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  • Nearly half the visitors would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: donuts , Blueberry Pancakes with chocolate sauce
  • Few people mentioned with my friends

Additional remarks from reviews:

worth a try
Valet parking: 9/10
Bottled water is over-priced and is not worth it
Syam Tatineni - Burrp User

Syam Tatineni

June 05,2016

Best for continental cuisine

Awesome food.. Superb pizzas... Never disappointed with any of their dishes. Go to place if I have an outstation friend visiting hyderabad
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Krishna-hyd - Burrp User


April 04,2015


While most of the review I read was on ambiance and I agree with the review for that specific aspect, the food was a big disappointment.

My son and I went on 3rd April to have lunch as he insisted on having a Pizza. When we wanted to order, the gentlemen mentioned that Pizza are available only in the Night and only on Saturday and Sunday it is available during lunch hours. That was a sign of things coming our way and yet I ignored it and ordered a Veg Burger and Paneer Sizzler.

The Paneer Sizzler was made up of Biryani, Jeera Aloo topped with Paneer Butter Masala with some semi fried Cauliflower Florets, Sliced Baby Corn, Sliced Carrots and Beans in Sizzler plate. I asked the person serving us if has he ever had a sizzler made out of Indian pre-prepared dishes and he could only smile and say 'Sir, yahan to aisey hi banta hai'. I could have as well enjoyed Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala, Jeera Aloo separately.

Burger bread was dry.

The less said the better..as my BP shoots up to even think of going there again to have food.
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mr.foodie - Burrp User


January 13,2014

Truffles Rocks!

So looks like the management did listen to the burrpers! From serving unbottled water (phew) to making the menu better, they have started serving alcohol. These things make this place ideal to spend Sunday mornings! Staff is very cordial, and the ambience is AWESOME!
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Sai Rajeswari R - Burrp User

Sai Rajeswari R

July 17,2013

best place for deserts

The place has nice interiors. Outside sitting is also available but we noticed that service in the interiors sittings are better.
Desserts are absolute delight. Must try their donuts.
We ordered for Blueberry Pancakes with chocolate sauce and a Grilled Banana French Toast with Mascarpone Dip. The service was prompt. The French Toast was very well made, but the banana used was overripe to be grilled. The Mascarpone dip was just right, with the thickness of the cream consistent and a light citric sweetness to it
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mr.foodie - Burrp User


June 10,2013

best coffee shop in town!

I've been going to truffles for over a year now and I still prefer this place over the other coffee shops! the ambience is just awesome!!

food and beverage is really nice. my favourite is the dancing cappuccino.

however,  there  a few things that the management can do to make the truffles experience better:
1. provide regular water for free (all burrpers should actually consider filing  a PIL against restaurants and hotels that do not serve filteref water!!)

2. provide free wi-fi
3. incease coffee options (hot and cold)
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foodie1990 - Burrp User


February 22,2013

mixed pork and chicken

Cappuccino vieness is the best here and cheese omelette. but i had a terrible experience here because the service is really bad. the waiters aren't sure if what they serve is pork or chicken.
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vibhutiagarwal - Burrp User


January 22,2013

Good place but bad service

I have been to Truflles a couple of times since last year. I like the pleasant ambience and have a few preferences on your menu as well. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for your service and staff because of the following incidents:

- I fail to understand why restaurants that charge Rs 200/- at times for one dish, cannot provide free drinking water. I have experienced the same situation multiple times at Truffles and when I question the staff, they have no proper answer as to why they do not provide free water.

- Last Sunday, when I went to Truffles for breakfast, my friends (from out of Hyd) and I were very happy with the food but our experience was totally ruined when one of your staff members served me regular water in a used Bisleri bottle. He offered no glasses and no excuses for this. This was extremely disappointing.

- Next day, though I did not wish to come back, I had to go to Truffles for an office lunch meet. My colleague who had been sitting since 11:30 ordered French toast at 12:03. The waiter said he could not serve the dish as it is served only till 12. If your place was bustling with customers I would understand. But it was 3 mins late and you probably had less than 10 customers in the whole cafe. When we asked for the manager, we were told he is in a meeting and can come in 5 mins. But OFCRS he did not come.

It is sad that a place that has a very different ambience and menu compared to other places in Hyd, cannot train their staff to provide equally good service to customers. I am very sure I will think twice (or more) before I suggest or come or bring my friends/ colleagues to Truffles again.

