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Did You Know, These Dishes Are True Blue Bombay Eats?

Tanvi Juwale August 08, 2017






Just as the culture, people and the way of life, food in Bombay is as diverse as it gets. While Bombay sees an influx of newer culinary and gastronomic escapades very often, we were curious about the dishes that were conceived on this soil. So, here we are with five of the many foods that were born in the maximum city.
Vada Pav

Vada Pav

This dish which has become synonymous with Bombay's street food is steeped in the yesteryears and political history goes back 50 years! Made with an intention of entrepreneurship, Ashok Vaidya made the very first Vada Pav, today, you'll see it in every nook and corner with mouth watering variants.
We like big buns (no pun intended there) stuffed with wadas at Ashok Vada pav or Aaram, or you can have a hipster version at  Bombay Food Truck.
Pav Bhaji
Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji

Did you know Pav Bhaji, the very same dish you relish after a night out or at Juhu beach, has a piece of history attached to it? Reportedly the bread or pav was adopted from Portuguese colonies in Bombay. The bhaji is a result of the inertia of life in the maximum city. Back in the day when mill workers, traders, and professionals alike had very little time for food this dish was their quick (and delicious) meal.
Every once a while, we love to mop up the bhaji with a butter-drenched pav at Achija, Shiv Sagar and Amar Juice Center.
Akuri/ Bhurji
We've all had that Parsi friend who's house was the mecca for gorging on delicious Dhansak and Farcha. Akuri even though has apparently been invented in Bharuch, Gujrat, this city has a spicier version called Bhurji. This leisurely breakfast essential also doubles up as a mid night snack too!
We love our share of this dish from Kyani & Co and Cafe Irani Chai.
Bombay Sandwich
Bombay Sandwich

Bombay Sandwich

If you've spent a fair amount of time in the city, you'll know that everyone from college students to working professionals thrive on sandwiches. Now, no one actually knows how the mighty Bombay Sandwich was conceived but this one deserves a special place. Sliced vegetables, between slices of bread laced with a fiery green chilly chutney, is simple yet delicious.
We relish ours at Jay Sandwich.
Bombil Fry
Bombil Fry

Bombil Fry

How can one speak about food in Bombay and forget about a fish named after the city? Bombay Duck or Bombil as natively known is relished across the western coast. This deep fried delicacy makes for a wonderful appetiser or side for a delicious Malvani Thali.
Bite into this crispy dish at Gajalee, Malwan Katta and Sushegad Gomantak.

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