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vidhi05 - Burrp User


June 05,2014

happening joint

This place is like a happening joint in Bandra, with a great view, good music and good crowd. Though the starters I ordered were pretty ok , The chicken Pizza was quite good and the view from the hotel is very nice. It is on the expensive side and a dinner with few drinks would cost about 4000 for a couple.
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Naina Acharya - Burrp User

Naina Acharya

January 23,2014

Time Well Spent!

Nice ambiance, good food, fun music, fantastic company is all what we one would need to have a blissfull evening. I had all these at esco! what turned out to be a 'try a new place out' turned out to be' I am coming her every time we are at Bandra!
The food was good (slightly) on the expensive side, the drinks were nice the music was amazing, suited to all age groups!

I would recommend this place at the beginning of the month..... month end visit would be a dampener on the pocket!
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Akshay Puri - Burrp User

Akshay Puri

October 14,2013


had been here on a Saturday night. And had got a table. Here also there is a concept of ordering on ipads. The place is a quite expensive. The music was not very great until 12 am the DJ was just remixing and stretching the same songs for 10 mins. The food was good
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foodtheory - Burrp User


September 11,2013

Eat Drink Dance Repeat

Drinks: Expensive.
Food: Also on the higher side. Bar bites are small portioned and average. The mains are however quite good, especially the lasagna.

Wednesdays: All night long happy hours. Drinks become very reasonable here on Wednesdays. And retro music. Perfect place to go mid-week.

Saturdays: Saturday night here was raging. As the night went on, music changed from electronic to popular numbers to get everyone dancing. There wasn’t any entry or cover. However they do stop entry to stop the place from getting overcrowded.It is quite a big place compared to most bars, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall: Classy looking place. Spacious. Good music.
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sohamkulkarni92 - Burrp User


July 23,2013

Must Visit

The best bar in Mumbai. If you are in Mumbai then you simply cannot miss visiting this place. Great atmosphere. The staff is also very attentive towards you. The retro nights during Wednesdays is awesome. It is value for money. Seating arrangement is fabulous. You feel like you are at home chilling with friends over a drink.
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prernamaynil - Burrp User


July 06,2013

The Best Bar In Bandra

If you want to have the best drinks, best ambience, best service, then you shud definitely go to @EscobarBandra #AReviewADay
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antiquityblue  - Burrp User


May 27,2013

Escobar Night !

Been here a lot of times ..totally love this place.Best part is the open roof bar . It has some scented sprinkling waters in summer which waves of the heat. Food is also fab.Had some cheese starter and it was yummilicious . Must go place..Expensive ..but worth it !
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Shiraz  sk - Burrp User

Shiraz sk

January 04,2013

Escobar, Linking Road

Try Jello Shots -Labanese platter with variety of breads n dips n Smoked Salmon -Alchohol priced too high n not much vairety -Music simple n too loud Bouncers standing every corner
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sajnibandra - Burrp User


November 08,2012

Esco Rocks !

This is what I would call a perfect place to club for the bandra brigade. Especially the ones living on linking road...You can drink as much and not worry about driving..
Ambiance is pretty class.. Love the outside area !
Shots are well priced. It's a good party scene on the weekend ..
Lebanese platter needs a special mention- For the taste & presentation too..
Great bartenders & Easy Gate Staff too !
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PigOut - Burrp User


September 03,2012

Decent place to dine.

The ambiance is cosy, however music too loud and not in sync with the dinning experience.
Starters & Pizzas worth having. Entrées so so. Did not try desert.
Service was average. Try the place and decide for yourself.
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dr_gyrus - Burrp User


July 09,2012


have been to this place thrice...
1) best bar/lounge in the bandra area
2) tapas bar
3)wonderful ambience

i love this place! will visit again! :)
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dscharan55  - Burrp User


July 01,2012

.... good ambiance....

When at the outside dining place, the sound is almost sans bass. To the least please afford a high end bass in and out. Overall the place is just average.
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Ritz  - Burrp User


March 26,2012

Real bad sound system

We booked a table at this place for 15 of us. The place and crowd seemed chic. The bar and the size is quite spacious. Bouncers everywhere. That is where the good ends. The music was a repetition of same type of songs over and over again, to add to the agony the sound system is the most primitive, no clarity whatsoever just plain loudness. Another thing which I observed was the whole place isn't acoustically treated at all, I could hear the sound bouncing off and coming back. When at the outside dining place, the sound is almost sans bass. To the least please afford a high end bass in and out.

