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Aditya Khare - Burrp User

Aditya Khare

December 31,2015

needs change. has been the same since forever.

bored of the food here. need a change in menu. everything else is good.
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harshbubna  - Burrp User


May 11,2014

Worst Service and Bad Behaviour of Staff

Worst delivery service ever. It took 2 hours for the good to be delivered at my place which is 300 meters from the restaurant.
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dhaval doshi - Burrp User

dhaval doshi

April 16,2014

Mostly lives up to it!!!

I am a regular at this restaurant n luv it for the food n drinks.
Dey also have 2 TVs so its also a good place to watch matches wid punjabi food n drinks.
All the paneer items are highly recommended.
The menu is limited for both food and drinks.
Sarso da saag n maakey di roti are v.gud.
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Meeta Parmar - Burrp User

Meeta Parmar

October 30,2013

all is worth

its awesome interior and tasty food ....service too good even tough we went at midnight of last day of navratri ....waiters are prompt with suggestion of special dishes. and rates are resonable to quantity and quality
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Ritesh Bhagwati - Burrp User

Ritesh Bhagwati

July 01,2013

Too good to be true

I know this sounds very hypothetical, but nevertheless it is indeed truth. Was just googling about restaurants to go for good north Indian food and out of many options I finally zeroed upon this restaurant. I had read reviews from the previous goers and was sure that this would definitely be a good treat to feast upon. After reaching the place, I was taken aback by the ambience, food and service completely. I can say it any day that this restaurant definitely has one of the scrumptious food ever I had.
We had ordered
1 tandoori mushroom tey babycorn - starter - 4/5
1 dhabbewala murgh - main course - 4/5
roomali rotis - 5/5
long iceland iced tea - alcohol - one complaint and that being, they make this in pepsi instead of coca cola which was a downer for me initially but the moment I had a sip of it it was too good too so not an issue - 4/5
1 rajasthani sholley - starter for parcel - 5/5
1 lassi - 4/5

Damage - Rs. 1248 only.

The waiters were quite attentive and very suggestive in spite of 70% of the restaurant being occupied. All in all, I really loved this place and looking forward to go their again.

I recommend each and every chicken lovers to try this place once.

I wished they open up their branch near by dadar or so in future.
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Saurabh Rajput - Burrp User

Saurabh Rajput

September 02,2012

Tasty but Limited tadka

Authentic punjabi food with Punjabi Ambiance with Limited items in the menu..Good Place specially for Family Get together and little tete-a-tete...all the 80's songs in the background not disturbing your dinner...Try Kurkuri Bhindi and Pakodeywali kadi Specially our all time favourite ....avoid mandiwali sabji supersad...try to go little early if planning on saturday or sunday...They should Add more to the menu as very limited stuff u can try...or you can experiment...afordable for 2 ppl..around 500 for 2 ppl
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anwar5k - Burrp User


August 26,2012

soothing ambience and tasty food

As soon as you enter the place you get a positive vibe and nothing beats stress better than good food.We had ordered prawn biryani,kebabs and a chicken dish wih lachha parathas.The parathas are so soft,it melts in the mouth.The pudina soda mocktail was totally refreshing.would definitely recommend this place.They should have more dessert options.
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Sima Kapdi - Burrp User

Sima Kapdi

November 22,2011

Balle Balle....

