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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Mission Impossible
  • Nearly everybody mentioned on Sunday

Additional remarks from reviews:

Service could be better
Good portions
Good For Groups
Crowded on weekends
rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 01,2015

Lovely Pot Rice

The Chicken Pot Rice here is absolutely brilliant. The quantity is terrific. It can easily be enough for two people. Apart from the tender chicken in the pot rice, the bowl also has some wonderfully cooked vegetables which include Brocolli, Tomatoes etc.

The rice is well blended with the chicken. The ambiance is the traditional Chinese style with red table covers and seats.
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Praveen Pai - Burrp User

Praveen Pai

May 10,2015

Average food but staff is rude and argumentative

The best thing people like about this place is the quantity, quality though is average; the consistency of the taste is lacking as the order that I gave this time was very salty. One thing to keep a check on is there is excess oil in all dish.
So make sure you tell them to make it in less oil.

One thing I would suggest is there is no person who takes the ownership at this place the entire place looks to be run by the staff which do not understand what you want and are blunt in talking so much.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 17,2015

High five for the Spice

5 spice is made for Chinese cuisine lovers. The quantity of the food will fill up your tummy and you will crave to revisit this place to try other dishes.

My favorite mains in the veg affair are Korean noodles and Mongolian pot rice which comes with gravy. Non-veg mains -Stir Fry Potato chicken and Pepper Chicken are both yummy and spicy. Blueberry cheese cake and Mississippi mud cake are must try dessert.
It is advised to go with a group, as for couples, the place won't provide the best of environments. The ambiance is superb. The staff is really helpful and friendly patiently looking through each and every query that you have.

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Nash - Burrp User


January 07,2015

Good food & Excellent portions!

Have mainly been here for lunch. Love their huge portions and VFM pricing. The interiors especially the lower floor area though haven't kept up. The seats are frayed and the walls have marks. But you forget all that when the food arrives especially their pot rice dishes which are a meal by themselves. Service tends to get a bit slow when it's full house, nothing much to complain about though.
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Aditi  lele - Burrp User

Aditi lele

November 11,2014

Amazing Food

I just love the authentic Chinese food you get here, especially the chicken crispy rice and apple chicken which is just awesome
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Clinton Tixeira - Burrp User

Clinton Tixeira

October 29,2014

Amazing Food

I just love the authentic Chinese food you get here, especially the chicken crispy rice and apple chicken which is just awesome
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drjafs - Burrp User


October 21,2014

Indian Food

Simply stop fooling your customers with Indian Curry served under the name of Tom Yum Soup!
Noodles are COLD and served under the name of SIZZLING noodles.
The staff is difficult and argumentative.
Service very poor.
The worst place to be happy and the best place to come out frustrated..
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dhiresh1009 - Burrp User


February 27,2014

Pathetic place - Avoid !

This is one place I had heard a lot about and was quite eager to visit. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most disappointing restaurants I have visited in recent times. I went there with a couple of friends on a weekend evening. They had no seating available on the first floor,so they offered to seat us in their ground floor dining area. The table covers were all stained with food which was straightaway a big turnoff. The disappointments however had just started. We had ordered a soup for starters which was served well enough, For the main course we had ordered their malaysian noodles. First, when the noodles came, they were cold - they were not even lukewarm. It was like yesterday's leftover food that somebody had microwaved for a minute. When we asked the waiter about that, first he refused to acknowledge the issue and said "aisa hi hota hai malaysian noodles". We were like mazaak hai kya...Anyways, after a few words, he agreed to heat it up for us (lucky us). However when he brought them back half of the noodles were burnt. They were not only visibly brown, but even smelt burnt. Moreover, the waiter forgot to get us the cutlery and we had to prod him twice to get some forks and spoons. It was so disappointing that we left the place hungry - 3 of us didn't even finish half a plate of noodles, so you can guess. Last but not the least, we thought we should complain to the manager about this. It took us 5 minuted to locate him, and on narrating the entire incident to him, his response was - and I quote - "I am sorry for your experience" and that was it. Honest advice - if you have money you want to throw away, or plan to keep someone hungry this is the perfect place to go. If you are even remotely interested in even edible food, steer clear. There are tons of amazing places nearby like sammy sosa and others, try any of them but never this.
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natashadhingra - Burrp User


February 05,2014

Prices that justify the portions

Very good portions, good prices and an extensive menu. The two-flauvoured prawns, Kung Pao Chicken, Kung Pao Potatoes, Thai Pot Rice and the Veg Burnt Garlic & the fish in Chilli Bean Sauce are some of my favourites. The service is quick & efficient as well. They have quite a delicious variety of desserts.
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J  - Burrp User


January 16,2014

Awesome.. My favorite Chinese joint

I have been a great fan of 5 Spice ever since it opened... I love the food over here and the portions are true value for money. The black bean sauce is my personal favorite..
Also they serve mouth watering deserts.. Must go for all foodies..
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nourin_jivani - Burrp User


December 06,2013

Good food bad service

Been there on a afternoon with my special one after a meeting looking forward a good Chinese lunch as i had heard a lot about it from friends and i have also been to the fort joint which had a long queue but the waiting was worth as the food was just too good but i didn't have the same experience in this joint there were not many people there the waiter were resting the service was a bit slow the waiter was not helpful while giving details of the dishes. The best famous desert for which i had specially been there mission impossible was not available which spoiled my mood. So i just left the palace without desert Overall Food was just average, service below average
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Ayushi Jain - Burrp User

Ayushi Jain

December 04,2013

Uneasy Chineasy

"How to spoil the mood of going out for a romantic dinner at an exotic Chinese restaurant" can define my experience at 5 Spice, Oshiwara. This place was supposedly well known for its delicious food, quantity and ambiance. Well, I was thoroughly disappointed with the first. I haven't mentioned good service as I didn't get any. To sum it up, the waiters were non-cooperative, the food was tasteless despite the quantity served.
We ordered for crispy chilly potatoes which were completely soggy.Moreover, the Mongolian Pot Rice was full of tasteless gravy and chunks of vegetables thrown with improperly cooked rice.I had to pay close to 1000 Rupees for sub standard food for 2.
When I asked for a feedback book, they handed me a piece of paper to write my reviews. When I called for the chef, no-one appeared to handle the guest.Lastly, when I called for the restaurant Manager, I was greeted with a shrug and a simple answer:" Manager is on leave". What kind of fine dining restaurants operate without a manager?? I was appalled by the response and the service I got and I am definitely not entering the 5 Spice premises again. Also, I am never recommending this restaurant to anyone else ever.
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Ajai Bathija - Burrp User

Ajai Bathija

October 22,2013

5 Spice but 3 Stars

This eatery used to be a favourite of clientèle a few years ago but now is slowly and surely moving downhill.
The unique value proposition of 5 Spice which used to be - Huge helping size, pricing, piping hot fresh food is not so attractive any more..
The helping size remains the same - huge and one of the best this side of suburbs, but the food quality is no longer as good as it used to be.. Jaded vegetables, thick congealed sauces, not enough chicken or prawns in the rice and noodles is the usual trademark of this place.
Add to it the fact that the waiters who do not understand customized orders and unwilling to budge much on specific requests..
The best thing about this place still remains the desserts which are one of the best this side of town. The Mission Impossible dessert, pastries, cheesecakes are awesome.
Pricing has gone up considerable over the years and it is not cheap eating here anymore. A decent meal for 4 without drinks can set you back by Rs. 2500
And the seating is confusing and split all over the building - a small seating downstairs, something in the corner, larger seating upstairs.. adding to confusion. Overall a decent place but not worth its salt anymore.
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Avril Pinto - Burrp User

Avril Pinto

August 05,2013


Entered 5 spice and was welcomed by a petite lady followed by a huge gathering of flies at the table which was a major turn off.We asked not to be seated on the ground floor admist the flies and headed to a more insect free first floor. We ordered Fu chi Chicken which was salty and we informed the waiters who diligently took it away and got rid of the salty taste.
Next we ordered Soho chicken and chicken in black bean sauce with some clay pot rice. Black bean sauce had a better tasting texture.