Overall the place is just average. Damages Fosters-250 Smirnoff-300 (with tax)
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annzz - Burrp User


February 07,2012

Great jello shots!

Excellent for alfresco dining.
Try the jello shots here. We left the flavors for the bartender to decide - he made some good decisions!!!!!
They have a Lebanese platter or something similar which has a variety of breads and dips - awesome too!
Worth going to, sit in the outdoor section even though there's nothing too much of a view. The ac inside was enough to freeze my bones!
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K B - Burrp User


December 04,2011

Nice place, fantastic music .... good ambiance

I was there last evening ..... the place was bustling with people, very few places have so many people in one lounge these days ...... The music was simple out standing ... and the icing on the cake was when they played Kolaveri Di ...... it was a fun night ...... the only bad thing about the place is -- the price. The alcohol is way over priced. Rs.500 for a beer is simply way too much ......
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ashwinsshetty - Burrp User


November 14,2011


Escobar is one of the finest and hippest place in the suburbs. I celebrated my birthday here and it was a good experience. The bar is massive and the DJ plays good music and the crowd is good too.
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roninmetsa - Burrp User


September 04,2011


Escobar, for me is like a Bentley with a rickshaw engine. The bar looks impressive and the statuesque bouncers standing arms crossed in every corner give an air of importance. But underneath the polished surface the evidence of poor workmanship is soon felt. I can accept a dress code but can't see why smart, black leather shoe-sandals are apparently less acceptable than dirty white trainers. At least they gave me some socks. Drinks prices are ok but the Mojitos were substandard and were 'rectified' by the barman pouring in more rum and lemon. There were only two choices of beer (Fosters, Rs. 250; Perioni, Rs. 500). As the place and the humidity increased (in the area outside that's like a large marquee), I asked for the bill. My credit card was sitting happily behind the bar but because of some problem with the computer system the tabs couldn't be calculated and I spent half an hour getting the manager to sort it out. No-one explained at the time and I ended up paying cash. Ok, these things can happen but it was not a good first impression. In Spanish Escobar means to sweep up. This place needs to clean up its act before I go back.
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puneet16 - Burrp User


August 19,2011


Really nice place. These guys maintain a strict door policy which is sometimes annoying but then i guess it is required for decent crowd.
Starters are excellent here and one will find mostly imported liquor. Best part is that it is very spacious and they maintain standards all the time.
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Saloni R.  - Burrp User

Saloni R.

May 11,2011

Had an amazing Sat night here!!!!

In these times where pubs are sitting to rip you off by charging thousands for cover, Escobar is a sigh of relief!!! There is no entry charge, but a strict door policy, which I did not mind as I expected decent crowd inside..Just wear your best dress and slip on those high heels & no1s stopping you ;-)
The music is great and they play great commercial tracks past 12..But what I loved most is how SPACIOUS this place is!!! On one hand there's a Prive where you stand a chance of being squished to death, and then there's Esco, where space is clearly not an issue!
Cannot comment on the drinks, but we did order a chicken satay (INR 300), which was delicious..Also no need to strain your eyes to read the menu in the dark, its on a Tab ;)
Only issue, just in case you need to use the rest room, you can expect a long queue outside & the flush not to be working : /
But there's no stopping me for hitting this place right back soon enough!!!! :)
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Bombayholic - Burrp User


April 21,2011

Yet another splendid evening!

I had yet another splendid evening at Escobar yesterday! Despite the relentless summer heat,the dinning experience on their open air terrace was superb,to say the least.Ample air coolers made sure that we were very comfortable and the superlative service just made it a perfect experience.The drinks came quickly,and starters followed soon after.The waiter attending to our table was there everytime we looked up to get his attention,and yet was discreetly going about his job.I recommend their excellent smoked salmon and their superb,thin crust pizzas with a range of toppings,we had the one with chicken,artichokes,olives and capers.The herbed prawns are very good too.I love this bar and its one of my absolute favourites! Cheers!!
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anusuya1 - Burrp User


February 11,2011

second visit, worse experience

escobar has the worst management ever. the service is bad, the guys standing at the entrance are so so rude and condescending, you feel like they are doing you a favour by letting (or not letting) you in! drinks are below average and now i'll make sure i tell all my friends not to try out this place and waste their time. all negative reviews on this page are valid.
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Reply from restaurant management

We apologize for the uncomfortable situation at the gate. This is surprising because we have well trained professionals to serve our valued guests. However there is possibility to stop entry after we reach a certain number on busy nights to make sure guests inside are having a good time. Next time please try to call and book in advance to avoid any such situation.


