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Awanti - Burrp User


April 04,2016

all time fav!!

i have been visiting this place since school days, and its one of my fav places and have alot of memories with this place. Famous for samosa chole- a must try!!!!!
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

January 19,2016

Mast Samosas

What can you expect from the guys who supply samosas to the entire Mumbai theatres, a logistical nightmare, maybe but still how many times have you not got samosas at a cinema hall.

Lovely hot piping bhajji, samosa, pattice, & you are all set for less than 300/- Add Gulab Jamun to the mix.
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  • Guru Kripaimage
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Dantoinette - Burrp User


February 12,2014

Complete Value for Money!

Delicious food, sweets, snacks everything.
Prices are cheap probably because its frequented by so many students.
Dosas, samosas, chaat, pao bhaji all excellent!
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Harsh Mehta - Burrp User

Harsh Mehta

January 26,2014

Gurukripa samosas

best samosas ever!!! just tried them in US.. Did not know they are available even in north america... must try for every one who likes samosas!! better than any other frozen samosa available in USA!!
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December 15,2013


Near SIES college an old establishment since 35 years best known for Sindhi / Punjabi snacks and breakfast and samosa is their specialty.

Also try Dahi wada and pattice, chole bhature , singar barfi and veg thali.

Reasonably priced even in the AC section and its a family restaurant.
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bhavesh shah - Burrp User

bhavesh shah

December 10,2013

old is gold and the best

I don' t think you need to write more on A1 Samosa, Pani Puri, Dahi Puri and sweets
in morning dal pakwan. To end it with faluda icecream,its in may neighbourhood and since childhood I visit or get parcels,week ends it is full and has no place to stand,good people,the owner is too good a human being. In all difficult times he distributes food for free. He even takes care of the staff. Wonderfull place
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

November 08,2013


This place serves the most amazing samosas, chaat etc. They deliver their much revered A-1 samosas all over Bombay. The place itself is a little noisy and crammed. However one must visit it for its snacks. Do try their samosa chole along with their two variants of chutneys. My mouths drooling while writing this review right now. Service is very quick too.
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Vishal Shah - Burrp User

Vishal Shah

November 08,2013

A1 Samosa, Pani Puri, Dahi Puri

A1 Samosa.

I dont think you need to write more on this favorite.
Though with time, the size has become smaller and smaller but the taste largely remains the same. supplied to all major theatres in mumbai.

They also serve excellent chaat like pani puri, dahi puri, dahi wada.
gulab jamuns are to die for.

on Sundays, dont miss their famous sindhi Dal Pakwaan with their amazing chutneys and onions.

It fares pretty poorly on the ambience, hygiene and cleanliness so dont go expecting some beautiful time there.
only for people to HOG.
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Yashesh Gandhi - Burrp User

Yashesh Gandhi

September 13,2013

Great food, but need to get cleaner

This has been an institution for anyone who has lived/studied/worked in the Sion-Matunga area.

They probably serve their samosas to the entire city.

Best thing to eat: Samosa-Ragda, Ragda Pattice, Pani Puri, Dahi Puri, Gulab Jamun, Mithai.

Normally we prefer to stand outside and eat, but they have an ill maintained airconditioned and non airconditioned section as well.

(Not as hygienic and clean as you'd like them to be)
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Aditya Nair - Burrp User

Aditya Nair

August 28,2013

Great adda for TP and piping hot samosas :)

Mumbai has undergone lot of changes last 4-5 decades. Lot of new restaurants opening up. Huge foreign QSR players have come in. Malls, multiplexes, lounges, etc. But one thing that's stood the test of time is Gurukripa ka Samosa. I guess this place is some 40-50 years old. It finds its way into nearly hundreds of bellies everyday. Young to Old. Everyone loves A-1 Samosa. Now they supply to all the multiplexes and cinemas in Mumbai.
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thefoodieno1 - Burrp User


August 09,2013

One stop fast food place

Have Grown up on this place. One of the busiest fast food place, they beleive in 2 things very strongly, they are quality and customer satisafaction. If you are a Jain and you ask for customization, the owner himself makes sure, they are fulfilled. Philanthrophy is an another gem they have earned, with never self boasting about it too. They donate some stuff daily and give you stuff at discounted price if its for a noble cause. Upon that they give you a return call for feedback to confirm things were well made. Very humble and noble people. Now about food, SAMOSAS is something they started with and they still rock and are the most famous ones throughout Mumbai. The PANI-PURI room here used to carry photographs of City's famous celebrities. Other things which are a must try are Ragda Pattice, Grill Sandwich, Kulfi Falloda and the sweets counter.
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 20,2013

Loved it.. Wow

If Hygiene, Cleanliness and a very Proper table chair seating arrangement is the order of the day for you, then forget you know Gurukripa; you do not belong here. But if you freak out on good, tasty and finger licking snacks without the thought of MUFA, PUFA, Cholesterol etc; then you are on the right door-step.