I posted this message on Facebook a few days ago but no response there.
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ajuhi101 - Burrp User


December 29,2012

nice place for a nice evening

we just tried it today and really liked it. the ambiance is very cute. we had the rosemary herb chicken sizzler. worth the 300/- and minced ;lamb lasgana. not the best lasgana i've had but still pretty decent.
worth a try. service is alright
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mahmood  - Burrp User


December 23,2012

grt food exp with classy open air rocky ambience

we went to truffles in a search of an elusive food experience. . and in turn we came back with something better, truffles offered us with amazing and gratifying food in a really beautiful open air rocky designed themed restaurant cafe. .. elaborate breakfast continental menus... thoughtfully priced. . graceful, prompt and friendly serving staff.

highlight is the informal atmosphere, multi level design. .good crowd. . overall a good place to hangout with friends. . a must try :-)
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Somasekhar Battu - Burrp User

Somasekhar Battu

December 07,2012

Superb location, wonderful ambience and delicious

Worth each and every penny of your hard earned money and worth each and every moment of a well palnned dinner with your love.
Surely a delighful place to hanout and exquisite menu will surely make order more and taste will make sure you will be visting once again.
Note:- please try the mediterranean fried vegetables..its awesome in here
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sham_truffles - Burrp User


October 14,2012

Apologies for inconvenience!

Thanks for your patronage of Truffles café

We have noted your responses and we believe in working seriously on the feedback you have given to us.

Please be assures of it.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Truffles Team!!
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burrp_hydfood - Burrp User


October 13,2012

Ok food. Bad customer service. Unresponsive Mgmt

5 of us had gone for a Saturday brunch. Everyone ordered but the food only came for 4. We repeated asked our server to make sure that the 5th item is getting ready. The 4, who got their food, got it in 20 mins. The 5th person waited till 55 mins to get the food. I talked to the Manager to cancel the 5th dish and get us our check - he did not apologize or show remorse on the fact that their service was bad.

Other observations: their staff does not know how to explain the various coffee drinks they have and the staff making the coffee drinks (Specially iced coffee) is bad.

This was my 3rd visit to Truffles. There will be no 4th visit.
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Monikatiwari123 - Burrp User


September 27,2012

Truffles-- a beautiful cafe!!

Best place to have a turkish coffee and tiramisu!..I often go there with my friends, am in love with the ambience(outdoor setting) Turkish coffee and their weekend breakfast menu. A bit on the expensive side this place is worth a try. It has outdoor seating arrangement and has a small book library for all those who would love to sit for long hours:)
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Ruthie's  - Burrp User


September 11,2012

so romantic

The place has such a rustic and romantic feel to it. Simple love the ambience
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appu_m - Burrp User


September 09,2012

Atrocious customer service

We went to Truffles for breakfast today. The waiter started off saying only Kinley water is available and then brought us normal tap water anyway! While the food was quite good, the billing experience just ruined the whole experience. We had ordered Cajun fried mushrooms which were dripping so much oil that there was OIL FLOATING ON THE PLATE! The waiter refused to take it back saying he would squeeze out the oil onto tissues and bring it back!! THEN he charged us for the mushrooms we had sent back,. AND refused to take them off the bill. He FOUGHT with us for over half hour to give us the number of the manager who was UNAVAILABLE or to correct the bill. Good cafe? I THINK NOT!
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Anthony Francis - Burrp User

Anthony Francis

September 06,2012

Paani Paani re.....

The food is so good that when you start feeling thirsty and order some water. The water burns your mouth and leaves you with a bad taste. Bottled water is over-priced and is not worth it. Go savor the food with your own bottle of water.

Are you listening truffles?
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Rahul Basu - Burrp User

Rahul Basu

May 13,2012

Breakfast at Tiffany.... err Truffles

Ambiance: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5

I would have actually never tried this place, haven't I visited it a week back for a small tête-à-tête with few of my friends. I tried beverage the last time and I promised to come back to give it another try.

Yesterday, I made up my mind to visit this place for a breakfast with my partner of crime. I was enticed because of the old world charm and exciting offering of an English breakfast I last had in Goa.

The whole decor has a touch of retro with and Indo-English mix. The wooden touch added to the ambiance.

The food was excellent and sumptuous according to the price. I agree to the bit that they do not have drinking water available and that too need to be purchased which is priced 3 times the MRP. I guess the best suggestion would be to carry a bottle along with.

I will go back for the food and ambiance with larger group of friends..
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Vijay  Swargam - Burrp User

Vijay Swargam

May 12,2012

Mixed thoughts

After reading the reviews about this place, I along with my two friends went to Truffles to have breakfast. Needless to say, its quiet, calm and serene. The place looks nothing like other eateries. The breakfast menu is a welcome break from the regular South Indian Idlis n dosas. We had pancakes, waffles, eggs n toast, fish n chips (yes, at breakfast) and we waited all the way until 12 noon to have Lamprais (weekend special). We had more than our share of food which was I must say... Yummy. The waiter was courteous but was not aware of the availability of items that we ordered. He was constantly making his way to the counter to check if things were available. As mentioned in many recent reviews, I too was surprised to know the non availability of regular water and paying more than Rs.50.00 for bottled water. That was the only setback... until we came back to have dinner the very next day.

