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January 31,2015

Best Rasam..!!

the typical south indian food,the typical small eatery of matunga with all the typical dishes of various dosas(ulundu is great),idlis,uttappas,rice etc.the best rasam vada i have tasted so far,a must for a healthy meal,value for food,tho the place is small and crowded.
The filter coffee is really very strong and flavourful.
- Easy on the Pocket
- Huge on Taste ( Authentic)
- Quick Service.

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Karthik Ragotham - Burrp User

Karthik Ragotham

June 01,2014

Great food, terrible service

I have been going to Cafe Mysore for over a year now. Here is my unbiased view of the place.

The food tastes great. All those who are looking for authentic Kannada food, don't look any where else. For me, the south Indian thali they provide during lunch is the best. I like this place because the food they cook here tastes exactly like it does in Bangalore/ Mysore. I know because I was born and bought up in Bangalore and have spent over 20 years there before moving to Mumbai. The taste of the food brings back fond memories.

The downside is that the service is at best average. The guy who greets you at the entrance to put you in a queue basically yells at you. One time, I asked if there was a table in the AC section, he just blurted "No, no AC"!!. Judging by his reaction, I thought the AC section was closed. Later I saw people sitting inside the AC, so when I prompted him again, he said its full and it will take 25 to 30 mins (still yelling). Ironically, we got the table in the next 2 mins.

He was basically discouraging people from going to the AC section so that he could reduce the queue. For a hotel with this legacy, to be lacking in basic customer etiquette, was highly disappointing to say the least.

They are also terribly understaffed, and the waiters again lack basic etiquette. They even grimace when you ask for an extra item post billing.

So you never really feel welcomed there and you would be lucky if you had a good experience at the hotel. I have now slowly started avoiding the place by substituting it with the next door Madras Cafe who are far more customer friendly, despite the large crowds.

But I still recommend you try the place once and I hope your service experience betters mine.
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Vampire45 - Burrp User


April 23,2014

South Indian Food

Matunga actually is a congregation of many such simple restaurants which serve out-of-the-world South Indian cuisine. Cafe Mysore happens to be one to fit the above requirement of greatness, established by the family of the pioneer of Udipi restaurants in Mumbai, A Rama Nayak.

Seating arrangement in 2 levels, A/c [upper level] and Non A/c. I prefer to sit at the lower level on the old world table-bench sitting. On your left there a few hand painted sign boards, on your right hand side are some print outs pasted on the mirror giving out some information of the speciality of this restaurant. On the bottom of the menu card, printed in bold, it says that the owner of the restaurant also eats here. Dilkhus Dosa happens to be his favourite.
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 17,2014

Great Food

There is no greatness where there is no simplicity thus spake Leo Tolstoy.

Matunga actually is a congregation of many such simple restaurants which serve out-of-the-world South Indian cuisine. Cafe Mysore happens to be one to fit the above requirement of greatness, established by the family of the pioneer of Udipi restaurants in Mumbai, A Rama Nayak.

Seating arrangement in 2 levels, A/c [upper level] and Non A/c. I prefer to sit at the lower level on the old world table-bench sitting. On your left there a few hand painted sign boards, on your right hand side are some print outs pasted on the mirror giving out some information of the speciality of this restaurant. On the bottom of the menu card, printed in bold, it says that the owner of the restaurant also eats here. Dilkhus Dosa happens to be his favourite.

Well, coming down to basics, my list of favourite items is pretty long starting from Upma, Podi Idli, Bisibele Bhath, Dosa's and please don't forget to have the Pineapple Sheera, its mind blowing.

Come here for simple, non-greasy South Indian food, eat to your heart's content and enjoy the spread!
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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

November 20,2013

Always special

Once waiting for a lifetime at cafe madras, i decided to have my breakfast here. Its a hidden gem located just opposite to madras cafe. It also has a A/c section located above We had steam idli, dosa, sheera and jackfruit leaf idli. All were yummy and superb. The sambar and chutney provided were yum! The sheera was the show stopper!The service was good too. The people sitting around were enjoying the meal at their best The Best of the lot was its filter coffee! I recommend this place for all those who waste hours waiting outside cafe madras. Just come here and you wont be disappointed for sure!
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m1hirk - Burrp User


September 03,2013

Go here only if you want AC

This is a place near King Circle and is famous for the authentic South Indian that it serves. The Utappam that we tasted was bland and the Idlis were not as good as those found in other nearby restaurants. Rawa Dosa was delicious and so were the chutney and sambhar that accompanied it. Filter coffee was also delectable and they claim that it is the best filter coffee in India. In spite of all this, I have to say that the service is lousy and I would prefer some other nearby South Indian restaurant if this place didn't have an air conditioned section.
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Naina Shah - Burrp User

Naina Shah

August 14,2013

Oldest restaurent

The oldest south indian restaurent in mumbai. Its patrons are very famous from all over mumbai . It offers good variety of dosa . sambhar is average .
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Pathik Shah - Burrp User

Pathik Shah

August 14,2013

Oldest restaurant in mumbai

the authentic south Indian delicacy for all dosa lovers. this place is very famous for its guests lke sunil gavaskar sachin tendulkar mukesh ambani. my favorite and most liked by all is their red chutney in he mysore sada dosa. must try when you visit
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Mayank Kedia - Burrp User

Mayank Kedia

August 05,2013

Not the place for Rice

Went there yesterday for lunch. We had Curd rice, Bisi bele bath and something they called tomato rice. Major disappointment. They shouldn't be calling themselves a south indian restaurant. The tomato rice was pulav. Bisi bele bath was weak. Curd rice had cucumber in it (wasn't half bad though). To add insult to injury, they didn't even have plain rice and rasam or sambar. Sad.
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doublehelix - Burrp User


March 10,2013

Good stuff. Terrific filter coffee

Went to Cafe Mysore for a late lunch @3pm. If you're a stranger to South Indian places, you need to know that it's major downtime. The good part is you get a good seat, but the bad part is that you may not get your idlis piping hot outta the steamer.

