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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Chole Bhature enchilada, cheesy nacho
  • Nearly everybody mentioned with family

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Good For families and Friends
Book in advance on weekends
rajsonawane - Burrp User


April 04,2016

Good food with good people

good quality food.. a good time to spend with your family or friends.. decent crowd.. sizzlers are good here...
its a worth visiting place!!
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- Tarang - - Burrp User

- Tarang -

March 31,2015

All time favorite...!

Cream Center is one of the well known restaurant in Chowpatty. Many people must have gone over there uncoutable times there with their friends, family and with their loved ones and if not should visit as it is very good restaurant where u get all types of mix cuisine with very good taste. Their Chole Bhatura is their speciality, youngsters would enjoy bean Nachos, cheese corn Ball n onion rings have been best of all time, lime ice float is very good drink. Must try.. Interior designing is good and they one foor also. Quick services N no such complains till now, we can say old is gold.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 10,2015

Heaven for vegeterians

Located right across the Chowpatty beach, this place is a heaven for vegetarians.
Cream Center is jam-packed on weekends. At times one has to wait for almost an hour to get a table. You should preferably sit on the first floor and indulge in the lavish view of Queen’s necklace merging at Walkeshwar.
This place has tables, slightly sophisticated form of family snacks counter.

They serve, “The World Best Nacho’s”. The pasta was well made and creamy, while spaghetti too were tasteful. Ordering their massive Chole Bhature and Sizzling Brownie is a must. Hot creamy sizzlers, Chilly Cheese Toast, Corn Balls Paneer Da Baap are some of its delicious servings. Kudos to the place for its quick service and the knowledgeable waiters.
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

February 23,2015

Amazing variety of satisfying food.....!

Food is delicious and service is good. Fantastic Chana Bhatura!!! Try it out. Even Chana Kulcha is good. Must go with family and friends. We have tried their world's best nachos and it has an extra-ordinary taste. It's yum, so also Corn Cheese balls. The specialty was good. Suggest you to book before you directly reach this place as waiting is almost for 30-45 minutes even on working days.
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December 31,2014

best variety food for everyone

Bean nachos is too good .... All time fav chole bhatura... Cheese corn ball ..,, sizzling brownie signature items of cream center to die for Musttt go..!
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Nikhil Kothari - Burrp User

Nikhil Kothari

August 28,2014

Tasty and Delicious

American Corn Cheese Ball - very very tasty...
Thing i liked more about cream centre
Cream Centre is now a complete "Pure Veg Jain Friendly Multi Cuisine Restaurant".
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

June 11,2014

Amazing Food

We had an impromptu family lunch of sorts and the demand was multifaceted; street food, parathas, italian etc hence the unanimous choice was Cream Centre. The name Cream Centre has over the years become synonymous with quality food.

Since the plan was made fast, we landed at the restaurant by 12.30pm and got a table within no time.

The ambience is nice with brightly lit interiors.

Nicely settled, we spelled out our order:
1] American Corn Cheese Ball - A house speciality with some gooey cheese and american sweet corn.
2] Sev Puri
3] Dahi Puri
4] Chhole Bhature - Their flagship offering and a in-house super speciality. The chhole is cooked to perfection, keeping the bean whole but just as soft as possible. The chhole is not very spicy also. The bhatura is one whole piece and is puffed to perfection.
5] Paneer Paratha was a bit of disappointment as the Paneer had got sour in bit and pieces and left a bad after taste.
6] Paneer Tikka Masala - Paneer Tikka Masala was made perfect with the softest paneer and spicy red gravy accompanied with by a tawa paratha.

The above items were polished off and washed down with a glass of masala chaas. The craving of the sweet tooth was satisfied with a sizzzling brownie and ice-cream.

Thus ended a family outing with every individuals choice of food fulfilled by an ever obliging Cream Centre.

Damages came to Rs.350 per head.
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Rahul Garg - Burrp User

Rahul Garg

April 15,2014

Childhood Memories.....Now available at a price...

Bombay Circa 90s...

A rolly polly boy of only 96 kilos is getting excited....his extended family is visiting.....which when your Marwari means only one thing......food....glorious food.....fatty fried.....unapologetically unhealthy and tasty food...

And when the relatives were ex-south-bombayites the places they wanted to visit were pretty much cut in stone, kobe sizzlers, cream centre, kyber, shamiana etc..

You couldn't possibly think of going to cream centre on a Sunday.........so an appropriate weekday would be selected and with a ratio of 7 per Maruti, we would reach chowpatty, one male kid and male elder would drop of the family and then proceed to find parking , after invoking the gods ofcourse, if you were lucky you would find it within 500m, most days not so.

