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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 29,2015

Best afghani chicken

You want to eat a good variety ranging from Mumbai regular fare to the all time favourite biryani, then this is the right place. They have a selection of North Indian and South Indian as well as a selection of salads and desserts. Must give 100 % for the taste of food & mocktails. One must try their kebab varieties.Perfect preparation.strongly recommend the Afghani chicken.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 12,2015

Coppery Golden palace

As a place, it's beautiful. The interiors are way too good. It truly appears as a Coppery- Golden place. The chandeliers mimic cooking handis hung upside down. The kitchen is behind a glass window, so you can also see their chefs. The seating arrangement makes you feel as if you are sitting in a Mughal Emperor's court.

The BUFFET is just simply AWESOME. Non-veg options available here are just fantastic. Kudos to the chef for providing simply delicious desserts. Murg Makhani, Paneer Palak , Butter Naan, Roomali roti and Missi Roti are some of my favorites. Malai Makai Seek Kebab, Murg Kali Mirch melt in the mouth and really yummy.

Classy experience for the suburbs. Perfect fine dining experience for which we pay a bomb.
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Amol Agnihotri - Burrp User

Amol Agnihotri

January 05,2015

I would not recommend this place for a group at least. Please confirm your bookings twice before visiting the restaurant

Firstly I must mention to you that we had organised a team lunch on 2nd January 2015. We chose copper chimney just because it is close to our office place. I had called up for booking on 31st December 2014 for booking and also received a confirmation over phone. However, I guess due to some misunderstanding the receptionist got confused and my booking wasn’t there when 15 of us actually went for lunch on 2nd January 2015. In spite of reservation we had to wait for almost an hour. Finally we got a table and now we were expecting welcome drinks. The steward took the order and delivered the welcome drinks after we finished our starters (we also sent two reminders). It is a long time since I have witnessed such bad service. When a complaint was made to the Restaurant Manager we were greeted with shrugging shoulders and not a single apology or excuse was offered, perfect example of “Not my monkey not my circus”. The service in this restaurant is so bad it is beyond belief. The food was good but with the same amount of money, I could get better food and service elsewhere. Bad receptionist (don’t know the name) she was very uninterested and was blaming manager additionally didn’t even said “Thank You” while we were leaving. She has to LEARN to smile more, or at least greets guest nicely! YOU ARE RUNNING A SERVICE BUSINESS!
Everything we had was delicious. The food was good but items were limited and was not enough to neat that place, I loved Kheema and Kebabs.

Overall I would not recommend this place for a group at least. Please confirm your bookings twice before visiting the restaurant.
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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

January 01,2015

Convenient dining option for a weekday lunch buffet

For how long I was waiting to conquer Copper Chimney at Goregaon. Finally my office colleagues backed me for a lunch buffet....given that it is available only on weekdays.

You are enthralled by the very mention of this brand. We step in with a team of 15 and the staff was prompt to arrange the tables for us. The aroma of food did not keep us on our seats for long. The chicken clear soup was thick, creamy and well done. I would have downed more of it had we not opted for the fresh draught beer pitcher (offered at 449+). We feasted on the chicken kebabs and fish koliwada. The fish at first was chewy as it got cold but the fresh lot which was brought in later was crisp and tender inside. The chicken, although good to taste, was a bit undercooked. That takes away a point as starters are generally among the first touch points in a buffet.

Among the mains, my eyes were glued to the kheema which is a rare find in a buffet. It was well made with the only disappointment being they did not serve 'pav' which is a natural companion. The chicken gravy was good to eat with the naans. Egg biryani looked appealing but turned out otherwise when you take the first morsel. It was quite dry and was not even warm when we went for it. Nonetheless, I was pleased to have a few morsels with the fish koliwada. Apologies for not including anything on the vegetarian fanfare as I did go that way.

The desserts section did not excite me much. The kheer kadam was quite ok. The chocolate sauce to be poured on the ice cream got thick as it wasn't maintained at a warm enough temperature. I satisfied myself with a decent serving of only the ice cream.

