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Amaresh Kunkati - Burrp User

Amaresh Kunkati

December 16,2015

Guess all are fascinated by the name

I am a coffee connoisseur and we there once couldn't find anything to the extent I heard about it. it only seems good to the beginners I guess.....
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Sai Rajeswari R - Burrp User

Sai Rajeswari R

May 31,2013

Best Place To Have Chocolate

Chocolate room is the best place to have choc-tails & choc-shakes
Best in price,service.
We can have lots of cookies which are yummy in taste.
Different types of desserts ^& sandwiches can be found under one roof that is "chocolate room"
Thank you chocolate room.
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luckybobby - Burrp User


February 06,2013

perfect Adda for Choclate lovers

owww....wooow chocolate room...!! It rocks.....Specially for choc lovers its the best place...Whenever I feel irritated I go there and have mu Choc dessert..ummm yummmiiiee .. :)...!! Too good to have Chocolate room near to my office :P :D.. Loving it :)
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Neha Mathur - Burrp User

Neha Mathur

August 06,2012

Sinfully Divine

"Chocolate is my sinsation!"...For all the chocolate lovers this place is a must try.Death by chocolate pancake is freaking awesome from this place and I make sure I have it every single time I am here..Irish coffee is also a must try as it tastes amazing just that its a lil very sweet.
I am a Chocoholic and that is quite a reason I am here almost every weekend..The service here is not so bad but its worth being here for all the savory.
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Suman B - Burrp User

Suman B

February 23,2012

Chocolate Avalanche... ufff... here I come

My favorite here is Chocolate Avalanche. It is made with utmost care and one can definitely enjoy every bite of it. The hot chocolate poured on brownie will give you unforgettable feeling on your first bite. Well, it too much in quantity but, if you are a chocolate lover, it should not be big issue.. Must visit if you come around Madhapur..
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sands280 - Burrp User


December 14,2011

what a way to do biz?

heard about this place pn burrp,so made a phone call 7 times in span of 20minutes, 8th time someone answered the phone and we requested that we want to place an order for six cakesand want it delivered to banjara hills.
the man on the other end said they have a branch in banjara hills so why dont i order from there and he gave me their mobile number which no one answered as it was switched off.what a way to do biz?
i assume the outlet is doingexctionally well and they dont want more patrons.
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Blue Joy - Burrp User

Blue Joy

August 07,2011

THE place for chocolate lovers

i absolutely loved this place. the menu has quite interesting sections, and a lot of mouth-watering items. hopefully i'll get to try most of them in due course. as for today, i had chocolate mousse and waffle with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce. the chocolate sauce and the preparation of all items is very good. so is the presentation. i just wish the service was better too.
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Trishnanta Kanjilal - Burrp User

Trishnanta Kanjilal

June 13,2011


Chocolate room is the one stop solution for all your chocolate cravings. I'd love to get experimental here and try their fondue or chocolate pizza but the couple of times that I happened to visit this place I've stuck to the pastries and the likes.

Absolutely unforgettable brownies, tiramisu cake and their Oreo Shake is also worth a mention. Breeze into this place for some sinful desserts after a meal and you wont be disappointed.
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scorpioraghu - Burrp User


May 01,2011

Is literally the chocolate room!

I specifically went to this place for their chocolate sandwich. Delighted I was with their Chocolate chilli sandwich and the chocolate mess desert! Great place and great food. Ambiance is OK, worth your money. Service could be improved. Funny to see chocolate every where dripping, rolling and sticking !
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hareshjani - Burrp User


October 05,2010

Choclate Delight :)

Too good ...... we went there after ourr dinner to have desert ... Its was too good ... They had some creative items in their menu like Choclate Sandwich and Choclate Pizza :) :)
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Sabarish Chevendra - Burrp User

Sabarish Chevendra

September 25,2010

not as xpected

ppl who like chocolates plzzz dnt go 2 choclate room... it really sucks... i have been there 2day nly.. i dnt knw wen will i strt eating choclates again...
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Ashwitha Ch - Burrp User

Ashwitha Ch

July 24,2010

it can be better

i have been der once i had some kinda hazelnut drink its lik **** and thn pancake it was better thn that ......
but the envi around is damn good......
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hari_nj - Burrp User


January 27,2010

It is a sin!

I was appalled at how they could disrespect chocolate. Bad service, bad food, neat ambiance. Will not talk much about their coffee either....argghhhh.
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Moonlight - Burrp User


November 20,2009

Not too good

+ve: It sells chocolate preparations.
-ve: Everything else. Service sucks. The actual food is not as per expectations. Over-hyped. Over-priced. It's like one of those wannabe places that want to be cool but can't get there.
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neethu - Burrp User


November 10,2009

Ok Ok Place........