The dropping of the family was not merely chivalry, even on weekdays there was always waiting to be seated, and even today the chain does not accept reservations.

The curt attendant at the gate, would write down the names, and we would hover around outside......too scared to even pace around, lest our name is called and we miss our turn.

Once seated we would pounce on the famous aachar........only looking up to confirm which refreshment we would be having, thumsup float, lime ice, pink fantasy, etc.....

The decision to be made was.............how many chole bhatures would you be having.

2 chola bhaturas, and loads of pickled onions and bowls of aachar later, we would be faced with the biggest decisions of the night.

Which paans and mukhwaas to have at the paanwalas outside.

All this and the bill would be about 150-200 a head.

Fast Forward to Mumbai circa 2014.

The furniture may have changed but it’s still the loud, "pure vez" and jain frequented cream centre on chowpatty.

The staff and the attendants still feel they are doing you a favour by feeding you and still no signs of reservations.

The menu is now huge though.

After the chain split with the neighboring New Yorkers they introduced an entirely new menu and more.

Cream Centre is now a complete "Pure Veg Jain Friendly Multi Cuisine Restaurant".(no Chinese mains only in sizzlers).

Everything here is "Indian SomeCuisine", and the taste ranges from good to the Excellent Pizzas.

If you’re the "Pure Vezz Jain types " who wouldn't be caught dead in restaurant that serves Non-veg, this place is heaven.

For normal eggetarians like me who are forced to come here to re-live their childhood memories of taste, I can say one thing..

The Price of this childhood memory is now 750rs.
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nikeshshah026 - Burrp User


April 12,2014


I have grown up on the food here. But was really disappointed with the food when I was der the other day.
Tho food was very bad. From the Corn Enchiladas which were cold to the Channa Bhatura which was stale( Perhaps prepared a day or two prior). Also the garlic bread where the bread was stale again. My mom had ordered Ragda Patice and it dint have the right filling, It had the filling of a cutlet. I never though I would say this but it was a very poor experience.
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kunalkhandelwal - Burrp User


February 21,2014

goregoan outlwt of cream center

I visited with 13 members of my family. It was a weekday dinner party. What I found pathetic about this out was been half the hotel empty there was inadequate service. Food was good but indian breads where not hot at all. We need to request again again for water & service. Captains & staff are busy in chit chatting. There is a vast difference between chowpatthy & goregoan outlet. I had same experience at bandup outlet. Guys if you want to have cholle bature than plz go to chowpatthy outlet only. It spoiled our party.
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Peeyoosh1986 - Burrp User


January 21,2014

Fantastic Nachos

I have eaten best nachos ever in Cream center. Good restaurant to go along with family. I also like the chole bhature at this place. They give you one big batura and the chole tastes awesome. There is a bit issue and long queues on weekends. Do book table before going to this place on weekends.
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Rishi Batheja - Burrp User

Rishi Batheja

December 29,2013

Chole Bhature lovers!

All south Bombay college kids have grown up to their Nachos with Cheese, still the best, and for all we know they invented the sizzling brownie!

From Indianized Mexican to Lebanese, this place has it all.
The Roomali roti with Paneer Butter Masala still rocks.

For the starters, the Onion rings and Nachos are a must.

Mumbai's best Chole Bhature is here, it can keep our competition from our Dilli wallas at bay!

A good place to take your kids out for a birthday lunch with the kiddies!
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AMITKHANN - Burrp User


December 28,2013

fantastic chaat.

the Chole bathuras have stood the test of time,super sized bhaturas are great value for money. The sev puri and dahi batata puri are also delicious,and hygienic. The aloo tikki reminded us of our home in Delhi. The Pav Bhaji is my son's favorite. The service is prompt and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly.I forgot my phone at the restaurant and they immediately returned it back.
The tokri chaat is also really good.
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pranav_nagrecha - Burrp User


November 14,2013

BIt over priced

Cream Centre is like a place I have grown up at and it is a setup that is ideal for an Indian family. The menu is a starling mix of continental and Indian food which gives inkling about what the cosmopolitan Indian palate is fond of. Even though you take years to get in a table you have to eat the sizzlers, the hearty Chole Bhature; the size of the bhatura will blow your mind, definitely the enchilada's & their cheesy nacho's; my fave starter! Also a gooey bite into heaven. Over the past few years their services have dropped as it's not too pleasing on the price end either!
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Savtel - Burrp User


