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marwan.patel - Burrp User


July 26,2016

Love for Chinese in large quantity

This is an ideal Chinese joint with various oriental cuisines, large quantities at good value for money
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

Nice chinese

Best Chinese place for us friends near our college where we often end up at least once every month! Tried so many dishes and love every single thing. Quantity is simply superb with 3 friends sharing 1 plate of rice! I really recommend Red Pepper Chicken and Chicken in Barbecue Sauce as starters. Also love the Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Chicken Mongolian Pot Rice, Chicken Burnt Chilly Fried Rice,Chilly Garlic Noodles and don’t forget the amazing Desserts section especially Mission and Death by Chocolate.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

Very good chinese food!

This is another 5 spice branch I have been to and it has been a very good experience, mainly because I am not much into authentic chinese food,so Indianized, oily version is fine with me, as long as it does not give me food poisoning and this is value for money perfectly. Tried Kung pao Potato, Exotic Vegetables in Chilly Hunan sauce & Buddhas delight and they all are awesome. 1 dish is enough for 2 hungry people!
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Husain Rajkotwala - Burrp User

Husain Rajkotwala

January 02,2015

Bad end for my New Year!

Wish I could give them a lesser rating, but happy they helped me add an extra line to my resolution. NEVER GO HERE AGAIN. I went today with my two children and ordered a starter and one portion of noodles. I had requested them to prepare it on a priority as the children were hungry. I could see they had heaps of bags full of take aways ready to be collected. As a result I got the hint that they are busy and I tried to keep the children entertained. 30 minutes later, after requesting them to hurry up few times, they bought in the starter. Absolutely cold. I complained and he denied. I let it go and started eating and didn't say anything and my daughter ate it as well.

Then came the noodles. Same, as cold as if they have prepared it at least 5 to 7 minutes before bringing to the table. I couldn't take this shit and I had to call the manager. I made him touch the noodles and he offered to re heat it, instead of making them again. Horrible. I just got up and told them I am leaving and we didn't want to eat there. I asked them to check me out. To my surprise they got me the bill and I kept a 1000 rupee note. And after few seconds, stooping to the lowest level, they got the change back. I seriously thought they will not take the money for the very bad experience. But they did. We just walked out from there, of course making sure the other customers knew what had happened.
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 31,2014

Fab Chinese in Town...

One who loves Chinese ought to go here.

I have been there so many times & each time I have been completely delighted by their food & service. I usually go there to satisfy my usual craving of exotic dishes in spicy sauces.

They serve the best lamb starters in town (for my husband who is a lamb freak) – wholesome & full of flavor: Pepper Blasted Lamb is the one he invariably lands up ordering.

Their vegetarian dishes are also note worthy: – Kung pao Potato, Paneer Babycorn fu Chi Style & Thai green curry . And their best combination of main course are - Exotic Vegetables in Chilly Hunan sauce & Veg garlic rice. Buddhas delight & Thai pot Noodles another good combo.

Desserts are to die for – Mission Impossible & Blue berry cheese cake (super yummy and bestest on town)
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Priya Narayanan - Burrp User

Priya Narayanan

August 23,2012

Too GOood

5 Spice has always been my favorite, if it’s about Chinese..! Somehow I prefer it more than any of the well known Chinese restaurants in Mumbai.
The ambience is quiet but can get noisy if crowd starts showing up, mainly because there is not much space between tables.
You have to spend all your time in enjoying the food; it looks, smells & tastes great..! Prepared to perfection..!
Ask for a pair of chop sticks & keep hogging the food..! The main course quantity serves more than two & so is worth all your money if you choose to go in a group.
The dessert menu is really tasty too, ask for death By Chocolate & I bet – you will keep coming back..;-)
The turn off is the service, which is a bit too sloppy or slow, you will need to keep asking them to serve you, They have very few pair of chopsticks in stock & so if you want one, make sure you let them know in advance..!
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