I have been to this palce quite often. There are a lot of other returants, cafe and theatre around this place. It is always full on the weekends, so try to be there little early by 9-9.30pm. The ambiance is soothing with dim light and Punjabi colourful decor. After 9.30 pm, they also have brief 5-10 min live bhangra performances at intervals of 1/2 hr which make u move in your chairs. Food is tasty. Veg Kadi is awesome. Good for group get-togethers
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ayushrajvanshi - Burrp User


November 07,2011

oonchi dukan - feeka pakwaan

We admired the ambience as we walked in. Dhafli for light shades really impressed us! What an idea sir ji!
So our expectation from food went really high. Placed our order and eagerly waited. The food came very promptly. The good part. But we didn’t realize all our good time there was short lived. Our Kala Khatta and Masala Soda arrived in funny looking Champagne Flutes. And the quantity and quality was disappointing for the price. While they were serving water, chhaas, and neembu paani in nice glasses, I wonder why these drinks deserved such funny, unthoughtful presentation. We ordered Kurkuri Bhindi. Kurkuri means crisp. And in North India a crisp variety of Bhindi is made and it’s not unfair to expect crisp bhindi when you order Kurkuri bhindi. What came was a soggy bhindi. Yuck. Badly made. Oily as hell. It had kaju and tomatoes in it. If you make any thing badly, not matter what goodies you add to it , it will fail. Very very bad. I wonder why they had given it such a misleading name. Felt really cheated. The dal wasn’t great either. The Achaar was pathetic. Weird pieces of raw mango and lime artificially softened spice less, tasteless. Their achaar couldn’t save the shame of bad tasting food. North/Punjab has a great tradition of awesome pickles, marinated in jars kept under sun for months, mixed well with spices that gets soaked to the core of mango or lime flesh.We missed all that. The food had no North Indinan heritage. Naan and Rumali roti was below avg. Noting great about them.
I couldn’t muster my courage to order malai kulfi. Didn’t want to risk tasting any thing there anymore. Paid my bill and ran from there. Won’t recommend it to any one. Bad food cannot sustain good ambience. And as if the experience wasnt bad enough, me and my wife landed with bad tummy as soon as we got home. I wonder how have other people praised this place?They should ask their interior designer to design their food and menu. I m sure it will be better than what it is now.
First and last visit- 6th Nov 2011, 9:30 pm
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trueadmirer - Burrp User


October 18,2011


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Sandhya Shukla - Burrp User

Sandhya Shukla

March 11,2011

Awesome food...great ambiance

A frequent visitor to this place located amongst quite some name in food chains in Evershine Nagar, Malad West......I love the food doesn't mix with different cuisines Menu is short and simple I always order their specials for the day and I have been satisfied with the food quality and quantity both...+ the best treat was last year during Monsoon they had in house Bhangra dancers...so got to see real amazing dance too and my friend the first time visitor was quite impressed....I love this place...Keep up the good work guys :)
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ravid - Burrp User


January 04,2011

wahoo wahoo, harripa

I have been to a lot of indian food joints in mumbai and I admit that northern tadka is one of the kind, now the good news is that they are coming up with another outlet at ANDHERI WEST.

Their tandoori tikkas are out of the world and mouthwaterring, we love the ambience and admit that it is better than urban tadka. Foodwise it is very same like urban tadka, the chef was very happy to greet us at our table when we requested and was very happy to reduce chilli and no onions in our food.

My family was very happy with the food and service and kids loved the ambience. All in all we had a great time and can't wait for them to open their doors in

Andheri Branch.
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Melvin DAlmeida - Burrp User

Melvin DAlmeida

July 11,2010

Delicious Tadka

Northern Tadka in 7 bungalows: waiting even on weekdays can speak for themselves.. been here a couple of times and have never been dissapointed.. The chicken kali miri and jeera rice is awesome. The prices are reasonable and the service is prompt. Like the 'Dhaba' look .. would not recommend the mocktails though..
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

July 04,2010

Expensive, ok food, VAT on home delivery ??????

Thought of trying something new, as I am really bored of the same old very limited and few joints and hence thought of trying Northern Tadka.

What we ordered -

Paneer Makhni
Dal Makhni
2 Plain Naan
1 Butter Naan
1 Ambaraysari Kulcha

Jalebi given as complementary. (Nice touch)

Total Bill paid - 390 rs
Actual bill had Vat - 48 rs and 10% Discount - 38 rs.