Total damage for four 2500 Rs without alcohol. Pretty reasonalble in comparison to mainland and aromas of china.
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doman2501 - Burrp User


July 31,2013

Value for money

5 Spice is 1 place which does not serve the regular Chinese food we have at normal restaurants.Its food is very different and yummy.The dessert mission impossible is by far 1 of the best desserts i have had. It surely is value for money.Its USP is the quantity they serve and the softest paneer you will ever have .The service was not that good may be coz of Sunday.
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Rishabh Shah - Burrp User

Rishabh Shah

July 25,2013

Authentic Chinese!!!

To start with,I am a 5 Spices Fan.Love every outlet of theirs,and this one is nothing less.Amazing quantity to go with the quality and price.Awesome desserts!!! love the cheese cake and death by the chocolate.. comfortable seatings.. and group friendly!
A weak point is the communication with the waiters/attendants.They need to understand and speak fluent English. It does pose a problem sometimes.
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kavitachoudhary - Burrp User


July 02,2013

After 10th visit, left dissapointed & injured!

This must be our 10th visit, but left totally disappointed. This place is definitely on down grade.
We reached at 12:30 pm on Sunday afternoon. The walkway to the gate was being washed and there was soap water all over, we stood there for 5 min but dint see anyone cleaning. So we walked through soap water, walking very carefully.
It was too hot as A/C had not yet started. We asked waiter to start.
We ordered Kung Pao Potato ( a regular dish, which we love) and Fried Wanton for starters.
A/C still not started, I started to feel suffocated. We asked waited repeatedly, and all we got was "chalu hai". Then after like 10 times being behind him, he said shift to the other table. That was little better than first.
After 20 min of wait our stater arrived. After feeling suffocated, I was in not in much of a state to eat. Kung Pao was good though. Wanton was drenched in oil. Oil was leaking from it.
I did not feel like eating more, so asked waiter if is it possible to cancel the main course. He said no as it is ready. We said OK.
After which, he took 25 min to get main course. We were like what is this. All he said was it is ready. After fighting finally it arrived.
By this time it got cool enough, and was all set to dig in finally on the main course. We ordered burnt chilli rice and for gravy we ordered spicy pot. I just hated burnt chilli rice. It had so much burnt onions in it, that it was too overpowering. Gravy was OK, but veggies in it felt like they have used peels of vegges rather than veggies. Many things in it were not chewable and had to spit it out.
Then after being disappointing with entire thing, we ordered Mission Impossible. My friend was desperate to eat, and was the main reason to come to 5 spice. Further to our disappointment, he said it is NOT AVAILABLE...Wow!! We have seen people eating in lunch time before, but waiter said it is available only for dinner. Being there for Sunday lunch, that too early, we never doubted that this would be the case.
Finally we decided to enough of it, and asked for bill. To get bill he took another 20 minutes.
And here we go..But the biggest disappointment was yet to arrive.
As we left and walking out, I lost balance and fell down. Twisted my left leg badly!! My friend inspected that how did I fell walking flat, she found that below the carpet tile was broken or shaking and that's how it happened. Thank God, it was left leg, so I could drive home being an Automatic Car. (Friend's do not know driving). After showing to the doctor next day, got x-rays done and said it has to be in soft plaster and will take 3 months to heel!!
I hope 5Spice management read this and at least spend some money on rearing their floor. If not, some else will suffer.
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Mihir Shah - Burrp User

Mihir Shah

July 01,2013

More on quantity, less on quality..!!!!

The quantity no doubt is amazingly huge...but the taste & quality of the food is immensely dissapointing...
My rating - 1/5
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Puja Chakravarty - Burrp User

Puja Chakravarty

June 13,2013

Awesome Chinese Food And Total Value For Money

True definition of value for price. Love their food immensely, plus, the quantity served is plenty. If you are planning to go somewhere with friends, this will be a good option. 1 plate of rice/noodles is enough to serve 3-4 people. Their dessert options are great! Love the blueberry cheesecake and chocolate brownie. If you've gone in a group of 4 and above people, you must try the dessert - Mission Impossible. The name is such that 1-2 people can't possibly finish the dessert on their own.
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BinishaGosalia - Burrp User


June 12,2013

Amazing Food Amongst My favourites !!!

Begining my journey on burrp with one of my fav restaurants . 5 spice has amazing chinese and definately worth every penny of it .

Quality : Great
Dishes to Try : burnt chilli rice , kung pao potatoes , red hot paneer
ambience : great

Complete your meal with an amazing desert .
Recommended : Mission Impossible for chocolate lovers ....True to its Name :)
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shahniks24 - Burrp User


April 02,2013

chinese at its best

Want to have a moderate dinner head on to 5 spice they really serve food in large quantity they do have a good ambience with good chinese they have a variety of dessert to offer you so have a complete meal with spending less money
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Lalit Vashishta - Burrp User

Lalit Vashishta

January 24,2013

Value for money - Strictly no parcels please

5 Spice is a chinese chain of restaurant in Mumbai.
Good quality indo-chinese preparations. Value for money if you go in group. The helpings are generous. Try their Chicken in Cashew , Mongolian Chicken Rice, Thai Pot Rice

The quality on their parcels has deteriorated. So don't order takeaway from them , as they send old, stale re-heated food. If you want enjoy their food, go to the restaurant and AVOID PARCELS
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angelgal3108 - Burrp User


January 21,2013

if it is chinese it must be 5 spice

amazing chinese!!!!!!!!!

if a first time visitor you may think this place is a lil over priced but trust me
the quantity per dish is more than enough for 3 ppl

ambience is good 4/5 try out the sitting outside

also a must try here is mission impossible its only 200 bugs but i doubt if any body can actually finish it
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Karan Bhosale - Burrp User

Karan Bhosale

January 11,2013

only worth 2 stars

The food is a little crap but what you enjoy is the portions which are huge and their a plate can fill 3 people easily.Typical Indo-Chinese restro dont expect more!
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Damian Fernandes - Burrp User

Damian Fernandes

November 25,2012

If U Like Chinese food U'll LuV 5Spice

great chinese food. nice ambience. the major issue with this place is on the weekends you need to make a booking in advance else you will have to wait for a table for 30-45 minutes.
one of the most awesome desserts Death by chocolate. Must definately give it a try.
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Santoshri Singh - Burrp User

Santoshri Singh

November 09,2012

mission impossible

5 spice is one of the most favorite hang outs whenever a bunch of us meet up for some quality time together. Although their service is sub par, their pot rice more than makes up for it but here is the best part - their Mission Impossible dessert. There literally have been times when I have just gone to have only dessert at 5 spice. The quantity of the food is really good and its ideal to get delivered at home too! Must try!
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shikha0104 - Burrp User


November 01,2012

Ridiculous pricing

I've been ordering take-away from here for many years now. In the last 6 months, they've nearly doubled the prices of some the most regularly moving items. They seem to be going faster than inflation. At this rate, I'm willing to switch to another chinese joint nearby.
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Joel Noronha - Burrp User

Joel Noronha

September 16,2012

Good food, horrendous service

5 Spice is a popular food haunt, but it seems like this popularity has gone to its proverbial head with respect to the service staff. This high handedness starts off right at the door. We were a large group of 9 people and travelled there in two cars. The ones that reached earlier went to ask for a table for nine, to which the man in charge of allocating tables asks, no, demands to see all 9 people before he can give us a table. Even my college professors were more lenient with attendance.
Oh, and if anyone from the management happen to be reading this, please do me a favor and thank your manager, Sam profusely on my behalf. His sunny demeanor and service made the 75 minutes we were waiting for our food to arrive quite the pleasurable experience. For one, when a member of our group asked him for a fork and knife, his reply was, "yes,I'll get it." 10 minutes later, when reminded, he says "I said, I'll get it." Wow. Talk about polite! Needless to say our bill arrived,but neither did the fork, nor the knife.
Speaking of the bill, after spending over 2.5 hours at the restaurant, half of which was us waiting for service, we were in a hurry to pay up and leave. Things just weren't fast enough for Mr.Sam though. one minute after he's handed us the bill, he comes back saying, "I need the that back" (indicating the little leather booklet in which the bill is handed to you). Thank you for your time Mr. Sam, and thank you 5 Spice. The food was as delicious as always, but sorry to say we wont be meeting again.
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Thanveer Kalantharakath - Burrp User

