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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Mutton Vindalho
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned with friends

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wanderersatheart - Burrp User


January 17,2016

Coastal Colours and Curries!

Set in a medieval Portuguese villa sorts, the ambience reeks of Colonial era. The restaurant has relaxed Goan vibe, complete with a huge church bell at the entry and a coastal European appearance.
All you miss is surf and sand, hoping to find the ocean as you gaze out of the window.
Goa Portuguesa offers a versatile mix of Goan, Konkan and Portuguese platters in veg and non-veg. Portuguese origin Goan delicacies including Caldo Verda (national soup of Portugal), Vindalho, Cafreal, Xacutti, meat croquettes are a must try. Cocktails and beer are served with special discounts over lunch. Also, the restaurant levies only 10 percent service tax.

Read the full experience about Goa Portuguesa on our blog : http://www.wanderersatheart.com/goa-portuguesa-restobar-mahim/
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


June 09,2015

Mind Blowing Experience

It's a mind blowing experience. Please do try the Bombay duck, it is the best Bombay duck in all of Bombay. We also had Prawn curry which was exquisitely cooked. The best part about the restaurant is that the owner is very friendly.

He actively talks to all the customers and there is also a guitar player who plays lovely songs at every table.
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Nicholas Dias - Burrp User

Nicholas Dias

February 01,2015

good place

team Goa Portuguesa is really amazing with the service and ambience. the servers unlike other restaurants really know what is on the menu. Just for fun we pretended that we had no idea about the goan cuisine and asked for adviced. we were shocked to see that our server actually recommended goan delicacies like prawn curry and chicken curry. this place has some really good food and I must say it is really impressive

It is a little expensive but the seafood dishes should be on your list first
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Goan Delight!

Since i am a goan how can i not love this food! I love fish and this place offers the best goan fish curry ever! Seafood heaven for everyone.. i love the tiger prawns the way they are prepared here and i love malwani food as well.. The menu offers a variety of options .. A bit expensive but for a seafood lover this place is a must! In the end don't forget to try the bebinca! A goan dessert which is really yum!
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

September 18,2014

A Piece of Goa

This was my second visit to Goa Portuguesa, the first being while I was still in school. So I virtually had no yardstick to compare my second visit to. We made our selves cozy in the brightly lit and vibrant environment. Illustrious artist Mario Miranda's paintings donned the walls. We tucked into Prawn rissois, Croquettes, and caldo verde soup for starters. For the main course we had Arroz - rice based dish, chicken cafreal, pork roast and moongachi ghati. All of the dishes we tried were lip-smacking, truly. I have vowed to return back and try every dish on their menu.
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Susan Dsouza - Burrp User

Susan Dsouza

June 23,2014

Mouth Watering Food

This is the first time my husband and I had been to this place. My hubby is a lover of goan food so after lot of research I short-listed this place to surprise. I banked on this place purely on the reviews and friends recommendations. The place was as authentic as its food. We order for Papad Stuffed prawns and paneer dry made in goan masala, they were totally divine. For main course, we tried the authentic goan prawn curry with apuma. We had this gentlemen who played the guitar and dedicated a song from me to my hubby. Mr. Suhas Awchat was seen personally talking to his customer and later to us which was very appreciated. There is a saying "Service with a Smile" and this is something that I witnessed with the man who was attending to us. The staff was very courteous. All in all my purpose of going to Goa Portugueasa was achieved. My hubby truly enjoyed his surprise and so did I. Thank you to the Goa Portuguease Team to make our saturday evening so memorable.
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Aakash Dubey - Burrp User

Aakash Dubey

February 01,2014

BEST Place

Hey guys! Goa Portuguesa is the BEST place if you're planning to relish non-vegetarian food. You should try the Mutton Vindalho. This dish has mutton chops mixed with succulent gravy. I had this delight with butter roti but it also goes well with rice. If you're at Goa Portuguesa, make sure you try this at least once. You'll not be disappointed, I guarantee you that.
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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

November 24,2013

goan feel!

This is one hotel which gives you the goan feel. I am myself from goa and portuguese cuisine delights me! I had chicken cafreal which was very well made with small pieces of chicken boneless ones! The pomfret curry was amazing too! We had dry masala clams which was quite ok. The fried surmai was delicious!! The solkadi was good too The pricing is slightly on the upper side, but its worth it! Recommended from my side!
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kashraj - Burrp User


October 13,2013

Good ambience, average food

We have been here before but this time round found the service to be just a bit shoddy and the food quality to be only so-so, as compared to great a year back. Not sure what's changed, but we left with mixed feelings. Given that the prices are still the same, not sure if its such a sure shot good experience any more.
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Maiya Solanki - Burrp User

Maiya Solanki

October 11,2013

Must visit.

I had been to Goa Portuguesa last weekend with my family especially because we all are die-heart fan of seafood. I have loved being there and relished the taste of all my favourite sea food items. I look forward to visit there again and again.This place is worth a visit.
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rohanbhaterocks - Burrp User


October 04,2013

The Goan Style....

