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dipakranawat - Burrp User


January 28,2014

Good.. Really good.

This is one of the oldest places that I have seen and known. The food there has always been nice. I guess that comes with their experience. Located close to the station (5 mins walk). Most of the times, I happen to meet some or the other friend there. So that says a lot about its quality and popularity since there are many options in Goregaon. Overall, this is a good option to go to when you are not looking to impress your girl, but are simply looking to go out with your friends and have a few glasses and hog.
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hmrajapurkar - Burrp User


December 09,2013

best food at goregaon

We had been going to this restaurant for more than 30 year's...
food is awesome and value for money is their butter chicken as it is one of the best that we have eaten in Mumbai'
Quality of food for last 30 year has not change.
One should at least try once to eat in this restaurant
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abhishek2rr - Burrp User


November 30,2013

One of the Best Fine Dine Place.

The Lalit is there at Goregaon for more than 20 years.
Since then it is serving food delicacies to foodies.
Lalit is always a place for family dinning offering good non veg food varieties.
The staff and service is also courteous. Quite expensive but it makes you realize each penny you spent.

The family section is newly renovated, which gives you a feel of a 5* restaurant, and yes its 100 percent true.
All D Best.
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Ajeeta Mulye - Burrp User

Ajeeta Mulye

November 14,2013

Good decent place to eat with fly

I have tried veg n non veg both of lalit. They have amazing koftas n paneer veg in veg. I loved fish Goan style of lalit. Fresh meat. Very good service. A must visit if u stay in goregaon
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Rupesh Shetty - Burrp User

Rupesh Shetty

November 14,2012

my review

one of the landmark place at goregaon west known for quality and innovative food especially sri lankan food are amazing , a place to be with family for intercontinental foods , if you want to try something different this is the place and the ambiance is just perfect to enjoy any special occassions and they have banquets too for small functions !!!
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suhel97 - Burrp User


October 23,2009

Rushy Place

Oh!! God,
I Should seriously say what a rush, the place was so crowded... we had a waiting of an hour....
But As we know " Sabar Ka Fal Mitha Hot Hai", even with such crowd it wsa enjoyable & great fun.
Have A Great Time
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shiv82 - Burrp User


September 29,2009

Could b better

I should really say that the decor of this restaurant is unique, a bit old styled but good
They foodings should be improved, its bit oily which is not so preferable.
The staff quality should improve & they should seriously look into this matter...
Or else this restaurant would rock,.....
All The Best
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Riffel - Burrp User


September 23,2009

Best Indian food

Years hav passed but there As i stay near by this restaurant we normally get a parcel, there service is quite good .
They are very keen with qualityy... its bit expensive but worthy.. Its my dad's favourite restaurant & we are there customers from last 10-12 years... & never had any inconvienance
Its a Gem
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cheetah  - Burrp User


September 23,2009

totally fake

after reading reviews on burpp thought of tryin out this place,
must say d worst food ive had in a very long time,
the service being ok,
place totally empty at 9 pm (i thought that was the peak time for restaurants )
ordered for their tandoori chkn was coloured in blood red as if the chef soaked it in red colour overnight and tasteless,,,,the main course was nothing great either
anyways im sure if they work on the food it can b a better place
ambiance decent
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cheetah - Burrp User


September 23,2009

Friends Night

After having ur hard day if you want to hav a calm dinner with mild music its a perfect place with ur friends..
Loud music dstbs you & you are not able to hear the other persons voice, but that's not a problem over here..
You could just enjoy ur timeeeeeee
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mr.Sia - Burrp User


September 23,2009

Karara place

After visiting a place like Mahaans, it is just opp. Here the Service is so quick, the restaurant is always full & especially weekends......My all time favourite.
I never hav to think to visit this restaurant, the best think is there food taste never differs.
A perfect Restaurant.
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barista - Burrp User


September 23,2009

True Value for Money

Me and my family have gone to this restaurant during Ganesh Chaturthi (Sunday) after going through th peoples reviews, It was our first visit so we were not sure what to order, but when captain suggested, we thought let us try this, we all have gone for the same menu choices, The Food what they serves, it was really awesom,Tandoori Chicken, Chi Malai Tikka was really a unforgotable taste....though the vegetarian which were served for the starters and the main courses were very delicious.....I would definetly recomond my best experience the others.
Best of luck
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suhel97 - Burrp User


September 23,2009


It was so shocking as i visit goregaon ample no. of time but i din't visit this place, it was a Classsy restaurant really
So huge, not less than any of the 5 Star....
There food mannnnnn... it was mind blowing & there butter chicken is the best i would hav ever had it.
There Desert was yummmyyy....
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Rajeev82 - Burrp User


September 23,2009

Go Onnnnn

After reading the Burrp review, i thought to make a try for a dinner.
it was really as i read
Nothing was fake, bit expensive but worthy...
It was good they don't charge VAT otherwise my dinner would hav been to costly.
In short good one, go onn with it
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Reger - Burrp User


September 22,2009

Lovely Environment

As i m newly on burrp but would like to review my Favorite Restaurent Lalit Fine Dine. it is huge, as compared to other family restaurant and Bar.
The Music they play are some soft instrumental music
They give the best service and i hav never seen any issue regarding service, no one ever complained.
They have candle light dinner and they have lots of sculptures on the wall that makes the ambiance wonderful
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Tiger09 - Burrp User


September 09,2009

Awesome Banquet

I actually threw a bachelors party in this restaurant & it was damn successful. Frankly speaking i was first thinking a lot to arrange the party in Lalit, since i was not knowing about there Banquet service.. Thanks to my Friend he recommended me for this, i was very impressed by there service and arrangement. I also went through there site named "www.lalitrestaurant.com" for menus and having the view of restaurant & banquet.