Thanveer Kalantharakath

September 04,2012

great food

Ordered home delivery for lunch recently. Absolutely great food. Huge portions at very affordable price. The prawns i ordered was not only good but straight out of the sea.
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Romulus01 - Burrp User


August 25,2012

Five Spice

Awesome food, nice ambience, courtous staff..I visit this place quite often & sometimes the dishes have less salt or very salty..but they replace the dish on request. This is my fav. chinese joint .
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Gauraw Patil - Burrp User

Gauraw Patil

August 25,2012

Group friendly

If you want to go here, go with a group. Every serving has a huge quantity of food and a couple of dishes are enough for perhaps even four people. Service could be improved. Not a place to visit on weekends.
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Durvankur Patil - Burrp User

Durvankur Patil

August 24,2012

Needs better service

5 spice is all about huge portions of serving and great Chinese food (no they dont have red stools to sit on unlike the ones outside Chinese gaadi). The food here is great. They serve a great variety of authentic Chinese food and are very light on the pocket if you are in a big group.
Few recommendations at 5 spice, Fortune Rice, Thai Pot Rice, Kung Pao Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, they serve Paneer in crisp fried spinach (sorry but i forgot the name). There are many more still but these are like the stand outs.
The dessert section is a heaven for someone with a sweet tooth. Death by Chocolate, Mission Impossible & Rocky Road, the star performers on the menu (oh by the way, u need to book Mission Impossible before u think of booking a table).
Overall a great place to be with your gang and be easy on your pocket. A huge gang will get your individual expense to 300-350.
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ashwinsshetty - Burrp User


August 17,2012

Quatity and Taste hand-in-hand :)

5 Spice has an awesome spread across their menu and their suggestions are always worth trying. the food here tastes good and they serve good quantity as well. the pricing is moderate and in desserts the death by chocolate is to die for. also, i want to thank them for 15/08/2012 wherein they delivered my order rite from oshiwara to goregaon (east)which should have ideally done by 5 Spice (malad). they did it on my request bcz no one was answering my at 5 Spice (malad).
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vishwas1968  - Burrp User


August 14,2012

Last order!!

Have ordered home delivery a couple of times and every time they don't give the fried noodles with the American chopsue. Always had to call again and ask them to re delivery which naturally comes in after we finish eating!

Today when we called and told them to make sure that the noodles are delivered they said that they will charge rs.60 extra to give crisp noodles with the American chopsue which is a part of the dish!

Crazy staff, last time we order from here.....
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August 07,2012

Good food...stupid service

You enter a resto n u ask for d speciality of d place.....n if u get an answer everythn is special....how stupid is d resto who hired d waiter or he is fed up of his job,......well food was gr8.....try n make ur service better....
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FB_100001699931644 - Burrp User


July 10,2012

yummy dummy

5 Spice offers an amazing variety of starters and main course and in plus size portins too.Their wanton chicken and drums of heaven were the best and the noodles being thin and light and the smell of fried rice was amazing.
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Reshma  S  - Burrp User

Reshma S

June 17,2012

Great Food

Awesome chinese food . Thier helpings are quite generous so keep that in mind while ordering
Must try is thier mongolian pot rice and chilly garlic noodles
The restaurant gets pretty crowded in the evening ,so be geared up to wait
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Rishav Sharma - Burrp User

Rishav Sharma

June 13,2012

You ever had a sweet manchow soup?

If you like Chinese and think the name of the place sounds perfect to satisfy your Chinese cuisine craving, you have some reconsidering to do.
The Manchow soup I just ordered seems like hot water with some sugar. . It's almost like a punishment to have this. . I think they've lost the plot.
I'd suggest a trip to your local chinese stall guy instead.
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sumico - Burrp User


June 04,2012

Horrible Service

5 Spice was one of the best value-for-money Chinese eateries in Mumbai.. the food quality was probably only next to Mainland China.. However the service at the Oshiwara outlet off late has become atrocious. On our recent visit we ordered a Crispy Fried Fish in starters and a Peking Rice (combination of Rice and noodles).. In the past the same dish would be liberally served with vegetables however the last time we found very little quantity of vegetables. When we asked the steward about the same he rudely replies if you wanted more vegetables you could have ordered a vegetarian peking rice instead, Next we asked the starter in which there were 4 pieces of Fried Fish leftover to be packed. On returning home we found that the pack contained only 3 pieces and one had been conveniently removed. Pretty appalling service!!!
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Shambhavi123 - Burrp User


May 16,2012


5 Spice offers an amazing variety of starters and main course and in plus size portins too.Their wanton chicken and drums of heaven were the best and the noodles being thin and light and the smell of fried rice was amazing.They also had pot rice which had gravy mixed in it and was cheaper than ordering the gravy and rice seperately but it was not impressive.The dessert here are a must try and have an amazing variety to chose from.My personal favourites are Strawberry and Blueberry Baked Cheese Cake and Death by chocolate.
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tintintin - Burrp User


April 20,2012

The latest development

Food here has no doubt unique test , but as informed is not something very great. I was regular take away customer, till last time when I found that the take away quantity was literally half what use to earlier. If you go to hotel slow service and waiting period to get kills your weekend enthu.
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vidula - Burrp User


March 26,2012

Yummy food .. but....

The food at 5 Spice is mouth-wateringly delicious. Most people who have been here will testify to that ... and add the plus size portions to the scrumptiousnes, and its a foodie's heaven. But the service could do with a lot of improvement. despite placing orders quickly, a 15-20 minute wait is guaranteed for EACH course.
Also, While you are feasting on the lovely food and desserts, giant mosquitoes are feasting on you.
So while 5 Spice does serve awesome food (and desserts) that deserve a full 5 star rating, the mosquito - infested ambiance and the super slow service take away 2 stars. Please try to do something about this!
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shikha - Burrp User


March 20,2012

Always a good experience

Good Chinese food. Simply amazing huge portions. Service generally good. Waiters always helpful enough to suggest if the order will be enough or excess.One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in town.
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Karan  - Burrp User


March 08,2012

Needs to Learn the meaning of the word "SERVICE"

I have visited this place many many times in the past, and have faced terrible experiences with regards to the service at this place. But today the poor service topped everything else.

I visited this place to pick up food, which was a simple order of 1 starter, 1 gravy and 1 rice. I wait for 50 mins to get my food only to reach home and find out I have been given 2 gravies and 1 rice. When I go back to the restaurant, the manager tells me the gravy dish is the starter and was not ready to accept their mistake. After 20 mins of explaining to the manager what a starter looks like he agreed I was given a wrong dish.

The management of this place needs to learn the meaning of the term "SERVICE"
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vijaylaxmi - Burrp User


February 02,2012

Care for a dialogue?