Had chocolate Mess. It was good. Ambience was good and the service very very slow for hardly 3 tables occupied.
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Suzoo - Burrp User


October 21,2009

Good concept but more to be desired...

We have been to the Chocolate Room 2-3 times on workdays as well as weekends. The place has pretty good ambiance, that is, if you manage to get a table inside. Outside tends to be warm and sultry (as in Hyderabad). Kids will enjoy since there is space to run around. The menu is pretty interesting with chocolate in everything (shakes, coffee, pizza, etc). We have tried their wraps, sandwichs, shakes, and pizza. Overall my recommendation is to stick with the following: Sandwich and Shake are best. They still need to figure out, how to make those wraps decent enough. I found the bread (roti/tortilla) in wrap to be fairly hard to chew and the stuffing was somehow not gelling that well. The chocolate pizza turned out to be whimper. They just poured some chocolate syrup on pizza base and baked it. This is not a chocolate pizza. So watch out for that. The shakes are by far the best bet, they are quite good. Also, the hot chocolate is also pretty good deal for the money. Last but not least, the service is very slow, sigh! Overall my summary:
Taste 2.5/5
Quality 3/5
Ambiance 4/5
Service 2.5/5
Value for Money 2.5/5
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mudhuba - Burrp User


September 26,2009

chocolate room=chocolate hut

recently went there
good ambiance
the variety of chocolate food is simply superb
the concept is good
service is nice

pricing i feel when compared to other places is reasonable
Hyderabad,is complete now with chocolate room

keep it up

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mr.foodie - Burrp User


August 13,2009

service is too slow

unlike my earlier review, my recent visit to this place wasn't so calorie worthy :( the chocolate mousse was really bad and the service was slow as if they were making it from scratch!!!
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mr.foodie - Burrp User


June 04,2009

just awesome!!!

I loved the place on my first on my first visit... hyderabad really needed a dessert venue. Had the tiramisu hot chocolate.. loved the quality, variety, presentation.. but it should be open longer than 11pm (atleast on weekends).

service needs to speeden up though...
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kumarsamit - Burrp User


May 10,2009

Hmmmmm...sinfully superb!

We (me, wife and 2 kids) went there for a post-dinner sweet tooth experience and simply loved the place. Perhaps we went a bit late (10:40 pm) so space or service was not an issue. Amazing collection and excellent variety. Some items were good value for money but milkshakes and frappes were a bit over priced. Quantity was good so realised that it would have been better of we had ordered 2-3 items instead of 4.

As the name suggests everything is centered around how many creative dishes can be made out of chocolate...including a chocolate pizza! Nice, relaxed ambience.

Next time we are planning to go there for a complete dinner. Will keep you all posted!
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Rahul Basu - Burrp User

Rahul Basu

April 06,2009

Service Disaster

Unlike the past 2 reviews, I have no praises for the chocolate room. It was something I didn't expect from a such a soothing ambiance and locality.

One lazy evening we dragged to give the new joint to give our sweet tooth a try. The place was crowded as expected and it took some time to manage a place to sit. We were given a Menu Card which had the pages missing. After much nagging we got hold of a full menu. The items in the menu looked delicious and tempting only to find out that most of them are unavailable. We ordered our choices somehow.

With a sudden surprise, after about 15 mins.... the waiter came over and informed unfortunately they dont have the sufficient amount of items w have order and we have to reorder some other variety. Furiously we just asked him to get whatever was available. After about another 15 mins wait.. they managed to serve the order but for 1 of the item.

They told unfortunately they have placed a wrong order and they are getting the correct order ready.

On the whole it was one bad experience with the chocolates....

The 2 stars are for the food and ambiance.... they management really needs to have a look at the qualit of service.
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sandeepsajjala - Burrp User


April 04,2009

Decent place

A good place to relax in the evenings. All the desserts tasted good but the service has to be improved a lot. I had to wait for an hour before I got what I ordered (chocolate dip!!) but I guess it is one off incident as the other two dishes we ordered was brought pretty fast.
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Arvind_7 - Burrp User


April 04,2009

Fantastic Desserts

Chocolate room in Madhapur is one hell of a place for dessert lovers. As the name suggests they’ve got a plethora of chocolate desserts from Pancakes to shakes to ice creams and even chocolate pizza. Even the sandwiches and other snacks are excellent. The ambience is pretty run of the mill, but once u get there the ambience or the setting would be the least of your concern. The desserts are absolutely out of the world. Make sure you try the death by chocolate pancake and strawberry patch pancake. All in all, this place kicks some serious ass!!!

PS: The waiters are just not able to handle the volume of visitors. They certainly need to buck up on that front because with a menu like that, the volume is only going to increase.
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