Divya Vinekar - Burrp User

Divya Vinekar

January 29,2011


Finally! Bandra gets one of her most pampered babies back! Certainly one of the most upbeat and happening places in Mumbai. Damn good food, drinks obviously good :D food and drinks with music is a combination that I really love, so full marks for that! :)
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balasingh72 - Burrp User


January 27,2011

Good ambience bad food

Agreed the place has a great feel and the crowd is good but the food is just not happening. There is hardly any choice to eat and what is there is quite bad. As said by Lagna, the waiters are quite inattentive. Overall, a good place to hang out only for a couple of beers.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your feed back. After so many good reviews on food it is sad that we could not satisfy your taste. Just in case if you r not aware we do serve customized menu according to our guests choice and taste.


lagna.das - Burrp User


December 13,2010

Quite upbeat!

I visited this place with a bunch of friends on a weekend..after hearing so much and after much skepticism we entered the place.we were glad to find well dressed people,not-so-finicky-entry rules and some good music.
likes- well spaced out section, massively long bar,open air section,lounge section and dance floor,.entertaining dj,no guest list,well priced drinks and food.Rs 250/ corona beer and Rs 350/tequila.
dislikes- inattentive waiters,hardly any on the floor.
finally bandra has something to look forward to...
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Sahir K - Burrp User

Sahir K

November 24,2010

Definitely MUCH better than what I have heard

Went to the recently RE-Opened Escobar on saturday night..had a group of 3 girls and 4 guys..since we got there about 11:20 (relatively empty), the doormen did not throw any tantrums at all just asked us "all-together?" and let us in..so this was way better than all what I had heard about their door policy and the door men behavior (we were all dressed in strict clubbin attire so no qualms there)..inside the place has a really nice ambience..very spacious, nice interiors, perfect lighting and indeed the bar is huuuge..good crowd; well dressed..the real crowd did not show until 12:30, but even then it was not overcrowded which was great...i guess not too many people know it has reopened which kind of worked to our advantage..drinks are very decently priced at Rs 400 large vodka-tonic..however shots (kamikazee) definitely overpriced at Rs. 400 per shot..beers decent at Rs. 300 pint (then again no cover charge or entry at door)...shuts at 1:30 but can't blame them with so much cop pressure all over india for shutting down bars/pubs/lounges..overall go with the right kind of people and you will have a great experience..thank u...
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londontobandra - Burrp User


April 18,2010

Best avoided

Where to begin...

The only positive thing I can find to say about this bar is the minimalist design which has been well done, but the management have ruined what could be a great bar.

There's a horrible feeling to the place, which starts when you try to enter, and told you are not allowed in because a) you're male b) you're wearing a smart designer shirt but it doesn't have a collar.

The pretentious door entry policy is so absurd and in addition to the way the staff talk to you means many of my friends, including several from London have turned around almost immediately and got back in the lift.

The crowd inside is mostly young, which is standard for Mumbai, but doesn't add to any sense of sophistication. The music is horrifically loud, so you can barely talk to anyone, which maybe is not such a bad thing given the type of people this place must attract. The bar service is poor and extremely slow and there's not a great amount of space with a lot of tables and chairs in the way, which aren't really suitable for a bar.

Why someone in Bandra can't open a bar which is relaxed, friendly, and with decent, chilled background music where you can drink and talk with good company, seems beyond me. In any case, Escobar definitely isn't the sophisticated bar it has pretensions to be.
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Chandni Tolani - Burrp User

Chandni Tolani

March 22,2010

It's not that bad after all!

I went to Escobar on a Saturday night and I was not disappointed at all.. Like any other place, there was almost a stampede at the entrance with millions of people waiting to enter, however the staff was handling the crowd quite well..