I don't wish to even give it one star, not that I'm not tempted to for its Rocky Road, which is an absolute killer. I last visited this outlet on jan end and was disappointed conversation after conversation. This being in between my friend and the waitperson/Steward. Call it lack of courtesy or an over dose of Who-cares-you-pay attitude. Not only was he consistently impolite, he asked us to parcel our leftover, since he cannot or will not do it. Even after asking for a logical reason for his behavior the entire staff resisted providing any. Yes, we pay and yes, we like your ambience and all of it, but I am annoyed with this treatment of patrons not once. bringing in cuisines from abroad is not enough borrow some manners too!
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Anita  David - Burrp User

Anita David

January 29,2012

Close to the Bull's eye

If a native Chinese prefers to feast on his staple food at 5 Spice, then the Chinese food out here must certainly be authentic. The interiors are influenced by the Buddhist culture with inside and outside sitting area. The staff is efficient and it’s a good place to chill out with family & pals.
So here I begin my meal with the soups section which is adequately fine in taste. I sipped in the veg Manchow soup Rs.150 which is as expected from any other restaurant elsewhere. I also tried the veg 5 Spice soup Rs.150, I assumed it would taste better since it’s a 5 Spice special item but my only grouse was that it tasted like bland sweet corn soup, so how does it stand to be different? So nothing really spectacular from the soups.
Well if you wanna make the most of your visit at 5 Spice, you must feast on the Red pepper chicken Rs.255 which consists of around 8 medium sized chicken pieces which is made in reddish brown color sauce with pepperish taste, it is indeed packed with pleasing flavors. Even the veg Thai pot rice Rs.250 is exotic served in a copper dish with a lid where the rice is steaming hot and wet with the blissful coconut milk mixed with red sauce, I must say the rice is fantabulous and highly rich in taste. The Sizzling vegetables Rs.235 is boiled veggies with red gravy where I did not find this dish very exciting however the thick creamy gravy saves the dish.
Now comes the best part of my time at 5 Spice, it is the gigantic Mission Impossible Rs.210 served along with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce is simply lip smacking. It is layers of chocolate whipped cream and puffy chocolate sponge cake which I bet you cannot finish alone. It’s a difficult task even for 4 people to finish eating it. No wonder it is the most sold sweet dish which is worth the bucks.
5 Spice is good for Chinese and Thai cuisine, adequately priced with pretty good quantity. It’s good to try out this place, especially for people who have a good appetite where quantity is decent and the food is delectable.
My rating for 5 Spice:
Ambience 8/10
Value for money 7/10
Service 7/10
Taste 7/10
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roshni_22 - Burrp User


December 31,2011

Awesome food..:)

I have tried this place so many times with my family and friends,and one thing which takes me there, is good food and great quantity.but the service is poor .Once they took 45 min to serve my starter....or else nice place to have chill and enjoy...
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karan09 - Burrp User


December 14,2011

great food...:-)

great Chinese food.. nice ambiance..all over its a good restaurant.. want to go again..
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Siddhant Kashyap - Burrp User

Siddhant Kashyap

December 01,2011

...and everything nice!

Stewards have to actually warn guests about their portion sizes during ordering food and true enough, most of the guests don't leave without a doggy bag! Food here is great with a wide variety to choose from. Seafood, Chinese style is always a favorite, try it out. very helpful staff and great service. another must try is their mission impossible dessert!
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varpri - Burrp User


August 29,2011

Awesome food but pathetic service as always!!!!!

went there last satday when my newly married friend threw us friends a dinner party. we were a gang of 10. he chose the place mainly as he wanted to have mission impossible.

made reservations and got our tables. what happened over the next 2-3 hours there was so disgusting that maybe after reading my review most jain/gujjus/veg people may stop eating at all 5Spices!!!!!


2) while ordering main course we ordered 3 veg rice and 1 veg noodles. one dish we ordered was some veg nanking rice or noodle. the waiter asked us if we eat mushroom and we said no mushrooms. to our horror he got us 1 dish without mushrooms and the others with mushroom!!!!! how stupid can the waiters get there. when we say we dont eat mushroom so he should ensure that dishes dont have mushroom; period. again we called the manager who came and apologized and replaced the mushroom dishes with non-mushroom dishes.

3) service quality at 5 spice at most times is okay but recently it has started getting awefull. the waiters dont smile, barely are courteous and also think too high of themselves. as someone mentioned in an earlier review the waiters should know their pay comes from the money that we patrons pay for dining at 5spice. in our case there was an issue with the aircon too. we were sitting right below the aircon and the ladies were feeling cold. the split aircon temp was at 21. i asked the waiter to put the temp on 24. he tried a few times in vain and then left it as it is. he should have called his supervisor for assistance. thus through the evening the ladies were feeling cold and could not enjoy their meals. goes to show how much lack 5 spices has in grooming their staff for service.

overall i would say 5spice food although awesome the other factors of service make it a bad place to njoy the meals.

maybe i have had my last 5spice meal in a long long time!!!!!!!!!!!

please note inspite of the horrible experience we had a billing of 4.5k plus.

our dinner host must have felt really bad that they had their first dinner outing after marraige was a forgettable experience.
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nitinlucky - Burrp User


August 13,2011

Good Chinese food, the indian way

I had been to this place quite a few times, with friends as well as family. Experience has been good so far. Have tried veg as well as non veg food. It gives good indian style chinese food :).. chicken fried rice, noodles, paneer, good mushroom starter. The most mazing thing is the quantity they serve for the money charged, and when the taste is good, u dont have anything to complain... for 2 guys 1 plate of rice is good enough for 2 meals :) Service is good...
Felt satisfied most of the times... will keep going here
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flyingagent - Burrp User


August 05,2011

Good food, nice

After hearing so much, we decided to give this restaurant a shot...

Food is very nice... Quantity of rice and noodles is huge, enough for 3-4 people... Death by chocolate was also nice, not too novel, but cake was very fresh...

Will surely return someday...
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dp_ttude - Burrp User


May 30,2011


A quiet place with descent food and good quantity. But the service was slow and the staff is a little rude; need to improve on the soft skills. Prices were a little high for the quality of food, guess they plan to compensate it by giving larger portions of food.
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soumitra.velkar - Burrp User


May 22,2011

Good food, PATHETIC service!!

Everyone knows that these guys have decent food and huge quantities and total value for money.. blah blah blah. But their service SUCKS. The hostesses at the gate need URGENT training on soft skills. They NEVER smile. The expressions of most of the staff at this place are perpetually constipated it's like they are anticipating the exit of a particularly hard stool, stuck collectively in their guts. The entire team needs to realise that their salaries are paid out of the money patrons pay when they visit and order.

It's not like they're short staffed. There are too many waiters crowding around and gossiping at the workstations at any given time. The people who take your order will always make recommendations out of turn. When you call for a dish, the standard response will be," why dont you try the most expensive dish on that list. "

They will never have a table for you. They will never graciously admit that they are crowded and will take 45 mins to an hour to get a table. The standard response will always be 30 mins and you will never get a table before 1 hour.

You can never depend on them for home deliveries either. They will not be accessible for at least 1 hour . Will not answer their phones in time and will deliver only after 1 hour (to the bld next door)

Such places should be banned.
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aish11 - Burrp User


May 20,2011

it's spicy ~!~

was there for a pals' meet.The mosquitos on entry made us nervous,but once AC was switched on,they were gone.

The 1st starter was Red Chilly Paneer dry ,Paneer was succulent & well marinated.Then opted for the Burnt garlic Chicken Dry which was nice & tender,Also the Crispy Prawns were good.Tried the Spicy Crab Meat soup which was ok.

Mocktails were Watermelon Cooler & Juicy Bird.The Juicy Bird is a concotion of Lychee with a hint of ginger.

By the time Starters/Soups was done,we had just enough space for Burnt Garlic Rice & chicken gravy.

NO space for dessert.

The portions were satisfying.

Not too heavy on the pocket & VFM.Recommended
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shetha - Burrp User


April 09,2011

different kichens for delivery

Hi , I wanted to check whether 5 spice has seperate kitchens for Takeaway/ home delivery and at the joint itself....as the food is different
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layalakkaraju - Burrp User


March 29,2011

full paisa vasool

the ambience might be a little cramped,but food is lajawaab.
quanitity,quality ,everything soo good.
5 spice ,For the win. :D
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Tanya Cordeiro - Burrp User

Tanya Cordeiro

March 10,2011


Food Quality: 5/5
Food Quantity: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Food Pricing: 5/5

Never had a reason to complain about you guys! I love your food, your deserts, your service, eveyrhting can always brighten my day. Just fyi, the deserts served here are invincible. Try the 'Death by Chocolate' or the 'Mission Impossible' i guarantee you won't be able to finish the latter. 5 Spice, keep it the way it is! I've had a fab experience always and am still your #1 fan. Cheers!
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MansiD - Burrp User


March 09,2011

Horrible Service!!

