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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 29,2015

Best italian fare

Family friendly but upscale Italian restaurant in Mumbai...very large menu and selection of vegetarian items. The menu includes risotto balls, risotto, fondue, pizzas, bruschetta and garlic bread. Enchiladas and quesadillas are the best.The staff is very friendly and always ready with great recommendations.Rates are a bit steep but then you can expect that in a place like Juhu. The nawabi pizza and also margerita pizza are my fav.
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ajeeta19 - Burrp User


February 05,2014

Such a Disappointment

Little Italy comes as top recommendation in Italian searches but it is such a disappointment. The service is slow, the ambiance very so-so with torn table clothes and stained seats and the food seriously over-priced!
Can someone please tell me why am i being charged 500+ for a plate of risotto when the rice they are using is not even arborio rice but some random brown rice?!
The garlic bread here is one of the worse i have ever had - it looks more like a HIGHLY over-priced maska bun which is not even served hot!!
Deserts are also nothing to write about.
Completely not worth it.
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Dipesh Doshi - Burrp User

Dipesh Doshi

October 19,2013

best Italian food

one of the best places for Italian food ... vegetarian s delight
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Prabal Lunavat - Burrp User

Prabal Lunavat

September 28,2013

ok. good enough...

We came here to enjoy a bit of italian. It was good to find out that the restaurant is completely vegetarian. The ambiance is quite nice. More cozy, than spacious. More formal, than relaxed. We ordered the insalata Gennarino: american lettuce, capsicum slices, sliced green olives, and capers. The salad was just huge, and could easily have served four people. So we loved the portion size. American lettuce (foxy) must be crisp and sweet. This lettuce was soggy and limp. There was too much dressing (a light italian), and a disproportionate amount of capers. I'm talking about maybe a hundred capers. hahaha! It was a satisfactory salad. But there was nothing gourmet or special about it. She ordered the simple pizza Goa: capsicum, and corn added as a favour. They make a brick oven type, thin sliced, and fairly dry pizza. It is a 12" or 13" pizza. Good enough for a 10 yo girl (and her dad! buahahaha!). They add some other cheese beyond the mozzarella and a salty pecorino. It gives it a smoky flavor. It was delicious. The last dish was the special enchilada... ermmm... because nothing goes better with italian than a bit of... umm mexican. :0P It was fine: too much tomato sauce, mildly spicy, a bit of cheese, and a taste that was mexican enough although the ingredients could not be distinguished one from the other.

Overall, the experience was pleasant. but forgettable. We will be back because it is good to see such a large menu of vegetarian italian food. Your meal here will be good enough, but it might not be spectacular. And it should be around Rs 1,000 per person. Enjoy!
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Manmohan Mehta - Burrp User

Manmohan Mehta

July 27,2013

Great Veg Italian Food

I have eaten at Little Italy's branches in Pune , Bangalore and the one at Sula Nashik too - the food is really authentic Italian and the wood fired pizzas at this place are to die for - to rate an Italian place , one needs to try its Margerita Pizza and the Arrabbiata Pasta and this place excels at both - must visit place !!
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rikinenjoy  - Burrp User


April 01,2013

Nice Italian Food

A Beauty Italian vegetarian
Lovely Lebanese (Paneer Shawarma, falafel, etc.) and Tortillas and Quesadillas. The Chef’s Home-made Pasta (al dente Ravioli, Pasta with Gorgonzola Cheese and Gnocchi) is superb. Many varieties of thin-crust pizzas (Spicy Tabasco Pizza all the way!) are available..
It Brings all italian Taste Here
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Arpita Vyas - Burrp User

Arpita Vyas

March 04,2013

Actual Rating - 3.5

Kudos to Little Italy:
1) For bringing good Italian vegetarian food
2) For the sheer variety of food available - 3 pages of pastas, 3 pages of pizza, 2 pages of mains, 2 pages of Mexican food, 1 page for soup & salad and 1 page for dessert
3) To maintain same level of quality across its chain of restaurants.

I have visited Little Italy at Juhu and Pune and I was happy that there was no difference in the quality of food and service. This weekend, me and my family (who are hard core non-vegetarians) for an unexplainable reason visited Little Italy for dinner. We started off with soups (Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Veg, Cream of Broccoli, Spring Onion soup, Cream of Tomato and Minestrone soup). Each soup came to the table piping hot; and each soup was made well. I was really impressed with the minestrone and spring onion soup. They were both clear soups, very light on the stomach and very flavorful.

For appetizers we ordered Garlic Butter Mushrooms with garlic bread and a veg pizza with spicy tomato sauce, spinach and onions. The mushroom dish was cooked well, but the pizza was amazing. All the flavors worked really well together.

