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9 Reasons Dal Khichdi Is Awesome

Tanvi Juwale November 07, 2017






Dal Khichdi is that one dish we all grew up eating. It's that one underrated dish we resort to in times of sickness and health. Comforting, to say the least, here are 9 reasons why we think Dal Khichdi is awesome!
Dal Khichdi

Dal Khichdi

 1. It's the best of both worlds: Delicious and nutritious, it comprises of proteins, carbs, and other nutrients. It's a powerhouse of nutrients!
2. It's comforting: Remember the long days at work or the days you didn't feel all that good? A plateful of hot LSD - Life-Saving Dal khichdi, turned your day around!
3. It's got a past: Did you know that the word loosely originated from a Sanskrit word that means a mix of rice and lentils? It's even mentioned in historical records such as Ain-I-Akbari speaking about variations of this dish from the royal dastarkhwans.
 4. It's different: Did you know that this wonderful wholesome dish has several adaptations across the country? Let us explain, Bisebelle Hulliana from Karnataka, Khichuri from Bengal and Khichadi in Maharastra have evolved from the same recipe.
5. It's authenticity: Even though several experiments have been made with it, the original recipe has barely seen any change since this dish was even created.
6. It's celiac friendly: Yes! Our humble Dal khichdi is glutenfree!
7. It has a British cousin: With the advent of British Raj, Khichdi was given a slight makeover which is known as Kedgeree. It still continues to be relished to this day!
8. It's detoxing: If you ever plan to have detox with Panchakarma, Daal khichdi is something you'll savour. The simple carbs and protein make it a meal in one.
9. It's easy: We mean, it's a crockpot meal, fuss-free and awesome just as it is.

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