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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

March 01,2015

amazing maharashtrian food

The famous place to have amazing Maharasthrian food even though they serve dishes like dosas nowadays, my mom loves the original maharashtrian food and we love the Thalipeeth, Pithala Bhakri, Misal Paav, Masala Bhat, Bharli Vangi, Kothimbir Vadi, and Kharwas in the dessert section. Ambiance is family friendly and seating is a bit cramped but the servers are helpful and will help you choose dishes if you have never had Maharashtrian food before.
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madhav56 - Burrp User


September 13,2014

stop looting

This guy (the owner of the hotel)does not know how to prepare maharashtrian food and people eating their they have also no idea about maharashtrian food, how it is ?. for exp: this guy charges rs. 45 for three very small size "sabudana wada what he is called. Someone has to take that mad man to hotel Prakash (which is just 2 minutes walk from his Hotel) to see 'what is sabudana wada', This guy is just making fool to customer and looting them. There are many other plates also, one can find with zero cleanness. Hey guy stop looting people.
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sandhyarao.m - Burrp User


August 13,2014

Excellence and Yummy!

Have been frequent here! Must visit if u pass by this area. Thalipeeth, kothimbir vadi and misal is a must have!
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Omkar Patki - Burrp User

Omkar Patki

May 21,2014

AASWAD - Down Memory Lane

Aaswad had opened its doors in the late 80s - the time period coincided with my moving from school to college and also from tiffin in the bag to pocket money for a week. Aaswad, since those days, was easy on pocket but never compromised on quality. Today, as market demands, it caters to idlis, dosas, pav bhaji and so on - but its signature dishes are quintessencially Marathi. Sabudana Wada, Sabudana Khichadi, Puri Bhaji, Masale Bhaat, Bhaji Bhakari, Amba Dal, Panhe, Pohe, Misal - you name it and Aaswad has it - the same quality over the years.
My favorites are Amba Dal, Puri Bhaji and Sabudana Khichadi. The amba dal is a delightful tangy concoction of gram flour and granules with small chunks of raw mango and mustard seeds. Sabudana Khichadi is a perfect mixture of pearl sagos, peanuts, green chilly and a curd as accompaniment. Puri Bhaji has multiple delights - Fluffy, fresh Puris; amazingly tasty Potato bhaji; green coconut chutney, fiery red garlic chutney and grated onions.
Over the period of times, competition around Aaswad has changed considerably. But Aaswad still retains that freshness and quality. For us, who have moved on from the turn of college long back, it's both - Nostalgia and Assurance!
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


May 07,2014

Authentic Marathi food!

It is only once in a while when one comes across a dining experience which is so simple yet classic. Maharashtrian cuisine in its most authentic form can be enjoyed at Aaswad. What surprises me though is the inclusion of South Indian snacks and stuff like Pizzas, sandwiches, South Indian etc on the menu. The local cuisine is fantastic by itself and I think it would be plain foolish to have anything other than Marathi food here.

Waiting period is a minimum half an hour on weekends(sometimes 1 hour too) so do plan to reach there well in advance to avoid disappointment. Sadly, they do not take reservations on phone and it is essential that you go there personally to give your name and number of diners with you. And then get prepared to wait. I prefer taking a walk around Shivaji park during this waiting time. Three advantages - 1. A good way to spend time 2. Walking is healthy and most importantly 3. You build an appetite!!

I went to Aaswad a fortnight back and was prepared for the no-nonsense type quick service which one normally experiences and such traditional food serving joints. But what I got along with speed in service were some patient suggestions on what we could try. Pleasantly surprised to experience no rudeness in their replies to our queries, even as the place was bustling with activity and there were huge crowds waiting outside. And yes, did I mention that the place is air conditioned too!

