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  • Nearly half the visitors would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: the pesto pasta , garlic bread.
  • Few people mentioned night with friends

Additional remarks from reviews:

value for money
upload ur new menu
Junisha Dama - Burrp User

Junisha Dama

January 06,2016

Generous portions and good food

Cafe fare, simple place. The food is good - has some hits and misses - and the portions are large. Eaten several times here. Try the Hot Chocolate, Oreo Shake. Has garlic sauce and spice doused fries that are a popular order. The burgers are filling and my favourite would be the Grilled Chicken. Surf and Turf is another dish that's a must try. The fish is cooked perfectly, as are the prawns and the chicken.
The three cheese grilled sandwich is grilled to a perfect golden brown and is crisp and lovely.
The cafes and pastries here are also a good bet. Can't beat the close-by Ovenfresh but are cheaper and amazing. The chocolate and strawberry pastry, a regular in Decembers is the best here as are the various cheesecakes.
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tanmay1702 - Burrp User


December 28,2015

best food

Tiny place for foodie.. Pastas n mocktails are awesome.. But place is most known for their daily offers.. They have amazing offers, not on weekends.. There is buy 1 get 1 offers.. On Tuesday on burger and on Thursday on pizzas.. Chicken tikka pizza and tangychicken are nice... Tiraamisu pastry is sooo amazing.. Nice place and Pocket friendly
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 17,2015

Teenagers Den

This place is so made for teenagers to hangout. It serves good quality food within your budget. The food is mouth watering and decently priced. Pizza are much different and better than you get in some regular pizza outlets. The Barbeque Chicken Pizza is worth a try. I love the chicken tacos and the chicken ceaser salad. The lasagne are also great. They usually have deals on food from Monday to Thursday. Also, you find the best collection of cakes here.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

March 01,2015

liked it a lot

Went with a friend, had Cheese paprika fries , BBQ Chicken fillet burger and tandoori wrap which came to less than 900 bucks and was very tasty and very filling. I found it to be as good as the nearby located oven fresh even though it is not as popular somehow. May go back if I am in the area someday.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

February 01,2015

Really nice place

This is near oven fresh which is amazing place and this is not bad itself too. Went on a lazy evening with 2 friends and we ordered crispy chicken burger, chicken lasagne, chicken steak in red wine and a veg pizza.the lasagna and steak were simply amazing and I did not even want to share after the first bite itself! It was all filling also,portion is good and they had an amazing section of desserts which we couldn't try since we were already stuffed.
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Pamela Rodrigues - Burrp User

Pamela Rodrigues

May 07,2014

Ideal for a Date for a Couple below 30 :)

This place reminds you of the nice and cosy parsi joints. This is a stone throw away from Oven Fresh and serves non veg as well.. thou I love oven fresh too..Had the butter garlic prawns, chicken sausage and onion pulao and cheese garlic bread.. overall lovely food and ambience..MUST VISIT!
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Animesh Dwivedi - Burrp User

Animesh Dwivedi

April 21,2014

Pathetic service: Lost charm

We have been going to this small eatery for 4 years now and pretty regularly during this period. Over the years, while I could see the portions getting smaller (I think inflation is doing the trick), I am more astounded at the deplorable state of service at this restaurant.

Yesterday evening we (my wife and I) went to this eatery around 8 PM and the Reservation guy outside told us to wait for some time since the place was full. The waiting-time suggested was around 10 min. Nothing wrong in that.

Within two minutes, three Europeans came and were promptly let inside and got seated. Then after couple more minutes three groups (4 people in each group) got seated immediately (without waiting for 10 seconds). We enquired if they have started taking reservations on phone and to which the Reservation-guy told me that they don't have table for two people and seating us would mean loss of business. I told them that the rule is always first-come-first-serve if restaurants don't take reservations in advance on phone. To which I was told that we have to wait for 30 more minutes.

Its utter nonsense that 17 people are allowed inside while two people who came earlier had to wait. And that too in a rude manner. Its clearly a case that these people have become too big for their shoes and have absolutely no idea of what customer service is. One word for this restaurant = Pathetic.

PS: The last time we were ABLE TO EAT at this place there was a couple arguing with the Manager of restaurant because they had sent a cake with cockroach. The Manager told them that this restaurant doesn't have cockroach and the cockroach went inside the cake at customer's home. What morons?
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 15,2014

Lovely food

Located opposite Oven Fresh, is this wonderful place called Home Chef. Though Oven Fresh is a tough act to compete in terms of taste, quality and vintage, Home Chef has held its own stead and accumulated its own band of loyalists.

I am quite sure that many patrons, like me, have walked in here coz they were tired waiting outside OF or were in no mood to wait. I did come here for the same reason but my repeat visits were for the awesome food they serve.

My favourite's here are mushy mushroom soup, desi veggie pizza with extra toppings of mushrooms, kheema bolognaise.

It's not too heavy on the pocket but service is a bit slow hence if your in a group place your main orders at the same time so all the food arrives together and you don't have to dip your fork into someone else's plate.

Home Chef scores over Oven Fresh on 2 major counts:
1] They serve Non-Vegetarian food
2] They accept Cards

That apart, they have done a good job by serving good food.Kudos!
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rgaggar - Burrp User


February 23,2014

Decent Food...Rude and Dismissive Service

Ordered a cake for a friend's birthday - a dutch truffle with an edible camera film on top (hope I get the name right) and this after discussion with the person handling the order. Anyway, the person at the billing counter wrote the cake name wrong but billed me the correct amount as I told him i want camera film on top and not a actually 3D camera cake.
I took the delivery of the cake and that time as well the person at billing counter did not raise any issues.
The next day someone from the restaurant calls me and says I have underpaid (because they messed up the name and price) to which I immediately agreed and said I will come over and pay the difference. The person doesn't stop there and continues to blame me saying its because I insisted that he billed me wrong and actual price was indeed more.
When I go the place to pay the difference (which as you may realise I am under no obligation to) , the female who helped me with the order initially doesn't agree to the mess up and then tells me very dismissively as to what do i want to do and asks me the same thing 2-3times.
If they could called me to come and pay up couldn't the staff call and confirm the concerned person about the price in the initial place.
Absolutely pathetic, rude and arrogant customer service.
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Dipti Trivedi - Burrp User