It attracted me a lot. Everything was as it showed. They are very cooperative, as u can imagine what all mischief could have happened as it was a bachelors party. There arrangements was just perfect, it was an open space with no pillars and huge area. Even their management is damn impressive, and what to say for foodies; its always perfect, as we all know.
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virgo - Burrp User


September 08,2009

Enjoy it yaaaaar

Only having food is not my only moto to go to the restaurant, other things also matter a lot....
Basically the environment should b great, healthy, enjoyable.....
It should match with the food they serve, that means great food, great music, comfortable service....
The behaviour of the waiters, there owners and the small things around us matter a lot
That is why i Love being to Lalit Restaurant as it makes me feel great and Comfortable.
Thay not only serve great food but also great environment.
Best place for both family and friends, i even took my parents over there even they loved it.... its really gooood
The best part is they dont charge Vat, which gives u the minimum bill
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sweety_pie - Burrp User


July 11,2009

Weekend place

Had been here a couple of weeks back and it is a great place to be.Mind it, it was a saturday night so you are bound to expect some waiting period before you get your table.But once your in then itz a different experience cause the ambience and the interiors are amazing!!The starters rock!!...
Service was excellent.You dont have to call for the waiters to fill your glass and they dont ignore you when you call for them.
I normally visit during the weekendss...... it rocks..
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Farari - Burrp User


June 19,2009

Have a try on it

('-') ('-') Easily can be termed as one of my favorite restaurants in Bombay. Situated very near to the station....Great Ambience, Great Food, Great Service! The place is nicely done - gives you a much needed "On Holiday" feel while still in Bombay.
Seating arrangements are done well, gives you much needed privacy as well as makes you feel comfortable. Seating's are divided in Sections Music played there is selected with much effort, the decibels set are just right.
Drinks - Good selections of wines and cocktails.
Coming to food - Choose anything - Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian - I bet it's going to be delicious!!s one of the best available in Bombay.
Portions are decent
Overall - a must visit place! & We Like It!!!!
('-') ('-')
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rock_on - Burrp User


June 09,2009

Truellllllyyyy Awesomeeee

Have been to this place a few times . It truely rocks man !!!! Good food + Ambience + Music . I try to visit this plc wenever i am in goregaon. The only problem is this music is a little too loud sometime ...otherwise gr888888888 !....
There Mocktails r just perfect.
Normally the list of wine which resto hav, they dnt hav in stk, We get a response as " not in stock",,, bt this is nt a case wid them,, they renue there menu card oftenly and contain all type of wine....
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Rithesh - Burrp User


May 27,2009

Mark My Words.....Try everything

Not everyday u come across a place where everything clicks....i have been to this place a couple of times and each time i have come back asking for more....the moment u enter the first floor..ambience strikes u with awe....
...Well time to binge....the place has good many options for both veg and non veg ....try their Butter Chicken and malai kulfa its awwwwwwsome.....and to wash down all the grub....try some there special deserts, that will rock u up...after ur meal....truly good place to be....
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sweety_pie - Burrp User


May 22,2009

"Good Ambiance and Food"

What to say about this place? The food they serve is awesome.
The music they play is soft which enriches the environment. There service is execellent.
It's a Huge Restaurant with 'A' Grade facility.
One of the best thing is they maintain there quality and there rates are also reasonable.
$ The unique thing about them Is they don't charge VAT to Customers which other restaurants do, which is the greatest plus point to customers as it reduces the bill.
It's my favorite restaurant.
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Dead Man - Burrp User

Dead Man

August 18,2008

Very Good

I am new on burrp and very first I would like to review my Favorite Restaurent Lalit Fine Dine. I always go there. Since last 15 years or so. It is huge, as compared to other family restaurant and Bar.

1) Ambiance = Soft Lights not very dull on Wednesday they have candle light dinner and they have lots of sculptures on the wall that makes the ambiance wonderful
2) Music = they play some soft instrumental music
3) Service = as I am regular there since last 15 years I get the best service and I see others also get good service don’t think they had any issue regarding service no one ever complained.
4) Food = Fantastic last time me and my friend had

Tandoor Lollipop = Rs 200/-
Murg Makhani = Rs 175/-
Roti = Rs15/-
Russian Salad = Rs 70
Steam Rice = Rs 80
Dal Tadka = Rs 80/-
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Shahzaad Bulsara - Burrp User

Shahzaad Bulsara

June 26,2014

Best in goregaon !

Everything at this place is very good !!!
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