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Foodie Punters - Burrp User

Foodie Punters

June 29,2016

Simply love d food here..

Simply love d food here..
Potato twister keeps callin me bac here again n again..
A must try.. N d paninis here r good too..
They have outside n inside sitting..
Dey play good musik n have happy hrs toooo..
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 31,2015

Average Place

I have been here twice. The place is a little Small , but it's a good place to have dinner with your friends The menu is quite limited and the place is expensive for what it offers.We ordered chicken n beef sizzlers and chicken pizza.The pizza and beef sizzler was tasty but dint like the chicken sizzler. Our next try Four seasons pizza was bland.They also have karaoke...which is when the place is super noisy...but fun.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 19,2015

Good Italian serves

This place was recommended by a friend. The inside area is cozy, the outside is a little messy. Food is awesome and quite reasonable. Loved their Lasagne and the Paneer Sizzler. Cheese corn balls and cheesy fries are a must try starter. Quesadilla taste more Indian rather than Mexican. They have low sitting sofa's and chairs which is quite comforting.
The atmosphere is very lively with good music and Bollywood karaoke.
Overall the place was very good. A must try for Italian lovers.
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  • Fingers Cross - The All Day Dining & Barimage
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Dev Saighal - Burrp User

Dev Saighal

January 02,2015

Awesome place to chill, eat and drink!!

I love how they have renovated the interiors since i last went there.. They have these lovely low sitting sofa's and chairs, which I absolutely love. The food is pretty good and the service is very friendly. Overall a very good experience!! and the best part is that they have valet!!
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Satyen Shah - Burrp User

Satyen Shah

February 17,2014

Cockroach! Horrible experience

Just been to this place. Ordered food and drinks but was shocked to find a cockroach in my drink but that wasn't the worst part. The manager (Gaurav Aggarwal) was arrogant and dismissive of the whole thing, his words "so what" meant that it is ok to have cockroach in your drink even if you are charged a handsome amount. this only give one the idea that to them the customer is taken for granted and they have a we don't give a Sh%$ attitude. we left the place in disgust and refused to pay the bill. This place has been crossed from my list and i would not recommend anyone to go to a place where customers are not valued. Not recommended!
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Shruti Nayak - Burrp User

Shruti Nayak

November 01,2013

Wine !

Loved this place..nice ambience..cool music..Enjoyed some good quality wine ;)
one of the best places around Lokhandwala..cheers !
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rons_agg007 - Burrp User


October 16,2013

Not worth a penny

I have to fingers cross on a friends recommendation that is was a good place for drinks & to enjoy cricket match. The place was decently crowded bt still the staff was not co-operative. The service was very slow & the waiters were least bothered about the customers. Also the food was just average & quantity was too less for everything. It was not worth shedding money for such a place where you dont get good food or service or ambiance. There are good number of options available around this place which can give you a much better experience
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shreya52 - Burrp User


September 13,2013

Happy waala hours

this place is too good tio resist plainly for the happy hours & the esp. the huge beer glasses...
Love being there during IPL''s
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rusha shah - Burrp User

rusha shah

August 02,2013

cave- ish

food- average
quantity- less
ambience - too dim
what i ordered- french fries and pasta, paneer tikka, fab
experience- averaglunch
features- huge beer glasses and happy hours
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Sampat Bhansali - Burrp User

Sampat Bhansali

July 29,2013

Reasonable but not that good

Visited for the first time, not had a great experience, I did not like the food, the service in the restaurant was far better than in the lounge. Actually the lounge is not proper lounge, taste of music is bad, the whole feel was bad.
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Nameet Shetty - Burrp User

Nameet Shetty

May 31,2013

Fresh Beer And Sizzlers Galore

If fresh beer and sizzlers are your thing, Fingers Cross is the place for you. I've been to this place a couple of times and have had a great experience every single time. You can choose to sit inside, in the dimly lit AC section, but the music here is usually too loud for conversation. If you're a smoker and prefer a quieter location, you can sit outside in the non AC section.

Pitchers here are reasonably priced and the beer here is fresh and chilled at the right temperature. My favorite starter here is the schezwan tossed fries, which is light and keeps you just about hungry for the sizzlers. I've also ordered the non veg platter here, but its not as great as its description on the menu.

Now comes the sizzler. After a few beers, when your taste buds are raging, a nicely done sizzler can really pep up your mood. I've pretty much tried all the sizzlers here, but my favorites are the butterfly steak sizzler, seafood sizzler and the mutton bhuna sizzler. Dinner for two, with booze, will cost you about 1800 INR. The place is worth the price you pay and has a good collection of music, although the service could have been a little better.
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Riddhi Sen - Burrp User

Riddhi Sen

January 07,2013

Awesome hangout place with great food!!