Dipti Trivedi

December 05,2013

Horribly Sad Food

The cakes and bakery might be excellent. but the food on the dining menu is a total let down. even after being associated as such a big brand the entire experience failed with the sad quality of service lethargic staff and irritated by plastic water bottles and glasses on your table. a lot more better can be done !
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Gaurav Agrawal - Burrp User

Gaurav Agrawal

November 28,2013


Home chef is this very small homely join near shivaji park. The place has the amazing mocktails. Priced @ 150 both the quantity and quality of the drinks are absolutely value for money. The place plays some amazing music from yesteryears. Burgers and Mac & Cheese are something which is a must try. Average meal for 2 would be about 800 bucks. The place also boasts of in house bakery and serves some tasty desserts.
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Dipman Roy - Burrp User

Dipman Roy

November 27,2013

My Personal Favorite

Well After joining my college (IHM Mumbai)
The first meal that i had was in here, ever since then i have been going here,
The food is awesome, service is good and ambiance is also very good.

The Menu is good and gives you a lot to choose from.

Well i definitely enjoy their Tuesday & Thursday offers.

And the Pastry show (Cake studio is our Hostels Favorite, as all birthday cakes come from there.
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

Home Chef is your perfect college hangout place

Home Chef is your perfect college hangout place or a joint where you can grab a quick meal at reasonable prices. Delicious food and friendly ambience. The delivery service needs improvement though, as they don't to charge additional for 'cab fares' and yet are always delayed.
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Ashutosh Bohra - Burrp User

Ashutosh Bohra

August 18,2013

Simple Place, Nice Aroma, Great Food

Visited this Gem of a Cafe yesterday night with friends, One of my friends had been here earlier and he was all praises for this place so the expectations were already set very high.

So me along with 2 other friends visited here and as soon as I entered the cafe the brilliant aroma all around just packs a punch and just makes you aware that be ready for an awesome onset of good food. It is small place but I loved it.... Very Nice and simple.

So we got a table after waiting for 10 mins and we were given a seat on the upper section of the restaurant and as soon as we sat down one of my Architect friends said the table is at the perfect eating height. :)

So we started the food feast with Sizzling Garlic Chicken lollipops ( its another version of apple chicken and you are served 4 Giant lollipops in the sizzler tray) I liked it very much and as soon as I finished the first piece I called dibs on the 2nd piece :) So we also ordered Smoked chicken sausages with CRISPY bacon in a tangy sauce,,,, I just loved this, the chicken sausages were brilliant and I really loved them and there were some few pieces of bacon in it though they werent crispy as the menu suggested but we couldn't care less the dish was absolutely fabulous...

To accompany the starters we also ordered some drinks which were Kiwi and Mandarin Mojito and a Ice tea... they were served in some very huge glasses especially the Ice tea... all were ok nothing spectacular but fine..

For our next course we ordered Italiano and Meat full delight pizza, the pizzas are pan sized so don't judge us for our appetatite :) Both the pizzas were excellent
And Again I am mentioning the chicken sausages were just out of this world, am kind of a person who hates chicken sausages but yesterday I was just closing my eyes and enjoying each and every bite of the lovely preparation.

So I was full at this point but my friends decided to try the Chicken Alfredo pasta, I did taste a few bites and it was fine I mean just like every pasta that I have had...

We wanted to taste the desserts but seriously were left with no room for desserts..

I must tell you they have a huge variety to choose from and you really end up getting confused what to order.

Really loved the whole experience, the service, the ambiance, Even the pricing isnt that high, The total bill came upto Rs 1650 which is damn neat.

Would be definitely visiting here again
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Nameet Shetty - Burrp User

Nameet Shetty

August 12,2013

We Need More of These Places

Home Chef is a small, but amiable place located in Shivaji Park. Although shadowed by Ovenfresh which is located bang opposite, Home Chef has a charm of its own. With awesome food, fresh ingredients and daily specials scribbled on the walls, the only thing missing in this place are pretty waitresses. Suffice to say, Home Chef is more Continental than Indian and I would love to have more of these places around. I’ve tried a lot of dishes here including the Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Chicken Paprika, Stuffed Chicken Lobe and Chicken Ala King. The dishes were prepared brilliantly although I would have preferred a little more meat in them. I’m also a big fan of the Firecracker Sausages and the Mulberry Cheesecake here. Although the place doesn’t serve alcohol, Home Chef is definitely a place I’d like to visit regularly. Dinner for two will cost you about 1000 bucks, complete with dessert.
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amitpamnani - Burrp User


August 11,2013

decent patisserie

One of the good bakery and pastry shops is Mumbai. It is not known much outside dadar area, but it has a potential to become one of the most sought after places. The bakery items like pizza breads, burger breads, bread sticks are really good, and the cakes are all eggless, try out the chocolate chip coated cake, its awesome, eggless cakes could never taste so better. On asking, how old were these cakes, they repiled that they are not more than 3 hours old. They have a bakery nearby, where they bake their products. Surely a tough one to beat, try it out.
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Prerna Maynil - Burrp User

Prerna Maynil

July 27,2013

Must Try At Least Once

It’s a one-time try restaurant. Pizzas, pastas & deserts are good. Even the ambience is good though there is little space for a family of 8 to sit. It’s a cool place to hang out with friends. Deserts were yummy. The menu here is way too wide. And I mean its never ending. You have a hard time to pick a dish on the menu and by the time you read the entire menu, you wound up being confused as to what to order. one thing i really liked about this place are the small frames that are hung on the walls with various pictures or quotes. But still it’s a good place to hang-out.
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anjz_cool - Burrp User


June 09,2013

One and half hour policy..........