It was an tiring saturday and i was starving....Me and my friends decided to choose a restaurant close to mahin or dadar so that we can reach there soon...Initially we agreed for Oven fresh but considering a weekend and the rush, we had to change our mind...

One of my friend suggested Goa Portuguesa...The ambiance is made by pure Goan style...the staff here is good and well behaved....

The food served is good...You also have person who plays guitar and sings for your favourite song...its a total fun being here....Also the owner of the restaurant is a cool guy...He personally visits all the tables and asks for suggestions..

We came out with a good experience and a good dinner with our tummies full pack...
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doublehelix - Burrp User


September 21,2013

A few unacceptable practices

Ordered kolambi khichadi (prawn khichadi) from GP after a long time with specific instructions.
The khichadi was excellent...everything I remember it to be but I'm put off by something that happens with billing AS A RULE!

The bill says price + Addnl Govt taxes and S Chargs (Service Charge, not spelled out) minus discount for ordering out. Now note that their menu prices include taxes so they are adding on a 10% Service Charge (basically a 10% tip) for a home delivery. That is atrocious!
When I asked for an explanation, I was told that it is mgmt policy. Of course, they'd love to get 10% more money but that is cheating. No other way to look at it.
My prior in-depth review has another note of a different cheat. This is not done. You play fair with your customers and charging a hefty tip for a home delivery item is not done.
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dhruvil patel - Burrp User

dhruvil patel

August 22,2013

A different meal for my tastebuds

had gone there with my office colleagues for lunch. after a lot of discussion with them finally decided to go there. was reluctant to try anything apart from the normal that i usually have but my colleagues forced me to try what they were having. Had the pomfret fry with green masala, fried bombil & prawns and loved it. after too much of coaxing by my colleagues not to have the regular butter chicken tried the chicken stew with appam & it was finger licking good. summed it up with payasam & I must tell you had the best meal a different one after a long time.

and to top it all used my burrp card to avail a discount of 15 % which was like cherry on top. Overall a good experience especially with the burrp card
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Jigna Patel - Burrp User

Jigna Patel

August 06,2013

A Perfect 5 out of 5 :)

If you are a fan of Goan cuisine, then you’re sure to love Goa Portuguesa! The food will not disappoint you. You will drool over their non-vegetarian starters. I love their Chicken Cheese and Stir Fried Mutton. They get a 5 on 5 from me.
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Prem Sokhi - Burrp User

Prem Sokhi

August 05,2013

Love the food

Really sucks. Even the guitarist, especially when he's standing next to your table and singing aloud.

This is the USP. Love everything here, especially the Rawas in Malabari curry, Egg Appam and Chicken Stew.

Quite good and prompt. The waiters are complete smileys.

Loud, really. So is the menu, which has the love story of the owners and their glorified images all over the place. They can surely do without it.

Quite VFM. And they have some good deals on and off. Do check before ordering.
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johnarnold400 - Burrp User


July 07,2013

The most excellent MEAL ever!!!

Went to Goa Portuguesa this Afternoon with my group...............had an awsome time there.
First of all we got to sit on one huge table all 8 of us then once our order was taken we got a guitarist at our table and he was singing Some amazing songs...Cant remember his name but he was a young chap....Once our starters came to the table we all dug in and trust me it was delicious esp the crumb fried Bombay duck...then came the main course I must say the Tender coconut cashew nut suke DELIVERED what it said It was yummy along with a few appam...sad thing is I Never tried the gravy dishes as I was stuffed to the brim....May be next time :) ............For me must visit place.....again....and again......and again............FOREVER :) :) :)
May be next time i will try out the pork sorpotal.
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coffeedesk - Burrp User


April 30,2013

Change can be a good thing!

Enter at your own risk. While the garish, tacky interiors are enough to blind someone, settle in and you might just be in for a surprisingly good food. In Mahim both, you can order from both Goan and South Indian menus.

The upside: You can enjoy Goan sausage - pao and the mutton stew with fresh appams at the same table. The Andhra prawns are also worth mentioning - while they are coloured a fiery red, they are well seasoned and robustly flavoured.

Other than a few of these dishes, this place could use a serious overhaul. While we're not recommending doing an avant garde modern flip with the decor, we do think this place needs to move into this time period.

Lose the gaudy interiors, update staff's uniforms and re-think table settings. Also, let your food and service be your advertising, don't shove your accomplishments and various awards down every guests throat.

Get with the times and Im sure, it will do wonders for your dated reputation.
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Sagar Joshi - Burrp User

Sagar Joshi

January 24,2013

Love the food !!