For the main course, we ordered 2 pastas and 1 rissoto. Of the 3, the rissotto was the highlight. :)
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Ronak Shah - Burrp User

Ronak Shah

March 03,2013

italian at its best

a pure veg and best at italian best part is dey serve you superb wine wid yur food its not complimentary but u will always feel hygine food over der superb service love gng here agn n agn
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Shah M - Burrp User

Shah M

February 01,2013

A Must Visit...:)

Little Italy - As the name Suggests dis restraunt is famous for its italian cuisine.
A cute Place ...Where u can take ur partner for a date....infact its a Must..:)
Hope u dont eat ur fingers coz d food is amazing....
A small bar is set up...Which has exotic flavours of wine...
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agrawal_p - Burrp User


January 03,2013

What's in a attitude

We had booked a table for 10 people at 7:30 and when we reached 10 mins late, we were told that reservation is cancelled. When asked that atleast a intimation should be nice, we were told point blank that if you want to eat, then wait else you can leave.
there is a italian restaurant at every corner this days and little italy has standard taste so why to bear such attitude. i would never visit them again only for the Attitude of the Manager
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Sampat Bhansali - Burrp User

Sampat Bhansali

August 31,2012

Nice place

Had a mixed experience, though more positive. Had a table book over phone, still had to stand for 10mins, the manager was rude when questioned. The ambience was good. Food was really nice, had a good time
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

August 17,2012

The best pure veg Italian food ...

I consider myself a pure non veg eater but the only restaurant that I can visit again & again is Little Italy in July (only). The other outlets are a sad reflection of the quality and taste of food served here.

Service ois excellent though with a little attitude (the managers). Food is always excellent ... especially recommended Pizza Sicilia & Pasta Barbaresca. The latter is our favorite and we have had it in every occassion there. The risotto is also good but plain ... wish they added some exotic vegetables or more mushrooms. Quite pricey, favorite of the Gujjus and Marwari's who flock here every night
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Sangeeta1701 - Burrp User


August 22,2011

Authentic Food

Place is little noisy, but you will get Authentic Food,i liked specially , Pastas, Pizas lot of option for Veg...slighty costly. must visit if you love italina food.
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KapilNevatia - Burrp User


July 17,2011

Always Excellent ; never disappointing

Definitely try the pesto pizza ! Service is warm and friendly and the staff is knowledgeable about the menu. Been going here since 7 years and never had a bad experience.
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hemangi345 - Burrp User


May 08,2011


I'd begin by saying that I'm a regular patron of Little Italy; My family and I have been eating here since years. This is mainly as it's close to home, and we've managed to find staples which we order each time. Maybe this is also the reason why I've been greatly disappointed the last two times we've been there.

We purchased a privilege card, solely as it offered discounts at the place. After a family dinner, when we presented the card, the server blandly told us that they have no such tie up and the card is invalid. On our request the manager, Mr. Claude was consulted and he vehemently denied any such tie up. After 10 minutes of this discussion, we left, feeling quite hot under the collar as we assumed we were the ones at fault. After 3 days, Mr. Claude called me to say there was a mix up, that the card was in fact valid, and that he had not checked his email from the head office. Now he had, so the next time, he would let us use the card.

The next time turned out to be an even bigger disaster. Being a Sunday, I knew we would have to wait if we just showed up. So I made a reservation for a couple of friends and myself for 9pm. In the evening I realized we would be a little late, so I informed the lady server to shift the reservation by 15mins. She gladly agreed to do so.

On arrival, I was told by the manager that our table was given away as we were 15 mins late. When I said I shifted the reservation with the lady server, he turned around and said they did not have any female staff! This lead to quite an argument, with other patrons staring at us! I've never felt such embarrassment, being treated as if he was doing us a favor for even entertaining me. He honestly had such a smugness about him.After much deliberation and repartee, he informed me that he would give us priority and move us up the list. On spotting Mr. Claude, I asked him about this mix up, to which he replied they don't take reservations for after 8.30!! On seeing my reaction of exasperation he just walked away, leaving me with the smug fellow!

By the time we got the table, I had to put in each bit of effort to behave like a lady and not lose my temper. But the evening had already lost it's flavour. We did not leave earlier as we were famished, so after just some mashed potatoes and a Rustic pizza, we were on our way out. I can't say much about the food, as honestly we just wanted to fill our stomachs and leave. I didn't even glance at the drinks menu. On the way out, let alone an apology or a "come again", the smug fellow just turned his back on me!