The worst place I have ever been too. Please don't step in unless you want to be humiliated. Today me and a couple of my friends had been to this place and we were expecting few more to join in. The waiter came in to take our order and we told him that we were expecting few more people. Nonetheless we placed an order. After a while the waiter tells us that we have another 30 mins left before we would need to vacate the place. When we enquired they informed us that since it was a weekend they don't allow any customer to sit for more than 1 and half hours. Are you'll running a restaurant or a theatre wherein you need to vacate after the movie is done with.
We were so embarrassed and humiliated. We have taken a oath that we would never step into HOME CHEF. Neither would we ever recommend anyone to do the same.
You guys are in the hospitality industry and its you duty to serve you customers by being kind and courteous. You guys have no right to treat people inferior especially your customers. If you'll are unable to provide this basic service to your customers then you guys don't deserve to be in this industry. I'm sure MUMBAI can thrive without a HOME CHEF but without hospitality I'm sure you guys wont be able to thrive. This behaviour of yours will cost you'll bitterly.
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

June 01,2013

Satisfying meal

Just back from lunch at Home Chef and had a great meal unlike last time. It's a small and cosy place with quick service.

There were 5 of us and we ordered quite a lot. Fries, Two grilled chicken burgers with bacon, lemony mustard prawns - prawns cooked in a creamy mustard sauce served with garlic bread and herbed rice, chicken sizzler, sandwich, mandarin mojito, kitkat shake, devilish, pineapple pastry, tiramisu cake and baked cheesecake.

The mandarin mojito, devilish (chocolate and coffee), lemony mustard prawns and baked cheesecake are must tries.

The damage was Rs 2800. Total value for money.
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Reply from restaurant management

thanks for your review:)
visit us soon !

regards Aditi

Ash Deshpande - Burrp User

Ash Deshpande

May 16,2013

A Long list in the Menu, but few takers

Been to his place a few times now and thats when I decided to write about it..Cos every time we are here, something funny happens and I vow to make a note of it in my review, then I forget. This time though its time to pen it down..

We were there last Tuesday at 8 pm ish and it was relatively empty (not surprised by that). We got a table next to a few bubbly young lads who ordered a few dishes and shared them all. the tables were so close, my missus felt that we were actually eating with them so we changed places. Luckily didn't ask for the 6 seater..(You'll know soon)

the striking thing about the menu is that there is along list of options and all are priced around the 15-180 range for drinks 18-200 for veg starters and 220-250 for non veg starters. the main course is in the range of 330+.

Even the cold coffee is at 150, dont know which coffee they use. the Tacos we ordered were funny with yellow (looked artificial) coloured cheese and the beans inside though boiled had no taste of the gravy.

The Surf & Turf is the only dish that is large and sumptuous. The batter on the fried prawn and fish is bland though, the chef may think of adding a little salt to it to make it taste better.

The whole grain pizza was worth the cost in its size and taste, but the pepper sauce (known popularly as Tabasco, the name of the legendary pepper sauce has stuck to the type) served here was Capsico brand, funnily sticky and low quality..Not sure the guys use this brand, though they charge so much for the food, why cant the customers get good stuff?

Then arrived a couple asking for a table for 2. when they refused to sit next to the loud group and asked if they can occupy the 6 seater, they were firmly refused. The young, boyish looking chap was rude enough to refuse them the place, like a school teacher admonishing a student. the customer then suggested they leave the place and not patronise them. To which surprisingly the chap has no remorse and he just went back to his work.. The customer suggested, that since it was a Tuesday, he shouldn't be worried for a large crowd, this evoked no response.

This was awesome, such high regard for customers is unbelievable. They could have let them go upstairs on the mezzanine level, but he chose to refuse.

Finally, we finished our food and left. No guesses if the waiter got any tips...and what do I think of this place..

Should I be recommending this place for any one at all?? The owners..Niketa & (some other girl, I forgot the name) should be spending more time at the restaurant and see how customers feel about the place. And while you are at it, please revisit the menu.. make it shorter and some VFM..
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Abhi T - Burrp User

Abhi T

January 30,2013

Good quality ,great service.

The range of cakes they have here is good..they have really threw a challenge to their competitors in the area.

The lady on counter is very nice and helpful.She helped me select a good fresh fruit cake for my fathers 60th.The cake was really good..and fruits laid on top were fresh indeed.Everyone enjoyed the cake and made a point to visit this place for their other cakes.

I havent tried the food yet since the change of hands from the limayes but i am sure it would be good too,like before.
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Yogini Sharma - Burrp User

Yogini Sharma

January 04,2013

Great cakes

Ms Rachna is really helpful. we ordered around 3 cakes last year from year - all customized, one for my daughters birthday - a mix of jewellery, shopping and makeup, one chelsea football cake and one bridge/groom cake. all were very good and tasty! thank you!
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Bhargavi Rao - Burrp User

Bhargavi Rao

November 10,2012

A constant source of food: )

I keep going here almost every week for lunch. one of the most common thing i eat here is the pesto pasta.

The one i recently had was okayish. there are a few things that may need some attention. The pasta was overcooked. there was too much sauce for the quantity of pasta. but overall the mimicking of the pesto was decent. with the pine nuts being replace by cashew nuts. however the food was decent with some garlic bread.

Keep churning decent food and you will do well
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Miyoki - Burrp User


October 15,2012

Bitter cake

Horrible experience on 14th October 2012 with the cake studio Shivaji park. Good cake BUTttt bad service, big liarsss in the name of managers and staff. The delivery boy messes up and spoils our entire evening, but human error can be rectified with a graceful sorry. Instead of apologising the lousy the staff, makes p stories, speaks rudely and arrogantly. Not done , not when one pays Rs 6000 for a cake. I hope the owners read this review and call to understand what exactly happens, it would be important for them to know what kind of a manger and staff they are dealing with.
Worst nightmare!
Cakes are meant to sweeten things and add to a celebration, this is left us with a bitter taste. Ironic I must say.
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Parth Dedhia - Burrp User

Parth Dedhia

September 02,2012

Owner please respond


Also one of us went to out to check another restaurant in the vicinity, as Homechef did not let us cut the cake inside.On coming back, home chef asks us to leave rather impolitely because- the waiter saw us check another restaurant( I mean Honestly??)...We are told to leave and told that the restaurant is closed for us!...and we literally get into a fight with the management/waiters...We are infact told that we blocked a table for 5 min!! Seriously?? Common Home Chef, you are in the hospitality business!! quite clearly, its appalling to see you treat customers like this....my suggestion to all is do not visit this place.....rather visit Ovenfresh which is way better anyways...!