Copper Chimney maintained the level of quality you would expect from the brand. However, it does not give you a very rich feel like the other outlets. I would still recommend the lunch buffet at an attractive price of 537 (all inclusive)....not only for the price but because you would enjoy it at the end of it. I will give a thumbs up for the ambience but it loses a bit of grandeur since it is on the busiest floor of Oberoi Mall. Three cheers for the staff who are ready to help you out with anything that you may need.
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

December 17,2014

Better for Non veg!

We reached there on a Friday evening and was given a waiting of 45 minutes, as expected. But we were ushered into the place only after an hour of waiting. Nonetheless, we were attended by the waiter immediately and we gave our order within 5 minutes.

Following was our order and my evaluation for the same:
Blue Mojito: A little too sweet drink. The presentation was okayish. I had seen the drink being better served in other places. Also would have been better if it was more chilled.
Panner Tikka Masala: Now they authenticate in mughlai food, so this had to be good. Aptly spice with good amount of curry.
Dal Maharaja: Black dal done very nice. The texture was a little thick, but the taste was very good. Rich and creamy and good heavy.
Breads (roti and naan) : Too buttery, but then it was crisp.

For 2 drinks, 2 main course and breads, we churned out close to 1600 bucks. The decor is modern with a touch of mughal art.

I think that non veg people will enjoy this place ore than the veg lovers for the extensive menu of tandoor and curries of chicken, lamb and fish preparations.
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Gaurav Saha - Burrp User

Gaurav Saha

March 02,2014

Disastrous. Overpriced.

I had heard quite a lot about the Copper Chimney in Worli, but then finally had to settle for this outlet, thinking the fare and quality would be the same.

We had a friend who was a vegetarian, and since he had to leave early; ordered for a shorba (don't recollect which one) and the Muzzafar. Both turned out to be brilliant (yes, coming from a hardcore non vegetarian). For me and the other friend, we ordered for the special non veg platter between us, which is available as part of an ongoing kebab festival. And that was our biggest mistake of the evening.

We got a platter containing 8 pieces of chicken, 2 pieces of mutton, 2 pieces of mutton sheekh. All in all 4 varieties of kebabs, and one tangdi. There was hardly any flavour to any of the meats, implying that they hadn't been marinated. The mutton pieces weren't cooked well and took quite an effort. The chicken fare was equally bad. And all of this really bad fare for 1650+taxes. Thoroughly disappointed, we asked for the service charge to be taken off the cheque for such bad food, only to be told by the captain that he can't do that; and that we should've told him before so he could get us a replacement. We paid up and left, having learnt a valuable lesson in this scheme of things.

Definitely not going back.
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Amol Kolhe - Burrp User

Amol Kolhe

February 21,2014

Copper Chimney Review

Had the opportunity to visit copper chimney at Oberoi Mall. The place is good to look but non veg food was a disaster in taste as well as found flies moving around. Not happy with the service too which was too time consuming.
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Foodie_anil - Burrp User


February 02,2014

Really Expensive but food and ambience is good

If you are at oberoi Mall and are one of those who doesn't mind spending to get a good ambience and good food this is the place to be. Pleasant place and quiet ambience instead of the usually full food court, Food taste great, staff is warm and accommodating. They suggest for a lesser quantity by any chance you over order.
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Fatema M - Burrp User

Fatema M

August 12,2013

All time favorite !

Visiting the place since a long time and its a good option when you want to go a trusted place.
On the last visit, we started off with Kiwi mocktail, which was refreshing. Next was the non veg platter. The chicken was succulent and tender. Main course was the good old Butter Chicken made to perfection. Little one wanted some jeera rice, awesome flavor and aroma !
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Jahangir  Iqbal Yar  Khan - Burrp User


I too recently visited the Worli outlet for my lunch ( buffet) . The old staff does not bother about the clients and guests . People loiter around, walk in look for tables themselves , no assistance, there is a hostess there but she is busy reading some trash on her desk. Does not bother to even up when you walk in. The Food ( which once upon a time was considered good) is taste less now , served cold, flies hoovering over the food ! I pointed it our to the captain who just gave me a cold look !!! I think i bothered him too much by doing that . The Biryani wass cold and taste less and seemed like a broth for the dogs. There were foreign elements ( Human Hair) on the chaat papri which i handed over to the steward who quietly walked away with it. Obviously this would have been served to some one . But., what the hell !!! this is Copper Chimney, every thing is okay with them. I notice there is not a single word of apology or comment from the management in response to the reviews. ! The valets outside are dragging their feet and dare you say something, promptly they would blurt out against the management and the traffic . So why the hell should people go there and spend their monies ??? why ?? To experience this nonsense ?? . I am waiting for them to close down . really am .
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reid000 - Burrp User