I absolutely love the variety of food and cuisines at Goa Portuguesa. I try out something new on their menu every time I go there and love it!
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nikkik - Burrp User


October 26,2012


This place has gone to the dogs.
Lousy service, waiters non english speaking , mumbling to themselves, cant understand anything they say.
Over salty starters, dull, tasteless and bad quality chicken curry. Mushy, over cooked and smelly fish curry, saltless rice served alongwith.
Absolute waste of money. Never again. Do not recommend it at all....
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Aliza Shaikh - Burrp User

Aliza Shaikh

August 29,2012

Delicious Goan Food & Classy Drinks :)

If you are tired of eating the same cuisine in your locality again and again then you should really try some original Goan cuisine at Goa Portuguesa. The first time I went to this place I had Prawn Rissois and lobster masala and the quality of these dishes were even better than what I had heard.
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Kohlik - Burrp User


July 31,2012

No no no no No Never

Bad food, squishy, stinky place. To think of it. The new branch is taking the toll on the original one. Time to realize that owners buckle up or .....
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Abhishek Menon - Burrp User

Abhishek Menon

March 23,2012

Mr. Suhas (proprieter) and his tall promises

My apologies for putting in a review a bit late, but anyways ..
I along with 3 office colleagues had gone to celebrate Onam lunch last year. Apparently, the restaurant had a special Onam lunch (which later on turned to be a total rip off) at approx Rs. 500/- per plate. All four of us were Keralites and we were surprised to see that they had served more than half north indian dishes to celebrate Malayalee festival. Upon protest, the hotel manager apologised and admitted that a a new North Indian cook was recruited and he was "just learning" how to cook Kerala dishes. We remarked that what was their purpose in giving an ad in local newspaper , place a huge board outside their entry, charge a bomb for food for Onam special lunch, when they had recruited a new cook who was clueless on how to prepare such food.
All four of us made it a point to write to the great flashy proprieter, Mr. Suhas, about the fiasco. He replied to us promptly that he would get a new cook and invite us for lunch again sometime in the forthcoming 3-4 weeks to really see for ourselves how well they can prepare Kerala food.
A couple of weeks later, all of us again wrote to him in the month of oct, then again in Nov but got no response. We concluded that he has continued to keep his expert cook and keep ripping off innocent customers who have little knowledge of other regional cuisines.
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Steffi Patrao - Burrp User

Steffi Patrao

March 22,2012

food not that interesting

the food lacks it flavor like it used to. ambience's is good. slightly overpriced.
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rolstonf - Burrp User


March 20,2012

Dr Suhas Viva Goa

The moment you step in you immediately realise that you entered a photo exhibition..

Can you beat this, a restaurant showcasing the owner in all his avatars!!!

Sigh what a pity.

Now coming to the food;
It is just a notch better than most of the Gomantak restaurants in an around Dadar. Pricing is terrible though (Very expensive and defintely not for middle class)

I expected the flavour of Goa and it was missing here.

Recommendation : Prawns Goan Curry

Worth a trip only if you have photography in mind
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Raunak Mangal - Burrp User

Raunak Mangal

March 19,2012

Goa in Mumbai!!

The moment you step in you get a feel of Goa !! Lots of firangs, beer on every table, and that aroma of typical goan food. Absolutely Loved the starters, although main course was not that finger licking as you expect it to be. Overall a good but pricey place.
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dianaprabha - Burrp User


March 19,2012


You’d like to be in Goa, then,Goa Portuguesa ,the first progeny of the successful Goan and Maharashtrian eatery in Mahim.
excellent dishes,reminds me of olden goan food,you will leave Goa Portuguesa heavier in the stomach but lighter in the wallet...
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Sweta Nair - Burrp User

Sweta Nair

March 19,2012

Should I review Goa Portuguesa or Dr. Suhas?

So I have been to Goa Portuguesa not once, but twice! I loved the Masala Clams and the Soul Kadi. But what I don’t admire is the bombardment of photos of Dr. Suhas (the owner of the place). You turn to the right and there he is with Salman Khan, you turn to the left and there he is posing for the shutter bugs with Kareena Kapoor. Ignoring the horrible photo touch up work, the image of him posing with a gun is most intimidating; a direct threat if you were to talk ill about the place. Nevertheless, the place has houses south Indian culinary delights. The Malabari Parothas and Chettinad Chicken are too die for, almost took me back to Kerala. I guess on weekend they usually have a few performances lined up, nothing fancy, just a nice old gentleman singing classics.

So definitely try Goa Portuguesa out. You will like the food. However, make sure when you’re leaving Dr. Suhas doesn’t sneak from the back and hold on to your calf muscles. (I am scared for life. He did that to me.) Oh, I missed out on a crucial piece of information. Dr. Suhas will pay you a visit when you come by to Goa Portuguesa. After some small talk and cracking some lame old jokes, he leaves. If he doesn’t leave then you wrap up your dining experience and LEAVE!
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s4l1l - Burrp User


March 19,2012

Good and tasty food

I had been Goa Portuguesa a couple of times now. Its got a very different and lively ambiance to it compared to usual restaurants in the area. The food is mouthwatering and very well presented I should add!
The first time I had been there, they had a dish with prawns cooked in some tequila based sauce served over rice; this dish was one to die for! It was just awesome.
However on my second visit I was told that the dish had been taken of the menu which was a big disappointment. However the manager was kind enough to check with the chef and they made a special exception and prepared the dish for us which was absolutely fantastic of them!
Definately planning to visit them some time soon!
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lorraine00in - Burrp User


March 19,2012

A taste of Goa...

