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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 28,2015

The perfect place for a brunch

Its a Modern style Italian Cafe.This place has a very cute and comfortable friendly ambience.It is soothing with light music playing in the background The cheese fondue,stuffed roasted chicken, Alfredo pasta, hazelnut milkshake with caramel and chocolate mud pie are some of my favorite serves.Everything is lip smacking with perfect concsistency. Besides that the veg burger which is simple yet filling, Pizza Contadina nd Mojito are damn refreshing.
Their signature dish Baked Phylly Cheesecake served with cheese cream filling and the strawberry coulis is to die for.
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  • Le Cafe, Jewel of Chembur Hotelimage
  • Le Cafe, Jewel of Chembur Hotelimage
  • Le Cafe, Jewel of Chembur Hotelimage
  • Le Cafe, Jewel of Chembur Hotelimage
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mohans123 - Burrp User


July 23,2014

Offensive odour !

I couldn't figure what it was, but as we entered the Jewel of Chembur Hotel on our way to Le cafe, a restaurant situated on the first floor, we were struck by a powerful stench of rotten sewage. The entrance smelt like a pig sty and this put me and my spouse off. However once we sampled the delicious food and ambience of the restaurant, we quickly forgot our ordeal, only to be reminded of it once again on our exit.
I strongly suggest that this quaint restaurant shifts its location so that its patrons do not have to endure this assault on their senses.
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Meghana M. - Burrp User

Meghana M.

May 13,2014

Very nice evening..

We had been here on a Saturday evening n after a good wait of 40 mins we got a lovely cozy table at the corner. I must mention its really small place with bearly 5 tables.. Italian fair was fairly decent.. We had some great pesto pasta and lasagna followed by a good chocolate dessert.. Overall a very good experience but yes.. very slow service !!
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saritanayak - Burrp User


February 17,2014

complete rip off to the discerning foodie!

we stay very close to le cafe restaurant and used to drop in there from time to time for their breakfast fare. ... the service was always horrible with lazy staff. ... but the breakfast options were good and hence we continued going there every 2-3 months. ..
now the management has decided that the problem is not staff but food and has overhauled the menu completely. ..
like staunch supporters we went there yesterday for lunch. ... however the food was a big letdown.... the prices are similar to potpourri (one of our favourites for continental food), but quality of food is really bad. ...
add the bad service to that and suffice to say that we will not be going back again in the near future. ..
With lack of options in the city for continental food, the place may continue to survive...but it will never reach the kind of acclaim that it had for their breakfast fare.
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alpha_doc - Burrp User


February 13,2014

Great Pizzas !!

I had an opportunity to taste their pizzas when we attended a private party here....since then I keep coming back whenever I get a pizza craving.
Excellent thin crust pizzas with very good Mozarella cheese which gives a lovely juicy succulence to it....there is also a nice smokiness to the pizzas (they have wood-fired ovens) which imparts an almost tangible bacon-like flavour to the pizzas !!
the chicken Primo, the four cheese, the pesto and the pepperoni are the ones I keep going back for. Compared to the rather sad stuff from Smokin joes and dominoes, this place is my go to place for Pizzas now !!
Also .... do avoid ordering it as the base gets a bit soggy by the time it gets home, best enjoyed at Le cafe with a nice beer :D
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Mansi Dedhia - Burrp User

Mansi Dedhia

October 15,2013

its my home

We found Le cafe in its not so famous days and we visited it at least once a week.Quite disappointed with change of taste with the new menu..the taste of old dishes Should have remained the same..also the good dishes have been removed from the menu..so I feel like somebody just disowned me..but its the ambience for conversations..the blueberry cheese cake is yumm..
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genesis - Burrp User


October 01,2013

Sunshine In My Window

Great place for catching up with friends or business meetings during the day or slipping in for a light meal of soup and sandwich at night. The glass windows provide a healthy dose of vitamin D on a weekend for breakfast. Service is a bit on the slow side though the waiters and friendly and accomodative. Favorites are the mushroom risotto, chicken breast sandwich, pizza and pasta of course the coffee and tiramisu. Hat tip: You can order drinks from the bar/lounge next door. They make great mojitos too.
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anirudh vishwanathan - Burrp User

anirudh vishwanathan

September 09,2013


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Dwijen Mehta - Burrp User

Dwijen Mehta

July 31,2013

Evening Hangouts

Have been to this place at the Jewel of Chembur couple of times. Normally bonding over coffee this place is quite a meeting a place. They have great hot chocolate drink on offer. The cottage cheese grilled sandwich is also a plus with the flavour staying long enough. The mezze platter doesnt disappoint too. With great snacks and main dishes on offer Le Cafe always gives a reason for my outing.
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Rapsam - Burrp User


July 17,2013

Should I stay or should I go

It's an odd mix. The name Le Cafe would signify a laid back cafe with good food and pleasant ambience. The decor is good - solid Kota floors, solid wooden tables and chairs. BUT the music is an ENDLESS loop of some techno/house/rubbish. That make's one want to GO.

