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Film Nagar
Opposite Film Nagar Club, Road 82,, Film Nagar, Hyderabad
Open now and till 11:00 pm

Note : (open on all 7 days)

Price: Rs.450 for two

Cuisine: Fastfood

Known for: Toasty subs, soups, salads

Valet parking
Air conditioned
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arnav chatterjee - Burrp User

arnav chatterjee

September 12,2013

HORID experience

We gave our car at the valet parking, and went inside to eat . While having our lunch, much to our horror we saw someone getting into our car and driving it out from the restaurant . Initially we thought they were just parking the car out side the parking area. However within few minutes we realized that someone drove the car away . When we ran outside to the parking bay, the person who gave us the valet parking ticket informed us that someone from the restaurant has gone to get some cigarettes . We were stupified !!
1)We had the car valet parking receipt yet someone else could happily drive away the car !!
2)we had to create a huge fight for this much to our dismay ...
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

April 29,2013

Awesome Subs...

I am not a calorie cautious guy; I am more of a person who loves the food the way it has to be. But being a salad lover I wanted to try this place. So I landed at Quiznos, the global leader of subs; is one of the finest places to enjoy a treat in a healthy way for the calorie cautions foodies. Quiznos menu is predominantly a very low carb based. I had been here once before yesterday, I liked the subs and the kebabs. Now as a part of Hyderabad foodies group I visited here for an early evening snack.

Being a group of 50 foodies, we got a preset menu which consisted of a soup, a salad/Chips/Kebab, A pizza, a Sub and an aerated drink with an option of Veg & Non-veg. Being a lazy Sunday afternoon foodies dropped in slowly and enjoyed their food.

The ambiance is good with good amount of space for accommodating 100 odd foodies. They have two sections A/C and Non A/c depending on their mood one can choose to be seated where ever they like. I would have preferred the non A/c area during winters but being midsummer I preferred to have the event indoors. The tables and chairs are comfortable and are kept clean.

1. Mushroom soup, it’s a classic Quiznos soup made with grilled mushrooms and a ready mix concentrate which is imported from USA. This soup has a unique flavour which is poles apart from the regular mushroom soup you would get at any other place. The soup has a creamy texture which many people are not used to, so few people may not like it; but it did suit to my palate. I would suggest trying this soup to have a different experience. The mushrooms portion was on the lesser side due to which the soup tasted creamier.
2. Non Veg sub – I had the international most appreciated Chipotle chicken sub. This is a spicy and fiery sub which was perfect to my taste buds, after having a very subtle mushroom soup. Here I need to share small information about the sub, which is very crunchy and real toasted not like the re- heated sub which we get at the other places. This gives the uniqueness to this sub. I had been eating at other places but the Quiznos sub is right at the top of my list of best subs. The chicken, cheese, onions, chipotle mayo sauces are evenly mixed and the fresh and crispy veggies gave an awesome experience having this sub. I would return here only to have this sub.
3. Non veg salad – I tried Hot barbeque Chicken salad which was promptly served to me at the table. The salad consisted of Barbeque sauce, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce and ranch dressing with chia seeds. Wow is the only word which came after tasting this scrumptious salad. The BBQ sauce and Ranch dressing was quite evident in the taste. But again I felt the chicken portion was on the lesser side, I would have preferred with more chicken in it.
4. Pizza – I ordered the spicy tandoori chicken pizza which is a waffle thin crust with good mount of tandoori chicken and cheese. This pizza is a hand tossed and toasted to perfection with all the toppings.

Overall I was satisfied with what I have ordered. This place is more of a self-service due to which I would not rate them on the service aspect, but they did make an effort to serve our Hyderabad foodies group satisfactorily. Most of our group have spent good amount of time interacting and relishing on the food. I came to know the place is very shortly getting revamped (including menu) and I am looking forward to visit as soon as it is done.

Here I need to mention the names of Ms.Harini, Mr.Mohan, Mr.Rishi & Ms.Neha for their effort to give us a pleasant dining experience. It was a good gesture by Mr.Mathur, CEO Quiznos to join us and spend some time interacting with foodies. I must say he has a good amount of knowledge and passion towards food.

Ambiance 4./5
Food Quantity 3.5/5
Food Quality 4.5/5
Pricing 4/5
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