FOOD IS GOOD,..LIGHT ON D POCKET...but the service sucks...the waiters dont no a thing about d fare on offer...poor at recommending options to patrons...the paneer yellow rice was good but the chilly fingers or something that looked like that...was barely eatable....pls pls improve on the service urgent...light on d poacket meaning the quantity is huge....and tastes good rly good...starters are not that good but...
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Gunpreet Sabharwall - Burrp User

Gunpreet Sabharwall

March 02,2011

Gud food.. but huge in quantity

This place offers a wide variety of chinese food, i love the way the food is cooked, however, they could improve on their service. Their staffing needs improvement as this place is always so crowded and the waiters are busy and they just dont hear you. The quantity they serve is huge, its just more than required, i always get the rest of it packed. For good chinese consider this place but dont expect much from the interiors, ambience or the staff.
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Suprita  - Burrp User


February 21,2011

Pathetic service, decent food

We visited 5 Spice, Oshiwara after a few months since we usually prefer visiting the Sakinaka branch which is nearer to us. So we enter this place on a Saturday night and there wasn't any waiting. We were taken upstairs and initially we were going towards the open air section when the hostess stopped us and asked us to enter the closed section. After exchanging a few words she agreed to let us in the open air section. There at least 3 tables available so we chose one and sat. We never got any napkins. The waiter did not understand the order correctly and we had to repeat ourselves a few times. My sis had specifically asked for the soup to be less spicy and yet it was very spicy. Later we asked for another bottle of Aquafina for which it took the waiter 20mins and 3 reminders to get it. Same happened with the Pepsi. The main course luckily was brought fairly in time. They never gave us the drinks/mocktails menu as well as the desserts menu. We paid our bill and left.
Once we got downstairs, my lil niece insisted on trying their pastries. So we ordered some and sat in the downstairs section for which the waiter got angry and started fighting with the pastry counter guy! Later he brought the pastries to our table and when asked for water, he got the bottle but no glasses! He took a few mins to get them. In the end when we got the bill for the desserts, there was something extra added in the list. It took a while to make him understand and total 20mins to get it corrected. Overall though the food was as per their usual standars, the service is getting ruder and not at all hospitable. The management really needs to do something about it.
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suzy  - Burrp User


January 22,2011


am regular in 5spice the food n portions is all good we all know that,however i want to add tonite experience so people are aware how we customers are treated n how much they value us.I have been calling 5spice in oshiwara outlet for the past 45min n to my dismay n utter annoyance i have been getting all the lines busy or engaged,i know being a Saturday they all are busy,finally after 45mins some 1picked up called Nandkumar n i just jokingly said if no1 would have picked up this time i would have ordered 4m some where else n that was it i was abused n spoken rudely n he started abusing me saying he didn't like my behaviour n i shouldn't call up n he would not take my order n he told me 2 complain 2 any1 he doesn't care since main lines are out of order.My question to the 5 spice manager or who ever looks in to these people IS THIS THE WAY TO TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMER'S MORE SO A LADY!! I have decided enough of taking bullshit 4m low rung people,all should be made aware n boycott 5spice,I hope the manager reads this of 5spice n knows whats taking place under his very nose.If only people have civic sense this world would be a better place
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Menaka Neotia - Burrp User

Menaka Neotia

January 17,2011


decent food.. huge quantities.. 4 people can order just 1 plate of noodles and it will be enough for all of them.. in the evenings and weekends its advisable to book a tbl in advance.. it gets packed.. or order at home, they also giv a discount for the same. try their wonton soup, so melty and yummmmmm!!!!
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Amit  - Burrp User


January 14,2011


Im a fan of chinese food specialy wid chicken in it...n has this plac won my heart! iv luvd evry appetizer iv tried and the quantity is enuf to keep u shut. Rates are not that high but yes they need you to tak deep breaths sumtym. its only weapon is its qulaity food which is incomparable
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Abhijeet Patil - Burrp User

Abhijeet Patil

January 06,2011

Terrible service...

The food is as good as other 5 spice places in Mumbai, but the service is by far the worst. Starting from the sleeping valet whom we had to disturb to the waiter who would not accommodate a minor change in the preparation.

Go if you are interested in only the food, or better still order from there.
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shalaka dhayatkar - Burrp User

shalaka dhayatkar

January 02,2011

GR8 chinese!

5 spice already has a branch at fort and bandra.This is its third branch and i am glad its in my area! the food is awesome and the quantity is really large..!You have to try its chicken teriyaki and chicken burnt chilly rice..and its death by chocolate lives upto its name.. its divine!
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Harsh Moorjani - Burrp User

Harsh Moorjani

December 14,2010

Good Chinese but weird

I had been to this place long time back and let me warn there is a hell lot of difference between the price of ac section and the non ac section ......like of 70-100 bucks per item ....the food on the other hand was good quantity is good on the whole this place is good to be when you want to dig into Chinese and when you are very hungry .... check it out
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Karan  - Burrp User


December 02,2010


The worst service ever. I visited the restaurant on 21/11/2010. We sat on the table at the ground level for 15 mins with no one to give us the menu. After which we got the menu and plates and NO NAPKINS. We were told they are over at 8:00 p.m. Am wondering you have the whole night left and I am told napkins are over and will not be available for the day.

While I was having my soup, the waiter came and picked up my soup bowl without asking me or having a look if I had finished my soup.

Anyways, we ordered for some starters, and then decided to call for the main course. When I asked for the menu, I was given the bill and asked to pay. The waiters did not understand what we wanted or what we needed. Maybe they were from the planet Mars. After which I waited for 15 mins and had to call someone to take the order. Its like no one is interested in running this restaurant.

And to top it all, when we complained to the manager about the RIDICULOUS SERVICE, he did not have the courtesy to even apologize for the mistakes made by his staff. Rather we were told "This is it, take it leave it". NO BASIC COURTESY, NO MANNERS. If the Oshiwara branch shuts down, the manager is solely responsible for running it such that it is going to the DOGS!!

Unfortunately, this website does not give us an option to give negative rating!!
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varza007 - Burrp User


November 20,2010

The most worst service of my life

We had arranged a party for 25 odd people at this restaurant on 16th i.e tuesday. Everything was goin smooth until the waiter who came to take the order:
1.He couldn't suggest a single soup nor a starter.
2. O.K Soup not at all worth the price (Rs. 150 ++)
3. Maincourse took more than 1 hr.( not exageratin).
4. Waiters couldn't serve the food properly as they were not trained. I think they jus got them sumwhere from north east to have the chinese feel.
5. Ordered for some beverages like Mangola and sprite to which the waiter said i have no idea what u r talking off.
6. Finally wen complained to the manager(which was absolutely of no use) he said this happens sumtimes and i cannot do anything as it is not in ma control.
So plz guyzz its a humble request "Never Ever Go To This Place".
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


October 26,2010

Nice food with an average service....

I went for dinner with my wife last night to this restaurant as we love chinese food....here is d review: -

1) Food: - The food out here is excellent....We ordered a soup which was good and then went for the main course which was half fried noodles(pan asian)...it was excellent.

2)The ambience out here is good...They have a ac and a non ac section....we went for the ac section which was quite pleasing....

3)The service out here is really slow....so as soon as u order a starter or a soup order ur main course with it/sooner....The main course took 20-25min which was a turn off here....

4) Its total VFM and a must visit place for chinese food lovers.
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1un_estomago - Burrp User


September 27,2010

Foodies' spot :-)

To start with..I am a 5 Spices Fan... love every outlet of theirs... and this one is nothing less...
Amazing quantity to go with the quality and price.. great, awesome desserts!!! love the cheese cake and death by the chocolate.. comfortable seatings.. and group friendly!
1 week point is the communication with the waiters/attendants.. They need to understand and speak fluent english and hindi ... it does pose a problem sometimes..
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janell.francis - Burrp User


September 05,2010

YUM food okay service

went for dinner 2 nights ago love the food it was yummm...
only thign is servic is bit slow... well how cares food is awesome...
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karansingh26_4 - Burrp User


September 04,2010

Bad management "Terrible"

had gone there 3 days back ...before going there we already made a reservation for 8 + small child.. reaching there we were told there is waiting for at least 25 min and we were offered table on the ground level...as soon we entered the dinning area its was stinking air-condition was off till we asked the manager to switch it on ...and the worst was when we asked him to increase the temperature he ignored us for 1 .15 min n then he did it n while we were sitting n waiting to order we can c small cockroachs running around the chairs n table after about 20 min when we asked him to change our seat as there were cockroach s Mr manager say sorry there r no other table empty where i can shift u ppl so we decided to leave that place n also we will never go there again .....
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fussyboutfood - Burrp User


July 27,2010

Good Quantity, Decent Quality

Good things: Quantity; more than you expect
Taste; as per your expectation
Ambience; Decent
Seating; Spacious
Price; moderate
Things to Improve:
Communication; Waiters can barely speak English/Hindi
Service: the service is not intuitive but you will have to ask for things like tissues, spoons and stuff
All in all not a bad place to go for a dinner on a weekend (waiting time ~ an hour)
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vissh76 - Burrp User


June 14,2010

Good quantity ...bad quality

They need to improve quality of the food rather than providing quantity ....for example ...veg clay pot rice
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Abhishek Agrawal - Burrp User

Abhishek Agrawal

May 27,2010

Great food and quick service

We were here on saturday, we were lucky to be in time and did not have to wait to get the seats but by the time we were comfortable in our seat, there was already a long queue.