Dal Makwaan is a MUST HAVE [ Chana Dal, cooked and softly done] with a hard puri made from Maida with sprinkling of finely chopped Onions and some chutneys. But sadly it is available only in the morning.
Samosa / Ragda which is served with an accompaniment of sliced onions and chutney, have it with Chole which is yummy and soft. Chole is amazing, one of the Top 5 in Mumbai.
Other items on Chat menu are also equally nice.
If you are still hungry and want something filling, then you can try the Rice with Sindhi Curry [Tangy, Spicy and Sour] or the Paratha.
Top it with Gajar Halwa or Gulab Jamun or wash it down with a Lassi.

Value for Money is guaranteed.

Please come here by a Taxi or Bus or park your vehicle far away and eat merrily without the fear of having your car towed away.

Eat to your heart's content and enjoy the amazing flavours of GK.
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biju888 - Burrp User


April 04,2013

Yummy !!!

For the ones who love chaat and prioritize their taste buds over the ambience and food standards should definitely visit this place.
Most of the crowd comprises of students from the nearby SIES college.
And so the rates have been decide keeping majorly them in mind.
They also have two AC sections.
If you don't like the place just pick the food and eat it at home.
Though I would suggest you have it hot and fresh there itself.

Owned by a Sindhi guy, the dal pakwaan (Sindhi dish) here is a must try.
It is available only in the morning and sells like hot cakes.
Next is the samosa chhole.
End your meal with a glass of lassi.
It's thick with a lot malai on top.
Not for the diet-conscious people !! But must try once.

Drawback : The waiters here are quite arrogant sometimes. I don't expect the standards of a posh restaurant but they atleast should be a little more courteous.
Overall Must Try !
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Mayuresh B - Burrp User

Mayuresh B

January 07,2013


I'm a person who has never liked South Indian food but for the food at Guru Kripa which is delightfully cooked well n served with lots of love. Pricing is very economical & the ambience is very cozy. has changed my perception with its fusion Dosais. The Cheese Garlic dosas here are out of the world. An ideal food joint for students, couples as well as families. GK rocks n is one of the best South Delicacies serving restaurant of Mumbai.!!!!
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Manoj Gesulan - Burrp User

Manoj Gesulan

December 13,2012

Good place to hangout for super hot chole Samosa

Positive : Great Samosa's, College hangout

Negative - No hospitality ,No Management , ttotal chaos......
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sachin_m_kamble - Burrp User


August 17,2012

Bestestest Place for Snacks

This decade old eatery has been a favourite and one of the crowdiest snack place in Mumbai.

The samosas, Chhole Puris, Ragda Pattice, Dosas, ..................... are simply mouth watering.

Historically till date whenever i pass from near Sion, it is a mandate for me to have Bhel Puri, Lassi and a sweet over there. And carry 4-5 plates of Samosas and Chole as parcel for family.

The taste and the quality has been highly consistent, though the rates have not been so sincere. Nontheless it is worth every penny spent over there.

You also can select froma wide range of sweets and farsan which maintain the quality. You can try the sweets before buying them as well.

Only one short-fall is the Chhole Baturas, though they are immensely tasty, the chaturas are a bit too oily. So that should not be ordered by those diet conscious people. For those who relish food, it is one destination that can not be missed.
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Rahul Saudagar - Burrp User

Rahul Saudagar

July 08,2012

Wat a treat !!

Was a regular at this place when worked in the vicinity. Man do they have variety for veggie lovers... & their chaat & sweet section is to die for... Must try... more than once !!
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babasagar8899 - Burrp User


June 22,2012

mahesh & gulchand

mahesh & gulchand i m ismail ur classmate
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b.bera1111 - Burrp User


February 22,2012


the only problem here is that they are not hygienic rest everything they serve here is tasty but know i avoid this place because of their uncleanliness
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A S - Burrp User