You ruined our friends birthday...I mean why was I not told that outside cakes are not allowed when I was waiting peacefully outside holding the cake for 20 min??

Obviously we are not going to visit the restaurant again....and we suggest other patrons, better not check other restaurants and then go to Home Chef( You might get chucked out!!;) )...or risk getting into an ugly brawl with the smugy waiters...

I am sorry to say that the restaurant lacks competitiveness and considering it is very close to the popular Ovenfresh, its really amusing to show such smuginess and high headedness when you are a new restaurant

Dear Owner, with all due respect , Good food but bad hospitality will klll you...and as I see, quite a few patrons have complained about the service....infact a lot of complains about waiters on both burrp and zomato....(Yes I did spend half an hour reading other reviews as I did not want to be the first to criticize you)

-used to be fan of Home Chef :(.....
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

August 29,2012

Good for deals ...

We were attending a show at Natya Mandir and did not want to venture too far for grub. A search showed us this place to be conveniently located (read nearby) ... and a good deal from Snapdeal (50% off bill) was a good incentive. Place was easy to find with Nokia Maps ...

The first impression was like of 'PopTates' restaurant ... loud music, sizzler fumes and young crowd. A very small joint, we sat upstairs where 4 tables have been squeezed in somehow. The variety of food is good ... and servings good. Taste is very very average, especially the pastas. We ordered Arabiatta & Alfredo - both were 'indianized' versions. I ordered a fancy sounding 'Surf and Turf' which was decent ... a generous helping of fried fish, prawns, chicken breast (grilled), sausages and salamis. Only drawback, the fried fish was 'over fried' and hard ... pepper sauce too strong.

Overall, VFM for locals ... with deal, all of the above cost us less than 500 bucks, a definite steal. Wouldn't go back - deal or no deal. Funny thing was that most people visit there b'cos of the deals as when asked for the bill, the waiter asked me if I have a Snapdeal voucher without any prompting.
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


August 15,2012

Great times, Good food!

I had visited Home Chef with my group on 10th August for dinner, as it was a friend's birthday treat. We had to wait for 15-20 mins to get our seats(since we were around 10). I wondered if this was the scene on a Friday evening, weekend waiting would be crazy...even with there being so many other good eating places down the lane!

A few friends, who had been here before, placed our order for the evening based on their previous positive experience. And we surely loved every bit of it!!! Tex Mex nachos, pizzas, risotto, garlic bread .... and a few more! Really very nice...However, when asked for cold drink bottles, we were told that they only had cans. Having no other option, we called for the same but were disappointed to see that it had very little fizzy content! I suggest that it would be better if cold drank pet bottles would be made available, if glass bottles are a problem.

The place can get really noisy as it is the young crowd which generally seems to frequent the place more. However, combined with good food, reunion with old friends and lot of laughter and jokes, I didn't mind the noise at all! Guess we simply contributed to the din! :)
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Manish Kamdar - Burrp User

Manish Kamdar

June 14,2012

Atrocious Experience

Went there on Tuesday 12th June in the evening only because Oven Fresh had a long queue with a 45 minute estimate. I ordered a paneer sizzler and told him I wanted a medium spicy sauce. My wife asked for a veg Lasagna. The sizzler turned out to be so spicy that I had to drink water glass after glass. Could not even finish half of it. My wife's lasagna had the same story. Not a word of apology but instead they serve us with 2 donuts! What crap? My intestines were fuming all night so better be safe than sorry. I am never going there again. If Oven fresh is over full I will go hungry but will not let myself be killed here.
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robot - Burrp User


June 09,2012


its great food i frequently visit as its not very expensive has great staff
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for ur review, regards Aditi

sangee18 - Burrp User


June 05,2012


i would love if i had any response from management i sangeeta i really had a good experience before but the sunday experience make me feel that one should not visit it again
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Reply from restaurant management

i have email hope u reply soon

sangee18 - Burrp User


June 04,2012

poor service

i went to this place yesterday i ask the waiter can mains ( paneer steak with wine sauce) be serve with spaghetti base instead of rice
the waiter rudely said no he first did not understand ,then he said it can be serve with smash potatoes and rice only . The price has increase from 200 IN APRIL to 285 in june but still spaghetti option is not there :(

i order a salad ( greek salad ) then i saw the introductory sizzler menu on the board it was not the menu card and then i request the waiter to cancalled my first order and i want to order panner steak but he rudely refused at that time i really felt to leave the place for such rude service
worst part was that the salad was not serve with mayo nor the garlic bread when i request him the waiter said it is not available now and the quantity was very less it was not except from home chef and the price is increased from 140 in april to 200 in june
if i am paying 200 the quantity and quality should match for 200 buck if there is increase in price quality and quantity should increase too na
this is MY Request to aditi please look into this matter and please include sizzliers in the main menu place and please look at the quantity and quality , it should be value for money , the salad was great for 140 but 60 buck increase and decrease in quantity not good na !!!!! please increase the quantity
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Frank D'souza - Burrp User

Frank D'souza

May 25,2012

Ugh! horrible

For a place that was recommended by a whole bunch of people Home Chef did NOT meet our expectations.

A whole bunch of foodies from work got together to go and pig out, but were horribly disappointed. Even the service was pretty horrible. When one of the gang ordered a soft drink, the waiter brought in a WARM can and a mug full of ice. When asked for a cold can his response was '" have given you ice" When told that we would not be having the can, which was still unopened, he slammed it on the table and walked off.