The food is very good and comes with authentic taste chienese taste. Keep it up, good work.
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

May 25,2010

Full with desserts, and Out of words

5spice is a perhaps the only Chinese joint that is at par with Dynasty, or even better I must say. We'd got the ground floor area which is private in a way & seats 18; ambiance is just perfect. The sad part is they won't book for you in advance.
We started with a lot of starters, recomended ones are: 2 sauce chicken, red pepper chilli prawns, golden fried prawns, chilli chicken.Quantity for starters is average - 8-10 pcs for arnd 220-280 bucks. Fish was fresh. Main course (rice/noodle) quantities are crazy; we ordered 1 Peking rice for 3 which comes with some some normal & crispy fried noodles in red sauce.
All the time we could see people flocking to the desserts corner outside, and the reason was clear as soon as we got our order. Mission impossible, as someone rightly wrote, is a deliciously soft loaf of cake with choco sauce & 2 vanilla scoops besides it. Besides, or as a better option, I would highly recommend Rocky Roads which is choco-icecream topped with a lot of nuts.

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anantsrao1988 - Burrp User


May 08,2010


The Mongolian Pot Rice is fantastic !
The Mission Impossible is a brilliant idea for a dessert. A nice big helping of moist chocolate cake with a dollop of chocolate ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce all over it... it's amazing !
The pricing is great for the quantity served.
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super_su - Burrp User


May 03,2010

Self improvement reqd.

In terms of food , 5 spice may have oily options but definitely tastier than any of the other chinese restauarnts around. Priced moderately for the kind of quantity they serve i think 5 spice is a good place to go to for a group treat or order in for a dinner party.
I recommend the Pepper blasted chicken, Red chilli pepper fish, Chicken/ fish in burnt chilli garlic, and Sapo chicken. Have been a regular for the last 5 years and tried almost all the appetisers on the menu. The lamb dishes are also good.
Hunan Pan fried noodles and Pot rice are a must try. With a built in gravy and veggies and meat thrown in, its a good option. Th eportions are huge and easily serve 3 people out of one dish, if not more.
The home delivery and service sucks though. the staff are hard of hearing, and slow to react.Avoid the place when its super crowded, becoz the staff isnt efficient with handling lots of people. The home delivery takes ages and they dont get the order in one go, and you need to keep repeating and being patient.
As a foodie i rate this place high on taste but low on service. Awaiting them to go through an internal improvement in staff and service.
Five spice also has a variety of desserts, with no comparison. Right from cheesecake, to truffle pastries, brownies, and toblerone cake too.The mission impossible and brownie with ice cream are heavenly.
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sanjog dhinsa - Burrp User

sanjog dhinsa

April 24,2010

staff needs training

the staff at this place, that is the oshiwara joint, needs to brush up on their skills. firstly, it takes ages to connect. once you get through , be ready to yell your guts out because they can't hear over all the noise in the background. then be ready to repeat the order like a 100 times. by the end of it, one wonders whether the entire exercise is worth it !!!! but to give them a bit of credit, food wasn't too bad. so, if you have a patient temperament, only then go ahead and order take away!
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altaf_karwa - Burrp User


February 19,2010

it is shit

how can u give a n award to such a restaurant whos employies dont even know to talk to their clients whos cook can`t even make genuine chinese food . i had visited the 5spice branch in fort on 13/02 and had returned my soup twice as it was awfull and no where near the standards of the tapa stalls also it was a total annoying experiance.
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Sunaina212 - Burrp User


December 28,2009

Pathetic, want a Letter of Apology from 5Spice

Pathetic Service...is what describes 5Spice Andheri, in my opinion. Last night (27/12/09)knowing the way this place is thronged with people, we decided to go a lil early and reached and occupied table no. 41 at 8:15PM, placed order by 8:30PM and till 9:20PM we didn't have a clue of the whereabouts of our food..cause every waiter was saying two mins-two mins :(

Finally, our patience knew no bounds and we walked out.... after an argument with the Restaurant Manager, Lawrence...and with a promise and assurance that their head will call us in half an hour's time....45 mins...passed..No Call..nothing

I called up Lawrence...who first refused to understand what i was saying...and when asked if he understands english..said his manager will call me the next morning (28/12)...Folks...morning's gone it's afternoon now...no call..nothing

And these people are in hospitality industry....who do not even know the "H" of hospitality...
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kelvinscale - Burrp User


November 23,2009

Crappp food and service !!!

This place has food filled with loads of oil in it....everything is simply soaked in oil. The service is so terrible and they always have some issue in home delivery ...the staff is also very rude to talk to on the phone and when asked for the manager, he never comes on the line.
If you go for lunch guys you'll see how unhygienic the place is, its filled with this fleet of flies as you enter and at the desert counter. How would one really eat at suchha place ??....
This place charges you more to sit n eat & cheaper at home delivery along with the rudeness of the staff as a package & super oily food...
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sid93 - Burrp User


November 08,2009

The worst Chinese ive ever had!!

5 Spice probably confused Chinese cuisine with Nepali because what they are serving there is by no means Chinese. Service is pathetic.Dishes are even worse. Imagine having to wait 35 minutes for the first starter to arrive and it being absolutely horrid. The spring rolls were terrible not even adequately seasoned. The hakka noodles looked horrid and were slightly burnt. And how does paneer even qualify as Chinese? I was amazed at seeing Paneer on the menu but not amazed by the fact that it tasted disgusting. On top of everything i paid a hefty price for this horror.

Visit 5 Spice at your own risk. Id rather eat the street side "Chineej" then step foot in this dump and get ripped of!
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Aayush Chokhani - Burrp User

Aayush Chokhani

October 21,2009

5 parameters to rate

I went to this place on a Sunday - at about 9:30pm and as expected - the place was jam packed. I did try to call up and book a table before I walked in - but I did not get through the number. When I finally got through the "home delivery number" I was told that they do not reserve tables on weekends. Fine...

As I walked in - I was told it would take about half an hour. But then I saw this lady on the so called reception had purposely put the receiver handset off the phone. Irrespective of the number of calls you receive - this is not done!!!

I'd like to rate 5 spices on 5 parameters...

1. Location - Well located Bang opposite Mega Mall in Oshiwara. Its on a turning - but the valet guys are around always.

2. Ambience - Was not upto the mark. The place looked impressive from outside - but as you step in - it isnt really that great. The distance between tables is less. We were a group of 6 accomodated on a table for 8 (ofcourse on our approval) but even then - there was very little place to walk around. I could even smell the food on the next table. The crowd was good with some cute faces around.

3. Food - Really Good - We ordered 2 starters - Paneer in Garlic sauce and crispy chilly potato. Paneer was extremely soft and tasty. Manchow soup was good as well. For the main course we ordered for Schezwan Noodles, Fried Rice and Seasonal Vegetables in Supa (i guess) Sauce. It was impressive to see that the gravy was served in a dish that could be heated on the table. The quantity of all these was just toooo good. 1 portion can easily serve 3-4 people. So beware when you order. I've heard deserts are really good here but I could not try it coz I was FULL with the starters and main course - probably next time. Umm... why don't they serve booze?? Get the liscences dudes.