December 26,2011

Truly average - only "brand" selling

We have all eaten and relished samosa chhole of this place for years. The chhole bature and gulab jamun was also always awesome. But but, this place is no more the same - its now truly running on Guru ki kripa and old brand which will soon vanish. Food is average, staff is rude, cleanliness was never their forte and management is more loke kirana shop owners than service providers. Please Ctrl Alt Del all old memories of this place and forget....
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Tristan777 - Burrp User


December 26,2011

Don't believe the hype

So-so food served ! Their only claim to fame being their samosa chole and the fact that these guys supply their famous samosas to 90 percent of the cinemas/theaters in the city (how they managed to clinch that deal , don't ask me ) . Apart from that nothing worth writing about . I can understand , as a young 17 year old teetotaler studying in the "oh-so prestigious" S.I.E.S , you can be forgiven for falling head over heels for this place ,as there is not much apart from this going on in the vicinity , but as someone who has been to and seen a lot of eateries , no reason to fall for the hype . An average outlet for a quick stomach refuel . Nothing more , nothing less !!
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CupcakeCrazy - Burrp User


December 12,2011

A "tummy khush" place!

GK is a legend for the alumni of the nearby SIES college. Its ALWAYS overflowing with customers. Skip the sit-in restaurant, the wait is too long and the scent of yummy food cooking all around just tortures you as you wait. The ice-cold paani puri is fantastic. Don't miss the famous A1 samosa here, sloshed liberally in ragda. They do have a sweet corner and a ice-cream corner, but the dessert I'd recommend most is the hot gulab jamun. I wish I lived closer to GK these days!
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Sunil Y S - Burrp User

Sunil Y S

December 10,2011

GK my Love

I still repent why it took me 6 months to visit this place even though I kept hearing about its yummy karnaame :)
The day was 09 Dec 2011. I ask for help from locals to guide me to this heaven and here I was infront of it. Lotsa people around standing. I gaze at their plates and palates to find samosas everywhere. I see Mithai counter serving hot Jamuns, Halwas with birght lights. My eyes popped out and wallet opened up to spend.

1. Jamun - 5/5 Best mithai of India tastes best @ GK. Pipping hot, nice aroma takes you out of the world
2. Chole Samosas - 4/5 - My first samosa encounter with chole was exciting. Before I could get bowled over chole in my plate exhausted forcing me to ask for extra chole. Over time with cost pressures they have severely reduced qty of chole which disappoints!
3. Gajar Ka Halwa - 4/5
4. Malai Kulfi Falooda - 4/5 This was a true concoction. Malai Kulfi - Rabdi - Falooda - Rose Sharbat.. Heaven!!
All what I have written are the must tries @ GK.
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cchick63 - Burrp User


May 11,2011

Good pull due to food but bad service

This is a typical place which is pulling crowds only due to its wonderful samosas served with the oh so yummy cholle tikkis .. just vouch for them much to the horror to my diet plans!

The rude waiters could have been better though!
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Naina Acharya - Burrp User

Naina Acharya

April 18,2011

Poor quality..poor quantity...ruthless staff

The food here is very expensive and not worth the price. We are herded like cattle at the takeaway counter and have to wade our way through. The guy at the cash counter acts as though he is doing a favor on us by giving the coupons. Worst. If you eat out, of the restaurant, the plates are bigger..and if you eat in the restaurant, the dish is served in a place approx. 5-6 inch plate. This is ridiculous. Must way that the sweets are good, but again very expensive, especially given the way they are served. This place is taking undue advantage of the fact that there arent may eateries in the vicinity....competitors...are you listening.
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mohit2244 - Burrp User


December 14,2010

Low Calorie Samosa (Microwave Ready)

This is the best next thing A1 samosa has come up with. The same great taste which is now low-Calorie and is also Microwave ready... Way to go..... :) u can take it home and just microwave for a midnight munchie. The best part is that it has a 9 month life and that also without preservatives...
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kunal  - Burrp User


August 26,2010

Unforgrtable memories

I agree with Mayavi (die hard G.K fan i suppose) when she says all the good things about this place. I truly very nostalgic place for me too. When i was in S.I.E.S college back in the early 90s, it was a favourite hangouts. We used to have samosa and Lassi. We used to even joke about taking a girl out on the first date to G.K and than as days pass ending up in the college canteen. I still visit G.K. Their thali is too good. Would recommend it to all.
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uturninc - Burrp User


June 16,2010

Billo's Samosa

Gurukripa / A1 samosa is the best samosa ever....
These billo mascots recently launched are pretty cool.....
Check the pics out
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January 08,2010


Their samosas are just too good

We have an office nearby and we keep calling for them at least once a month for all the 70nos staff x 2 = 140 nos the only problem is they behave the typical rough way like coarse voice and cold and without any emotions; like speaking to the dead. If it wasn't for their shitty attitude, I'd enjoy the samosas more.
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Abhijeet Patil - Burrp User

Abhijeet Patil

October 23,2009

Possibly the best Samosa in Mumbai!

