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sandip Gupta - Burrp User

sandip Gupta

April 30,2015

Hail Mocambo!

Mocambo! The name speaks it all. A legendary food hub located at the Free school street, park street. Honestly what is park street without Mocambo? My eating out journey started with this place so whenever I turn up here, sheer nostalgic memories occupy me completely. With the beautiful interiors, the pretty decorum, the orange hanging lights, the mini flower pots on every table and the comfy couches-Mocambo is amazingly beautiful. The attendants and staff is polite and warm in their gesture. I love everything about this place. To start with the food, Devilled crab should always be in the list of your starters. Sizzlers have made Mocambo what it is today. So go for any sizzler like Chicken chipolata or Grilled chicken. I swear by Grilled chicken sizzler everytime I visit the place. Chicken a la keiv is also a beautiful dish. Apart from all this I love their chicken tandoori & biriyanis as well. I am not a huge lover of their desserts to be honest. This is an expensive outlet obviously so whenever I hit this place, i make sure i am with my parents. ;) Do go for this place if you have not gone yet. You'll be delighted. Take my word for it.
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Rajdeep Bhattacharjee - Burrp User

Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

March 26,2015

Evening snacks at ‘Mocambo’

Whenever I feel like having Continental, there is no better place than Mocambo. I went there with my friend Susanta Bhattacharya , who is not very fond of Continental. We ordered 'Fish A La Diana' and 'Chicken Pavlograd', both my personal favorites. I just love their signature dishes 'Fish A La Diana' and 'Chicken Pavlograd'. Each item was just perfect! The chef knows what spices and herbs to add to make each dish delectable. Yummylicious I say. 'Chicken Pavlograd' was first to appear, an authentic dish with some superb flavours! Cutting 'Chicken Pavlograd' with a knife itself was soooo exciting. Tasted awesome, believe me!! We finished it in a jiffy...!! Next comes 'Fish A La Diana'.. Vetki stuffed with prawn, mushroom & some vegetables cooked in rich creamy white sauce.. tasted just heavenly .... yummmyyyy!!!.

Service is slow. However, the waiters and stewards are usually polite, and do try to speed up service when asked. My personal suggestion would be to throw caution to the wind and indulge in some rich heritage creaminess when in one is in the mood for it. Pricing is moderate and should not pinch you, considering the heritage value of the property and the amazing food.
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 27,2012

Traditionally Supreme!

We had just checked in owing to the torrential rainfall in Park Street when it suddenly struck upon us that it was the good old Mocambo with a new zing about it and thus it transpired out to be one of the best experiences of recent times. We decided to bet upon Chicken Tetrazzini and Chicken Orientale A La Mocambo and guess what we were mesmerized by the wallop and guess what the chef suggested that we should try out the Risotto Alla Sbiraglia in the monsoon bliss! What transpired out was a remarkable combination and a day to treasure. +1 to the makers of Kolkata appetite!
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Ruchira228 - Burrp User


August 17,2012

Old Charm !

My sister was visiting me after a long time and both of us were in the mood for Steak. There were a lot of places to choose from but the elimination process lead to 'Mocambo'.On a Saturday afternoon we reached a little early for lunch, around 1pm. Its advisable to be early because post 1.30 there are people waiting to get a table. For starters we ordered seekh kebabs, which was delicious.The service was a bit lousy and not upto the mark but never the less, they compensated with the food.For the main course we ordered garlic naan and a chicken garlic steak. That sounds like a lot of garlic, but trust me the combination was great. Trusting our appetite, we just ordered one steak and shared, which was a good idea because the portion is big. We also ordered fresh mango juice that was refreshing. The bill came to around Rs.1400 and we were quite satisfied. I give this place a thumbs up for its old charm decor and good food.
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