Service: 4/5 (quick, efficient)
Ambience: NA (you don't go to this place for the ambience!)
Food (Taste): 4/5
Portion size: 3/5
Plating: NA (the food is in a plate; that's about it!)
VFM: 4.5/5

Note -- Their portions are pretty small. The only reason I could put down all the food (alone!) mentioned below. At Shobha (Mahim) I'm done after one dosa.

Ordered based on recommendations from local 'experts'.

- Tomato upma -- Light. Fluffy. Has tomatoes (hence the name...). Ordinary.
- Mysore Masala dosa -- Much, much smaller than the dosa I am used to eating at Shobha. It's smaller, lighter, crisper, and has a lighter rub of the red chutney as compared to the massive smear at Shobha (Shobha uses a green chutney for its Mysore Masala and has a massive portion of coconut bhaji). The CM dosa is tasty. Goes well with the sambar as well as with the super-tasty coconut chutney. You can smell the butter but they don't do you to death with it.
Idli wada - Average (maybe it was the strange timing I'd gone there at).
Washed down with some of the best filter coffee I've had in some time now. The chicory is so distinctive. I did the unthinkable by ordering the coffee in a mug (rather than in a dabarah), but it works just fine. So much easier. Coffee was the highlight. I'll take this coffee over CCD or Barista any single day.

Something to note - The coconut chutney is VERY good and the sambar is so much lighter and not as 'masaledar' as at some of the other places NOT in the Matunga/King Circle area.

Total damage - Rs 150 (including a reasonable tip). Excellent VFM.
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Kiranthefoodie - Burrp User


December 17,2012

My favorite place for South Indian.

I am a Khalsaite and go to this amazing South Indian café atleast once a week. And truth be told, I've never ever eaten only one dosa here. The Mysore Masala dosa is to die for. And at the end of the meal, the pineapple sheera and filter coffee is a must!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Kiranthefoodie,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing you once again in your most favorite South Indian joint!

Chetan Thaker - Burrp User

Chetan Thaker

November 24,2012

great place for south Indian food

the rasam wadas are just mouth watering and the ghee Mysore masala dosas are to diie for. finish your meal with a cup of hot filter coffse and you will walk out a happy man
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you Ceetee!

whistling ;)

coolreviewer - Burrp User


November 24,2012

Not legendary anymore

This iconic resto at Kings Circle has been around forever, and personally been here for more than 2 decades. The humble idli, south indian delicacies & the coffee were the top draw and so were the imarti's and sweet sata's. The quick, no nonsense service remains as ever but whats changed, is the food and it is evident. The Neer Dosa was crispy when it actually should be soft and steaming. The modest thali has also turned mediocre with a lot of Maharashtrian flavors intruding the humble South style tiffin. This is not what it used to be at least many years ago! Definitely not the place to have a south style thali any more. The dal & sweets were especially way below par.
However, for the aam aadmi, this is still a good place to have a quick bite and then set off, because the prices haven't increased by that much. Which is why the restaurant is also still in the same decor it used to be for all these years. It never was a place where you would spend a lot of time!
Overall, if they get back to their great taste, nothing like it. The service is good and they need to spruce up their interiors now. I'll give 1 for the ambience, 1 for the service and last bit for the VFM factor. Food, sadly gets a thumbs down this time.

I,so wish this still was the Cafe Mysore of yesteryears :(
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Reply from restaurant management

Most welcome! Please do give it a thought and up your food quality.

Aditya Chv - Burrp User

Aditya Chv

November 09,2012

VFM Udipi restaurant

Located in Kings Circle, you cannot miss this place.

The Kothu Idli served in steamed jackfruit leaves is a specialty here and it is very tasty. The sambhar is mouth watering and many different types of Dosas are available here. The Bisibela bath is authentic and tasty, the Upma is very good and the idlis are brilliant. The medu wada sambhar combination is a must have here. Plate meals is also served here, so there are plenty of options to satisfy yur hunger on the menu.

There is an AC section as well on the top. Apparently this is Mukesh Ambani's favorite restaurant. They mention it on the menu cards as well here !

The only problem I have with the restaurant is the cleanliness. I wouldn't have a problem if they increased the rates a bit and used better plates spoons and tables here. Hence 4/5 and not a 5/5.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Chvaditya, I thank you at the onset for visiting Cafe Mysore. We do serve good food at quality prices. You raised an issue of hygene. I would like to clarify that we use steam cooking in all our processes. We also use steam water to wash all utensils. We use only glass and stainless steel as only these two materials are suitable for hot water washing. Please note that we use a 3 step washing process of all utensils where one is a rinse, the second is a detergent wash in steam water and the third is a wash in plain steam water. It is a manual, labour intensive process which often scalds the hands of our cleaners due to the heat but is far superior to any dishwasher so far. At the sametime we will look into the matter of the condition of utensils and will replace the older ones. I thank you for your feedback.

Suprita  - Burrp User


September 04,2012

Delectable Coffee

Our visits to Cafe Mysore all the way from Vile Parle to Matunga are specially to have their most aromatic and delectable coffee. This place hasnt changed much since many years and I remember coming here since my childhood.