What will make you STAY is not the food but the SLOW service. 45 minutes for a pasta and 55 minutes for a pizza anyone?

The quality of the food is strictly OK, not great. The fries with the Pesto veg s/w were over salted and the chef seems to have a phobia of Pesto. Could barely taste the Basil Pesto.

The Calzone is BLAND and the oven has seen better days. There is a strong whiff of a burnt and unclean oven. It's a strange flavour picked up in the oven. Wood fired oven does not mean the pizza base should taste of burnt wood or some such.

But the sloppy service and LONG service times means I will not be going back. Forget any quick lunches here.
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annadvani - Burrp User


June 25,2013

Smelly atmosphere , good food.

How does one describe a restaurant that is serving delicious food but with an open drainage overflowing in front & smelling worse than a pig sty !! This place is always crowded , with a decent menu but the entrance with the overflowing stinking sewer is a big put off.
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Ontheprowl - Burrp User


May 21,2013

Order. Check back in an hour. Scream. Repeat.

We were at Le Cafe on a Sunday evening and it was busy- a definite sign of good food. Anyway, we were asked to wait in the lounge next door, which we did, and we were later moved to the dining area. We had ordered a burger in the lounge which took an hour to come and was way, way below average and had most of us fuming. We had also two other orders which took so long we assumed they were waiting for a shipment from Italy to get hold of the cheese. While the food is nice, the experience was disappointing.
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

May 20,2013

Jewel Of Chembur

Le Cafe is a one of its kind place in chembur and a breath of fresh air for chemburites. It has on offer on its menu gourmet dishes and exotic wines. They have also recently updated their menu and added the latest fad among drinks, sangria, to their menu. My personal favourite would be their penne pasta in alfredo sauce. The cafe has a very sophisticated aura to it and has an eclectic ambience. The only hitch is the staff that has goofed up with my order's on more than a couple of occasions. Besides this the place is really splendid and cozy.
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gita1001 - Burrp User


May 15,2013

A cozy corner outside home

Great food and service, and as some have said just feels good taking a book to read and having a leisurely lunch all by yourself. I do that at least twice a month. The ideal break. Thanks guys and keep it up.
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itikakulkarni - Burrp User


April 01,2013

Place to try

When I zeroed down to Le Cafe for dinner, I expected a lot from the place and it did not disappoint me. Really tasty Fondue, mouth watering oven made vegetable Lasagna and Jamaican Rum Pastry is what we had and we loved them all so much, especially the pastry, that we might consider going to the place again.
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Mrunmai Menon - Burrp User

Mrunmai Menon

May 21,2012

Good Food, Ambience could be better

Not exactly cheap. Meal for two goes to Rs. 800 (but that's because we're poor eaters). Cramped - too many tables in too little space. A little too noisy. Food's quite good. We tried the pasta and the grilled chicken. Chef knows what he's doing. Service is great!! We were disappointed with what we'd ordered because it was not what the menu promised and the maitre'd offered to change it. Very pleased. Not a place to go if you have more than 4 people though - can get little stuffy. But a good place for a dinner for two.
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Anupama Vishwanathan - Burrp User

le cafe:service ,whats that?

i read up all the rave reviews on burrp n landed at le cafe!!!the food was good esp the oreo shake.but the time they take to provide service is unimaginable.when i ordered for burger,pizza and pasta ;they got the food after half hr and totally forgot the pizza.the place is reasonable but service is poor!!!!
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Boogie - Burrp User


May 08,2012

What A Find!!