April 18,2013

Slow service and unhygienic

Visited with family for dinner on Monday,15th April,13. The service was slow and to our surprise we found hair in the the tandoori chicken. They replaced it but by the time it came again we had already finished our dinner.
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amitm85 - Burrp User


April 18,2013

Good food and hospitality

Paneer tikka and seekh kabab were very soft and tasty. Dal maharaja was delicious. Malai kofta was however a letdown. Overall, good food and nice hospitality.
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rikinenjoy  - Burrp User


April 01,2013

Lovey Restaurant

I had a real good experience here, i took my client for lunch here and he really enjoyed it and my deal was done on the spot. Whenever i get a chance to visit this place i happily go and i m always really satisfied with their food and service.
Guys Its So Peacful Out Here..
Infact Even The Satff is Calm , Ambience is Fine , Much better Service Over Here..
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psaysburrp - Burrp User


December 02,2012

Good Food

Overall really good food. A little pricey but not too bad. Try their butter chicken in the red gravy (sauce)
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

October 23,2012

Perfect for a family dinner

When going out for a family dinner an Indian restaurant is always the safest bet for me. So, on one of the Sundays we planned a dinner to celebrate a birthday. The unanimous choice was Copper Chimney in Oberoi Mall because it is close and convenient, especially when we were going for a movie at PVR. I have always liked Copper Chimney for its good food and not-so-exorbitant prices.

Before going for the dinner I checked out a couple of food blogs for the reviews of the ongoing 'Purani Dilli Ka Zaika' festival. There were few highly recommended dishes on these blogs and I decided to try them out. A separate menu for the festival was given to us which included road side food of Delhi such as shakarkandi ki chaat, aloo tikki chaat etc. followed by starters, main course and desserts.

I am not a fan of shakarkandi or sweet potato but the chaat had to be tried. We ordered one and it was a little sweet (which is its natural taste) and was tossed in a tangy masala and had a very ghar-ka-khana kind of touch to it. We also ordered aloo tikki chaat, tali machli and mutton sheekh kababs. While the tikki wasn't as great, not very spicy but tangy chhole saved the day for it. Mutton sheekhs had more spice than other flavours and were a little ignored. The winner was tali machli; fried yet not oily, crispy, perfectly spiced and fresh. The highlight was that they used Vietnamese basa and made it desi, in a good way. I was glad that nothing was hole-in-your-sole spicy.

Moving on to the main course we ordered Jama Masjid ka gosht korma. The dish sounded loaded with spices but it wasn't. The thick curry or korma had a very light flavour of cardamom and well cooked mutton pieces. From the bread section we opted for the khameeri roti; rotis made with fermented dough which made them a little tangy and fluffy. The combination of khameeri roti with the korma worked perfectly well. We also ordered a murg Changezi just to make it a whole meal by ordering a chicken as well. But it wasn't a great idea. The chicken leg pieces were cooked in a very spicy dry masala and capsicum and tasted like any other dish at any other restaurant.

At this point we decided not to try the desserts mainly because I have tried their phirni earlier and wasn't too impressed. I remember it being too dry and loaded with kesar.

