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Nicholas Dias - Burrp User

Nicholas Dias

February 01,2015

must visit

should visit
hungry after a long walk at carters my friend and i wanted to re live college memories and so we went to hearch which people call harsh bakery and ate to our hearts content.

we ate the yumm chicken burgers unfortunately couldnt take pics because i was too hungry and din really care,, in about the next five minutes they served us the scezwan fried rice which was so filling

we drank lime juice and finished our meal with a walnut brownie.

i guess we paid around 500 for a good meal with dessert for two
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

what a food heaven!

Such amazing prices even today for such amazing food..wow,no wonder it is always crowded and everything disappears as soon as it comes out of the pantry..I love everything here-chichen puff,chicken sandwich, mutton roll, veg roll, this is one of the best places to buy snack and bakery items from and everyone in Bandra knows it ..it is like an open secret here! Been here many times and looking forward to go back to this little place many more times.
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Sanjay Naik - Burrp User

Sanjay Naik

December 15,2014

Must visit place

What I liked the most is their Chicken Burger. It is a bakery only for name sake. Also I noticed Chicken lollipop & Chicken Fried Rice were selling like hot cakes.
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

September 26,2014

Forever hearsche

Oh almost everyone from Bandra or not loves Hearche Bakery.

From their chinese to their lime juice, i've tried most of the dishes here over the years.

If people are still unknown to this place then it is a waste of living in Mumbai.
Instead of trying to spot movie stars they need to walk and try the food and make their trip worthwhile.
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Gunjan A - Burrp User

Gunjan A

July 07,2014

Hidden Treasure

This place is very difficult to find and even when you have followed all the right directions and landmarks, it will still go unnoticed. People will tell you its right beside Holy Family Hospital, and you might even be standing at the right spot, but still won't find it. The tiny, rusty gate you have to enter through to get there will leave you with mixed feelings. Once inside, you'll see open space, where people are sitting on their parked bikes while eating. That is actually the building's backyard, and the bakery is located in what looks like a balcony of a house.
This place is popular with 'college-goers'. There are a lot of dishes you should try, other than their breads and biscuits. Their Chicken Burger is huge and the patty is really juicy and is served with potato wafers. Another thing that I always make sure I take is their Chicken Roti Roll. Also try their Chicken Fried Rice, which comes in the same box their burger comes in. One box should be enough to fill you up.
I had also tried their Caramel Custard once, but didn't like it much as I though it had an 'eggy' taste to it.
I have been coming here since I was in Junior College, which was 6 years back, and I will keep coming back.
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Farheen Darwesh - Burrp User

Farheen Darwesh

November 16,2012

Childhood memories of good food!

I've been a regular here ever since i was a kid. And i would rush out as soon as the school bell rang for lunch, to get their chicken fried rice, which i remember was just 40 bucks back then, for a huge qualtity.

I still love this place for all their quick snacks and also 'chainees' which is spicy and tasty too. There's no place to sit, xpt for nicely scattered rocks outside which make for pretty uncomfortable chairs.. hehe. This place is only best for take aways.

Get there early or you'll have to shove through a huge crowd in this tiny tiny place. And with just 2 attandant, the task is that much more difficilt.

1. chicken shezwan fried rice
2. Potato chop
3. Chicken/veg/mutton rolls
4. Croissants cheese/chicken
5. Lime juice
6. Chicken Burger
7. Tiny mutton samosas
8. Chicken Lolly-pops are lovely to share with friends, squeeze a little lime on them.

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Himanshu Chawat - Burrp User

Himanshu Chawat

September 14,2012

Veggies, try anything apart frm burger @ own risk

Had heard a lot about the place... so decided to visit it with a friend. Locating the place becomes kind of a task in itself... but then its well known in the Hill Road Area. No available seating was a let down and being vegetarians, we had lesser options than non-veg people who were going crazy about the food already. We ordered a burger, fried rice and manchurian(gravy). Rice was okayish. Manchurian balls felt like they were made of rubber...very bad. But Burger, I agree, is one of the best I have ever had ! The stuffing in it was very yummy... do try it the next time you are in Bandra.. !!
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Karan Karayi - Burrp User

Karan Karayi

June 09,2007

brilliant VFM

great VFM, nice variety in food-stuff/baked goods...they basically cater to the colleges and schools nearby and other miscellaneous hungry souls that wander in, all at a very reasonable price. if you have little dough on you and feel a rumble in your tummy, head over...chances are you'll find something to fill you-up. there's no sitting area, it's always crowded but the chow is worth it at the price
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