This VAT thing I am clearly seeing for the first time being levied on home delivery/take away. The discount thing is a gimmick to justify the VAT. VAT is 12.25 %, Discount is 10%. So they want to skim the 2.25%. Nothing much in a way, but clearly not the most ethical way to earn.

I had ordered Paneer Makhni based on the reviews here and frankly was completely disappointing. It was not even close to what Paneer Makhni should be and it was very very spicy.

Dal Makhni I must say it was the best I have had from among the joints I order from. Since Lazzania closed, I badly missed the Dal Makhni. Though this is still not as good as Lazzania was, but still a good leap over other pathetic Dal Makhnis served from joints in Malad west.

Naan were strictly ok, a bit under roasted and at-least they should have cut in 2 pieces. Kulcha was nice, really nice.

Jalebi was ok, if I hadn't eaten it I wouldn't have missed anything.

Overall it was an ok experience, but considering the price and the food quality ratio I really doubt I am ordering from Northern Tadka again.

My search for good Indian home delivery joints continue.
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funlver - Burrp User


March 27,2010


BEEN there with famly was greated with smile by manger really touch as he was very polite seeing the embmience felt we were in punjab food GR8 were thankful 2 friend who recommended us staff was very good ontoes 2 serve CHICKEN WAS MOUTH WATERING VERY TASTY dal makhni was out of world paneer makhni was GR8 VERY SOFT PANEER . EXPERIENCE WAS great better then any punjabi rest so friends be there and enjoy TASTE OF PUNJAB feel like a real KING
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

February 05,2010

Not so good

Loved the palace for its ambiance. Though the AC is always not working properly. This place has ok food, but is lags in its service, the service is not good at all. The ordered food take sits own time to come. Thought waiters keep roaming here and there u will not get wat u have told him till u tell him repeatedly. Live bhangra is the good thing about this place.
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d_poonawala - Burrp User


October 09,2009

good ambience with delicious foods

Being in the field of research, I have to roam every corner of the place & being a habbit of outsides food. Somebody recommend me the Northern Tadka. Paintings of the enterance, decorations feel like a home. The food is very tasty.
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biogirl09 - Burrp User


September 22,2009

Ok on food, good with service and ambience

Yet another place to eat at malad. Left from work and had to go to a nearby place for dinner with friends. This is right above pop tates. Ambience is good. Service was even better, probably cos there wern't customers around on a weekday.
Menu lacks anything special. Hard drinks were varied, but very few personalised ones available. Starters were bad, the kabab had no crispiness or spice attached. Main course went well with their ambrovarasar kulcha. Panneer was good, so try out paneer dishes if u wanna. Menu shaped like a fan, just like chawla da dhaba at versova. Do not expect too much, and u will leave out happy :)
Oh yeah, prices are very much fine.
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Vinita Bhatia - Burrp User

Vinita Bhatia

August 09,2009

Good on ambience, ok on food

Over the weekend one always is on the lookout for a good place to dine where you do not have to wake for a hour to get a table. This is the reason I with some friends decided to try this restaurant.
It is fairly ok, with the de rigeur menu without any surprises. The wine is watered down though.
The management has paid a lot of attention to details, like the kullad instead of glasses, a sitar door handle, a sewing machine and racks of glittery bangles at the entrance. But good ambience does not the palate fill. And this is where the menu gets very unimaginative and you know that anything you order will taste the same as any other joint in town.
If you want to to sit and shoot the breeze with your friends then this is the place. But just don't get your expectations high, though.
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nehahimesh - Burrp User


June 12,2009

uh oh!!

Being a semi-vegetarian, its always difficult to find great places to eat. Went to northern tadka expecting food like pratap's but came out dejected as it was psuedo punjabi with a mix of udipi. The starters were just terrible, i dread to even remember what they were and the soup(no comments).
In all, not a great place with just no "tadka" whatsoever. The only novel thing here was the tava used as a door handle.
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