Given that out of 7 things that we tried, 4 were good and 1 excellent. Copper Chimney's Purani Dilli Ka Zaika is worth a trip if you are planning a dinner with family or office colleagues.
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Ipsita Priyadarsini - Burrp User

Ipsita Priyadarsini

August 17,2012

great food but limited options in veg

out of our numerous visit to this restaurant, I totally reminisce this one time I went with my hubby- that was on my first karva chauth, we walked into the restaurants like two hungry kids who couldnt take it anymore, without waiting for the moon to pop outa the clouds, we googled for moon's images and broke our fast with the ah-mazingly delicious makai-seekh kabab, which was tenderly warm and very palatable. we ordered makai-malai something with garlic stuffed kulcha. which was again delicious, makai malai sabji was the best i had till date. dessert was malai-kulfi which was good but quantity was little. overall we had a great meal, and were badly stuffed up. the ambiance is decent, but expect a long waiting of 45mins-1hr if visited on a weekend. and morever for non-veggies there is an array of options in contrast to limited ones for veggies with most veg stuffs dished out of paneer or corn.
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varroon  - Burrp User


July 29,2012

Very Poor Service despite a pretty inside ambience

The restaurant's ambience was good during my visit 2 days ago. Hoever, I ordered lamb rogan josh, but the food quality was ordinary. Service was dismal. No one bothered to check if I needed something or not, and if the food was alright. And, the service charge @10% seems quite high for a pathetic service. I had to ask for waiver of service charges. I don't think I will go there again.
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foodie tryingstein - Burrp User

foodie tryingstein

March 15,2012

The X Factor ; To Eat Or Not To Eat At Copper Chim

To Eat

1. Crispy Rumali Roti. I saw the fascinating munchies from the next table and I loved the sheer uniqueness of this item. There was a large crispy Rumali Roti, shaped like a wok and sprinkled with a special masala in the center. It was placed at the center of the table and the diners seated all broke a piece as they enjoyed their conversation. Like a large and fancy version of a masala papad, very innovative! For More visit me on foodietryingstein.blogspot
Not To Eat
1. Paneer Tikka. The paneer was not soft, but dry and rubbery. The paneer tikka tasted ordinary. The flavours and the marinade had not soaked into to the piece, so when in the center it was bland and tasteless.

Ambience : 7/ 10 Good
Value For Money : 7/ 10 Good
Menu: 7/10 Good
Food: 7/10 Good
Service: 7/10 Good
That Thing About This Place: 8/ 10 Very Good

Good Ambience + Good Value For Money + Good Menu + Good Food + Good Service + Very Good That Thing About This Place = Good

Rating: 7/ 10
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sasmita.patnaik - Burrp User


February 06,2012

Lunch buffet: Sad

Luch buffet had very limited options. For vegetarians there is hardly anything. With a chicken biryani in main course, atleast they should have an option for vegetarians. The other option they had was just steamed rice. That was too much, you pay the same amount and get just plain rice. The place smells when you enter inside, and the staff had to "search" for a room freshner when asked to spray one. Clearly, the place was not value for money. They should add more options, specially for vegetarians and work on the ambience. Service was good, the staff was responsive.
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

January 16,2012

Season's first Sarson da saag

Went here for a family dinner yesterday. Contrary to the reviews the food is good. A typical Punjabi fare. The ambiance is average like any other restaurant in a mall but i really like their show kitchen.

We ordered a paneer tikka and bagani bahar (chicken marinated in pudina and grilled on charcoal) for starters. While paneer was tasty chicken was superbly cooked and very flavorful. They had a Punjabi food festival going on so we decided to order sarson da saag, maa di dal and makke di roti for main course. It was nice to see a saag with no added color and authentic taste. Maa di dal was heavy but yummy. Makke di roti was a tad disappointing since it was not made of pure makka. However, the food was great and completely satisfying. Do try their mirchi ka achar served complimentary. Its amazing.
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finika1 - Burrp User


December 21,2011

Pathetic Food , Service and Ambience

Shame on having opened in Oberoi mall.

Lunch Buffet was ultimate disaster. only two starters and that too pathetic. Low food quality. Service was all hopeless. Roaring on high prices with 425/ person buffet and its value doesnt copes up with its half value
Only 1 disastrous soup option, stale starters, daal comes better on small restaurants as compared to here,
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December 14,2011

Good food but limited variety!

One fine Saturday evening, we decided to head to Copper Chimney for dinner. As we were expecting, there was a 45 minute wait for a table at this restaurant, located on the third floor of the ever-crowded Oberoi Mall. So we just stood there and spent the next 40 odd minutes people-watching.

