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MUD Cafe

Rash Behari
174E, Rash Behari Avenue, Hindustan park, Rash Behari,Kolkata


Debrupa Banerjee - Burrp User

Debrupa Banerjee

October 31,2015

The most amazing caf? ever visited!?

I think for me mud is the most special caf?! It's away from the noisy streets of Kolkata. The moment you enter into the caf?, you get to have a calm and composite feeling. The ambience and the surroundings of the caf? is just so wonderful! You get to hear nice music even. Now the food of course. You get to taste a variety of delicious food items here! Starting from the famous MUD sandwich which is immensely delicious to the unlimited snacks that the caf? provides you.The Cold Coffee with ice cream is a must try one! Walking in the streets of Gariahat during summer, hop into mud to quench your thirst by the various refreshing drinks! Besides the mouth watering dishes, the caf? also provides you with beautiful accessories and various pottery items! You get nice jewelry, bags and beautiful pottery cups,dishes and decorative items. Oh yes! How can I forget this? The service of the caf? staff is brilliant! They greet you when you enter as well as thank you before you exit the cafe. Their behavior is very polite and they shall never let you go unsatisfied. For small hangouts, parties and cosy chatting mud is the perfect place for you! MUD adds news items to its menu quite often so your most welcome to try them every time you visit. MUD is very dear to me! I look forward to every opportunity for visiting it and having an enjoyable time with friends and family. Thank you MUD for always being so special?
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Ananya Mitra - Burrp User

Ananya Mitra

October 31,2015

Mud cafe

Mud cafe located in triangular park is sure to charm you on your very first visit itself n u will love coming back here again n again! The cafe is away from the hustle and bustle of the city and serves some awesome food.
The cold coffee along with the different mocktails and sandwitches r too good to resist. So r the fish chops, fish fries n the combo lunch offers the cafe has-all r must try! The soothing music in the background along with the earthy feel n the aroma of coffee brewing close by r truly enticing indeed. The cafe also has a small gift shop with some great pottery collection in place. Must visit MUD to enjoy the flavour of the place:-)
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