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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Red velvet pancakes

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They have a jukebox and it belted out some great
Foodie Punters - Burrp User

Foodie Punters

June 29,2016

Awesomeeeee place.. Truly a hidden gem...

Awesomeeeee place.. Truly a hidden gem...
Grt ambience..
Superb food..
Good musik..
I went fr lunch and i have a feeling dinner tym d place would b still better looking. It had a nice airy n peppy look.. Outside sitting was also chick looking..
Dnt miss d jaritas.. I highly recommend gng thr..
I m defi cmng back

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Pooja Dholakia - Burrp User

Pooja Dholakia

June 17,2015

Nice place with really good food!

Jam Jar Diner serves great food, with great service. A good reasonable menu with quite good options. Good place to chill out with friends whether for brunches or dinners, jam jar diner can be a right call.:)
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

April 30,2015

Unconventional but good!

Amazing ambiance,which many of my friends call as unconventional and transports to another world. Do try Nachos, Fish n Chips, baked beans and cheese, black bean quesadillas,hand-battered prawns, mozzarella olive crostini, tortilla rolls, mud cake, I do recommend their quesadillas which they serve with sour cream,amazing! my friends and I loved it and will definitely go back. But I would like to suggest to them to make it a bit brighter as it becomes a bit dark at night and gives an eery feeling!
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 18,2015

American diner like set-up.

Colorful from outside and a decent ambiance inside. Good juke box and high chairs on the bar side and uncomfortable stone chairs on the other. It's a very unusual treat to eye. Perfect place to hang out with friends! They have an extensive bar menu. Spread is innovative - loved the pancake with fire fried veggies. The chicken BBQ burger is very decent. Fruit Waffle was very well made with the right texture and served with fresh cut fruits overload, Jalapeño Mac and Cheese deserves a big thumbs up.
Perfectly baked macaroni with cheese and generously stuffed with zucchini, mushrooms and corn. With crispy crumbs forming a crust.
Service sucks big time as the order is served at a snail's pace.
All in all, a good place to chill with a bunch or even for a casual date.
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  • Jamjar Dinerimage
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akanshakhanna  - Burrp User


May 26,2014

A perfect hangout place

Jam Jar Diner is one of my favorite places to chill! its the perfect place to hang out specially in the evening! they have a juke box, games etc! the food is amazing! The breakfast menu is spectacular and the place is cute! Nacho's are a must try!
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BindiyaChotrani - Burrp User


May 14,2014

Jamjar Diner!

Tucked up cozily in a small blue colored bungalow, jamjar diner is a place that could easily miss the eye. Enter this place, and you'd love the decor. There's seating on the ground floor with tables and chairs, sofas, and bar stools too. The seating on the first floor has been partitioned into an air-conditioned section and an open-air ambiance one. The open-air ambiance is done up on the terrace and summers wouldn't be the best time for you to want to sit there. Try their classic veg nachos, that are just delicious. The pizzas taste good too. Only for the pizza base, which is not made of flour. The pizza base tastes more like naan, than the regular piza base. The portions are generous though. Jamjar does not serve anything great when it comes to drinks. The pinacolada, iced tea all taste average. However, you'd totally love the kind of mugs they'd serve your drink in! The food is definitely priced a tad too high. A veg pizza, nachos, 1 pinacolada and one iced tea will do damages worth 1200/- Minus the charges, and the place is a good bet!
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mahua111 - Burrp User


May 09,2014

Great ambience average food

The rooftop at Jamjar is the best place to sit in the evenings. The food is sticky average.. We ordered prawns for starters and a ceased salad . The watermelon jägerita is refreshing although their tap beers are flat.The staff is very courteous .. Will visit again for few drinks and chill at their rooftop
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kashyapvora7 - Burrp User


May 08,2014

love the outdoors

Jamjar is an all day eatery serving American comfort food to the discerning diner.The amount of seating space, once in, surprises you for starters.Decent crowd, lively atmosphere and average food which can improve in terms of quality as well as quantity.The ambiance is just perfect, they have outdoor seating on the first floor and air con on the ground. It just instantly makes you comfortable.
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radical22 - Burrp User


February 25,2014

Nothing to rave about! Nothing to complain about!

This is your friendly neighbor’s home! A blue cottage that sits where the once Kerala special restaurant ‘Rice Boat’ used to. Jamjar has simple homely interiors and one feels like letting loose almost immediately. Jukebox, pleasant lightings, wooden furnishings, and a listening staff, who pay heed to every requirement. They even worked up a burger on special request, that wasn’t available on the menu.

I like their rooftop arrangement, but I wish it were a strict no-smoking zone!