The ambiance and service both are like typical udupi restaurants. No-nonsense and quick. Though areawise this place is pretty big, crowds of people always manage to fill it all the time. Sometimes you may have to share your table with another guest which is the part I don't like.

However, what I do like is the coffee as I mentioned and also the food. Love their Idli Sambar, Plain Dosa, Medu Vada, etc. Anything you order is served piping hot which is the best part!

My family loves the other stuff from here too. They sell their khara boondi and chakli at the counter as well as their signature filter coffee powder which we buy quite regularly.

The good thinghs is that even after so many years and immense popularity, their prices are not too much. Any common man can afford coming here for some good old South Indian food.

Food:- 5/5
Service:- 4/5
Pricing: 5/5
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Anjum  - Burrp User


September 03,2012

A tasty change

After all the time spent in Shiv Sagar in Bandra and High Point in Lokhandwala, Cafe Mysore was a brilliant change. Yummy rava dosa, medu vada's and sambhar made the trip to Matunga from Andheri and cafe hunting in the afternoon sun worthwhile.
Quick service, good food and a affordable despite a low pocket money.
If you have no issues eating in a non-AC, slightly old place, it's a must visit. At least once, just so you know your options.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Dhirajng,
Sorry about not replying sooner. We're really sorry about what happened. We don't condone this behaviour. The individual waiter's action was unacceptable and unrepresentative of the values Cafe Mysore stands for. We have since taken necessary action. I sincerely hope we can make it up to you. Please contact me at cafe_mysore@hotmail.com.I will do what is needed to have your patronage again.

Dhiraj Gujaran - Burrp User

Dhiraj Gujaran

June 02,2012

Awful experience

I have been a regular here for the last fifteen years or so. I always make it a point to at least go to this place 2-3 times in month. I love their sambhars, chutneys & rasams which has a consistent taste over all these years. However today 2nd June, i had the most unpleasant experiences, which i will never forget the rest of my life. I was here with my wife and mom around 5.30 to 6.00 pm. I ordered 2 plates idli vada, a plain utappa, 1 coffee, a kesar lime juice, and a glass of rasam. The waiter brought all the items except the utappa, which he took almost 15 mintutes to bring. No problem. I am a patient man, can wait. So after a wait of 15 mins finally comes the plain utappa, and the waiter also tells me that the "Onion Utappa" (which we did'nt order) will also arrive in a few minutes. We told him that we never ordered an onion utappa, to which the waiter blurted that you indeed did order, but i dont mind cancelling the order. So he goes back to the kitchen and loudly blurts so that that all can hear "Onion utappa cancel, paisa nahin hai deneko". This really pissed us off and my wife confronted the waiter in front of all the public as to what he said. He cheekily tried to avoid us subsequently and did not maintain eye contact with us. My wife and mom were no mood to eat the food and we asked that waiter to give me the bill. I paid at the counter Rs 176/- and advised the cashier to pull up that waiter. At the time of exit, the waiter did discreetly try to apologise to me, but what was the use now, damage was already done.
After all these years of great eating at this small hotel, this was the least thing that i had expected, that is me and my family getting insulted in front of the public. I am well off and have enough money to buy this hotel, so such a lousy, pathetic comment of "paisa nahin hai" has really made me and my family angry.
I do have a lot of friends, relatives, who frequent this place. I have already adviced them to avoid this place.
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gan_139 - Burrp User


April 07,2012

Hygiene Issue

Decided to try Mysore Cafe on account of Saturday rush at all the places at Matunga Circle today. Seeing that it was Burrp certified I felt assured of the quality and promptly ordered a Sada Dosa, Aloo Puri and Filter Coffee. Halfway through the Dosa I was surprised to find a BIG STRAND OF HAIR that had been cooked into the Dosa (was completely entwined into it). The waiter acted as if it was a small thing and offered to bring me another Dosa. I decided it was best to leave and asked for the bill. The waiter promptly produced the bill for the "Hair Contaminated" Dosa and the person at the cash counter also didn't care and pocketed the money. Such LACK of HYGIENE and INSENSITIVITY only speaks for the poor standards of the place. People it is best to give this places a miss.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi, The hair strand in the dosa is deeply regretted. Could you send us a copy of the bill (if you have it) to cafe_mysore@hotmail.com? We will conclude this matter to your satisfaction.

nakul.heble - Burrp User


March 04,2012

Definitely not a 4

I don't have a lot of words to describe this place. Being someone from the south (Bangalore) who has just started discovering the "best" joints in mumbai, the place doesn't make it to the top spot for me only because:
a) There's ramashraya.
b) There's the South of India.

On a more serious note, without using the "South of India" yardstick, and also not taking anything away from Cafe Mysore; it is a decent joint. I believe I have had a good vada or two and two three decent dosa variations here. The sheera was not upto the mark compared to the chikoo sheera that Ramashraya serves.

the only thing going on for it is the "Khotto". An idly cooked in a cup made out of the leaves of a jackfruit tree. The flavours reminded me of home. Thank you. :)
The sambar is the best I have tasted in Mumbai, yet. Thanks for that too.

On the other hand, the Bisibelebhaat was nowhere close to the real deal. I expected to see a good thick porridge-like dish with lots of vegetables, including the small onions that you obviously know of. But it was not so. Instead, and I believe its been repeated in the reviews before this, its watery. Mr. Nayak, please look into this matter, the quality of the rice is also not upto the mark.

