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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

Great food

Very famous place, considered the original bhagat tarachand and always bustling with crowds. Went here with 3 friends from college and ordered a whole buffet! Lassi and Papad churi for beginners were amazing, first time I had churi and it was brilliant. Then we ordered Paneer tikka masala, Panner Butter Masala , Boondi raita, Butter Naan and Chaas which came in this big bottle filled to the brim! We ate like we were at some marriage, the food was so delicious and dripping with butter which we loved. Typical Punjabi flavours and taste. Service was very fast and per head cost was just about 250-300 for us!
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Nikhil Kothari - Burrp User

Nikhil Kothari

August 28,2014

Absolutely awesome experience

Awesome food and chaas. Best dishes to eat like Paneer bhurji, Dal tadka, Papad churi and tawa chapati..!!..Yummy punjabi food :)
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

March 22,2014

Fantastic Veg Food

After a tiring shopping, one can just hog here to heart's content without thinking of the pocket. The variety is awesome.

You get your order fast enough. You are served on steel plates and chass comes in beer bottles. It often is not enough. Try their tadka daal it was awesome. paneer was not that soft enough though.

Their parathas are very good too. Good quantity of food. Most often there is a waiting at the restaurant.

We have visited this place many times and will continue to visit.
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milonee s - Burrp User

milonee s

February 12,2014

punjabi and sindhi food

in a crowded south mumbai biz area, this got to rejuvenate you; for sure.

avoid starters as they are neither too tasty neither well prepared. The only starter worthwhile is the papad churi or khichiya churi which is a papad based mixture with some chilly powder, butter,etc.

Go for the stuff paratha, butter roti, paneer masala, daal tadka and jeera rice. If you like the ghar ka khana types, try sev tamatar, aloo methi, etc which is slightly less buttery and still as tasty

Their gobi stuff paratha is awesome and on the side, select butter milk.

Deserts are ok and may be skipped

mostly good for quick nice quality meal and if you do go late, you might have to wait for sometime for sure ranging from 20 mtns to 45 mtns
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Arpit Sarawagi - Burrp User

Arpit Sarawagi

December 07,2013

!!!!!Marwari Food!!!!!!

One should definitely visit this place if you love authentic Marwari food. Right from daal bati to khichiya papad or churi, they have it all. You name it and they have it. The price is a bit on the higher side but for the taste of the food it’s a definite go go!!. The thing which is of worry is the waiting time to get into the restaurants in the weekend.
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Shantanu Mishra - Burrp User

Shantanu Mishra

November 27,2013

Awesome food

This is the total vegetarian place where you cannot miss the food at all... U will relish every dish over here. Amazing dal Makhni, Chapati with butter, Chaas, Aaloo gobhi everyone should try over here. whenever i think of Indian food i straight away go over here and enjoy.
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Kool Khanna - Burrp User

Kool Khanna

August 24,2013

Not upto the hype

I was at Zaveri Bazaar with my office mates and we decided to eat lunch here after hearing a lot about it. Personally, i feel it is overhyped and theres nothing great in the food except that they put a lot of butter in their food which some people find appealing since it adds to the vasool factor. Vegetables were ladden with butter and missed the mark. It was very average and disappointing after hearing all the hype
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arifkhursheed - Burrp User


July 25,2013

One of the best for indian food in South Mumbai

The original restaurant is over 100 years old. This vegetarian restaurant is a food landmark. The dal fry, aloo fry, makai/jowar rotis and the beer bottles of buttermilk are all time favourites. Since the flavour is predominantly Sindhi, oil, spice, garlic, onion and attendant calories await you. Quintessential Sindhi dishes do not find mention such as sai bhaji and Sindhi kadi. Bhagat Tarachand with its cheap rates, substantial meal portions, prompt service, ample variety and distinct flavors offers you a memorable experience.
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Kumail Mukadam - Burrp User

Kumail Mukadam

May 23,2013

Best Vegetarian Food Ever

Being a hardcore non-vegetarian, this place was a refreshing change. Normally i do not prefer Veg food, but Bhagat Tarachand is the only exception.
The Palak Sabzi with Papad Churi and their Masala Chaas is to die food.
Be sure to save some space for desserts, the Gulab Jamun and Rabri are a must have.
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Monil Shah - Burrp User

Monil Shah

April 01,2013

gujarati thali

This is the place where you can have yur perfect office lunch a lot of butter in my roti my fav dal makhani with aam ras u can also have a perfect gujarati thali over here....plz plz do have the papad churi its my fav
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kejals7 - Burrp User