October 31,2013

great multi cuisine veg restaurant

The best multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant…my favorites are Chole batura, their Sizzlers, Nachos, Onion rings, enchiladas…there is something new which I can always try here with no compromises…they have managed to always have big spaces with all their outlets..their sizzling brownie is again one of their bests…their service is also quick… always a treat to come here
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 17,2013

a place I have grown up at

Cream Centre is like a place I have grown up at and it is a setup that is ideal for an Indian family. The menu is a starling mix of continental and Indian food which gives inkling about what the cosmopolitan Indian palate is fond of. Even though you take years to get in a table you have to eat the sizzlers, the hearty Chole Bhature; the size of the bhatura will blow your mind, definitely the enchilada's & their cheesy nacho's; my favourite starter! Also a gooey bite into heaven. Over the past few years their services have dropped as it's not too pleasing on the price end either!
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surajit mandal - Burrp User

surajit mandal

October 11,2013

Nacho nacho and and and nachos...

again this place will be in memories for great birthday treat... very different kind of food but it was very good.... after this visit i am cream centre fan now... especially for NACHOS, n ONION RINGS n BROWNIE ICE CREAM......

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buntyken  - Burrp User


October 03,2013

Worst Food

We had been the first time to this place along with my family and friends and Ordered the Chole Bhathura. The Chole was okay types and the bhatura was so very oily that the remains of oil was very much there even after eating the entire portion. Again taste was okay types. I have been many a time to delhi and believe me the road side eateries offer a much awesome Chole Bhatura at 1/10th the cost here.
Very Very Disappointed
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


August 30,2013

Noisy, Expensive..But Great Nachos!

Inspite of staying in SoBo, I've never really been a Cream Centre fan. The perpetual crowd outside this place has always been a major turnoff for me. My funda is that they don't serve any authentic cuisine here for which I should wait that long, especially when there are so many other good snack places in and around that area. However, yesterday, I happened to visit Cream Centre as it was selected as the meeting point where my school friends planned to catch up for our occassional meet.

Even at around 7pm, we were told to wait for 10 mins to get a table for 3! Thankfully, we visited here on a weekday. I well imagined the waiting period at this time on weekends! Phewww!! We finally entered inside at 7.20pm to a very noisy ambience and were immediately shown our tables. We quickly placed our orders: Sweet Corn Soup, Margerita Pizza, Cheese Nachos, Ragda Pattice and a Diet Coke and resumed our conversations which was the main reason for us meeting up.The balloon styled puffy Bhaturas which were being served with Chhole at the adjoining tables looked inviting but we weren't really up for it yesterday.

The Nachos, as all know, is what Cream Centre is known for, arrived first on our table which was delicious as always. Next came the soup in a huge bowl (which my friend alone couldn't finish towards the end as the the quantity was sufficient for two!) The Margherita pizza was decent too but what impressed me was the Ragda Pattice. Very well presented, there were 2 large sized potato pattices on the plate served along with reasonably spicy Ragda. The sweet chutney, green chutney and onions were served in little bowls on the plate.

As stated earlier, the food here is too expensive (Around Rs.200 for a plate of Ragda Pattice!) but people dont really seem to mind. The service seemed a bit sloppy but otherwise good. They took a good 15 minutes and 2-3 reminders from our end just to get us our check.

All that we ate cost us around Rs.1000 with taxes. Was it filling? Yes, considering it was cheese and fried food which we had. Was it worth it? Definitely no.
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hetzashar - Burrp User


August 27,2013

One of my best Family Resto

Cream center is well known for chole bhature but one should definitely try cheese chilly toast, nachos and sizzling brownie here. Bhature is fried in pure ghee and tastes awesome.
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dharman_2410 - Burrp User


August 10,2013

Good Veg Place

Best thing about place is its location. Bang opposite to Chowpatty, it has a speciality in paneer chana bhatura, Big Nachos, sizzling brownie, veg biryani and sizzling paneer chilly. Pastas are also delicious. Definately a must try place in town.
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Alefia  - Burrp User


August 04,2013

Nachos that make your taste buds dance

The location of the girgaum cream centre is ideal not just for the restaurant but also the diners. You never get a table there and the waiting is a minimum of an hour. So you get your name on the list, and the cross the road to chill out at chowpatty. in the waiting period, you do tempt to grab a chaat, but resist it. You need all the space if you are planning the Big Nachos - they are cheesy, full of beans and amazing salsa...We shared it between 2 people, yet we were pretty full. So we decided to skip the main course & ordered yet another starter - onion rings. The onion rings were again a generous serving but my oh my....they were the most oily onion rings i have ever had. They not just reeked of oil but the onions were raw from within. I had heard quite good reviews about these onion rings, so I am not sure if i was unlucky that day to have a bad serving or do people dont know how real onion rings are (i have had the best ones in burger king in bangkok). Of course since there is so much crowd, the serving time is very long. The place as such is big enough, so i am guessing its really a hit among people who like pure-veg variety in fine-dine. All in all, defntly head here & grab the big nachos. I want to go again for the chole bhature once & i hope they dont disappoint!
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puneetjethani  - Burrp User