When I entered the place, what first attracted my eyes was the huge bar on the right... I went right in, to the open air section, and realized that the place is really huge. Very impressive. The crowd was elite with people dressed in strict formals. They had couches in the outer section for people who would wanna have a drink and chill out.

The drinks were just fine, though on the expensive end. But the good part is that there isn't any cover charge so for the teetotalers it's an advantage.

Another thing that surprised me was that when I was leaving, I saw an equal number of people wanting to enter. Wow!

Overall, I really liked the place, though I hope the music gets better. They played house most of the time!
Waiting to go back :)
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Mumbai Moo - Burrp User

Mumbai Moo

March 14,2010

Hold the coke (not Coke) please

Not sure whose bright idea it was to name this place after one of the biggest names in drug smuggling the world has ever seen, but...

We found no signs for this place on the outside of the building it is contained in, or the surrounding area. And after a long wait for our call to be answered by Escobar, so we could ask directions, we finally found the place. It's above Titan if you were wondering...

Our first introduction to the staff was when they pushed in front of us to get into the place. We were then pulled back from the bar and asked if we'd made a reservation by the maître d', who had ignored us when we landed here initially. We only wanted drinks, but were still made to feel second-class for saying so. And for the record, the writer is a firangi so that blows the previous reviewers assertions of discrimination straight out of the water! And please note I was in a new shirt, not a T-shirt. Hello! Could they tell it was a Fendi Rs 400 special?!

Once at the bar, we counted the staff in the a/c section. There must have been 15 milling about - that's about one for every 2.5ft of bar. And could we get a drink or a menu please? Ahem. And a smile would have been nice too.

The place is bare. Just wood and bottles. It makes a nice change for Mumbai to have such a minimalist interior. However, it was so minimalist it felt as though it lacked something. Wood worm perhaps? A lumberjack even?

The drinks were good, and the prices were as to be expected. No nibbles or anything. Just pestering staff when you didn't need them, chasing you for a repeat of your drink.

The outside section was good. However, even though it was open-air it didn't have the required view. Just 4 storeys up from Linking Road is nothing to write home about.

The outside bit was popular though. The crowd; however, was not exactly buzzing when we were there (we left at 10 pm). Nor did they seem very happy. Perhaps it was because of all the reserved signs on the tables everyone was talking about in the reviews below.

Overall, it was not what I'd hoped for now that I've found it. It lacks something. Perhaps first of all it needs an injection of friendliness. And some pizzazz on the decor front too instead of just a projector screen for the cricket. Besides that, it needs to take itself less seriously and find its funny bone.
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Rudy12 - Burrp User


February 26,2010

Middling ... but with some potential

Visited Escobar a few weekends ago ..... one of the places which appeared in my attempt to 'find new places in Bandra'.

Ambience is quite nice - must confess we had 2 large hoardings close by, which meant Rahul mahajan's face could be seen close up (but that's really not the bar's fault).

We stayed from 10 pm to 1am - the crowd built up after 11pm - all very well turned out, and in my opinion trying a bit too hard.... but hey, it their life and night. A few minor celebs. Also, the starters we had were quite nice. The drinks were also good, though nothing spectacular.

The not so good - Poor service.... I agree with the other reviews that they put random reserved tags on the table (we finally got one with a tag, without a reservation.... but with some raised voices), and some remained unoccupied for 2 hours !! There dress code is strictly flexible - completely made up .... in fact, the proprietor of the place was in a t-shirt (talk about a law-maker being a law-breaker.... of course she was a lady, but then we dont want to be sexist now, do we?) !!). Also, the staff need to get their act together - first, there was a publicity shoot at 10pm whihc went on for an hour (why do it when paying customers are there ??) and then the shoot practically kicked us out of our table with the staff making no attempt to inform/shift us.

