5 Sinful Desserts You Should Eat This World Nutella Day: Sugar Rush Guaranteed!

Tanvi Juwale February 05, 2017





Nuts for Nutella!
Do you love Nutella? We’re just saying that it was a rhetorical question, because we know you do! Guess what? 5th of February, today, is the World Nutella Day! So, we thought, why not write about our love for the luscious spread that’s an indivisible part of our lives; here’s a list of decadent eats (and drinks)
Nutella Pizza@1441 Pizzeria, Fort

Nutellla Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria

Like Pizza? Now there’s a pizza with Nutella on it! At 1441 Pizzeria, where they stone bake their pizzas, a gooey Nutella Pizza topped with pillowy marshmallows is the perfect way to celebrate World Nutella Day!
Nutella Sea Salt  Cookies@Sweetish House Mafia, Nariman Point

Nutella Sea Salt Cookies at Sweetish House Mafia

Sometimes, even Nutella needs a partner in crime for guilty pleasures. Here it’s sea salt. Delicious melt-in-mouth cookie oozing with rich chocolate hazelnut concoction with a tiny hint of coarse sea salt, need we say more?
Nutella Crepe@Suzette Creperie & Cafe, Bandra

Nutella Crepe at Suzette

Love chocolate, but like to keep it light? Try the yummy Nutella Crepe at Suzette. A thin  crepe that comes smothered with goodness of chocolates and hazelnut. This, indeed is your hero when you crave chocolate and try to eat healthy.
Nutella Mudwell Cake@The Boston Cupcakery, Bandra
Nutella Mudwell Cake at The Boston Cupcakery

Nutella Mudwell Cake at The Boston Cupcakery

Ever wondered if there’s a universal cure to our worries? Well, we don’t know about that but the Nutella Mudwell Cake at The Boston Cupcake sure seems to fit the bill. The cake has a central cavity that’s gooey and creamy with the rich hazelnut spread. We rest our case.
Nutella Waffles and Churro Ice cream Cones@145, Kalaghoda
Nutella Waffles and Churro Ice cream Cones at145

Nutella Waffles and Churro Ice cream Cones at145

Located in the city’s art district, 145 dishes out some really indulgent desserts. Nutella Waffles and Churro Ice cream cones is one such lip-smacking dessert that brings together Spanish Churros, Italian Nutella and Belgian Waffles together.
Image Credits: Cryselle D'souza

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