Just One Word- " Brilliant, Stupendous, Heavenly, Delicious, superb, marvellous, mind blowing!!"...Guess i screwed Up!! ;)
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Pins Ashes - Burrp User

Pins Ashes

April 25,2012

Fondue Burrrped

The trigger was a picture of a fondue at Le Cafe on an FB friend's page. The community pot, the spirit lamp, and stemmed forks with bread the profile pic with a crumb on the stem just out of the cheese pot... it looked blissfully tasty and what followed as they say is history :P :P :P

But history took it's own course to unwind... I saw the picture a month or two back, and yesterday was the day, when that fondue in the ambiance of Le Cafe at Chembur became a part of me :)

Obviously I am excited, I was excited from the moment, we (the blackholes*) spotted the restaurant, walked in through the two glass doors, climbed the stairs, through another glass door and sat on those polished inviting wooden furniture. It was like in a dream... but the menu had no fondue.. disappointment, I browsed through the menu again, there was every other dish, no fondue! looked again, and again and finally on a page found it listed in between others...

About the Le Cafe, loved the food, everything we tasted was delicious and one meal where I felt a dessert had to make its presence as a course, rather than an after thought, after a long time... Gooey Chocolate .. to a chocolate lover, it is always yum, except for that irresistible moment when it is served, right in front of you, I dip my spoon take a slice and into my mouth and my tongue says, ooooooops it's hot... :P

Le Cafe, you are getting one customer coming back to you for everything you serve so tastefully ...
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Pavel_Chopra - Burrp User


March 16,2012


We stumble upon this place by luck ... while wandering around in Chembur market on a lazy weekend.

We never thought that we could find such a wonderful Italian and continental cuisine in a crowded market such as Chembur.

It has all the qualities that a good restaurant should have and more...variety, taste, quality and perhaps the best service staff in its class.

We tried it again for 2-3 times just to check if were lucky the first time but we had even better experience than the last visit(s).

A must for anyone looking for a good hangout place near Chembur area.
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veronica01 - Burrp User


March 03,2012

Good food, Good ambiance but a lil costly..

The best place in Chembur for a quite and classy evening. The food here is good and much better than any other continental outlet around Chembur. Must try- cheese garlic bread, lasagne, chocolate and coffee shakes, chicken starters, baked beans on toast. Not so great- desserts.
Best time to visit- evenings (or any time of the day)
Expenses- Average meal for 2 - Rs 600-700
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Sonali Khot - Burrp User

Sonali Khot

February 12,2012

Would like to Come again !!!

visited the place today nigth, a little late, we were made to wait a bit , not long though. The amibience was great and the whole place was buzzing , the staff was friendly and overall it was great experience , we ordered some pasta and some chinese iteams too ... the food was excellent , the pasta was mildly flavored but really exquisite .. the pasta was great too .. really had a great time .. lovely food , keep the good work...
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Prerna Anchan - Burrp User

Prerna Anchan

January 17,2012

Slurp is the food here :)

i just happened to hop in to this place with a few friends and we had an absolute great time there. We actually reversed the entire sequence of eating by biting in to the main course first and having the chocolate cake in between and having the French fries with coleslaw in the fag end. The food here is absolutely mouth watering and i had this Papaya Magic there which left me longing for more. Great place :)
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jamesburrp1979 - Burrp User


January 08,2012

Continental Dinner post new year's eve

Finally, a place in chembur where you can try continental food though there are better places elsewhere, the food here is pretty good. We tried Greek salad + Lamb Steak + Grasshopper + Peach Up. The food was good and the drinks were refreshing.
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Sanika Tillway - Burrp User

Sanika Tillway

December 11,2011

Great food, reasonable prices

We were in for a surprise when we visited Le Cafe today. We'd checked the menu online on Burrp and thought the place would be worth a shot. It lives up to expectations. The place has good food, a decentish ambience despite being located bang opposite Chembur Market and seems to attract mainly college-goers / couples.

We started off with the Choco Shake (Rs. 110) and the Mocha Shake (Rs. 120) and were surprised to find that they were served in tall glasses with a 4 inch high dollop of whipped cream on the mocha shake.

We followed it up with a 10-inch chicken margherita (Rs. 230) dripping with cheese. The pizza had several vegetarian and non-vegetarian topping options. Full marks for this thin crust pizza. Compared to a Dominos or a Pizza Hut, this was definitely worth the money.

Full to bursting, we were a bit confused with the desserts. There was a vast array of desserts. We decided to pick something that was easy on the tummy. We started off with Caramel Custard which was average and tad bit on the sweeter side. Still willing to experiment, we asked for the Sugarfree Gooey Chocolate but the waiter recommended (practically insisted on, saying the sugarfree one isn't good) the regular version. It was, in one word - heavenly.

With service charges of 10% on the bill amount, the place is worth a try if you're up for an elaborate four course meal.