August 02,2013

Too Good to resist

If you ever pass by from girgaum chowpaty and see a bunch of ppl standing on the footpath after the sukh sagar signal dont worry it is not a mob , it is waiting for Cream Centre restaurant !!! And by this u should understand how yum the food might be..The Nachos,Sizzling Paneer Chilly & Chana bhatura are to die for ! The peach apricot margarita is nice .. and to end it with sizzling brownie is a tradition there !!! A MUST VISIT PLACE FOR VEGGIE FOOD LOVERS .. they have Jain specialities too !
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Pratik Shah - Burrp User

Pratik Shah

July 29,2013

veggie delight -best chole bhatura ever in mumbai

have been going there since childhood but reviewing today...one of the oldest eateries in town...super chole bhatura wid the special onions and the carrot achachar(pickle)...priceless....good service...a bit expensive...and hell lot of waiting 365 days of the year...BUT can do anything to and eat the chats, chole and the russian salad sandwich....mouthwatering...a must go...pricing can be reviewed and ambiance can be imporved...and yes all good restaurants have a flip side too...here while taking a parcel be ready to pay for the carry bags...cheap i feel.
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amishahiya - Burrp User


February 25,2013

Tooo God Food

Cream Centre is one of the BEST restaurants in Mumbai, now with branches all over India. It serves authentic Continental, Italian, Mexican as well as Indian food. The Nachos are as the name suggests "World Best"! The other signature dishes like its famous Chole Bhature is a show stopper. Simply amazing! The pastas, sizzlezs and the Sizziling Brownie is to die for. The Echiladas, Burritos and pastas are somthing that will keep u goin bak 4 more! Very good food along with a lovely ambience and mind blowing service makes a perfect blen for a restaurant that can be enjoyed by all age groups. A must go!
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Kamathcj - Burrp User


December 11,2012

Mumbais Legend

Undoubtedly the best Channa bhatura of The word
Chic & open ambiance enhances dining experience.
Must have their ragda Pattice , pizza margherita & sizzling Brownie
Service is very quick & courteous.
It's a pleasure dining here. One of the best places to feel good after eating gooood food
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foodie1190 - Burrp User


November 19,2012

awesome food!!

Noone can beat the food served in cream center chowpatty. So far the best amongst all the cream centers around mumbai. I love italian food and this is the place i prefer to go with my friends and family.
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pritamreviews - Burrp User


November 04,2012

Cream Centre a Vegetarian Classic

A lunch at the Cream Centre is an unforgettable experience, not be missed. It's an old Vegetarian classic amongst Mumbaikars especially since its located at Chowpatty sea-face serving a range of their own signature Indian cuisine besides a range of western veg cuisines.

We started with their Classic signature dish, The Original Channa Bhatura which was very filling.

The Paneer Makhani was the best we've ever tasted in Mumbai, smothered in creamy tomato gravy. The exotic flavors and aromas of spices used kept lingering on our taste buds.

To conclude this lunch we couldn't miss but order Cream Centre's deserts speciality , Sizzling Brownie. The server who brings it to the table does a marvellous job of serving. Its a great place for a good vegetarian treat.
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kotechahemal - Burrp User


July 23,2012

Royally Cheated

I visited Cream Centre at Neptune mall. The prices are really high and food quantity is meager . For a Sizzler they charged 300/- , which had 4 pieces of paneer , little gravy and Small cup of noddles, not sufficient for even 1 person. And taste was yuck.. Butter milk cost 98/- ! and ofcourse glass was small. Paka cheaters , food was not great. Chole was 168/- and 1 Batura was 78/-
Chole was Oil se bharpur,
Only thing good was ambiance, which we get in shiv sagar. If you enjoy to get yourself cheated, please visit .
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kotechahemal - Burrp User


July 23,2012


I visited Cream Centre at Neptune mall. The prices are really high and food quantity is meager . For a Sizzler they charged 300/- , which had 4 pieces of paneer , little gravy and Small cup of noddles, not sufficient for even 1 person. And taste was yuck.. Butter milk cost 98/- ! and ofcourse glass was small. Paka cheaters , food was not great. Chole was 168/- and 1 Batura was 78/-
Chole was Oil se bharpur,
Only thing good was ambiance, which we get in shiv sagar. If you enjoy to get yourself cheated, please visit .
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Rohan Kedare - Burrp User

