sweet melodious indian classical music. its a soothing experience. the menu card is short and sweet. the food is not extra ordinarily tasty but the price is! its a good place to be once a while.
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Sudheer M - Burrp User

Sudheer M

July 10,2010

Could be one of the best restaurant in Hyd

I was quite impressed with the ambiance. Well spaced, decently lit, no loud music but soft Hindustani classical instrumental music in the background. Great please to go with a family or friends. The food was good too though the serving was slow. Overall I would give it an 'A'. Visit it before it goes down the drain like all good restaurants do in Hyderabad.
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sharathbabub - Burrp User


May 20,2010

Good Ambience, Good Food

I have given full 5 stars. But taste of the food can be better. This made me to cut down a Star. The interiors are great. Service is good. Quality can be better. The toughest thing on a weekend is getting a Table. On my anniversary day, i had to wait 45 minutes to get a table. But still i feel is worth waiting.
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sumut fatima - Burrp User

sumut fatima

May 03,2010

A Royal Treat !

Hyderabad is known for its Nizami Culture & Cuisine…..At Tansen You can experience the best of Nizami cuisine …An ambience u`ll remember forever….. The place is done up beautifully in White & Gold….delicious food & Gr8 Service….I would consider this to be a perfect place for a romantic dinner date ;)
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hailtheking - Burrp User


April 26,2010

good food, horrible everything else

I have been to this place after reading reviews here and was really expecting a good dining experience.

Well, the dining part was good but not the experience.

When we entered the place although most of the tables were vacant ,still they pointed us towards the most corner table in the restaurant

As if the ambiance wasn't bizarre enough, it was hot as hell inside and we were sweating like anything
When I asked them for a table change,they obliged respectfully and thankfully!

Now the real pain starts, there was no response from the mngr when I told that it was too hot, and nothing was done.

When I asked the person who was serving our table what were the dishes in the Non-Veg platter , his unconcerned reply was "Chicken , Mutton, prawns etc...", wtf?.That was proper enlightenment for me.I had to ask him 3 times to get to know what were the the dishes in that platter.

The motto of service here is that "Serve once and forget!"

The food was good though!, Platters were value for money compared to rest of the dishes.

The real pain was to eat hot food while taking a bath in your own sweat while paying handsomely for that , that was something for all us!

The live music was avg at best and irritating for most of the time, we prayed that they would stop soon enough.

When I asked the mngr why there was no A/C while leaving, the reply was was that there was no electricity from 7:00PM.

Those idiots knew there was no electricity and didn't have the courtesy to tell that when we were entering the restaurant.It totally ruined our dinner.

Avoid this place at any cost. You can get much better dining experiences at other places at the same prices.

Food : 3.5/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Service : 0/5
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mehuldesai27 - Burrp User


February 22,2010

Good food.unique romantic ambience

A royal treat in the city of Nizams.You feel like a Nizam after a visit here.Food is tasty,served well in time.The desserts here are awesome.Meal is incomplete without the dessert platter( serves 4).Avoid weekends.The drawback of this place is its Inability to manage huge crowds and confused reception staff during weekends.Live soft music is soothing.
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ramranjan - Burrp User


October 30,2009


Hi, I have been to Tansen a week back. It was an excellent experience for me, Food, Ambiance and service is just outstanding and customer friendly. I like the location and its a nice place to treat your family and friends. Its just a bit different from others. Its amazing. You must go and feel the place. Its called Ohris Jalvihar.
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parasm1971 - Burrp User


October 28,2009


TANSEN at Necklace road, wanna simply fabulous!!! What i like must is ambience, water body in and around and specious, food was great! Quite unusual but tasty, I like welcoming saying NAMASKAR. They also warn U to walk carefully to save U taking plunge in water Hummmm....... It was a Great Experience!
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skajd - Burrp User


October 27,2009

Improved alot

first when i went to the place a month back and faced some delays in food but the taste of it covered it all.. so this time i was expecting to be a better and three of got a fabulous service and overall experience.but on weekend it has heavy rush and waiting so book before you go.that's a advice
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Sekhar CK - Burrp User

Sekhar CK

October 27,2009

Service is Awful - Food is awesome!

in a nutshell.. before i get intense

food = 4/5
presentation = 5/5
service = 1/5
ambience = 5/5
safety = 1/5

there should be some kind of paintings or murals on the walls.. otherwise its looking bland - or maybe its supposed to be like that...hmm

A WAITERS job is to ANTICIPATE the customers needs and serve/wait on them proactively.
this part was missing! we had to remind the waiter 4-5 times for water,bill, more 2 order, takeway.. etc

the service is slow and not properly coordinated. there was a huge table next to us and everyone seemed to be concentrating on that 1 table alone. yes its important to please the larger crowd . however, a good restaurant would have trained staff
who can take care of smaller groups and couples as efficiently as the larger group

With so many restaurants coming up with their own customised /signature dishes, it need not be a surprise the staff is asked how a dish is made/tastes. the boy dint know what he was serving, whether it was veg/non-veg/ or which table it was meant for.

well i still have 3-4 more points to mention .. but ...... duh... WTF...
oh.. by the way... we werent given our doggy pack!

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