I belong to the hospitality industry myself, and am very familiar with the proper etiquette of a restaurant staff. The correct response would have been "Sorry for the mix up ma'am. If you could wait for a while, we'll accommodate you as soon as possible".

So instead of having a feeling of warmth usually associated with an Italian meal, I was left wondering why didn't we just order take out!!
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Jinal Parekh - Burrp User

Jinal Parekh

April 14,2011

Good loud family place with decent food

They call it italian food..but sometimes it still lacks in providing the authentic taste... I totally appreciated the place as family joint where i can have hints of indian touch to the italian food...
It is purely vegetarian so the food totally suits the kind of people they expect... i loved the pesto potato thin pizza...but cud not really appreciate the pesto ravioli..
All in all good place to call for food with a bit of manipulated italian food with indian style!! Also damages at the end of the meal comes to pretty high amount...I would not really prefer to visit again n again...
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Raunak Sinha - Burrp User

Raunak Sinha

October 11,2010

Good food, but pathetic service

Went to littleitaly last night. The food was good. But the service was pathetic. The guy outside on the door has too much ego or is suffering from a very bad disorder, as he has no patience or courtesy. They made me and my friend wait for half an hour for no reason at all, maybe they were not sure if we were the type of people allowed at such a fancy place. I was disgusted, by the attitude of the guys there (especially the door keeper). everyone there acted like they serve only to film stars and rich businessmen, and not to common people. On a whole the worst experience ever, in spite of the fact that I am a food-a-holic and when the food is good I just dont care about the atmosphere. but its worth mentioning that the food was good, yet the people there are just losers... the biggest losers of INDIA...!!!
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


May 21,2010

superb italian food.

I had been to dis restaurant with my family as we love italian food.
Its a lovely joint for people who r hardcore Italian food lovers....(a lil expensive though,but as d saying goes...good things come wid a price)...
The pastas out here r mind blowin...d wine is just amazin...it is d authentic place for pastas n pizza...
Just go 4 it for its amazin food...
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Aniket Pargaonkar - Burrp User

Aniket Pargaonkar

April 30,2010

Little satisfaction . . .

A veggie Italian place in Gujju Juhu!! Well what can you expect??? First of all the prices are pretty steep .... but than OK its in Juhu!! The dishes were decent if not bad! But the funny part was ... why would you have so many fair skinned Nepalese female waiters ... I mean do you think people are gonna think they are from Italy just becos they are fair ??? I really didnt get that! Anyways back to the food ..... the pizzas and pastas were strictly OK but other stuff that we ordered like baked potato, mashed potato simply sucked! In all not a value for money types of a joint!
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Anik Mankar - Burrp User

Anik Mankar

April 28,2010

Great pizza's

The waiting was a disaster but expected as it was Sunday night. but didnt see that many options. For a Veg pizza not sure once can put a lot of stuff on there - you end up with different permutation and combinations of olive, capsi, tomato, corn, mushroom.

Really like the freshly prepared thin base. Starters were good but one really needs to know what to order else you will end up with similar type or tasting food.

Pale Di Potato and Pizza nawabi was very good.

Ambiance : 3/5
Food : 4/5
Service : 3/5
Price : 2/5 (a little expensive for veg food - )
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

September 26,2009

What Italian? Worst Food & Service

I have been to the Juhu Little Italy about a year ago and had good memories so thought of revisiting. After a 15 min wait, we got a table of 5. This restaurant isnt that large and one can say that the decibel level is a little too high, so if you are expecting a nice romantic or a quiet italian dining experience - stay away from here.
Now coming onto the food - the menu looks great in terms of variety but thats only on paper - when delivered its totally sub par. We ordered for the broccoli soup (as recommended by the server), minestrone, garlic bread and bruchettas. I always thought that minestrone had a tomato base but this soup was green in color and the base was a veg clr one! Had cauliflower instead of expecting some italian veggies. Both the soup seemed bland and needed heavy seasoning. No fresh pepper was around (most italian restaurants have that, no?). Garlic bread was good but the worst dish of th night was the bruchettas. I would really like someone to attest my opinion on their bruschetta being the worst in the city. So anyone who has eaten this dish in even the tinniest italian joint in the city - go have Little Italy's bruschetta and you may end your meal right there. Unfortunately, we didnt. We ordered for a couple of pizzas (fantasy and napoli) and a spinach cheese ravioli. The pizzas were tasteless to say the least esp the fantasy one. The napoli was better but still below par as compared to other places such as mangi ferra, karma or even the bandra joints such as Da Vinca or Mia Cuisni. The spinach ravioli too was quite ok.
On a night when the food was pathetic, one would expect the service to offset it, but it was to the contrary. I remarked to the server that they seemed to be in a hurry to pick the plates up. My friend was chewing on his bread and was about to keep the piece back onto her plate, but zooom the plate was taken away by the server as it was empty! I asked the server for mustard sauce and i was given a blank response - we dont keep that. 10 mins into the pizzas he got it for us!? The main server (french beard fellow) was way too arrogant and made the service too cold. On commenting about the bruschetta, he rudely replied saying thats how they make it! Why would anyone visit this place when neither the ambiance nor the food does justice to their pricing?
All in all, worst dining experience and i scratch this restaurant of my list. Moreover poor VFM. Damage for 5 with no drinks and horrid food & service - 2500!
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parth merchant - Burrp User

