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Ratish Trehan - Burrp User

Ratish Trehan

January 01,2014

Awesome food

Great food....We had sarson ka sag, karela and gatay ka sabzi. Very humble and polite owners. Extemely down to earth place but awesome and simple food
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Sanjay Bagadia - Burrp User

Sanjay Bagadia

December 24,2013

home style dhaba punjabi food

Good and homely food, from the heart of Punjab. this is very basic looking place with simple Punjabi food. very economical and light on stomach as well. its a pure veg restaurant serving variety of veggies and dals. no naan or kulcha, only roti and parathas. my favourites alu masala, kadhi pakoda and gatta.
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jainjats - Burrp User


December 01,2013

Typical home food

Was in a search of an authentic punjabi dhabha food for a get together at my home and landed on to this place after reading good reviews on burrp..
Had ordered food from this place in the expectation of getting authentic dhabha food (like urban tadka). But was disappointed a tad when found out that food was like a normal home made food.
I am not against home made food or don't like having too much butter or masaledar food. But just that once in a while when you decide to have outside food you do have such craving. All this was missing in the food from Guru da Dhaba.
Nevertheless this place is good for working class bachelors who rely on outside food.
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Manjyot Rait - Burrp User

Manjyot Rait

October 09,2013

Ok-Ok Place to Eat a quick bite.

This place is just ok to eat a quick and cheap meal. i highly doubt you will search for this place and eat here because right around it you have many other options like Food Inn , Mc Donalds , etc. But anyways the food here is quick. Service is good. And feels home like. Btw if you are reading this Please dont forget to check the menu card available at Burrp. things range from 30-60 man. That like cheap.. but i m sure they would have increased the rates now..
Oh and Ambience?! i dont know what that is. this is what the owner will tell you if you ask him about it. ;)
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Janak Khilnani - Burrp User

Janak Khilnani

August 14,2013


Typical Punjabi Home Cooked food! Very reasonably priced and good quantity. Love the Rajma with jeera rice there. Sweet old Sardarji handles the cash register. Meal accompanied with Chaas, BURRP! For all those craving "ghar ka khaana", now you know where to go
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

May 16,2013

It has changed and not for the better

I had reviewed this earlier and had been a favourite to order for my dad and daughter. However, the past year and half, have had a couple of bad experiences, so much so that have just stopped ordering.

The food whilst still decent - the best is of course aloo, chhas and chapati - has changed taste a bit, but the biggest is the attitude. Once upon a time, the service was warm, helpful and always willing to go out of the way. Today it is attitude, take it or leave it, you don't have an option, we are like this only. And yes the prices have kept pace with the attitude.

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soni03 - Burrp User


April 13,2013

Great Home Cooked Meal for less

The place has good, North Indian, vegetarian fare@ very affordable prices. Their food has that Home cooked quality but best for take away as the place has no ambiance.
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Karan Bhosale - Burrp User

Karan Bhosale

January 12,2013


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Rajiv Krishna - Burrp User

Rajiv Krishna

August 31,2012

Crystal's poor cousin in the Suburbs

Tired of commuting to Crystal at Chowpatty every time I wanted to eat ghar ka khaana kinda pure veg food at a restaurant, I was desperately scouting for options in the suburbs and voila! Guru da Dhaba, a seedy little restaurant located in one of the bylanes off the busy Lokhandwala Market road. This is not one of your run-of-the-mill, mock dhabas with a faux truck in the premises, khatiyas, staff in Punjabi attire and over-priced food. This is the real McCoy, sans all these frills and fancies. The staff is unapologetically churlish and so is the Sardarji patriarch owner seated at the counter. But who gives a damn, when you get the basics right, ie. serve good food. Thats right, the food is what you are here for and you ignore the rudeness of the staff, you ignore the messy kitchen staring at you in the face (sit closer to the entrance of the restaurant if you can help it) and you ask your general hygiene conscience to STFU and you shall have a happy and a hearty meal pure veg Punjabi style! The food is simple and authentic North Indian (Not rich enough to be termed as Punjabi), light and not over powering in terms of flavours, and cheap! so a heavy meal here wont leave you gasping for breath or money. Since its at Lokhandwala dont be surprised if you rub elbows and jostle for space (literally) as the owner made you share a table with a Bollywood starlet or a struggling underwear model. Forgive me, for I digress. The food is worth all these troubles and travails. The Missi rotis are dumdaar Punabi style, the pakora kadi will remind you of mummy ke haath ka khaana, the dal and chawal are also good (didnt try the rajma chawal unfortunately and thats what the joint is famous for) The Chaas, is something unique, flavoured with mint and a secret chutney. The chaas is probably one of those things that ll keep you coming back to Guru's. That said, Crystal is always the Gold standard for me and I will always place it on pedestal. Guru da Dhaba is for those days when the laziness in me stops me from travelling all the way to Chowpatty.
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ardeshirdesai - Burrp User