Great Food, Good variety, Good Service, Nice ambience, Good music, Serves alcohol, and it’s not at all expensive!! Do I need to say more?… Definitely one of the better places to hang out at, in and around Lokhandwala.

Food: Great quality and amazing variety!! You will get Salads, Pizzas, Pastas, Sizzlers, Thai curry, Enchiladas..and the list goes on! The food is tasty and the portions are good.

Service: Quite nice. I have been there a couple of times and I have never had any issues and the service was quite prompt and the waiters are polite and helpful.

Ambience: It has both, an A/C section with 3 kinds of seating (low seating area, a few std table-chairs, and a couple of bar stools) and an open to sky out-door area. The interiors are nice and a little funky with soft yellow lighting and good music playing in the background. A really a nice place to chill with friends.

Value for money: Amazing value for money. Would rate it a 5/5 for that. :D

Overall ...really nice and a must try for all!
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Shilpa Mohta - Burrp User

Shilpa Mohta

October 18,2012

Must have Honey noodles with ice cream!

Nice ambience..decent starters..

Love the Honey noodles with ice cream here. Awesome!
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amitkhanna490 - Burrp User


September 11,2012

loved it......!!

i heard about this place from some friends.........so finally on sunday i got chance to visit this place....i must say that the service was just awsome and the staff was quite friendly......would love to visit this place again.
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lisa_12 - Burrp User


August 31,2012

Awesome Experience

visited this place ..

the food was really nice... staff was wonderful.. and ambience was the best of it all..

will definitely visit again!!!

Keep it up!!!
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Rasita Ambade - Burrp User

Rasita Ambade

August 31,2012

All together good place

Visited to fingercross this Saturday with some of my frnds ... it was all together good experience .. nice place 2 visit .. very nice food and ambience..vil visit soon ...!!
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pariniti - Burrp User


April 19,2012

Worst service evr!!

Visited the place with a bunch of friends...there was no food on d table for like an hour! During that time we begged constantly for some water on the table but the waiters were more interested in watching the match than giving us water apparently. Had to yell for the manager who was also quite reluctant to come but the finally some water arrives...Then after an hour 1 dish arrives that too another 30min before the other dish! i ordered beef but they served chicken..and when got to their notice the waiter argues that it is beef only and i am not able to tell the difference!! Ask for the chef to come so at least he can help. But no chance of it happening..!! If i am paying 350 for a dish I expect that you at least serve what ive asked for!! Overall a most horrible experience and would not even recommend my enemy to go there!!!!
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joshua9955 - Burrp User


April 18,2012

insects/rats... soon wil have dogs also

same as vikram but worst part is saw a rat on the table in the open area outside... it was on the plates,etc.... showed it to the waiter and his reaction was its fine sire, it will go away... you dont worry.... we immediately left the place and will never go there again... please avoid going there for your own safety
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joshua9955 - Burrp User


April 15,2012

absolute rubbish.. rats nd only rats

have jst come to dis shit hole to watch the ipl match RR vs RCB wit friends... jst went out for a smoke and i see a BIG rat on the table outside. its on the plates and when we showed it to the waiter he is like its ok sir it will go away. dis place was, is and is going to b a shit hole... just avoid going here please... absolute rubbish
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Jahangir  Iqbal Yar  Khan - Burrp User

must write to the Health deptt of the BMC

@Vikram, some people do not learn the simpler way, please write a letter to the health and safety deptt, watch this joint being shut down. that would be the right way to deal with them.
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cooldude_vikram - Burrp User


March 12,2012


I am a regular to Time n again,just thought a change would be nice,me n my wife decided to try finger cross,I would not go in2 any details abt food or decor since my level of complaint is higher-I HAD COCKROACHES MOVING AROUND MY TABLE N THAT TOO FAT N BIG ONES,WHEN complained to staff they were merely blasé n told us to change the table n they were back to chatting since only 1 table was occupied in the noon time of Saturday 10 march,I requested the manager from time n again so that i could put my fears imagine roaches on the table so what about the kitchen????the manager was very reluctant to say sorry n he gave a very stupid answer since this is India roaches move around i mean what the hell when u guys charge so much for drinks n food the least 1 can have hygienic place to unwind? I would never ever visit this place!!
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Lalit Vashishta - Burrp User