Overall, its a nice place to treat your tongue.
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Vithlani - Burrp User


March 03,2012

A touch of honesty

Lets cut to the chase, I love Mysore Cafe! No matter how many times I have been here, the food has always remained consistent, tasty and reasonable. And it is a pleasure to eat at an establishment that isn't self absorbed and without pretence. The Rasam Wada, Mysore masala Dosa and Filter Coffee are my eternal favorites. The Kesar Nimbu pani is also awesome, since it is made fresh. After the meal you can purchase a nice Beeda(south Indian pan) for Rs 3/-. No matter how rushed, the waiters will always be polite and ensure the food reaches your table in a reasonable amount of time. And since I trawl the city for its eateries and have been to the swishy ones AND the not so swishy ones,somehow my heart lies in such establishments that do not promise you heaven and earth on paper and then have your expectations crash faster than a meteor when the food lands on your table. It's sister establishment Udipi which happens to be next door is also excellent (Try the fresh Tomato soup). May your prosper Mysore Cafe and Udipi, without a doubt I'll be back.
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

February 27,2012

Poor cousin of Cafe Madras ...

Will try to be fair as we are hard core Cafe Madras lovers. Landed up late there and booking was closed so we ended up here. The AC sitting area was full so we decided to sit in the non AC part as it was very late.

What hit us first was the speed at which the staff cater to customers ... we gave the order and except the dosa, everything was in our table within 2 mins flat... A positive compared to 'some' waiting time at the opposite joint. Sadly the food was nowhere comparable ... the Mysore Masala dosa was too crisp and slightly burnt, bordering on bitterness in taste. the batter used was different type. The sambar was very bland, like dal and nothing like it should be.

The only thing I loved was the Medhu Vada and coconut chutney - which was one of the best I have ever had. Idlis also ... but can you screw an idli ???

The problem with them giving all item at once is that it ends up getting cold so please tell them NOT to serve everything together. Also, catching a staff for extra sambar and tissue paper is a huge challenge... except the guy who serves you, the other staff doesn't even bother to listen !! Overall not a good experience, purely from the perspective of food. Its a sad alternative to the most popular Cafe Madras (if you eat here, you will know the difference)... try this if all other places are full. Just avoid Udipi joint next door whree the staff is rude and arrogant.
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anjie27 - Burrp User


February 26,2012

Great idli, delicious chutney and tasty sambhar

As a true blue South Indian, I crave for sambhar that's got the right level of tanginess without any unpleasant and excessive sweetness, chutney that's got the right amount of coconut and is not too watery or spicy and, most importantly, idlis that are made of freshly fermented batter with just the right 'proportions' of dal and rice and are moist and soft-but-firm ( like a baby's bottom:). On all three fronts, Cafe Mysore did not disappoint. I could've easily been eating the idli, sambhar chtuney at home.

Now for the bite of reality. Any true South Indian will tell you that 'hotel' dosas and home dosas are two different species that cannot be compared. Hence, it is pointless to begin with the question - 'Are their dosas as good as the ones you get at home?' . The not-so-short answer - ;They can never be because they belong to a different category of cuisine called 'Hotel food'. Here, 'hotel' stands for any place where you get dosas on payment of cash. Having said that, how do their dosas compare with other 'hotels'? We tried the Mysore Masala Dosa and experimented with the 'Dil Khush Dosa' and my sincere advice is - don't experiment. The Mysore Masala Dosa was roasted in generous amounts of ghee/butter and has the right amount of potato filling - you won't be dipping the crispy bits into sabhar wishing there was more potato. Combined with the excellent sambhar and chutney, the package makes for a very tasty experience. I have to say, I missed having more onions in the actual potato filling but that's a purely personal preference. The Dil Khush Dosa, on the other hand, turned out to be a major disaster. It is an over-stuffed dosa quesadilla. Given the large chunks of tomato in the mix, it could have also some kind of pure veg tomato omelette. It doesn't qualify as Indian, Mexican or Chinese because it's just a sad combination of (too many) ingredients thrown together to create a 'fusion' that creates unhappiness all around. Worse, with all the butter and cheese that goes into creating this 'item number', you're at risk of ' Pet Dard'. They should just Shift-Del this entry.

Now for the sweet dish. I was clear on the need to round off my meal with filter kaapi. Turns out they have this version called 'King Coffee' that's very nice and sweet enough for you to avoid ordering a sweet dish altogether. I was disappointed that my 'King Coffee' did not come in a stainless steel tumbler and 'davara' but I think that happened because I didn't ask for it. So, if you want to cool your coffee yourself and like it with all the froth on top, I suggest you ask for it to be served in a steel tumbler. No complaints on taste though. Makes a wonderful and, in my case, absolute necessary accompaniment to a South Indian breakfast/brunch.
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Shilpa S - Burrp User

Shilpa S

February 09,2012

Been here, done that!! Ho Hum....

So for the start, I've heard a lot about this place and decided to try it out as a breakfast option on 04-02-2012.
Me and my hubby made way to the restaraunt around 8'o clock in the morning. We ordered for Idli+Wada sambhar, Rava Masala Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Shiraa and coffees (except coffees one of each.)So Let's start with the food-
Idli+Wada sambhar: Idli was amazingly good, soft and warm. Wada was also fine, not too spicy or oily. Wish the same could be said about the Sambhar, which was all watary / lacking thickness of a daal & veggie broth.
Rava Masala Dosa: Good in texture and looks, but that's about it. The dosa was good, a bit salty to my taste but the real disappointment was the filling. The potato subzi was not properly done - potatos were unevenly cut and too few uncooked pieces!!The chuttney was the only saving grace because the Sambhar was the same (with the idlis)
Mysore Masala Dosa: Ditto like Rava Masala Dosa, except being a bit spicy. Which according to my hubby made it edible enough, despite the raw potato slices.
Shiraa: It's being my hubby's fav, we had to have it. Well, the texture and taste was optimum. Balanced sweet with sour pinapple pieces and yes, cashews - good to eat it piping hot.
Coffees: Good as usual, taking us back to Chennai.
All in all, worth a try for Idlis, Shiraa and coffees...
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Spreading Joy - Burrp User

Spreading Joy

January 08,2012

Average food, Bad service

No i am not schizophrenic to change my opinion of my place so fast. So you see below my review based on a particular day and this current one is based on my last experience on Jan 1 there.