Rohan Kedare

July 09,2012

OverHyped & COnFuSeD

Cream Centre- A name Suggest Fine Dining Restaurant Which it is in Sense of ambiance "ONLY" But About food they seemed to be confused. It feels like they started serving with snacks & evolved serving breakfast, lunch, fast food, Chinese, Mexican etc. Food which they say is Divine is not actually Divine or I would rather Say it Barely comes Close to Average & if you consider the price or their Overpriced menu People would Regrate their Spendings.
We ordered Mexican Fajita Sizzler - which was nothing but rice with Mutter paneer & rajma & Aloo Pharatha in which I cudn't find The peculiar tangy taste of aloo though the curd & curry was good which was served in very small portions.After this we had no guts of wasting Our Money.
Moreover we saw what they do with Your Opinion Sheet, one of the Captain Just threw that paper in some drawer & pretended as nothing happened & showed a calm face to his fellow work-mate. Moreover if u write this kind of Opinion They Won't Serve you mouth fresheners after that.

To conclude this I would Say "ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK".
This review is For Bhandup Outlet @ Magnet Mall.
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amitjain123 - Burrp User


June 13,2012

Ok - Too Expensive with ok food. Not worth it.


I am a bigtime foodie and don't mind paying if I get the best food for the worth of it's money, Cream Centre is one place which has a great ambience, but restaurants are places where we go to have good food with a perfect setting. Since the ambience is great , it scores 5 stars there but the food is not up to the mark, the iconic and overhyped chana bhatura is separately priced (when they both go hand in hand), imagine a menu which says "Pani = 80/- & Puri = 100 " for a plate of Pani Puri, I find it funny to not list them as a single dish (when they are boasting of the combo as their top dish, so going for the best I tried the Chole & Bhature (separately) and was disappointed, the Bhatura was good and big size but the Chole were too dry with a good taste (but not the best) , the quantity is less and the prices are high, the other menu items were highlighted big with excellent photos but they are the second time starters in other restaurants, for e:g - Nachos, Onion Rings, Ragda Patice ( I don't list them as top starters), since I didn't taste them so can't comment on that. However the pricing is high for the food and the service is ok, the ambience is perfect and the menu comprises of only few selected food items, since I believe that we must get what we pay for, here I definitely didn't get anything for the price that I paid. It is a good place for couples or small families but overall it burns a hole in your pocket without satisfying your taste buds. I prefer Kailash Parbat's gravied Chole bhature over this, but then everyone has their own taste.
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mite_food - Burrp User


March 19,2012


after standing falmost for an hour ( their are no chairs being kept for ) finally made it inside the resutrant. Ordered the iconic chole bhatura and to my disappointment was really oily choles were just ordinary. Also ordered for a peach ice tea belive me was really searching for the ice as well as the peach flavour.
Post this did not have the courage for ordering anthing else and hence called for the bill took them a good fifteen minutes. Overall bad food and service
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Upasana Rathod - Burrp User

Upasana Rathod

December 22,2011

WAITING for fav mexican food hangout!!

I am super fun of Mexican food.. Cream Center when in Bandra was my regular dinner place.. but now i have to travel longer to Chowpatty for my Mexican tastes... They have precisely named their Nachos "World's Best Nachos".. they are indeed the Best so far... Awesome food but slow service and usually loads of waitng in the queue.. So guys if u gonna try this place.. u gotta be prepared to wait for atlst 1hr outside the restaurant as they dun provide any space inside to wait..
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worldbest - Burrp User


October 24,2011

New Branch @ Phonix, Lower Parel

Best Location . Good Interiors. Good Air Conditioning. Good Crowd. & Good Food.
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arunsri81 - Burrp User


August 28,2011

great one day, oily the next

had a leisurely saturday brunch at cream centre a few months back.. loved the quiet (may behard to believe, but this was at around 12 noon much before the lunch rush). had falafel and a bottomless pot of tea! so proudly took my wife on a busy weekend dinner.. ordered onion rings and chole batoora.. both were extremely oily and the chole wsa just average.. not sure what the iconic status is all about.. wasnt worth the wait and all the hype i created about the place to my wife fell flat on my face.. felt really let down
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worldbest - Burrp User


June 21,2011

For Cheerful & Pleasant Evening

Amazing, this 50 years old restaurant keeps improving with every passing year. I remember going with my family when we were school kids. Prime location of Chowpaty, elegant interior with large glass windows & bright lights provide cheerful ambiance. Chole Bhatura is must for every Mumbaikar, at least once while he is in Mumbai. Last week I went there in the evening & had Ragda patice were delicious & tempting. Though little over priced (Rs.160) but I suppose Price is for the location & ambiance though quality is also of high grade.
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Nirav KAKU - Burrp User

Nirav KAKU

June 12,2011

Great food but overpriced

Yesterday, 12 of us went to the restaurant. You can imagine almost everything got ordered. First of all, you may already know that this restaurant is pure vegetarian being in primary guju / veg locality. Now to get down to business... the food is great (at least most of it).