Now for the food. Much has been spoken about the authenticity and awesomeness of the food in all the posts below. My review is also no less different. Here it goes:

The Drinks: We tried the Kokam Sherbet, Kairi Panhe and the Ginger lemon Sherbet. Kairi Panhe which is a seasonal drink made of green mangoes was a clear winner here. Not that I've never had Kairi panhe before, but the innovative touch of saffron(kesar) added to it delighted us all!

The Snacks: Kothambir Wadi, Dahi Misal and Sabudana Wada - Needless to say, all were fantastic. Different types of special chutneys served along with each dish was a revelation. Dahi was a little sour.

Ambedal (a kind of traditional salad made of green mango and chana dal) is usually a general accompaniment with the Kairi panhe and we called for one portion of that. The preparation was bursting with tangy flavours and we kept having spoonfuls of it throughout our entire meal. Note: Ambe dal and Kairi Panhe are seasonal preparations generally available during summers. So enjoy it while it lasts!

Thalipeeth - Nicely made and served with red garlic chutney and fresh home made butter. We ordered lots of these.

Main Course: I am a major fan of Pitla bhakri (rotis served with a spicy preparation made of just besan and other condiments) and that is usually my comfort food in any Marathi restaurant. Here too, we called for Pitla Bhaji Bhakri which additionally offered Brinjal masala along with the Pitla Bhakri. Not to forget another chutney made of spices and onions. Heaven!

Finally, we ended with the humble Varan Bhaat which was served in a big shield like plate with two portions of rice with varan on it served with a small piece of lemon. The plate had two different types of dal, fried noodle-like papad and a karanji (fried moon-shaped traditional sweet). Our server pushed us to have a little ghee along with the rice as it would taste better which we eventually agreed to. Heaven-Part II!

After our hearty, sumptuous dinner, the bill turned out to be quite a surprise with just around Rs.200-220 per head. We felt full but definitely not heavy and greasy which is exactly what real Maharashtrian food is all about. Keep it up Aaswad! Will be back soon!

P.S. I did go there again for dinner with a bigger group this Sunday but the waiting period of 1 hour made me return! Hopefully will be successful to get inside some other time!
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P D - Burrp User


February 05,2014


Serve basic Maharashtrian breakfast dishes and other assorted staple Mumbai fast food. Most of the things on the menu taste decent, but are rather overpriced. The ambiance is tacky, but really it is not the kind of place you especially go out eat at.
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Lisa Antao - Burrp User

Lisa Antao

November 26,2013

Make sure to sample Maharashtrian cuisine here

Make sure to sample Maharashtrian cuisine here

When it comes to Maharashtrian cuisine, I have a weakness for the snacks. And if you happen to visit the Shivaji Park area, then Aaswad Upahar and Mithai Grih is a good choice for Maharashtrian food as it’s located right opposite Sena Bhavan. Personally, I have fond childhood memories at this restaurant. I visited this place after a period of 13 years and was pleased to see that it received a makeover in terms of being fully air-conditioned and owning a separate section where they sell sweets. But being fully air-conditioned is a mighty relief! Aaswad still draws many customers and has a waiting queue for entry to the place. The prices are reasonable with most snacks priced at under Rs 50 and the food is good.

Aaswad is renowned for their Missal, an iconic snack which people swear by. I find Missal way too spicy for my liking and so I stick to other standard fare. The Sabudana Wada was accompanied by Coconut chutney, though ideally I would prefer a Peanut chutney. The wadas, though deep fried to crispy goodness, wasn’t great and were a bit rubbery in texture on the inside.

Another popular item, Kothimbir Wadi, was good, slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside (no crushed peanuts in this one). Mind you, this dish is spicy so make sure to order a glass of Piyush alongside. On the other hand, I have seen plenty of people polishing off the ‘already spicy’ kothimbir wadis along with the pungent dry red chilli chutney as if it were powdered ketchup!

Their Thalipith is perhaps the best I’ve ever had anywhere. Crisp, spicy, with a tiny hint of sweetness emerging from the bits of onions in them. If you see in the picture above, the thalipith is served with a spoon of white butter, which sadly, hardly any restaurants do. Also, with a little bowl of curd, mixed with green chilli pickle I guess.