Meal for two: Rs. 650 plus taxes
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John Dhar - Burrp User

John Dhar

October 01,2011

Great breakfast

Not sure if I've already reviewed this, but they have excellent breakfast options starting from 7 AM.

They sell good scotch by the bottle which makes it a great place for drinking sessions as well.

Try the stroganoff sauce spaghetti, it's out of this world...
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Aditi Naik - Burrp User

Aditi Naik

August 29,2011

La la la Le Cafe!

I have been to Le Cafe quite a number of times. The first time was with my gang of girls. It was fairly new then. From that evening to this day i have had memorable experiences each time i visited this cafe. The place has an english feel to it. It has basic wooden furniture which is well placed without over-crowding the area. The walls don paintings of new talent, which are on sale. Its named a cafe, yet it serves a variety of scrumptious items segregated perfectly into breakfast, appetizers, main menu, pasta's, salads, pizza's et all. True to its name, the list of coffees is elaborate too (they even offer tea, fruit juices, mocktails and beer). I must mention the heavenly desserts, my favorites being Gooey Chocolate Pastry and Chocolate Excess Pastry. However, the pricing is a little on the higher side for a cafe. The staff is very polite, but the service is a little laid back. This place usually allows you a quiet time with family and friends or even by yourself. To sum up, its a cozy cafe for a cozy evening!
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arunsri81 - Burrp User


August 27,2011

Lovely place to unwind over a meal

Le Cafe in the Jewel of Chembur Complex is one of those neatly decked up hangout restaurants. The cuisine is mostly continental. The service rocks! the food is heavenly and even the beverages are priced nominally. If you are lucky, you could also get a live vocal performance as well.since it is open till 1 in the night, you never feel that you landed late there. the desserts are terrific.. a small restaurant with lots of signature dishes... i visit this place atleast a couple of times each month
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Meeta  - Burrp User


July 13,2011

a cozy pick in a busy chembur

A small, cozy joint that offers yummy food just about sums up this place. It's non-fuzzy and all about the food. It seats just about 20 people, and truly has a quaint ambiance. Menu is a great plus, offering a wide selection of international picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The service is slow; it takes about half an hour for the food to come out, but it is worth the wait at the end of it. Value for money is another plus. French fires are avoidable, and if you are not much of a mayo aficionado, tell them before you order any sandwich. Deserts are delectable.

Verdict: Cozy haven for chemburites and a great place to brunch with friends or a date.
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Anand Rajan - Burrp User

Anand Rajan

May 31,2011

For a Lazy Sunday Morning with someone special

What can i say, the breakfast is delicious, with the cheese and chicken omlette you bite into soft white creaminess, and enjoy the toast, which is rather hard..and wash it down with a nice pot of tea. For lunch i had what i believe was called "Harry's chicken"...quite good..but being a huge mutton/Lamb fan i highly recommend the minced lamb burger..take a bite of this and feel the patty slowly dissolve in your pallete..and then take a deep breath and repeat :)...for dessert, the choco gooey is the absolute best, i like mine cold..so i dont like it being warmed, but thats your call...the service is good, but don't expect anything fast, and a good place to sit and enjoy a nice meal :)
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Akhila Shankar - Burrp User

Akhila Shankar

May 29,2011

Drop in standards

here's the deal, the first time here I was blown off my mind with both the service and the food. The second time around, when I had gone for lunch, the case was completely the opposite. We reached at about 130 and waited for a good two hours for our order to be served. When we did get our order, one of us got the wrong dish, another order which was a pasta ended up being 3 spoons of pasta (to be exact). Meanwhile the table next to us got a can of expired coke and was charged an additional 500 bucks by mistake.

In their defense, they said that all tables were full so they could not handle so many people at one go. I am not even going to get to explaining how redundant that statement was.

Bottom line-the place was good until it was a hidden find, its become a little too popular for its own good and the standard has dropped. No complains about the food though.
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Akshay Dandekar - Burrp User

Akshay Dandekar

February 09,2011

A place called Heaven

Well, no offence Miraage... your review (Oct 21, 2008) is based on absolute bull... If you've been here long enough to eat.... you'll know that the staff is attentive and sweet and trust me, im not a regular patron here. But not once has their service either disappointed me nor has the quality of food let me down. Ill let you know why. Read on.

