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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 29,2015

Good Italian serve

Botticino will wow you with very good Italian food in Mumbai. Located within the Trident at BKC, it is fairly easy to reach. Loved the quail and the feta cheese roulade among the starters,We had wild mushroom Ravioli and it tasted just wow. Lasagne was good too. Tirimsu was the best one ever. I would eat here again. Must be one of the best italian restaurants in Mumbai
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Nash - Burrp User


January 14,2015

Nice Experience

Food that I ordered was delicious. I had ordered a Stringoli with pork sausage ragout. The sausages just melted in your mouth and the pasta was well cooked. The other dishes ordered were a sedani chicken and a wild mushroom agnoliti. The chicken dish was ok as the mint sauce was pretty over powering. The mushroom dish was again good and looked different from the standard fare one gets. Plates are extra-large and extra heavy with a small central portion in between. Now it's become the format in most high end restaurants. Ambience is nice and service was excellent even though there were a mix up with the menus as they had the old ones also still around.
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magicmoments - Burrp User


April 15,2014

Fantastic Dinner

We'd been there for dinner on the 14th of April 2014 and it was close to a flawless experience. The service was impeccable, pretty much close to the best I've seen in Mumbai, surpassing even the service at Oberoi which has normally set the bar for me. And the place looked quite full so kudos to the staff.

The food was excellent (quite a large vegetarian option so no trouble there) starting with the pan seared goat cheese with fig compote (a total highlight) to the tomato rigatoni and the goat cheese ravioli, both proving to be quite flavourful. We didn't get a chance to try any of the wines but I do plan on visiting again for that very reason. The Fruit punch recommended by the bartender however was quite nice.

The only suggestion I'd make is to maybe have a few more options for eggless desserts. However, even taking that into consideration, I'd still rate this as one of the finest restaurants for Italian food I've tried!

As far as the ambience, it pretty much conforms to most of the modern 5 Star Hotels so its really quite nice although it'd be a stretch to consider it romantic or so. If you come here for the food, it's well worth the visit.

Keep up the good work!
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Dibeyendu - Burrp User


December 05,2013

Okay food, nice ambience

Had dinner here on a Friday and the place was quite empty (so the service was superb). I ordered a Carpaccio appetiser, which was just about okay. I've had better. Went for Braised Pork as entrée and that was quite good, though the portion seemed rather small (maybe it was because of the huge plates they use!). The best was the dessert.. Ordered a Creme Brulee and it was one of the best I've had. But the best thing about this restaurant is its ambience. It's in an open area (no doors) on the first floor of the hotel and it feels really spacious, something rare in Mumbai. The place is well lit and the tables are widely spaced out so you can have a peaceful conversation over your meal.
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Biswajit Dey - Burrp User

Biswajit Dey

November 27,2013

Delicious Italian Cuisine

I've dined at Botticino a couple of times last year and enjoyed every moment of being there. From their parma tortellini to their famous red snapper to their petto di pollo alla griglia - every dish was so mouth-watering that I don't quite remember what I had for desserts (tiramisu and ice cream, I think). They have an excellent collection of grappa but since I don't drink alcohol, I didn't try it out. They gave me a tour of the restaurant - the décor is pleasing and it's a quiet place for dining, though expensive.
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Prakhar  - Burrp User


July 30,2013

one of the mumbai's finest in italian

strategically located in BKC, Botticino is getting noticed by one and many.. food is great. especially the lamb rack with roasted potatoes. i order it every time i get to eat there. my other favorites include caprese salad, thincrust pizzas, antipastos, and soups... they have peroni beer and a huge wine cellar, but thats not the best thing.. the best thing is the Chef.. if you leave your plate partially finished, the chef comes from kitchen and asks if it wasnt OK, and if u say that it wasn't, he quickly cooks a small portion of whatever you fancy.. thats how you win the customers...
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behroz1975 - Burrp User