4. Service was poor initially. Then I communicated in Nepali with the waiters - and service changed!. They were running to get things right for us. Talk about the benefit of knowing multiple languages eh?.. But the lady in the reception with the phone receiver of the phone - takes off 1 star.

5. Extremely reasonable considering the quanitity they serve. 3 soups, 2 starters and 3 main course cost a group of 8 - Rs. 1800 only :)

Must visit place with Family and Friends. I take away two stars for poor ambience and improper service.!!
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Chintan Bhatia - Burrp User

Chintan Bhatia

September 10,2009

Deteriorated Service

I was an avid visitor to 5 spice, and was very happy with them initially, service, ambiance, hygiene, every thing was good. The last time i visited them, i ordered a plate of kung pao potatoes - 1 time - a ladies hair in it. 2nd time - dead mosquito. 3rd time - i didn't dare to try!! really sorry for this state of such a good place.
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Jay  - Burrp User


September 07,2009

Cramped a/c , Noisy Openss...

decided to try this place for chinese, as i had a good exp with the bandra outlet...

as we reached, we were asked to enter the a/c zone...but it was tooo crowded n noisy,
so decided to take a seat outside.......

the seating was preety good...
apart frm the noise coming frm the road, which faces mega mall (5 spice is on 1st floor...)
n there were a few wall fans..which did almost no good...

the waiter was an complete idiot....as we sat down, he gave us the menu....n with 10 secs,,asks for the order...
i asked him to wait......
he agan shows his ugly face in 15 secs....

thn, i had to tell hime to serve some water 1st (which he forgot too in 1st place..)
and thn i asked him to come after 30mins :)....
he took tht order seriouls...

once the food came...i was finally happy....
all the ugly exp was worth it...
the chef did a wonderfull job..... yummy
food get a full 5/5..amazin

but the staff...n the heat almost ruined the evening

prices are pretty good, as VAT is included in the menu, n the servings r pretty large compared to other chinese restaurants...

over all..GOOD...thnks to the chef
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nadim_90210 - Burrp User


September 03,2009

Deaf People Taking order over the Phone

I had called food thrice from 5spice & to my irony all the 3 times they managed to send something else. When i called up they simply refuse to accept their mistake & hung up. I am done from calling food from this place.

P.S: Be ready to yell when calling for food as their phone line simply sucks & you will recieve something else then what you had ordered.
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Navneet Rane - Burrp User

Navneet Rane

August 29,2009

No brain stafff.... pathetic employees

i had ordered for a gravy and a dry chicken foood items ....... i had confirmed the order toooo !!!
to my surprise the order that came to my place was not the same i had a rice item instead .... as i loved the foood when i was at bandra outlet .....i had written a note on the billl stating that this is not what i had ordered and so i send the rice back ....
now the insult starts ... from so calllled hospitality industry outlet where a stafff member named saroj callled me and is shouting at me for cancelling the order ... and then even dares to slam the phone while i was saying him that its his mistake .....!!!
i serioulsy doubt to go to such a place where the staff dont have the decency to speak ...serve is long call !!!
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Leonidasguitar  - Burrp User


June 05,2009

Decently priced great chinese food!

I went to this place yesterday....i had gone with my friends, first of all i did not expect this place to be fancy! It was a surprise when i entered the restaurant! We ordered some mocktails and ice teas and then we went to the starters...kung pao chicken and pepper red hot chicken, both of them were very good, but the thing i did not like is that kung pao is not supposed to be red sauce..but well it was tasty anyways so..then we ordered main course-nanking rice and dragon chicken ( nanking rice was amazing) dragon chicken was ok. The serving is huge, the food is great, but mocktails are overpriced(140 rs!), this is a much cheaper alternative to mainland china or aromas. Me and my friends thoroughly enjoyed. The only thing here is that the waiters try to outsell you. the waiters were very nice, i forgot some thing and the waiter actually came down to give it to me!!! oh yeah and it was approx rs.300 pr person (very justified bill)
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amit.vagal - Burrp User


May 10,2009

Good Food but AWFUL service

5 Spice that recently became my favorite restaurant for Chinese cuisine over China Gate due to its equally good taste and quality of food and much reasonable pricing and huge quantity per main course portion. Well all that perception has changed now thanks to an awfully poor service. The restaurant seems to have changed its staff recently (5-6 months back) and all the waiters / managers seem to be utterly confused. The lady at the reception is totally confused, She sent us up stating seat is ready even though it was not and we had to wait in the corridor. There are abnormally large waiting times for food to arrive after placing the order even when not crowded. I had to wait 15 mins to get a glass of water after asking 2 waiters. The bill payment took 30 mins because first they added an extra dessert cost (2 intead of 1, second time the waiter came with the bill realised somethings wrongs again returned from the table even without showing the bill; finally third attempt got the bill with 2 items less instead of 1. Prior to this while having food had to remind to get the dessert thrice to the same waiter. He also got the tofees and toothpick plate even before serving dessert. The food was too salty and rice was too soggy. Total dissapointment. No more going to 5 Spice.
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Chintan Bhatia - Burrp User

Chintan Bhatia

May 03,2009

Good Budget Chinese n Thai

This is one place to be for sure, the food is good , good ambiance( though try not to get the seating below, its kinda uhhh..) ... the service is good, the desserts are awesome and are a must try.... trying to get to all other aspects of the Bandra n Fort branch, but they are really doing well, try not to be there on a sunday due to the rush.. also the food portions are huge that if 2 ppl go can never finish it... and it all fits in the pocket, not creating a hole. A dinner for 3 can be done in 500 - 700/- ...
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curiousnoddle - Burrp User


May 01,2009

Strict NO NO

To cut it short - ultra bad service & strictly OK food. Not comparable to Bandra one. Go to Mainland China, Aroma's, China Gate around Oshiwara . Not this place please.
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MANAN  - Burrp User


April 30,2009

good food ...bad food...good service...bad service

Have been a victim of all of the above...but still today i went here for a quick dinner ( visit no 45) ..ordered the standard ..mangolian chicken ...crispy chicken..prawns n roast lamb
...n ice tea . the view was nice as usual ..food was good and service was just fine ...
it just seems the only problem they have is that quality n service goes bad when there are more guests ...thought this is the only exceuse they can never use ..i just think they are a little understaffed .perhaps more 4 pairs of hands n legs are needed in the Kitchen ....
Yes i think the food at the Fort 5 spice still rocks.!!! this place needs a little more of catching up to do
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Neha Gandhi - Burrp User

Neha Gandhi

April 29,2009

A definite NO-NO...!!!

Went to this place on Tuesday night.
Ambiance is good, but had a long waiting.

Service was just pathetic, they were short of staff though the place is quite big there was just 1 guy for taking the order...!!

The waiters seemed confused about everything, food was kept on a counter and by the time they could figure out on which table it is to be served it turned quite cold...they couldn't even tell the difference between veg and non veg... phew...!!!

We had ordered for malasian rice and they brought mangolian rice(with mushrooms) which we had specifically mentioned not to be added..!!!

Lost the appetite for desserts.... :(

Overall.... BAD experience...!!!
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Sushanth Murthy - Burrp User

Sushanth Murthy

January 17,2009

5 Spice is bland

The place is located on the main road and the upper floor has a nice view of it. The decor is good and so is the ambience....

But where it matters most......5 spice is bland....

Neither is the food good nor is the service.

I went there with my family. Waited for a table in front of the receptionist who was on the phone for a good 10 mins before even as much as acknowledging my presence.

The staff is not well trained. You are not received with even a single smile. Add frowns and sulks to that. The manner in which the plates are kept and the food is served feels as if you are being done a favour by bein fed. Every waiter who served the rice dropped it and even the main person taking the Orders had no clue as to how each dish was prepared.

The chicken satay was deep fried......need I say more!!!

The schezwan fried rice was as oily and tasted sub standard compared to any roadside stall.