The food was overall satisfying but after having steak at some popular joints in hyd, the steak here looked like tiny aloo tikkis and did not taste as we expected. It was a total let down. The pork chops were not great either. The railway tiffin (don't remember if that is what it is called. Its khichdi with mutton curry) was good though. But again when we asked for regular water, we were served overpriced bottled water. We left the place feeling not so delighted to go and have our favorite steak at steak house. :)

Overall a nice place, great ambiance good food. A quite place to be alone and have some space for yourself. A must visit place for people who want to try out new places to eat. It'd be great if they started serving cocktails and beer. Good food, chilled beer and scenic ambiance... Heaven!
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nomad - Burrp User


May 12,2012

... and more 'goofs'

And they charge a service-charge for items bought and taken-away at the patiserrie - bread etc. Restaurants do add a service-charge (in lieu of full/part tip) - but not at the take away counters. Even Deli9 abstains from charging a service-charge for take-aways. While it maybe above the board, it is not a norm for bread counters and such. When asked the man said it is a govt tax - which it is not- - service-tax, VAT are govt taxes -- but not service-charge. Service-charge is an internal slap-on (as restaurants feel many customers do not tip enough). The owner in a FaceBook message, when asked about this, said '..... we will review it ...'

So here we go - water at fancy prices, do not serve 'regular' water as their filter has conveniently broken down, service-charges for buying bread at the take-away-counter, deleting wall posting from the FB which are embarrasing, slow and ignorant service.

There are other things I have noticed with my own eyes - the bartender used the same spoon to taste and stir the mocktail (in that order).... and used his fingers to remove excess ice from a glass ... he did not perhaps realise that from my table, as the small flap door at the end of the bar counter was open, I could see his what he was upto ...

Truffles & Co pl do not take the customer for granted ....
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athena hyd - Burrp User

athena hyd

May 12,2012

water @ rs 53???

i just read the review of lifeagain and am shocked at the price of the 1 litre kinley bottle.

i am a regular at truffles, and always ordering bottled water and always presumed it to be rs 20 or something . never imagined that a bottle of wayter would cost 53. and no one actually checks the bills for each item they order. you just see the final total and pay. if truffles is selling a water bottle of kinley for rs 53 it should be brought to the notice of the weights and measures dept.

prasads multiplex was fined a while ago for selling water bottles for over price.
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lifeagain - Burrp User


May 11,2012

A place that does not like criticism-Good Food tho

Not sure what is it with restaurants that once they begin to start doing good,they begin to resort to unhealthy practices.Beyond my understanding this.

Was at Truffles the other night thanks to an urge to have some good Lasagne.And Truffles makes them really good(though overpriced but worth it for a once in a while kind of meal)It was just me and so I go and park myself in a corner chair.Place the order and even after eternity there is no sign of any water.(Service is anyways slow at Truffles)Finally I ask them to give me some water and they promptly bring me a Kinley 1L bottle.I am one of those guys who is strictly against the bottled water mafia.I just cant stand them(just a personal stand nothing else,and my belief is that if a restaurant cant provide clean drinking water to their patrons then they are not fit to be in the business)I get a response from the staff that their water filter is under repair and so I would have to buy their 5 times overpriced bottled water.I was evidently pissed at that statement,simply because,firstly the filter was working,secondly this has become their standard response to requests for "normal" water,I have been getting this standard response of filter not working saar from them,for the past three months right from February thirdly I completely abhor paying 5 times the stated MRP for a product into which there is no contribution by the restaurant(all that they are doing is reselling the water,you dont need to be paying 5 times the MRP for that).I blankly asked him if the filter is so special that it cant be repaired for three months!The order taker just disappeared never to appear again,which made it amply clear that it was a policy not to serve filtered water to the guests and instead push down the Kinleys down every patron' throat.They very clearly have their filter working fine,as in front of me in the bar counter,they were making all their mocktails in filtered water and dont tell me that the entire staff at the restaurant is surviving on Bottled Bisleri water.Just a plain devious way of extorting money from the hapless customers who just gullibly bought those bottles.I refused the water and I carried my own boiled water bottle.Its disgusting to see the way restaurants are playing into the hands of the water mafia and falling for the easy way out to make big profits.A normal 1L Kinley water bottle is sold at INR 45 plus service tax,plus vat,plus service charge which comes up to INR 53 and all this is shamelessly done when the MRP on the bottle is printed as INR 12 OR 15.Sitting in the restaurant I promptly posted a query on their Facebook wall(truffles has a facebook page)asking them when do they intend to get their filter working,if at all ever and that it looks very lame for a place like theirs to be indulging in such cheap profiteering.As expected by the next day morning,the post disappeared from their wall(quite obviously taken down by the cafe owner/s!So much for transparency and customer is king kind of attitude)Its all very well to be running a niche place,but if you cant get the basics right,it would begin to fall apart sooner if not later.RIP Truffles for me until they get their filter back to working!
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mr.foodie - Burrp User


March 13,2012

The best cafe experience

Went to Truffles after reading about it in a city magazine. This place is the best cafe in town to chill, chat or just read a book over coffee.