The Piyush here isn’t heavy and thick and is quite yellow in colour. Nevertheless, it’s a refreshing thirst quencher.

We also ordered Bharli Vangi i.e. stuffed brinjals along with Chapatis. The brinjals came in a coconut-based gravy flavoured with peanuts and was quite nice.

Lastly, for desserts, we were desperate to have Modaks here, which are also quite popular. These are of the steamed variety made from rice flour and stuffed with a sweet coconut-jaggery filling. Sadly, they were over and we ordered Kharvas. Two chunks of Kharvas flavoured with elaichi (cardamom) and jaiphal (nutmeg) powder. During my childhood days, they would add saffron strands too, making it a mouth-watering visual. The exorbitant prices of saffron these days is responsible for its disappearance from the Kharvas. Texture-wise, it was partially like paneer unlike the uber soft Chik that hawkers sell.

The food at Aaswad is not outstanding overall but is good. The prices are reasonable making it easy on the pocket. A meal for two will cost under Rs 200. However, what I find weird is the inclusion of other non-Maharashtrian fare like South Indian (no offense to South Indian cuisine, I love you dearly!), sandwiches, milkshakes, chaats, pizza, etc., making Maharashtrian dishes a minority on the menu. When you go there, I’d recommend you stick to the real deal and ditch the rest.
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Harshit Duggal - Burrp User

Harshit Duggal

October 13,2013

Perfect Maharashtrian cuisine

If you are looking to try out authentic vegetarian maharastrian cuisine, then this is the place for you. Delicious food and quick service, however you may have to wait to get a place to sit. The place is reasonable and lacks ambiance, but more than makes up for it with the food!!
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Vanita Visvanath - Burrp User

Vanita Visvanath

August 23,2013

Assal Marathi Anubhav :)

There is comfort in the familiarity, there is a liking for the known. And that is what restaurants like Aswad are. A dying breed in the city that is giving way to malls and franchisee food courts.

The food is familiar – and as clichéd as it sounds like what Mom makes at home - kande pohe, sabudana chi khicadi, thalippeth… varan bhat….. and the likes… specials during days of upwas (fasting) and seasonal specials in winters make it a place worth a repeat visit.

The special touches are numerous – the white butter with the thaleepeeth, the accompaniment of a spicy yoghurt like chutney, the fresh pav, the cold peeyush that has a sweet and sticky sensation, the fresh ukhdicha modak (during Ganeshotsav).

There is always a waiting …. Try and get the seat near the window and watch the world go by.. The sweet shop next door (also called Aswad) stocks typical Maharashtrian fare like chiwda, chakli and sweetmeats.

So go there for the assal Marathi experience - and reminisce the simpler times.
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amitpamnani - Burrp User


August 11,2013

simple maharastrian fare

Aaswad is one restaurant which serves simple yet delectable Maharashtrian fare. The main highlights of the menu are kothimbir wadi, thali peeth and misal pav. The food is prepared in a hygienic way and one can feel it just by the look and taste of it. The only drawback in this restaurant is it is good for skinny people, healthy people would be difficult to sneak in their tables. The waiting time is normally 30-45 mins on weekends, but it is surely worth the wait. A mumbai must have for true maharastrian snacks.
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Richa Shailendra - Burrp User

Richa Shailendra

June 08,2013

Sweet Place :)

Literally, everything is sweet here!

Okay,let me start from the beginning.

I am not a marathi and have no idea about Marathi cuisine. I am a north Indian and grew up having puris and parathas and palak paneer and jalebis and samosas and kachoris and rasgullas and..you get the drift :D Add to that the fact that I have 32 sweet teeth, just like my dad whereas my mom and sister like spicy stuff.