Lalit Vashishta

February 27,2012

Finally made it to FC

I had been informed about this place couple of months ago. My friend was appreciating the food etc. Finally landed up there with my wife, who did not want to eat much, but just nibble.
It was crowded, but we got a nice corner table.
For people looking for bargains - this place has Happy Hours from 12 Midnight till 1 AM - so if you are looking at a late night bargain, just drop by.
I had two chilled beers and we ordered some starters. Prawns Skewers and Ravas Fried - You should try the two dishes. Prawns was nice and non-spicy slightly barbecued with an amazing dip ( seemed like Mayo-Mustard-Garlic-Pepper ) - just tasted awesome. Then came in the Ravas fried - nice and crispy and just melted in the mouth.
I am heading to the place again to try other dishes.
Good service, friendly staff, good young crowd and it also has an open air for the smokers
4 Points from me
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

December 21,2011

Parking :) Ambiance :) Food :| Service :(

Fingers Cross is a large group-friendly, VFM restobar, ideal for a friday night chillout. It gets crowded post 830pm, so block your table before that. Despite of being in an over-crowded, parking is well taken care of. Roasted Chicken Chilly & Big Veg Platter were the best we ate, everything else was average. Biscuit & Chocolate based shakes like Oreo, Snicker may seem tempting, but not all that worth. Quite a lot of other things from the menu weren't available. You can give it one try, but there are several other options in the area. Strangely, they take a lot of time to serve water :(
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Kaushal Daga - Burrp User

Kaushal Daga

October 08,2011

Too Good

The place has improved its service and we got very fast service and rest everyone knows about the food and alcohol here.....the only concern was service which has Improved very well....
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Atin Dasgupta - Burrp User

Atin Dasgupta

September 29,2011

Great Food, Reasonably Priced, Fantastic Ambience

This is my favourite place for food and drinks in Andheri West. Located in one of the most happening corners - with a couple of malls and plenty of restaurants, bars and dozens of other digs of various shapes and sizes packed in a 1km radius, this place still holds pride of place as far as I am concerned! Fingers Cross is almost becoming like the Cafe Mondegar of Andheri West - the jukebox is missing but what the heck! The DJ does play all those boring classic rock standards that one expects from western-style cafes in Mumbai. The crowd is cool and eclectic - upcoming starlets and actors, television and radio producers, financiers, businessmen. You get them all here. Thankfully the wannabes steer clear of this place - discouraged maybe by the rock music on the speakers!

In an area known for pint sized bars and restaurants, the first thing that hits you about this place is the spaciousness - the outdoor seating area is terrific for knocking down alcohol and plate after plate of starters bathed in the translucent lighting, comfortable seating and minimalist decor. A whiff of cool breeze on your face, the company of friends and some great food is ideal for evenings that one will remember with nostalgia in the times to come!

The food is great. I personally prefer the medallion and the filet mignon (tenderloin) beef steaks. Not the best and juiciest steaks you will ever have in Mumbai but hey you are getting to eat steaks in a casual diner in Andheri West! You have got to thank your stars for that!

The other dishes are not disappointing and what will really kill you in the end is the bill that arrives at the end of a satisfying session - not with alarm but shock at the low prices! This is one place that is run by the owner himself and not on rented property - a benefit that is passed on to the customer. More power to him!

The waiters are the typical Bengali lot - hailing from West Bengal's small towns and villages, this working class now almost rules the waiter population of restaurants in Indian metros - warm, friendly, hard working and efficient though good communication is not one of their strong points!

I can only comment on the outdoor section because this is the highlight of the place - the indoor section I have sat maybe only a couple of times in my hundred or so visits so far and between outdoor and indoor there is no comparison! What else can I say - I am there almost every other night and this dive has become my local!

Oh by the way - the DJ even accomodates my sozzled request at times to plug my Blackberry into his amps and play the primarily alternative rock playlists from my phone's memory card! Try it out yourself - it's a kick to play your phone or media player's music over the entire restaurant :-)
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sarvotam Pai - Burrp User

sarvotam Pai

June 19,2011

Need to buck up!!

had gone here with my friend for a late evening drink, we were welcomed with some loud music and I mean really loud felt like we were in a night club more than a resto bar, seatings were uncomfortable for a six footer like me, also these guys have gone bold with their international branded beer list which was welcomed before but LOOK CLOSELY THEY MIGHT JUST SERVE YOU A EXPIRED LOTT which happned to me twice but luckly I have a habbit to check the lable, so replaced it with a Glass of hoegerdian Beer , again was in a cloudy form and not totally drinkable.
FOOD: 4/5Had cottage cheese and stir fried vegetable was tasting good although need to be crispy.
DRINKS: 2/5 Expired beers on sale , but also was well complimented by a LONG ISLAND ICED TEA for which i rate it 2 star.
AMBIANCE: 2/5 Extra Bright lights, extra loud music., uncomfortable seating .
VALUE FOR MONEY:3/5 we had 4 drinks and 1 main course between two costing arround 1200 rs which is not bad, but still needs to be better.
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Kaushal Daga - Burrp User