The menu is very limited, especially for vegetarians, primarily because they want to be a restaurant serving regional cuisine from the North West though they also have some Jain options on the menu. We had paneer tikka for starters, which was marinated in yellow a mix (of mustard, turmeric and curd, I think) and was delicious with a subtly sweet and tangy flavor. The tomato soup was strictly okay. The paneer makhanwala was a bit too sweet for my taste, but then we had been warned of this while placing the order. Breads were well made and repeat orders were brought out really fast. The service was fast at all times. The issue I have with this place is the somewhat limited menu and long waiting times.
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ami1210 - Burrp User


November 18,2011

Ever seen Yellow color Paneer Tikka???

Been there with a group of 13 ppl..had to wait arnd 45 min to get a table.. Entered and it was time for last order..ordered paneer tikka for starters and wht do i see..yellow color masala for the 1st time.. paneer butter masala for main course was just plain tomato curry with paneeer pieces..
They dont serve masala papad..can u beat that!!!wht possible reason cud they hv for not serving it :( only the biryani was tasty...rest dint lik any of the food..was not at all spicy even after telling them.. Disappointed with the cost that we paid for such food!! 2 is just for the ambience and hygiene... service was slow wrt they got an empty table but after that we wr still w8ing for the table to be cleaned for arnd 20 odd min !!!
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prashant Dubey - Burrp User

prashant Dubey

October 07,2011

excellent ambiance, hopeless everything else

Excellent ambiance, nice service and pathetic food. End of it, you will be totally disappointed with the fact that you spent huge amount and had udipi food.

On top of it, 1 hair in rice and 1 in chapati made it even more unforgettable experience.

I am not going to visit any of copper chimney ever again. (If you prefer service and ambiance and look of smart menu cards and high priced dishes and not so bothered about what you eat, you can visit this place.)
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funky_nil - Burrp User


August 02,2011

Awesome Food!!!

Mesmerising Punjabi I have ever had...
Far much expensive, but the food quality matches the cost & ambiance.

Good place to spend quality time with loved ones...
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zkand - Burrp User


July 04,2011

value for money lunch buffet

Its probably after almost 8 years that I made a trip to Copper Chimney, the earlier being to the one in Bandra . When I read out the menu I must admit I was not too excited but when I tasted the soup and then the lamb and chicken for appetizers I had this big smile on my face and saw the same on my hubby's face!There were succulent and very well cooked without too much masala sticking on to it. The main course had egg biriyani(to my surprise) which was again lovely and the chicken and mutton curry was awesome. For once I also tasted the vegetarian spread and they were also yummy! Desserts were disappointing -they had pineapple pastry,semiya and ladoos-the dessert menu and taste was a let down where the first 2 courses were awesome!
Couple of suggestions for the buffet:
a) If they could take the order for the rotis while we are mid way through appetizers, I think rotis would be served on time, otherwise one has to wait with all the dishes on the plate getting cold till the rotis arrive-nevertheless the rotis were once again soft,fluffy and tasty!
b) The table where the buffet is arranged perhaps could have some more width to it-it was quite a task balancing the plate in hand,trying to keep the lid open and pouring out some of the tasty dishes from those bowls without some spilling either on your hand or on the table!
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Abhijeet Kini - Burrp User

Abhijeet Kini

May 28,2011

Most awful outing ever...

i have been a fan of copper chimneys all over, and have been to the oberoi outlet couple of times. they have a wonderful lunch buffet on weekdays, and i decided to have a nice lunch yesterday. to my horror, i was to face the most horrible buffet experience ever.....the dishes at the buffet counter were empty (almost all), the refills were extremely slow, the biryanis and other main course didnt turn up for 20 mins or so, no napkins on the table, no silverware, the desserts were just enough to feed a 2 yr old baby, and yes, no second helpings as...you guessed it right....they were empty. the staff was just too incompetent, as all the customers had to humiliatingly stand by the counters asking where the food is. to top that, a waiter even back answers me when i asked him where the dessert spoons are. i mean, if that is how you run a restaurant known for its food, then im sorry, ill have to change my choice of eatouts very soon.
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Rahul Saudagar - Burrp User

Rahul Saudagar

March 06,2011

Smart Menu Card !!