That is why they were so happy when we moved to Bombay and they got some Marathi friends and went to their home and had some fiery curry (which I guess is Konkani style of making dishes?) So basically my mom and sister were all gung-ho about Maharashtrian cuisine and we decided to check out this place. Dad totally flunked out hearing about the fiery curry, he gets hiccups just by looking at chillies!

So the 3 of us reached this place on a sultry summer evening at around 7.30 and as always saw a queue of people waiting outside. People, this place is a serious legend and I have never seen it empty. There are always, ALWAYS people waiting outside (unless its closed).

So after about 10 minutes of waiting we are ushered in. It is not a fine dine place with gorgeous ambiance but a clean place-like an upgraded udupi, with similar style of seating. It is not cramped but try not to discuss your personal issues :) As I said, it is clean and shiny and air-conditioned. Fair enough.

The menu encompasses a host of Marathi dishes along with regular udupi stuff like Dosas, Idli, Fruit juices, Falooda, Ice cream with jelly (which I saw being ordered by a lot of people) and so on. It was surprising because I had expected it to be only Marathi dishes.

Anyway, the real surprise is the price of each dish being between 30-70 rupees only! Real value for money, you can go in a gang of the most starving people on this planet and still bill would not cross Rs. 100-130 per person!

We ordered a bunch of stuff-sabudana vada (good), sabudana khichdi (good), thalipeeth (loved it),misal (good), masala bhaat (brilliant), puri with wangi (brinjal gravy) (nice), piyush to wash it down (sweet lassi which is more like liquid shrikhand and I loved it) and also a sweet dish known as kharwas which was also good.

Overall the food was very good with perfect portions and served promptly and damage for all this (which made us all so full we were in danger of sleeping right there!) was only around Rs. 400!!! Un-freaking-believable! :)

But coming back to my original point-everything here is SWEET! The sabudana vada and khichdi were normal, they are not supposed to be spicy anyway (right?) but the brinjal gravy, the masala rice, the misal, they all had this sweet hint in them. Is this how all marathi dishes are supposed to taste? It is perfect with me because I can have anything sweet but I think atleast the vegatable gravy should taste spicy-not fiery spicy maybe, but spicy. I liked it all and would definitely go back but let this be a little caution for everyone else :)
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travel_jayshree - Burrp User


June 03,2013

Long Wait Is Justified

Saturday after noon scorching heat at around 2pm... Never expected that we would have to wait for 30-40 mins to get in.... But once you are in, place your orders and wait for the food to b served... The agony of waiting for 40 mins is just vanished on your first bite,be it kothimbir vada, or thaali peeth, matki usal, masale bhaath or d topper of all... Aamba daal... I was never too keen towards marathi cuisine... but Aaswad just redefined my outlook towards maharashtrian food... Wind it up with Piyush... a sweetened lassi kinda serve.... And still you won't feel over stuffed.... Billing is surprisingly very reasonable.... if you are at Dadar... or a foodie lover... do visit this place... :)
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Anjum  - Burrp User


May 10,2013

Delicious and pocket friendly food.

I love the modaks they serve!
Now that this declaration is out of the way, I'd like to mention that I also like the puri bhaaji and vada pav here a lot.
The varan bhaat is kinda okay too, but I've just never liked varan bhaat in general so don't trust my judgement on this one.
The service is smooth and the guys taking your order are always sweet and making sure they haven't missed anything you asked for. They even wait patiently while there are six people screaming out different orders. Plus the prices are really affordable.
And every time we go here for lunch, it is an unspoken rule to buy a box of modaks to munch on in office or take home.
Always loved of the experience of eating at Aaswad.
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 20,2013

Jai Maharashtra

In the heart of the Marathi Heartland, opposite the Shiv Sena Bhavan stands AASWAD. Having born & brought up in Dadar, my tryst with Aaswad dates back to my childhood. It is among the few good old restaurants that are holding still the flag of traditional Marathi [Vegetarian] Cuisine high.