April 30,2012

Truly Homemade Punjabi food

This is a truly great place if you want to try a real homemade punjabi food and if you don't care much about the ambiance. If you feel offended by the behaviour of the old owner, best is to avoid him or talk to him. But we have never felt offended by his attitude. He may be stubborn and seem rude at times, but he also looks at younger customers not as customers but as his own children. Like, once he was asked by my father if the picture he has put up was of his younger days, and he retorted back saying "Aap ki laga loon?" Ha ha ha. But then at times, he would call us in lovingly to occupy an empty seat by saying "Beta aa jao, wahan jagah khali hai." Would you be offended if your grand pa would act stubborn? That's the feeling you get when you are at this place.
Then, not to evade from the real thing you are here for, the food. They serve you real punjabi, homemade khana and yu should always top it up with the delicious chaas. The food is hygienic, healthy and gives you the genuine taste of each of the sabzis you try here. Nothing is made up or over charged like in most of the well-known restaurants. A thali with 2 of your choicest sabzis and a dal of your choice with 3 chapatis and a plate of rice is sufficient for one person and now costs 90 Rs.

So guys and gals, if you are really missing ghar ka khana, then do visit this place. We stay in Dahisar, but now we have made it a point to visit this place at least once a month.

Bon Apetit.
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sakthp - Burrp User


March 10,2012

Home made taste , more pics

this place stands to its reputation - the home made taste (ghar ka khana). Not the usual tikka masala's , this one has simple and healthy rotis and dhal, a lots of vegetables, butter milk and many good things for a very reasonable price.
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Rishabh Malhotra - Burrp User

Rishabh Malhotra

February 17,2012

As Good As it Gets :)

Everything at Guru Da Dhaba is as good as it gets, from the people to the staff to the food. I have tried most of the stuff here, from the Chaas to the Thali. Each and every dish is simple yet yummy in its own way. Love the ambience, love the ghar ka khaana. Will keep visiting again and again. A must visit for everyone, Im sure you will LOVE IT!!
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Inderjit Matharu - Burrp User

Inderjit Matharu

December 05,2011

guess the place might have detiriorated

4 of us, the quantity, quality and the price. guess they've tried to keep it too simple but need to improve on the food quality and quantity.

the paneer masala was sweet with 4 pieces of paneer, gravy was just like tomato and onion puree put in for cooking preparation.

not a recommended for any Punjabi food lover...
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A B - Burrp User


April 02,2011


Had heard a lot about this place and after reading all the reviews, thought should try it. Simplistic food that gives you a satiated feeling. Have tried the rajma and roti so far and the meal was delectable. Would surely recommend if you miss that feeling of ghar ka khanna. Its simple and its nice.
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Menaka Neotia - Burrp User

Menaka Neotia

January 17,2011

home made food

pure vegetarian, home style food.. their 'kadi pakoda' is the only thing i like from this place. we usually order in, but iv noticed even if u store the leftovers in the fridge by the next meal the vege's taste a bit stale or spoilt?? their phulkas are good, but if u want only phulkas, u wont get any, u have to order some curry also with it.
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dj_11 - Burrp User


December 30,2010

good food , but conditions apply .

good food , but you have to sit where they tell you :( and give them change ... sometimes butter roti does not have butter on it ..

overall : good place to have food especially for working people .
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lagna.das - Burrp User


October 03,2010

Punjabi home made food-paisa vasool

this place is sought after for the punjabi food with the taste of ghar ka tadka.the food is neither too rich nor oily. the quantities served are enough for 1-2 people. recommended for home delivery as they are always crowded.one can comfortably have good portions for good price. dal makhani- Rs35, dum aloo- Rs 45, aloo gobi-Rs 45... its a steal. the only put off is they take lot of time for delivery like a good 1-1.5 hour in lokhandwala alone.
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Pratibha Alexander - Burrp User

Pratibha Alexander

January 27,2010

Absolutely VFM + Great dhaba food !

Homelike Punjabi food,and for prices that just makes you wanna explore all that they serve .This place is the quite difficult to locate,it's an really small shop with a few tables,located in plush Lokhandwala,but I was amazed,to see that shop amongst all those fancy eateries,where this was lone but still had much more than what they could serve. The eatery believes in simplicity,makes you feel home and certainly doesn't make you feel light on your pocket. The Sardar sitting on the counter, perhaps older than my grandfather, long white beard, quite blatant, but still,as i said it makes you feel at home,so you don't really have to feel offended by what he says,you should rather take it in a sporting manner. I still remember me seeing the menu,or wait,i don't think they have one,the old Sardar sitting on the counter told me.. 'Aap kya inta dekh rahe ho,Taj Mahal thode na hai',hehe, Coming to the food, it was certainly good. Everything they served was yum. We had ordered :

1) Chole
2) Rajma
3) Arbi
4) Aloo ki sabzi
5) Few rotis
6) 2-3 Plates of rice
7) 2 glasses of Lassi

And for all of this i wouldn't have paid more than Rs 300 and i can vouch for it.I don't think any other person running an hotel/joint/eatery etc has the gumption to talk like that,I'd surely go back again,if not for the food,surely to meet the Sardar,he's one heck of a person:):)
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rotty - Burrp User


May 29,2009


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This place rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazingly simple home food.
Kinda food, which you can eat daily & still wud like to have more.
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Gayatrijaya - Burrp User


November 28,2008

Downright insulting!