Their menu highlights are Mexican and Continental dishes. The ‘Crispy Lotus Root’ is a decent fried snack to accompany your drinks; which by the way, get served in jam jars. The ‘Chimichurri Grilled Chicken’ is a dish much like the regular chicken skewers, and don’t really excite the taste buds. I must however mention, that their starter quantities are quite generous, and won’t disappoint those who intend sipping longer.

The pizzas are nothing to rave about. I tried the BBQ Chicken and the Basil Pesto Chicken, and both were average.

Jamjar presents an array of comfort food, but unfortunately doesn’t satisfy the comfort you crave for.

They have a good-looking breakfast menu, and I do hope to sample its offerings someday soon.

As of now, I’d simply say, it’s a great place for a hangout, very well priced for the quantity served; but the food is really just ordinary!
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akshata punekar - Burrp User

akshata punekar

February 23,2014

JamJar all the way

Its just one of those place's that make you feel at home. The menu is great , drinks and music sum up to a good evening with friends or family. Been here over ten times and will continue to do so. Cheers and dont miss the JamJar experience while you sip on ya drinks.:)
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Jigyasa ... - Burrp User

Jigyasa ...

February 12,2014


Jam Jar is perfect for a good breakfast for me!
Totally LOVE popeye and the watermelon ice tea...
Even their onion rings and mexican is yummilicious..

But I am addicted to POPEYE!!
So if you like spinach and eggs and waffles.. this is paradise!!!
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

January 22,2014

Great place!!!

Owned & operated by the same folks who bought us Bonobo; a hip & happening lounge bar in Bandra; Jamjar is an all day eatery serving American comfort food to the discerning diner. They take the concept of the Jam Jar seriously & serve all their drinks in Jam jars which is very unique.

After our horrendous experience at Amigos we decided to have dinner at JamJar & we were not disappointed!!! The wait staff is friendly & knowledgeable they helped us a lot with deciding what to eat. They are non intrusive & gave us time to decide our food selection.

As we were not drinking we just ordered some soft drinks (which came in Jam Jar's!!!) but I am told their cocktails & sangria's are a must try!!! For dinner we ordered Fish Taco's, a Chimmichuri Rubbed Grilled Chicken & some Spanish red Rice with a Bean Paste & Mashed Potatoes.

As my sister in law is Vegan; once the food arrived she asked if the mashed potatoes had any butter or cream in it. The server confirmed that it did; she requested the dish to be replaced & he gladly did so to suite her needs (the kitchen prepared fresh mashed potatoes for her without any butter or cream). She enjoyed the Spanish rice, Beans paste & the mashed Potatoes thoroughly!!!

The fish tacos were out of this world!!! I have had fish tacos in the States & these one's were at par with those. The filling inside was perfectly balanced & the taco was not over filled with stuffing. What a treat!!!

My chimmichuri chicken was brilliant!!! The chimmichuri seasoning had perfectly coated the chicken; which was succulent & tender; cooked to perfection!!! A delight for the palate!!!

The portion sizes are decent as well; real value for money!!!

The prices are reasonable for an up market restaurant as well making it a place I will definitely recommend, and most certainly visit again!!!
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Anjum  - Burrp User


December 25,2013

Worth the wait and visit!

When Jam Jar Diner opened up, I was really excited to visit. But as fate would have it, I didn't have the chance to go here until a few days ago. Well, turns out the wait was worth it!
Let me say this first so that I don't forget. The peanut butter + banana + chocolate shake is just awesome and a must must try. If for nothing, I'd only go back here for this. The watermelon iced tea is also worth a try.
But lucky for me, the food was also nice. The fish and chips were my favourite. Really nice fries and huge, crunchy pieces of fish. *thumbs up*
Next was a grilled stuffed chicken dish served with mashed potatoes (I forget the name of the dish) which was also nice. I think I might have liked it more if the chicken was spicier.
The BBQ Chicken pizza was good to taste with moderate spice, but the base of the pizza was too crispy for my liking.
A friend of mine also tried the Eggs Florentine and said it was good and the portion too large for one person to finish.
Overall, a very good experience in terms of food. The service was kind off slow, but I'm not sure if that's a usual or just a bad day. The pricing is kind off on the higher side, but with the quality of the food, you don't mind that.
The ambience is also very pleasant.
Definitely going back to Jam Jar soon!
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Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