Average food. Sambhar served cold - when I told the waiter that its cold and to please bring it hot - he says - sorry this is what you will have to have - I cannot get it hot. Had to get the manager to intervene to get some lukewarm sambar !

Most of the food , including the idlis served today were lukewarm.
Bisi Bele was rice with excess water in it !!

Service was TERRIBLE and RUDE.

It is the fastest I have ever changed my opinion about any place !!
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Spreading Joy - Burrp User

Spreading Joy

October 16,2011

Superb - my vote for best south indian in matunga

Tried many matunga south indian places and my vote for the best one goes to this,

Superb Neer Dosa, Kotto Idli, Mysore dosa, Garlic chutney , Coffee !! Everything Superb !!

Very friendly service. And though not very cheap compared to other udipi joints, well worth it !!
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Chirag Kenia - Burrp User

Chirag Kenia

September 27,2011


Service: Super-fast, super polite and nice. Expect long wait on week-ends, but max 10 mins.

Food: I don't know where to start and where to end - but in a word: INCREDIBLE.

Must Try: Dilkhush Dosa (lives upto it's name, Rasam (wow!), Neer Dosa (melts in mouth), Mysore Masala Dosa (yum!) and Pineapple Sheera. Btw. the Coffee here ROCKS and it's perfect end to a lovely, fully, gratifying meal.

All in all, a winner. The place exists for 70+ years for a reason!!
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mohaizmay - Burrp User


August 28,2011

mysore in mumbai

the sambar is amazing here , the garlic chutney is amazing its something that draws me back all the time to this place , the rasam is the best rasam i had in mumbai and they have a different variety of idli called kotto which was intresting it came warped in jack fruit leaves , service is quick and its prety reasonable too they even have a ac section .
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Sharon D'Costa - Burrp User

Sharon D'Costa

June 10,2011

Great food, good service

I am a regular here. I think the food is really good, especially the wada sambar and the masala dosa. The service is good too.
The place does get a bit crowded, especially on weekends, and you have to wait for a while to get a seat.
But overall, great South Indian food, decently priced, clean place, good service.
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Bharath M - Burrp User

Bharath M

June 10,2011

Good food - all times!

First of all let me say - I am from Bangalore (South Indian, if you please). So every time I come across a South Indian restaurant, I have to try. Cafe Mysore is my regular eating place and I have always had very good food experience.

Usually the place is crowded, but when a group of hungry guys want to eat, they do adjust and squeeze in with the other customers (the tables accomodate 6 people). Their masala dosas and the rava dosa are excellent, with the right amount of crunchiness. The Idlis are soft and melt-y. The lunch thali requires some improvements though. After hogging idli, dosa, bisibelebath, I end it with pineapple sheera. Swaahaa..and a good burrp!
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

March 28,2011

No big deal..plain hype at work!

Since I was passing by this area, since it was close to dinner time, since I had visited Cafe Madras before...I thought of trying Cafe Mysore or Udipi House!

Since both had equal waiting time of around 20 mins, I decided to try Cafe Mysore.

A person was standing outside...whoever was trying to inside, he was trying to stop them...which I felt was rude. Even those who wanted to buy say chips or parcel, he was standing there like a brainless lump of flesh...standing just cos he was BIG! And he felt as if he has the right to decide who eats and who doesn't! He was plain ugly didn't help either!

Moving on...got our table in stipulated time of 20 mins.

We ordered -

3 rasam
1 plate idli
1 plate idli-vada
2 plain dosa
1 masala dosa

Total tab - rs. 285

Rasam was good, sambhar was decent, idli was allright, dosa was let down and so was chutney!

Service was decent, nothing to complain!

All in all, I may not visit this place if I have a choice. The fundamental reason being food, it just doesn't make up! Comparing my last trip to Cafe Madras, Cafe Mysore doesn't even deserve to be compared!

I really dont know why the crowd..and when I came out..there was a sea of people waiting down! Either we ordered all wrongly...(but then chutney)...or people's taste in food have gone down considerably!

Another reason may be the lack of food places...Cafe Madras and Udipi House had equal waiting time if not more.

And Cafe Mysore is AC...Cafe Madras is not!

Next time I gonna try Udipi House...lets see if it can beat or at-least be equally good to Cafe Madras!
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boss21 - Burrp User


March 13,2011

wtf happned to this place

friday , 12 march , 2011 .
regular here , i eat a lot , i guess this place is only worried of publicity and promoting the place , wtf happened where they cut down on quality ,rasam tasted as msg was added to it , red garlic chutney weird , papad a bit raw ... buck up .
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ninja_talli - Burrp User


January 01,2011

Excellent Southie Joint

An quintessential Udupi type restaurant, with sufficient snack options. Their filter coffee is top-notch!

If only they had similar outlets in other suburbs!
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radhika_06 - Burrp User


October 06,2010


It's ten past six and you're just waiting to get out of your office and head straight to the cafe to seek solace in that one cuppa hot kaapi :) With every sip you take, it just keeps getting better and better!! And you can enjoy it all by yourself sitting in the air-conditined section!! This coffee makes for great company :) If you are a regular at Cafe Mysore, and want to try out something not so south-indianish, there's the very colourful healthy veg club sandwich!! This place does make you happy after a hectic day at work :) Cheers!
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priyankatilve - Burrp User


September 24,2010

Just hype!