This place is quite popular, you'd guess that from the hordes hanging outside the place never mind the crowd inside. And the most popular thing here is the Samosa and its variants like the Chhole Samosa, Chhole Tikki etc. Run by Sindhi dudes, they have rarely found delicacies like Sindhi Kadhi and Dal Pakwaan to offer... and they are yummy. They also have sweets which are awesome... try the Gajar Halwa. Just don't bother about them calories!

Service is quick but not so friendly... the waiters seem to be disinterested. The AC section called the Family Room is the best place to be. All in all a nice place to get your veggie roadside snacks in clean surroundings.
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Mayavi  - Burrp User


September 08,2009

Good ol GK

Back in the 90s when I was in Old SIES (there are two, FYI), this was our staple food joint. Skipping classes to GK, was something I did quite regularly. So, on a weekday if you show up around 8ish, when their Ragada/Chole is not ready and they are still serving the Sindhi Dal-pakwan, they serve the Samosa chaat with the sindhi dal and that, is just mind-blowing. After all these years, that is one of my best GK memories. Rest of the day, even if you ask for it they wont give you dal with the samosa chaat. The chole-bhature is also good, and so are the rest of the chaat items. The sindhi paani-puri is delectably unique.

Their samosas have a very distinct flavor and are not super spicy.

It used to be our favorite past time in college days to try samosas at all movie theaters and guess if it was GK samosa or not. Back then they used to cater to about 80% of movie theaters back then.
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Natkhat Babe - Burrp User

Natkhat Babe

August 11,2009

Chaat day!!!

Hie friends,

Born & bought up in King's circle, I have been eating at guru kripa from past more than 10 years. Happen to visit again after a long time, I justed wanted my better half to know..how tasty food does guru kripa serves.

We went their in the evening, since I was aware., that this place is too crowded in evening, tried to reach the place before 6pm.
The ambience is the same...same old guru kripa..But anyways I have always been to guru kripa only for the taste & I don't really bother for the ambience.
Well we had almost all the chaats, starting with
Chole Pattice- awesome taste still today,
then we eat Samosa---again gr8,
followed by thandi mast paani puri,
then a nice sev puri,
Well, everything was tasty & awesome..Paisa vasool!!!
As veganontheprowl mentioned below It has become expensive.....but it is still moderate as compare to the quality & taste Guru kripa serve's...I believe the taste what guru kripa serve's is far better than the famous Elco paani puri for the lesser cost
Guru kripa is the best.

Well before living we did try..garam garam, crispy Jalebi's....hmm.........yummpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
This jalebi's are worth trying to wind up ..but pls eat the jalebi only if it is nice & garam....u'll not like the thanda jalebi's.

Well, now plan's to come again on a Sunday morning breakfast..yes the dal pakwan..( a sindhi special breakfast :-))

Will surely visit again.
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veganontheprowl - Burrp User


August 09,2009

Pig Out!

I've been eating the Guru Kripa Samosas since 1995 and I must say nothing has changed in the taste and quality of their samosa chole. The quantity of chole has reduced, seriously. Sometimes I think its not enough. Thats why the minus one.

The prices have been steadily increasing here, but you can't blame them. Paying 25 bucks for a pani puri in Sion is a little much but you're assured no upset stomachs after this one! So it's worth it.

All the other junk food is totally worth it. Sweet treats are very good. Can't say much about the ice cream.

For a vegan, keeping aside the fact that most of the food you're going to consume is fried, its a pretty taste-bud friendly place to eat.
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bhavi_007 - Burrp User


July 20,2009

thumps up

have been here quite a few times..every time i order samosa chole plate..and end up eating two..once three...just cant resist..if needed i have dahi wada..which is good tooo...so never got a chance to taste their other stuff...will nw try their other stuff too..but samosa chole plate is is a must...
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Jatin Maru - Burrp User

Jatin Maru

June 12,2009

Best Samosas n grilled sandwiches

Gurukripa is known for its quality of food. awsome..samosas, grilled sandwiches....chhole-bathuras, n sweets...
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Sundari Venkatraman - Burrp User

Sundari Venkatraman

June 03,2009


Every time I have a plate of bhel puri, samosa-chole or a dahi chaat, i am pleasantly surprised by the perfect taste they come up with.
The service is very good and fast and the price is totally worth it. Despite the huge crowd over the weekend, there is no long wait to face due to the speedy service.
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

May 15,2009

Best Chole-Samosa EVER

Guru Kripa was my 'adda' when I was an SIESite. My friends and I used to run to this place, 'book' a seat for ourselves (it gets pretty crowded) and hog.