Our orders of burgers and sandwiches were brought in quick but turned out to be some of the worst items most of us have ever eaten. The dessert, devils chocolate was good but again, warm. The lime juice was again one of the crappiest drinks we had ever had. HOW can anyone massacre fresh lime juice like that. and yeah again, warm.

The only reason they get the stars is because of the AWESOME french fries. Pretty much the only saving grace in a horrible horrible lunch experience.

Ambience - 2/5
Food - 2/5
Service - 2/5

french fries - 4/5

Will not go back again
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Reply from restaurant management

my sincere apologies to you and your friends who had an un pleasant experience at HOMECHEF.
i will def look into this at the earliest.

however i would appreciate if you give us another chance to serve you.
our new menu is out for trials and we would love to have you come for a meal
please mail me your details on homechef4@hotmail.com so we can contact you.

regards aditi

mayureshms - Burrp User


May 11,2012

Excellent Service and Good Food in Shivaji Park

We tried Chicken Tikka Pizza and Cajun Chicken Popcorns...Both dishes are awesome.Actually Try Popcorns with Beer..amazingo combo......
Also cakes are worth trying....have ordered twice for my dad's bday and dad's party on his retirement day both cakes were stupendofilously fantastic.
Hope I get one for my bday from my wifey...The Vodka one...

Do u accept SodexHo Coupons
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Reply from restaurant management

hi mayuresh, thanks for ur review :)
as of now we do not accept sodexho.
next time your at home chef do try our new menu - goda masala chicken , prawns sweet chill, pesto burst n more
cheers, regards aditi

arpitasb - Burrp User


April 16,2012

Great food, great place!!!

Visits at Home Chef are always fun-filled & stomach-filled. The cookies & cream shake is to die for!!! Oriental Paneer Burger can make you go gaga over it and even one doesn't seem enough...The pastas are perfect in taste and rich in smell...Small, cozy place for one and all!!!
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Reply from restaurant management

thanks arpita !
come may 1st and our new menu shall tantalize ur tastebuds even more !
regards, aditi

sangee18 - Burrp User


April 14,2012

nice dessert

i had a chocolate cake with ice cream and hot sauce it was yummy and good services too far better then CCD home chef u rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i looking forward to have main with noodles or spaghetti
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Reply from restaurant management

please accept sodexo coupons

sangee18 - Burrp User


April 13,2012

quick delivery

i order paneer steak in red wine it was yummy i had a mushroom soup it was very yummy and i love the salad i have one sugggestion for u that is i wish the main that are serve with garlic bread and rice i wish there is option with choose with rice or noodles or spaghetti i would love to have paneer steak in red wine with spaghetti again n i want ask do home chef accpect sodexo coupons thank you
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Reply from restaurant management

thanks i am really looking forward to have spaghetti and paneer steak in red wine



March 24,2012


Once upon a time a great place to eat.... but now the standard has lowered. Though it is not a bad place to visit. When the ladies in charge are present, restaurant runs smoothly. But otherwise, its a mess.

I was a regular goer of this place but the quality has deteriorated. The garlic bread is burnt most of the times. In spite of complaining, no one cares. Our bread was once replaced though when their owner was present. But the pasta is still good and pastries are also good. Staff should be more cordial.
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meenakshi83 - Burrp User


January 19,2012


I've always had a good experience here :) Its close to my house and always land up eating here! Just ordered a birthday cake - soccer ball, and it was so delicious! Made the birthday boy's day!
Just a small tip - please have someone who is more approachable for taking cake orders. The guys there seemed quite lost when I asked if they could make something specific for the theme I was looking for!
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bitsNbytes - Burrp User


January 12,2012

Best place to eat in Matunga/Mahim/Dadar

Our workplace shifted to Matunga a few weeks back and I was at a total loss for a good place to eat at. Almost every place around that area has pretty much had sub standard food.
Went to Home Chef today and all I am going to say is, I am going to keep going there, even on a weekend perhaps when I do not have work.
Great job guys, keep t up !! :)
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ambertwalkar - Burrp User


December 04,2011


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virajmuthye - Burrp User


October 13,2011

good, but really rude people on the phone

this is a really good place, right next to my place, great non veg food, great pizzas and really nice cakes.....

i still have dreams about the pineapple pastry (definitely recommended) and the black forest cake...... the pastas and salads are really interesting as well

the people however who talk to u on the phone when u order are extremely rude, and kind of almost makes u not want to order on the phone....

the food is extremely good, and the people on the phone are extremely rude, and i mean 'extremely' in both cases
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Nicol Fernandes - Burrp User

Nicol Fernandes

August 26,2011

Good job Chef!

I've eaten at Oven Fresh (smack opposite Home Chef) many times and the food has always been good, but the sad part is that its a 'Pure Veg' restaurant. A friend recommended Home Chef so we decided to lunch there. It is a tiny, cozy place with a pleasing decor. There is a counter that displays the desserts, breads and other confectionery items.

We thankfully arrived by 12:30 and got the table of our choice since there weren't any customers at that time. If you visit the washroom, a word of caution: Mind your Head! :P :D

Once we were seated something started to nag me - the bottles in which they serve water. They are the pink/blue coloured plastic bottles that we use at home everyday. Now, not every customer expects a restaurant to serve Mineral water; but those multi-coloured plastic bottles are really a turn off! I understand the whole concept of the 'dine at home experience' but the bottles take it to another level.... :P

For starters, we ordered two rounds of Nachos with Cheese (my friend was, apparently, salivating about Nachos in her dreams for the past 1 week!). It was served to us in almost no time. The taste couldn't get better. Liberal amounts of cheese, a good bowl full of Salsa Sauce... just wow! Price - 300 bucks.

For the main course, we ordered Chicken Lasagna and A la Tikka pasta. By then the restaurant was packed and the order took a long time to reach our table. Both the dishes were served with 2 pieces of Garlic Bread which, I must say, were very tasty! The Lasagna was brilliant, in terms of the taste and quantity both.
Price - 200 bucks.
The A la Tikka should be tried only by those who like their Pasta to be Indianised. The sauce tasted exactly like the Butter Chicken/Paneer Makhanwala gravy! If you wanted, you could have had Roti with it... :D
Price - 180 bucks.