The portions are huge which is a good thing and by far the pricing is very moderate….not cheap …but you don’t get your moneys’ worth ….
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Shine Raj - Burrp User

Shine Raj

January 15,2009

Nice Place, Nice Food

This Chinese joint is a good place to have lunch and dinner.
The starters here are tasty and priced at an average of Rs. 160/-.
Mocktails are OK and priced at Rs 195/-.
Rice and Noodles are good and 1 portion is sufficient for 3 really hungry stomachs.

The Buddha statues all around with wooden tables and chairs give the warm calm ambience. The open area on the first floor is good (in the evening do take care of those mosquitoes bites). This 5Spice is just as good as the one behind RBI, Fort, Bombay
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RAMESH  - Burrp User


December 29,2008

Excellent Food with a view.

Thanks to Burrp! I visited this place yesterday for Dinner with my family, The place had a long waiting, but it is worh the waiting.I loved the food, but the Malaysian Flat Noodles were ok.Mind it, the rice n noodles quantity is very large. The place is too good, i agree ,the open place on 1st floor is the best place to sit. The deserts are Delicious. I will surely visit the place again for Place, Food n Deserts.
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MANAN  - Burrp User


December 16,2008

Gooood foooood

Just what the suburbs needed .
Amazing food
Nice service
Aptly priced
Pls sit on the open air terrace on the first floor ....finally a place with a view...just buildings n cars..but still
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Karishma Balchandani - Burrp User

Karishma Balchandani

November 19,2008


I have been here twice before and the food was awesome.

but the last time, i went there with my family . The food was so bad.

This place had earned a lot of respect in a short while but i guess they just don't know how to maintain it.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

November 15,2008

Very Very Nice - Like the Fort one!

So, I got here to celebrate my Mom's birthday for the first time this week. Birthdays are special occassions, and you go out to places u can trust with handling the occassion and the moment.

I've been a visitor to the Fort one many a times, and couple of times to the one at Bandra too. So, I am prepared for what I am getting into.

The place is located at a corner, nice and quiet. The lighting is warm and nice, and much better than the Bandra one which is one big hall with too much of white light. Space has been used up very nicely over two floors, so that you have areas to eat while u think u dont have any. There is a nice open seating area also on level 1, which i want to try. It was a holiday and the place was pretty full.

now to the food. i have some favourites which u may want to try. Their Chestnuts and Corn are absolutely a fav for the crispy flavor they leave u in the mouth with for starters. Of course, the portions are huge so you dont order more than 1 for a family of 4. Main course was hakka noodles and paneer with cashewnuts. This gravy is a brown one, slightly tangy and spicy but not very hot. 1 portion of both was good enough for all of us. too bad, the parents could not try out the mission impossible because it was sold out and we walked in in the night. so, that should be a consistent taste because they should be supplied from the same bakery guess :)

the pocket did not get setback by too much money too. 750 bucks including tip for all of this food, soft drinks and some soup. Though, I think they did not have a drinks permit yet here so no drinks menu till date!

overall a very nice and courteous visit, and i will go back for some moe.
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live_to_eat - Burrp User


November 13,2008

Not the same as bandra

Taste did not meet our expectations. Not the same as bandra.
The Exotic veg was only full of Exotic Onions and less of greens..manchow soup was too watery..
Poor service.cannot manage a Full house..
Although Location not so good, Place is small but has good ambience..Bandra is much better and Bigger.
Quantity exceeds Quality. Value for Money (in terms of quantity). Misson Impossible ( deserts).. semed really impossible so did not dare to order.
3 good Chinese Restaurants in the vicinity...Take care ..
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Aniruddh Chaturvedi - Burrp User

Aniruddh Chaturvedi

November 08,2008

VFM Chinese!

Well I finally went to 5 Spice in Oshiwara.. Here is my experience of the same--

First of all, the location of the restaurant wasn't good.. I wished they opened it in Lokhandwala or something, because that area is extremely close to a slum area.

As we went in, the restaurant seemed like a warm friendly place.

We ordered Chicken Teriyaki and crispy vegetables for starters.. Teriyaki was extremely tender and marinated, the crispy vegetables were kinda cold, but then he re-heated it, after which it tasted good.

I asked the waiter for iced tea, but he forgot! That was irritating.

Then, for main course we ordered thai red curry with veg. fried rice, and a broccoli-mushroom-chicken-rice concoction, which was divine... But the problem was that the rice was at the bottom and not properly mixed with the gravy... But that could be overlooked.

We could see that they used Basmati Rice...

A minor problem was that even though the interiors were good, they had kept those yellow boxes for home delivery on one of the side tables...

For desert, we thought we would order a pastry each, but the waiter said just forget everything and go for Mission Impossible. It was for only Rs 170, and you won't believe it, but it actually served the 5 of us!! It was a humongous piece of cake, accompanied with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream..

The quantities are big.. I mean, you could suffice yourself with one main course dish if it were the two of you.

Anyway, it is strongly recommended that you visit this place.
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Lalit Vashishta - Burrp User

Lalit Vashishta

October 31,2008

Take 5 - 5 Spice

Thankyou Shamz for introducing me to a great eatery just next door. Its literally a stones throw away from my house.
In a span of two weeks, I have been there three times already and I think will have to go there atleast 8-10 times more to try out their complete spread.

Paisa wasool - 100%
Quality : Out of the world.

Only things negative are the long waits outside - on a weekend it could be as long as 1 hour waiting time.

Yesterday we tried - Mongolian Pot Rice, Tapiyaki Chicken and a plate of delicious prawns.

The range for vegetarians is un-ending.

Our family of four came out fully content in Rs.490.00.

Down-side of the evening, there were 4 girls sitting on the next table who made everyones life miserable by there non-stop loud yapping. It disturbed everyone , while the waiters looked at them helplessly. Can we have a Ban on loud talking as well in restaurant.

Loud talking would have been acceptable, but the language they used was full of words, I was not comfotable listening to with my daughters around, so this was a bad family experience.

I will not blame the restaurant for this. Its a matter of values and culture of these families. owner of Surabhi of Doordarshan fame would hang his head in shame if he heard, how the girls talked in public these days!

Food * * * * *
Price * * * * *
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Shamata Shetty - Burrp User

Shamata Shetty

October 08,2008

Full Paisa Vasool!!!

This was like a tooth fairy wish come true.. but I am too old to lose a tooth now. So, it was like a fountain wish come true.. but not too many fountains in Mumbai, that you can drop coins to. So, without dragging this further, this is like a dream come true.

I always wondered why 5 spice didnt have a restaurant on my side of the city. It was much needed in the Oshiwara/Lokhandwala area; there were not too many options for good chinese food for cheap.

Location: Located opposite Mega Mall, this resturant is now in the company of other known names like Lucky, Kareem's etc.

Restaurant Decor: It's got a beautiful outside and inside area; the same wooden decor but this one has chinese lights. Inside, it's got some beautiful art that enhances the look of the place. Comfortable seating and dim lighting complete the look.

Music: The music is surprisingly alternative rock. But, I think they will change this to cater more to their market.

Food: One word- Awesome. Really Good food! The Menu provides a variety of options ranging to Thai, Korean cuisines. Whats nice is a description of what you can expect under every item. And the result is absolutely amazing. First timers, beware. One dish of rice or noodles can suffice 2-3 people, so do not make the mistake of overordering. While you wait for your orders, they will serve you tasty khimchi which proves to be the perfect appetizer.

Food recommended: Lamb noodles, Mongolion Pot Rice, Flavored Anise Rice, Kung Pao Chicken, the KoreanNoodles, etc.

Dessert: Leave room for dessert, as this too is an experience. 5 spice provides various kinds of pastries, and also have their own preparations, which are worth trying- Rocky road, Mission Impossible, etc.

Service: Service is good; the food comes pretty quick. And the plates are cleared, glasses are filled promptly.

How much money, honey?: This is the BEST part; its crazy value for the amount that you pay. The quantity and the quality of food is so awesome, that you know you are in for a really good deal. And I love this concept: charge relatively more than a downright cheap restaurant, but then give that good quantity of food. But in this case, its not good quantity, tis crazy quantity!

Conclusion: Awesome place if you are going in a large group and have a certain budget. Awesome place for any occassion actually. This one is a must try!
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