Kaushal Daga

April 22,2011

New Finger Cross

Well the newly made finger cross inside section is really nice.....the food is amazing and OBV the alcohol is dirt cheap....there is a line sayin "To Alcohol - for the times we never remember with the friends we never forget".....so this line says it all, y you shud b goin there.....although the service is a problem and is a bit slow....THE PANEER HERE DISHES ARE AWESOME...its a must try......I love this place!
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Shahnaz Halai - Burrp User

Shahnaz Halai

January 02,2011

Good crowd

Guys...I must say I found some good crowd, food and drinks here.
All in all a good place with a reasonable menu as well.

Atleast I was happy :)
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Tanuj Baru - Burrp User

Tanuj Baru

December 01,2010


A very good option to come to if you don't want to go to TGI in infinity but dont want to travel to far either. Happy hours are what make this place so attractive, and with cheap booze comes good food. try the mozzarella stuffed chicken and have it while it's hot. really tasty. dont experiment with the menu too much and ask some1 what to eat here before you come and you'll enjoy your outing.
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Vic  - Burrp User


August 29,2010

Burp!! Exuse me please

Well I’m a lil cross about the price, but the food i tell you if you know what to order then my friend you are in for a treat.

Sorry i don’t recall the dish's name but it was yummy yummy yum... it fills your tummy tum tum ...

Again if you had a bad experience then too bad but give them another chance is what i can say.

If you did not like what i wrote or don’t agree then four fucks to what you think. ;0)

-+up the irons+-
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ramkey - Burrp User


June 10,2010

Takes "All DAY " for food

the only reason i am giving this place 2 stars..is because they have affordable pricing in alochol..n thts all you can talk about.....service nothing to even speak about....water arrived only after we had finshed our maincourse..(should be the first thing to be asked as we enter to dine)...since my freind was nt having alochol ..she went in for an ice tea..since it was happy hours...we got opted for another ice tea..but with a different flavour...they said tht even the flavours have to be same as original order..i checkd the happy hour rule book they have and it clearly said that for mocktails happy hours u can avail another SIMILAR drink...when i showed the manager he said that "similar" and "same" meant the same.,,i really dont care bout the free second ice tea..its only bout the way they make u feel as if they are doing us a favour...if u dont wanna be hospitable then please suit your self..n btw the food is just OK..
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

April 11,2010

Happy Hours after midnight

Good food but so-so ambience.. Have happy hours after midnight so that makes it all the more attractive, so who gives a damn about the ambience then?? Try chinese and pastas.. And ya, you can enjoy the IPL matches too..
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nimish.nathwani - Burrp User


February 13,2010

Good for a random booze outing

Offers beer at decent rates and the happy hour timing on 12 midnite to 1 am is just perfect!

not a good music place tho...
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Jay  - Burrp User


August 26,2009

not a place for faint hearted

a very good place, a good restaurant if ur primary motive is to booze....
food comes frm the nxt door restaurant time n again....
so nothing speacial....

but it is pathetic in service.....it took me 2 hrs to have a dinner...
the food seems to be never coming..n the waiter forgts were to serve whut....
a pizza took me 45 minutes, beer 25 minutes to get served...

most of the crowd skips the food....just the alcohol all the way
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MANAN  - Burrp User


August 02,2009

Nice Food ...Drinks ..and Ambience.

visited the place at 12 in the night...
we were aptly greeted and seated...
nice variety on the menu both for veggies and the carnivores..
ordered Pizzas...and beef stake ..
pizzas were delicious...beef stake was average.
the choice n variety of drinks was commendable
easy on the pocket too
i beer pint at 70 !!! pitcher at 230 !!!
bill for 4 inc food and drinks ....1200 !
good place...definitely a chillout place with good value
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vsshailesh - Burrp User


March 05,2009

Not a value for money place

Six hungry guys went to this place yesterday, and when we saw the prices, we thought we had discovered a good place to dine.

The prices were just perfect and we ordered and awaited the dishes. It was indeed a shocker when the food was actually served. The quantity was too less. Dishes which were supposed to serve two did Each of us ended up spending about 250 bucks and felt as though we had just had some snacks.