GK is famous for mithais and sweets but I keep going back there for the dosas, sev-puri, and the world's best chole-samosa for a mere 15 bucks!

Minus 1 star only for bad hygiene standards but seriously with the world's best samosa on the plate, who cares?
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Nidhi s. - Burrp User

Nidhi s.

January 12,2009

Loved the paani puri there

I never knew it was called a sindhi paani puri but i really enjoyed it. It was chilled and had boondi in it..very different, very yummy. Rest since I am a punjabi, my standards are a bit high:) didnt really like the choley and samosa was fine ( wonder why the hype) those who consider this as best samosas..they must come to punjab and eat samosas at any roadside stall..i bet they are much better than what was served here..same goe sto cholley..They were kind of watery..though Bhaturas were great ..
And yea, the dosa was pathetic..I didnt like the sweet sambhar they served..It was not spicy but had sugar in it!! A read south indian sambhar has imli..

Rest sweets looked tempting..will keep trying and keep reviewing..
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Abhi T - Burrp User

Abhi T

December 22,2008

asli cholay

the cholay of gurukripa are very good ,too good..i am not a big fan of the samosas of gurukripa but when they are served with the cholays i cant resist .....

the sindhi pani puri is the best....im bored of the normal bhaiiya kee pani puri...sindhi pani puri with boondi is mind boggling....!!

malai kulfi..aaay haay!!the malai kulfi is a must try thing.....it just melts in your mouth and the sev they put on it with flavours makes it more and more delicious...

deserves a big 5 star !!
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Prasad Mehta - Burrp User

Prasad Mehta

November 24,2008

No one can make samosas like they do.

Gurukripa has been my neighbourhood restaurant.Since i was a kid till now,it has been my one of the most best restauratn ever.Nothing special about ambience.But the samosa's which you probably get here are out of this world.If you haven't visited here then i'm sure that you might be eating samosas in movie theatre.Yes this restaurant provides samosas even to the movie halls almost all over mumbai.And they also take party orders too.If samosas are hot then there is something waiting for you.Yes the cold and the chilling paani puri.If you don't want to eat samosas you can always crave for one of the best paani puri in the central and south mumbai.It's cold,it's spicy.And i'm sure after having a paani-puri you will want more.Even chinese is good over there.And ice-creams are okay!! The best part is that this restaurant provides so much varities from main course to the sweets.It has also got a sweet lassi.Yes the most sweetest lassi with rose syrup and malai.If you drink this you will not eat anything else.So don't give it a miss.Try it now!
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Sagar  - Burrp User


August 20,2008

lovely snacks

The ragda-samosa(Rs.15 per plate) you get at this place are very very famous and a must-try.
But the other snack items are good too.
Besides all kinds of chat items you also get a decent thali at this place.
It gets very packed in the evening with all families marching in so you dont get a seat. Never mind the seat coz most of the poeple prefer having a standup meal.
If you ever happen to come near sies college in sion, do visit this place.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 26,2008

Samosa nahi toh hum nahi

What can you expect from the guys who supply samosas to the entire Mumbai theatres, a logistical nightmare, maybe but still how many times have you not got samosas at a cinema hall.

Lovely hot piping bhajji, samosa, pattice, & you are all set for less than 100/-
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Tanz D - Burrp User

Tanz D

December 18,2006


this is the best place eva to hog......simply amazing food stuff tats out of this world....no other place matches this one.
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Krishnamurthy  - Burrp User


December 07,2006

Best Ragda Samosa in town

It is a little surprising that there were no reviews of this place. The site still hav some catching up to do amongst the people :)

Every student of SIES college will tell you how rocking this place is. Excellent ragda samosa, ragda patice, and all other chat items.
The grilled cheese sandwich here is my favourite. Pretty good chinese noodles. Good fruit juices, excellent lassi.

Oh and if you come here in the evening, then there is an array of sweets lined up.

The place is mostly self service (although there is a regular restaurant like seater inside, most people hang around in the outside)

The prices may be a little higher than other places, but its worth the money. Pretty difficult not to hog.
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