Again like many good eateries, it’s difficult to easily find a place to sit. During lunch time, this place bursting with activity and is filled to its brim. Ignore the ambience and the cramped sitting arrangement and gear up for the experience that is in store when you enter.

If it's summer time, order the PANHE [a drink made from Raw Mangoes] or Kokam Serbet and Amba Dal [Channa Dal soaked in water overnight, mixed with grated raw mango and garnished with fresh coriander], to begin with.

Recommended Starters:
1. Batata Wada / Sabudana Wada
2. Kothimbir Wadi
3. Thalipith

Recommended Main Course:
4. Pithle with Bhakri
5. Bharli Wangi / Dalimbi Usal [A Maharashtrian Speciality]
6. Masale Bhath

Recommended Dessert:
7. Kharvas [Made out of the fat rich milk of a weaning Cow / Buffalo]
8. Dudhi Halwa [Lauki in Hindi or Bottle Gourd]
9. Modak [Coconut filling encased in a ball made of rice flour, semi conical in shape] – MUST HAVE

Wash down the above with Piyush [Thick Sweetened Drink] or Taak [Butter Milk]

The bill will not surprise you, it’s a promise.

A request to the management of Aaswad, please spread your wings and the goodness of Maharashtrian cuisine to other parts of Mumbai.

Overall rating – 4/5
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Chetan Thaker - Burrp User

Chetan Thaker

February 25,2013

Service slow, but food, YUM!

Always tend to over eat here. What you should call for is Misal Pav. They do not serve tarri claiming 'health concerns' and offer rassa instead. Their Varan Bhaat is YUM served with rice crispies, chutney and papad. They also do Kothambir wadas, but never been a fan. The Wada Pavs need assembly but turn out great with their red garlic dry chutney. Colleague swears by the kharwas, but I've really never tried it. Expect to pay about 100-125 bucks a head after stuffing yourself.
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

February 14,2013

Good home-made Maharashtrian food

This is our go to place whenever we want to have some simple varan-bhat. Do try out their kothimbir vadi too. it's brilliant. Their sweet shop next door sells modaks all year round so don't forget to buy them.
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Dhananjay Kale - Burrp User

Dhananjay Kale

January 21,2013

compliments for Aaswad

Aaswas is very good hotel for who has passion about Marathi food with tradition. I had lot time spent at Aaswad hotel AND I enjoyed lot with different foods. Specially we would like to eat Misal, Onion Uttappa, Pithle and many other Marathi foods but this is not only relented with Marathi people but also everybody has desire to test in Aaswad. Aaswad is also located at near by Sena bhavan on central location so anybody can visited at Aaswad with comfort
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Shilpa S - Burrp User

Shilpa S

November 09,2012

Home food without pinching the pockets

Three pluses for this establishment - great homely food, lively setting and consistent quality.

Done a great job in introducing people to Maharashtrian food. Well, once eaten here you simply get hooked with Pithala-Bhakri-Bharali Waangi and the likes. Must return again and again.
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Chetan Vispute - Burrp User

Chetan Vispute

October 16,2012

foodies delight !

excellent food ! excellent taste. try any item star marked in menu ! u l luv it..
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Mansi Pingle - Burrp User

Mansi Pingle

September 27,2012

Burrp- The timing is wrong

Hello, they start at 10 am not 8am. Other sites have it right!
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rosepetal - Burrp User


June 09,2011

Marathi food rocks

Pithal Bhakri , Bharli wangi , Mirchi thecha,Misal ..... Great food at affordable price and authentic taste and portion.
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doublehelix - Burrp User


June 09,2011

Solid Marathi food

Established, respected, solid, unpretentious, simple - many words come to mind when I think about Aaswad.
Don't go to this place for the ambience...there is none worth talking about. If you go alone you are likely to share the table with a complete stranger who won't look at you or say a single word to you. Uncomfortable!
Instead, come here for the food. I haven't done a full lunch here. Generally go for the snack type items - the best stuff here is the thalipeeth. Worth...every...penny and more so you'd tip them.
The misal/mattha misal are good as is the batata wada.
If you're thinking of a sabudana wada I'd suggest walking across to Prakash. That is an institution!