Try this for sure the net time you go there...
1. Chole Bhatura
2. Onion rings
3. Dum biryani
4. Sizzling brownie.
5. Minestrone soup

What you can avoid...

1. Ordering a thali
2. Punjabi food
3. Lebanese food.

The floats are generally alright.

Happy eating!
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shivank.tandon - Burrp User


May 15,2011

Love the food

Its a great place and definitely requires a revisit. The taste is very different and awesome. We really had a great time here and will be revisiting soon.
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nareshkhosla - Burrp User


April 26,2011

Out of the world food in a decent ambiance

Creative menu, amazing quality of food in a decent ambiance. The food right from the starters Big Nachos, mocktails, biryani, sizzlers, Pizzas, pastas are too good. I have spent most of my dinners out in mumbai at this outlet and must have tried more or less every item and am yet to find something which is not good. The brownie sizzler is to die for. The only issue is the long queue which is to be managed..
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ritesh_jain_11 - Burrp User


February 18,2011

chhola bhature magical

best chhola bhatura
my son love the nachos here
very packed every nite
white walls and big height make the place look very beautiful
service is nice also but very fast
sizzling brownie sundae is my best dessert ever
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Gaurang Bhatt - Burrp User

Gaurang Bhatt

February 07,2011

Pathetic Service

Chhole Bhature of cream Center is no doubt has the iconic status for veggie lovers across Mumbai. Other food varieties like Maxican,Lebanese and Italian veg dishes are awesome.

Only problem with CC is the service level, If you live in South Mumbai, you will know it is always crowded and at time.

Yesterday being Sunday, I decided for takeaway as dining there would be impossible without waiting for an hour. Also I just wanted to order Chhole Bhatura for takeaway.

It is unbelievable but to take order alone counter staff took more than half an hour. Another 15 minutes to provide the parcel. Considering Chhole Bhatura is their signature dish, spending half an hour is criminal waste of time.

A very fine veg restaurant will definitely go down if they don't make their service efficient.
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Apoorva Zinzuvadia - Burrp User

Apoorva Zinzuvadia

January 29,2011

Vegitarians Rejoice

You will not know what all to order... Great food from around the world - that's Vegetarian.

Mexican or Chole Bhature - whatever your choice its great.
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anupambhomia - Burrp User


January 14,2011

The best(est) veg. restaurant in Mumbai

I live in New York now although I am originally from Mumbai. During my recent holiday visit to India while I was in Mumbai, I visited the NEW Cream Centre at Oberoi Mall. I must say what an COOL LOOKING restaurant it is!! The huge projection screen playing a live cricket match made the place very lively and upbeat, the huge red paintings made the warm and classy interiors come alive and it all looked very very classy. My wife commented that this restaurant could have easily been in NY (I wishhhh...) For the price of just Rs. 250-300 I was amazed at the ambience this restaurant has created. Good looking restaurants usually scare me since they don’t always serve as good food but Cream Centre definitely comes as an exception. I waited for over an hour to get in but the wait was truly worth every penny. Their thin fresh dough pizzas are so New York style. Being a New Yorker for last 15 years, I have been to a lotta places serving good pizzas and I must say Cream Centre is among my top 5 favorites around the world. Their original Channa Bhatura is yet the best in the world and my wife really enjoyed the “Make Your Own Thali” concept with the delicious Onion Rings. Honestly it's a 'Brilliant job done.' The food here from what I remember is as good or may be even better than the original Cream Centre Chowpatty restaurant.
Cream Centre please come to New York soon! My favorite vegetarian restaurant in India.
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Jeff Booth - Burrp User

Jeff Booth

January 02,2011

Vegetarian Heaven

I love eating meat, but I do not miss it when I eat at Cream Centre. They have an all-veg menu which has a lot of options for everyone. The food is really fresh and tasty. The chana bhatura is awwweeeesssoooommmeeee!!!! The samosas are also big and fresh and taste amazing. I wish I could have this kind of food in my house. The desserts are also v tasty: the sizzling brownie is so good. I wish there were many Cream Centre restaurants in Mumbai so that supply can catch up with demand, because it is all the time full. The prices are also very good because the food is v tasty and yumm. Go there! It is a first class establishment.
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Vishal Gadgil - Burrp User