While i agree with all those who have given this dhaba bang in the middle of lokhandwala good rating for the food the service and ambience also counts!

By ambeince i have nothign against the basic rustic look that the dhaba has but the way the old surdie and his daughter / son treat the staff and the guests is downright insulting! They just order the staff at the top of their voices and even raise their voice on customers who maybe enqire about something or don't have enough change of money to pay the bill!

Not everyone is as intelligent as the sardar and his family yaar... but then there are also those customers who toatally ignore all this and come for the ghar ke taste jaisa khana like rajma, punjabi kadi, baingan ka bharta and arbi.

Hope the sardar keeps his cooks happy because if they feel insulted and leave the place some day he will be left high and dry as no one will turn up for anything else!
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 26,2008

Papaji tusi Guru ho..

Tried this out way back in 1994 when had to stay alone for some days. His great aloo masala, with makhanee roti, boondi raita, phudina chutney followed by his hard selling Chaas.....

Today, my dad & daughter are followers & religiously order in at least once a month.
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Kunal Jain - Burrp User

Kunal Jain

November 29,2007

Excellent place....

Finally got a place(Dabha) where you can have some good punjabi food at reasonable price.The food is good, gives you a homely feeling.
Each meal cost you between Rs.30 and Rs.40 and you have some really punjabi food like rajma, arbee, aloo, even you get lauki and bengan etc...
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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

November 29,2007

homemade punjabi fare, prices are a steal!

An old, bitter, yet endearing sardar ji guards his cash counter well as you step into this nondescript hole-in-the-wall in Lokhandwala Complex. Guru da Dhaba needs little introduction for the Andheri-ites - most know it as the best place to get home food away from home - and all for 30 bucks a meal! You get one of many sabji's, some amazing green chutney and sliced onions, along with some hot phulka chapati. The sabjis are all traditional punjabi ones - Rajma, Lauki, Aarbi, Gajjar Mattar, etc. You won't find any fancy cream-laden Mughlai type stuff here, just the purest of the pure when it comes to taste.

Guru da Dhaba has achieved cult-status in Lokhandwala, but I'd urge any in the area that are not concerned with ambiance or service to give this place a shot. Truly one of a kind...
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

November 24,2007

This place rocks

Based off the recommendation of the previous reviewer, we decided to try out Guru da Dhaba for dinner last night.

Firstly, this place is not at all pretentious. It doesn't make any tall claims to be a restaurant or anything fancy. It provides a good old dhaba atmosphere bang in the middle of the Lokhandwala Market. The food is 100% home-cooked punjabi style.

They don't have any table menus. You gotta peer at the "wall menu". Along with the usual fare, it also contains off-beat and exotic stuff. Here is an example - Karela, Dahiwala Aloo, Lauki (Gourd), Gajar Matar. Now think about this, what restaurant or dhaba have you been to that serves Karela and Lauki?

The rotis are actually made from wheat flour, instead of the "maida" being used everywhere else.

Although the service is passable, the tasty food more than makes up for it. I guess this place has a cult like following. People just kept pouring in non-stop all the time that we were there (and we went there around 10ish).

Overall a highly recommended place and it is extremely light on the pocket. Just keep in mind that they don't serve any non-vegetarian food.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

November 23,2007

Feels like home...

This is one small joint that is not to be missed. Whenever my maid does not turn up to cook food, i dont miss her too often, thats coz I live in striking distance from Guru da Dhaba.

This one is not a restaurant called a dhaba to attract attention but really a proper dhaba.....Run by an ageing Sardarji and his son and daughter-in-law, Guru da Dhaba, in traditional North Indian dhaba tradition keeps it reasonably priced, simple and tasty.

This place serves food which is absolutely non-oily, costs 30-35 bucks a dish unlike a proper restaurant which will charge u not less than 60 bucks for the same dish. The vote of confidence perhaps is the never ending queue of people who keep coming in and have to share the 8 odd tables this little joint has. trust me, for the 2 years i have been eating here, i have never had to shell out more than 50 bucks per head for full 'pet bhar ke' khaana!

The variety of stuff on offer can only be matched by mom's recipe book. They have your regular tadka daals, paneer bhurji's, kali daal, chole,,,,, and then they have yummy raajma, amazing baingan bharta and arbi... you'd never find arbi in another place in mumbai!

if you are really really solid hungry, you can go for the thaali that will cost you a 70 bucks, its got everything you could ask for and you'll have to be dragged back out of the place!

go for it mate, and you'll absolutely love it!
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