February 07,2013

Go for it ANYTIME

enjoy kachi beer over here.....
Varieites In Food, Panner Ki Sabzi, Roomali Roti, bt sabzi are spooky spicy....
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rikinenjoy  - Burrp User


January 31,2013

What a Food

Located In Mumbai Jewelery Heart Market , Called Javeri Bazaar,
The Place I am Sure Where Once Go Inside..u gonna Come Fully Stomach Full.....
Lots Of Varieites In Food, I Had Panner Ki Sabzi with Roomali Roti...Guys Its So nice Food I Would Say...n Dont Forget To have their fav paapad Churiii...maaza ki Item...n Their Style Of giving Chass in bottle...Suoerb...Have a Lovely Food Here....
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Advait Chhatre - Burrp User

Advait Chhatre

November 19,2012

Veg food chass and papad churi rocks at BT

I visit this place thrise i am satisfied with there quality & service.
For starters papad churi is a must along with the hara bhara kabab.
For the main course you can have and variety of paneer or their regular vegetables.
churi sprinkled on the top. there Chhas is awasome to taste once i went there just for having chass and papad churi
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Durvankur Patil - Burrp User

Durvankur Patil

August 24,2012

Less on Ambience, High on quality

It's like a treasure which is hidden on the map of Kalbadevi. Located amidst the hustling and bustling area of lanes and bylanes stands a restaurant proud and people know it as Bhagat Tarachand. Even its founder would not have imagined, that one day their restaurant would become a landamrk for the lost and the address for the hungry soul.
Once you spot this heaven and adjust to its surrounding, yes adjust, because finding a comfortable place is a luxury out here; you will enjoy what they have to offer. Honestly, the food here is not out of the world, the Michelin star kind of, but something in their food brings you back here. To start with, call for the Butter Phulka with any of their Sabzis and you will not regret it a bit. If you are the health conscious types, dont even think of calling anything Butter type, because they dont spread it, but just put a huge chunk of butter on it. Moving on, order their Steam rice with Dal Tadka and you will be oblivious to everything then. To finish the hearty meal, just wash it down with their trademark Chaas and it will just make your day.
For all the hygienic, cutlery specific people, this is not your playground. It is home to the humble population who run their life in a hurry and want to have a hearty meal to continue their day with vigour.
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Shubham Singh - Burrp User

Shubham Singh

February 25,2012

Awesome Food, Great service

I went there with a bunch of my friends after having heard a lot about their food. Needless to say, I was not at disappointed. The food was great. If you are fan of really tasty food, you should visit this place. Amazing homelike food. The service was prompt and the staffs were really nice, something not observed in low end restaurants. Especially recommended for students who are low on budget and want to enjoy a tasty food. definitely worth a visit.
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Pritee Agrawal - Burrp User

Pritee Agrawal

February 24,2012

heaven for veggies!!

Before landing up here never heard of... visited NCPA for a play with a friend, it was his suggestion.... as i am not very much of a fine dine person... food is more important hence we thought of giving it a try...but i must say it was worth it.
The best part is they serve butter milk in beer bottle which on one hand is not a big deal but on the other hand it adds on to entire raw feel of it.
Service can never be faster and smoother....lovely..awesome!!
Its an absolute heaven for vegetarians and not at a place if you are very much concerned about fat contain in your food :)
If you really wanna get into it...just let it go and enjoy the core food!!
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ummzakariya - Burrp User


January 13,2012

veg rocks!!

I love this place!! love everything on the menu, love the chaas, the paneer dishes, the amazing parathas, the lassi (the best i have ever had) the staff are lovely, they really look after you and are so patient ..and it is totally VFM.....one of the reasons i want to move to Mumbai!
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paliwal.abhinav - Burrp User


December 27,2011

Yummy Food

I have been to Zaveri Bazaar Branch, considered to be the oldest branch. No 1 can forgot the taste u find it over here. Well I had Dal-Batti which reminds me of my native place where we use to have the same dish specially prepared by Granny.
They give you Butter Milk in Beer Bottles, that really have enticed me to visit this place again. Well, we had Moong da Halwa at the end, no words to describe it except Yummmm......
One must visit this place, if want to enjoy delicacies they prepare.....
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Vasundhara Gv - Burrp User

Vasundhara Gv

February 06,2011

Brunch at B Bhagat Tarachand

Going by the reviews, we went to the one which goes up the staircase.. :)
Our order was as follows:
Alu paratha, gobi paratha, chaas, gajar halwa.
The best thing about the parathas is that it is not fried :) alu paratha with butter and masala chaas rules anytime !!
Gajar halwa with garam garam desi ghee and dry fruits went very well with the parathas :)
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Jaykay - Burrp User


