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We Tried Three New Restaurants In The City And Here's What We Think About It

Tanvi Juwale March 11, 2017





TRE: Laze Vapour. Bouyant

New York Cheesecake at TRE

Imagine watching the sunset as you sip on a cocktail; doesn’t that sound like an evening well spent? We made our way to this lounge on a road that snaked up to it from the entrance of Raghuvanshi Mills. Although hard to locate, it is a worth the effort.
This lounge is split across two sections; the indoor, which is done lavishly and the open air, that also allows you to enjoy sheesha. We made our way to the rooftop and we have to say it was pretty with all the décor and the spacious seating with the cabanas being draped with white fabric. Their cocktail menu is rather intriguing; we later learnt that it was a fruit of labour which spanned over three months. We started our meal here with two cocktails. The manager, Richard, suggested Cinova and Mango Saffron. Cinova was a lovely mix of muddled pineapple with a dash of ginger that added to the spunk, setting it apart from the usual tropical cocktails. Mango Saffron was real mango pulp spiked with dark rum and saffron. Another great cocktail and a great start.
The Crispy Potato Skins that we had were rather good. The Crispy fried potato 'skins' (literally) were laced with spices and zesty lemon juice. We’re sure it’d go well with any drink! We tried their Pasta Aglio Olio with Spaghetti. It was great and the oily sauce was infused with just the right amount of herbs, pepper and garlic. What we missed though, were the Parmesan shavings.
We also happened to try their sheesha. We were told that they’ve had them imported to ensure the best of quality for the connoisseurs. They, apparently, even have mixologists for this section.
Just as the sun set, we savored some desserts; viz. New York Cheesecake and Chocolate Tart. The cheesecake was extremely creamy and supple, just the perfect end to our meal. The sumptuous tart was another dessert that ensured the perfect end to a perfect sundowner here.
A lounge that is a product of a trilogy; Sheesha, food and cocktails, it’s a great place to spend some quality time with your gang.
Solkadhi Shots with Prawn Golgappas at Craftbar

Solkadhi Shots with Prawn Golgappas at Craftbar

We’ve been in a pursuit for great food and we found some in Bandra, but this time it was in the east. Craftbar is a Gatsropub at Kalanagar, for when you need to have a languid lunch or a couple rounds of drinks post work. This establishment usually, satiates, both your need for food, the innovation that makes you happy. So we embarked in pursuit of culinary nirvana yet again, this time seeking Modern Indian treats.
We started our meal with the Seafood Catalan Stew, as the name says it, it has Hispanic origins. It came replete with seafood, but unlike the original recipe, it was slightly too sour, unlike the Pirate’s Pepper Pot. This was a dense soup which was creamy and wholesome with a hint of peppers just enough to make it delicious.
We tried a salad called Glassy Classy Salad, we thought the salad would come in a bowl with just an addition of glass noodles for the twist but the salad was placed in an over turned martini glass instead. Anyway, it was a nice citrusy start to our meal. Pav Bhaji BruschettaPaneer Tikka Tarts and Tandoori Momos were next. All these dishes piqued our interest yet stayed didn’t turn out as well as we wished they had. A supple mash of Bhaji on the pav was nothing different than the ones you get outside or probably even make at home. When you think paneer tikka, you usually think chunks of cottage cheese with that smokey taste married to the spices in a delicious gravy and these just like that sans the smokey flavour. Momos have been a comforting wholesome snack but the Tandoori Momos we have to say were rather good, without a doubt unlike the other appetizers we tried here. They were deliciously charred outside laced with the spice marinade and lusciously tender on the inside.
From a city we were catapulted to a house in Bihar when we saw the server walking to us with the Litti Chokha. Now, this dish dates back to Magadha Empire even sighted in Ibn Batuta’s time. Theses (traditionally) sun baked dough balls are tough and solid unlike the ones served to us here. While the Chokha was pungent, we wondered why they’d serve us the unpleasant squishy dough balls.
What we were served next did take us by surprise: Solkadhi Shots with Prawn Golgappas. We’d read about this one of a kind dish served here and were curious. As a Goan seafood aficionados, we loved the minimalistic yet flavourful sautéed shrimp in a crunchy gol gappa and the soothing coconut based Solkadhi. This dish was our favourite!
We headed to the end of our meal with St. Louis Style Pork Ribs and English Vinglish. The Pork ribs came smothered with the staple barbeque sauce but fell short of being tender. Their dessert English Vinglish was a Gajar Halwa sandwiched between two brownies. Now, we love this dessert just that the dense halwa coupled with brownies was a rather dense dessert with nothing to balance off the sweetness with, we think a vanilla ice cream would’ve been great!
A couple of hits and misses later, while on our way back, we thought to ourselves it may not be a place to have culinary expectations from but it sure suits for a relaxed lunch.
Cocktail Prawns, Dynamite Prawns and Veg Fried Wontons at Haka

Cocktail Prawns, Dynamite Prawns and Veg Fried Wontons at Haka

We embarked on our journey to Fort to try one of the newest budget Chinese restaurants in town: Haka. When we entered, the décor, we learnt, was quite good. Done up in white along with shades of blue and violet, it was appealing. Having said that, it did confuse us because when you say Chinese, you associate it with red. Shades of violet on the other hand are usually known and associated with Japan.
It looks like a great restaurant, we won’t deny. We opened doors to our culinary sojourn to China and settled down. Whilst going through the menu, we realized that there wasn’t a stark difference between their menu and the other budget restaurants'. The Z Soup, however intrigued us and we ordered it. We were told it was coriander soup. Turns out, it was clear soup with pieces of finely chopped coriander suspended in the liquid. We wouldn't agree to it being appetising. Next, we sampled a few starters: Chicken Prawn Shumai Dumpling and Veg Fried Wonton. Comforting and crunchy, both the veg wontons and the dumplings served as great starters to the meal. Next round of starters was Dynamite Prawns and Cocktail Prawns. Now, the starters were lovely, but they were slightly confusing too because the cocktails prawns were served in shot glasses instead of martini glasses and the dynamite prawns weren't as spicy as we expected them to be. Crunchy and delightful for sure, the Cocktail prawns were doused in Thousand Island dressing. The Dynamite Prawns were just batter fried and placed in a shot glass with a base layer of spicy dip.
For our mains we tried the Fish Sizzlers in Schezwan sauce. We think it failed to deliver because the sizzling sound was missing, the platter was warm and he vegetables used in the dish were slightly undone. Apart from this, we tried the Pan-fried Noodles because we were told it was one of the best offerings. It turned out to be what they call a ‘Chopsuey’.
Desserts were the not-such-a-happy end to our meal. We chose the Chocolate Mousse with Ice cream and Honey Noodle with Ice cream. When we think mousse, regardless of the content, we think of a pudding with a supple consistency, that slides through your palate with an elevating experience. Unfortunately, the one we had here, had a grainy consistency and the base, which was supposedly a chocolate base, was literally too hard to cut through. It was pretty resilient and the mouse coated the mouth with a layer of fat. For the next dessert, a scoop of ice cream sat perched atop the mountain (literally) of honey noodles sprinkled with sesame and drizzled with chocolate syrup. It was definitely mismatch with regards to the proportions.
Probably not for a gourmand but definitely a great meal if you want to grab a quick lunch from work.
Photo Credits: Cryselle D'souza

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