Vishal Gadgil

December 29,2010

Decent experience overall

So I had high expectations about Cream Center, but was not fully satisfied with my visit. The only highlight was the awesome Channa Bathura that I had. Service was not great, and ambiance was also ok, nothing spectacular. I'd say the food was above average, overall a decent experience.
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shikhajain1601 - Burrp User


December 12,2010

Water in dirty glass with lipstick marks..Pathetic

Cream Centre - A great restaurant... much liked by most of the people. But is it really so? I have been a loyal visitor of this place since 7-8 yrs.. and as the years pass by.. the SERVICE which should get better has started deteriorating and getting worse. With my family i sat in the middle row - 1st seat. A waiter served us water in pathetic glasses, which had lipstick marks on it. on asking him to change the glasses, he jst wiped them little bit and again served in the same glasses(as the marks did not go). For the 3rd time when my father asked him politely to change them and he did not... we decided to not drink water in there, complete our food and quickly move out.( we could not go in to another restaurant as it was 11 in the night after waiting for 45 minutes for our chance to sit).
Terrible service experience. Do not really feel like going in again !!!
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sheetal9 - Burrp User


March 04,2010

Excellent Food

Cream Centre is famous for its Chole Bhatura since ages. It is a must eat treat whenever you go there. The Enchilladas and Club Sandwiches are also excellent. The icing to the cake is the sizzling brownie served.
The best place to be with family and friends. Only one problem it is always crowded and you have to wait for atleast 20-30 mins. Not a place for people who cannot wait, coz on week days too the waiting starts from as early as 8pm at times.
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ashishchedda - Burrp User


January 12,2010

Veggie Delight

After hearing alot of appreciation about "Cream Centre - Chowpatty", me and my wife finally decided to drop into this place for lunch on Sunday. We reached there at about 12.00 noon , there were a few tables occupied. The interiors were pretty minimal, with awesome paintings. We got the menu card and making a choice seemed like a daunting task. I asked my wife to do the honours of ordering the food. She ordered the "Original Channa Batura" which was on the top of the list in a section on the Menu known as "Timeless Classics". We were supposed to order for two of them, however when the order was being placed we got to see a waiter getting the same dish to our neighboring table, and boy we’d never seen such Gigantic Bhaturas ever, so we just ordered for a single dish, another dish we ordered was "Paneer & Vegetable Shaslik" that falls under the "Mera Chota Sizzler" section of the Menu card.
By the time we had placed the ordered and I started to gaze around, most of the vacant tables had started filling in with people of varied age groups, which made it a pretty lively atmosphere. The staff seemed to be on their toes, in taking the orders and delivering it to their respective tables. Our order arrived and the size of the Baturas left us full of awe and the sizzling "Paneer & Vegetable Shaslik" was overtly tempting. It was almost evident while having these dishes, that top quality ingredients were being used, coz we seldom see such large channas being used in a dish like channa batura in other restaurants. The Paneer was another admirable ingredient, that it literally melted into your mouth, it reminded me of Reshmi Tikkas. By the time we had these two dishes we were already feeling full, so we decided to order a "Sizzling Brownie Fundae", although it was mentioned that the brownie served is eggless and although I am a non-vegetarian, I could’t find it to be different in any manner than the one’s I have tasted in other non-vegetarian restaurants this makes it a point that eggless brownie’s could taste good too. There were alot of other dishes but we were so full by this time that we decided that we would visit this place some other times to try the other dishes.
Overall we had a great veggie lunch especially on a Sunday afternoon that left us bloated. To conclude my review I’d say
Warm & hospitable atmoshpere.Great Ambience.Top Quality Veg Food.Economic Fare.
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vbubber - Burrp User


December 14,2009

Old is Gold--Family Favourite!

My family loves this place. Our favourite dishes are the CHola Bhaturas, Onion Rings, Cheese Balls, Sizzling Paneer, Tacos, Falafel, and the Chaat--it's surprisingly good.

There's no need to mention the Sizzling Brownies or Hot Fudge Sundaes. I still think these two are among the top 5 desserts in Mumbai city.

As far as the service, I don't know how they do it, but my Nachos and Onion Rings were at the table in less than 2 minutes after my ordering them.

I'd like to give it 4.5 stars--I take away .5 because there are always kids running around--but I'm going to round it up to 5 because, really, my kids run around there too. Helps them work off those Nachos and Sizzling Brownies!