Since the portions of the main course were generous, we took some time to order desserts. The group on the adjacent table were devouring what looked, to us, like the perfect dessert. Rocky Nutty Sunday - A huge martini glass filled with pieces of brownies, scoops of ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was very yummy, although I'd have preferred the brownie pieces softer. Price - 100 bucks.
Completely stuffed!

Total tab for 3: 780 bucks without drinks.
It's a place definitely worth visiting!

P.S: I really hope they get rid of the bottles!
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Reply from restaurant management

thanks for ur review !
me and my team really appreciate your detailed remarks.

and yes in time to come well definitely change the water bottles ;)
do drop in for our sizzlers soon !

regards aditi

amanm - Burrp User


July 24,2011

Ok Food,Bad service ..

I visited this place on a monday evening around 5 pm..I entered inside all the staff was busy that time i dont know with pasting some new flex board or something. I sat on a corner table & a waiter gave me some water in a nice plastic bottle & a glass. The ambience is good & appealing to the college going young crowd.. The menu offers you with a range of salads,pastas,burgers,drinks,desserts etc with good pricing.. I ordered a chicken arrabiata pasta & a Kiwi Mohito ... It took around 10-15 min for my order to get ready,as i was the only customer that time, I thought they took a long time.. The pasta was ok, the sauce didnt really appealed that much..After eating the pasta i just felt like i am just eating plain boiled pasta without any sauce..It was tasteless. It's on the same road as Dadar catering college, I expected a good pasta from them thinking some skills would have just flown away from the college and landed here.The garlic bread served with the pasta was good. The Kiwi mohito,was okeh but i personally think they should decrease some amount of the kiwi flavour & increase the citrus flavour & balance the sweetness ,so that it turns out good & helps relieving the throat... It took around 5-10 mins for the waiter to come,clear the table & take order for the dessert..I ordered a choclate bhajia as i was not full by that time.. He went inside the kitchen,then came out took out some thing looking like chochlate balls from a display ice cream fridge & then went inside again..After 5 mins he came back & said sorry sir we dont have choclate bhajias.. huh.. YOu could have told me earlier... I was really disappointed by this mis management, I mean it took you around 5 mins to decide that you have something or not...Then i asked for the cheq/bill.. It took him around another 5 mins to get the cheq... Really bad customer service... The staff present there was just potraying tht the customer has no importance to them,& they totally failed in making a warm & friendly atmosphere needed for a restaurant or food joint to operate successfully.. Sorry for the harsh words,but will give it a try once more,as it was a nicely put up place & seemed like it is a venture of a new budding entrepreneur/chef...So i dont want to demotivate the team behind home chef..Best of luck for the future !
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prajakta.frnds - Burrp User


July 22,2011

Confused on What was served on 2 different Visits.

Just to give an Idea, I have been to this place only twice till now...one week back and today... I wanted to Try 2 different Chicken Sizzlers which are only there in the menu....on the first visit I ordered Sausages Sizzler and we got the one with Chicken on sticks in a sizzler. We confirmed that whether this is the only one which we ordered with sausages, and manager there said yes.... it is with sausages .... Well I know how do sausages looks like and Taste like.... Anyways story doesn't end here today I ordered Skewer Sizzler and I got the same Sizzler with chicken on Sticks.... the only difference was it was actually hot today....
Well if anyone can tell me in which Visit I was fooled and Why???? I think I paid for what I wanted and not for what I got..... the difference may not be much in terms of money but ....
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JRBharucha  - Burrp User


July 19,2011

Horrible - Rude Service!

Bad service. Went to Home Chef ordered, waited to collect my parcel and they had no courtesy to offer me a seat. They were rude & insulting. They asked me to wait outside while the parcel got ready. Twice they gave me the wrong stuff. They offered to settle it with a pastry. Well its sad. They were shoddy in the way they spoke. Sad to see such bad customer service.

The Rice & bread as mentioned in the menu was never given along with the meal.
Don't cheat your customers. Will never come back.

People in the area (Dadar Parsi Colony) will definitely know and be recommended never to visit or order at home!

Rude with a customer? Really sad service.
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Reply from restaurant management

my sincere apologies for your negative experience with HOME CHEF.
I shall definitely take up this matter and make sure things like these are never repeated.
we promise you a pleasant experience on ur next visit.
regards, aditi - chef/owner

Karan  - Burrp User


June 12,2011

Brilliant Food.

I must say this has some great food. For this kind of food available in other restaurants the quantity is very good. Great taste and total paisa vasul place. This place is a must visit. Plus the ambiance and music was perfect.
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Reply from restaurant management

Your adding more to your menu... its anyways confusing as to what to choose. Everything on the menu looks scrumptious and I have to try plenty on it as yet, including the Chocolate Bahjjias :)

Saurabh Nanda - Burrp User

Saurabh Nanda

April 16,2011

Some good. Some disappointing.

I've been to the Home Chef quite a number of times now. It started off as second choice because there was a very long line outside Over Fresh (bang opposite Home Chef). But it's kept me coming back.

I must've had almost all the dishes on the main course menu. All of them are good. I've tried the Cookies & Cream shake, which is excellent -- just remember to ask them to make it less sweet, otherwise it's a sugar bomb. On my first visit they gave us 'paan ice-cream' -- complimentary after the meal. It's brilliant!

With such a good experience multiple times in a row, last night was a disappointment. We had ordered a nutty scotch shake (less sweet), cream of mushroom soup, oriental paneer burger, and salad burger (veg).

The nutty scotch shake was yummy. Cream of mushroom soup - ditto. However, both the burgers were a disappointment. The oriental paneer burger cooked up by someone with a complete lack of imagination. Chilli paneer ki subzi inside a bun with a slice of cheese -- I kid you not. The salad burger, too, was just coleslaw thrown in a bun with cheese. Not expected from Home Chef, which otherwise is brilliant.