October 17,2012

One Word: Disgusted

We visited Botticini yesterday to celebrate my hubbys 40th loandmark bday and it was the worst decision ever! The service levels are remarkably low; we waited almost 40 minutes to get our main course.. no recommendations on what else the chef can do in seafood etc; the menu is quite lousy in terms of many options esp in soups and appetisiers! To top it all the chkn clear soup as described to me by their staff didnt match with what came on the table!! My whole family was quite dissapointed with this whoel experience and to top it all : we had requested for a small bday cake if possible to get one.. and yes they got it right after we paid our bill and we almost geting ready to leave .. Moral of the story: think twice before you go to Botticin..
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,

Thank you for taking the time to post your review regarding your dining experience at our Italian specialty restaurant- Botticino.

I am sorry to hear about your experience and apologise for the inconvenience caused and the delay in reponse.

I would like to invite you and your family back to Botticino for a meal and allow us to redeem ourselves in this regard. This is quite contrary to our service philosophy and I shall meet you in person on your next visit.

Please call me on +91 9930455730 and let me know as to when would you be able to join us.

Warm Regards,
Anand Chatterjee

Bimal Shah - Burrp User

Bimal Shah

June 29,2012

Nothing new

Other than the 20 or so minutes the waiter took to get our check, it was a good experience. But there is nothing new on the menu that would make this restaurant stand out among all the other options especially in the Bandra-Khar area. Definitely not recommended unless you are desperate to have Italian in the BKC area.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Shahbimal,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about your experience at Botticino at Trident, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai.

We are extremely concerned about your feedback with regards to your disappointment with the variety of dishes.

We are in the process of revising the menu and are sure you will enjoy the all the dishes.

My chef and I would like to invite you once again, so that we have an oppurtunity to show case our food and service at its best.

Please feel free to contact me for any further assistance.

Thank you,

Kainaz Daver
Communications Manager
91 9930455793

mickeysachar - Burrp User


March 20,2012

Fantastic experience.

I visited this restaurant yesterday evening as part of the restaurant week. The food was simply amazing. Everything from the starters to the main course to the dessert was just too good. Service and ambience were both top class. Simply put at the restaurant week prices this is a fantastic deal. Bookings can be made on www.restaurantweekindia.com it is on till the coming sunday.
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Ruchi Mehra - Burrp User

Ruchi Mehra

December 15,2011


A beautiful restaurant, delicious food and amazing desert! We were asked if we were celebrating anything special when we made a reservation and boy were we happy with the delic chocolate mousse cake! It was too big for the two of us so they packed it up for us.
Service is good as well! A winner!
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Anuj Gupta - Burrp User

Anuj Gupta

November 21,2011


Not bad for once in a while drinks and dinner if you are tired from a stressful week.. !! quiet yet energetic ..
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srt10 - Burrp User


February 15,2011

Pleasantly surprised :)

I was here on my birthday this year..and was pleasantly surprised with how peaceful the place is. the menu is well priced & food is tasty. Not bad!! :)
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somerset - Burrp User


November 20,2010

Very dissapointed

After reading all the good reviews on this site, decided to check out the resturant, but the result was dissapointing. The only part that we agree with is staff, they were very well trained.
First of all, its too bright in the restaurant, I expected it to be more secluded. It reminded me of cafe, althought the posh one. Second, we thought the menu didn't portait an authentic italian...no osso buco, no saltimbocca, no anti pasta plates... And when we ordered, the food that came out, was the biggest dissapointment. We both had goose liver for the starter and it was undercooked. For the main course I had risotto. Couldn't even finish it, as the rice was sooo undercooked,so it didn't have that creamy taste( and the look) about it. My husband had seafood plater - tomato sauce it came with, overpowered the seafood. Because of all the above, decided to skip on dessert. But the chef, that came out to find out about my main, kindly sent us ice cream.
So, all in all decided that won't go back there
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bhavinb - Burrp User


September 24,2010

Saved the day

It was my birthday and I got stuck for 2 hours in horrendous traffic :( so it was quite late by the time I reached Trident with a damp mood.