Firstly, the ambiance is great. No complaints there. Its a cheerly lit place with comfy seatings. Nothing tawdy or anything of that sort. Ill give 4/5 for the Ambience

Secondly, the food which is served at Le Cafe will probably give a lot other so called "Italian Joints" a run for their money. As per your description of garlic bread, perhaps you have never had the true garlic bread served. Most people who go to an Udipi and order a pizza wont understand Parmesan Cheese from Mozzarella. The garlic bread here is done to a light crisp with Garlic Butter seasoning which is perfect. Its the one thing I order the most and till date and with over 40 visits, its never disappointed me.

As you mentioned, the cheese didn't have any flavor, with due respect I and the Management (since I feel strongly for this place) would love to know which dish had you ordered where the Cheese had no flavor. Did you check which cheese base was it? I can assure you, you havent,

The Food here is outstanding as I have previously mentioned. The variety and options you have are mind boggling. Since you apparently are stuck up on garlic bread.. well i believe the garden variety from Dominos is more suited for you. NOW THAT IS CRAP. Feels like its mass produced, a dime a dozen. So please distinguish the real from the not so real, and the appreciation will come out.

Ill move to the service next and since you have had an issue with absolutely everything, I'll answer on behalf of the Management. My fiancée and I had once gone to Le Cafe at 8:00 PM in the evening. Thumbing through the Menu, I came across Baked Beans on Toast (if you know what that is), a typical breakfast dish. Now the Menu clearly mentions the Breakfast Timings. However I still asked the Captain, who immediately calls up the Kitchen to see if it can be prepared. And guess what, the Chef readily agreed to make for me. And in 15 minutes (mark my words) I had hot Baked Beans on Toast served. I dare you, Walk into any other establishment and even try n ask them for something from the breakfast menu at 8:00 PM and they will stare at you as if you're from Mars. Dude.. this is what u call service. This is what sets this place apart. If you speak politely to the staff, they will reciprocate the same. I will give 5/5 for the service.

About the Wines, hell I've been to The Wine Den (next to Elbo Room @ Bandra) and being a Wine Den did not have a basic South African wine. Well, i guess that answers your question huh?

And if you feel the stuff is over rated, then the residents of Chembur & Ghatkopar and neighboring areas are STARK RAVING MAD to queue up outside Le Cafe nearly almost everyday and wait patiently for a table (Guys, please do not feel bad about Miraage, misinformed people usually write the worst reviews. He means no offence)

Overall, I will give Le Cafe at the Jewel of Chembur 5/5 for "Excellent Hospitality and Service", 5/5 for "Brilliant Food" and 5/5 for making sure they are living up to our expectations for the past so many years.

One last word Miraage, this place is not "A tad overrated". If your knowledge is inadequate about hospitality and food I suggest you wisen up and then maybe you will appreciate good food and great service when you get it.

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pariktank - Burrp User


October 04,2010

a favorite hangout

been visiting le cafe since a long time (before jewel of chembur got renovated and got a face lift).
tried virtually everything on the menu! never gone wrong. nice place for a quick, quiet, tasty meal.
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ketanjain - Burrp User


September 26,2010

nice quiet place with good food

Have been here a few times. chembur does not have too many nice places which do english breakfasts in the morning (7am till 11am) and then have some options in continental food. They also stock wines. One Red and white each from Blossom Hill and Jacob's Creek. They also keep sparking wine - Ivy Brut which costs about Rs. 1500.

Food is above average and a main course costs about 300 bucks. If you are going for appetizers the you may not be able to finish your mains.

Avoid the sparking wine coolers. They are lousy. cost about 180 a flute but they are too sweet and syrupy.

The menu does not mention that a 10% service charge will be levied so that leaves you surprised when you get the bill.

i would recommend this place for the english breakfast!
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AK  - Burrp User


July 29,2010

A chilled out Place

Lots of friends have talked about this place and after listening to them I always wanted to visit this place to experience it.
Truly this place deserves an applaud. Decent ambiance & good food. If you have a taste for Italian & continental foods you should definitely try this place.
This place also has an artist who would sing a song as per your request and believe me he really sings well and you might just queue in your requests.

Overall a very good experience.. :-)
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vivek.braganza - Burrp User


July 09,2010

My hangout with the family

Simply love this place. The food is absolutely wonderful, with very honest portion sizes.

I've been going there so long, service is customized to us now.

Excellent cafe experience, definitely one of the best in the city.
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Tanya D - Burrp User

Tanya D

April 21,2010

Fav hang out spot

Going there from the time it had just opened up in chembur....superb relaxin joint..recently the rates hv been hiked nd the meal portioned minimised...but still i wud say its an awesome place to hang out with frnds n the best to enjoy an IPL match at!!
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Rishi Gangoly - Burrp User

Rishi Gangoly

January 02,2010

Great for Continental food

I'm a food buff and love Continental food. My wife and I used to always travel to other parts of the city to get good continental food.