After much thought we zeroed in on this place for dinner yesterday {Saturday night}. Now we did called in advance to make reservations but were told that during weekends, reservations were not accepted. Anyways decided to take a chance & were at this place by 8:30pm, luckily there were enough vacant tables.
We decided to start with soups, but were surprised to see only 4 options on the menu, & none seemed appealing, so opted to do away with soups all together.
For starters, we had reshmi kebab & chilli tikka, both were good, but the chilli tikka lacked chilli. In the maincourse we had, chicken rahra, bhoona gosht which were good.
One thing which i noticed that the starters, soups as well as the main course options do not look that costly, but still your bill will soar, thanks to the steep prices of roti, naan etc. Quite smartly drafted menu card.
The ambience & service here is good, a few more additions on the menu & a lil bit more spice can do wonders !!
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

February 17,2011


Had been here for a quickie. We tried Macchi Hariyali and Chicken Achari Kebab, both were extremely good! The efforts taken to prepare it could be sensed by the tongue, but not by the stomach. Quantity is poor: the macchi @ 500 bucks had 4 small fillets, but was worth it.

Rich ambiance (much like the bill), and great service. Its a nice place for a date or if you want to talk, but noise can be high when the restaurant's full.

Will surely visit again on a special occasion ;)
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prateek01 - Burrp User


January 23,2011

Great food!

The food here is amazing,its almost difficult to write down whats good to order here. The mutton chops are excellent, the gravies are good and spicy. The sea foods great as well, and do try the kulfis. Only complaint is it takes forever to get in.
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ketan2212 - Burrp User


January 12,2011

Pretty Good....

Had been to this place a week ago with family...This was our first visit to this resto...was wanting to go there for ages but couldn't....
The food is really very good and has that authentic Indian taste unlike the typical gravies that we find in other places....
Had ordered both veg and non-veg dishes and were pretty happy with what was offered both in terms of quality and quantity.
Their mocktails are also worth trying...ice-tea being the best.
Ambience is good and the tables are laid out at a comfortable distance, which gives a very spacious feeling.
the only sticking point is the Weekend Rush...was there on a fri night and had to wait for an hour for a table....got one finally at 11 PM...but it was worth the wait.
But all in all a good experience...will visit again to try new dishes....
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tanu014 - Burrp User


November 15,2010


Been to this place with my friends for lunch buffet on weekday...It costs you around Rs325 excluding taxes......I was little disappointed coz they doesnt had much variety in salads and even desserts....the time (around 3:15 p.m.)I was about the taste dere desserts they were left with the pineapples ....I dnt think ving buffet at copper chimney is worth will never go again for buffet......
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deepak chhimwal - Burrp User

deepak chhimwal

October 19,2010

good food but bad hospitality

few days back i had taken a parcel order from this place as i had heard from friends that the food is very good.
when i reached the restaurant to place my parcel order (as i was in hurry) the hostess at the reception was very rude and very un proffesional. she needs to be trained.
the food is fantastic and i give full 5 stars to the chef. as the parcel which i took i had after an hour but it was just too yummy. i would come to copper chimney again and that would be only for food cos the first impression which i got from the hostess was not very pleasent.
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viraljshah - Burrp User


October 12,2010

Not a good experience

I had been to this place on my anniverssary. Was very much surprised with poor quality of service. I had to constantly call the waiter for even re-filling glass of water. The Udipi restaurants are much alert then this people. After entering the restaurant, i requested for menu card which i received after reminding for 2-3 times. I had constantly remind them that i am guest having dinner at this place. Need to really improve on service part.
Food: It was okie. I had ordered Veg Dish (Jain).No complaint about food.
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tanu014 - Burrp User


October 11,2010


Luv d briyani they serve .......g8 ambience..... amazing butter chicken.....one of the best restaurant n oberoi mall......been to this place thrice .....and will keep on visiting again and again......
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Nauzer  - Burrp User


September 08,2010

Super Food. Super ambience...

We went to this place for the first time last Saturday to celebrate my son's birthday (he turned two this Monday) and turned out that the place and food is super great.

I have only been to Bandra Copper Chimney and that too, years back. I dont know how it is now..., but comparing that time's bandra ambience with this one, the bandra one looks like an Udipi place.