Awsome place..good ambiance that tries to bring in the spirit of Goa. The food is excellent and you can really taste the flavours of Goa..maybe not exactly but Goa Portuguesa really tries its very best to match the flavours of the Goan food...its a good place for a good family meal and value for money...being Goan its nice to have a place in Mumbai that comes close to the real thing and its nice to go there sometimes when you miss Goa...
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Rajen Shah - Burrp User

Rajen Shah

March 19,2012

Good place to try...

Had been with friends...we went for the veg. meal as suggested. It was some curry veg with coconut. I must say...was damn tasty.....that we had to order another one. Well they should be serving butter / garlic naan as well, though they do not form part of Goan food.

Place - interior is bit messy but its okay compared to the food and service they provide.
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penocchio - Burrp User


March 19,2012

Flashy yet tasty

Ive been here several times, and like the food very much. But what sometimes topples the cuisine is the overpowering decor, the flashy menu cards and the 'live musical entertainment'. Its also annexed to a Dakshin cuisine diner called Culture Curry, so you would get an eclectic mix of all delicious coastal savouries.
Being a Goan myself, I wouldn't say the taste is 100% authentic, but it comes close, and I would give the food an 8/10. Lately, the tariffs have shot up and I don't frequent the place as much I'd like to. But its definitely worth a visit.
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Lucifer Sam - Burrp User

Lucifer Sam

March 19,2012

A reliable choice, every time

What makes me go back again and again to Goa Portuguesa, apart from the food, is the ambience. Its not the most fancy or sophisticated looking restaurant, but there is always a pleasant bustle about the place. I especially love the ambience of the culture curry section here. What adds to the ambience is Suhas walking around chatting with the patrons. Some may find it irritating, but he means well and is always a pleasure to talk to. One thing I don't like is the new guitar playing guy. I would've appreciated it much more if he played old goan tunes like galyaat saakhli sonyachi, aaya muyaya (i think an earlier guy used to play that kinda music)

Having grown up in Bandra and being a fan of seafood and pork in general, GP is an automatic choice at least once a month. My picks from the menu are the Roast Pork in brown sauce with capsicum and Goa sausage chilly fry with garlic Poi. The goa sausage is full of meat and not just chunks of chewy fat (which i have experienced in lotsa places). One new discovery was the chicken bali bali. Dont know if thats really a goan item, but it was very good. Being a south indian, I also rush to Culture curry everytime i miss the food from Chennai. Culture curry isnt a patch on the chettinad restaurants in Chennai, but its one of those places where you know you'll at least be reminded of home.
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roxanne - Burrp User


March 19,2012

Goan or not?

Is Goa Portuguesa authentic Goan cuisine? Those who have had the pleasure of Goan food may disagree. But, for those wanting to experience the culinary delights of coastal India, this restaurant has options that will leave you satisfied. So dont write it off just yet. The Chicken Xacuti, the prawn balchao were quite good. Appams with fish curry was a really good combination. The bebinca & dodola dint really make an impact but the kokum sharbat & solkadi were both really refreshing and went well with the food.
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mahadiksanjay - Burrp User


March 19,2012

A Homely place to eat

Really good food especially Sea Food taste is alarming. Goan food the taste of Fish curry there is no word to say. A light music & atmosphere in the restaurant is memorable in mind if you visit.
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mohitgulati - Burrp User


March 19,2012

Gr8 food if you can tolerate the owner....

I have been to GP a couple of times... The food is very authentic Goan and i just love the Fish Curry rice here... However, the owner with his many accolades at times can tend to ruin a perfect romantic evening for you... Just duck out of any conversation with him to enjoy some good food and music....
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kathuria.sahil - Burrp User


March 06,2012

A Place To Visit

A Really Wonderful Place....Very decently priced n suit all the pockets.....Apart from this musicians and sing there and are pretty good with old and new numbers
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cocainebug - Burrp User


February 12,2012

Beware. Venture at your own risk!

There is nothing Goan or Portuguese about Goa Portuguesa. What is dished out as being Goan food is nothing near actual Goan food. Not even close. The prawns curry was tasteless, the sorpotel of a wierd taste, the only saving grace being the south indian Chicken Chettinad which was ok.
We were made to sit in the adjoinding Culture Curry - dirty sofas, AC not working, Torn Menus.
And then there are the owners! If the food isnt bad enough to kill you, self praising pictures of them all over the menu and a gaudy visiting card (again with photos!) will finish you off!
If you want to try Goan food, Soul fry casa at Fort is a better place to go.
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Gaurav Vartak - Burrp User

Gaurav Vartak

January 06,2012

Good Goan Food

First of all let me tell you that if you are expecting absolutely authentic Goan food, then you will disappointed. It's very rare to find the authentic cuisine of any one state in another state. While you get Goan food here, it's falls just short of the authentic Goan food (maybe it's lack of a beach while you dine). But that doesn't mean that food is bad.