Really really nice ambience (provided weather is good)

Food's good, and so are the beverages, though they could add some more varieties of coffee. The Service is good too.

Hope they provide free WiFi soon.
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vvrk33 - Burrp User


March 06,2012

Nice ambiance

After reading all the wonderful reviews yesterday, I went there for breakfast today.

Ambiance: Full Marks (has a very unique feel and you will want to spend time here)

Menu: Full Marks (nice variety)

Regarding food, I had pancakes and mapple syrup. The taste was good but I would prefer bigger size pancakes. My daughter had toast with nuttela which she liked. The hash browns need major improvement. The hot chocolate was average.

This place reminds of Rucci and Idoni which was my favourite and served the best breakfast in town but unfortunately is closed now.

Overall my rating is 3.5
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R George - Burrp User

R George

February 20,2012

I'd go there 7 days a week!!! :)

Absolutely in love with this little joint!!! 10 of us went there and every darn thing we ordered tasted soooo bloody good!!!! Lately in Hyderabad, that's saying something!!!
Lovely ambience, lovely service, and amazing food!!! You know they take their business seriously when you take the first bite!! Must try their Pepper Beef Curry with flat bread and all the breakfast dishes!!
My second home!!!! :) :)
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Dee_P - Burrp User


February 13,2012

Awesome place to relax!

Truffles cafe is one of those rare finds in any city! I love the ambience here, as a writer, I come here often to write and find that the environment here is incredible for the creative juices to flow. Food is divine, a great combo of new and old and so atypical of the usual fare most cafes dish out. Love the cappucinos here, i always end up ordering a second round! And the service is just what you need in a place like this, take your order, serve your order, and then leave you alone to enjoy, relax, spend a few hours, pay up and head home with a light-heart and great food in the tummy ;) Bravo Truffles Cafe!
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athena hyd - Burrp User

athena hyd

January 14,2012

mamma mia !

Valet parking: 9/10
Location easiness to find:10/10
Ambience 10/10
Pricing 9/10
Service 9/10
Food: the new title of hydbad's best eatery

. This quaint house on many levels of j hills rock used to be called the Harry Potter house because of its design, appearance . It now has been converted in this charming eatery ---- truffles !
With a nip in the January evening air we went to sample the food at this new joint . Ordered Mexican hot chocolate which I must say was near perfection ..... We sat outdoors as we wanted to relish the chill in the air .......... The pepperoni pizza was delectable ..... Ordered a chocolate muffin from the charming inhouse patisserie .....complimenting the hot chocolate well........But the piece de resistance was the railway lamb with khichdi ..... Tasted amazing like Parsi irani food rice with dhansak..... Intact we ordered another as take away for a midnight snack ...... Very less crowd, not much traffic on the road . Seating is available outdoors n indoors ... We love the bathrooms !!! For the unique rock design :)
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Anish Vinju - Burrp User

Anish Vinju

January 02,2012

Serene Place and Good Food

I have been to this place like three times since Yesterday. First impression which you get when you get over there is, Hey this is a nice place. A good ambiance nice place to sit You dont have many ppl staring at you. Plenty of space.
You can sit Indoor as well as outdoor. Good place for family for boys and girls who dont wanna have hookah.
Then comes the food. You have a quite a variety to check on. I havnt tried everything have tried Lamp cutlet and Caesar salad both are pretty good it is not the yummiest food you will have but the place adds to missing Yummm part :)
Mocktails is a must try and cappuccino over here is the perfect mixture of coffee beans and milk. You go to places and have coffee but everyday there will be the slightest change of something. I had 4 coffees on different occasions every time it is the same coffee with the same taste. A must try guys.
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Pushkar Shah - Burrp User

Pushkar Shah

December 15,2011

Nice place to enjoy food and spend a nice evening

Located on Jubilee Hills, the Truffles Cafe feels like a calm place to enjoy a nice meal with friends and family. The cafe is spread over several levels with outdoor and indoor seating.

The decor of the cafe is very appealing giving it a European feel with nicely spread out areas and a beautiful construction. The decor is simple but appealing.

The food menu is restricted to a few snacks, pizzas and an all day breakfast.
The mains include a char grill served food and a few Mediterranean and Italian dishes. The service is rather slow, but the food makes up for the wait.
The Vegetable Stroganoff with Herb Rice is delicious.

If you prefer to go to a cafe and then decide the cuisine, then this is not the place to be. However, if you want to be enjoy a sumptuous meal and spend a calm evening then definitely pay a visit to the Truffles Cafe. I surely will be visiting the place again...
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