We reached Oberoi Mall early afternoon so Copper Chimney was empty when we sat, but quickly filled up.

For lunch we had Lamb Chops, Rumali rotis and mutton biryani. And ofcourse sweet stuff - Gulab jamuns and firni for my kid..

Great experience. Only marred by the fact that baby got a little extra cranky...not the hotel's fault :)

The only negative is there is no washroom. not even a basin.

I mean eating Indian food and after that...using finger bowl...does not quite gel.... but I guess this format comes with the "mall tag"

Will visit again. Finally there is a proper Indian non-veg place to eat at Oberoi's rather than eating funny stuff at the food court...

Price wise. Okay kind of expensive. The damage was around 1300 bucks...
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Mpmaya - Burrp User


July 31,2010

An experience i would like to forget

Visited Gopper Chimney at Oberoi Mall for first time two weeks back on a sunday.Very Pathetic service, average food...Only good thing was the gud ambience.... We had to wait for more than one hour as we were 11 of us...and they do not take reservations for sat and sunday.Then while waiting we placed our orders( as we had kids and it was long past their lunch time)assuming that we would be served food faster after we get our seatings........ But no, the service was very slow, few things ordered were forgotten, not served and yet surprisingly showed up in our bill.No doubt they deducted it on complaining.. one of the starter we ordered was brought to table after the starter dishes were already cleared. !!!!!!! NOT AT ALL UP TO THE STANDARD OF WORLI CC. Being the host i was really embarrased for such a flop lunch party arranged on occasion of my dad's eightieth birthday... I would not visit it ever again..
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dimple1984 - Burrp User


June 21,2010

Poor Service, OK food!!!

I had gone yday on occassion of fathers' day and left extremely disappointed!!!! This branch dosenot at all live up to the one in Worli!!! It sucks big time!! Ambience is good, but the FOOd and SERVICE was pathetic!!
Tomato soup and chicken soup were bland...one of my frens commented it was like they serve to patients! Veg sheek was yuck, they forgot the nonveg starter we had ordered for...and it took ages to come!!! Dal maharaja was good , rest all we had ordered chk rhara, hara chk and methi matar were bakwaas...!! no stewards knew who is responsible for which table...we got asked 5 times just for type of water to be served...diffent people took orders n created chaos...same during serving...2 stewards got seperate set of bowls...one dumb steward didnt listen..as if ther wer tipsy...or wer unable to handle the sunday rush..!!!!!but m n my family were extremely disappointed esp when u r shelling so much money for this shit food and service...its cost us 3500 bucks for this crap exp...PPL DONT GO THIS BRANCH..ITS BETTER TO SPEND TIME IN TRAVEELING AND GO TO WORLI FOR PROPER CC EXP.!!!!
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Gautam Kapoor - Burrp User

Gautam Kapoor

May 30,2010


Visited the place on a saturday afternoon, ordered based on the staff's recommendations. The Reshmi kebab was bland (inspite of requesting something slightly spicy) & the Murg Makhani was sweet even though the waiter assured us he'd have it prepared spicy. The masala chaas was good in the first round, but the second round ordered was horrible, seemed to be prepared in a hurry losing out on quality. The staff served the main course before the starters - we had to remind them we ordered starters. Don't think they are able to manage the place once it get's crowded. The staff was polite, but the service was slow.
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shekhar197 - Burrp User


May 04,2010

Copper Chimney @ Oberoi Mall

Visited it for dinner last Sunday with wifey, baby and in-laws in tow on the eve of my in-laws' 3 week europe tour. The ambience was great, enhanced by Raina blazing away in the India - SA T20 match. The food was great, as is with Copper Chimneys all over. Stuck to vegetarian fare this time around (in-laws are Jains) comprising rotis, veg jalfreezi, dal makhani and the usual accompaniments. The seating was also spacious and the staff were courteous enough to give us a seating for 6 (though were only 4) considering our 8 month old baby. The only hiccup being billed for bottled water we had not ordered, which was however promptly reversed once pointed out. Overall great food and courteous staff.
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Siddharth Advani - Burrp User

Siddharth Advani

November 01,2012


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