January 23,2011

G Bhagat Tarachand on 22-01-2011

Our Menu was as under:
Special Tarachand thali - 160
Paneer Mutter, Dal Fry, Alu Methi or Channa Masala,Roti dipped in Ghee,Plain rice,Raita,Gulab jamun,Papad,chaas - buttermilk.
The Dal Fry and Chaas are the highlights of G bhagat Tarachand. Both were excellent. I have heard Moong Halwa is also excellent although we did not try the same. There are many Bhagat Tarachand in Zaveri Bazaar starting with initials B, T, K but G Bhagat Tarachand is the oldest. You can identify this with the staircase to the upper A/c rooms starting directly from the entrance/ road of the hotel. The cleanliness and ambience is okay. Food and service is good. The roti was dipped in original Ghee. The Dal was also fried in original Ghee. You can come to know this by the fragrance of the same. The cost of thali is Rs. 160 per person which is cheap.
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mitesh yadav - Burrp User

mitesh yadav

December 08,2010

will the real bhagat tarachand please stand up

I have been to different bhagat tarachand's at zaveri bazaar and have been to goregoan one as well......the one next to jalebiwala at zaveri bazaar is the original bhagat tarachand.....food is rich in ghee not for the faint hearted and soo its obviously tasty ....all vegetarian stuff....very tasty recommended with a bottle of chaas .....and dont forget to finish it off with moong halwa ..its very very delicious......its gotten heavy on the pocket over the years as their quantity is less....you can try any bhagat tarachand at zaveri bazaar they r all good infact better than the original as they r lot cheaper....soo if ur looking for some rich vegetarian food u can head to any of the bhagat tarachand and enjoy
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abhhishekk - Burrp User


October 25,2010

Total VFM

I visit this place once in a month everytime i am satisfied with there quality & service.
For starters papad churi is a must along with the hara bhara kabab.
For the main course you can have and variety of paneer or their regular vegetables.
For the divine feeling have the double dal tadka along with the steam rice with papad churi sprinkled on the top.
Althought they dont have much options in sweets their lassi is decent.
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mtaram - Burrp User


October 02,2010

Bhagat Tarachand Multiple restraunts in proximity

We wanted to have dal bati so we were told to goto this place. The taxi driver dropped us at one of the Tarachands. It was a normal veg restraunt with awesome food. After the lunch we asked about dal bati and were told that it was different restraunt closeby. We were surprised to find 4 Tarachands on the same lane. So be careful which ever u goto. Whatever we had was awesome.
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Nadz  - Burrp User


October 02,2010


Tried it out this Afternoon, It was soo awesome.. Full on Paisa Vasool.. The best Part is, one can select which all curry / dish / sabji etc one wants in his/her Thali : )
There are about 4-5 different Bhagat Tarachand in that area all of them are run by the same family.
I VISITED THE "K" WALA BHAGAT TARACHAND RESTAURANT at Sheikh Memon Street, The one next to Jewel India Ka showroom : )
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anilkalaga - Burrp User


June 08,2010

Bhagat's Restaurant on Mum-Nashik Highway - Grrrrr

Less said the better. That's my comment after I took my wife and son to Bhagat Tarachand restaurant on Mumbai-Nashik Highway (about 50 kms from Mumbai).

The food - we ordered dal fry and the butter that was added was over-burnt and giving a nauseating smell to dal. Karela Pyaaza was good. Missi Rotis were good.

BEWARE: Food Plates were not cleaned properly. We had to rub the oil using the tissue papers. There were strings of hair in the bowls provided for dal. When pointed out, the waiter just casually changed it. No regrets but a "what's there in it" atttitude. The glasses given to us and our neighbouring table had marks of oil and Miranda (the earlier customer probably used that glass for, probably).

The restaurant has introduced an Air-conditioned room and you will find people who are being forcibly "encouraged" to use the A/c facility. You will find that you have paid more but find that A/C is scarce.

OVerall, the experience in terms of food was good, but on hygiene this highway restaurant is a pig's den - lot is desired for those who care for hygiene.
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Pratibha Alexander - Burrp User

Pratibha Alexander

January 26,2010

Highway to Heaven!

Lip-smacking,Delicious,Amazing,Delightful, Fabulous. Okay I'd use all the adjectives to describe the food here. It's definitely vegetarian, but what the heck,it beats the non-veg dishes too. It's soooo sinful,be it the parathas,pulav,paneer anything. I loved every bit of what i ate here. Absolutely everything they offer here is brilliant,so go ahead and choose any of the Bhagat Tarachands,it's gonna be one heck of your dining experience. The service is super quick and attentive too, Absolutely Recommended!
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

December 13,2009

One word - Delicious !