Since we stay in Chembur, this was simply the best thing that happened to us.

If you like Continental food you have to try this place out. I even told the owner of the restaurant, that if he ever shut this place down, I would have to kill him. :-)

We sometimes spend the entire Saturday or Sunday morning having a late breakfast which becomes the lunch as there aren't any stops to ordering food.
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

August 13,2009

new menu disappoints

Le Cafe is still one of the best eateries in chembur, nice ambaince, nice italian food, nice breakfast, nice service and all that.
But they've recently changed the menu and increased the rates (the portion sizes havent increased). And here's the worst part - they've taken Ratatouille off the menu! why would they do do that? it was their bestseller! SO uncool.
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Dina  - Burrp User


June 29,2009

One of my favourites

wat I like about le cafe is that you can go here anytime of the day. Even if ur here alone,u can watch a game or read.

I'm loving their new menu cause they've finally added Hummus. People going here for a bite must absolutely try their Cheese Fondue and the Basil Chicken. Theres very limited choice in desserts..If only they had baked cheesecakes! However,if you call for the Oreo Shake, it sort of makes up for the lack of a nice dessert.

A meal for 2 without alcohol should set you back by around 500 bucks. With alcohol, it can go upto 1000.

Warning - For ppl like me who like to watch their calories..the place WILL make you break the rules, but dont give in. Stick to the salads sans the dressing.
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Mahima..  - Burrp User


May 27,2009

lovely place...lovely food...

Have breakfasted,lunched and dined in this place...:) frequent it regulary with my family...and mre often with my sis...the place tends to get a wee crowded at times..n the best place is the one next to the window so u cn watch the world go by...:) the food here has disappointed me rarely.....
they mk a luvly minestrone soup n grilled chickn sandwich (with brown bread..fr u health conscious ppl) the salads cld b definitely btr...n i luv the potato skins..
have eaten most of the pastas on the menu...n they r really gud...especially spaghetti pijola...and xcpt fr the gnocchi.. Chicken Steak in pepper sauce is a must try...
desserts r simply yummy..safer bets are the chocolate mousse and the walnut brownie(which u must try with vanilla ice cream)...have occasionally had bad ones...the toblerone pastry and sum othr chcolate thingie which was really bad...u cn always try the oreo milkshake..though b prepared fr a hideous amount of cream on top...:)
The food is a lil on the expensive side...(which is why u will find me here mre oftn with family than with friends)
but the food is worth it...so go ahead and indulge...:)
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MissFreaker - Burrp User


March 22,2009

Amazing food

Had been here on a weekend with family n frds . The place is small n sweet . The huge glass windows gives you a open feel. The food was amazing !!! Really liked the Tiramisu !!! Also, on weekends they have live performances as in 2 guys play the guitar n sing for you @ ur table . Hindi as well as english (oldies included). Enjoyed the evening !
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Kirti Manian - Burrp User

Kirti Manian

February 17,2009

My home away from home

I realised that things got bad when I found 15 bills from Le Cafe in my wallet for the month of December. Since then, I have been there but (I think) not so often :)

I have eaten pretty much everything on the menu and it was a blessing in disguise when they started serving wine and beer and that amazing coffee liquer! I would recommend that btw. Frosted Zeal and French Connection- both are super duper coffee liquers with enough hints of rum in them to make them yummilicious.

Sunday lunches here have been great-some main dish recommendations - Sea Bond Grill (fish grilled in pepper sauce), Spaghetti Pijola (chicken), Chicken Steak in pepper sauce amongst others.

Their sandwiches come in proper brown bread and not just the random stuff you get sometimes! Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a recommendation again.

Two things I would avoid completely - Grilled Bagel and a prawn dish whose name I can't recall. In yucky creamy sauce!

Damages tend to be on the higher side. Approx 400-500 per pax depending on how much wine you consume here. The wine doesn't come cheap here - about 225 bucks a glass.