Like Bonobo, these may be teething troubles - lets hope for that, and I will go back for another dekho..... if they let me in, of ocurse ;-)
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anusuya1 - Burrp User


February 18,2010

Do not go to Esco on a weekday

This place has been done up great, but the music is as good as dead here... i agree about the racial discrimination bit. i did see white men, or Indian men accompanied with foreigners chilling in T shirts. The pizzas look good, the drinks menu is good. The service is below average. I ordered a drink, which the bartender forgot about, and I had to remind him and his colleague twice before I got it (not that it was a heavy day). Also, the Esco management have a habit of putting 'Reserved' tags at empty tables. When we went and sat down on one of these without asking (note: our group was a mix of 2 Indians & 4 foreigners), one of the waiters just came discreetly and took the sign away. Didn't really understand the purpose of putting it there in the first place. All in all, I am not impressed or enthusiastic enough to go back there again.
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Lucifer Sam - Burrp User

Lucifer Sam

February 18,2010

Racial Discrimination!

This place is so typical. They have a strict "no t-shirt" rule (men have to wear shirts). They enforce this with zero flexibility when it comes to Indian men. But when a white guy goes, they allow him to enter in a t-shirt. How predictable. Is this what world-class means in India? You bend over backwards for people who have white skin and foreign exchange. When it comes to your own people, you act like the biggest snobs on earth. ESCOBAR SUCKS!

These guys need to take a page out the books of places like blue frog and bonobo, who don't care if the men are in shorts or flip-flops and still manage to maintain a great image, have a great crowd and ensure their patrons have a good time.

Another thing is that their Bar-tenders are soo... "d-uh". They have this Big Moose kind of dumb expression on their faces when you ask for anything. And very un-polished waiters. I asked for a table outside and a waiter says all are reserved. He points to the bar inside and says (and i kid you not) "Andar woh bar stools khali ho-re-la hai na".
Apart from these, the place is nice. They've done a great job with the space. Decent menu. But the racial discrimination really put me off. I was in a shirt and had no problem, but i saw so many Indian men in t-shirts getting sent back and white men in a tshirt getting let in... it really put me off. I probably wont go back here.
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nikkik - Burrp User


February 10,2010

my kinda place

Excellent service, good food, reasonable yummy pizzas, v thin and crispy although no box for takeaways..good selection of drinks and cocktails, we definitely need more places like this in our city. Will go again and again....MUST VISIT....
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Sal  - Burrp User


February 10,2010


I love the way they have done up the place. Its a great place to take a date or someone you want to make an impression on. There is an AC section and an open air section which is perfect in this weather. The bar is huge and passes through both sections. We went the day after the opening and it was practically empty besides us. Guys please call before you go because they have a strict dress code. Of course women can waltz in just about anything.

Food: They are very big on customising so if nothing strikes your fancy off the menu you can ask them to prepare something as per your palate. Tried the pizza which was not bad and risotto. Usually not a risotto fan but really liked this one especially the way it was served. My friend loved the chicken main course she ordered.

Drinks: They make a really mean appletini. Ask them to add a bit of hazelnut to it and your in heaven. Even my non-alcoholic friends loved it.

Damages: Decently priced for a continental restaurant.

Mumbai definately needs more of such places. Definately gonna be on my list whenever I go to Bandra.
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joey whalem - Burrp User

joey whalem

February 02,2010

alfr-ESCO - BAR !!!

something that bandra needed!!! apart from the kinky looking alfresco eatery cum sheetary called Hawaiian Shack which is getting atrociously pricy both moneywise and attitudewise finally has some good competition!!! this place is sure to rock the suburbs...excellent selection of tapas,pizzas and desserts leaves you asking for more... checkout the place after hitting firangi paani for some happy hour drinks!!!
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ananya.d - Burrp User


January 28,2010

Finally what Bombay needed

Esco is like a class apart from all the bars/restaurants...
Its not just one of those places that are greatly done up but the menu cant support it.. the longest bar - the most kick ass drinks and the BEST pizzas and tapas.
Its seriously one of the best places to head out if you want to have a reaalllyy good time!
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Janice  - Burrp User


January 25,2010

Awesomely refreshing place for Bandra!

I love Escobar, not just for the fact that it's open until the wee hours of morning, but because it's so spacious, well staffed and the drinks and eats are quite nice too. Prices are just perfect and the music rocks! It's got India's longest bar - 77 ft long so no more queuing up for your drink and it's got indoors and outdoors to choose from.
Seating is lounge as well as bar stool. It's a life saver for smokers who don't need to get in and out of the place to light up.
In short - simply love it and highly recommend it
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