It is advisable to make reservations beforehand since there is often a big waiting line. Finding the restaurant is not a difficult task since it's quite well known and is situated about 5 minutes from Shivaji Park, another famous Mumbai landmark. The restaurant has got a nice ambiance. The seating is comfotable, with both sofas and chairs available. There are two entrances; though I haven't understood the logic behind that since both are nearly adjacent to each other. There are television sets installed inside for the customers' entertainment. Besides, there is also a guitarist who entertains you with Goan folk music. The staff is mostly courteous, though at times you have to take some effort to catch their attention. Dr. Suhas Awchat, the co-founder of the restaurant is also present and makes sure personally that you are happy about the quality of the food, the service, and other such things. Though I am not sure whether he's present everday (we had gone on a Sunday).

They have a large menu to choose from; two in fact, a Goan and a South Indian. We decided to opt for the Goan one; since that is supposed to be their speciality. We started off with Prawns 65 and Surmai Rawa fry. The fish were fresh, and nicely fried. The Ivy Gourd (tendli) pickle made a nice accompaniant for the starters. For main course, there was mutton vindaloo and sausage pulao. Having never tasted vindaloo before, I have no parameters to make any comparisons. But the vindaloo was nicely spicy and delicious. The sausage pulao was quite well made, though the sausage pieces in it were unevenly cut - there were a few large pieces in the pulao. The quantity for each dish was good enough for two people. The prices were decent.

Overall, it was a very good experience. I would rate it 3.5/5.
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1507.vijay - Burrp User


December 13,2011

Doesn’t go with its name- Average Place

This place doesn’t give the feel of Goan restaurant, food is of average quality, menu is mixed of Goan & Kerala dishes, if you have tried Goan dishes in Goa, you will not like this place. Off course if you are missing Xacuti & cafreal of Goa you can be here, but not with very high expectation.
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hpapneja - Burrp User


August 08,2011

Goan food at its best

I seriously can't believe most poeple did not like the food at this place. Goa Portugesa is probably one of the most authentic restaurants in Mumbai. However, I must say you need be a foodie to appreciate the food.

I tried the Xacuti and Balchao. It was out of this world. I did not try the Sorpotel but thats as authentic as it can get. I have saved it for next time.

Food is expensive but absolutely worth it.
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sri_1984 - Burrp User


March 25,2011

Expensive bt authentic

its been ages since i have been there.bt of wat i remeber last the food was awesum.Loved the chicken chettinad with appam,and the chicken ishstew. Gud range of goan food. In dessert the bibinca rocks.Besides this good ambience and lovely place to chill out. Yes it is little pricey bt with live guitarist hanging around to entertain you, a little costly deal is acceptable.
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Adrian Mendes - Burrp User

Adrian Mendes

March 05,2011

authentic goa

amazing service tasty food. Brought all my memories from goa back. Rich flavours and the traditional goan guitarist. A must be place if you like goan food
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doublehelix - Burrp User


January 28,2011

Mixed bag - never know what you gonna get

I live a stone's throw from the place so I have eaten there or ordered from there over a dozen times in the last few years. The repeat business is not necessarily testimony to their great food and service, rather a testimony to the poor option pool in the area.

Let's start with positives:
1) The food - Though not spectacular, it is consistently 'good' with a few standout dishes.
They have this 'money back guarantee' dish of julienne baby coconut and baby cashew sukke (dry). Simple, not too greasy and a rather unique stand out dish. I order it every time I go there.
Their fish dishes pass muster too. Go for the rawas if you're at a loss. Tried their prawn sukke and it was decent. Again, not spectacular.

Negatives (and there are many):
1) Just yesterday, I asked the 'captain' to suggest a decent veggie dish. He made a strong recommendation and I accepted it. He kept on pushing for us to have it cooked in olive oil. My rule of thumb is that Indian food just doesn't go right with EVOO so I pushed back, but he was VERY insistent. Finally, I agreed.
At the end of the meal when I got the tab, I realized that they charge Rs 40 more for the tbsp of OO (evidently, there is fine print to the effect in the menu). Though he had made the suggestion for one dish, he charged me extra for ALL the three entrees.
At the end of the day, Rs 120 doesn't leave me a lot poorer, but the feeling of being scammed is disgusting and I said that to the team in no uncertain terms.

2) Service - Complete disarray. You have to check on waiters all the time to figure out what's going on with your order.

I asked for a beer and the server brought a warm bottle. When I asked for the reason, he actually said that given the room was chilly and the weather outside was cool, he got me a warm beer. How sweet! How about asking me what I want? Nice to be thoughtful but plz don't try to read my mind!

3) Loud live music - I was having a business related discussion with my friend and the dude with the guitar was singing loudly enough to be heard a km away. Unfortunately, my friend and I couldn't hear each other.