I love Aaswad's bharli waangi (stuffed eggplant/brinjal) and walachi usal (this is almost exactly how my grandmom made it! Wow!)
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Tejas  - Burrp User


May 14,2011

1 star for Service

yeah Maharashrian Food has been neglected so far...since there are enormous varieties of tasty Maharashtrian food needs to come in a focus
Though Aswad doing great job to keep that legacy of Maharashtrian Cuisines.
Food is really tasty...i loved Thalipith and Misal most
Place is sophisticated ...Rates are moderate considering every factor.
BUT here we comes with the things bothered me ,,,
Sharing table with someone is really annoying thing which we do not expect at such a place..
and service is too bad...means there were just 2 waiters handling everything from taking orders to serving everyone...means.,,, come on Hire some guys.. don't be that thrifty ...
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Urmila Walke - Burrp User

Urmila Walke

February 10,2011


I read the reviews on burrp and was dying to go there. I went along with my frnds a few weeks back.. If ur looking for sme typical maharashtrian food..thn this is d place !!!
We had kothambhir vadi, masala bhat, thalipeet, etc etc...I loved their kothambir vadi and piyush.. we had around 8 dishes all for jst 245/-
cheap isn't it...
would recommend it to every1 looking for a nice maharashtrian fare!!!!
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oxycheese - Burrp User


January 15,2011

One of the best Misal in Mumbai

i highly recommend Matki usal and dahi misal. Simply lip smacking dish...though little expensive...if they increase the portion then it could justify the price which is too high for a common man.
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Amit Hiremath - Burrp User

Amit Hiremath

August 28,2009

Heart in the city heart!

It has always been a tough task to find a restaurant which serves authentic marathi dishes in Mumbai! Pardon me if i missed Diva Maharashtracha! Interesting reviews I read about Aaswad; but i didn't find much detailed discussion about its main course. Hence, this addendum!

I agree with my fellow reviewers as it goes with the snack segment! Lip smackin 'Bhajaneeche Thalipeeth' is a snack to die for (However, make sure that you are alive when u taste this amazing dish). I would say a dollop of butter is a must with thalipeeth though it is being served with sweet yoghurt with a lovely TADKA! Hardly I have seen white butter in Mumbai! Kothimbeer wadi is another snack to go for but i would say STRICTLY OPTIONAL to Thalipeeth! I need not mention the generic Puri Bhaaji or Misal etc. Let's go to main course!

I normally love compact menu. And this restaurant offers it. You have an option of going for an earthy 'Pithala Bhakari' if u r a die hard fan of Western Ghats of Maharashtra (where I belong to!) or a sophisticated one to chose la carte from - Bharali Waangi (Stuffed Brinjals in Spicy Gravy), Paatal Bhaaji (Potato and Peas in Sweet Red Gravy), Suki Bhaaji (Again potato but without gravy) and Dalimbi Usal (Nothing to do with pome granate but still a must try stuff!). You can savour this with either Chapatis or Puris! Take your call.

Rice section- I'm not still very much convinced on this part! Masala Bhaat is okey dokey. Suggest you to travel just 450 km to my hometown Miraj to savour the best version of Masala Bhaat at the Mangal Karyalayas in Brahmanpuri.

Turning towards dessert section- it has all the generic dishes like Shrikhand (Its a Maharashtrian sweet) Amrakhand (Shrikhand with STRICTLY Alphonso Mango flavour). However, I would recommend to try Kharavas (a pure veg relative of Caramel Custard available in many restaurants in Mumbai). Dudhi Halva (Sweet dish made from Bottle Gourd) can also be tried for a change but it's bit dry and the dry fruits in it are actually interrupting!

