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Here's What We Think About 3 New Restaurants In The City

Tanvi Juwale November 13, 2017





Summer Garden, Powai

We spent a day in Powai, we'd heard about Summer Garden so we made our way to this hard to navigate place is located in Hakone entertainment zone just opposite Hungry Head. We'd heard about this place concentrates on healthy and conscious eating and we were curious.

Chicken Skewers at Summer Garden

Walking into this cafe reminds us of a beautiful cottage. It transported us away from the metropolis.  We were welcomed by Winter, the Summer Garden dog. Yes! This place is pet-friendly plus, they'll make a meal for your pooch too. We started our meal here with Mushroom Cigars and Chicken Skewers. Mushrooms in a creamy sauce carefully rolled into pastry casing and served in shot glasses with a dip. Chicken Skewers, we'd say was a rather deceptive name, chunks of chicken came in sweet chilly sauce sprinkled with parsley.

Mushroom Cigars at Summer Garden

Our salad was Happy Place - an ensemble of green apple, seeds, croccula, croutons, and garlic in a Sherry wine. We loved the crunchy apples but think a little more of scarmoza would've made it better. We then feast on their Mediterranean Thali, like most of the mezze platters this one had an array of dips and pita bread. We like the pumpkin butter and pea hummus but think their pita bread was dry.
We absolutely liked the decor and while time will tell whether this cafe works well, we appreciate their attempt at healthy conscious eating. We're surely going back here.

Bogeto Cafe, Bombay Central

We embarked on our journey to Bogeto Cafe at Bombay central hoping to find a great restaurant. Just opposite of Navjeevan Society, you'll see this cafe especially the huge sign. These days we believe dressing up a restaurant in a hipster fashion with a mix of neutral and bright colour palette and pop art display has now become a staple mantra for decor regardless of the concepts. Bogeto Cafe too seems to have joined in this bandwagon.


Bissi Belle Arancini at Bogeto Cafe

We settled in comfortable seats and skimmed through the menu. We started our meal over here with Crinkle Fries and Bissebelle Arancini. Our fries arrived straight unlike promised and when we asked the staff, they seemed unaware. Bisse Belle Arancini, however, surprisingly good. Cheesy with flavours of the rice preparation preserved through the very center.  We washed it down with Melon Basil Cooler which had a forget preserve of fruit but a synthetic flavour and the melon balls seemed stale.


Khao Suey (post adding the condiments) at Bogeto Cafe

We moved on to the Burmese Khao Suey. Quite honestly, the way it was served wasn't appealing, to say the least. Yellow, rather limoncello coloured gravy pre-mixed with noodles came with a crescent of lemon sitting on top with a tray of condiments to season it. After seasoning, it was almost a good meal. Next up, was something called the Big Stir Fry - another idea to make your own wok, where you select your ingredients and sauces. This was a letdown. Their idea of rice noodle was vermicelli (or sevaiyan) which was lightly blanched and sauteed with vegetables and the sauce that we picked came in the form of a gravy. This to us was a ghastly misinterpretation of a stirfry.


GO Mad With Chocolates at Bogeto Cafe

By this time, we were contemplating to leave our meal here but the possibility of desserts turning our meal around made us order Go Mad With Chocolates. This actually sounds more like an order than a dessert and while we shyly giggled at it, the dessert was great with a mix of brownies, walnuts, chocolate mousse (though not Belgian, unlike mentioned).

Madras Diaries, Bandra

How often do you come across a little bit of Madras in Mumbai? No, we're not talking about the Matunga or Dadar, we're talking Bandra. We walked through the wooden doors of the archetype of the traditional Tamilian household with a sunny central courtyard to Madras Diaries to be reminded of how comforting and versatile can this underrated cuisine of south India be.


Madras Diaries

Spread over two seating areas - sunny al fresco and indoors, the place is done up in vibrant colours and decor that is colloquially Madras. We started our meal here with Jalapeno Idlis.  Coin-sized, flat and fried, these idlies were crunchy and we think could've been slightly bigger.  Broccoli Wadas, they were chunky and we could've done with more Broccoli than just tiny florets. Nevertheless, the Sambar they served was great.

Broccoli Wada at Madras Diaries

Next up was Dosa and they were, to be honest, nothing different from the ones you get locally. We tried their Rassam Shots. Four feisty shot glassed filled with Tamarind, Tomato, Coriander and Coconut Rassam. These did take us back to a vacation so many years ago in Mysore.

Kapi at Madras Diaries

You can't probably visit a South Indian restaurant and not have their Kaapi. Steaming hot, it was nothing short of what one would expect it to be.  We saw BisiBele Godhi on the menu and couldn't resist from ordering ourselves one. Unlike the staple Bisi bele huli anna, it was made with broken wheat but just as delicious. It was just the usual comforting Bisi Bele with the consistency of the broken wheat adding to the brownie points.
Just as we came to our meal, we were satisfied no doubt, but couldn't help wonder how does a place that serves only veg food that is just as good as any other restaurants in Chembur and Matunga set itself apart from them. Maybe makes it easier for people from the suburbs to feast on some good old treats!

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