I had heard a lot of Cafe Mysore and so we decided to go there for lunch instead of our usual haunt Madras Cafe. Even though we went there during lunch hour we easily managed to get place as the cafe was relatively empty.

We placed an order for Medu Wada, Mysore Masala Dosa, Rasam Wada, Koto Idli (Idli steamed with jackfruit leaves), Udundu Dosa and Sada Dosa.

First up were the Medu Wada, which were strictly ok. They had a lot of green chillies in it. Next we had a Rasam Wada, which was a major disappiontment. The rasam had absolutely no flavor at all nor did the wada's. The Udundu Dosa was on the fatter side was also a little tangy giving an impression that the batter must have been atleast a day or two old. To top it all it was even undercooked. There was nothing special about the Koto Idli, which was touted as a special. The sambar served was so so.

The only saving grace was undoubtedly the Mysore Masala Dosa. It was just perfectly crisp coated with liberal amount of the garlic chutteny and delicious potato bhaji. All in all I would anyday prefer Madras Cafe over Mysore Cafe.
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arti dani - Burrp User

arti dani

September 03,2010

it was just OK

we wanted to go to cafe madras, but since it was monday CM was closed and we head to cafe mysore...i wanted to have proper authentic south indian lunch...asked for puttu, idyiappam they dnt have...so went to THali...Rs 50 each...it was strictly ok...two cold chapatis,cold rice, average rasam n dal, and avial was very watery...but d worst was pineapple sheera...though my mum liked it....i left my portion...frankly speaking i wasnt really happy with the lunch...we had filter coffee later on...loved it...service was very good...very quick...we packed khoddu ( its a diff form of idli ) since this place is very famous for idlis...but when we tried having khoddo at home like 2 hours later.,.we found out they gave us stale coconut chutney...it smelled bad, tasted bad...we also tried packing some dry snacks from d snack counter...we had jackfruit n coconut chips...but i think if u like those authentic south indian snacks made in coconut oil, u must buy it from those small south indian shops that we see in out local vicinity...the 3 rupess paan was maybe d best thing that i had in cafe mysore followed by filter kaapi...rest not so good
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Anuj Gupta - Burrp User

Anuj Gupta

May 20,2010

Mysore vs Madras Cafe

Having been to this place more than fifty times, I will write this review in comparison to the other South Indian place Madras Cafe also present on King's Circle. Both the places of course have similar family origins in the Ramnayak family (Founder of the first Udipi restaurant in the world).
Where Mysore Cafe scores:
1) Sambar: The Sambar of Mysore Cafe is much more authentic and tastier compared to Madras Cafe
2) Idlis: Scores in both quality and variety. Made in a traditional manner, you also find jackfruit (khoto) idli as well as idli gadbad
3) Service: As many people have mentioned earlier, Mysore Cafe is still much better in terms of service to Madras cafe. Atleast the waiter will take your order fully and properly without running half the time.
4) A/C: Mysore cafe also has an ac section and also a full meal annexe. So if you don't want to sweat it out at Madras Cafe, head the Mysore way
5) Specials: Mysore cafe comes out with specials like aamras puri (highly recommended in summer), most specials (if any) at Madras Cafe get over by noon or early evening.
6) Open on all days: As opposed to Madras Cafe which is closed on monday, Mysore Cafe is open on all days.
7) No waiting: This is the knockout punch. You have the choice of waiting for 10-15 minutes outside Madras cafe or getting a table almost instantaneously at Mysore cafe
8) Celebrity Endorsements: On a lighter note, who can disagree with one of the smartest and richest guys in India, Mukesh Ambani about the best South Indian restaurant in Mumbai? That is Mysore Cafe for you
Where Madras Cafe scores:
1) White butter idli. Absolutely marvelous, don't even think of having your idli with yellow butter
2) Cozier ambiance. Being smaller in size, Madras Cafe gives a more cozy feeling than Mysore Cafe
3) Better management: I see the two sons of the owner really trying to improve the place. Service has improved and I even have seen owners apologizing and replacing food in case it is not up to the visitor's liking.
4) Coconut Chutney: Made the authentic way as opposed to some green vegetable mix chutney at Mysore
On a concluding note, I think both the places have their strong points but a 15 min. waiting queue outside Madras cafe and a half empty Mysore cafe is just pure market inefficiency. People please give your love to both the places.
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nityesh - Burrp User


March 23,2010

Not So Great

Just a few weeks earlier had been to its more famous neighbour cafe madras and had really loved the food and variety of dosas on offer. So on Last sunday , after reading a lot of reviews here, tried out cafe mysore. Absolute Dissapointment!!!! (may be my expectations were high) There were not much varieties of dosa available barring the general ones, the sambar was too thick, more like a dal. On any day i would not call that a sambhar. Then i ordered the filter coffee, which was very sweet. I couldnt even complete the coffee. Overall i think it is overrated due to the nostalgia associated.
On any given day cafe madras would be better, greatly satisfying south indian food. It was a mistake i tried experimenting by having food at cafe mysore.
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radhika_06 - Burrp User


January 17,2010

Ambani's regular hangout!