It maybe a place to dine if you want to spend a thousand bucks to have a filling meal, but definitely not value for money. No sir !
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Avigyan Dutta - Burrp User

Avigyan Dutta

January 09,2009

Long Island Ice Tea...bad!

I really must be known for writing the worst reviews...n heres one more...

never order for the Long Island Ice Tea here...it tastes horrible!

u ll love the interiors..
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Omar Hamid - Burrp User

Omar Hamid

April 25,2008


Now I've written a few reviews for a few places on this site, and normally I am a little busy with work to find the time to write something about places I might have been to, but didn't particularly like so much.

Every now and then though, I realize that there are a couple of places I keep going to over and over again and have a really pleasant time while going there, and just haven't written anything about the place.

"Fingers Cross" is definately one such place. I read all the reviews that everyone else wrote, and you know what, they pretty much hit the nail on the head. If you took away the decent decor. Comfortable outdoor / indoor seating ('cept for that wierd recessed lounge area at the back corner - where the table keep hitting your knees). Decently polite and attentive enough waiters. Great variety of cuisine, strictly considering its fantastic pricing. And of course, who can not mention the prices on the drinks menu!! Couple that with Happy hours (something like 14.49 to 19.49) and you have a great place, not just to hang out, but you can take the chicks there...without feeling too cheap (despite the great prices), and without it eating a hole in your pocket either.

I must admit, I have eaten at better places (but can't go there too often because of the cost restraints), and I haven't nearly had as much fun as I do (and have) at this place, simply because I'm not worried about the bill.

The booze flows, as do the jokes, its got a decently well behaved crowd (cuz of its sister concern being a family type joint I think...), what more can I say. Did I mention French Fries @ Rs. 40? Hmm I'm hungry already, and I work right across the street... can't wait for work to get over...
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burrp2020 - Burrp User


February 20,2008

Good, well priced....


I think this place just have the best pricing in the whole of Lokhandwala

- Great menu
- Great variety / multi cuisine
- Excellent pricing
- Good ambience
- Good music / lounge
- Highlight: best priced "drinks" menu
- The manager is very EXTRA kinda and warm

- Some times what you ordered previously would not taste or not even look the same, when ordered again
- The manager is a bit too proactive at times and a bit too lazy at times (haiem)
- If ever he comes to your table to ask "how was the food" he wont budge unless he hears "it was good, excellent", like self opinionated

- Try Chicken pickle bruchetta
- Try mozzarella stuffed chicken (chicken patty with stuffed cheese center)
- Try Sizzlers,..sometimes its good
- Try drinks (well priced)
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ranbir84 - Burrp User


January 09,2008

amazing experience

i love the place for the pizzas .. the sizzlers.... the amazing conitnental grills ... the starters ... especially potato twisters.. and the desserts ....
the prices are absolutely perfect and is a treat to be here with your friends ... be for lunch .. the happy hours ... or even the nite where the dj plays some groovy retro or house mixes .......
absolutely value for money and a satisfying experience
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

December 06,2007

Good Western Food coming Cheap!

Here is one simple recipe of getting repeat business for restaurants: Make a good looking feel good place in terms of ambience, throw in a good palate of not-very-exotic stuff the junta will identify with, and put in some smiley service! And yeah, keep the pricing for the food not very out of this world! Voila... You've got the magic potion of getting the customer back again for the food and the smiles!

I've been to this joint just once with a friend who has been here 5 times already. Nice lovely seating and ambience, an air-conditioned cabin and then some open air seating too. Missed their 5 hour long happy hours, but hey, who cares as long as the tab did not make you wonder if you had a meal on the earth or did it include taxes to go to the moon also? And they play some lovely retro tracks all evening, which is my kind of music!

These people have an excellent selection of the pizzas, the pastas, the paninis, some good starters and if i remember salads also! The regular fare you'd expect at a western joint! :) We ordered some Bruchettas and some Chicken Chilli for starters... and these were good. For the main course, we had Panini sandwiches, and these were spicy and tangy just as much as you'd need them, though they could work on some more exotic veggie stuff!

My dessert is the best part of a meal I eat out, and here, it was Excellent! The Mud pie was made out of soft and yum brownie bits and they just melt in your mouth..... To top it all up, there was a very friendly old man who was waiting on us, and he did a good job at it.

The only area they left us wanting was the waiting time for the food! Trust me, they'd serve you one starter and then you'd have to wait till it gets over till the second one would come around! Not fair i say! So, instruct them to bring your food all in one go maybe!

But the rest was all good. Most of what we ate was 75-85 bucks per portion, and even the more exotic stuff like the pasta and the works were 110-115 to the best! And no service charges, yippeeee! Burrrrrp!
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