Since there are few places like this as I mentioned in my intro..it is bound to be crowded and noisy! But I hate to share my table with unknown ppl. Come on..we are not sitting in an Irani Restaurant or Maharashtra Rajya Parivahan Mahamandalache Upahargruh! It plays a spoilsport and hence, i recommend you to go ina group of 4 or u'll have to share the table. Burrp!
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Kedar Nimkar - Burrp User

Kedar Nimkar

May 11,2009

Have modern enviroment with same old food.

Aaswad is one of the oldest restaurant in Dadar, very close to shivaji Park. Famous for its Misal, and all possible maharashtrian food itmes. Its kind of cool place but since last two years, since they have revamped a bit, its seems like those wanna be places. Still the food and a service quality remains the same. Its kind of btw food joint. Typically filled with Marathi Janata. Famous for its marathi cuisine and i think there is a tough competition between Trupti, Prakash and Dattatray. and surely Prakash wins the race. Aaswad is for more elderly janata who wanna quite decent Marathi food some time in a week or so....though we find all sorts of people there, the target audience would be 28 -30 plus. Waiters are too slow. I remember having lots of Kharvas there. Amazing food item to have.
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Vishal S - Burrp User

Vishal S

October 05,2007

Jai Maharashtra!

Now that's what I call son-of-the-soil... a restaurant specialising in vegetarian Maharashtrian cuisine.. located in Dadar and a stone's throw from Shivsena Bhavan (though I strongly urge not to throw any harmful objects in and around that area!)

After a rather filling snackathon at Dattatrey (yet another son-of-the-soil to be added on Burrp) where my lady and I ordered and completely enjoyed an array of Marathi food - Thalipeeth, Kothmir Vadi, Puneri Misal and Batata Vada, the circum-navigation of Shivaji Park was required. Once done, I decided to head straight to Aaswad for a comparison...

Air-conditioned, neat decor and a higher waiter-table ratio, the service had to be impeccable... which it was. The order - Thalipeeth (two shallow fried pancakes with sweet-n-sour yoghurt) and Puri Bhaji. The butter (or ghee as it seemed) was really not required with Thalipeeth as all it did was spoil the taste... the dish is better had with Suki chutney (dry powdered red pepper with garlic) and the yoghurt. The Puri Bhaji was served with chopped onions (they seem to have hedged their onion supplies to guard against the price rise), coconut chutney and the dry one... another decent affair. Other stuff on the menu include the ubiquitous Sabudana Khichdi (steamed and spiced sago), its Vada version and a host of other Maharashtrian dishes like Kothmir-vadi, Sheera, Piyush etc...

All-in-all... a fairly decent experience... Remember - this is famous for its local cuisine... so be there just for that... and trust me - I've found new love with the Marathas... they know to spice-it-up real nice!
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Siddharth Bhat - Burrp User

Siddharth Bhat

January 11,2007

Lovely maharashtrian fare

Aaswad serves some classic maharashtrian snacks like misal pav, usal, kothimbir wadi etc. Its located bang opposite the old Kohinoor mills in Dadar(W).
If you happen to be in the area, be sure to try out their kothimbir wadi and thaalipeeth. The piping hot thaleepeeth is not for the dieter, what with it being fried and served with a dollop of butter. But the taste is out of the world and best eaten fresh. You can finish up with 'Piyush' i.e. shrikhand lassi, which is pretty good.
Dont try any other item like the south indian ones or the standard subzis which also they offer. Best is to stick to maharashtrian fare, which is what's the best thing on the menu.

And its great VFM - your meal of three dishes and a drink comes to less than 100 Rs! They also do home delivery in the Dadar/Mahim area and are quite crowded in the evenings and weekends.
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capriyeshvira - Burrp User


April 03,2013

Best Maharashtian Food

This place offers great maharashtrian food...
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nitinkunjir - Burrp User


June 09,2012

Menu Card?

Dear Burrp!
Please upload menu card. Other sites have it.
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