But the ambience and food make up for it. Your stomach doesn't grumble either :)
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Aloke P - Burrp User

Aloke P

December 12,2008

Little Paradise in big suburb

I've been to hotels and then I've been to some more hotels, all over Mumbai city. Not once did I imagine that a busy suburb like Chembur could produce a quaint little drop of paradise in it's very heart. Le Cafe excels in food, ambience, and service...and Value for Money!
Food: Let me cut the long story short. Delicious! I called for Cream of Mushroom soup, Bruschetta and Chicken Stroganoff. It took some time to come, but it was totally worth the wait. Try Tiramisu and "cutting deserts". Le Cafe also manages to serve amazing Ratatouille... arguably the best in town!
Ambience: Perched on the first floor on a marketplace building, one doesn't expect much until he actually enters the place. The cafe is b-e-a-utiful. I'm all praises for it's comfortable layout and massive french windows that let the sun shine into the cafe.
Service: My friend actually has a crush on one of the cute waiters there! these guys are friendly, and they really know their job. Since they import food from a kitchen on the ground floor, they are always on their feet.
All in all, an experience I want to live time and again.
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miiraage - Burrp User


December 11,2008

3 Stars = Average

I'd been to this place again... and when I came to do another review on it I happened to read something someone had written below... Well I reiterate 3 stars = Average :P :P :P

Which means I did not say the place is good... but I did not say its bad either... but I did say that its nothing that great anyway...

For bombay folks who consider 2 sq ft of open space a luxury... Yeah! This place is definitely an oasis

I'd gone for a Sunday lunch this time around. The best part about this place is all the Sunlight streaming in through these big big windows they have. If you dont mind the sun on your face, you can get a table by a window and watch people on the streets below running around in a frenzy while you eat your relaxed lunch. Cos relaxed is what this place is... It takes ages for them to serve your food after you place your order... Some people might not mind it... But when you have to wait 45 minutes for a starter you do tend to think its a bit delayed.

The food was decent this time around... Atleast better than last time... and the garlic bread wasn't bad either this time. Perhaps consistency is not their forte cos last time it was definitely bad

The Salad Nicoise though is something I would suggest you avoid... They use canned tuna I think and they added all the brine that came along with it to the salad. It tasted kinda too fishy. Try the baby potatoes and sausage salad.. It was quite nice. Almost all of us liked everything we'd ordered so we were on the happy side about food.

The drinks were quite decent... Most of them were wine based cocktails.

We dint have much choice on desserts. Not much was there on the counter the day we went. So we settled for chocolate mousse. It wasn't that great and tasted like they'd added too much gelatine to it... The coffee we ordered later on - Brazilian coffee was quite nice though.

We were a group of 7. The staff no qualms about moving around their tables to accomodate us... The fact that there were not many people in the place also helped.
But despite there not being many other customers, the service atleast in my 'esteemed' opinion was slow. A bit too much on the very relaxed side.

Now why would I go there again? Perhaps when I want to escape from the manic crowds and feel the need for peace to just sit and read a book by myself while I enjoy my coffee.

the food though good is not beckoning me back, the drinks are ok... service - nope... but the ambience yes is what would make me go back.

Suggested for daytime eat outs than those after the sun sets.
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Deepa Swaminathan-Sood - Burrp User

Deepa Swaminathan-Sood

November 13,2008

Quaint little place with good food

As a part of our little project of trying out new places whenever possible, my husband and I checked out this cafe on Tuesday night. Remembered reading the review on Burrp, so I logged on in the auto, took down the phone number to ask for directions. If you are in Chembur - then ask for Natraj Theatre - the nearest landmark.

Nice ambience - brightly lit, wooden chairs and tables with a nice dessert display.

It was after a long day at work, so we were moderately hungry. Ordered a Veg Platter (Rs 140) as starter and a Yorkshire Chicken Pasta (Rs 180). The platter arrived first - basically finger foods like jacket baby potatoes dunked in cheese, skewered paneer in a spicy marinade, mushroom in a garlicky sauce and skewered potatoes and mushroom in a spicy-sweet sauce. All this served with cheese sauce in a nicely arranged platter.Small helping - perfect for 2 moderately hungry people - all very tasty and fresh. Enjoyed licking the cheese sauce after we were done dunking the food into it.

The Yorkshire Chicken was very good - I am not a non-veg fan, eat is more as convenience, when the husband wants to eat non-veg. It was home-made flat pasta in a creamy, tomato sauce with bits of baked chicken flavored with fresh herbs. They are very generous with the herbs.

We finished off with walnut brownie - great on its own; as we were skipping the additional calories from ice-cream and chocolate sauce. The other desserts looked tempting, but sadly there was room for only one between both of us.

A good place for a quiet cozy evening out. Will go back again to try their breakfast menu (7:30 - 11 am) which looked very inviting.
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contrarian - Burrp User


November 07,2008


Abso gem of a place reposing in the mezzanine of a hotel in Chembur..My discovery is thru a review here on burrp.more on that later. But I thank him/her for it. Travelled a long way to reach here and then took some searching..but the journey was well worth it.