parth merchant

April 13,2009

Nothing too little abt this one!!

its not only a pure heaven for 100% vegetarians but also for hard non-veg eaters nd gourmets like me would die for such a place.. staff is extremely helpful nd co-operative. ambience is good. visited this place just yesterday nd had a great time as usual like before.

ordered a spinaci salsa(not for the first time) and it seemed as new nd different as the first time.. mashed potatoes with cheese were a little bland but much better than a few other places.. as for mocktails nothing beats the kiwi and strawberry mix. one of the best drinks i've had in recent times. so was the grape punch a good treat..

damages for 2 with starters and drinks: 1200/-
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lalisa - Burrp User


August 21,2008

Great Italian food

I love the food here. It's the best Italian I've had in India.
The atmosphere is nice and quiet. The first couple of visits service was great, last time we went we received very average service. Hopefully that was just a one time event.
Their asparagus risotto is excellent.
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Nishant Tejani - Burrp User

Nishant Tejani

July 21,2008

Horrible Place

I used to love this place much before it was re-decorated and tagged as an 'IT PLACE'

I went there on a saturday with family. We had made reservation for 9pm and were there sharp at 9 but were shocked to hear that we would have to wait for 20 mins as their tables were occupied. When I told them I had a reservation I was told that they tried to call me on my cellphone but couldnt get through.
On furthur inquiring as to when they made a call they confided that they made only one call and that was not reachable. They did not bother calling again. This was a very embarassing situation for me as I had come with my guests. Having no other option we decided to wait as he assured us that he would accomdate us in 10 mins. After 30 mins of waiting we lost paitence. More so because he was letting others having a 9.30 reservation take the table.

We decided not to bear such an insult anymore and left the place vowing not to go back to this place.
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hetal - Burrp User


July 04,2008

Undoubtedly the best pasta nd pizza!

This is the favourite joint of my gang of 4 friends! We enter this place with a mission ....have a prefixed list of what we're gonna eat!
Caprice : The best one so far with perfect layer of cheese and pepper........
We've tried all the soups bt our best so far is the mushroom soup ; its perfect consistency and 1 by 2 portion is gud enugh.....
Our main course alwayssss consists of 1 margherita pizza; it beats the one at Mezzo Mezzo..... and Pasta Barberesca (Rs.395/-) , trust me u wont try any other Pasta after giving this one a try!
Meal for 4 with drinks (2 ppl) is approx : Rs.2K { almost always due to our prefixed menu :-) } ......Bt plz. dont miss the Barberescaaaa & preferably reserve a table before u get there...
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Nidhee kekre - Burrp User

Nidhee kekre

December 12,2006

Little Italy… nothing really little about it.

This 100% vegetarian place is paradise for all lovers of the Italian cuisine.

This place flaunts an extensive menu and has a good cellar to compliment. The service is beyond comparison .. where else does a chef come out from the kitchen to explain the dish to you and remembers how you want it.

I find it mentally challenging to forget the taste of their cannelloni filled with spinach and the free state pizza.
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Anu Gill - Burrp User

Anu Gill

December 06,2006


Other than being a big fan of all things in Juhu, this place has great food and nice service. Hands-down better than the Italian restaurant in the Juhu Marriott. I am appreaciate of the wine list, larger selection than most places, but still room for improvement.

Definitely a great place to try!!
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Nagaraj GN - Burrp User

Nagaraj GN

September 12,2006

Vegetarian's Delight - Italian

A 100% vegetarian place for Italian food. I simply love the ambience. A FANTASTIC selection of wine. Wouth watering food . I have had a 6 six course meal here twice and did not repent the bulging tummy that showed up post meal on both these occassions. This is a fine dining experience that you need to experience - words fall short when I attempt to describe the good time I had there.
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ashishg - Burrp User


June 14,2013

Good Food

Everything here is very good. Service is good.
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shrenik91 - Burrp User


December 10,2007


For me the best place for a Pizza
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