Cafe Mysore is suppossedly one of Mukesh Ambani's favourite restaurants in Bombay. And I wasn't quite surprised when I saw him there once. He seemed to be having the best South Indian meal ever! He loves the place so much that he even parcels idlis and dosas from CM when he's travelling.I loved the place too! The 'kaapi' is just out of the world. And the pineapple sheera is a must have! The rasam too is quite yum, very delicately flavoured; have it only when hot! The new varieties of dosas are also quite good. The set dosa is a hit among the newbies. So, Cafe Mysore is the place to be when you're arouns king's circle!
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Manish Kamdar - Burrp User

Manish Kamdar

October 21,2009

Poor cousin of Udipi next door

This is the joint we go to only when Udipi has an unending queue on weekends. The food is good though no where near Udipi. The Tomato Omlet Sandwich is good here. Thali can be avoided as Udipi at Matunga Station is a far far better choice.
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Rakshita - Burrp User


August 10,2009

Does not take you back to Mysore

I was born and brought up in Bangalore and spent every summer holiday in Mysore (my native place) so I can speak with some authority on the subject of dosas.

The dosas at Cafe Mysore are not the best in the world. But they may just be the best I've had so far in Mumbai. (Yet to try Madras Cafe across the street although friends tell me Mysore is better.) I began my meal with rasam vada (my cook at home makes it way better) which was quite good - hot and flavourful. Then I opted for the Mysore Sada Dosa. This is basically dosa smeared with red garlic chutney. The garlic chutney was really good, the dosa could have been crispier. The Mysore Masala is their speciality; I had a bite out of someone else's and can understand why.

The next time I'm there, I'm going to try the Sada Dosa - it looked golden brown and crispy. Also, try the powdered chutney with your dosa or idli. They bring it only if you ask for it. It's finger-lickingly good.

Filter coffee in a dubra put a perfect end to the meal.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

June 30,2009

Yummy food..but south indian..?

I was here for lunch on a sunday with my parents. We sat in the AC section of the restaurant...was very noisy! There was this huge family making so much noise that it almost killed my appetite.

We all had the Special Thali priced at Rs 100 each. We were served Tomato soup, Puris, Aloo bhaji, this dry ladys finger dish, a kurma, sambar, tomato rice, plain rice, rice papads, mango pickle, coriander chutney, vermicelli kheer & gulab jamuns.

The tomato soup was the only dish I did not like. Everything else was absolutely yummy. I especially liked the ladys finger dish..it was a very different dish, had potato & coconut with it..was very tasty. Service was quick. Food was great. Ambience..? What ambience? You never talk abt ambience as far as a udipi restaurant is concerned! :P

I only wish the dishes in the thali were south indian. They could have included dishes like aviyal or vegetable stew & avoided dishes like the aloo bhaji & kurma which are usually not considered as authentic south indian food. But being a south indian & having tasted all kinda south indian dishes, I didnt mind having not-so south indian food :)
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Abhishek Kothari - Burrp User

Abhishek Kothari

June 10,2009

Good food, good service.

One of the best place to have south indian food. If u r arnd king circle, u cn surely pay a visit to this place. The place is a bit cramped but quite good enuf (this is y 1 star is taken away). but the taste does reminds me of b'lore (my birthplace). Authentic to d core. i love their sambar vada & mysore masala dosa (which is quite different other udipi rest's).. prices are cheap. Meal for two cn b arnd Rs.100 - Rs.150 at d max.
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Chris F - Burrp User

Chris F

January 01,2009

Best South Indian food in Mumbai

This place is by far the best joint for South Indian food in Mumbai.... and while it might not be as crowded (which works as a plus point for people like me) as Madras Cafe and Mani's nearby... it definitely is the place for me...

to start off every dish on its selective (read limited) menu is just perfect... the idlis r always soft and fresh... the neer dosa is thin n light just the way its supposed to be and the mysore masala dosa is to die for- perfectly crisp with the best chutney smeared evenly... waaah!

the other thing about this place is the accompaniments- the chutneys, sambar and rasam... all perfect- right amount of spice, always the same, n the sambar n rasam always piping hot!

and the one thing i keep returning back here for- THE PERFECT FILTER COFFEE!!! They just know how to make it... i bought the coffee they use (from Mysore Concerns next door) but it just didn't come out they they make it... frothy, just the right amount of milk and decoction and served in the dubra! It's like heaven!

I often go there all the way there from Prabhadevi just for the perfect cuppa (and it doesn't harm much to dig into a mysore sada while i'm at it ;-))....

they also sell banana chips, jackfruit chips, and other south indian snackies as well as sweets.... all good...

all in all a 5* place... little pricier (a/c section rates) than the neighbouring udipi joints but totally worth it!
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Saurabh Bandagalé - Burrp User

Saurabh Bandagalé

December 22,2008


This place is an Institution like Mani's cafe not to far away in Matunga. Obviously having college and classes so close to it me and my friends always made a point to go there. Like most places in Matunga this place is a Vegetarian's Delight. The speciality,Well the Mysore Masala dosa with the red hot chutney inside is succulent and cooked to perfection.The sambhar too is very good with lots of southern-Indian flavors and served really hot. The rava sada dosa is also very nice. Once me and my friends decided to try out something different or thats what was written on the over elaborate menu!! The name was Dil khush. Well it a dosa wrap with wide variety of vegetables and cheese inside.It tasted so good,by far the best filling I had in a Dosa. The cafe also has an Airconditoned Section upstairs but the service upstairs is very slow. It also serves Idili's,Uthapams,thali's, and is famous for its coffee and banana chips . The rates are economical and the food is great. Don't miss it.
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Suchitra  - Burrp User


July 21,2008

Southern Delight!