About the place itself, Serene is the word once u r in. The delicate aroma of the bean tickles ur nose. Service is good, unobtrusive..quietly efficient. Portion sizes good and pricing effective..Most important the food is authentic..the sphagetti bolognaise reminded me of my long ago trip to Sicily..its that good..total value for money..

In one word Brilliant. Makes me curious to go and try out their other place Moksha too located on the same floor. Am sure that may not be bad either..

Eat here, alone or with friends or family. Meal for four costs about 1200. This has a place as a Jewel of Mumbai..not just Chembur..

I travelled a desert to reach an oasis, it was not a mirage. Actually when someone writes a confused review that make me even more curious..first 3 stars and then " tastes like shit"..Someone has actually tasted it ...yikes !!!! Why would someone bother to sample the after effects of food ? A cultivated taste i guess.
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miiraage - Burrp User


October 21,2008

A tad overrated

After all the ratings I see below given to this place and also reviews from my friends, I found this place a bit disappointing...

The service took too long... One of the dishes my friends ordered wasnt available... But what made it really bad was that the waiter told us about it almost half an hour after we ordered it...

The garlic bread with cheese was absolute shit... no flavour of anything... even the cheese dint have any flavour to it... it tasted like rusk.

The food was decent, but nothing great to write home about... Its ok good... but not something that would keep me ranting and raving and camping outside (or perhaps inside) the place...

And unfortunately the day we went they dint have any of the wines we wanted either... That I agree is not their fault..

But yeah the rest of the stuff is sooperdooper overrated.

Btw I saw the Burrp award displayed prominently at the entrance... a bit of deceptive tactics I would say... hehehe...
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rambo - Burrp User


June 11,2008


i discovered this place by mistake...its tucked away in the busy commercial chembur station area, on the 1st floor of the hotel.i was in awe of the place the moment i put my foot inside the place the ambience, smell of coffee being brewed.....hmmmmmmm.
i ordered a coffee to start with till my friend arrived as she was always coaxing into makin the trip to chembur just to eat at le cafe.i realised tht wht i missed all these days by not takin up her word. My coffee was wow ..woke me up.... till i waited patiently for my friend...i observed the staff they were very helpfull,attentive and friendly....Finally my friend rekha arrives n they all kno her and know exactly wht she eats. We ordered for a chicken cordon rouge, smoked chicken bruschetta, fish in sage sauce, ceasar salad and for drinks we ordered wildberry ice tea. The food arrives after 35 mins..... not bad decent timing...but it was worth the wait...the food truly divine. i was so full ....but wht truly amazed me was their desserts...they have variety of chocolate, cheese cake,brownies,tiramisu, n somthing called as cutting dessert....small dessert ...fab idea...i asked one of the guys in the cafe mr rajiv if im not mistaken... tht how they concepatulized the name, to which he told me tht their MD MR SAJNANI came up with it....thumbs up to tht. OUR BILL WAS ABOUT 800.....value for money. a must go for anyone visitin .....
all the best guys
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greek - Burrp User


March 30,2008

hats off to these guys

Simply hats off to these guys, their offerings are fabulous, authentic, reasonably priced and most important the sheer variety ...trust me its very rare to find this kind of a spread ,just go and try if ur a foodie like me and u will love it.
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Ballerina  - Burrp User


January 26,2008


It won't be an exaggeration to say that Le Cafe is a little jewel hidden in one corner of Chembur. Went there since I could not find any better place for a cup of coffee. What followed was an out-of-this-world presentation and taste, which is very difficult to find in most places.

The decor is minimal with wooden furniture. The serving area stands out since it's filled with coffee beans! And if you're ther you HAVE to try their 'Cutting Chocolate', which hads about four layers of cream, biscuit, caramel and chocolate. I ended up eating two of those in one go!

They have a varied range of veg and non-veg dishes including sea food if I remember correctly.

I ordered a tomato soup that was thick and yum. It was lined with a generous helping of herbs that made the taste stand out. Lasagne - "out-of-this-world", I had pasta arrabiata that was delectable. My friend had ordered a Caeser salad and it was crisp, fresh and had just the right amount of oil and chesse shavings.

The place is priced nominally. The bill for four of us with soup etc. was about 750 odd bucks. The staff is pleasant and leaves you alone.

usp: cutting chocolate :)

A MUST try for foodies!
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