Right from the valet who greeted us with a Namaste to the Restaurant Manager who conjured up a surprise cake when she discovered it was my birthday, every member of the staff in this place was absolutely passionate about customer satisfaction. The dinner at Botticino not only salvaged the night but also made it a memorable experience.

I don't believe I have experienced such delightful service EVER in India. The staff was enthusiastic yet not in your face and they were very candid with recommendations.

Our expectations were quite lifted (so was my mood) by the time our food arrived. And it did not disappoint! It was genuine Italian fare with right sized portions. The flavour of the Goats cheese was to die for and the presentation was very artistic as well.

The ambience in this place is great if you are looking to have a quiet private evening with that someone special - it is not noisy and tables are spaced out as you would expect in a restaurant of this class.

All in all, a great place - I am going back soon!
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Yaacov David - Burrp User

Yaacov David

April 14,2010

Amazing Italian Dining

The Ambience of this place is really nice and has a warm comforting feel; the table we were at was in a nice spacious corner. We went through the very authentic menu and after discussing a few items on the menu with the well informed and pleasant people waiting our tables ordered Grilled Veggies with Parmesan crisps. For drinks we ordered a lemon caprioska and a ginger ale, which were good. The ale was really nice just sweet enough, to let the flavors of ginger get noticed. The main course was a chicken stew and risotto. At this point I cannot go on without having mentioned the service that we were receiving was impeccable; the chef at Botticino needs to be given credit for the well prepared dishes. We ended our dinner with a warm chocolate pudding. This restaurant at the Trident is worth visiting for dinner; don’t stuff yourself too much with the contents of the bread basket even though the bread with caramelized onions is awesome. Townies anytime in the burbs should consider this place for the experience of authentic Italian food, great service and the ambience.
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mm1234 - Burrp User


April 11,2010

awesome italian though no pizza...should try

we are pure veg but SHIRIN - didnt made us feel that there are less option in veg...we had soup - which was amazing and my 4 yr daughter finished it...followed by pasta - which she recommended and also one authentic italian dish suggested by her. she was amazing....my daughter who is a pizza lover, first time enjoyed authentic italian food....though she had meal from home. highly recommended - specially desserts - go for tiramisu and in house dessert speicality - mousse or ask SHIRIN
also, the breads are awesome....never had such bread
though expensive, but recommended
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shalina123 - Burrp User


February 14,2010


The restaurant is absolutely fantastic , great food and fabulous service.A must try for all those who believe in fine food and better wine.
The service is warm and friendly and not just that, the staff is extremely well trained and know their stuff. A must try...
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KR  - Burrp User


February 13,2010

Still a long way to go

New hotel, new restaurant. Vetro is miles ahead of this one.

There were five of us - we decided to order three starters - one in prawns, one ham based and then the regular bruschetta. Note that the bruschetta is not on the menu, but you can ask for it.

This is where we ran into disappointment - it took about 45 minutes with repeated reminders to get the starters. The ham based one was good to taste, but the other two were no great shakes. In fact, the bruschetta was bad - the bread seemed ordinary, and the tomatoes were tasteless - I think Trats' bruschetta is way up there.

In the meanwhile, the drinks order consisted of white wine, beer, and single malts. The wine list is so-so, and they did not have stock of some single malts though it was on the menu. Tut-tut Trident - definitely not done.

For the main course, I decided to order a Risotto - which was very good. However, all of us observed that irrespective of the dish ordered, the quantity is pretty small - and since it is set in very large dishes, they appear even more inadequate.

Vetro used to also serve us an amouse-bouche, but it was missing here. Not sure if the restaurant forgot about this important point, or is it that the chef does not have the requisite skills.

Overall, I think while the main dishes are delicious, the quantity is inadequate. What really sucks is the very poor service.

The bill of Rs. 16,000 for five of us is slightly on the higher side - 3 starters/ appetizers, 5 main course dishes, 3 glasses of wine, 2 beers (pints), and 5 pegs of single malts.

I would have expected Oberoi/ Trident to dish out a much better dining experience.

Another shocker - the power went out for a couple of minutes in the entire hotel.
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