Being brought up on the staple diet of mouthwatering masala dosas in Bangalore, I have been time and again disappointed with so-called "udipi" hotels outside of South India. As a result whenever a non-south Indian tells me about any "really nice" south Indian joint I view it with a lot of suspicion. So when my friends suggested this place to me, I didn't go with too much expectations - but this place was a revelation!
We started off with rasam vadas, medu vadas and upma - the rasam vada was simply delicious, with the hot, spicy & tangy rasam forcing us to order for seconds...for the medu vada, the sambar wasn't so great, but with the nice chutney they were pretty good, just the right amount of crunchiness and softness...the upma was standard stuff but better than what you usually get elsewhere here in Mumbai...
For the main course we ordered 3 different dosas and a uttappa. Masala dosa, mysore masala dosa and onion rava dosa were all very good, though the garlic chutney in the mysore masala dosa was too garlic-y for my taste...Only the onion uttappa was bad so to say - very bland and I would definitely not have it here again...
We thought it wouldn't be right to come here and not taste the idlys so we ordered a plate of idly-molgaipudi...The idlys were as good as any I have eaten and the molgaipudi while good, could have been spicier...
We rounded up the meal with nice strong sugary filter coffees that left me smiling...
As for the price, it cost us a little over 500 bucks for 5 people and we all ate pretty heartily, that for me is not costly...Service is very basic, but its fast, which is good...
Oh and you should buy a packet of the "spicy" potato chips they sell at the takeaway counter - and I dare you no one can eat just one!
Overall, its definitely the best South Indian food I have eaten in two years in Mumbai and I can't wait to go back...
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bellybytes - Burrp User


May 28,2008

Everlasting appeal.....idli dosa zindabad!

Cafe Mysore has been around for as long as I remember. My mother tells me that she has been visiting it for as long as she can remember. So what is remarkable is that this eatery has withstood the march of time. With each generation comes along different tastes but obviously Cafe Mysore's appeal is universal and everlasting.

What would one expect in an Udipi joint ? Idlis and dosas. At one time the famous dosa was the one metre dosa but I don't know if this is still available. However, what I did try was the medu wada, the rasam wada ( Not on the same day!!), the rava dosa and the neer dosa.

I would rate the rava dosa and the medu wada sambar as good. I've eaten better sambar.

The neer dosa is simply avoidable.These dosas are an apology for a dosa and would be better off being called flat fall on your face dosa for those who don't know any better. For the best neer dosa I would suggest Mahesh Lunch home which really serves the best lacy light neer dosas ever.

The rasam wada is also a disappointment as the rasam was not piping hot nor near to tears spicy. So if you are not going to cry into your rasam wada, you may as well give it a skip.

The service is fast and it had better be because the tables are so small and close that you can almost eat off your neighbouring table. You can actually converse with the entire top floor as there is hardly any space separating the diners. But then, what else would you expect in an Udipi?

However, for all that, I must say, the prices are steep. Nothing is less than Rs.30 a dish and with each one easily going through two dishes, you can easily land up spending Rs.250 or more for a simple idli wada breakfast.

But all in all, I can vouch for the safety of eating in Cafe Mysore - no upset tummy and no sour idlis or dosas. The light green coconut chutney is really the best so perhaps this is the secret to Cafe Mysore's long innings - consistency in quality, efficient service and a standard menu.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

May 06,2008

A Complete Letdown

Was in Matunga on way to Wadala after a long time yesterday. With the Madras Cafe overcrowded, decided to try this out. Time being 1 pm, they were mostly interested in pushing their Thali & Mango milk shake. Ordered a idli vada mix; decent, bu the sambhar was pathetic, worse than a gujju dal.....& worse COLD Still decided to give the benefit of doubt, ordered a rava sada Kadak....Good dosa, the extra paid for chatni was good, but the sambhar..same. To top it all I was lordly informed that 'People come here for the sambhar' Decided not to risk the London referred (on the back of their menu) chips & hurriedly went away.
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Kimberly Christine - Burrp User

Kimberly Christine

March 11,2013

A tight squeeze, but worth it.

Good neer dosa and tomato chutney. Sambhar ok...
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Murlidj - Burrp User


January 18,2013

Bad service

Very rude and arrogant waiters.. Never expected this
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Nitika Gupta - Burrp User

Nitika Gupta

February 15,2017

Dosa with ghee & gunpowder - this is the place !

LOCATION - Cafe Mysore is located at King Circle Matunga . A famous south Indian cuisine joint ; it is a landmark in it self known for serving quick on the go breakfast items ; frequented by students as there are many schools & colleges in the vicinity & also service class people looking for affordable yet healthy filling meals .

AMBIENCE- Simple , ?no frill , no drama , a little cramped ?& noisy when the seats are full . You have to wait for 1/2 - 1 hour in line over the weekends as it is packed inspite of it being spread on ground & 1st floor .

FOOD - Matunga being a mini south India it is flooded with joints serving cuisines from down south , hence Cafe Mysore has serious competition from the like of Ramashray , Arya bhavan , Shree Sundars , Idli house etc . But inspite of everything it has consistently maintained its quality which attracts foodies from all over Mumbai . As I stay close by this has been a frequent place for my family for ?a hearty sunday brunch ?. We order the idli wadas , dosas , ragi masala dosas , curd rice , pinapple sheera , chaas always . Their mulgapuri (gunpowder ) is very fresh served with ghee . Also I like the taste of their sambar which is not too sweet .

SERVICE - Quick , polite , precise , no nonsense .

OVERALL -Decent place but a little over priced .
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Arunkumar  - Burrp User


December 26,2016

Khoto Idli & Coffee @ Cafe Mysore

Evening time and you feel like having coffee with khoto idli Cafe Mysore is the place.. yes it was really good the ambience was gud too.
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