To start with I had heard loads about this place. They had a branch in Goregaon sometime back, but then the management was changed and the food quality took a nose dive.

I would have to add that, there were two other Bhagat Tarachand on either side of this one, but both were close so I assume this is one which is famous for. I am forgetting the letters which are attached to each Bhagat Tarachand though.

I was in the vicinity of the area and being close to starving and lunch time, I decided to visit this much talked about place.

Firstly go for this place for just the food. It has 3 sections, 1 non-ac and 2 small ac ones. The ambiance might even deter you to find some other place. But trust me, try their food. I visited on a Sunday afternoon around 2 and the place was jam packed. We were 3 and were told it will take at-least 30 min to find a table. It took around 45, but we would have gotten a table in the non-ac section earlier, which we didn't wanted to take considering we were standing outside in the sun for 30 mins already.

We started with papad which they served with chutney. Papad was as expected good, even the chutney was very good.

Along side we also ordered 1 Chaas (Buttermilk) Bottle and coming from the heat it was just divine. Many place we get watery butter milk, but here it not very watery and not very thick. Again just the way it should be.

Then came the Paneer Tikka which was fantastic. Very rarely I have eaten such nice Paneer Tikkas. It was just perfect. Paneer was soft and grilled just the right amount.

Main Course we had -

Malai Methi Mutter
Deewane Handi
Butter Naan
Masala Kulcha

Everything was lip-smacking ! It was so fresh, it made we remind of the kind of food you get in road side dhabas. Both the vegetables were extremely well made and delicious.

Naan and Kulcha was crisp but not burnt !

Dal-baati came in huge serving and it was how it should be.

We concluded our meal with a dessert of Dal Sheera(halwa). It was nice, less sweet, but for me a little bit of extra ghee was in there. But actually thats the way Dal Sheera is made. So its more of subjective taste.

The service is super fast and friendly.

Overall the tab came to around rs. 680....definitely expensive for the location and the ambience....but the food is good. So I would leave that to individual choice too.

The only reason I am not giving it 5 star is because of the location(and ambience) and because its too far from my place in Malad. Going here on weekdays only for eating is a very bad idea as this place is right in the heart of Zaveri Bazaar which is packed with millions during weekdays. Even on Sunday, finding a parking nearby will be tough.

I really doubt I will visit this one again, not because its not good, but because going there just for food is a somewhat not practical. I really hope they open another branch in the suburbs !

If you are in Zaveri Bazaar...this place has to be savored !
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saket444 - Burrp User


October 01,2009

Satisfying Experience...

As i had visited alone thought of ordering a thali. TO be honest I was not sure about the stuff looking at the ambience. But once the food was served, it was a mouth watering experience. Till date never had such rotis outside home. Even subzis were good as if they were home made. I ended my lunch with chaas which was awesome.
Service is quick. Only thing which i didnt like was the sitting. But one should not mind it considering the food.
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Suraj Puru - Burrp User

Suraj Puru

June 25,2009


Would like to thank mr karve for the directions...though wouldn't recommend taking the car on a weekday.
The waiting line in the R and G bhagats was long so ended up in the family hall(recommended for cooler atmosphere)Landed up on a sunday afternoon and for the lack of imagination ordered the deluxe thalis. Service in the family hall wassuper efficient and courteous. food as described by many others was perfect!!! chapptis are soft..lassi and curd have thick malai toppings... would recommend a visit with sufficient apettite for hogging!!!Surprising tht the joint has fairly large clientele despite the locality and the price(considering it is a "galli joint")
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


March 29,2009


There are 5 restaurants with the same name in the Zaveri bazaar lane. However, am a disciple of R.Bhagat Tarachand.
The food is a mouth watering delight. Calorie conscious people please skip the Bhagat Tarachand series ;)
Simmering veggies and buttery rotis (they also serve kulchas,naans ,paranthas and chapatis) will turn you in a hog.
The rice and dal fry are too good. The papad churi and aloo fry can go down well as sidekicks. Also, the dal-baati(a traditional rajasthani fare) is relishing. Have one serving and you are done.
The ultimate goal is the Chhaas(buttermilk). You can order a glass for yourself if you are having a meal alone. However, they serve the chhaas to the gorging gangs in beer bottles.
This place is very reasonable and worth every penny.
God...I love India!! Muah!!!
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Abhishek Parikh - Burrp User

Abhishek Parikh

January 25,2009


i was really Curious to visit this place ever since my friend was all in praises about Bhagat tarachand.