If you're in the area and can't be bothered to drive in Mumbai traffic to find another place certainly go to GP but be mindful of what you need to do to have a positive experience
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amrita.mistry - Burrp User


August 10,2010

nice food

the place was nice....the food was good...orderd for bombay duck with stuffed prawnz,..even though it was spicy..but was nice....the drinks were ok...i all..worh going atlest 1c..
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swati0701 - Burrp User


July 23,2010

Terrible service

What an experience. We had asked for starters, buttermilk, main course and desserts. The starters arrived but without the cutlery. Reminded at least 5 servers and their heads for the forks. But finally I had to get it myself. The waiter then got the buttermilk glasses, inquired at 4 tables and took them back despite us trying to attract their attention. Rest of the meal was on the same lines.

Never will i visit this restaurant again!!!
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sandip21i - Burrp User


July 14,2010

Never again...

I had received a Rs. 470 coupon for Rs. 199 from snapdeal and so I decided to go once. It wasnt at all worth the money and not authentic goan at all. Overpriced dishes and extra tax for overpriced alcoholic bevarages is disappointing. Even if u have lot of money in your wallet and crave for Goan food and want to have a very different experience, Dont go.. It is just a disappointment.
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Sneha Kakodkar - Burrp User

Sneha Kakodkar

July 08,2010

A Big No No For Sure

Wanted to give a second chance so went there for lunch with office colleagues. No wonder even this time it was Super Disappointing.
We were three of us and one vegetarian. We ordered Urlai Roast (roasted baby potatoes) for Starters Rs 209.....yeah the taste was really good or in fact that was the only good item we had there. But Rs 209 for baby potatoes???????????? is just toooooo much.
Then we ordered Goan Chicken Keema Rs 399, and that was strictly okey, or should I say that it was not Goan at all? whatever... Then we ordered for one mix veg curry and Seriously anybody can make a better mix veg curry at home then this one which again was costing Rs 299..... Damn Rs 299 for a veg curry ... we ordered appams and rice bhakri both were up to the mark.
The Food here is really Mediocre and the prices are like 5 Star Restaurant....... not worth at all .. absolutely "Waste Of Money"
Their service is good and prompt but the Sr waiter comes to your table and suddenly asks you "if everything is fine" and that is annoying .... and not just once twice - thrice, i mean its good that you ask but when you are in middle of some coversation and that stupid waiter comes and disturbs you its really irritating ....and then other waiter will come to you with the owner's card and one recipe book ........ come on give us a breakkk
Now this is really disgusting that they even Charge you for the take home Container, even normal restaurants dont charge you for the container.... but what the hell Rs 6 for container ( really felt the owners are becoming Bhikari)...
the Damage was huge..... Rs 997+186 vat total Rs 1183
that came to Rs 400 each
* this one star is only for those baby potatoes for its taste

I would love to give this place negative stars

I swear I shall never ever visit this place... will not recommend it to anybody
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Veena Dmello - Burrp User

Veena Dmello

June 07,2010

Over- Priced and Pointless

Been to the place for just one time and it was one time too many.. The place was like a regular eatery where the food was mundane with no surprises and no trace of anything Goan. Ofcourse the pork sausages is what I went for but heck that could have come out of a box.

Overpriced and totally a no-value for money.

We order the Chicken Chilly Fry and Sausage Fry - both of which were a major disappoinment. I dont think I will ever visit again.
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Sneha Kakodkar - Burrp User

Sneha Kakodkar

June 01,2010

NON Goan

I totally agree with my fellow burrper "foodieluv". This place doent serve authentic Goan food. I have visited this place many times, food was fairly ok but not Goan for sure. Being a Goan, I can totally judge the taste and it is not at all near to the Goan cuisine. It is more like Mangalorean (I think). because they serve upams and dosas which neither Goan nor Portuguese cuisine have for main course.
.....Instead the Diva Maharashtracha which serves Marathi cuisine is authentic according to my Marathi frds.
2 stars because they claim that they serve Goan food but dont.
Otherwise, place can be given 3 stars
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foodieluv - Burrp User


May 31,2010

So not Goan

I was dying to eat some good goan meal last saturday - went trotting to the only place that sounded like they could deliver what my heart desired. It turns out I was wrong..so wrong! I asked for Surmai curry, Rice and Reichado Mackrel. Turns out the rice was a bit too soft.. the curry was just about ok and the mackrel was a disaster. The spices for the 'Reichado' are supposed to be ground in vinegar but there was no trace of any. This is not all. My husband ordered some sorpatel - that again was nowhere close to the sorpatel I grew up eating in Goa. Being a Goan raised in Goa I think this place needs to buck up or change their name to whatever they choose to but not pass off some concoction of masalas as GOAN FOOD. I am so utterly disappointed.
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Devendra Bansal - Burrp User

Devendra Bansal

May 28,2010

Over-hyped...no matter, all 'HAVA'

Very firstly, its a strict no for all veggies. The non-veg food is also nothin' gr8 but it tries to serve decent Goan stuff...

Had a sub-par experience in my first & last visit somedays ago...team of 14 of us. Service sux big time - too slow and also the people are not very well-trained. The pricing is steep which builds up some expectations but all those crash apart as soon as u tend to sit down on the table...Food is not gr8, staff is ill-trained...too much spice and oil used...all and all a very bad experience - damage per person ~750 bucks !!!
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Nischal Shetty - Burrp User

Nischal Shetty

May 11,2010

They serve Rabbit meat!