October 27,2013

easy to miss

So we were looking for this place and it took us about 10 minutes to actually spot it. Located in a Goan style blue bungalow-ish place in a pretty weird extreme of Versova, you've got to keep your eyes peeled open for the tiny sign board. The area around is quite shady but you just need to park your car, ignore all of that and get inside. A/C & Non A/C (smoking) sections are present. I would recommend the non A/C section only during the cooler months, especially monsoons because you get an amazing breeze from the nearby beach. The interiors are weirdly done up. But I guess that was what they were going at. Music was alright. Some house music interspersed with your run of the mill female pop artists. They have a jukebox I am guessing. It may be working as well but I didn't see anyone use it.
Coming to the drinks and food, they get you in a small jam jar sorta thing. Their long island isn't quite upto the standards I have seen (read Hard Rock Cafe standards), especially considering the prices. We had ordered their speciality pizzas which were delectable! I am a fan of the thin crust and they manage to grab my attention. The quesadillas were pretty good. Service was kinda slow even though it was a light afternoon. but the server managed to be very hospitable. I would love to visit the place for their breakfast menu sometime.
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Kanu Priya - Burrp User

Kanu Priya

August 17,2013

Blue Jam Jar will make you happy!

I fell in love with this place the moment I entered. I loved the ambiance so much that even if the food was average I would not have complained. One moment u r walking on the street and the other u enter in this fantastic small door to explore another world inside.
The good thing is they have excellent food as well. They have eggs, Pancakes, Waffles, Soft Tacos and various options of shakes and coffees. I can't ask for more. I love Mexican food and they did a good job at it. They also serve alcohol. The staff was friendly but not really fast but the food was coming at tolerable speed. . We enjoyed the place thoroughly and I would like to go back their at the next possible opportunity.
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Shweta Eidnani - Burrp User

Shweta Eidnani

May 21,2013

The Blue Place

Jam jar diner
I call it the blue place because on the exterior it's painted totally blue so it's not that easy to miss. located in versova, this place is amazing. Coming to the best thing about this place is the way those shelves are placed as if they are falling on each other. So asymmetrically symmetrical. The shelves were lined with jars and some books and board games. Yes the board games my favorite thing about this place apart from the falling shelves ofcourse. There is this corner to your left as u enter and only that part of it doesn't have a roof. There is glass instead of the roof allowing the sunlight to fall on the floor. I loved that corner immediately. Right next to this corner was a juke box though we couldn't play songs on it I really liked having it there. It was really colorful and with the sunlight pouring down it was a mighty fine sight.
The forks knives and tissues were kept in small glass jars which was really nice. The place was aptly names jam jar diner though I don't know where the jam fits in.
Coming to my territory the food. Because I had a big group of about 6 people I had the privilege of trying a lot of food. My favorites where the chocolate chip waffles which my best friend ordered for since she is a waffle maniac. The waffle was perfect not to hard just the right crunch and dipped in chocolate sauce and was to a feast to the eyes and mouth. My second favorite were the cheese balls we called for they had a nice crisp crust with melted cheese inside. My recommendation to pop the whole thing in your mouth at once and let the cheese explode and blow your senses away. My third favorite was the pizza reasons being.
One that I am a hardcore pizza person and two this pizza was totally worth it. My friend called for the pizza so I don't know what it was called but it was lite and u could gulp down a few pieces easily. The chicken was cooked in pesto yeah pesto but it was yummy. the pesto chicken with tomato basil sauce and cheese to top it up. How can one not like it ??? . Last but not to least is the must try watermelon ice tea. It's refreshing and watermelony and mouth wateringly good.
The best part about this place was yet to come and that was playing taboo. I have never had more fun playing taboo ever.
This place is where u can go with a group of friends call for a lot of yummy food and play board games. It's a place for people who have a lot of time to waste so it's not something I would recommend to busy people. It's the people's place but if you end up going alone or just with a friend it's not bad either the shelves keep u happy and you can click pictures around the juke box. But all in all it is a place for friends and family where u can easily get busy playing childhood games and forget that u ever grew up.
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Sami Savanur - Burrp User

Sami Savanur

May 16,2013

Warm atmosphere

Head to JamJar for a wonder experience with warm interiors,unique cocktails and great American food!! Loved the Dormer window !! Such a beautiful view of Juhu Beach through it.
The Juke box and the merchandise display wall add on to the over all appeal.
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quirkypapad - Burrp User


April 30,2013

Quirky yet fabulous!!

I visited this fab little blue bungalow around 2 weeks back, from the outside it looks like a granny's cottage and from the inside it's interiors are quirky and something i would wish to have! they've got games such as scrabble and battleships which you can laze around the place and pass your time with, i loved it!

Foodwise, i tried the juicy lucy burger, I didn't know what to expect , but it turned out fabulous, it was really scrumptious and the meat was succulent. Drinks were served in a jar and that just paired up nicely with the food.