So I asked the waiter for the feedback form and a slip of paper. I essentially wrote this very review in brief and left my email address on the slip of paper. And by the time I got back, here's what I had in my inbox:

"We at Home chef have taken your suggestions positively and will try and mend our recipes to suit our valued guests. On your next visit you will definitely find the changes."

Brilliant! Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant! Not only did they read my scrawny handwriting, they even had the courtesy to acknowledge it by email. I'll definitely be going back again. Now what remains to be seen is whether they do something about those burgers or not :-)
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Kunal Jain - Burrp User

Kunal Jain

April 02,2011

Fresh and Delicious

I totally agree with "MakeYouBurrp" as we both went there for the lunch. I had Garlic Bread, Au Gratin(Baked dish) and one piece of Paneer-65 and just tasted the Choclate Mousse.
The Garlic Bread was the best i ever had. So fresh and Tasty. Will definitely suggest this place to someone who wants to go to a good and cheap place. For 6 of us the bill shoots upto 1600(approx). Finally there is someone to compete with Oven Fresh.
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Reply from restaurant management

Wow.. Chocolate Bahjjias... Aditi, I am coming Soon there...

MakeYouBurrp - Burrp User


April 01,2011

Must Eat Here!!

This place is medium priced and the food is very good. The service might be a bit slow but the food really makes up for it. Everything i ate was really delicious. I had garlic bread, chicken tikka roll and a bit of pasta. To top it off, the chocolate mousse was mind blowing!! I would say that this place is better than Oven Fresh because it tastes better, cheaper, and is surprisingly fresh !
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Hemant Desai - Burrp User

Hemant Desai

February 06,2011

Overly priced

Before I add this review, I did like to mention, for all my reviews, it is purely my personal view and opinions. One important thing is that I am, for certain reason, unable to visit the business and hence most of the food review I have written, I will write in future will be purely based on what I get as home delivery. I hope this adds a point while you are reading the review.

Was feeling something different to eat and hence decided to order from Home Chef as they are pretty close to where I live. Since I don't have their latest menu, I counted on the one that is available here. Selecting safely as to what could still be available. Single person that I am/live, I had to choose carefully. I do eat a lot, I mean a LOT still I hate to order too much food that may need to be thrown away. No I don't have a refrigerator yet.

I ordered Firecracker sausages, Hummus with Pita and a can of soft drink. Damage 350 rupees. OUCH!!

What I get??

Three aluminium foil containers, two of them dripping of oil. If one thing that really puts me off in matter of food is dripping oil. It is one of those things that is a serious turn offs for me. Oh and they forgot to send me their latest menu even after requesting for one.

Nevertheless, patient and optimistic that I am, I carefully wrapped the containers in packs of tissue paper. Good job. Now to open them and ogle the food.

Hummus: I will give 5/5 full marks. Even if it had a drip of oil from it, the actual Hummus was great. Even the additional touch of garnishing it with olives, not really needed, did not damage the essential simple taste of Hummus. I am impressed. Hummus is one of those simple dishes that chances are one will get it wrong.

Pita bread: 2.5 / 5 ... was utterly hard. Pita is supposed to be ... sort of crispy. Not Crispy but if you know how thin chapati gets crispy? Pita is supposed to be that way. Easy to break in pieces and dip it in Hummus and chew away. Nope the one I got, was tart little less then being rock solid. Taste was fine. hence I am even giving some rating else sheer hardness of Pita ... it was more difficult then a hrad biscuit. Imagine that.

Firecracker Sausage: 3/5 . They lost a point because it was dripping oil. No no wait I would say oil was LEAKING from the container. Taste was something very unique. I liked it. Texture was just right. Not over cooked or under cooked. Oil is what made it terrible. Now I do have a measuring glass with me. I poured the oil in it, mind you this is the one that did not leak out, and it measured, 45 ml !!!!!! that is 1.5 oz ... Boy if they saved on that oil plus the one that dripped off and I could not measure, I am sure they can bring down the cost and make it more rational.

Overall I will say 3.5 / 5 for Home Chef. Little things that matter will surely make them even more popular. Highlights: Good Taste, Expensive, Terribly high amount of Oil.

I wish them best. Hope this review helps others.
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Jithin Pulinthanam - Burrp User

Jithin Pulinthanam

February 01,2011

Damn good food!!

Yesterday was the first time I went there, with some of my friends, and I thought it was just a pastry shop.. I ordered a Jumbo burger[a double layered burger].. It took a while for them to get our orders, but I thought that the wait was well worth it.. They gave a side of potato chips, and coleslaw, and that was the BEST coleslaw I've had in my life.. The burger was really good too.. And it's after a VERY long time that I feel I've had a burger worth the money I paid.. After that, we tried a caramel pastry, and it was truly out of this world.. All in all, a good place to eat..
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Divya Vinekar - Burrp User

Divya Vinekar

January 29,2011

Backup place..

Assuming that the place opposite to this wouldn't be as full, I had to eat back my words. Quite a good place, I must say. As my friend is a vegetarian, she ordered a veg starter and I ordered a Chicken sausage starter which had quite a bit of an oily base with a tasty mughlai gravy sprinkled with chilli flakes. And because twas our first time over there we settled for very little. For the main course we shared a nice Mushroom Stroganoff. The very enthusiactic yet nervous manager gave us options for desserts. And when asked for a Strawberry Cheese cake, we got Strawberry Mousse. :P so overall an average place. Rates quite reasonable.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

November 01,2010

Very lively music, the food's good too

Went to this place for a quick lunch on a recommendation from a colleague. The scene feels very happening. There was a bunch of yuppies chatting away, the music was loud & upbeat, and the place smelled good too.

The ambiance is very inviting. Although the place is not that big, they managed to accommodate quite a few people indoors.

We ordered a cheese laden french fries and a mushroom crostini. Both of them were simply yumm. My spinach risotto was too good.