Well there are 5 Bhagat Tarachands on the same zavari bazar road, u have to know which one to choose.

we went to the tried one, settled quickly into a not so comfortable table, really curious to eat!

Chaas (butter milk) is served in a beer bottle and its AWESOME!!!

Must Have's : Papad Churi, Paneer Bhurji, Double Tadka Dal

after the meal, we were planning when to get back here!
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ssavkur - Burrp User


November 28,2007

Contemplating turning veggie...

On my wife's superlative feedback, I was tempted enough to brave the chaos of Zaveri Bazaar to come here. Several stops for directions later, we were in Bhagat Tarachand bang in the middle of lunch service. Be prepared to wait for a table - ours lasted about 20 mins. The food here, to put it mildly, is divine! The waiter advised us not to order the thali since the inclusions are fairly standard and instead to order a variety off the menu. We feasted on tomato sev, double tadka dal (superb!), bhindi gobi fry and handkerchief thin chapatis. And oh yes, the crushed papads Chaas is served in beer bottles. Statutory warning: Do not come here if you are on a diet! The food is cooked in desi ghee and there's no "fat-free" variant...thank God.

This place is no-frills, VFM and has great service. The staff were all ever-smiling, polite and very patient with first timers like us. A stuff-your-face-till-you-choke meal for two cost us only 200 bucks. I'm a fairly hardcore non-vegetarian but maybe if there were more restaurants like this, esp in the burbs, I'd consider switching loyalties. Do not skip this place if you are in the Zaveri Bazaar, Crawford Market area or visiting Mumbadevi Temple.
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Ayesha Shaikh - Burrp User

Ayesha Shaikh

February 12,2007

The Best Veg Food Ever!!!!!

Im a die hard chicken lover but like the ocaasional veg as well....We happened to enter this place quite by chance n had not even heard of it but the rumble of r stomachs was unstoppable.

I think it was teh best decision concerning food ever taken by us as this place - although in a very crowded area and very non descript - is an absolute topper.

our palak paneer was just right, the rotis were on par with my mums n the jeera rice was worth having plain.... the icing on the meal???? the yello dal tadka!!!!! plus dont u forget to try that paneer rdx (hehehe it does blow u out of ur mind by its taste) teh chilli corn and the various types of pararthas...

Also dnt forget to order the chaas with ur meal....Value for money would be an absoluet understatement....

Do go there and im sure teh food wont disappoint...
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Vikram Karve - Burrp User

Vikram Karve

October 27,2006

The Best Value For Money Vegetarian Food in Mumbai

If you are ravenously hungry on a busy afternoon in the heart Mumbai, head for Bhagat Tarachand. To get there, walk up Kalbadevi Road from Metro, turn right at the Cotton Exchange, and to your left you will see a series of eateries named Bhagat Tarachand. All are equally good and serve similar food, so you can sample them one by one on your numerous visits and decide which one you like. You can also walk up from Crawford Market, through Zaveri Bazar, past the Gold Exchange and Mumbadevi Temple; or from Bhendi Bazar via Pydhonie down Kalbadevi Road. In case you live in the suburbs, get down at Charni Road station, walk down Thakurdwar Road and turn right at Bhuleshwar and walk past the Cotton Exchange. Don’t try to drive down – you’ll go crazy negotiating your way – and besides a brisk walk on a hot and humid Mumbai afternoon will build up a voracious appetite and rapacious thirst – sine qua non for total enjoyment of a delicious nourishing meal.

The first thing to do is to order a “beer bottle” of chilled chaas (buttermilk) to quench your thirst and soothe your parched throat. On your first visit sample the delectable thali comprising varied vegetable dishes, dal and melt-in-the-mouth chappaties. Once you are hooked on, on subsequent visits you can experiment with the variety of rotis and vegetarian delights in Bhagat Tarachand’s culinary repertoire. Each and every dish – the dal fry, paneer bhurji, methi malai mutter, bhindi, even baingan – is superb. Both tastewise and pricewise, Bhagat Tarachand is unmatched – it’s the best value for money vegetarian food in Mumbai.

Once you have relished your hearty meal, leisurely stroll down (digestive walk) past the Cotton Exchange and Panjrapole towards Bhuleshwar, turn right on VP Road towards CP Tank and soon you will reach Bhaishankar Gaurishankar which serves the most delicious lip-smacking rasgullas in Mumbai. As the luscious heavenly syrupy delight melts in your mouth you will experience such a fantastic blissful ecstasy that words cannot describe. A perfect ending to a perfect meal!
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