They have a jukebox and it belted out some great classics.

Overall a wonderful experience and can't wait to go back again!
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AllthingsPINTO - Burrp User


April 29,2013

Quaint & Cosy

Been to Jamjar twice, the first time i just had a drink. They really do take the meaning of Jamjar literally - loved the whole concept of serving drinks in cute jars. The second time i actually sat and ate a great meal, quesadilla - pork to be precise. Absolutely did it for me and i washed it down with a bloody mary. Overall a cosy place with a great food and drinks. I will definitely come back, this time for desert too ;-)
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Shikha Chawla - Burrp User

Shikha Chawla

March 24,2013

Love it for the way it looks!

This quaint little blue bungalow is not as little as it looks like, it's way bigger on the inside and way prettier. A bar, a stairway to an open air seating area, books, vintage collectibles, a jukebox! Grab a nice latte and chill at the place for hours altogether. Or hop in for a nice English breakfast, I recommend, the red velvet pancakes.
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Anuja Mishra Bajoria - Burrp User

Anuja Mishra Bajoria

March 17,2013

It looks better than it is!

Read my review on my blog - http://butterpeppergarlic.wordpress.com/2013/03/02/the-jamjar-diner-its-pretty-good/
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Priya Pillai - Burrp User

Priya Pillai

March 01,2013


So I just stepped in to grab a drink or two and that's exactly what i did. Didn't get a chance to sample their food. Will write a proper review once i sample their food

But on first glance, it is a very quaint and fairly well done up place. They have a jukebox... need to explore that option too !!!
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bm9559 - Burrp User


January 27,2013

Public Safety Announcement: don't eat here

Went here with a bunch of friends for a nice Sunday meal. Turns out the chef doesn't really know how to cook. The Mexican food didn't taste well and neither did the veg burgers. Friends chicken Caesar salad as too salty, when he returned it, our server told him that's how they make it and he would recommend a sandwich which was basically chicken and bread that wasn't juicy at all. The eggs benedict was average and the veg burger frankly sucked. The only decent dish was the barbecue chicke burger.

The only novelty here is that they serve your drinks in a jar. If the management is reading, thank your decorators and spank your chef, also trying tasting your food before more customers decide never to come again. And get rid of the syntax tank or cover it at least!

Oh did I mention, we paid 1200 a pop?
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

January 10,2013

Great ambiance and ok food

Went there on the day it opened and quite liked the chaotic decor with shelves that look like they are falling on each other. The jukebox was pretty impressive and so was the selection of the music. But sadly same cannot be said about the food which was about average. We tried red velvet pancake; served with cream with no sugar at all, Popeye; poached eggs on waffles which was good but very salty and eggs kejriwal; fried eggs on toast with cheese and fried chillis; again an average dish. However, I would still like to go there again just ot check it out during evenings and to grab a drink or too.

P.S. - They have a jar full of Phantom cigarettes :)
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ritturijhwani24 - Burrp User


January 05,2013

Cute ambience but overall disappointing

Being a person who has to read favorable reviews before trying any new restaurant, i was quite excited to go to Jam Jar Diner, which had until then received good reviews. This cute lil place on Yari Road was quite charming with its haphazard shelves and jukebox. But thats where the good stuff ended. The menu was quite limited. We ordered fish & chips (soggy), chicken pizza (cold by the time it came), chicken burger (too huge in terms of height, since fried onion rings were piled on top... no way can anyone actually manage to stuff it in their mouth.. so quite a messy affair with the dissection). The food came after over 45mins, cold and unappetizing. The server had to be reminded for everything from plates, straws, ketchup, chilli flakes, oregano, etc. We decided to cancel a sandwich 5mins after it was ordered, since we werent too happy with the food (communicated to the server) and our request was turned down with the suggestion that we could get it parcelled (??????). Being a new restaurant and customers not liking the food, we atleast expected that the last order be cancelled

To sum up, the place definately does have a lot of potential.. provided it improves it service and food... and can later follow it up by increasing the food menu... Hope to see some changes
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Ambika Gautam - Burrp User

Ambika Gautam

December 26,2012

Disappointing Food in a Quaint Blue Bungalow!

The Blue Bungalow contributes its share, the innovative interiors also lend their support but we all know, that the only " fixed component" in an F&B outlet's success is food, food and food! This is where this blue bungalow fails to deliver, or atleast failed to deliver on our expectations.

