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9 Sandwiches You Should Be Nibbling On If You Already Haven't

Tanvi Juwale November 02, 2017






Sandwiches are underrated, don't you think? We mean, they're so versatile and delicious. So, we thought why not make a list of some appetising ones from all across the city as we celebrate World Sandwich Day!
French Onion & Three Cheese Sandwich @ La Folie LabKamala Mills

French Onion a& Three Cheese Sandwich at La Folie

Caramalised onions and cheese are undoubtedly the best sandwiches. On a second thought, why settle for one type of cheese when you get three? It is definitely an unparalleled treat with Smoked Cheddar, Gruyere, and Gouda complimenting the sweetness of the onions.
Goat Cheese Sandwich @ CantoOpera House
Goat Cheese Sandwich @ Canto, Opera House

Goat Cheese Sandwich at Canto

Who doesn't love cheese? This one has oodles of melted cheese oozing, luscious red ripe tomatoes and earthy walnut pesto between bread. This comforting sandwich, some beer and a good book to read is probably all we need to unwind.
Bombay Sandwich @ Jay Sandwich, Bandra 
Bombay Sandwich

Bombay Sandwich

If you've been around in the city we're sure you've come across the humble Bombay Sandwich. Sliced veggies sandwiched between the trademark Wibbs or Bimbo bread is slathered with butter and toasted. This one, we believe was the city's gateway to sandwiches and has now become the common man's staple snack.
Cuban Pressed Sandwiches @ Summer House CafeLower Parel

Cuban Pressed Sandwiches at Summer House Cafe

Remember how Chef Carl makes the best selling Cubanos in his food truck El Jefe, in the movie Chef (2014)? You can try something similar at Summer House Cafe. They have an array of these sandwiches like Pesto Tomato Basil and Mozzarella, Cajun Cottage Cheese with BBQ Onions, and Dill Pickle, Bacon Jam, Cheese and Jalapenos.

Spinach and Tofu Sandwich @ Garde Manger CafeVile Parle

Spinach and Tofu Sandwich at Garde Manger Cafe

Who says healthy can't be tasty? Don't you frown when we say spinach and tofu, this sandwich at Garde Manger Cafe is delicious, healthy and you can nibble on while you catch up on your book or friends.
Turkey Pastrami @ Cafe ZoeLower Parel

Turkey Pastrami Sandwich at Cafe Zoe

Apart from the other delectable eats at Cafe Zoe, we like digging into their Turkey Pastrami Sandwich. Turkey, cheese, and slices of ripe tomatoes sandwiched in Dark Rye Bread grilled, need we say more? This sandwich is a personal favourite because of the simplicity and good ingredients put in it!
Double Chilli Cheese Melt @ D:OH!Lower Parel
Double Chilli Cheese Melt @ D:OH!, Lower Parel

Double Chilli Cheese Melt @ D:OH!

Another street side favourite made to perfection. This sandwich has gooey cheese, diced peppers, and chilies; it takes us back to the time spent in the college canteen. A bite into this makes us want to believe that adulting is worth it.
Grilled Med Veg Hummus Sandwich @ La Folie LabLower Parel
Grilled Med Veg Hummus Sandwich @ La Folie, Lower Parel

Grilled Med Veg Hummus Sandwich at La Folie

Hummus is no alien to the culinary scene in the city. It's been experimented with the flavours and eaten in every form imaginable but this sandwich is one of a kind. Green harissa hummus and roasted veggies between bread along with spicy sauteed onions.
Veg Submarine Sandwich @ British Brewing CompanyLower Parel

Veg Submarine Sandwich at British Brewing Company

If you crave a hearty meal, this one is for you. Loaded with grilled cottage cheese, vegetables, and coleslaw in a toasted french loaf. Wholesome and filling it makes for a great meal in a bun!

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