Overall a very good hang out place. Must recommended.

The only negative was the waiter who took our order. He seemed quite clueless, but to give him some credit - he didn't goof any of our orders.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

October 05,2010

Home Chef, I can cook faster than you!

Home Chef clearly doesn’t have good chefs. What else can explain a wait of over 45 minutes to get our food?

The place already has a reputation for slow service & my friend warned me about it. I ignored it thinking,”Well, how slow can they be?” Other than the drinks & a sandwich, everything else that we ordered took more than 45 minutes to reach the table despite me reminding the waiters about it. Only when I came close to yelling at them, did they bother to feed us hungry souls.

The Salami & Cheese Sandwiches was average. It was edible even though it was a little too salty. The extra salty taste was because of the salami which obviously had a lot of salt & their use of chaat masala in the sandwich. Chaat masala in a sandwich is simply not done! The Penne Pesto was yummy..rich & creamy, it melts in the mouth. The Spaghetti in Arabbiata sauce, on the other hand was just okay. The Chicken Wings were the best thing we had. It was delicious! The yummiest Chicken Wings I’ve ever had in my life! We also tried the Lemon & Peach Iced Teas & the Lemon & Kiwi Mojitos. All of them were extra sweet. The Peach Iced Tea had a bitter after taste.

Ambience is nothing to boast of. It’s just a small, cozy joint. Food is decent, some dishes being great. Prices are reasonable. A meal for 3 cost us Rs 720. Service is pathetic. Although I’d love to go back to try their Chicken Wings, I’m never going back to Home Chef. They're just way too slow!
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vanessac - Burrp User


July 14,2010

Step up on the speed of service puhleez!

Ate a chicken lasagna which took about 20mins to arrive. Friends went over to the icecream counter to order 2 icecreams and just so that they wudn't get condused, made a specific mention that we wanted the icream at the table immediatedly and not at the end of the meal. despite this, the icecream took 30mins to get to the table. Even the bill & return change takes time.

Food's good with ample chicken pieces in the foil container they served it in; and given the fact that there are few non-veg sit down restaurants around Shivaji Park (apart from CCD & Barista), we'd want to go back to Home Chef - but not if service takes forever!
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anonfoodlover - Burrp User


May 14,2010

Stones in the pasta

I usually go to home chef a lot. I have recommended it to many of my friends as well. The one main thing they had going, the good food, is not there anymore. I ordered a pasta recently, as i was chewing, my teeth grinded against something, I immediately spat whatever was in my mouth aside in my plate. On going threw what I spat out with a fork, I found 2 small stones. I don't think I will be going to home chef again. Apart from the OBVIOUS stones, the quality of the other food has also reduced, I would rather have vegetarian food across the road at oven fresh. At least it is fresh and without stones.

I have photographs of the stones also.
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GimoWest - Burrp User


April 18,2010

Good Food!!!

Went to Home Chef for a late nite bite. I like the relaxed ambience, but disliked the wooden benches for seats.

Was really hungry so ordered quite a bit.

Chicken Salami n Cheese Sandwich, the salami was really good but they really skimped on the cheese. The mayo also could have some more seasoning.
8 inch Salami and Sausage Pizza was really crisp and delicious. The melted cheese on top was yummy.
Fire Cracker Sausage, was too fiery for my palate. They should use less chillies to make it more edible.
Fish and Chips, the fish was really fresh and lip-smacking, gently spiced and crispy batter was too good to resist. Chips were fabulous as well, the dip served alongside could have been a little thicker.
Chicken Alfredo Pasta, was acceptable, fairly generous amount of chicken cubes, should have some more Alfredo sauce and herbs.
Garlic Bread with cheese, garlic flavour was more or less absent, but the cheese and bread were awesome. End result was first-rate.
Chicken Steak in Red Wine Sauce, was too salty, I was put off almost immediately.
Jumbo Chicken Burger, was the best thing I had at 'Home Chef', the patty used was superb, amazing medley of all the ingredients
Malai Chicken and Tikka Chicken Wraps were quite poor, the chicken stuffing lacked taste and there was an overdose of onion.
Lemon Ice Tea, had too much lemon and could do with more of tea.
Paan Milkshake was a total surprise for me. I thought it would end up being an utter disaster, but I was I really impressed by the preparation. The subtle flavour of paan was exquisite
On the whole, Home Chef is a decent place, nothing great but not bad either. Not cheap, but not expesive either. Surely worth a try. Three stars from me.
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debarshibasak - Burrp User


April 17,2010


Well me and my two friends wanted to chill out on a Thursday even.Basically its got a nice cafe ambiance. You can actually sit for the whole day with your pals and chill out. I ordered a jumbo chicken burger whereas my friend ordered an Indiana paneer roll.The third friend ordered a paan flavored nice ice-cream. The paan ice-cream was actually nice. Well the chicken
burger was average not tht great so was indiana paneer roll.
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vrushali prabhu - Burrp User

vrushali prabhu

February 04,2010


We ordered food from Home Chef yesterday and it was amazing!!We ordered Chicken sausage gravy,fish n chips,chicken stroganoff,fish burger,chicken pasta in pesto sauce,chicken jungli sandwich,pineapple fc pastry and chocolate mousse.

The food was more than sufficient for 3 and I ended up wanting for more.The sandwich had a continental as well as Indian tatse to it.The fish burger and fish in the fish n chips tasted the same.They used the fish in fish n chips as patty.That is why the 4 stars otherwise all the other items were delicious.
Since i have not had chicken stroganoff,i could not compare it but i find it worth mentioning that the chicken was tender and well cooked.
The desserts were okay but I would recommend them to anyone who wants to end their meal on a sweet note.The expenses were Rs 995 for the above items making a tad expensive and hence recommended for rare occassions.
All in all i am happy that they restarted the place.I have always been a fan of their food especially since I tasted my first "Thai" here.Sadly,it is not on the menu now.
Keep it up guys!!!
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sangee18 - Burrp User


May 19,2012


it will be great help if u upload ur new menu
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