Yeah, and if you've always wanted to try something apart from the usual fish and chicken you can head over to Goa Portugesa. I had rabbit as well as bombay duck (that's a fish known as bombil in mumbai). Both the items were delicious, however be aware of the price - some 400 odd each I guess.

They had a guitarist coming to our table and playing a few songs. You'll have to go there in the evenings for the guitar thingy though.
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upalidg - Burrp User


March 27,2010

I've had better

Quite disappointing given the glowing things I'd heard about the food. Its been on my list of places to try for a long time and we decided to visit it one sunny Sunday afternoon.

The first thing that hits you when you enter, is all the information about the owners. Pictures, newspaper clippings, food awards, placcards, even the menu was not spared from being an emissary of the Achwats. As a plus I now know what the Achwats look like dressed up as royalty.

We ordered pork vindaloo, sorportel, sausage biryani and roast mutton. The prices were high and dishes, average. There are many small non-descript restaurants in Mumbai that serve better Goan food and offer a more authentic experience. I suggest you give those a shot instead.
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

November 14,2009

Good Food || Slow Service || Personal Touch

I had been to Goa Portugesa before, but that was long back, burrp did not exist then. I did not want to repeat this place. I had planned to go to Culture Curry next door, but as the place was packed, we got a seat at Goa Portugesa.

We chose to take starters of the Goa Portugesa Menu and the Food from the Culture Curry menu. This review would include a review on the starters and focus more on the service. Read my culture curry review for the food.

We took a bite into the Goechi Wagh (Tiger Prawns) and Corn on Toast. They were both great. The Balchao was good, but I felt it slightly lacked the tanginess because of which the spiciness wasn't pleasant.

The service is good. Suhas Awachat himslef dropped in to have a few words and some review on his restaurants. Yes. It is true, he does a lot of selling himself and through his staff about his restaurants, himself, his acivements. I guess interacting with him will help you enjoy your experience at the place better. How many places have you seen where the owner himself drops in to have a few words.

The service can get slow at times because of the cramped up seating.

There are a couple of lovely and respected solo guitarists flocking the place and would drop in a couple of your favourite numbers now and then. Initially their flocking might seem irritating, especially when you are chatting amongst yourself at the dinner table. If they are playing your request and your food arrives at that time, you need to wait until he finishes the song, applaud (they play the songs well) and then start your meal. But when you are in a mood to listen to Guitar playing, you'll love them cause they really complete the mood of the place.

I'd recommend this place to experience the flavour of Bombay. Goa is quite different. I'd recommend Soul fry Casa for a better Goan feel, but the food at both places is equally good.
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Miki N - Burrp User

Miki N

August 01,2009

Mumbai's biggest disappointment

To echo another reviewer, why is this place still open???
Strictly average food, bright and gawdy decor, loud and distracting ambience, expensive as mentioned many times over, and the biggest killer ---------- the relentless grandstanding of the two owners.

Mr. & Mrs Awchat, I came to eat food, NOT to look at your faces or names on everything except the silverware, NOT to buy a cookbook, and definitely NOT to read your very own personal glamor magazine (no seriously, they have a whole tacky magazine with their pics, stories, achevements, and believe it or not, their resume/cv !!)
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Ryan Mathias - Burrp User

Ryan Mathias

April 28,2009

Tax !

Have been to this place earlier with friends, full marks for the food & ambiance. Very bad Service, your food order will like take forever
There was this goan uncle who used to sing for u, will miss him. may he RIP.
Did not notice it the earlier times, as we mostly used to drink more eat less. They charge u 22.5% tax over and above the already expensive menu. Add to that they even try to sell u a cookbook.
Visit this place only if u love their food, and have a heavy purse
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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

April 16,2009

Small Setup, Big Food!

When you walk into GP, you immediately feel either a bit cramped, or you welcome the cottage-ish, overtly cozy decor. I fell into the latter group, immediately taking a liking to a restaurant that was a bit more personal than your normal large format restaurant; and still did a great job keeping up the "Goan" theme, with waiters in floral half sleeves and all.

Now let's get down to the important stuff: the food! The food was absolutely mind blowing. We ordered a combination of some vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Vegetarian: Ulai Roast (a dry, spicy, onion-based potato dish); and Vegetable Chettinad Curry (a red-gravy based spicy mixed vegetable dish). The verdict here was a standing ovation all-around. The long-roasted/sauteed onions and chilis, in their dark brown hue, gave off an amazing fragrance and taste - the potatoes were meerly their sponges, soaking up all that great spice and flavour, and delivering them in a small "dum aloo" sized punch.

Non-Vegetarian: Chettinad Chicken Fry (again, a dry, browned onion and green chili base with boneless white meat chicken); and Prawns Sukem (a lighter onion base, not as browned as the previous dishes, and with a mixture of coconut as well, giving it a milder taste). The food was perfect, and none of us could think of a thing to change about it.