My only complaint--we live in Andheri, and getting to Chowpatty every time we want to eat here is a pain. Wish there was a CC in the suburbs!!!

I'm new to Burrp and look forward to reviewing many more South Bombay and Andheri restaurants!
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Suraj Puru - Burrp User

Suraj Puru

November 26,2009

Wify's treat!!

Like all marriages .. the place is controversial over whose idea it was!!!.. well i saw it on burrp..where else and wanted to try the chola bhaturas.. which are genuinely huge.. and remind me of my Dehi days.. standard genuine preparation.then she ordered sizzlers- which turned out to be a indian meal on a sizzler plate..complete with paneer dish, rice, thick potato chunks..and to make it western baked beans.. well i forgot what a sizzler is supposed to be for this was a completely new version!!! quite edible though. topped it with a triple chocolate sundae.. which was heaavvy..the top was good but ran out of steam some where midway where the crunchies started tasting like wax.. well they have managed to indianise the complete menu and maybe they should stop being pretentious abt it.. service excellent(it was a weekday)..ambience good.. the puzzle mats are good time fillers..though the wait is not so long..Decent eating...price matches the surroundings..will visit again to ck out the other claimed cusines...
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

April 16,2009

Still maintaining the high standards..

When it comes to Chole Bhature, the first thing that comes to your mind is Cream Center. I think they have set a benchmark for this dish and i doubt if anyone comes close to this...not even the other cream centers across the city. The most impressive part of this is to maintain the taste and serving for so many years.
Thats why even on a weekday, we had to wait for over half hour to get a table for 2. On getting the table, we first ordered for the nachos with cheese with beans. Top notch - nothing to complain about and then came the legacy dish CB...terrific. We still had some appetite left so we went in for the platter which had onion & capsicum rings with cheese balls. The latter was not that good but the rings were def excellent.
Total damage for 2 was 450 bucks... unbelievable vfm despite them increasing their prices in the last few years.
Service is good...gets a little slow and tardy at times..but i guess thats still good keeping in mind the everyday rush. I wish there was a way to decrease the decibel level coming from the loud conversations and the kids yelling.etc..but i guess that forms a part of CC's age old ambiance!
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MumbaiGourmand - Burrp User


January 31,2009

Against the Tide

I know, I am going against the tide and my review is probably no use too, but I ahve never been able to see why people rave about this plae.

I feel there is excess of masala and oil, probably vanaspati and it just feels too heavy and cloying
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sneha patel - Burrp User

sneha patel

November 20,2008

live to eat..

generally i m the types who would eat to live..
but this place makes me feel the otherr wayy..
fantastic..the cholla bhatura is the best..same since 15years..
onion rings and nachos are my favs also..
always filled with customers..the whole ambiance is so vibrant..
dun do the mistake of not going here when in chowpatty..
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October 18,2008

Best Chole Bhature

There is no comparision for CHOLE BHATURE served. The absolute best! 'Nuff said!
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Nimish Adani - Burrp User

Nimish Adani

May 04,2008

Finger-licking Chana Bhaturas & Parathas

Cream Centre has existed since ages and has remained one of the best veg restaurants in town. Been here more than a zillion times cos I just can't get enough of their Carrot Pickle, Chana Bhatura, Parathas, Veg Cutlet, Russian Salad Sandwich, Veg. Soup, etc. And they now even have the best stuff from their erstwhile sister restaurant New Yorker's - Onion Rings, Nachos, Enchiladas. The service is top-class too.

Also, while they get you the food, you can have fun spotting differences, solving puzzles and making sketches on their disposable table mats.
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Vivek Agarwal - Burrp User

Vivek Agarwal

September 18,2007

Not just "Channa Bathuras".....

Made my annual trip to Cream Center during the jain festival of "paryushan"[did i spell that right??]....the only time you can get a table.
Re-discovered their famous Channa-Masala Bathuras [why is it that each time i visit ,the channa portion is reduced/decreased & their price increased??!!], Russian salad sandwich & their speciality [not any more] paneer makhni [which was majorly watery & maha disappointing], besides the newbies & not so newbies on the menu like hummus with pita bread, nachos with cheese sauce & beans[lumped in the middle, instead of being spread out like "RELISH" does], bhel puri[too dry], sev puri, pastas, Masala parathas, etc.....New Yorker next door & cream center seems like clones of each other menu-wise....what one has, the other adds on to their menu.
Family atmosphere,,,,mainly a gujrathi-jain-marwari crowd since it is a pure veggie joint.
Go esp. when you want to re-live the good old days when you gorged on their Channa-Masala bathuras......you still can't go wrong with that order....well worth the loooong wait.
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