We asked for Chicken Burrito and Veg Enchilada for our main course. They both were a far cry from authentic Burritos and Enchiladas, were served cold and definitely lacked that zing that comes from original ingredients and authentic cooking. Home fries that were ordered for the baby were soggy! Infact our three year old mentioned that to us..."these are not good, they are soggy".
Guacamole sauce which is a must for Mexican cuisine wasn't available. Infact the waiters didn't know what it was. Wonder if their chef knew what it was.

The Rocky Road dessert was strictly average.

Also, the last nail in the coffin was our upset tummies when we came home. We, husband and wife both had upset stomach till the next morning. Definitely disappointing. Infact in hindsight, the food did taste a little stale...not too good.

Another housekeeping point worth mentioning, they take really long to attend to you once you are seated. The occupancy is not very high and thus we would expect to be taken care immediately.

Also, when you do the table booking, they take your name and just the name. I insisted on leaving my telephone number but they didn't want it. Says a lot about how serious they are about your table. We were late by an hour, but obviously no one called to check.

A jukebox is fine, tilted bookracks are great, jam jars are also good...but please focus on FOOD, because that is what is going to take you places.

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affy.fluffy - Burrp User


December 22,2012

Great Food

I went there for a quick lunch recently. The place is beautiful...with the topsy turvy decor and the bright look. it has a beautiful open air area as well. The servers are extremely helpful, a little nervous in the beginning but that's just cute :P My friend and I ordered BBQ burger (veg) and it was absolutely delicious. The home fries were soggy and disappointing. The Mushroom, roasted zucchini tra la la sandwich (really long name that i ca't remember) was good but slightly dry. I would definitely recommend the burgers. They are huge, succulent and oh so yummy! The place has a nice feel to it. You can read books, play scrabble , or just enjoy the mainstream rock music. I would love to visit the place again.
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

December 18,2012

A jar of happiness!

If you are in Versova look around for a beautiful blue bungalow. Step in and you wouldn’t want to ever leave, says Shirin Mehrotra.

It took us a few seconds to realise that there hasn’t been an earthquake in the restaurant and the shelves are strategically placed to look like they are falling over each other. Wooden cabinets adorn the walls with books, crockery, music CDs, an old tape recorder and a Polaroid camera adding to the old school charm. A couple of staff members were sharpening Natraj pencils to place on every table with Sudoku sheets.

The Beatles’ crooned All You Need Is Love played in the background, but it was the jukebox in the corner that was clearly the star. The morning couldn’t have started on a better note. We headed straight to the mezzanine floor to grab a corner still admiring the whacky decor of the restaurant. Kudos to the owners who also own Bandra’s popular haunt, Bonobo

The menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, bar snacksand more. We decided to stick to the breakfast section and ordered a Red Velvet Pancake (Rs 140), Popeye – poached eggs, creamed spinach, cheddar, jalapeno waffles (Rs 201) and Eggs Kejriwal – fried eggs, green chillies and cheese served on toast (Rs 178). The last one was ordered just out of the curiosity generated by the name. We sipped on our apple pepper juice (Rs 140) and Earl Grey tea (Rs 78) while waiting for our breakfast. The juice was served in an old style jam jar or barni and that’s where we now know the place got its name.

The dish with the most amusing name was very simple – fried eggs and cheese on toasted breads with a topping of fried green chillies. It was like something you make at home to fix a quick breakfast. While digging in we wondered why it was called Eggs Kejriwal and came up with different reasons, but finally we asked the staff. We were told that the dish wasn’t named after a certain activist. It is named so because a local guy of the same name liked his eggs fried and served on toast with cheese and green chillies; a dish served in Mumbai’s clubs.

On our way out we spotted a jar full of Phantom Cigarettes. No better way to end a meal than with a smile and what a way to make us smile we say!

Must try – Popeye, red velvet pancake
Meal for two – Rs 1000 (taxes included)
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Ankit Gandhi - Burrp User

Ankit Gandhi

December 14,2012

It's Opened and it's Awesome!!!

After a very stressful day, I decided to go this new place to have some good food and drinks. The moment we reached there, i was skeptical about my decision but then anyways it was past 11 and was very hungry and badly needed alcohol :) From the outside it looks a like a small house (like in pondicherry) and it was painted blue. But the moment u step inside and you would be like WOW! Awesome decor and ambiance. And they have a chic looking jukebox too!!! :) As you explore you would see the place is huge. It has a open terrace sitting arrangement as well. And it has big size jars...books...pots...etc... It gives you a very homely feel :) The food and service both were good. MUST TRY:: Shrimp Popcorn. Another cool thing I liked is they serve alcohol in a JAR...I mean really a GLASS JAR :) OVerall, had an awesome experience. Will go next time for the breakfast :).
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