All the food was enjoyed either as is (for the dry stuff) or with light, fluffy, slightly crispy appams.

To drink, we enjoyed cold brews, which went perfectly with the food.

The damage to the wallet for 6 people was about Rs 2600, so this isn't your everyday lunch joint, but when celebrating a special occasion, and in the mood for some spicy, flavourful veg and nonveg, head on over to Goa Portuguesa!
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mabelr - Burrp User


January 20,2009

Terrible cramped ambience

went there with friends. The restaurant is terribly cramped and the table next to ours had the A/c leaking and was an awful mess. The owner believes he is a rockstar and talking sweetly to customers is the way out. When we complained he offered us a table inside which is less cramped so if you must visit insist on a table inside.
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faridoctor - Burrp User


January 09,2009


Horrible place! Lousy food and lousier service. Horribly expensive and disgusting interior. I don't it even deserves a star.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

June 12,2008

Good food!

I read all the review of this restaurant & I have no clue why so many people dislike it. I love this place & I'm a regular. The food is always delicious, service is always pretty good but it is slightly heavy on the wallet.

The caldo verde & goechin soups are very yummy & full of flavour. For starters, nutty veg on toast is pretty food. For dessert, bibinca is highly recommended...it tastes divine!! :-)

The best part is that u can from menus of goa portuguesa, diva maharatracha or culture curry! Therez a lot to choose from.
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hitesh udeshi - Burrp User

hitesh udeshi

March 18,2008

good place

Good food, nice service, extremely expensive on your wallet and an obnoxious owner...can't deny it's good food but agree the owner is rather too loud. The place isn't so bad that it needs to be shut down.
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Rachael McCrea - Burrp User

Rachael McCrea

December 07,2007

I Agree

I agree with the poor reviews, why is this place still open? Food is average at best. I guess you cant please everyone...
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binzyvinzy - Burrp User


December 05,2007

gr8 food

hey this place serves super goan food. try the stuffed crab or pork vindaloo.. its really yumm..
the ambience is cool n mr awchat loves parsis..
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chandramadhu - Burrp User


December 04,2007


I really don't know whats so great about this place. The food is so bland and sweet. I mean you need to feel hungry when u order something but looking at the watery gravy i lost my appetite. the interior is so colorful that u feel u hav entered a circus. n I dnt like the way that owner has advertised himself. His picture is on every corner of the place!
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Sinchan Banerjee - Burrp User

Sinchan Banerjee

September 16,2007

why is this place still open???

went to goa portuguesa after hearing abt it from a frnd..expected some authentic goan food...we started with a stuffed crab dish which was excellent...but very small amount served if you consider the price charged for that...main course was chef recommended...they suggested vindaloo (expected to be a typical dish which tittilates ur taste buds)..but alas...one pathetic preparation...other main course chicken and veg dishes were nothing to write home abt...all very normal and nothing gr8 as expected...
the bar is good and serves u well...ambience was ok with live musicians who play acc to ur choice..
anyways it was a mixed experience waiting to turn sour...shocker of a bill !!!!!!!! 10% EXTRA SERVICE TAX on everything..25% total tax on food and 33% total tax on alcohol...reason: The owner is donating the 10% tax to a charitable organization(share from ur wallet boss..don't charge it on the diners)...also it is nowhere mentioned on the menu neither it is communicated beforehand...funniest of all is that when we asked questions they gave us a patron discount!!!!.....
in all an OK OK restaurant with nothing gr888...good name but bad service...god knows how this one has been in business for so long...an avoidable one for sure...
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psybuhr - Burrp User


February 19,2007

GO there, now now NOW!

simply put, everything about it is fantastic!
if you havent eaten here, then you don't know what goan food is.
they've got 2 other places next door as well viz. 'culture curry' & 'diva maharashtracha'
these two are also superb, & i guarantee, you would never have had food like this before!
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Dhruti Shah - Burrp User

Dhruti Shah

September 17,2006

Goa Portuguesa & Culture curry

Cuisine- Goan and South Indian

Location : Mahim, lane opp. Hinduja hospital

Started by Suhas Awchat and his wife this Goan and South Indian eatery is a very relaxed, warm restaurant offering you an interesting and reasonable choice of Goan and South Indian food

Ambience - The restaurant has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Part of the restaurant has a Goan look and the other part is made of chattais and an small open kitchen where they make appams and neer dosa. In evenings you have a singer and guitarist who come and sing for you on your table.

Food - The Culture Curry menu is designed with South Indian actors and actress and the Goa Portuguesa menu is also designed very interestingly. The soul curry (Rs 30) and another drink made of curd and ginger is good. The baigan vada, (I forget the South Indian name) (Rs 70) is also a good starter and so was the fish. The mushroom vegetable (Rs 120) bucks and the appams and neer dosa were good too. Their portions are reasonably large.

They have a special lunch thali for Rs 120 and 80 veg & non veg respectively is also good value for money.

Service - The service is friendly, warm and quick

My recommendation – Good place to take a large group for lunch as its not heavy on your wallet; also a nice place to chill and catch up with friends or family in evenings
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