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Power Lunches: Best Places To Relish A Midday Meal in BKC

Tanvi Juwale November 01, 2017






You crane your neck above the laptop screens, check the time while your tummy growls waiting for the best hour of the day - the lunch hour. We know that this midday meal is super important, well, not only to eat but to reboot for the rest of the day. So, we thought why not list some places to make this meal and your day a little better.
NRI - Not Really Indian

NRI -Not Really Indian

As the name suggests, this restaurant may not be real Indian but their menu is a modern take on the Indian food. Perfect for the ones craving some Bunny Chow or Malaysian Korma.
Gateway Taproom

Prawn Barley Risotto

If craft beer is your thing, this place is for you. Chug down a pint while you savour a delicious meal from the 'On the Go Lunch' menu between 12:00 and 04:00 pm.

Har Gau at Yauatcha

If you have an important lunch meeting, this Cantonese fine dining restaurant is the place you should be heading to. Authentic Chinese food is something we swear by just like do by their steamy comforting dumplings.
O Pedro

Choriz Pulao

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard about Chef Cardoz's newest culinary offerings. This lovely restaurant brings to you a trio of Goan cuisines -Saraswat, Goan Catholic, and Portuguese and they do a lovely lunch menu replete with eclectic eats such as
Sodabottle Openerwala 

Berry Pulao at Sodabottle Openerwala

If a casual lunch is what you looking at, SodaBottle Openerwala is where you should head. This Irani bar and cafe is one of the best places if you're looking for lunch on a budget and some appetizing food! Also, they have daily specials throughout the week that you can relish.
Fish N Bait

Lobster at Fish N Bait

Located between Gateway Taproom and Hemant Oberoi, Fish N Bait true to its name serves sumptuous seafood. They have a special Executive Lunch Menu starting from Rs 400 that we polished off in no time.

Rocambole de Espinafre at Boteco

With not as many restaurants serving some bona fide South American cuisines, Boteco indeed does a lot to both kindles a liking and impress these cuisines, especially Brazillian. We like feasting on the Paella Brasillero.
Bombay Food Truck

Delish Eats at Bombay Food Truck

Sometimes it's okay to give in to your craving for that delicious burger or some fiery chicken wings. If you're unsure where you can find these on a budget, head to Bombay Food Truck.

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